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As the Light of our true Self fills our conscious understanding, time is dramatically altered. We return to the eternal present moment fashioned in timeless perfection, a reflection of our true Self.

Our true existence resides in the eternal present moment, outside of the continuum of time. The present moment is all that exists, as it is the reflection of ever-present Truth. However, to be able to experience a fluid image of reality and not one of fragmented images, like broken up pixels on a screen, each moment is wrapped in the story of its past. This “time wrapper” creates a cohesive picture of our mind’s perception of reality. Though our mind perceives a past and future connected to the present, we aren’t bound to the past and future, and in this awareness is our freedom.

Through a deeper understanding of how we create, our mind is freed from continually projecting conditions of the past into our present moment, distorting its inherent perfection. Creation isn’t of the physical, but streams from the conscious mind.

The space/time continuum exists in the outer reality of appearances. Beyond this outer reality is the realm of consciousness, our true creative space, which isn’t constrained by the effects of space/time. In this higher realm, we can alter the flow of time. It’s within this ethereal atmosphere that we gain awareness of the ever-present Light of Truth, so that it can be translated through our mind (the creative mechanism that translates the consciousness into the physical) and expressed into physical forms in the realm of space/time. What we hold in our conscious awareness as true, right now is what the physical plane will reflect.

Ignorant of how we create from the conscious realm, we try to manipulate reality only through the physical forms, which is constrained by time. In this lack of Truth, we believe we are bound to time and the past created through it. We falsely accept we can’t change certain things, or only minimally or superficially. This mistaken belief in an unalterable past trajectory greatly limits our otherwise limitless creative potential. As we awaken to the understanding that our true creative power lies beyond time in the realm of consciousness, we recognize we can change the course of time and it’s our gift to do so as a creator within the Creator in order to reveal the Immutable Peace inherent in the eternal present moment. 

In the recognition that our creative freedom lies in the realm of consciousness beyond the constraints of time, our creative focus shifts from outward to inward.

Mentally stepping out of the physical constraints of time and engaging our mind’s true creative space, we aren’t beholden to the trajectory of the past. This understanding of how we create allows us to be free from being mentally bound to past conditions so we can experience the perfection of divine love that comes through divine emergence in the present moment.

In divine emergence, our mind functions as one with the Divine Mind of Truth. As the Light of our true Self fills our conscious understanding, it alters reality. The past is no longer the cause to our present moment, but the nature of our true Self is the creative Cause. In emergence, we consciously engage our Mighty I Am Presence to orchestrate the present moment in timeless perfection, instead of trying to outwardly control and manipulate time in very limited ways according what we think best. As we set our attention on the divine attributes of our I AM presence, like giving Peace to all, we trust the Infinite Intelligence of the Divine Mind as to how it unfolds into the physical plane. The Divine Mind works through us and yet beyond our conscious awareness to manifest the present moment for the highest good for all.

By not trying to change the present moment from the outside, but through emergence by the power inherent in our I Am Presence, we enter into the present moment’s inherent perfection. When our consciousness is illuminated with the radiance of our true Self, the present moment reflects its timeless perfection. In this, we are free from the effects of the past and our life story emerges into one of Immutable Peace and Divine Harmony; out of the darkness and into the Light. 

Only the perfection of timeless Truth exists. Free from the illusionary constraints of time, we return to our true state of timeless perfection.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Timeless Perfection

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  2. Divine Orchestra flows thru you to US’s I am sitting going go just and go ~

  3. today, i want to talk about the MIND askpect of it all.
    Every word you speak and feel reflect the IMMORTAL PART of our being(connection with the eternal heart).;

    the purpose of the laws is to get that Perfect vibration(interaction with ELEMENTAL LAW).
    as you are BORN into this world, you hold WAVES of frequencys that bind you to ALL THAT IS.
    that said, every word and belief within our own LANGUAGE creates a perfect vibration. the vibration you have even on your last day on earth affects even the vibrations of that child that was just born into the world on day 1(and vice versa).

    to understand the ETERNAL LAWS is to bring us into the ability to MANIFEST ETERNAL HEART into the events of the world(WORD).
    to love all that is and see I AM in all that is, brings you closer to that VIBRATION(containing all the smaller vibrations(makes one ultimate vibration). god does not love you. instead you are the LOVE OF GOD(I AM)..
    the diference between god loving you and knowing you are the LOVE OF GOD makes a big difference through the LAW OF ATTRACTION. to say god loves you creates seperation, and the world falls apart.
    knowing you are the LOVE OF GOD, and seeing god in all things is to recognize your own heart being manifested into this world).(in all of time). MAN WILL NO LONGER EXIST.. Note:sometimes we fall prey to our own limiting langauge(this is what religion is doing)

    it was never about people running around and following laws. its about all of us coming into that ULTIMATE VIBRATION through the LANGUAGE OFTHE LAWS..

    ONNESS is a recognition, not something to follow(all moving parts coming together). opposing forces is to push on one side and pull on the other(where a point in time, turns into a wave of time)(flowing in both directions)(past and future).

    in our WAKING, all the religions will disapear. in its place, we all follow the same laws as each of us represents eachother(FLOWOVER). in christianity, there will be no more good vs bad, it will be law of opposing forces.
    in islam, there will be no bowing down at same time, and worshing at same time every day(cycles), in its place, we will recoginze that each moving part(every person), becomes a greater s trengh within our own I AM(closer to peace).
    now when we awaken deeper, the law of oppssing forces(christianity), and law of unity/oneness(islam) will MERGE..
    each time we set aside a religion, and find the original meaning in any other religion, then the religions will fade, and the true laws will merge us all together. every person will come into alignment with eachother.
    that will require in our own vibrations to see god in others as they represent whom we are.
    if someone does bad, it means there is some bad in your(our) own thinking. to make people stop doing bad things means that we have to see the LOVE OF GOD even in those who hurt us(we hurt ourselves)

    i hope this makes sense.

  4. the result of what i mentioned above will be to connect with the HOLY SPIRIT(non religion: one with all that is(elemental law))

    Every Person becomes ONE BODY(holding each and every name in them)
    IN THE NAME OF has been blown out of purportion. it was never about finding what NAME stands for(how names came about), as it is about GIVING(spirit to natural).
    in the name of GOODNES, i create LORDSHIP IN YOU…. when i create lordship in you, my own LORDSHIP awakens in me. and when EVERY PERSON sees lordship in eachother, then we INTERACT WITH ELEMENTAL LAW(that ultipate frquency(holy spirit)).

    • There is a lot in your words and you shared some powerful insights. The growing awareness of Oneness, the law of life, reaches deep into all our perceptions healing all arbitrary divisions and separations we mistakenly made when we didn’t know our SELF. Thank you.

  5. Hey Everyone, Its Tony again,

    I knew a man, around 2014, that encountered God, and went to a place which was referred to as “the third heaven.” I knew this man close enough to share his experience as if it is my own. This man is no more. Yet his testimonial is gifted into my being as a present, to keep me in the present moment, or in the presence of God. He heard unspeakable things. Only reachable by the sacred vibration of faith. Even though many would boast on these incredible truths, they’ve only made me aware that, I AM. I only hold these truths to be apocalyptic, equation-ed, realizations, that I was already created in equilibrium. Revealings are only uncoverings of things that already are, which means that I AM only returning to my Origin. This also indicates that the cells in which i dwell, are a holding cell in which i needed to bring into alignment to be free. This is in reminisce of the sacred text in which Peter was imprisoned, and He praised God until and angel opened the cell doors.

    I once read sacred texts, and marveled at the fact that the book of Revelations only reveals the book of Genesis. The end is the beginning or Vica Versa.🌀
    This initiated the war of surrender, in which I so sacredly undergo. I become nothing, so that I may become all things. This sacred belief initiated the repudiation of the reputation i created no longer needing reputable reciprocation in the the frequency of the world.

    Even though the metamorphasis process is a part of the journey, i still pondered at the fact that it is only a part of the equation. If the end is the beginning and I Am only returning to that in which I already am, then don’t I already have access to the end? Even though working out the equation is part of the journey, do I have to work the equation out? Is there a way to transcend my transgressed mindset to receive the promise of the journey since it is already written? For example, if 1x + 6 = 9, Is there a way to transcend the working out of the equation, if the end and the beginning is already present in the equation? I was conceived in this realm as (1x), yet I’M (9). I will give you another example. There are two young kids. They both are entering a linear timelined process of kindergarten through 12th grade. As they reach the 5th grade, one of the kid unlocks an intellect in which the teachers are prompted to move him up to the 12th grade. He was taken and the other kid was not due to advanced realization. This is in reminisce of the sacred text in John 20:4, in which it says “both were running but the other disciple out ran Peter and got to the tomb first.” This is a ” human race,” but why do we run it or run it in linear terms when anything is possible? Think of what the 5th grade student did in my previous example as a form of time travel! How was he able to transcend the patterned timeline of going from k-12th grade? He bypassed it through REALIZATION in the mind. Once i had a realization of this I began to have many supernatural encounters of God, just as the people in the Holy Bible did. I had no practices other than renewing my mind according to the spirit of truth and making sure the faculties of belief, hope, faith, etc were in full operation according to the fact that “All thing are possible with God.” I am a witness to things in which some may deem as impossible all due to becoming childlike in belief. I will conclude this by saying that the Father is merciful and so beautiful and with HIM, ALL things are possible! He can do exceedingly, abundantly, ABOVE all we ask or think. That means that if we can ponder it, it is not high enough.

    Thank you guys for allowing me to ride your train of thoughts as I pass through. You all are so wonderful and Loving and it was refreshing to reciprocate for once.
    I love

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