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2020 Vision




The year of perfect vision. A year of seeing the Light.

Perfect vision comes from a mind governed by Truth. A mind governed by Truth is a Light in and to the world.

Truth is. 

Truth is the divine governing presence of God. It is the will of God. It is the ways of God. It is absolute and changeless. It is ever-present.

Truth is the awareness of perfect Oneness and the knowledge that there is nothing else. Therefore as we seek Truth, we come into the knowledge of our true Self, who is the expression of the mind of God (Truth), therefore one with God.

Our outer reality is a projection of our beliefs. Therefore, each one must ask the question: “What is the source of my beliefs?” The source of true beliefs is the Spirit of Truth, and we only receive Truth by communing with the Spirit.

Truth consists of various inseparable elements, that make up the whole of Truth, like the colors of a rainbow that make up the whole of visible light. When we consciously understand these elements, they express Truth’s effect, divine love; which is the experience of ever-present peace, joy, harmony, and holiness. Each component of Truth is inseparable from the whole. Therefore in order to experience Truth, we need awareness of each element. This integrated understanding is the content of our spiritual journey up the primordial staircase. When we received the required elements of Truth and give ALL our faith and belief to Truth (and no longer to what we judged to be true), then Truth is consistently experienced.

Truth’s light reveals who we are, an immortal fractal of the mind of God. Until a consciousness truthfully knows itself, it believes it is something it is not. Initially lacking self awareness, our consciousness developed its own relative truth based on its perceptions of its external self and reality. Upon these perceptions, it constructed an entire belief system. We are imprisoned to this falsely contrived belief system until we seek Truth from the Spirit of Truth.

Through revelation received from the Spirit, we grow in awareness of Truth and become conscious beings with a deep awareness of our Self and God, which is a reflection of our oneness with Him.

The Truth sets us free. It gives us perfect vision and allows us to see what is. It goes before us to create a reality that continually expresses joy, harmony, peace, and abundance. Its light gives perfect vision so we see ourself as we truly are and experience what has always been. With 2020 vision, we are a Light in and to the world.


The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness. ~ Luke 11:34

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” ~ Matthew 5:14

“The Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you.” ~ John 14:17

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

24 thoughts on “2020 Vision

  1. ME W3. UNREAL & REAL. DEEP!!! I/RON/IC with love 120-123pm. Amazing Rachell Amazing. ~


  2. When God permits us to see Him as He is…we then see “all” others just as we see Him. There is no lesser or greater love and nothing can add to or take away from it. We only have to realize this truth…God is love, I am love..and you are love. We three are one.

    • Satan will use whatever he can to separate you from the Love of Jesus, the Voice and Power of the Holy Spirit, the Absolute Care of our Heavenly Father, and the CALL He Himself has placed on your life. But one must look to Jesus as the source of love. Without Jesus the soul is left in loss. It’s the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, these three are the One. He is the Goal.

  3. The Lord Jesus Christ says says that we are “complete” in Him…Since we are complete in Him there is nothing else for Him to give to us…As God the Father is in Christ, Christ is also in us…and we all are in Father…as one…in spirit.

  4. We simply awaken to reality.

  5. Truth either offends or makes alive. One who receives a truth and it is contrary to the “knowledge” they have will often be offended by the words of another. They will look to avoid and to silence the message simply because of being offended. It matters not whether what is said is true or not in another’s presence whether spoken or written, for if one thinks that they own the conversation, respect is lost.
    There is as much to understand in both what is not spoken as well as what is for both “speaks” intent. It has been said there is much to be learned in the white between the lines and this is often true for this is the God area in which no one can control or define . This is intuition, this is discernment, this is where much of the substance of communication can be felt and heard even clearer than what one is writing..or not…writing…or speaking.

    With truth comes the responsibility of not deviating from it to please the space or consciousness of another. This may bring discomfort as truth usually brings discomfort to a lie or in just unsureness in one’s personal perspective. When one is unsure of “the message” out of fear of the unknown “love of God” they tend to throw the baby out with the bath water, rejecting the good because it is not centered on their own understanding. When love matures to an acceptable place in God, this “place” is secure and nothing nor anyone can take what is not theirs to take. When love comes, peace comes along with it and though one may be able to kill the body, no one can take love away. So in-spite of thinking we need to please all, we just need to learn to please the one…where all are included.

    Truth is who God is and though our words do not do Him justice we must always ask what is behind the “intent” of what is trying to be conveyed? Truth cannot be owned nor directed by the carnal mind and if one is offended at what another speaks in “the church” one should examine themselves and their own integrity of their own words and using them in any space. Do we convey that we own the mind of another by disagreeing with them? Do we speak from ego or love? Do we deviate from love to please our own ego? Truth needs no following of the carnal minded ego and if one is upset that they are not adhering converts to their way of thinking, this way is not of God. Truth teaches sameness, not superiority. The “high calling” is acquired through a humble nature, it teaches sameness, one love for all alike. If one is offended that they’re not being heard then there is good reason for them being offended. It is because their message is not given in love but is given, even though it may not be intentional, in ignorance. We cannot take what is not ours to take, as we cannot give what is not ours to give. When we receive in purity, we give in purity, expecting nothing in return. This means nothing, no adulation, no admiration, no flattery, for if we receive any of these things into our heart, we supplant the oneness we “say” we seek. Love seeks not its own, love seeks for one and all alike.

    When we communicate with others we must ask what is our true purpose for doing so, is it selfless, wanting only equality in purpose for all or do we get offended that we are not the center of “our world” we have been or are trying to create for ourselves? This is taking the path of Eve. We must be continual in examining ourselves as many start out in innocence and as knowledge and attention to oneself increases they mistake this “increase” for the likeness of the Father. Never the less Love wins in the end…as everyone (every knee) will give way to God’s love… once learned. The means to getting to the end of ourselves is fraught with many setbacks caused by self getting in the way. This condition is also by omniscient design for we must learn obedience through the things created to suffer through…God made no mistakes in creating this plan of salvation (which means making one whole) and makes no mistakes in bringing us to the likeness of Himself regardless of His means. Contrast to reality is created to amplify and exemplify the purity of God’s one plan for all to participate in, in harmony.

    Life is everyone enjoying their part in harmony with all other parts. To hear and to live the beauty of life, there cannot be one misplaced being out of tune to all others. We WILL live in harmony, this is God’s wish, this is His plan and when His omnipotent love says…”It is finished,” it is. So as we are in His finished plan…we just need to wake up to this reality which awaits us and enjoy the fruit of our inclusion. There is nothing to ask for that has not “already” been provided for, we just need to understand what it is. Suffering is caused by our perceived lack of separation from God’s love. God’s love for us all has never diminished from our being created for each and every individual is an expression and expansion of Himself. God cannot diminish Himself, nor disrespect Himself. If God were to lose just one of us, He fails Himself. God is not a failure and neither are we nor will we ever be. We are a work in progress, so let us not judge by the means of correction we observe God uses in another or in ourselves. The way to know truth is to love without conditions. Be no part in factions, parties, or divisions, which are labels. To belong only to the in part label, makes one of in part love and understanding. We must come out to where there is no separation between us…where the “religion” of divisiveness does not exist. Love covers all under one way, “the way” of Christ. Love.

  6. I can see by these sayings that sometimes you are interested in following God, and following HIs path for you and at other times you ‘give up’. Many of your sayings are true, but about half are contrary to God’s own comments in His Word.. One must keep a teachable, and pliable spirit
    His Word is what He has sent to Love You. It is the Word we need, not the person.
    I like much of what you said. But, we must always remember, it is not about “our” intent, it is about His intent. Of course, no one has the ability to judge what someone’s intent is. You can only discern THAT if “YOU” have love. We can only be responsible for “OUR” love, we cannot be responsible for someone else’s love.
    Having said that, the intensity of Love is what is important, and Love “IS” always concerned about ANOTHER person., AND IF IT IS OF GOD, it is a sent Word, not an self formed Word, or self heard Word.
    It is in agreement with Divinity.
    Just as God is not offended in your sayings, neither should we be offended. Because these sayings, or principles are not to be based on our personal life, but on the Life of God, and His Love.
    HIS LOVE IS POWERFUL, VERY POWERFUL. We cannot insist that God ever be silent. When He is speaking it is through a messenger. And the messenger is loved by God.
    God sends the messenger, and God sends the message, These things should never be personal, from an individual acting alone.
    When you take Self OUT, there can be no offense, or intro spection.
    Because it is to please Him, not ourselves.
    These things free every individual to speak the truth and they cannot be scrutinized or condemned when they come from God.
    I encourage you to keep studying, and to stay in alignment with what God has for you.
    What God has for you will always be GOOD. And it will be in His Word.
    You have nothing to fear.

    “Except ye abide in me, Ye have no life in You”.

  7. We take what we can understand from others and we graciously put the remainder on the shelf without condemnation. Grace covers all error until the Christ arrives within.

  8. Have we considered the purpose of JOY? Or the function of DESIRE? Both are internal EXPRESSIONS OF LIGHT that guide us along the path of salvation. But what is salvation? And from what are we “saved”?

    In truth we are God’s perfect creation, made in his image and one with his truth. Therefore, salvation could not be anything more than awakening to this realization which is the conscious awareness of our eternal oneness with God. Salvation is the recognition that we are not who we BELIEVED ourselves to be.

    Since truth is CHANGELESS, we (being expressions of truth), could never be anything but what we’ve always been, perfect creations of our perfect maker. Yet, we have believed ourselves to be something other than perfection, corrupted and in need of being recreated into that which is perfect. Yet could you remain who you are if you are recreated? If you could answer yes, then some part of you would have to remain as you were. And if any part of corruption remains, would perfection be possible?

    Instead consider that you have slept and dreamed (imagined) that you were something other than who you are in truth. And the part of you that dreams is your true self, and needs only to awaken. We see therefore that salvation is only to be free of a falsely imagined belief about yourself.

    Back to the purpose of JOY and DESIRE. These internal reflections originate from your true self and lead first, to the knowledge of who you are in truth and second, to the fulfillment of your role in God’s salvation plan.

    Desire is the conscious focusing of thought in anticipation of increasing the experience of joy. Joy can also be considered a proper affirmation that your desire is truthful, and not disfigured by the dreaming self. Joy, being truth, is God’s will for you and is always experienced when the mind entertains truthful desires.

    Since salvation is the freedom from the belief that you are not who you imagined yourself to be, but rather the knowledge of the truth about your Self, we recognize that any “belief” about yourself or God is false. Belief is always used to uphold what you imagine to be true. Truth always is, and therefore is KNOWN rather than believed. Truth is always above all the mind could ever believe to be true. We do not believe in God, we KNOW God, and this only by the light of Truth given by the Spirit of Truth. Only when we know God, can we know ourself, for we are made in his image. (There is a belief that leads to knowing, but I am not writing about that).

    Salvation is being freed from all you ever believed. When you are “saved”, which is to say you have come to KNOW YOUR ONENESS WITH GOD, you will desire to give your joy to “others” – and you will know how to do it. For in truth GIVING IS RECEIVING, and your ability to give joy to another will forever increase your experience of joy.

    And the joy you give will be a light sufficient to awaken those who yet sleep.

    • “Instead consider that you have slept and dreamed (imagined) that you were something other than who you are in truth. And the part of you that dreams is your true self, and needs only to awaken. We see therefore that salvation is only to be free of a falsely imagined belief about yourself.”

      This is it…exactly! God did not take away anything he gave to us before the world was..,but in order to do a “further” good work in us we entered into a dream of being separate and apart so that we could learn obedience to be able to accept the “double portion.” With the gift comes the responsibility of using it wisely.
      Isn’t it wonderful to see the love of God in all things?

  9. A misunderstanding of Salvation as preached by the Lord, in the Epistles, comes from not ever having experienced the miracle that comes from the Holy Spirit. It is not a mental misunderstanding, alone. If salvation were mental, there would be no guarantee of ever having experienced the miracle.
    The miracle of Salvation is a spiritual rebirth, and cannot be described until you have experienced it.
    Accepting Jesus, causes a miracle working God to do the work within. It can only come when one acknowledges he is a sinner, and asks Jesus to cleanse Him. Jesus was sinless, and therefore He was able to birth that which no man could. It is a spiritual rebirth from the realm of darkness and sin which are in the spirit of man, and which only Jesus blood can wash away.
    If you could ever experience this, you would know the difference between mans sinful mind, and spirit, and the Holy mind and spirit of God. Thank you Jesus.
    Not only is this a rebirth, but it is a gifting of Power, that only God Almighty can give.
    Pray to experience salvation from the Lord. Not self. It’s incredible.

































  11. satan—-> our consiousness <——-christ
    through law of opposing forces, what we give to others is how the holy spirit manifest our heart onto the whole world.
    to be one with god is to be one with everyone(I AM in all things)..

    to align with christ is to see christ in everyone(spirit to natural).

    the importan thing about god(doorway) is that it takes every person on earth as one body to walk through(gather in spirit:(many minds)).

    to change the heart is to align everyone as one body(pure heart)

    • You said: “satan—-> our consiousness <——-christ"

      This is very insightful. Thanks for sharing.

    • No one in the world are aligning themselves together, and neither do they have that capacity.
      They are all fighting one another.
      Jesus is the Prince of Peace and is inviting you to come into alignment with Him.
      Again, salvation, is not a mental door.
      When someone says, I love you with all my heart, they are not speaking of their mind.
      The heart is your spirit which is an everlasting spirit.
      God is a being of eternity.
      Salvation is not about peace in the world, but peace with God in the heart.
      The World will never be at peace.
      Jesus, is who you are seeking. His arms are open.

      • what you show is DEATH mesaih. and it is because of RELIGION in which everyone is fighting eachtoher. the world is a manifest of the ETERNAL SPIRIT, and god is the DOORWAY…
        when you try to hold to your religion Mishai, it is that exact reason of why we WAIT. people dont believe int he SPIRIT anymore. they make the ONE SPIRIT that is ongoing life into a choice of being all good or all bad. it is that valdiation that even you donnot believe in the holy spirit(even as you teach it).
        in order to have the capacity, we all have to let go of all of our religions.
        we are not at peace and will never meet the prince of peace because everyone is doing what you want them to do. believe and only believe in OnE THING. everyone is listening…. and DOING, but when they do, we still tend to REJECT eachother to satisfy our own religions(no 2 people think alike).
        until we are able to LET GO of christ and johova, and yaway, and mohomad and allah, will we ever come meet these entitys. you shape them into ways that are not aligned with the original context.
        i do understand why, and that doesnt mean you or i are bad in any way.
        if i didnt understand the eternal knowledge, i would be doing exactly what ur doing. b ut what your doing is causing more damage t han good.
        you try to teach that NO ONE WILL EVER LIVE UP TO THE EXPECT ATIONs(opposing to giving in the name of giving).

        every NAME is part of a LAW. and it is these LAWS in how we interact with the SPIRIT(called eternal HEART in which EVERYONE is part)..
        spirit in the bible isnt christ. but instead the ETERNAL ITSELF(life within the elemtns that bind the past/present/future as one body(called EARTH).

        when you understand the GIVING aspect of the Laws, and ALIGN in FREQUENCY with these laws, you notice COOINCIDENCES within every EVENT ON EARTH as showing what you have in heart(why devination works).

  12. There really are no problems in life as we have been taught the definition of what a problem is. A problem as everything else is, is a gift from God and as we awaken to the purpose of the problem, we find the true image of what the problem (shadow) cast…which is what God is like, therefore what we are like in reality. As T.H. Said, and I agree, we live alongside our true self in our “dream of separation” for a loving God does not change according to our behavior. Our “bad” behavior is a time of teaching us the difference in love and hate. Gratitude can only come as we awaken to who God really is…to know Him in a participatory way. Our works by faith are in the spirit of the beatitudes, participating in the love of God which the works of the law will never deliver us to. The law does reveal what the spirit is about using natural sacrifices, observances, rules, etc., however until we come to the true knowledge of the truth by participation in the truth we remain in a legalistic and knowledgeable realm. And even in having this “problem” God will graciously and kindly leave us there only long enough to “get it.”

    I personally care little about matters of the law, however understanding the purpose of the law…to be free from anything…we have to understand it and know it’s true intended purpose. So whether we are bound by the law or we have been freed from it, wherever we are is where God wants us…”for the time being.” We therefore must understand there is love in every thought word and deed that we experience for if there is only one God, with one truth and one purpose, there is only one end of all things. For this kingdom to come cannot be divided against itself and will not be. When evil has accomplished its purpose to teach us good, all tings return to the Father as Christ explained. When it’s done, it’s done and when the death of death comes to pass, we awaken and return with a greater awareness, gratitude and thankfulness than we ever had. This is so that God can then enjoy the fellowship of His like ones, and we can give back this fellowship in exact likeness.

    To have the purest of gold, it has to remain in the fire longer than inferior grades. When we pray “God make me just like you, give me of your ways, your kindness and compassion,” we are asking to remain in God’s consuming fire the longer, for the longer in the “furnace” the purer we become. So we must understand that we we pray for must have the “greater means” of making it happen. Often times we want the fire to go out and comfort to come however if the fire is removed to soon, we cannot attain to the purest of likeness. For those who understand what the “firstfruits” are these are they which must come out of the furnace as Daniel’s friends intact and nothing lost. In going into the fire they were fully convinced that whatever happened to them, it was for their own growth and benefit. So it is with us.

    As we mature and grow in God we will leave trying to be so “technically” correct and we still speak from the source that is within us as we become one with Him. We will not feel the need to quote any of the disciples for as our maturity develops in us as did theirs, and as they did not speak for one another, neither will we, for we will speak from the same source as they came to also do. As The writer explained we are not of Paul, Apollo’s or any other apostle, we follow Christ and as we do our words will not detour through the written word of what other disciples had to say for we will come into our own just as they.

    Not to flatter, because this is unwise, but the one thing that Rachel has that has endeared me to her and Will’s blog is that I see they see the end game so to speak…and if one says that the most important thing is to come to God’s likeness, there can be no rules, doctrines, nor differences that can prevent one from fulfilling God’s will. His will is that we all will come to the likeness of God, as He draws us and in our own order. We are corporately all like a dna string and if one of us is missing it does not complete the universe. This is our worth. God so designed everything that it not only takes the ninety nine to complete His plan, it takes that one that YOU are to hold it all together. Yes, you are that important to God and you are that important to me, whoever you are for my life to exist to its fullest. These revelations may be opinions to some, however “unconditional love” can open our eyes as no other thing can. Love your greatest enemy and ask God to forgive them for they know not what they do.

    Best wishes to all and may your future be filled with God’s amazing grace. I know it will. God bless.

  13. On the one hand you are saying not only in essence, but in actuality that you are devoted to and resigned to the ideal of Fatalism. You believe that the revelation of God to you is that you are locked into fate, the fateful hand of God, and you cannot get out.
    Then you will swing back to an idea of the Kingdom of God, saying that you’re climbing ascending into a purpose that is “God’s will” for you.

    On the next thought is the idea, that people are being “personally taught” by God himself.
    Making one wonder what this teaching would be about, if they are assigned to this fatalist world that God has set up, as to why any personal revelation would be useful, or worth sharing or talking about.

    Then the idea, that the Apostles all wrote Revelations which is called the Word of God, because it was inspired by the Holy Spirit, but no one is supposedly supposed to believe in any of that even though Jesus said, the World, and it’s people will be Judged by it during the Great White Throne judgment and Jesus said, that if one does not abide by His teaching, that they cannot be saved.

    So, if one examines all of the theories, and I think it is quite understandable, that anyone can pose theories and want to live by them, whoever they are, but it isn’t any different than just saying I want to live this way, by my own rules and laws.
    I don’t think that has anything to do with God, or God’s will, in the World.
    The Bible contains all of God’s will and you will be judged, either, righteously or un righteously by it.
    It will not be because of what you or this one or that one believes, it will only be by what you believe about Jesus and what He Said. Learning and being interested in God, will lead you there and nowhere else. That’s why the Apostles, taught was for you, and everyone that wanted or wants to know.
    It was never “There Own” Spiritual Path that they were speaking.
    The Words Came From the Holy Spirit.

  14. Trials, tribulations, and test are the things it is stated we are to overcome in life, these are problems that face us all in life. It says think it not strange when these things (problems) come our way for it is through these we are matured. We are not locked into anything that is evil or negative but quiet the contraire, we are locked into God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and grace which has no end. No matter the problems we face, we are to accept them all with the understanding that we will be delivered from all captivity to the likeness of God in Christ.

    God is sovereign, there is not other, all things were given by the Father to the Son and nothing that was created was created except through Jesus Christ. The spirit of God is poured into us on our day of Pentecost and does it not say when this spirit is poured within us there will be no need for any man to teach us? Who is doing the teaching by this declaration, God or man? The spirit teaches the things of the spirit, the carnal mind teaches the things of man and by man.

    We are to believe all things that were inspired by the spirit of God from the early disciples to preach, teach and speak. Since then there have been disciples who have been given the same spirit as were the early disciples and by this same spirit they also speak as they are led to speak. It is said that a disciple is to take no thought of what to say when they are sent to speak for what they are to say will e given at the time of need. This is also for all today who follow Christ likewise. This statement is in full unison with my last statement and there is no contradiction. For those who have ears to hear let them hear.

    • You were commenting and said, “And does it” not say? When this spirit is poured within us.
      The IT is the Word of God. And it is saying, “When the Spirit is Poured out on those Who Believe in Jesus.
      I have received no clarity that the Christ you follow is Jesus.
      When one receives clarity on this statement it limits, the idea of who one is following and what spirit this Christ Is. If you are saying that you follow are committing to follow Jesus, and you are now committing to the Word He spoke, then I believe your statements would have to be reoriented to what the Word is asking from you. It is never about, a spirit called “Christ” speaking to “everyone”. The early disciples were and are preaching Jesus. Christ is referenced by them as a name for Him.
      If you are denying the World and taking up your Cross to follow Jesus, then He will be the subject of your study and Worship. God Sovereignly gave Jesus to die, on the cross, and to cancel your sins, and He sovereignly gave us Jesus to bring Salvation.
      I have never heard a committed love from you on this statement concerning Jesus.
      You have mentioned God’s love, but Jesus is asking for you to Love Him and to Commit to His Lordship.
      The Sovereign God is who sent Jesus, and the message is about Jesus Lordship.
      If you are committing your Life to follow Jesus, then your position under that Sovereignty has been ratified in heaven. Then you can be taught by the Spirit.
      Make a choice if you are walking away from Sovereignty, and into your own teaching, or if you are submitting to Jesus, as your Lord.
      Jesus is at the right hand of Sovereignty, and it is His Revelation.
      You have to decide if you are to follow Him, or make your own rules and laws for yourself.
      You cannot claim your own doctrines, and then claim you are free.
      Either your a servant of Jesus, or a servant to yourself. You can’t be both.
      And that is an invitation to get to know who Jesus is.
      If you don’t know him, Sovereignty would be a joke. Just a myth, as everything else in the Word would be.
      And some believe that.
      But the invitation, is still to know Him.

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