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When the focus of our creative power shifts from the outer reality to the inner Light of our true I Am Presence, reality experiences a reset as the Light within our true Self begins to dispel the darkness manifested by the false concept of self.

Awareness of our I Am presence’s inherent power is freedom and victory for our self and its reflective reality, because by its power, the perfection of our divine Self is expressed. By turning inward to the true I Am Presence as our creative source, our mind engages its trifold creative power: the Holy Flame, the Holy Altar of Truth and the Holy Present Moment.

The Holy Flame
The Holy Flame is the Living Presence of Absolute Truth (God), the Light of Life. This Holy Light is the source of our I Am Presence and our true reflection, in which there is no darkness. In this Oneness resides the unbounded creative power of the I Am Presence because it is a fractal of the Mighty I Am Presence. In this power, what we proclaim the “I” to be reality reflects. When we proclaim something about our individualized self, thought energy is produced shaping the outer appearance world. When our proclamations are according to Absolute Truth, they carry the living power of God into our sphere of reality, which eternally expands through the dynamic workings of the four pillars of the Holy Altar of Truth: divine emergence, a timeless mind, a life-giving spirit, and a creator within the Creator . (The attributes in bold reflect the 7 Sacred Truths)

Holy Altar of Truth
The Holy Altar of Truth is supported by four pillars of living Truth by which the Mighty I Am Presence expresses Itself through our individualized mind, so that the potentials held within the Mighty I Am Presence are transmuted through our mind and into reality. The Holy Altar of Truth is the mind’s active engagement of the Holy Flame that gives It outer expression, revealing our true Self. The first pillar is the awareness that we are divinely emerging in the perfection of the all-seeing eye of God. The second is the awareness of the workings of a timeless mind, unrestricted by time and space that Absolute Truth may be expressed. The third is the awareness that we are a life-giving spirit, an open door to the Mighty I Am Presence whose Light of Life shines upon ALL. And finally, the fourth pillar is the awareness that we are a creator within the Creator, in which we create in oneness with the power of our Creator, so that as one we are the ruling authority overall all our sphere of reality which impacts all other spheres, as all are united in oneness.

The Holy Present Moment
When these four pillars energetically converge in the individualized mind in the Holy Present Moment (Holy Instant), the mind becomes a gate so that it expresses Absolute Truth into reality. In the Holy Present we are one with eternity, the Presence of God. It’s the creative space between the previous moment and the next to appear, in which our individualized mind connects to the infinite realm of divine potentials ordained for our individualized self. Everything we perceive outwardly is a past reflection. The true present moment is indiscernible to the human eye, as light takes time to travel so that what is expressed can be perceived. Thus, this creative, holy space isn’t outwardly seen, but accessible to our mind so that its projected Self experiences the divine emergence of perfection.

In this gap between what was and what shall be is the awareness that we are completely free from the past because all that exists in the Holy Present is Absolute Truth and its ever-present divine attributes. Therefore, the Holy Present is the moment of divine forgiveness, in which we release all vain imaginings so nothing of past discord is carried forward into the next moment. This awareness of creative freedom from the past is a pivotal understanding as we emerge out of a darkened mind. When we focus on the true I Am Presence as our creative source and not past discordant reflections, backstories that shape reality reflect our creative choice. The past illusions no longer limit us, instead every moment is born of Absolute Truth. As a result, the present emerges in perfection directed by the all-seeing eye of God, working through our individualized mind creating a reality reflecting the divine Self of Absolute Truth.

We sought the Light and it illuminated our inner vision. As a result, we spiritually awakened to who we are and how we create. Because what we are conscious of being reality reflects, our increasing Self-awareness brings about Absolute Truth’s expression into reality, which is the divine Self. As we focus on our true Self’s trifold creative power and not limit our minds to outer appearances of the false self, the Light of our true Self invades the darkness and reality undergoes a reset. The Infinite Intelligence within our I Am Presence orchestrates reality to reflect Absolute Truth, infusing creation with the spirit of victory.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “Reality Reset

  1. today, i want to talk about the Importance of the Past.
    in every Moment of our life, we hold within us the Past AND the future.

    Through the Devind mind in which flows through us, every moment is created this Very moment.
    What im trying to get at, is that our Past is always changing, just as our possible Futures are.
    The Eternal father aka Eternal Spirit is always Binding us through every resource possible.
    Our Past holds clues to the future, as we are Constantly creating new pasts(the logical forces through the laws).
    One thing i cant stand that i see a lot is that we tend to find a FLAW within our own Mental Senses.

    we try to make our ego a bad thing as an example, when it is our ego that gives us a boost of energy to help hold back guilt.
    the past is also a great tool of the mind. it changes as we change our logics. we create new pasts as we grow into new futures.

    it is true that we have to let go of the past to make way for new possible futures. but we are just changing our past to benifit our future.

    every sense we have is possitive, not negative.
    we have to align with the Perfect Vibration of the spirit of truth, and in that truth, we are Perfect in our ability to create.

    when we get to that perfect vibration, we create new Pasts(as that comes with the Devine MIND) (past is part of our LOGIC)..

    If u have a painful past, its only cause you constantly RESIST your true self. you reject, you deny, and your past will align(cross) with ur beliefs. you will hold yourself to your own PAIN. the Experiences you had in the past is your own PRESENT REJECTIONS(that is what gives ur past strenght in pain). u will constantly be shown your own future by your own past until you choose the OPPOSING FORCE within your heart…(the high end)

    when you want to no longer live in pain, then change your past as it becomes a future strenght(not recycle).

    • insightful …

      In the outer reality the past and its effect, the future, seem like tangible and unalterable events because of our perception of linear time and the personalized judgments of duality and opposites that we hold onto as if they were absolute Truth. Yet, all that exists is the eternal present moment which contains the expressed perfection of every moment within its timeless reflection. Because Absolute Truth is all that exists, the present moment expresses timeless perfection, which we perceive if left uncloaked from our faulty judgments. Any judgment against its perfection is a result of false beliefs that we have mistaken for Truth. As we release these erroneous judgments and the faulty perception of linear time that hold them in tact, all that remains is the perfection of the eternal present moment that unfolds moment by moment like an ever-increasing Light revealing the perfection that exists. So we let go of our misconceptions and embrace the timeless perfection that is the result of ever-present absolute Truth.

      Stepping out of these illusionary mindsets of our false concept of self that is the source of all judgment as well as the constructs of linear time, we perceive the timeless perfection of the present moment, for in absolute Truth this is all that can be.

  2. At this point we must recall that the timeless realm is one of potentials, a sphere of “pre-existence” from which the individualized mind’s awareness originates. We are painting a picture of that which can not be expressed, and in so doing we use words as symbols in order to create “thought forms” which reflect that which is formless. The purpose of using labels such as “name”, “I AM” and “light” is much like an artist would use paints to create an image. We attempt a similar construct in the use of familiar expressions to paint thought-forms within your mind’s awareness.

    Look not, therefore, at the paints, or in this case the specific labels used, but instead to that which is painted within your thoughts. Because these words originate from the source of Life, they can transmit life into your awareness, which your mind can perceive in the light reflected by the thought-forms so created.

    The thought forms painted upon your conscious awareness by the Spirit of Truth is the better understanding of revelatory thought, and the manner by which absolute truth is conveyed to a finite mind. Therefore, as we push deeper into timelessness, make all conscious effort to focus on the mental pictures, rather than the word-forms used. Look deeper into the light these pictures reflect and you will discover it is quite possible to gain an ever-deepening understanding of its meaning, for the light of revelatory thought contains the whole of truth.

    We arrive at a significant threshold of understanding that must be crossed before we can journey deeper into the light and the origin of Life. We have previously stated that the sleeping mind seeks to find truth in that which exists, which is to say that which can be perceived by the body’s senses. The sleeping mind, being unaware of the source of truth, believes this source must exist “separate from” and “outside of” their self. Yet now we have discovered that truth originates in timelessness, the formless realm of pre-existence and can conclude that the source of truth cannot be discovered in that which already exists.

    And now a critical question, are you able to comprehend such things? If so, we must ask how it is possible you have come to “see” within your mind a source of reality that is not found in any existent thing within the reality. Have we not declared that no outer appearance, even the spoken word heard by the ears, or the written word before the eyes can convey truth’s light to the sleeping mind? If truth can not be conveyed in words, and light is the reflection of truth’s living nature, how can words of life exist? Are words not created things? If the source of truth is pre-existent, how then can any created words ever be truthful?

    The answer is they cannot. However, words can be used to manifest a living gate by which the light of life can flow into the mind’s awareness, creating thought-forms that amplify Truth’s living voice.

    • Recall that the sleeping mind depends on the body’s senses to define the meaning of its world. What it cannot physically see, touch, hear, smell or taste has no meaning, and therefore no existence in the mind’s reality. It is a time-based interpretation of truth’s meaning, even a “literal” meaning.

      Because of the mind’s tendency toward literal understanding, thought is casually understood to be words “spoken” by an inner voice and “heard” by inner ears. The sleeping mind, being comfortable with its superficial, bodily interpretation of reality, accepts that thought is simply the means of communicating with itself in words it imagines internally and sometimes even voices audibly.

      But what is thought? This question should be considered carefully, for thought is significantly more than the finite sleeping mind currently comprehends. Remember, the finite mind of time believes that reality must be encapsulated in a “form” that can be interpreted through the bodily senses. The reality of outer appearances is the only one the sleeping mind has known, and just as one is groggy after a lengthy sleep, the mind initially resists awakening to its true reality of timelessness.

      Thought is timeless, and therefore without form. Formlessness is incomprehensible to the sleeping mind, so it immediately encapsulates thought into the form of words, images and even feelings, that it might justify thought as something time-based that the mind believes its body can “hear”, “see” and even “feel”. Thus the mind relegates thought to its time-based reality, conceptualizing it as a type of inner “appearance”, which it believes could theoretically be experienced through the body’s senses. Thoughts are believed to be things, invisible to all except the mind that creates them, existing for time and then fading away into nothingness.

      Since mental creations have no physical means by which to create mechanical force, the sleeping mind believes that thoughts have no effect on reality and are therefore without creative power. And as we have said repeatedly, what the mind believes to be true is accepted as such, and thought actually becomes powerless for doing good.

      Yet, consider this statement carefully: What the mind believes to be true, becomes true. Contained in those nine words is the revelation of thought’s true power and timeless nature. Can you see the ever-increasing depth of meaning within the thought-forms those few words create? As you reflect on this, notice how finite strings of words can contain the timelessness of absolute truth and transmit it into your mind through the mechanism we have previously described as “revelatory thought”. This is a critical understanding, for we see that words have a very unique and special purpose in the mind’s time-based reality.

      Unlike any other created thing, with the limited exceptions that are found in music and art, words can reflect the living light of absolute truth, which the mind can receive as “knowing” (or by faith) rather than belief. To say this another way, words, if originated from the source of life, can be as living water, carrying absolute truth into a mind that “thirsts” for truth.

      • You say “ To say this another way, words, if originated from the source of life, can be as living water, carrying absolute truth into a mind that “thirsts” for truth.” I agree that this is the ultimate truth of words being life as Jesus is the word of God embodied, and His words leading to life as given Him from the Father. Did Jesus not say as He thought, spoke, and took direction from His Father’s instruction, so He did? The spoken word of man derives it’s source from the intent given to it, whether it be carnal or whether it be spiritual. We are born subject to vanity so we are first given an intent to do evil and as we experience evil we are turned from it, for it says even evil will correct itself.

        The contemplation of our present thoughts and words derive from our present spiritual condition or at whatever level of our redemption we have attained to.

        What’s in a word? Words express our desires, hopes and dreams, be they yet carnal or expressed in a hope of being freed from the carnal into the realm of the spiritual word. We must pray that God gives us the intent of doing His will in thought, word and deed just such as our pattern and example, Jesus Christ.

        You say, “ What the mind believes to be true, becomes true. Contained in those nine words is the revelation of thought’s true power and timeless nature. Can you see the ever-increasing depth of meaning within the thought-forms those few words create?” Easily so, “For as a man thinks in his heart so is he.” So…we study and ask to be guided by the words of spiritual truth, which is the spirit of Christ…which is the “anointing” word which will guide us and make us as whole as He is…at our personal time of overcoming.

        We must be transformed from our carnal mind we were born with, or the words which have no life in them. As we transition from the words of death (carnality) unto the words of life, we therefore become as He is. We look forward as God brings us to this transition as to His likeness. It is the meaning of the words in which we think toward which will deliver us into His presence. It matters not how many wrong turns we may take in our good intentions to do better…for even in every wrong turn and event it is still a progression toward understanding light from darkness. God’s plan of good and evil has only one intent and purpose, to make us “all” in good in His likeness. There is nothing but good in all of God’s intent and purpose to make us all just as He is…in
        Christ likeness for our eternal self to remain.

      • I really like the way you have correlated the concept of “intention” with the ability to formulate words of life. Intention is a function of mind I haven’t yet come across, but the connection you made reveals it is quite powerful.

        It also reveals that anyone who so desires, if they are of loving intention, can “speak life” into their reality, receiving back a double portion of what they give. Words of life could therefore be understood as those spoken with the pure intention to pour out the Spirit of Truth, and even offers a deeper understanding of “life giving spirit. Good word, Sonny.

    • We will return to the revelatory concepts of how thought’s creative power is conveyed through words of life a bit later, but for now we again turn our attention to the source of light and its tri-fold oneness with our Self.

      Recall again the mental picture of the moment when the individualized Self is created through the appearance of a star, which light gives “birth” to its awareness. In this moment we see three entities born out of this awareness, A) the star, which is the SOURCE of awareness, B) a presence within the outer darkness which has just become aware and C) the LIGHT radiating from the star, of which the presence is now aware.

      These “three” entities appear as one, with all springing into being at the moment of light’s appearance. Although this may happen an infinite number of times, at the moment of birth, the very same three-in-one is created. In every tri-fold birth is represented the same miracle, that the one has become many, yet the many remain one.

      We can now see a mental picture of what we have labeled “the sleeping mind”, for it exists in a “seed state” of awareness and non-awareness concurrently. This is analogous to the physical seed’s simultaneous expression of both life and death, reflecting an existence in two opposing realities concurrently.

      The sleeping mind has become aware of its existence by the presence of light, which can be understood as the source of its “I AM” presence. The mind now knows it exists as an individualized presence because it is able to proclaim “I AM”. However, the light appears so distant that outer darkness prevents it from shining, much like a distant star is unable to reveal anything but the awareness of its light. Thus, the mind knows “I AM” a presence, yet darkness covers the Self and it remains unaware of I AM’s truth.

      The star’s presence, though seemingly far off and illuminating nothing but the awareness of its own light, has nevertheless, by this same awareness, revealed “I AM”. The star has birthed the individualized awareness of self-existence, which is the tri-fold union of the star, the light expressed by the star, and the “I AM” presence which becomes aware of the light. Now notice carefully how the three-in-one Self is both existent and pre-existent, which is to say a blend of creation and timelessness in one entity.

      Consider that in the darkness of unawareness there must be pre-existence of “I AM”, such that its awareness is revealed by the light. Therefore, it is in the creation, or the actual expression of light that pre-existence of both the star, being the source of light, and the mind’s I AM presence, being that which becomes aware of the light, are revealed. We now see that the pre-existence of the star creates the light which reveals the pre-existence of “I AM” in the mind’s awareness.

    • Your individualized I AM Presence results from the transfiguration of pre-existence into existence by the revelation of light. In this we see the timeless nature of your birth, which occurs every moment.

      The label “light” is meant to convey the nature of the truth’s life. Again we are reminded that symbols are used to help the finite mind comprehend that which is beyond the mind. To further help you conceptualize this understanding, consider the analogy in which the musician creates a melody through the transformation of limitless musical ideas into individualized notes by the revelation of sound. While every melody has its source in the limitless potential of pre-existing musical ideas, sound always reveals its existence as the finite expression of an individualized sequence of notes.

      Our holy path has led us to the origin of your being, to the oneness of your tri-fold nature and the holy place at the center of your soul, where the light flows from the perfect source of your I AM Presence, illuminating your True Self. Here, in the oneness of the Father (source), Son (Your self as an individualized reflection of the source) and the Holy Spirit (The living voice of Truth’s light which increasingly reveals the oneness of our I AM presence), is the origin of your timeless existence and how you accurately appear in absolute truth.

      All you have believed your self to be is the result of imagination that appears real. The light has revealed your I AM presence and you rightfully declare “I AM”, knowing the absolute truth that you have LIFE. Yet what life is, the light has not yet revealed, and so you imagined what it might be. In so doing you create your own light, which you believed illuminated your I AM presence. You did not know that your light was darkness, a void of truth, and all that you believed yourself to be was but an illusion because there was no truth in it.

      You dreamed of a reality of time so that your darkness might appear as truth’s light. Yet absolute truth shines only in the perfection of timelessness and so long as you believed that truth could be found in the darkness of time, you could but dream of what the light of life might be.

      And now our path narrows as we approach the source of life, through which you have been called to make the way wide and smooth in order that others may more easily awaken from their dream of darkness. You are the light of the world, given the power to consciously express life into the dream of time, by which those who sleep in darkness may, at last, know the Truth when your light reflects it back to them from within their dream of outer appearances.

      Sleeping minds are ensnared in darkness because they’ve accepted that creation is the source of all that they believe is true. They did not know truth, that it is alive, and possessing a “voice” that could lead them out of all illusion. Instead, these sleepers heaped up teachers in their outer appearance world and accepted only that which other’s professed to believe, being received by what the body could see and hear. And now look! You who have loved the truth and have turned from the world to diligently seek its inner source, will be able to shine your inner light into creation such that its timeless life may be perceived outwardly, through the body’s senses. Your living light will be a revelation, and the sleepers will awaken by your transfiguration of the very outer appearance world that had once bound them in illusion.

  3. It’s always good to share in knowing the mutual end, even though we may not see clearly the others path. When the end is visible and apparent , we don’t sweat the small stuff, our differences that will one day default to our oneness.

    We may be as blind as a bat, so to speak, and have no clue which way is up or down, but if our “intent” is to do good, we will… because….God placed that intent to do good in a mind of his enemy…our carnal mind. It is from that intent to do good do we grow from the vanity we were born with through no fault of our own. Even our intent from where it all starts is a gift from God. Thus saying, we are His from start to finish and if we have understanding of our beginning so do we to our carnal end. “Where two or three are gathered together in my nature, I am with them.” We need to understand that God in His predetermined plan to make beings like Himself to have fellowship with, there was absolutely no thought of failing to make even one not like Himself. Our beginning before we were spoke into existence so “then” was our end complete in our Father’s mind. He purposed us complete in His likeness, and He will not fail Himself. For one to say God has failed us in any way, has yet to know the love of God.

  4. Yes, and since God is the source of all things, our pre, present and future self is included in the eternal “I AM.” The forever present. He was, is and always will be the light, as we are also in it and in Him, being the same…and since we were created out of Him, the light. There is only one existence and that be of God, and whether He manifest Himself in the sun, moon or stars, a rock…or wirhin us. God determines the beginning and end of His creation and it will be finished according to His predetermined will. He said it was going to be like so…and so it is and will be. He will reveal to all of us in our appointed time in our own calling and order…and with a faithful patience by us, we will witness all of His predestined plan coming to fruition …as He so ordained it before all was put into motion. Our awakening is by His permission and blessing, and as we are, we have but humble gratitude and appreciation for Him waking us to the understanding of His way and will. It is…and overcoming expedience of simply choosing what is right as it is revealed to us. It is a battle, however it is one God says we all will overcome. With that we have peace. Love comes without explanation of the outward law, but by a simple gift of the spirit…as we choose the kindness of the spirit. We each will…in time.

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