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As dreamers of the dream, we possess the freedom of choice and the choice for freedom.

In the dream consciousness we mistakenly believe we have a minimal creative impact, but through the revelation of Truth, it’s clear we are the source of our dream. Therefore, it’s through us it fades to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven in the eternal present.

There are two real choices within the dream consciousness: one to choose to know the Truth, and once Truth is perceived, the second is to choose Truth over the illusion. All other choices in the dream are between illusions, which is no choice at all.

Prior to awakening, a choice for freedom is presented us. We make this choice for all because whether the Selves of God sleep or awaken, they do so as one. However, we also each make an individualized choice for God’s will, the reality of Truth, because as a fractal of God’s Self our will is free. We will choose the divine will because it’s our true desire. So, as one awakens, all begin to awaken, each in his/her own order.

To awake or stay asleep? To engage Truth or to stay in the dream? The two choices are total opposites, thus it’s one or the other. Only with an illuminated mind, do we perceive this choice clearly enough to make a sincere choice. And in the Light, the choice is self-evident. Our choice is a choice for freedom from the dream.

Along the path of enlightenment, the mind is prepared to make this choice by understanding the nature of it. It’s a singular choice for Truth with many fractal parts: to choose to exalt the Spirit as the creative sovereign over the body/reality, to create through emergence and no longer self-determination, to extend universal forgiveness instead of judgment/guilt, to give love instead of attack/defense, and for oneness with all instead of separation.

In the Light of Truth, though the choice is clear, it’s not without its challenge. Truth calls for the dreamer to choose to dissolve the illusions he created using the Truth given him as his mind integrates into the Source of Truth. The dreamer enters a borderland between the dream consciousness and the divine Mind, where universal forgiveness, true healing, salvation, and resurrection are understood. While in the borderland, the dreamer resides in a strange duality where his physical senses tell him the dream is true, and yet the Truth he perceives within tells him it’s only an illusion projected from a faulty belief system. During this time, the choice for Truth is presented over and over in numerous ways. This transformative passageway transitions the individualized mind from a dream of illusions to the Divine Mind, the eternal home of Truth.

Through this borderland, the dreamer carries his lamp of oil (Truth perceived along the path of enlightenment) into the dark abyss of his illusionary belief system. It’s a place where all kinds of unwanted apparitions hide, lurking in the darkness. Ones whose frightening projections made appearances on the walls of the dreamer’s mind over and over again (lack, sickness, aging, loneliness, depression, lovelessness, suffering, pain, attack/defense, sin, guilt, death).

As the dreamer overcomes the illusionary projections with choices for the Truth, for a time, the shadowy reflections intensify as his beliefs are deeply challenged. Through choice, he denies the lie for the Truth: to love in the face of attack, to release idols held for safety sake, to foster strength instead of weakness, to give in the midst of perceived lack, to accept the true Self for the expressions of the false self, to see innocence in place of guilt, and to choose life over death. The Light of Truth supplies an transcendent peace that enables him to advance forward. With every choice for Truth, the Light grows brighter, and the frightful projections lose their power, and then their presence. The illusion crumbles.

The choice for freedom is his. Because it’s a dream, what he once gave “life” to, he can take away, to embrace the Life that always is. In his ubiquitous choice for Truth, the Light he perceived within arises to become a great morning Star. This magnificent Light of the Divine Mind dawns and awakens him to Oneness, and he becomes a Light to others as they awaken.

Be free.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

18 thoughts on “Choose Your Freedom

  1. Rev. 2:17, is given this glorious Promise: “To him that OVERCOMETH will I give to eat of the hidden manna (which is the bread of life that a man need not die) and I will give him a white stone (THAT “CHIEF CORNER STONE” OR ROCK OF REVELATION OR contact with the realm of COMPLETE KNOWING and he will be able to COMPREHEND ALL THINGS). And in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.”

    There have been boasting, blasphemous ones who have testified that they have received that glorious stone and that New Name though they have not OVERCOME one single, tiny flaw of their ugly, mortal personalities or traits. By this you may know they testify falsely, no one ever goes forth proclaiming that he has received that sacred experience. His very boasting would disqualify him.

    This precious stone, this Rock of Revelation, can be claimed and used by those who purify themselves before Him, and this is done by LIVING HIS laws, not by outward show or boasting. But it is possible for every child of God to begin to use that precious stone or superconscious, divine spiritual mind through LOVE and obedience. That contact has been made temporarily by athletes, under great stress. By them it is called “THE SECOND WIND.” It has manifested as super strength upon occasions of great necessity. But it is available AT ALL TIMES to those who will only BELIEVE AND PREPARE THEMSELVES TO USE IT.

    The contact with this superconscious, or spiritual mind is possible for every child of God as he uses it to grow into the Spirit of Revelation.

    “The Spirit of Revelation is in connection with obedience to the great laws and commandments of Jesus Christ. Yes, “The Spirit of Revelation is in connection with the promised blessings. A person may profit by noticing the intimation of the Spirit of Revelation: for instance, when you feel pure intelligence flow into you, it may give you sudden strokes of ideas so that by noticing it, you will find it fulfilled the same day or soon. Those things that were presented unto your minds by the Spirit of God, will come to pass; and thus by learning the Spirit of God and understanding it, you may grow into the principle of revelation, UNTIL YOU BECOME PERFECT IN JESUS CHRIST!” And this is of God! And it belongs to all mankind if so be they will humble themselves in purity before Him.

  2. “And they are called gods unto whom the word of God comes!” The “Word of God” can only come (direct) to those who have learned to make contact with that higher, spiritual mind of all-glory as they begin to walk in majesty. There can be no sloppiness either in attitude or habits as one steps into this higher functioning. One’s very vibrations must be kept on that highest level of expectancy and joy.

    “And in that day they shall all be taught of God * * * and they will need no man to teach them!”

    The teachers, mentioned, will not be needed except to instruct others in how to open up their own individual minds and hearts so that each will be able to receive that divine instruction direct from the Father of Spirits — “AND LIVE!” This will be the only function of any teacher. No preaching or haranguements will be accepted.

    That seal, or pineal gland, or ALL-SEEING EYE must now be comprehended and OPENED. This opening can only be accomplished through the natural process of developing divine LOVE. It cannot be achieved through force or violent exercising. This sensitized jewel, this precious gem is so delicate and so divinely exquisite it can only be used as it is polished with LOVE. And to be useful it must be held in more gentle tenderness than any infant wrapped in swaddling clothes. This sacred gift is attained through humble devotion and love exercised in the fingers of perfect FAITH. And the time for the worthy ones to begin to comprehend and to gain access to this most sacred gift is NOW, for the time is at hand.

  3. These are good points of thought and as always sparks of light which leads to further and deeper understandings.

    In choosing our freedoms, as we contemplate what actually gives us our freedoms beyond when having made our choices, we realize that our freedoms are achieved as we are released from the confines of our carnal mind. This is the ultimate freedom we will achieve, however it is not to be looked upon as a struggle of the intellect trying to figure out what knowledge or what law will set us free, whether is is by much study of the scriptures or through performing many needless works. The scriptures have their good and proper place for instructions that pertains to us in dealing with the flesh for the law was implemented because of man’s sinful nature. It was a “temporary” guide and tutor until something better was to come that could actually free one from the dream state of the carnal mind and the rituals and the rules of the law. This was the coming of Christ where truth could be deposited within a person’s individual temple so that life would no longer be lived by a law of do’s and don’ts but by the indwelling spirit that could only be given…spirit to spirit. God needs no temporary law to give His eternal spirit.

    The children of Israel offered sacrifices once a year as a “reminder” of their sin for the ritual and the sacrifices could not take away “any” sin nor could any law or ritual make one complete. They were just a reminder. All had to wait until the coming of Christ for the spirit to be given within ones true temple and that as the principles or the beatitudes of the spirit were given on our day of Pentecost we could walk out our freedom from the flesh. It takes participating in “the ways” of the indwelling life of Christ within to be set free. We grow free by degrees or from our gradual awakening of being accepted back into reality from this illusionary dream state. Many ask what is the mechanics of this way and how do we achieve it? We study, pray, meditate, reason, intellectualize and many do self inflicted physical harm to their own bodies trying to “suffer” their way out of suffering. The negative cannot expel the negative nor can the negative carnal mind reason it’s way out of captivity.

    Part of the key is understanding that the negativity that comes by the law and knowledge cannot give life…for only life can give life and this life is awakened in us as we become obedient to the will of another besides our carnal self. This life giving force of another is the spirit of God given through His Son as the awareness of the spirit that rest within our Holy of Holies awakens within us. There are different callings and orders and we should not be concerned of another’s ability or inability to see as another. Why should we find fault with God for not revealing what one may know to another? Is not He the author and revealer of all truth? The key to understanding the higher likeness of God is “participation” in the likeness and character of God. As we are awakened to His spirit within us, it is only then we can mature to our fullest potential in Him.

    Another part of this key is in realizing that the awakening is not only about ourselves becoming as He is, it is about others becoming as He is “equally” as well. We cannot become complete without someone else, God, completing us in…His image and likeness. What He gives out and into us is who we become. You see, it is in the giving from God that we receive all that is good. In order for us to receive all that God can give us, we have to learn to do the same as He has done to us…and that is to give to others this same “unconditional love” that we have “received.” The reason it is better to give than it is to receive is that the receiving comes from the original giver which is God. God does not give us life by taking from us, He gives life by giving it, so to let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus we must also give what we have been given, His unconditional love for all people.

    This unconditional love is the greatest key to unlocking the greatest mystery of all… and that is we will come to love all just as Christ loves us all. We cannot be fully awakened until we love others just as God loves us….unconditionally..for the ultimate freedom is love completed in us. As we give love more is given…until we are given the full “day” of the lord. (As it’s not a natural day.) This day is without beginning or end nor is it any different from another, it’s the perpetual light of God’s love which will bring in the “sabbath day.” It is a day when we will be complete in His love for we will enter into His rest, the work of completion being done…in us.

    This is when love will cast out the “bondswomen” of our soul that has with her carnal mind tried to climb up “some other way” through the intellect of searching for self when “she” simply has to learn to love and do unto others as she would have them do unto herself, our soul. When our “split personality” of spirit and soul becomes one again through the taking away of the fleshly veil, our confusion will cease to be for when our soul again minds the things of the spirit, our dual nature will cease to be. We will be reunited and awakened from our dream experience that started with Adam being put into this deep sleep in which we are a part of. When we wake up from our dream we will be returned to the reality we had before we went to sleep in Adam, only now to be resurrected in Christ with a double portion as was Job.

    Just as the seven seals are opened in Revelation and the trumpets (messages) are heard, we are hearing within our temple that our progression is from revealing unto revealing (opening of the seals) and from the increasing messages (trumpets) of God’s likeness being manifested in our being. We are being freed indeed by the love of God being given to us “as” we give it. The key to freedom is simple…for love is the key which opens all things. What flows in must flow out in the same manner to complete us all as one…in spirit. Giving is a matter of not damning up the life within us for if it does not flow through, God does not flow through us to be those rivers of living water.

    All scripture is given for the purpose of revealing love…they have no other purpose.

    • “All scripture is given for the purpose of revealing love”…they have no other purpose. so very true!! but u are leaving out a very important soul reaction to the understanding and full effect of scripture ..and that is JOY UNSPEAKABLE IN THE ACTUAL LIVING OF IT!!!ONCE ITS COMPREHENED!!!!OMG!!!!THOSE THAT KNOW HIM ARE THE LIGHTS OF THE WORLD!!AMEN!!

      • To clarify; In the context in which I understand it there is nothing higher than God and if God is Love, then joy is a part of that love. I think we agree.

  4. Let Me get the meat of the matter, WE can Speak truth for years on end, but if its not without works: its of no worth ..SO LETS BE THE LIGHT GIVING BALM OF JESUS CHRIST AS BONIFIED AGENTS OF HIS LIVING TRANSFORMING LOVE AND SAVE THE WORLD AMEN..

  5. If all we do is not for love…

  6. everywhere i go some people come up to me and ask me ..can i bless them and i just say TO GOD BE THE GLORY..ONCE YOU HAVE FRUIT THE REST IS NATURAL AND SOME TIMES TO MUCH ..


  8. Be at peace with all men, as much as it is within you to do so, and take no thought of who they are, what their past is or what they have or haven’t done, in either doing good or evil. Do not condemn any in judging them with the carnal spirit. Take no thought in comparing one person to another, and especially ourselves to any another…for we each stand or fall to God, not to one another. If we see all we meet in the light of God’s spirit correctly, we see the finished work in them according to God’s redemptive plan for all of mankind. Having this understanding of how God works and the truth of His finished plan will bring a real peace to all and for all. We are asked to be anxious (worry) for nothing but to have a complete faith and trust in God’s promises of redemption down to the “one” sheep that was “hypothetically” lost.

    It would be hard not to worry and be anxious when one believes in the traditions of men believing that God could fail in His plan of redeeming all of us. For one to say and believe that God is a God of “unconditional” love and then to turn around and put conditions on His love of not forgiving all sins is certainly a paradox of the greatest misunderstanding one could have. The carnal mind is very subtle in its intellect and reasoning (tree of knowledge of good and evil), believing that the indwelling spirit comes by the study or knowledge of the law, and this is upside down thinking and it is wrong. The truth of who God is and how He thinks and does, is not revealed to us in searching for traditions and facts of the law, for love is only revealed to us when we search for love itself, and then all the knowledge of love, along with the allegories and mysteries of it (being secondary), are given to us without much thought. This is because if we achieve the result of the mystery and allegory, we have no need of the type if we have obtain the antitype, the love of God.

    This is because all of the scriptures are but a shadow of the truth of God which is his nature and character of His love for all. Remember there is no law against doing what is right and against the righteousness of the spirit. So if we follow after Christ in desiring His love which is the substance of the beatitudes to become our nature, which is the whole of God, there is no law for following after the righteousness of the spirit. ( the law was written to the unrighteousness in man.) If we desire to be under the law, we remain under the fear of sin, whereas if we follow after the spirit we are free from any fear of it. Walking in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are not bound by the law or to sin. Understanding our sins were also nailed to the cross with Christ, there is no more penalty of sin, because grace took the place of the penalty. Grace gives us the unconditional freedom to walk in faith in being redeemed from the sin nature within, as Paul explained that although sin is found in us we are no longer bound by it. Grave covers all sin until all sin is abolished, and this is the death of death.

    There is only cause for worry when we believe in the myths and the traditions of failure being taught by the carnal mind and in not understanding the truths and in the love of God for all people..excluding not one. It is when we enter into the spirit that we understand with the spirit…and when we understand God’s love and eternal life for all, we are not anxious and we do not worry about the end of anyone, it is with the understanding that God loves all that we can enter into His rest. It is a rest after the image of Him being completed in us…for when we are perfected in Him…it is finished.

    • I think you’ve provided a good summary of the entire substance of salvation. I see in your words that A) God’s work of Salvation is already done, B) God’s Truth is given us through revelation as we diligently seek for it, C) by the light of the truth we receive we are able to see others without past sins – making them sinless, and D) as we walk in the light of truth by faith (which Rachel calls emergence), peace surrounds us.

      It strikes me that as we seek in our own individual ways, we may be able to give salvation’s peace to others by simply seeing all sinless in the light we’ve received and in effect extend our peace to them. Could this be the meaning of the Peace Makers? Even so, how awesome to hold such thoughts!

      • Yes, it is a wonderful gift to see the love and completion of God’s likeness in all men. There is no other way to “rest” while believing there is no rest for others and ty will be condemned to the myth of eternal hell. The word “salvation” as many use the term is about being saved from destruction when in effect it means “to be completed in Him by the process of redemption.” Sometimes we can get lost in “much” learning as says the scriptures from Paul’s description of those who would prefer to remain under the law… but we understand that it is the spirit within we follow and not “any” letter or ritual of the law. There was no law when God approached the heathen Abram in the land of Ur to come out and move away from his home land, away from his relatives to go into another land far away. So it is with us as God calls us out of our carnal territory to come into another land of the spirit.

        There was no law during the time of Abraham and it is faith in Christ, the seed, that was established during this time. “Where there is no law, there is no transgression of the law.” There is much to think about in this statement for many who committed certain acts before the law were not accountable to any penalty of their acts which became sin only after the law was implemented. And..then again…after Christ rose from the “dead” spiritually speaking, The law and the penalty of the law “FELL” to the subservience of grace. One of the greatest revelations is this pearl of invaluable awareness…is that we are no longer once again as Abraham, under the law, but under the spirit of grace where our sins are no longer imputed to us. If they were and we received the penalty under the law, none would be saved…for “NO ONE” in Israel was able to keep the law. When we understand why sin was introduced, we more easily forgive sin because sin does not define those in Christ, it is the righteousness of God that dwells within us that defines us. Paul explained it so very well that as we “LIVE” for Christ “while” sin is present in our members but we are not beholden to the sin and it does not define who we are in Christ. We are “NEW CREATURES” in Christ. Sin is like a cold that is not going to stay around our entire life, for it will be done away with once it has served its purpose in “child rearing.” We are part of the eternal and sin is not part of the eternal. We therefore identify with that which is of realty which is eternal. The “influence” of sin in is only temporary, it is not part of our life in Christ.

        So we should not give it any determining factor of who we are for those who are in Christ are not under the law of sin any longer. We are freed from the law because we are under grace where the law has no dominion over grace. Grace is the “blanket” forgiveness of all sin as we progress and come into the full likeness and character of our Father which is in heaven..within us. Since Christ’s resurrection we are no longer under law, we are under the character of a loving Father, who does not impute any sin to us, but forgives any and all sin before we even commit it and stumble. The true meaning of “grace” is unfathomable to the carnal mind. It just cannot grasp the unconditional love of God where our sin is as far away from His mind as the east is from the west. Let us look at sin for what it is and although as Paul said, we should not use God’s good grace to continue in sin..for if we love, we by choice desire not to fall to sin, proving our faith and obedience to God’s will. It is God’s will that we follow Him out of the influence of the carnal mind beholden to the sin nature. We prove ourselves by keeping our bodies under subjection to His will, not to our own will.

        Many do not understand this love of God defined by grace for those who are religiously carnal minded will use grace for an excuse to sin. By so doing we sin against ourselves and prolong our deliverance from the death of sin, the carnal mind. If we choose God’s ways in love over taking advantage of God’s grace which covers our sin God chooses us to move further forward into His likeness and character. This is the attitude of those in the high calling in Christ Jesus..for those who by choice choose progressing in God not taking advantage of His forgiving grace…prove to God they do what they do because they desire the ways of God over the selfish ways of the carnal mind within. Remember, the carnal mind within us is a most subtle thing in finding loopholes and excuses to recognize itself instead of our Father in our lives. The major sin in man is desiring to be recognized in the place of God and the carnal mind thinks it is doing God a great service by its great sermons and eloquent speech while denying the power “love” of God for all others.

        Even though God allows us a method of explanation through our speech whether audible or written, we count it of no value unless it is given..looking for love…which is to be like He is.

        It is a wonderful thing to “see” and know that God is a God of love and there is no separation in Him…for we ARE “all one” in Him. The word “ALL” is an amazing word when understood in its simplicity of inclusion. All does really mean all..

        Sorry, sometimes you just can’t say it in a word or two…when there is a meeting of the hearts, the words seem to flow effortlessly and then sometimes it’s the white between the lines that says the most.

      • When sin is not imputed to us because we are in Christ..are we not the same as…without sin? I think we are so in reality. Sin is only an influence, it is not who we were, are or will be. It’s an amazing revelation that it is not sin which defines us, although it helps to shape us, for we are in Christ and all sin was taken from us, past, present and future in His one sacrifice for all. What is also an amazing revelation is that there is nothing or no one who has any power to thwart God’s plan in the least possible way because of His predetermined will for all. . God planned this journey through this life for each one of us as though we were already finished with it. God made a plan and finished us in the future perfect past tense. We were finished in His mind with our beginning tied to our end in Him without any separation in reality, for our beginning and our end is of the same one thought and it is no way a game of chance. It is His predetermined will that failure is not a part of His plan in any way. God is not a being who allows any failure to happen in any way in His plan of salvation. Does any right thinking person really think that God can fail in anything? Does one really think that God can be unsuccessful in completing anything He determines to do? I feel very sympathy for anyone who worships a weak and powerless God for our God is victorious in all that He does and He has never failed in anything He has ever set out to do. I know my end as I know your end and it is not because of anything we have done in either a good or evil way, it is simply because it is His will that we are created to be as He is. There is no “chance” whatsoever in God, for everything is absolutely absolute.

  9. We can Speak so many words and get no where in CHRIST ..its all in the doing and living in THE ETERNAL NOW!! WITHOUT”FRUIT” HE DOES NOT KNOW YOU!!

    • You are right, it is not in the multitude of words where we meet, it is in the silence of the spirit…where love for the other realistically exist. Words are at such a loss for us sometimes in describing our inner most feelings of what we see, however we may speak the words but it is the spirit which opens the mind to receive the spirit of them. No difference of opinion of “words” should ever take the place of the “spirit” for it is the spirit which reveals God to us.

  10. Yes, “KNOW THE TRUTH! EXPERIENCE it for yourselves by living the laws pertaining to it. LIVE THE LAW OF LOVE and receive the fulness of its boundless, everlasting Promises for it is as far-reaching as eternity — and yet so very near at hand.

  11. “KNOW THE TRUTH” and be free from all little narrow-minded, cramped ideas and orthodoxed doctrines. “KNOW THE TRUTH and YOU WILL BE FREE! AND HE WHO IS FREE SHALL BE FREE INDEED!” Yes! For he will “BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT AND WILL BE ABLE TO COME AND GO AS THE WIND AND NO ONE WILL KNOW FROM WHENCE HE CAME OR WHITHER HE GOETH,” as he is ordained and sent forth to accomplish the greater works of which Christ spoke.

  12. And thousands down the ages and thousands today have searched or are searching the scriptures, thinking that in them they will find eternal life, while they ignore Christ completely with His continual outpouring, personal information and loving direction for the constant emergencies of life. It is in that personal contact with God, as one opens up his soul to be “taught of God” that all power lies. The great power to do the works which Christ did is not contained in the scriptures but in the living contact with God. And those who hold their minds continually within the pages of the Bible will become word-bound in their thinking and their lives will become as dried and brittle as parchment. It is these who have failed to go to Christ, in a love of devotion that will reveal the TRUTH and go beyond the dead letter of the law, that remain in their dead, orthodoxed conformity of unprogressiveness.

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