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The Borderland


As we lay down the scepter of the self-will and take up the Divine Will, we step into the borderland.

The borderland is a transitional period that ushers in Truth’s living thought-system, replacing the thought-system of illusions/lies that made up our embryonic dreamworld. It’s a mental, spiritual and physical transformation from what isn’t to what is, so that what appeared real shows itself to be unreal, and Truth’s reality is revealed. As we advance through the borderlands, Life moves into the outer reality, as Truth’s divine potentials are expressed from the Present Moment’s pre-creative space. This movement extends the living thought-system established by Truth’s Living Voice from our inner chamber into the outer realm of consciousness, where thoughts transmute into experience and expression.

Once our mind receives a comprehensive understanding of the seven sacred truths from the Spirit of Truth so that it’s able to receive and give divine thought, it becomes a living gate by which Truth’s divine potentials are outwardly expressed. In this divine, inner awakening the mind no longer keeps the two opposing thought-systems separate as it once did while the living thought-system was being constructed, because the Life in the living thought-system is ready to be expressed. Therefore the mind, which expresses what it believes to be true, reaches the point when it takes what it now knows is true and pushes it into the outer reality, which it now realizes reflects antiquated, faulty judgments.

In this illuminated state, the mind no longer accepts the outer appearances as conveying truth, but knows they reflect an illusion built on lies despite the illusion’s seeming realness. Is this not the definition of an illusion or a dream, an experience in which our senses cause us to believe something is true that isn’t?

As the living thought-system encounters the thought-system of illusion in the outer realm of consciousness, Living Light reveals belief in faulty judgments, so that the mind can release these judgments and become an open door, giving expression to divine potentials. By displacing these beliefs with Truth, the mind pushes the Living Light through the outer veil of illusion. As a result, the thought-system of empty assumptions and blind acceptance that upheld the illusion breaks down. While we slept unaware of who we are and how we create, we readily accepted that what the outer appearances conveyed was “true”. We didn’t recognize they were illusions created by our own false judgments, making us the creators of the illusion. Now we know.

We’ve come to the point when we are no longer content nor able to remain in the shell. It’s during the borderland experience, between time and timelessness, that the blockade preventing Truth’s expression falls away. ALL the faulty, discordant judgments we placed upon ourselves, others and reality return to nothingness from which they came. As our attention and willful intention shifts to the Holy Present, which holds the ever-present Truth, our mind opens and Truth’s divine potentials are expressed, changing the landscape of our feeling world and reality.

The encounter of the two thought-systems within the borderland, in which Living Light invades and overtakes the darkness, manifests a monumental shift in creative energy, causing reality to turn right-side up and inside out. Reality’s creative source shifts from being created by a vast multitude of conflicting self-wills to being expressed from a singular point of perfection, the Divine Will of the Mighty I Am Presence. As all begins to flow from one, perfect Source, the harmonious and eternal expansion of Life commences with the experience of frictional energy inherent in change. This disruptive energetic atmosphere is the beginning of creation’s birth into the expression of its Creator and the experience of Absolute Truth.

The borderland is the pre-creative experience of this divine thought:

Mighty I Am Presence, You are my highest thought and my highest thought reflects Your thought of me.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

17 thoughts on “The Borderland

  1. Through the Borderland, everything around you now changes. you see the world t hrough the spiritual langauge. a two way communications FLOW between your individual self and all things within the world around you(extention of your greatest BODY).

    In this world, you no longer fall prey to it, but DIRECT(as you have always) the events.
    when u recognize your own HEART(soure of PATH(heart is already written through devinity)), you can Direct the now, and bring back old PASTs, or new FUTURES(the w orld follows heart).

    the god is the UNITY that gives ONE LIFE to all of us(collectively).
    the langauge of our heart changes as we ALIGN(CROSS) with the eternal heart(all of time is happening all at the same time).

    look all around you. what do you see.
    then go deeper, and what is your heart saying.
    you cant escape ur heart as even the worst in the world shows us some aspects of self that we keep rejecting..

    love is the key…(i am)

  2. also note, that anything that comes through LOVE, NEVER DIES(is eternal)
    every person transmits and recieves data through their brain…
    all souls(bind us all together) is bound to all of time/space(transmit/recieve)…
    our identity is within all that time/space. but it takes us to all awaken AS ONE BODY(consisting of all names(in HIGHEST HONORS)).(laws)(thought system SHARED)

    there is a deeper I AM that binds us to eachother. the LOVE that is withing us all that is THE SAME(light/marbles) is the doorway to bring heaven onto EARTH.(through the borderland)…

    • “There is a deeper I AM that binds us to each other” … nicely said. This is what I’ve been calling the Mighty I Am Presence … it’s a very powerful understanding to understand for in it we perceive our limitless and boundless nature. This Presence’s very essence lives in each of us AND between us, making it ALL in ALL. And as you said, the essence of this Presence, which is our own true essence, is Divine Love.

  3. Oh My. Reading this right now is as if yea Pre. Keeping the both separate in the construction of †HIS has been such a wild time.(challenging) how you crazed the unreal real is just beautiful said. And now. Wow Affirmed. Love you and Thank you U’s is. Funny. But true. Amazing as in my journal before this post I was like oh. (WHAT NOW). and without a question mark knowing as what you have expressed here. The pre creative that proves the present in this divine process is so good and only works in the good. I feel the exhale of knowing I’mpossible and so are we. BIG LOVE. Travis. PS. THANK YOU


    • It’s a challenge to go through the mental gyrations that are a part of waking us up out of our deep sleep, but after each one we see more clearly than we did before. Those experiences are part of our transition which frees our mind from an illusion we believed was true … and what joy our renewed vision brings because in it we know what IS, thus what must be, NOW. 🙂

  4. when u live within the VIBRATION of IAM LOVE, you are given the ability to CREATE CONSIOUSLY(prophesize)(which is in all of us).

    the difference between an angel and a prophet is that an angel READS THE WORLD(knows what is comin).
    while the Prophet can do everything that an angel can do, but the real difference is that the prophet can not only read the world, but WRITE the world.

    when you STEP INTO the VIBRATION of the Eternal spirit(combines all of time together), you see the RAYS OF UR HEART manifested through worldly events(true strenghts).

    the knowledge isnt just a language with labels, but a LIVING within heart…(written).

    where angels live and prophets live is in heaven(which takes up same space as earth).
    when you step outside of MAN, you become so much more within your own language.

    seeing yourself through the whole world, and see the langauge of your identity flow through the world, brings heaven onto earth, and through all mankind(as one heavenly god).

    • insightful …. Truth is alive and living. When our words reflect Truth, they shine a Light on the Truth so that others can see through our words (symbols) into formless Truth that is beyond all physical perception or hearing. And it is this seeing of Truth from within, that awakens the mind and heart to Truth’s eternal gifts of Life that they may be experienced by the self.

  5. “Belief” deceived the mind into accepting darkness as light. Thus the mind was imprisoned because it sought for Truth in the darkness, believing it looked into the light, where “darkness” can be understood as unawareness of Truth’s Living Light. In the mind’s unawareness, belief deceived the mind into accepting that it had awareness of life, which it understood only as a temporary energy source that enabled certain outer appearances to “move about”. Because the mind believed it had life, it no longer sought to understand it, devoting its seeking impulse to increasing the awareness of its outer appearance world.

    It was not understood that life flows through the mind, always seeking to express its truth. In darkness the mind qualified its truth with belief, and life went forth to create a self-expression the mind “believed” to be true. However, in the unawareness of Truth’s Living Light, truth became what the mind believed it to be and in so doing lifted up the power of its belief above all that is holy by declaring belief was the source of truth.

    Many use the label “belief” to reflect the idea of “faith”. This is partly accurate, and it is best to get a better understanding of the difference between these two terms. Both terms are used to define what the mind honors as truth. However, “belief”, as we use the term, describes the manner in which the mind honors the JUDGMENTS it derived from the outer appearance world. When the mind honors its created judgments by bestowing them with belief, these judgments stand in place of truth, deceiving the mind into thinking it possesses truth. Therefore what the mind believes to be true is born of time because belief is only bestowed upon time-based judgments.

    Faith can be rightly understood as a type of belief which is bestowed upon truth without judgment, by recognition of its LIVING VOICE. When belief is bestowed upon truth’s living light, it transforms into faith, so to speak. Faith is how the mind honors absolute truth. Since absolute truth always is, it exists beyond time and therefore beyond all outer expression. Consequently truth is not believed because its timeless nature can not be discerned by the body’s senses, and therefore it can never be judged. Instead truth is known to be true by FAITH because the mind’s awareness can perceive the light of its inherent life. Thus, you can imagine faith as divine belief, or if you prefer, belief in the divine.

    When you stilled your mind, laying down all your beliefs, what remained? What appeared to you as light? Was it not the KNOWLEDGE that you exist? When you declare “I AM”, is it not because you know you have life in you. Is the truth of your existence derived by the analysis of judgment and upheld by the belief that it must be so? Or, do you recognize the truth of your existence inwardly, and by your FAITH know the declaration of “I AM” is true.

    • All you presently believe to be true is true for you, and it appears real. But consider that your belief can change, and what was once true is now false. Thus it can be seen that what is believed, regardless of its apparent “realness” is always a false image of truth’s light, having no source of life. Belief is a creation of the mind and the truth these creations uphold is the better understanding of idols.

      Although belief is a great deceiver, notice that absolute truth never deceives because it is always KNOWN by the life within it. When you accept the truth of your individualized existence, when you proclaim “I AM”, is there any chance you could be deceived? Impossible! You can not deny the very life within you, and life is evident in any given moment. Your mind does not use belief to uphold the idea that you have LIFE because the life in you is absolute truth and your mind knows this, or has “faith” in it, so to speak. But even more than this, your mind also knows you are ONE with this life, for it is the true source of your existence, even the heart of your “I AM” presence.

      Life, as it is comprehended in absolute truth, is the source of your conscious awareness and can rightfully be understood as your “I AM” presence. The mind proclaims “I AM” solely by the life given it. And, as we shall see, your I AM presence is the source of your individualized expression, which is the Self your mind experiences in the light of Truth. Therefore, to experience your REAL self, in the power and glory given you by Truth’s life, you must turn from the darkness of belief and lay down every idol (false truth) these beliefs upheld. Your real Self can not be found in the time-based illusion you believe is real. Your real Self can only be KNOWN, and this by the light of absolute truth radiating from the timeless realm of LIFE.

      The way that leads to LIFE is very difficult, for it can not be traveled while wearing the filthy garments of belief. The difficulty arises because the mind has no means of removing the garments, for they uphold all the mind believes is true about its Self and the reality in which it exists. The garments create a false light which deceives the mind into believing that life is cruel, mercilessly inflicting the Self with every profane abomination the mind can conceive.

      These garments trick the mind into believing that life is ultimately powerless in the presence of death, which the mind accepts as its true master. While clothed in the heavy garments of belief the mind unknowingly proclaims its allegiance to the sovereignty of death, and is therefore unable to discern the path that leads to life.

      • These are some enlightening words you write.

        Our clothing can be outward for show which is a false pride clothed in self. As you point out we can believe we are dressed to the nines but there is no substance, no white linen of righteousness. However as we progress we are stripped of our outer clothing as we put on Chrst. You can say that our sub consciousness and our conscious mind is one of belief and the other of the realm of misbelief.

    • The garments of belief cover the mind in darkness as an eyelid covers the eye. These heavy garments deceive the sleeping mind into believing it has truth, which the mind interprets as “light”. Thus, with “eyes closed” the mind “believes” it sees, just as one who sleeps dreams they are awake.

      But unlike a dream, the mind is unable to shed its garments and “awaken” because what the mind believes is assumed to be true and therefore appears a messenger of light. What the mind sleeping believes becomes its truth, and in a power unbeknown to the sleeping mind, its truth becomes real. The sleeping mind is unable to awaken because shedding its beliefs would mean the unraveling of its reality. The mind simply can not abandon all it believes to be true.

      How then is the mind saved from its eternal sleep? How can the mind lay down its filthy garments of belief and look into the living light of absolute truth without destroying the reality of its Self these beliefs created? The answer is by the GRACE inherent in the living light by which truth is known.

      Grace is the working of life’s divine love upon the individualized mind. Though the mind sleeps and does not recognize the true power of life that flows through it, divine love directs truth’s light to reshape the mind’s beliefs such that they will more closely reflect the perfection of absolute truth. The filthy garments are MADE PURE by grace, and the belief reflected in these divinely crafted garments goes forth to “modify” the mind’s dream, so that it increasingly reflects truth. In this manner the mind’s eye, accustomed to darkened reality of time, increasingly adjusts to the light of timelessness, until at last all outer garments of belief can be removed and the mind awakened in the KNOWLEDGE of its oneness with the limitless power of LIVING LIGHT.

      This is why the working of life’s grace is the better understanding of awakening, and a deeper comprehension of salvation.

    • If grace is the perfect working of divine love, and it is by grace that we are awakened out of darkness, why then is it said the way that leads to life is difficult? Can it truly be said that divine love would lead us along a path of suffering?

      These questions are highly significant in that they reveal the nature of a mind transitioning into the light of truth. They exist within the membrane that separates the illusionary world of time from the timeless realm of absolute truth. If these questions are considered from the reality of time, the answers reveal that transition to life is indeed difficult and the way filled with pitfalls and snares of every sort.

      Yet from truth’s perspective, the questions can not even be asked because in timelessness the concepts of suffering and difficulties of any kind do not exist. In truth you can do all things and nothing is impossible for you, for it is LIFE that works in and through you. So it is that when your mind “believes” it resides in darkness and looks toward the light, it will perceive that the way into light is difficult. However, when the mind is sufficiently absorbed into the knowledge of light, all that is experienced is peace, joy and divine harmony.

      The LIFE in Truth is living light, and in this there is no darkness at all. It is evident therefore that the mind’s belief in darkness actually creates the experience of darkness because it appears to be true. It is the BELIEF in darkness that profanes the mind, deceiving it into accepting that pain and suffering is real. The belief in darkness, which is to say the belief that the mind is separated from the light, is the source of EVERY ABOMINATION in the mind’s experienced reality.

      We have previously stated that darkness symbolizes a mind which is unaware of its creative power, made possible by the LIFE that flows through it. We now see that the mind’s interlocking web of belief has covered it in thick layers of filthy garments, creating the darkened reality of time against which the self appears powerless.

      We come now, at last, to the narrow way that leads us through the borderlands of transition, out of the darkness and into LIFE’s limitless creative power. We move away from the reality of time we “believed” to be true, and into the timeless realm we shall grow to know is TRUTH by the power of its endless life. And you shall know that this life is the very presence of God, the Father in you, for you ARE the ongoing expression of HIS LIFE.

      Truth is alive with the unexpressed potentials of life, which radiates a light your mind perceives by KNOWING (or “faith”, if you prefer this label), rather than belief. You are now aware of the light because you perceived it in the knowledge that you exist, and in your ability to proclaim “I AM!” You do not believe you exist, you know it, and this by the light of absolute truth. This light of life has also revealed how similar belief appears to knowing, yet by the same light you can discern the difference. Belief is the false image of truth, which you now recognize.

      Even so, you now stand before the light clothed in filthy garments, plucked from the fire so to speak, and covered in ash. This mental picture symbolizes the path’s beginning, when your mind is still bound in belief, created by accepting as true only what the body’s senses perceive. Therefore the body is lifted up to become the authority for all the mind believes to be true. As we make our way into the light of timelessness, where absolute truth is the only real, we must travel through the borderlands, where both illusions and truth appear real.

      The transition is a difficult process for the mind as the heavy garments of belief are gradually replaced with the pure shining garments of life. The mind initially resists the working of life, because all it thinks is real has been judged by the body’s senses and upheld by the mind’s belief. To relinquish its garments causes the mind to face, head on, the uncomfortable idea that what it believed to be true is actually false. This is why it is said that many are called, but few are chosen, for when the mind exerts its will against the light and the working of grace, it remains in the darkness of its own belief.

    • It is here, at the beginning of the narrow way that leads through the borderlands and into absolute truth’s living light, that the mind begins to recognize its creative power. Recall that in darkness, the mind is unaware of the truth about its Self, instead imagining it is all the body declares it to be and without the body the mind does not believe the Self exists. Yet now, as the mind focuses its awareness on the light within, it senses a “higher” source of truth, independent of the body. A truth which is not upheld by belief, but is received through the mind’s inner sense of “knowing”.

      The mind recognizes it does not need the body in order to believe in its own existence. In the awareness of the “I AM” presence, the mind recognizes a source of truth not derived from the body, but simply known by the light of its presence. And it is here that the mind discovers an open door into another world, one without form or appearance, where the source of truth is not defined by judgments of the body and upheld by belief. The mind recognizes what now appear to be two different sources of light, one emitting from the belief that what the body’s senses perceive is true, and the other radiating from an inner revelation it knows is Truth.

      As the mind contemplates these two sources of Truth, it must choose which it will serve. It can not serve both, for to select one is to turn your back on the other. And in the choosing, the mind exercises its creative power, for the source of truth it honors becomes the source of its reality.

      We have earlier said that a darkened mind is unaware of its creative power. As with all concepts created in darkness, the mind BELIEVES it knows the truth of power and the manner in which its reality is created. Like all truth upheld by belief, its concept of power is relative and its expression requires the simultaneous expression of its opposite, weakness. The mind only recognizes power relative to that which it has previously judged to be weak. Without weakness the mind could not comprehend power. Therefore what the mind BELIEVES to be true requires its opposite to also be true so that the mind may “see” truth relative to the opposite. Thus the comparison of opposites is the false light by which the mind recognizes what it believes to be true.

      What the mind believes is power must, by necessity, also contain weakness and therefore what is powerful is at the same time weak relative to that which is judged to be more powerful. One is strong only relative to the weaker, yet relative to the much stronger, the same one is weak. Belief upholds RELATIVE TRUTH, creating a false light because it is immediately revealed to be a lie by the appearance of its opposite. Belief creates DESOLATION because the reality its relative truth upholds must inevitably destroy itself.

      • Powerful comment.

        This sentence really stood out to me … “And in the choosing, the mind exercises its creative power, for the source of truth it honors becomes the source of its reality.”

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more about this subject matter. “Grace”…an undeserved forgiveness, an unconditional love which covers “all” of our journey…where there is no obstacle nor wrong doing that grace does not cover. It’s like God said before the world was, ” This is your beginning…and this will be your end and nothing in between that happens to you and that you will experience on your earthly journey will in no way prevent what I have predestined for you, for as I now determine so will it be.” God’s grace through all things preserve us to this climatic end. Grace…is a beautiful gift to understand and behold. The more we learn about the love of our Father’s true character…the less describable it is…in words.

  7. our opposing forces is our shadows.
    even in grace, we BECOME AWARE(through the laws) , of all the forces beneath us….

    dont think of anything as negative. they become deamons in the realm of Borderland.
    but also do not supress creativity, as creativity is a doorway within both the timed and timeless worlds.
    we have a FOOTHOLD within all worlds..

    and yes, GRACE, TRUST, HOPE/ FAITH, they all will represent themselves within our own identitys, as the NAMES flow through us(highest vibration(affects all of the world and everything in it)).

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