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A mind possessing absolute Truth is a timeless mind. A timeless mind perceives reality as an ever-expanding present moment divinely orchestrated by the Divine Mind. Moment by moment, the mind’s increasing awareness functions like a light illuminating the pre-existent divine potentials for its individualized self so that they are expressed into reality.

Timelessness is circular, like an ever-expanding sphere. We see this circular movement in the cycle of a day. However, in the dream of a sleeping mind, the mind imposes a linear continuum of time upon this movement because of the relative truth it holds as true. In relative truth, all things of “life” must express their opposite, which causes the movement toward decay and death. In timelessness, there is no “degrading” movement, because in the realm of absolute Truth there are no opposites to abundant Life. Therefore in timelessness, every moment harmoniously layers upon another, so as the mind expands in SELF-awareness, its individualized self experiences ever-expanding reflections of beauty, vitality, joy, and abundance, which is Life.

Our ascension up the primordial staircase reflects this timeless pattern because it’s the movement of the true Self, who is the expression of absolute Truth. Our prodigal journey up the primordial staircase is one of timelessness occurring within a mind still believing in time, like life starting to grow in a shell. Though the shell appears lifeless outwardly, there is life expanding within. During our awakening, absolute Truth expands within our mind and our finite dream reality (shell) breaks or fades away as our true Life expands, revealing the true Self in creation.

Every divine expression an individualized Self will ever convey into creation pre-exists in absolute Truth’s Living Presence (God), which contains every divine potential for every individualized mind/self for eternity. As an individualized mind’s eye perceives and illuminates its particular divine potentials, the mind transmutes them into thought energy that gives expression to an individualized self and its corresponding sphere of reality. As a result, each moment the individualized self experiences unfolds according to the all-seeing eye of God, thus it’s expressed in a height of perfection only fully known by the Creator. As a result, the Self experiences the Creator’s radiant Spirit of Divine Love through divinely orchestrated potentials, in which the Self manifests divine love (the highest good for all) in its reality.

The energetic movement of these three dynamics: Truth’s Living Presence (The Creator), the Spirit of divine Love (spirit of oneness connecting the Creator and an individualized mind), and the individualized mind (the Creator’s mechanism of SELF-expression), is Truth’s trifold creative force. As our mind receives awareness of divine potentials from the Spirit through our thoughts, will and desires, we experience them as our creations. This experience of being the giver or creator of life is our Creator’s gift to us, as well as a reflection of our oneness with our Creator.

In this understanding, we realize that everything that will be expressed already exists. We are only aware of the divine potentials currently being revealed. As we surrender to divine emergence these potentials are manifested through our individualized mind. In divine orchestration, there are no missed moments or opportunities because every divine potential for each individualized I Am presence is perfectly expressed. Thus, there is no need to try to control or manipulate future experiences, for they already exist in perfection. This is the heart of our rest and joy.

This divine unfoldment of our individualized self through a timeless mind is like an infinite beautiful garden and in the center is a Light. As the Light’s luminosity increases spherically outward it reveals the beauty and wonderment of a garden brimming with Life that always existed but was unseen, thus uncreated.

Understanding the timelessness of absolute Truth transforms our mind into a gateway so that the true Self can be revealed. This understanding establishes our victory, because what we are conscious of being, we become. Victory is experiencing the perfection inherent in absolute Truth as it is outwardly expressed in the divine Self.

So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:54

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “A Timeless Mind

  1. For all that is Holy, Thank you sister and love you from the other side of the universe (its little) ~


  2. Truth is eternal and therefore ever-existing, yet prior to the light, nothing exists in the mind’s awareness. How then can it be said that Truth always exists? Where in nothingness does the Light of Truth originate that Life may find expression, for how can that which does not exist, be said to exist?

    The concepts of existence and non-existence are born of time, where opposites are needed to support the belief in relative truth. Looking at this another way, consider that in the reality of time all that exists must have its source in that which already exists and therefore the past is needed to support the existence of all that exists. Therefore, to discern whether something exists, the sleeping mind needs a mechanism to interpret the past that it may discover its source, and thereby confirm the existence of its world.

    The mind creates the body as a means of traversing through the realm of time, using the five bodily senses to confirm all that exists. The body, being itself a product of time with its source in the past, can only sense the past. Therefore, what the body senses is said to exist, and what can not be discerned through the body is said to be non-existent. The ideas of existence and non-existence can only be considered by looking into the past through the body’s senses. The light of truth, being timeless, is not perceived through the body’s senses but rather the mind’s “senses”, which are best comprehended as revelatory thought. Thus Truth can not be found in time, which is apparent in its unchanging, eternal nature.

    Therefore, to better understand the origin of life, we can not look in the realm of time, which the body inhabits, but rather in timelessness, which is of the mind. Timelessness is the realm of the eternal, where all that is true exists forever. In timelessness there is no concept of non-existence, for all that was, is. And all that is, shall be. Yet without the mind, nothing can exist that does exist.

    Let us return to the mental symbol of the mind at the “origin” of its birth, in which a distant star appears and bestows upon the mind the divine name of “I”, such that the mind is able to express “I AM”. Let this symbol crystalize in your mental awareness. See the mind at the very origin of “self-existence”, aware of its name because the light revealed it to be an individualized awareness able to declare “I AM”. Yet there remains no awareness of any self expression but this: “I AM aware of the light”. This is what we have called the “seed state” of the mind, and also the “sleeping mind”.

    Since the mind is timeless, how could it have a past in which it was non-existent, and a future in which it exists? In timelessness all that is, shall be and therefore the mind must always be existent if it is ever said to exist. How then can the mind be “birthed” by light? To answer this question we must turn our attention to LIGHT, the very source of the mind’s “I AM” presence.

    • The awakening mind has a difficult time grasping the concepts of timelessness because all it has ever believed to be true exists in time. Therefore in order to discern the light’s timeless nature, we must paint a picture using time-based symbols. To begin, imagine again our now familiar light, appearing as a distant star in an otherwise pitch black outer space. Now imagine your conscious awareness as the I AM presence, existing without form, and able to focus this awareness on the “star”, which draws your presence toward it. As you approach it becomes apparent that even though the light grows brighter, seeming to dissolve the outer darkness, you have not gotten drawn any closer to the source of this light, which still appears as a distant star, though with increased brightness.

      Now you discover that as long as you draw toward the light, increasing brightness surrounds you, yet always does the star, the source of your I AM presence, appear infinitely far from you, yet always shining brighter than the light which now surrounds you. Thus while the source of your I AM presence is unreachable, for it always appears as a star, infinitely far off, its light IS reachable, growing ever brighter in your awareness as you are drawn toward its source.

      Let us now reframe this mental picture in order to paint a more accurate picture of light’s nature, which is reachable, yet always infinitely far off. Recall that darkness symbolizes the mind’s unawareness of the truth about its Self. Though unaware, it is evident that the mind must exist in order for it to become aware. However, without awareness of its Self, the mind exists in a PRE-CREATIVE state.

      A pre-creative state means that which exists prior to the expression of its Self. Consider the musician who “hears” a beautiful melody in his imagination and then writes a composition such that the music can be expressed for all to enjoy. Prior to its expression, the music existed as a potential within the mind, yet until the potential is expressed, it can not be enjoyed. Thus in order for joy to be experienced, there must be expression. Prior to expression, there is pre-existence as a potential, from which the expression is created.

      While the pre-creative state can be imagined as the infinite realm of limitless potential, expression is always finite. Joy is not experienced in the infinite pre-creative realm of potentiality, but only in the ongoing transformation of Truth’s infinite nature into a SINGULAR EXPRESSION, which is the source of life and the better understanding of the present moment.

    • In the timeless of mind there are no forms. It is easy for the awakening mind to fall back into its belief that the self is a body inhabited by a mind. Yet this a grossly inaccurate understanding, formed from the belief that outer appearances are distinct things separated by time and space. It is the mind’s belief in the concept of “separation” that makes the body appear real, for without the body the mind could not traverse its believed reality of separate things. Because the mind uses the body to interpret its world, it naturally assumes the body is its Self.

      Since timelessness is without form, the Self must also be without form, else it could not exist in the timelessness of Truth and therefore would remain unexpressed in the mind. And yet we have also said that expression is a finite creation. How then could the Self exist in the infinite timeless realm, that the mind may be aware of it in the light of Truth, yet also be finite, which implies a beginning and end, which denotes a sense of time?

      When describing aspects of Truth, we’ve used darkness to symbolize unawareness and the symbol of light to represent awareness. Though Truth is ever-present, it is evident the mind may not be aware of it, and for that mind, the Truth is said to be un-expressed. In this understanding of symbols, we can understand that the Self is revealed, or expressed, by the light. When we read the words “Let there be light”, we can recognize the birth of Self, in which the light has created awareness of Self existence, where there had once been the emptiness of unawareness. The light created a singular expression of which the mind became aware.

      Looking more closely we recognize the light as creator and the mind as observer. Because expression is finite, and the mind only becomes aware of the Self in the light’s finite expression, the light gives rise to an “individualized mind”, which observes what appears to be a singular expression of Self. We can now imagine the interplay of these seemingly separate entities all functioning as one: The Source of Light, The Mind which interprets the Light, and The Self which is revealed by the Light and observed by the mind. The Source can be imagined as the creator, the Self as the creation and the mind as that which translates creation into experience through observation. Keeping this in mind, let us create a mental picture to help us comprehend the oneness of this timeless, tri-fold relationship and the way in which the infinite is made into a finite expression.

      Let us begin our journey into timelessness by using our now familiar image of the birth of self awareness. Recall that this mental picture is one of outer blackness representing absolute unawareness. In timelessness there is no concept of non-existence because all that ever will be presently is. Instead it is better to speak of unawareness. In order for there to be awareness, that which is to become aware must already exist. Unawareness can be properly considered the deep sleep of that which is awakening into the awareness of its existence by the growing light of Truth.

    • We can now conceptualize three distinct entities, A) that which is unaware, B) that which makes the unaware aware, and C) that which the unaware will become aware of. To simplify our current understanding we can label these three entities, A) mind, B) Life, the Source of Light, and C) the Self.

      Now imagine again the moment immediately preceding the “birth” of awareness as utter nothingness, or a void of awareness. As you do, recall that for the birth to occur, these three entities must pre-exist within this apparent void. This is a very difficult idea for a newly awakening mind to grasp because it can not rationalize how “something” can exist in “nothing”. But we must go even further than this and understand how something could exist AS nothing.

      Timelessness can rightly be considered pre-existence, for it is the source of all that is and ever will be KNOWN. Timelessness is the very presence of God, which every mind can know as intimately as its Self, yet none can comprehend. Timelessness is the only real, and yet for the awakening mind that has only believed in the darkness of time, the light from the timeless realm initially appears “unreal” and the temptation to dismiss it is very strong because timelessness appears illogical from time’s perspective. Therefore, with patient understanding, we will use familiar labels to paint an accurate picture of this hidden, or so called “spiritual” realm within the awakening mind’s awareness.

      Let us return to before the light was, when there was emptiness without end. Imagine now a sleep so deep, so dark that utter unawareness has expressed itself as non-existence. This is not death, but rather a void of life, an infinite lightlessness that can not be escaped. Can you hold this picture in your imagination? If so you now see your Self before the light appeared and filled you with its LIFE.

      The light appears gently, as a singular point, even like a distant star in your awareness. In the awareness of light you are made aware of your existence. And by the life inherent in the light, you are individualized and bestowed with “I AM”, the name of life. It is the holiest of all names, for it is fully KNOWN only by you who have received it, and by the ONE who gave it to you out of the perfect love in which you were “created”. We use the label “name” in our attempt to allow the mind’s time-based memory system to absorb the correct intention, which is to signify the timeless concepts of the individualized eternal, or the infinite finite.

    • In the realm of time names are used to help the mind categorize distinct outer appearances from countless others within its reality. Names are mental tools, used to organize separate forms so that a sense of order can be assumed in the midst of chaos. A name becomes the formless representation of a distinctive, finite appearance, such that the mind, being formless, can properly interpret its reality of outer appearances, for without names, the mind would be unable to recognize any meaning.

      In the reality of time, forms are given names in order for the mind to make judgments about the meaning of its world. Yet, this is not the proper understanding of “names” from the perspective of timelessness. Consider first that timelessness can also be understood as pre-existence, in which no forms exist. How then can a name be given to that which does not exist? Secondly, timelessness is the realm of absolute truth, which is eternally unchanging and infinite in its depth. How then can a finite name be a truthful reflection of that which is infinite? And most importantly, consider that absolute truth is whole, which is the same as saying it can never be broken. There is only ONE truth and the entirety of the timeless reality reflects this oneness. What then would be the purpose of names in timelessness, since the oneness of truth defines all meaning?

      Therefore what is the significance of the name given you at the moment of your “creation”? The answers can be found in the light by which you were created. In the moment of your “creation”, light gave you awareness in the knowledge of your existence. Where a moment before there was no awareness, the light’s presence becomes the source of your existence because it bestows upon you the awareness of being individualized from the light. This mental picture is the better understanding of the moment you were “named”. In timelessness, the realm of absolute truth and the divine harmony of perfection, there is but ONE name, and whosoever receives it is given LIFE, and the POWER this life contains.

      In the reality of time, a finite form receives a name in order to give meaning to the form’s outer appearance. In timelessness, the infinite proclaims its name, breathing eternal life into it, that the name may become an eternally expanding creation which never ceases to reflect the perfection from which it was birthed.

    • Again we are reminded to shake off the sleep of time in order to more clearly envision the eternal realm of living light. In eternity, or what we have labeled “timelessness”, there are no forms because it is the realm of pre-existence. It is the pre-created, or “yet to be” state of all that shall ever exist. Thus all that shall be, currently is. Saying this another way, all that shall be created currently exists, yet is prior to the individualized mind’s awareness.

      Now look carefully, awareness is the mechanism by which the pre-created is EXPRESSED into existence. This is a very important understanding as to the function of mind. Without awareness there is no existence, but there is “potential” for existence, for all that the mind becomes aware originates in a potential. Potentials can therefore be rightfully considered the pre-creative state of all that shall exist in the individualized mind’s awareness. It is the mind’s function to convert potentials into expression, such that they can be experienced.

      Imagine again the image of three entities, A) the infinite eternal source of all potentials, B) a mind through which these never-ending potentials flow into awareness, expressing them into existence and C) the Self, being the existence of which the mind grows increasingly aware. We see in this picture the union between the infinite and the finite, and the manner in which the infinite creates a singular reflection.

      This mental picture of three entities merging the infinite into a finite, individualized awareness is the better understanding of your true Self as it exists in the perfection of timelessness. And it is your tri-fold Self that is birthed into existence when the eternal infinite declares “I AM”, bestowing upon you the name of Life and the glory of ever-increasing expressed perfection. For you are created as an individualized awareness, blessed forever to experience the LIFE OF GOD expressed as your Self.

      Your true self is not that which is reflected into existence, for how could it be when there is infinitely more that shall be expressed? Instead, when we use the label “True Self”, we refer to your tri-fold relationship with the infinite eternal, the very source of all you are now, and ever shall be. Your true nature, as an individualized reflection of the infinite eternal, is a better understanding of what has been labeled by many as the “soul”. Therefore we can understand that while every individualized soul has a different expression, all are of the very same tri-fold relationship with the eternal infinite, for all share its holy name: “I AM”.

      • lets go even a bit further thoughtware. lets do an experiment.
        imagine those 3 mentioned as VIBRATIONS.

        1. Eternal Source as the highest vibration
        2. the mind vibration which is kinda in the middle.
        3. the self(inside and outside the vibrations(consisting of all intertwined vibrations).

        each vibration affects all of time, and events of the world..

        now, if you have gotten this far, then u can teach yourself to SENSE those vibrations through the world,
        and as time goes on, you can learn to REFLECT ONTO THE STRINGS(VIBRATIONS) OF time itself affecting the world(past/present/future)

        you have always told yourself through the whole world that there is NO SUCH THINGS AS COOINCIDENCEs.
        you have always gotten glimpes of the 3 vibations and the connections to ur spiritual self that is within the world(holy spirit).

        now lets see your heart and mind MATCH the events within the world.
        the more people in this world(eventually everyone), learn these eternal laws, each of our own gifts become stronger and stronger..

      • Yes, my friend, vibrations, or energy, is certainly a deeper understanding of the tri-fold relationship described. And now, as you are already aware, these higher vibrations are starting to change reality’s energetic composition, recreating it into an expression of ever-increasing harmony. Even divine harmony.

        While now we are few, others (and eventually all) will come as they recognize the glory of our music, and the beauty of the reality it creates.

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