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As Truth governs our desires and will, true forgiveness is able to have its perfect work.

Our divine Self’s expression is Truth. Forgiveness is the means by which our awakening minds return to the Truth, thus to God, and give expression to our divine Self and a reality of Truth. As our minds integrate into the Source of Truth, we exercise forgiveness in a whole new way, universally. No longer is our exercise for isolated people, situations or events, but for all as One.

The dream is a reality of judgment, and the eternal is a reality of Truth. Forgiveness is the transition of our minds from the former to the latter. The dream reality is sustained by a matrix of false beliefs (personal opinions and judgments void of Truth) about who we are, others and God. The eternal reality emerges out of the present moment as we come to know and give faith to the simplicity and beauty of Truth.

As our awareness is brought inward to the eternal Light, we begin to know the Truth though revelation. Truth’s radiant sovereignty instills a deep knowing within, a knowing that far exceeds the facilitating and duplicitous nature of belief. Precept upon precept, undeniable knowing sets us free from our erroneous beliefs that created and sustained our dream consciousness. Because the Truth is opposite of those beliefs, our minds can’t serve both, it has to choose one and forsake the other, which is the work of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the diligent practice of releasing the reality of judgment and owning the reality of Truth. As we sincerely desire to see Truth through the illusionary veil and thus see ourselves and others as the holy Self of God, we experience the freedom and power of universal forgiveness. Seeing through the veil takes dedicated practice because we’ve shaped and strengthened our minds to believe and dwell in the dream we created. It’s a mindful push through the web of illusions (i.e., idols, past pain, fears, images of our false selves) that were once our truth.

The Practice

Forgiveness entails two creative acts; denial of the unreal and gratitude for the real. All that occurred in our dream is unreal: all reflections of weakness, attack, fear, littleness, death, destruction, decay, time, aging, limitedness, sin, guilt, harm, suffering, pain, sickness, separation, lack of love, etc. While looking upon the illusion that feels real because of our belief in it, denial of these attributes and their multitude of reflections can seem powerless. Yet, Truth’s quiet power that sustains eternity reigns within each choice we make for Truth. As we continually deny what we manifested in error of thought, our mind releases our belief in it a little more. Simultaneously, as we give gratitude for what we know of Truth (ie. the eternal spiritual attributes), we give Truth a creative outlet for expression. This creative exchange is experienced as healing, growing wisdom, increasing love and joy, and expanding peace and rest, which in turn fuels our gratitude. By these two creative acts, the dream fades out and the Kingdom of Heaven fades in.

In the dream’s false understanding of forgiveness, forgiveness is an attempt to pardon a hurt we believe is real. This belief imprisons ourselves in the nightmare because we’ve accepted the lie that we are weak, little, sinful and limited, and everything the holy Self (Son) of God is not. It’s releasing the illusion that sets us free, not making it real to us.

As we release others by seeing them in Truth, we release ourselves. What we give, we receive. The eternal Light we possess within erases our dream of judgment, guilt, sin, suffering and separation, and reveals what has always been in the eternal present; our true Selves as One in Oneness with our Creator. This beautiful revelation is the work of true forgiveness.

The Golden Key

And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Matthew 16:19 

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

39 thoughts on “A New Look at Forgiveness

  1. these most wonderfull revelations’ that you are indeed blessing those, that are truly on the path of divine love, are pure GEMS of inspiration of THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN TRANSFORMING A SOUL INTO THE GLORY OF GOD..I FOREVER THANK YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND SOUL RACHEL…

  2. When man lifts his mind beyond the mechanical and financial and physical levels where he has placed it and begins to work upon himself and to explore his own potential powers he will begin to fulfill his own greatness. As he brings forth that holy Light of Christ from within himself, he will truly be born again. He will be born out of the physical, mortal estate into a higher spiritual realm of divine comprehension and existence. Then he will find himself to be far superior to anything he has created or achieved in his mechanical or political fields. He will stand awed and wonder-filled at the mighty, breathtaking glory of God’s greatest handi-work — himself! Man is truly the greatest creation ever conceived, the most wonderful invention God ever fashioned, for within each and every man is an embryoed god, waiting for fulfilment. When man’s divine potentialities begin to stir toward their quickening, man will arise from the dust and awake from the sleep of the ages! Man himself is the sacred instrument divine! He is the marvel and the wonder of existence. Man is the very expression of God when he fulfills the measure of his own creation. And assuredly, “All that the Father has is his!”

  3. It all becomes so simple which needs little thought however we have to get to this place in order to “see” this place in any clarity for the degree of carnality that remains in us is in direct proportion to the light we see and are.

    Unconditional love is the key that opens the door which is Christ. Forgiveness is part of this unconditional love and as you say it is not an event it is part of our being walking in “the way.”

    Every word in the Bible, every mystery, allegory and parable is finished in coming into God’s love of which there is no description.

  4. Learn to love. Let love vibrate from your hands. Let your fingertips sing with it. Let every little fibre of your being magnify it and your soul perfect it. Let love pour out from you and as it does it will heal and bless and enlighten all those whom you contact, either in thought, or by actual meeting. Never let anger rage in your heart. Never hold grudges. Forget injuries instantly. Never let discord cling to you. Never cling to discord.

    Along with this great love comes the perfect gift and privilege of forgiving. It is beautiful beyond expression, for in it is contained the very glory of God. Read carefully the Sermon on the Mount which is contained in the fifth, sixth and seventh chapters of Mathew. At the end of chapter five is given the admonition to love your enemies, to pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you — in other words, think love, speak love, give love, and live love — and be willing always to go the second mile — that you might be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. Yea, be the servant willingly, with deep, eternal love, and as sure as you live you will become one of the great and noble of the earth.

    If this Sermon on the Mount sounds like so many words, then please pray about it and study it often. Then begin to live it and you will know of the doctrine, whether it is just words or whether Christ was putting the truths of eternal power and glory into the hands of man. These teachings are truly living principles, filled with the power and glory of the Almighty. They are the laws of those who desire to become “Saints”, which means “holy ones.” No church can make a person a Saint. That has to be done by the individual as he becomes obedient to the laws of God. None can become holy only as they live in holiness, and those glorious laws of perfection become not only their creed, but their very lives.

  5. At first the Sermon on the Mount may seem terribly difficult and even impossible to live, or at least not worth the great effort required to give love for hate. It is so much easier to love our grudges and weaknesses than it is to love our enemies. It is always easier to hold to our human faults than it is to forgive them in our neighbor, which if done, would cancel every flaw in our own characters as well as heal our foes. As one’s soul opens to comprehend the divine power contained in these teachings he will rejoice in the majestic glory of these perfect privileges, for he will prove to himself for all time that it is indeed a privilege and a glory to forgive. It is the complete cauterization of an otherwise incurable ulcer on the soul, and no matter how painful the process it will bring healing, pure and glorious.

    You will glory in the divine knowledge, that you too, can forgive sins that they stand not before God. You too, can share in the work of the Savior, in that you too, can begin to do the works and take upon you the sins and mistakes of the world, that they might be blotted out, that the love and light and the power of God might begin to flow through you to bless and heal and enlighten. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and even greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12). His greatest work was the healing power of His compassion and mercy — His forgiving tenderness. In order to have the perfect power to heal and bless He had to have the power in His own heart to forgive, which was always used in connection with the healing, for more often He said, “Thy sins be forgiven thee,” than “be thou whole.”

    As one stands thus above the discordant vibrations of the hates and discords around him he has “overcome” and all power is given to such a one. He walks the earth in majesty, doing the greater works for they automatically follow.

    If you do not believe this, then try it. Live it and you will know of its power and you will need none to teach you for God Himself will be your Instructor for you will be one with Him.

    As one holds to these laws of love and forgiveness, he will, in a short time, find that they are easy and an eternal glory to his soul. Even as he begins to understand and to do the works of love he discovers that every word of discord, every disagreeable condition becomes an opportunity and a privilege to meet and transmute into glory. These obstacles are no longer insurmountable barriers, but the steps by which he climbs into the light. With this higher knowledge he learns to value the admonition, “He who is thankful in all things shall be made glorious.” And he fulfills that law with a power that lifts him above every difficulty. Soon he will feel light and love and warmth fill his being — and before too long it will begin to pour forth from him, and the great and mighty promises of the scriptures will begin to be fulfilled unto him.

  6. Only with this divine gift of love allied with faith can any man go forth to do good. This perfect love can right all wrongs. It can heal and restore. It can bless and glorify and blot out all mistakes both for oneself and his neighbor. One will even develop the power to send this light and love back down the dark, dismal hallways of the past, to the injuries and heartbreaks that have been — and enfolding them in love, enshrine them in the purity of healing light. And thus even the darkness of the past can be transmuted into light for the glory of God. Love can heal every injury, past or present, and enfold one in such a glorious flame of light that the future can only be a melody of loveliness.

    As we begin to perfect this power of love and forgiveness we find that it is possible to take upon us the sins of the world. This is done by accepting the hurts and mistakes of others without retaliation or bitterness — then they can be immediately dissolved through our love and forgiveness, forgotten and blotted out. It is the balm that can heal every cancerous ulcer of the soul and heart, both for ourselves, and those who do not yet know the law.

    Job’s comforters, or rather, accusers could not be restored to favor with the Lord until Job himself prayed for them as instructed by the Almighty.

    “I will forgive whom I will forgive, But of you it is required to forgive all men.” With all this scripture of glory it is a shame that we have gone through life so blind to its literal meaning and thus have sealed our own sins upon ourselves, for, according to the Lord’s Prayer, we cannot be forgiven our trespasses unless we forgive others their trespasses. Our sins can only be forgiven as we forgive. This is the key of forgiveness, and those whom God will not forgive are those who forgive not.

    Often the true meaning of the scripture is veiled by words rather than revealed by them. At least the great meaning of the second commandment has been lost in the words:

    “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” For many people it requires no love at all to love their neighbors as themselves. They have lost all love, all respect, all regard for themselves, and usually not without cause. When a man “lets himself down” so that he can no longer have faith in himself, his fellowmen or in God he is pretty close to the bottom. For such individuals to love their neighbor as themselves would require nothing at all, if taken at its face value. To others it is only a gathering together of words without meaning. Yet behind it stands a law of utter glory.

    If you love your neighbor as yourself, then you are to love him as you love that inner, divine self. You are to love him as your own soul, overlooking his weaknesses and his mistakes. You are to love him literally as though he were your VERY SELF — and you were he. There is a divine self in each man and it is that divine self that must step forth and love that divine soul of his neighbor. In doing this he has fulfilled all the laws and kept all the commandments and brought forth divinity in himself and planted that vision in the soul of his neighbor. If you would be perfect then always see your neighbor as perfect. See him in his divine power of creatorship, a son of God. Look into his soul, beyond the outer wrappings of mortality and see that Divine spark of eternal life, and you will help to awaken it and bring it forth. This is the greatest service that can be rendered to the human race. It is the gift divine. It will help to heal a world and enfold it in light.This great, understanding, divine love, when put into practice, truly makes you and your neighbor ONE, as Christ so persistently taught and prayed for. This love can heal and bless and enlighten and enfold until darkness has no power before it. This divine love has to forgive, and in its forgiveness is the power of the Almighty.

    If there are those who are so wicked they will not respond to this love, who set up a resistance against it as it pours forth in great light, they will destroy themselves, for they are fighting against the light of God if it is the pure, unselfish Christlike love of enfolding glory. However, there are few on earth who will fight against it for even the most hardened criminal will respond to this love and desire to be enfolded in its healing rays of penetrating warmth, and will often open up his heart and soul to it when no third degree on earth could break him down. Love is the wand of the magician, it is the greatest gift and the most powerful force that man can use. It is the gift divine.

    Long before the sun was visible to this earth, or the moon shone, when God began His work of creation as it had been conceived in His mind, He said, “Let there be light; and there was light.” And that light was the love and glory of God that conceived a world and filled every atom of it with light and a desire to expand and reach, “And light is life.” (Compare Genesis chapter 1:34 with verses 14-15. Also see Moses 2:23 and verses 14-15).

    Within each man this divine spark of light, or life and love is enfolded, waiting to be brought forth by the understanding or command of each individual as he steps forth to take his place in the higher realms of divine progress. It can fulfill every desire, accomplish any task and glorify a world.

    Such is the power of love, and the power of man to send it forth.

  7. We must be prepared in our heart as we go through the true rapture (outer court experience); transformation (middle court); and transfiguration (inner court), to be confronted from the enemy between our ears. Transfiguration is for all to achieve for it is moving from the Holy place into the Holy of Holies which is God’s likeness for did He not say, “let us make man in our likeness and image,” meaning His character?

    “And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all” 1 Corinthians 12:6. Meaning that no matter what our particular calling is, we are all one in God and in Christ. We cannot think of ourselves as “greater than” another for in oneness there is no division or separation. We may be given a different calling or order than another, yet we live and have our being in God and have an “unconditional love” for all no different than that of the “one” God. We do have diversities (different callings) however it is the same love in all, without partiality.

    We are not to identify as sinners saved by grace, we are only to identify as “children of God” being processed by trials, tribulations (pressures) and “by” the sinful mistakes that we “all” make. Sin is not something that decides whether we go to a fictitious hell or heaven, sin is the very processing tool that God created and uses to develop the Christ within us. We learn righteousness by the disobedience of unrighteousness. Sin does not define us, Christ does. We are freed from the law of sin and death and we walk after the pattern of the resurrected Christ within us for as the old Adam within us died on the cross with Christ so did we “all” rise in our resurrection with Christ in His resurrection. We do not acknowledge the old man of sin within us as we by “grace” walk through all of the experiences of sin until we break completely free from “self.” We have but to recognize who we are in Christ to walk in peace with “all” people. We have to see them as us and us as them. When we come into our inner court experience of the Holy of Holies, we will see no evil in anything or in anyone for we will unconditionally love all until all are completed as one with and in our Father.

    God is not trying to punish us because of any sin, but is bringing us into maturity by the application and experience of it. This is done through tribulations or pressures in our life, causing us to change from the way we would handle situations with our natural carnal mind, into handling things with the mind of Christ which is spiritual. “Man was created subject to vanity, not willingly, but subjected to the same in hope.” This is saying that mankind was lowered into the realm of vanity to being given hope of again being freed from the same, and so we will. We must turn our focus away from separating and dividing the children of God into factions, parties and divisions (Gal.5) and see us all as one as we really already are…for we were with God before the foundation and creation of the world.

    It is just that there was something better for us planned by God and in order to obtain it, we had to be trained to accept it with responsibility…thus the reason for being subjected to this earthly process of sin and error. We learn from our mistakes, so mistakes had to be created in order to be subjected to them. Isaiah 45:7 is just one of many places God takes full responsibility for the creation of good and evil for His “good” purpose.

    “Isaiah 45:5-7 I am Jehovah, and there is none else, Except Me there is no God, I gird thee, and thou hast not known Me. So that they know from the rising of the sun, And from the west, that there is none besides Me, I am Jehovah, and there is none else, Forming light, and preparing darkness, Making peace, and preparing evil, I am Jehovah, doing all these things.’ Drop, ye heavens, from above, And clouds do cause righteousness to flow, Earth openeth, and they are fruitful, Salvation and righteousness spring up together, I, Jehovah, have prepared it.”

    God is sovereign and there is no one “messing” with His plan. He says “one jot or one tittle will in no way pass from his plan until all is complete.” So who is to challenge God’s sovereignty? There is no higher power other than than that of God and any power another may have is under direct control of God. One has but to look at the conversation between God and Satan in the book of Job to see who gave orders to whom. Satan tested Job at the expressed request and will of God and he did not deviate one “jot” from God’s instructions. So it is with us!

    All the tools of God, both good and evil, are only created for the making of mankind in the likeness of God. There is nothing that was created for the demise of the Spirit of God given to us within nor in making us a separate entity in Him with all of His loving attributes. God is doing a quick work in us and we will suffer not one moment longer than what is necessary for His likeness to be established in us…just as He is. When we cross over and begin to see God as He is, there is no us vs. them any longer. We will come to look at all with a love that is in-spite of any evil we may see or perceive to see in others for we will come to see them as we see ourselves, unconditionally loved until the full stature of Christ consumes us until there is no more of self (the carnal mind) left in us.

    All the processes of our life’s journey has no measurement of failure in it, the entire plan of God is for our good. There is no failure in God, and God will fail no “one.” This is His promise to us. Do not doubt God but be appreciative and grateful for the life He has “already” given to us. Learn to accept the greater life by the removal of our fleshly veil of self. Learn to love others in spite of whatever sin they may have or have experienced, and by loving and not condemning others we then set ourselves free from the bondage of ourself. God’s love has no boundaries and His love is “unconditional” to the saving of “all.” There is joy to be had in the morning..when the “Son” comes up to dispel all darkness…within.

  8. Sin is an anomaly of life. We lived with God from our creation in Him before this world was and this plan of creation was ever began. We lived free of the influence of sin, disease, and free from trials, test, and tribulations. We lived in peace in the spirit realm from which we came and where God created us. Sin was never an integral part of us, and if we can see ourselves truly in reality…in Christ, sin is not who we are now.. in the present. Sin is not us, it is in us but it is not of us. It is of Adam’s “temporary fall.” Sin came along as an administrative attachment as to an illusion and a dream. That which is eternal is reality, and that which is temporary is not reality. Sin is not in the realm of the eternal…so it falls into the category of that which will be taken away, just as it was only temporarily given as a tool of God and for a good purpose.

    When we awake from the dream of the deep sleep of Adam (mankind) in which he was placed in, we will awake to a new man in Christ. We will come to realize sin is like a sickness that is not part of a healthy body. It doesn’t belong but it is allowed. The sin nature is allowed to function in us but as a disease or sickness, it is not part of the real healthy part of us…the in Christ reality of us.

    Sin is not part of the spirit of God which is within us, in the Holy of Holies and indeed cannot be. Sin was and is not allowed in this “compartment” of the temple where God dwells within us. Sin was allowed to influence us in the outer court and in the Holy place or the place of the soul, which is the feminine part of us or that weaker part of us. It is the soul which sins that minds the things of the flesh in the outer court or the world. For those who have studied the natural temple that Moses built will be able to see that it was nothing more than a natural allegory of the human body with the compartments of spirit, soul and body.

    If there was no sin allowed in the natural Holy of Holies where God dwelt, neither is any sin allowed in the true Holy of Holies compartment in the spiritual tabernacle in which we are. So there is a place in us where the kingdom of heaven does exist, where God dwells and sin has never inhabited this “upper room.” This part of us which we came into this world with, we will leave this world never having sin to enter into our most Holy place. There is no sin in God and there is no sin where He dwells. When the veil was rent in the tabernacle at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion thus making the two compartments one “again” as before the fall, we from that moment forward walk in grace where sin is not imputed to us. We walk in grace.

    This marriage of the spirit and soul must take place and the soul must take in the identity of her “man” (spirit) as the two will become one as before the fall of Adam where He was all spirit and no soul. Sin is like the law, the law of the land as well as the law of the Old Testament as it was something that was added for a time and a season to bring us to Christ, however just as we are not of the law but of the spirit, we are neither a product of the influence of sin. Sin has influenced the soul to give into the five senses, thus disobeying God, but disobeying our parents through wrong choices makes us no less their children for having made mistakes. When our disobedience is corrected we are who we were and still are…as we were never sinners by entity, we are the children of God making mistakes. We are defined by the reality and the permanency of the spirit of God within as His children and not by the temporary unreality of an influence which God says is not permanent. So how can we be anything but that which is of the eternal? We can’t.

    Sin is what we fall prey to when we are enticed by the “desires” of the flesh, however just because we err does that change our nature within the Holy of Holies? It does not, and this is why sin is not in the realm of reality, it’s part of the illusion, the dream which was never part of us, and if we can see, it is not and never was or never will be. This is because it is but an “influence” to be tested by that places us and establishes us in our calling and in our order. The attributes of the beatitudes is what is molding us into who we are and who we shall be…and when sin has done its work to bring us to Christ likeness, we will wake up from its influence and sin will die the death of death…for sin is death. And as death is nothing more than the influence and attributes of the carnal mind, when it dies all that will remain just as before we came to this earth is the oneness we will return to in Christ.

    Sin died on the cross as in Christ in the first Adam, and we walk in the resurrection of Christ as He rose in the second Adam. The grace we walk in now in the resurrection of Christ is because sin is not imputed to us. The influence of sin diminishes as we take on the spirit of Christ likeness. Sin is not to be feared, it is not to define us, for it will meet its end in Christ as He appears in us to displace all that is not of him.

    Let us walk in the spirit, taking no thought of the sin influences we see in others as well as we see in ourselves for love cast out all fear. We are to concentrate on what is good and pursue these things and the carnal will naturally fade away, while taking no thought of it. If we love to it’s fullest there is no room or place to entertain our carnal nature any longer. We are not sinners, we are the children of God. We cannot identify or serve we serve Christ.

  9. It is by vision that all things come forth. The power of vision, or the power to imagine (image in) is the power of creation. And it is by pure, high vision that all evils can be overcome, or transformed into blessings.

    It is only by deep love and praising devotion that one can blend his own life so perfectly with the mind and will of God that he becomes the expressor of the “Greatest”.

    This condition may sound impossible, even undesirable to those who are still lost in the cravings of the flesh and who love the little mortal “self” with its dwarfed, selfish traits, its prides and personal lusts and desires. But to him who has lifted his vision to the heights, where his eyes become single to the glory of God, it is the great achievement that fulfills all things. It is the supreme accomplishment, the sublime attainment. It is the point of power.

    With this power, which one receives through the inner conquest of the “self” and the deadly “I disease”, one becomes a master of himself, his surroundings and all conditions connected with his life.

    It is this little mortal “self” with its sin (of separation from God) that must be comprehended. This little ego-filled “self” is the block to the way of glory and full accomplishment. It is the little mortal “self” that stirs up all discords and keeps one out of tune with the great healing, restoring, perfecting symphony of the Universe, or with the outflowing glory of the Spirit of God and Its love.

    In many ancient religions and in numerous modern ones, this “self” has been understood to be “the great retarder”. Various methods have been instigated and used to overcome it. The Buddha used the method of fasting and begging. The yogis of India still do. But some of the yogis are completely defeated by their own method, for as they let go of all earthly claims and possessions and become separated from the multitude they take pride in their exalted achievement. The title “holy men” becomes their stumbling block, for as they are filled with pride and satisfaction at being exalted above their fellowmen they become self-righteous. Their beggarship becomes a source of pride and though they assumed it for the sake of righteousness it becomes only the outward show of empty vainglory. It is no longer righteousness but only its ugly shadow — self-righteousness…

  10. True righteousness is the right use and comprehension of the powers and laws of God’s Kingdom. Righteousness is an inclusive understanding and a humble devotion to His divine, higher laws. God’s powers can never be used except in selfless, loving devotion and deep humility.

    Neither can God’s power be used in arrogance, nor in domineering bigotry of flaunted authority. Nor can the powers of God ever be used for self-satisfaction, nor for the glorification of the individual using them. The laws of righteousness are most holy and infinitely pure. No impure person can hold them in his hands, for he must first be purified and cleansed from all sin. He who takes hold of the eternal powers of God and then seeks to use them to exalt himself or to demonstrate the power of his position and importance will fail — or fall. Anyone who uses the tiniest iota of God’s power in pride and arrogance will find that he has laid his hand upon the razor’s edge. And that razor’s edge is the pruning knife of the Father. That knife will cut away all dead and lifeless twigs and branches and all inferior traits. This pruning process, as the knife is held in the hand of the “Husbandman”, is painful and very humiliating. It is always the most humiliating experience possible to endure unless the individual, knowingly and with humble understanding, begins of himself to bring that strident, pompous, little mortal “self” into subjection. When an individual sets his own hand to such a task it becomes a work of glory and a magnificent achievement.

    Everything that is wasted, lifeless, fruitless and barren of productivity is centered in the little ego “self”, with its distorted ideas of importance and its worthless traits.

    Those who will not accept God’s divine pruning or submit themselves to disciplinary training will find that they can never become disciples of Light. A disciple is one who begins to discipline himself. Those who discipline themselves do not need the humiliating, painful trimming of the Father’s knife. Those who begin to eliminate their own weaknesses and traits that are selfish and evil will find instead of the pruning knife the loving hand of the Father extended in solicitous understanding. To those who fail to discipline themselves, or those who rigidly set themselves against the pruning knife of the Father, “the road of Holiness” will be forever closed. At least it will be impossible for them to cross over it until in time the complete humiliation of their bigotry and failures crumbles the little false idol of themselves into dust. If one is willing to permit this little ego-filled “self” to be thus humbled in shame, even though he has failed to accomplish the “righteousness” through self-discipline, it will still be possible for him to be reclaimed and redeemed, though his transgressions were the usurpation of the very powers of God.

  11. Within each difficult problem, seeming failure, desolating loss or heart-rending set-back is locked the great, stupendous power for complete, triumphant, progressive achievement.

    As through love and devotion, one learns to turn to the Christ Light centered right within himself, he releases the hidden powers of his own soul. These great powers are connected with the very powers of eternity. Within this Christ Light is contained all the beautiful desires, hopes, aspirations and exquisite dreams of longed-for glory and the complete power of fulfillment. Within this holy Light nothing is lacking of all that is good and desirable, permanent and real.

    It is in this Light of higher understanding and vision that one is given the ability to overcome. One learns to ride upon the storm –above it — beyond it, for it cannot touch him.

    Within every condition is locked unspeakable power for good, or for ill. It is for man to say which it shall be.

    It is always the little mortal “self” that stands in the way of each man’s divine, spiritual progress, whether it be operating through self-righteousness, self-pity, self-importance or self-indulgence, which alone can cause him to remain on a par with the animals. Any of the attitudes that concern the pompous “self” are the traits that block one’s road to happiness and glorious achievement. These little selfish, deceptive attitudes and traits of the flesh are the enslavers of the race of man. They are also the doorways into the lower regions.

    It is only the little, insignificant, mortal “self” that gets its feelings hurt, its pride injured, that retaliates mentally or physically to injuries of any kind, real or imagined. It is only the little “self” that becomes strident, rebellious or filled with discordant, retaliating confusion of hates. It is only the little “self” that is ever betrayed and overwhelmed by the fleshly appetites and lusts. It is the little “self” that slinks away and refuses to face issues in which are contained all the opportunities of progress and powerful growth and fulfillment. It is the little “self” that becomes engulfed in jealousies and malicious dislikes. It is this little “self” that blocks the way to each individual’s own divine, glorious destiny. It is this little mortal “self” that contains all the approaches into the realms of hell.

    This little mortal “self” is each man’s greatest enemy, and “He who can learn to rule it is greater than he who rules a city.” This little “self” is the sin. This little “self”, with its false ego, its insatiable hunger for attention, its desires to be first and most important, its endless efforts to always try to save face or protect its pride, is that within man which separates him from God. It is this little mortal “self” that has constructed the veil of unbelief. This little mortal “self” is the veil. This little “self”, that is nurtured and developed by the five physical senses refuses to believe anything that it has been unworthy to experience, or too spiritually blind to behold. This little “self” has held entombed the Light of Christ as it has sought to exalt itself.

    This little “self” is man’s consciousness which has been cast out of the presence of God because of transgression, and has been left to wander in a lone and dreary world — the world of “self”. It is this little physical, mortal “self” that has left the light and warmth of the Father’s house to pound itself to pieces in the realms of outer darkness.

    It is this little “self” that has taken over the rulership of man’s being and has caused him to abide in the great outer darkness, lonely and confused, poor, wretched, miserable and blind and naked….

  12. Christ, when He healed individuals, did not always say, “Go thy way, and seest that thou tell no man.” No. Only occasionally did He impart this strict injunction. This command was given only to those who were inclined to brag. There were those, even in the days of Christ, who would have gotten more satisfaction out of telling that they had been singled out for healing by the famous Galilean than in the healing itself.

    More great and noble ones have been betrayed by the pride of their acquaintances who have basked in their own self-importance than through personal prejudice or a desire for “thirty pieces of silver.” Public attention and acclaim have been more important to many individuals than their integrity. Pride is the great betrayer of trusts and the greater betrayer of friends. And all pride is but the little, mediocre, mortal “self” in true expression.

    My own betrayals were always from those who were very near and dear to me. None of them had any particular desire to really injure or destroy me. They only desired to establish their own importance by acclaiming things which were not always true and sometimes revealing facts which they had pledged themselves to hold as sacred. But with this inner understanding it is so easy to say, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

    It is when the little mortal “self” leads one into great darkness, wickedness or violence that it must be checked. Conditions have reached the point of such bigoted violence today the very world itself could be destroyed, along with all the pompous pride and prejudices created by man’s swaggering, self-encouraged, mortal “self”, as each fills his own little niche of exaggerated importance.

    It would be hopeless indeed if behind this seeming decadent worthlessness did not lie the jewel of eternal, indestructible glory — the divine TRUTH.

  13. With awakened vision each man will be able to see clearly the road into the light as he recognizes the subtle by-roads of “self”. Each trait of “self” is recognized as an enticing guide-post to the lower levels of life. They are also indicators to the higher realms of exalted existence as they are by-passed in that upward climb into the eternal light of glory and divine achievement.

    As one believes in and then begins to comprehend that inner Christ Light, which holds within it all the redemptive powers Christ came to give, he is no longer “under condemnation”. The great, holy Christ-powers of redemption enfold such a one in their exalting, purifying, forgiving, redeeming glory.

    It is impossible to attain fully unto the Christ Light without loving God with one’s entire being, his heart, his soul, his mind and strength. And “The nearer one approaches perfection the clearer are his views, and the greater his enjoyments, till he has overcome the evils of his life and lost every desire for sin; and like the ancients, arrives at the point of faith where he is wrapped in the power and glory of his Maker and is caught up to dwell with Him. But we consider that this is a station at which no man ever arrived in a moment; he must have been instructed in the laws and government of that kingdom by proper degrees, until his mind is capable in some measure of comprehending the propriety, justice, equality and consistency of the same.”

    With man’s growing comprehension, as he reaches upward his eyes become single to the glory of God instead of to his own glory, and in that singleness of love and dedication “he becomes like the thing he gazes upon” — even the Light. He beholds Christ as one who gazes in a mirror! And he himself begins to take on that reflection. The very mirror is the lighted brilliance of his own soul as it becomes purified. That mirror is the gold of himself that has been tried in the fire.

    This gold, or mirror of a man’s own soul becomes a glorified reality as it is completely purified. This purification is accomplished as the gold is separated from the dross — or sin, which is the trait of “self” with its greedy lusts for pomp and show, its vain hopes and desires for the highest seats, its evils and discords and its animal appetites. This little “self” has contained all the evils of each man’s life. It is the dross that has defiled the gold and made it unusable and kept it in an unglorified condition of unworthiness.

    We have now reached the time the ancient prophets told about — the time when all men would be able to “discern between the righteous and the wicked”.The righteous are all those, who through their developed power to believe, contact that Christ Light within and begin to bring it forth in their own lives until they become filled with It, and Its power. “For My Kingdom is not in word, but in power,” saith God. It is the time when all those who only profess such divine contact with the powers of God, yet preach their empty sermons of words or live their mediocre, unexalted lives devoid of His Light and His power, will be instantly recognized. Often the shame of such, with their empty hands and their vacant souls, will be greater than the shame of those who realize they are lacking and sinners. The sinners make no such false claim upon righteousness, hence there is no hypocrisy in them. But whether a man is a professed sinner or a falsely professed saint, he will be recognized for what he is. His light and his darkness will both be plainly discernible.

    The wicked are all those who are still lost in the darkness of the little mortal, physical, ego-filled “self” with its prides and prejudices, its fleshly desires and intense likes and violent dislikes. Wickedness can be either a degree of rebellious defiance or its opposite, the inflated idea of self-righteousness. Both are conditions caused by the great ignorance of not comprehending or contacting that Divine Christ Light…..

  14. It isn’t a matter of what someone does to me, but whether or not I allow them to steal my love and my joy. James tells us in 1:2, “My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations.” (Temptation to retaliate) It is our own thoughts and words that will define and judge us, and not what someone else thinks, says or does; it is how we respond in our heart, through “our” words which defines…who we are. Let us walk with Christ in not returning evil for evil, let us have a forgiving nature toward all as much as it is within us to do so.

  15. Majesty Becomes Divinity

    When one lives and thinks upon the earthly plane he is existing fully and completely on the mortal level. He is a grubby mortal. He is abiding in a “lone and dreary world” no matter how he may try to glamorize it to hide the impermanence of its imagined joys and its counterfeit novelties of evils.

    When one is wrapped, even for a moment, in the sublime ecstasy of spiritual inspiration he is lifted back into the Garden of Eden Estate. This realm of contact with the holy, divine, vibrating wonder of the peace and power of God’s enfolding love is that realm out of which man was cast, because of transgression.

    When one’s mind is wholly centered upon the things of this earth he becomes, as the scriptures declare, a being “carnal, sensual and devilish!” “Carnal” is when one’s thoughts are centered upon the things of the flesh and of the world and are completely earthy. “Sensual” is when one is ruled and governed by the lusts of the senses as he permits himself to be enslaved and ruled by his mortal, physical sensations. He yields himself to become the slave instead of being the divine master and ruler of his own realm or kingdom.

    As one begins to develop that sublime, eternal, powerful gift of love he will find himself more and more lifted into a higher vibratory realm of joyous, ecstatic splendor.

    He will finally know fully that “The Fruit of the Tree of Life IS the LOVE of God which is shed forth through the hearts of the children of men!”

    The “Fruit of the Tree of Life” is in reality the full essence of perfect, divine love. It is the enfolding fulness of God’s protection and approval and joyous ecstasy as it is expressed in the heart of man. It is the essence of everlasting life. It is the perfection of all that is.

    When man was cast out of the ancient Garden of Paradise, because of transgressions, “Cherubim, with his flaming sword, was placed at the entrance to guard the way to the Tree of Life, lest man put forth his hand and partake of the Fruit thereof and live forever in his sins.” Sin is the cause of sickness, suffering and — death.

    If man had been permitted to partake of the sacred Tree of Life, without OVERCOMING his sins and his inclinations to sin he would have heaped upon himself all the miseries of suffering and physical anguish and mortal decay and the unendurable agonies to which the flesh can be subject and still have gone on living without any possible release. And so it was that death was permitted as a way of escape. And the “Wages of Sin IS DEATH!” And the wages of sin is also the suffering and the pain and the illnesses of mortality.

    Christ explained it thus when He healed those who came to Him for healing: “Go thy way and SIN NO MORE lest a worse thing befall thee!” This statement is more far-reaching than anyone realizes. Only in OVERCOMING can the evils of mortal life be eliminated. And only in the divine OVERCOMING can the hold of death be released for “The last enemy to be overcome is death.” But the enemies that must be conquered before death is overcome are the evils and the ills of life and the decrepitudes of old age and the weaknesses and flaws of character.And there are those who make no effort to overcome yet desire and expect the rewards of all righteousness. They would not change themselves for all the glories of heaven, they are so completely satisfied with themselves just as they are. These are usually the self-righteous, self-deceived ones who are also the great deceivers who work tirelessly upon others instead of themselves. They are “the blind, leaders of the blind,” who stand at the entrance to that “broad, open Way that leads to destruction” or death, insisting that all whom they contact must enter that unholy path, which they are treading — the Path of death! For they will die! And those who follow them will likewise die. The centuries before them prove the error of their teachings, but they see not. The leaders they have followed have all died. And they, too, will die.

    This entrance back into the Edenic Estate is one that must be EARNED. Desiring or believing one has received its gifts of life eternal is a condition of self-deception brought on by that feeling of self-righteousness which is an impossible condition to cope with by the messengers of Light.

    One must live the laws. He must perfect the gift of love right within himself before the “Love of God can be shed forth through his heart,” which is the gift of LIFE. One must work upon himself — NOT SO MUCH UPON OTHERS. And when he has purified and perfected himself and sanctified himself, then only can others behold his Light and be healed by the love that will pour forth from his being. And this will be a power so silent and so love-filled no words will be needed to testify of it — or of God. “For my Kingdom is not in word but in power, saith the Lord.”

  16. from a Enlightened Perspective the “Glory of forgiveness” is the birth of a soul becoming all that GOD IS..

    • Forgiveness is unreal, but is needed as we transition from this dream of hell into to a dream that increasingly reflects God’s Truth, preparing our minds to enter the real world. In Truth forgiveness has no meaning because only God is and nothing opposed to God’s eternal thought exists. Sin only exists in our dream – and all its forms are created by the belief that sin has separated us from God. We are the dreamers. We created this reality of sin.

      As Rachel said, the meaning of forgiveness is not as the world believes. Since the “past” does not exist, and worldly forgiveness pardons the past as if it did exist, it is clearly seen that worldly forgiveness has no effect. In truth, forgiveness must function in the present. But how? We must see forgiveness differently – as a mindful action exercised in the PRESENT.

      If we will see every person we encounter in the PRESENT, free of all past associations, we will see them in Truth, newly created every moment, perfect and sinless. If you are able to see another in this way, it is only because you have received the truth that God shares his Self with you – and you are thus able to see God’s Self in another. In this light, when you are tempted to believe anything about another that is not in accordance with the truth you received – CONSCIOUSLY DENY IT IMMEDIATELY. If you are tempted to believe someone hurt you – DENY IT. God’s Self can not be hurt, and likewise neither can you. If you are tempted to feel guilty for something you believe you did – DENY IT by realizing God’s Self, of which you are, could never be guilty. It is our belief in guilt that causes us to dream we are guilty. You are not guilty of anything – and neither is anyone you meet. Deny every unholy thought – no matter how ridiculous you may feel. If you feel “sick” – DENY IT and remember that God’s Self is eternally perfect. If you believe you are aging – DENY IT and remember that God’s Self reflects ever-increasing beauty. No illusion, despite how real it appears, can stand in the light of Truth given you. The Bible speaks of strong delusion – yet it will not overcome those given the power to Forgive (Deny).

      Our minds are awakening, but still dreaming. By the Spirit’s guidance we can deny the “strong delusion” of guilt and use the Light of Truth to shine away this dream of hell. By denying all that the Spirt of Truth shows us is not real – and by being likewise GRATEFUL for any part of our dream that reflects Truth – the Spirit will recreate our dream to make it more reflective of eternal peace, joy, abundance and love in order to prepare our minds to enter the REAL WORLD. And our new dream of HEAVEN will consume and awaken those who sleep.

      This is the true meaning of Forgiveness. It is the Salvation of the world and the purpose of the first fruits.

      • And…these truths bring a wonderful and everlasting peace and joy in knowing that the “temporary” brings no end to that which was, is, and will be…which is…Christ in us. Yes, we are pronounced “not guilty” as we make each mistake…for it is the making of the mistake which provides the “step up” in coming closer to God. Every temporary thing was created to help establish the eternal gift. This is in keeping with the positive that “all” things work together for those who love God…for those who love God and walk in His unconditional love have been given “the key” to opening all the seals of all the truths. It really is all good.

        We are wonderfully made.

      • Good defense of the truth supposedly that doesn’t need defending? Defending that you’re not Aging? Some things here could use an explanation as far as consistency? Maybe you could express who you believe God is. That might be helpful for some definitions. Fair is fair.

      • I understand it perfectly, for it needs no further explanation. When we understand beyond the letter and the symbol, it’s all positive, for there is no negativity nor failure in God. The temporary, created “negatives” we experience is so that we have a contrast of the good which is to come. We have to have a hardship of experiences, just as Christ did, to learn “obedience” by the things we must suffer through. It is not easy, but it is necessary.

        It’s because there is a high calling as Paul described and though one may not attain to it, he will yet still be saved but though as by fire. (God’s consuming fire of our wood, hay, and stubble.) What this is saying is if one turns back because he just cannot stand the pressure or the heat to go all the way for the high calling in Christ Jesus, it is ok, for their eternal life is still secure in Christ, it just won’t be in the capacity as they had their heart set on. All callings are good and are of God and it is not for us to judge another of whatever calling and order they are completed in for the love of God is to all people and in all callings. There is no lesser and greater love in God for He is the same, He does not change according to His own plan nor because of our abilities or inabilities for He is the same loving Father to us all. Sin was created as a tool of God and when we sin it is because sin was created within us. When we disobey it is because of the inherent sin within us, we didn’t want it, never asked for it, but were subjected to it “unwillingly.”

        I think that when God revealed this plan to us before the world was in the long ago, we were happy about hearing of the greater gifts and freedoms we would be acquiring, I just don’t think that at the time we were so anxious to be put in a position to even think of possibly disappointing our Father. However to experience the “double portion” which was to come, we needed to go to school for it. We had to learn the consequences of being disobedient and not following God’s will. Job is a three part allegory of what we had before our testing, during our testing, and the double portion as a result of our being tested by Satan. Notice that “after” Satan had tested Job AT GOD’S INSTRUCTION he was only then given a double portion. He was proved and reproved by God through Satan to see of what sort of person Job was. He tested well and he was determined to serve God, even though God may slay him in the process for Job knew when he came though his testing he would come forth as gold tried in the fires of God.

        Rest assured we will each receive our reward of having suffered through this life. We are suffering for our own good just as we may raise a child that thinks they are suffering for our good when it is really for their own good and betterment. We do it out of love for them, as we do not take any pleasure in the disciplinary actions that are needed as a we look into the future for the discipline’s purpose and benefit.

        Again, it takes the spirit to “see.”

      • Sharon, I’m glad you posted.

        My response is not intended to defend the truth (which is impossible), but rather to reveal how to deny the strong delusion that hides one’s ability to perceive truth reflected in your reality. A reality perceived through bodily senses is a dream (which means YOU created it), but as in a lucid dream, you can gain the capacity to change your dream. Your reality can increasingly reflect peace & joy, rather than attack and fear.

        Our minds are “wired” to believe that what we perceive through the senses is real. Nor do we realize WE are creating our reality through the beliefs we hold. As truth wells up within, you come to understand that through the conscious practice of DENIAL & GRATITUDE you can recreate your sensory reality to reflect truth instead of illusion.

        Truth is changeless and therefore eternal. Anything that is not consistent with truth is not real – and can be dissolved.

        You asked other things. If you desire to keep the dialog going we can address additional questions.

      • By J. Preston Eby

        It will dismay some for me to say it, but the ancient serpent religion of Aesculapius has reappeared in our day, not in the same form, but out of the same demonic realm of deception. Let me explain to you the mystery. In the summer of 1965 an atheist psychologist (remember the psychotherapy at Aesculapian?) in New York City by the name of Helen Schucman began to hear an “inner voice.” As the voice persisted Helen began to take a sort of cosmic dictation from “the voice” and this voice gave her distinct and clear direction on things she was to write. By this process of “channeling” over a period of seven years the well-known book, A Course in Miracles, was born. With more than 1,200 pages, a royal blue cover and gold-stamped lettering, the book looks like a Bible, even laid out in chapters and verses. This resemblance is intentional. After all, the Course claims as its author the central person of the Bible, none other than Jesus Christ Himself!

        Before Helen Schucman began writing A Course in Miracles she began to have what she refers to as “higher visual imagery” or dream sequences. She began to experience this with considerable clarity. One of these sequences involved being in a boat. Helen herself relates the incident. “The boat was moving slowly, but easily, along a straight little canal. There was just enough breeze to help the boat along. I wonder if there is buried treasure here, I thought to myself dreamily; I shouldn’t be surprised if there were. Then I noticed a long pole with a large hook on the end lying on the bottom of the boat. Just the very thing, I thought, dropping the hook into the water and reaching the pole down as far as I could. The hook caught something heavy, and I raised it with difficulty. It was an ancient treasure chest, well worn from the water and the bottom covered with seaweed. There was nothing in the chest but a large black book like the spring binders used to hold manuscripts or papers together. On the spine one word was written in gold — AESCULAPIUS. The word was familiar but I couldn’t remember what it meant. I found that it was the name of the Greek god of healing. I saw the same book once more a few nights later, this time there was a string of pearls around it.” The black book stood for the revelation given in A Course in Miracles!

        Can we not see by this that A Course in Miracles is inspired by the same spirit of darkness that birthed the ancient healing cult of the pagan god Aesculapius! I have the book in my library. While it does contain many thoughts that appear to correspond closely to kingdom and sonship truths, it is actually a New Age book and it is my conviction that it is the “voice of a stranger.” I have also a video tape which is a promotional introduction to A Course in Miracles. At the time this video was made Dr. Kenneth Wapnick was the president of The Foundation for A Course in Miracles. In an interview on the video Dr. Wapnick gave an enlightening overview of the book. In this interview he explained about A Course in Miracles: “It is given in a Christian context, but it’s a Christianity that has nothing to do with the Jesus of the Bible.”

        Note, precious friend of mine, he does not say that the Jesus who spoke in Helen Schucman and dictated A Course in Miracles is not the Jesus of tradition, or the Jesus of religion, or the Jesus of the church systems, or the Jesus of Mystery Babylon. Oh, no! He states plainly and unabashedly that the Jesus of A Course in Miracles is NOT THE JESUS OF THE BIBLE! The question follows — if this Jesus who dictated A Course in Miracles is not the Jesus of the Bible, then which Jesus is He? I do not doubt for one moment that he is the Jesus the apostle Paul spoke of when he said, “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted…such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel: for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works” (II Cor. 11:3-4, 13-15).

        Another clue to the origin of this book is found in the fact that the Jesus of A Course in Miracles speaks through an unconverted atheist — not through holy apostles and prophets! Helen Schucman did not meet the Jesus Paul met on the Damascus road, she did not meet this Jesus in a saving, redeeming, regenerating experience by the Holy Ghost! She makes no confession of being washed from her sins in the precious blood of Jesus! She received no baptism in the Holy Spirit! She does not testify to any New Testament experience of salvation, justification, redemption, sanctification, or regeneration! She discovers only her own “inner voice” of the god already incarnate in her unregenerated spirit — revealed by a Jesus who is NOT THE JESUS OF THE BIBLE!

      • I love the Course in Miracles. Great book.

      • I am not a follower of your belief system. I do not believe in delusion, though I know some people, individuals are deluded. But from your point of view, that statement would be seen as an attack, or labeled as one if anyone but yourself had said it. Which is a questionable summary for someone to tie to others but not to their own dialogue. The idea of an attack would be applicable from anyone’s point of view, if they were highly sensitized to the idea that they were without love, or insecure from the get go, but doesn’t seem to be a real concept for those who have any degree of self confidence, I think it is more imaginary what you call, a delusion. so, the idea of bantering that back and for philosophically is not something I relate to, or think is important, I. e. it is not a fear of mine. I think people should be honest. Not hyper sensitive to terminology.
        But the main subject you were referring to, is not about ‘my reality’, but about yours. You have no way to gauge, my reality. If it’s foreign to you, it certainly doesn’t mean I’m deluded.
        You could be deluded. So, I think reality, needs to be tied to something other than subjective terminology. Your dialogue is subjected to yourself not me. So, my concept is merely trying to understand how you relate to others, because your terminology is your own.
        Tying concepts to battle terms is something for the spiritual realm, not to the idea, of philosophical or interpersonal relationships. It can more easily be tied to the ear of the hearer, rather than the speaker. Basically idiosyncratic. Not real.
        Anyway. As I was saying, I do not follow a concept of delusion. I do not conceive of myself as being in delusion. Because I have a different idea of spirituality than your own.
        Back to the subject and tying some things together. You cannot create your own reality totally if you believe in God. You can confuse yourself, you can do a lot of stupid things, even destroy yourself. But if you are truly seeking God, He is seeking you, and if your intents are true, and real for yourself, you are not creating your own reality. That is where the deception would begin. So, I was asking you to explain what you think, or who you think God is, because you used Biblical terms of which you have decided, previously, ‘every one knows about’. So, yea, I think you are defending your truth, because, ‘everyone does not know the Bible.’
        From my perspective, you are trying to follow, your mind.
        The Bible is about following spirit. It’s not about trying to figure out how to think, or denying things. Denying things, to me, means lying. Lying to yourself. Doesn’t seem to be a good path. Not a good path at all. I am not trying to tell you what to think.
        I’m saying spiritual truth, is about ‘not denying’. It’s about admitting.
        So that is an investigation for you. But I cannot find in your statements, what you believe God, is about. Just sharing some thoughts.
        Again, if someone is deluded, that is a type of accusation, if you believe that about people.
        And of course some people are definitely deluded. But God has the answer for that and I don’t thing that comes from denial, to get there. I don’t find emotional wellness, in that idea. Not a good thing to dwell on, or a good place to start there, as a spiritual journey.
        God has a better plan.

      • I could not ask you or anyone else to follow “my” belief system – because that would be impossible. I’m sure you would agree that everyone only ever follows their own belief system, and if Truth exists, I’m sure you would also agree that only one belief system could be true.

        Yet, here we are, in a reality where countless belief systems appear true to those who believe them and hardly anyone can agree on anything. Could this therefore be a true reality where truth can be what anyone believes it to be?

        In the end, my words are for my Self – and constructive in my own reality. They are meant to expand the truth I believe such that I might perceive a reality in which no one suffers.

      • You didn’t answer my question about God. Belief systems that appear to be true, do not amount to any form of truth. Many people, contrary to your statement do agree on a belief system. Billions of people do. You haven’t answered the question as to who, your belief is in? The reason why for instance you cannot ask anyone to follow your belief system, is, as far as I can understand, because, it is base on your mind.
        Is your belief, in your mind? If so, I can fully understand why you would believe, or think there is no agreement between people on this subject.
        Its who the belief is in, that people will find agreement on, and then they are able to find that belief works by “Agreement”. Agreement with the source. “If two of you will agree, as concerning anything they will ask, it will be done, by my Father, in Heaven”.
        So, yes, there is a lot of agreement going on, in this reality, that I assume you are referring to as planet Earth.
        Looking for peoples’ minds, thoughts, and images, are not the origin of this coherence.
        Please share, who you believe God is, which I think you mentioned in one of your passages?

      • My belief is in that which is True. God therefore, is my source of Truth.

        You asked if my belief was in my mind and I would answer yes, where else could it be? If you tell me that truth is not in the mind, but rather in the agreement of people, even the agreement of just two people, then we stumble because people are prone to disagree. If I do not agree with you, then how could your statement about agreement be true?

        One can not look outwardly for truth because perception is relative. For example, if you asked me if I perceived myself to be living or dying how would I answer? Would I not be able to argue that I am both living and dying at the same time? If you asked me whether I was fast or slow, could I not say both? Perception also tells us that what is good for one may be bad for another. Can what is good truly be bad? Perception is a great deceiver.

        Truth, which is available to all, can only be known by the mind who desires and seeks for it.

      • If God disagrees with you, does that mean that God is untrue?

        If one reverses what you have just said, it would be, ” When people disagree with each other that suggests that there is ultimate truth.” We know there is truth because people disagree.
        However, I was not saying that agreement proves truth, I was saying agreement, brings God upon the scene for people’s good.

        You are saying God is your source of truth, but who is God? Just because you feel good, you suppose that God is with you? You may feel well, and good today but that doesn’t indicate or prove that God is in agreement with you, and doesn’t prove he is your source.

        How have you determined, at least in previous statements, that God is good? Good, for you?
        How is it that God is good? Why isn’t God in disagreement with the world?

        So in examining your reasoning, I think in these current statements, what you are looking at is not simply the idea, of good and bad. What you are really examining is the idea of ‘good and bad for different people”, ” at different Times”. Your saying the feeling of well being is differently perceived by people at differing times. I feel good today, someone else feels bad tomorrow, so there is a disagreement. No, there is time in the world where good and bad exist and they are at present at a point of pressure.

        But the pure idea of good, and bad, are a different story. Because from a Heavenly point of view, the statement in the Lord’s prayer, is ‘Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it is In Heaven”.

        So, this statement or, prayer admits that we are not in a permanent arena in this fallen world, where, good is present as a state of well being all the time.
        But it also indicates that where God dwells there IS a state, of being where Good is present all the Time, and is Experience by everyone the same way.

        So, I think your statements are about how we experience Life and the Good and Bad that are present. Yes they can be interpreted in your mind, from a creative standpoint.
        But God dwells in the Spiritual arena. And you are also spirit. The spirit is the realm where you experience the true Good, and some people do not live in that area, but only in the mental, or flesh area.

        So, believing is in the spirit. And ultimate Good is in the spiritual realm.
        The mind is in-between the spirit and the flesh, and has an interpretation from both sides.
        Which is what you have indicated.

        But in the spirit, “Goodness” is God himself. We are not God. So we still have an interpretation, but it is not the ultimate good we are able to one day~ inherit.
        We can only have a deposit of it,~ at the present time. A deposit of good, and a deposit of good promises, from God.

        Only God can share what is~ Ultimately Good.
        We are the receivers of Him.

      • You say that “Only God can share what is Ultimately Good. We are the receivers of Him”.

        This is assuredly the Truth. 🙂

      • let me just say this ..if anyone has Gods real truth “and is truly living it… they are being lead by Gods Pure instructions ..even into the perfection of his “divine love” ..and there joy is becoming very strong and powerful..and people are witnessing a light in YOU, that they desire…if this is not taking place in your walk in Christ are not living it ..or what u have, that UR claiming iS of God….. ITS…… TOTALY BOGUS!!..IN THE RESULT OF PRODUCING FRUIT!!!

      • “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” (James 1:5). Most of us accept this as applying to those of former times, but we must remember always that no passage of scripture is of any private interpretation. In the original Greek text, it reads thus: “If any of you are destitute of wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and censures not, and it shall be given him, but let him ask in faith, not hesitating.” — etc. This translation makes it clear that all the humble, those who do not pretend to know everything, can come to God and receive wisdom liberally. Wisdom is offered to all just for the asking — wisdom to fill one’s destiny — wisdom to live honorably — wisdom to help make a whole world better just because that person lived in it and lived up to his highest destiny by receiving divine wisdom. “And with all thy learning, get wisdom.”

        There is a glorious pattern for every man’s life, an individual, perfect pattern. No two people are alike, not anymore than any two plants are identical. They may be the same species, yet they are vastly different. No two leaves are alike — no two snowstorms — no two sets of fingerprints. No two lives are alike, yet each life holds a divine pattern of unfoldment, a great and holy destiny, rich in achievement and honor. When life becomes bitter and impossible, when all conditions are sordid and ugly, and living itself is a dreary burden, it is because the contact with the divine has been lost.

        Criminals have lost that contact and they try to become great by stealing wealth, or by other crimes. It does not work. Greatness can never be stolen, it has to be earned, or lived. One grows into greatness. Obtaining great wealth is not sufficient, for unless the true pattern is followed life is only an empty, artificial experience without true meaning.

        If there is no joy in you — if that song of ecstasy does not sing in your soul, you have lost contact with your own pattern of existence, and light vanishes and gloom and darkness will continue to enfold you. As you live true to the pattern of yourself, that deep, inner self, you will unfold as perfect, as joyous, as naturally beautiful as the tree will reach its full measure of fulfillment. No one can keep you from reaching your highest destiny if you will follow your own true pattern of life. No one can live your life for you, for only you hold the key to your own pattern of sublime glorious, complete fulfillment.

        Such is the destiny written in the soul of every man who comes to earth. None are without it, that completely, individual highway of full expression and glorious achievement.

      • All churches, all priesthoods, all forms and all works are dead and in vain unless there is this great power of faith in action to bring to pass the mighty works of God, for “His Kingdom is not in word, but in power.”

  17. True Forgiveness is a Love Transforming Action, that is Super effective and Powerful in returning the Soul to the Perfection of its Creators complete and full Will and GLORY…AND MAKING GRACE THE DIVINE FLOWER OF ETERNITY..

  18. The one bit of knowledge that has survived the ravages of time and the mockery of the cynic is the information that these alchemists had the ability to transmute lead into gold. The alchemists themselves made no great boast of such an achievement, claiming only that it was the ability to transmute dross elements or conditions, into a higher spiritual quality.

    The secrets of the alchemists, because of a world in darkness, were guarded carefully, yet a few notes have come down to the present day to give an idea of the vision they held. The figure of the transmutation of the base metals into gold symbolized the salvation man — the transmutation of his own soul into spiritual gold, which condition was to be obtained by the elimination of all evil and the development of the good, by the grace of God. It was a symbolism of salvation or spiritual transmutation which may be described as the NEW Birth, or that condition of being known as “union with the Divine.”

    It was definitely known that each man had to find the secrets for himself, though Christ so clearly marked the way: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and all else shall be added unto you.” (Including one’s temporal needs). “Labor not for the things that perish.” etc.

    The true law of alchemy is this: Every condition in life can be transmuted into glory and made divinely beautiful, no matter what that condition is. If we accept it, bless it, thank God for it, or be “Thankful in all things,” we can transmute the grubby, bitter, heartbreaking experiences and conditions of life by this most perfect and exacting law of science, which is chemistry, into spiritual loveliness, we receive also the power to transmute our spiritual desires and dreams into tangible, material manifestation.

    So it is that gold can be transmuted from lead, beauty from ugliness, joy from sorrow, light from darkness. These never failing laws of chemistry are HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS or His perfect laws in use. “A man is saved no faster than he gains knowledge.” As his knowledge and understanding increase, he is saved from every dark, contentious, destructive, gloomy condition of the earthly, material level of existence.

    This law of chemistry never fails. Or should we call it “alchemy,” which means “all chemistry”? “All Chemistry” includes the spiritual laws of change and transmutation as well as the material laws and elements. This “all chemistry” is the power of God in action. It is the most exacting, positive science. Certain procedures always bring the same exact results. The laws of chemistry are eternal, unchanging. Since existence began, and on until eternities upon eternities end, H20 will continue to be the formula which produces water. Every formula that has been tried and proven to be true at one time, has always been true, and will always be true.

    The laws of “all chemistry,” which include also the spiritual substance and elements, are just as exacting and just as positive in their results as the combination of H20 which includes two substances which can not be handled nor seen, yet combined produce a positive, tangible element which is most necessary to existence. Thus the laws of the spiritual chemistry of all existence is just as exactingly perfect as any chemical laws used in a laboratory constructed and equipped by man. It is the eternal law of God being put to use to transmute any condition, any element, any loneliness, any heart-break, any suffering or tragedy.

    As one applies the law of “all chemistry,” the road of life becomes a highway of light, and in his soul is an eternal song of ecstasy that never dies. The fountain of light enfolds him with its melody of gracious glory and there can be no more sorrow or distress in his life.

    As one first begins to apply the laws of divine chemistry, he will find a joy such as life never before held. This ecstasy of soul will become permanently his when he learns to hold his place in the realms of light — or to hold his complete awareness of the Spirit of God, and keep himself in tune with it. This is at first difficult. It requires a constant check on one’s attention, one’s thoughts and an intense holding of one’s desires upon the very highest goal of existence and perfection. One has to learn to use constantly the most delicately refined radio in all existence — the spiritual contact in his own soul — the divine microphone in his own heart until he has “ears to hear” — and “eyes to see.” It is such a heavenly, breathtaking joy to be in the kingdom of higher thought or spiritual vibration, and such a lost feeling of darkness to withdraw from it, especially after one has once contacted it. Each time one finds his way back into the realms of light, the more tangible and real it becomes, and the haunting memories that linger in the heart when left to himself make one feel that the darkness is intensified. Again and again one may enter and depart before it becomes possible for him to understand completely and receive the fullness of the light, and Spirit of God. But there is one thing that is eternally certain, and that is, that the light of His righteousness is always there for us to enjoy, or the power by which we can rightly use His light. We withdraw from the light by errors of one sort or another, by our lack of humility, our selfishness or anything that may grieve the Spirit of the Lord, for it cannot endure even the appearance of sin — and Sin is any thought, word, act or vibration that one sends forth that is out of tune with the heavenly laws of peace, love and light. As we learn to hold to light we soon discover that it dispels darkness. Love destroys hate and discord and fear. Peace banishes confusion. Thus as we learn to draw to us the light all evil is conquered.

    The law of chemistry works speedily and completely. There are no half-way measures or guessing needed. The laws of “all chemistry” are just as positive, and as one turns his thoughts to God, he will instantly feel that light enfolding him, changing the conditions around him. It is a dangerous thing to climb into the realms of light and then forsake them. The new element of spirituality that has touched the hem of one’s robe with the fingers of light may be the very element that can intensify the darkness and confusion if one rejects it.

    The law of “all chemistry” or “Spiritual chemistry” is for the noble, those with deep desires and far vision. It is for those who wish to overcome all things that they might rise above all things. It is for those who love the Lord and their fellowmen. But it is also for those who have not yet developed the gift of love, those who have not yet stepped foot upon the road of light, for it will bring strength and power to any who will hold with determined hands to the course. It will develop vision in the eyes that have not seen, courage in the heart that has seemingly failed, hope in the breast of the hopeless, power in the soul of the weak. Light and glory was meant for every child of earth, thus as one distills the evils of life, the sorrows and the tears, with a prayer, with a whispered, loving message into the little radio set adding to it a song of praise and glory the great transmutation of sordid conditions into joy and peace begins to take place.

  19. It is a glorious experience to learn that the kingdom of light, peace, glory and achievement is always there, waiting for us to step into it and take our place in the realms of light. It is just as possible to receive of these higher blessings as it is to receive any degree in college, and so much more satisfactory. When we learn to know and understand the divine power that is being manifest every day in our lives, when we learn to appreciate it, and work with it, then we will know also that the great gifts and powers Christ is waiting so anxiously to bestow upon us, become instantly ours. Then it is that we learn that power of the words, “Be still, and know that I am God.” And “Behold, I stand at the door and knock, and if any man will hear my voice and will open the door, I will come in and sup with him, and he with me.” “We will take up our abode with him.” “These are my choice gifts (health, happiness, joy, peace, plenty and power not only to rule on this earth, but power to reach out into eternity) that I am so anxious to bestow upon my children as soon as they are prepared to receive them.”

    So are His words, and so is the power of fulfillment locked within each mortal man who desires to apply the laws of “spiritual chemistry” and in humble prayer turn the keys of the universe and open the realms of light.

    This power of light is what people are unconsciously, and without full understanding, asking for, when they repeat the Lord’s Prayer. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” After one finds this kingdom he brings it back to earth with him, or brings it forth from the inner realm of Spirit to be made manifest in all the outer conditions of his life, and forever thereafter he abides in it, and God’s will is done in and through him even as it was through Jesus Christ.

    This law of “spiritual chemistry” is the law of transmuting all conditions, all vibrations, all darkness into beauty and music and light. One must learn to speak the language of the angels, or “speak with new tongues.” He must learn to speak from the soul and never from the lips, or even from the mind. He who speaks from the lips chatters. He who speaks from an empty mind adds confusion to discord. He who speaks from a full mind feeds the minds of men. He who speaks from his heart wins the confidence of mankind. But he who speaks from his soul heals the heartbreaks of a world and feeds the hungry, starving souls of men. He can dry the tears of anguish and pain. He can bring light, for he will carry light.

    The language of the soul is a sacred language, and most beautiful. It can never hurt or injure. It can only bring a benediction of glory, for it is the language of the eternal spheres and the language of Gods. It is the gift of the Spirit known as “new tongues.”

  20. Forgiveness
    As one comprehends the great truth behind weaknesses and sins he will never again judge nor condemn another for any fault, failing of transgression. He will view the cause of such condition with divine understanding. He will realize fully it is only a lack of knowledge which has caused that erring individual to travel his lost road, alone and desolate, bereft of the Light. That one has been blind and has not known it. The one who understands will become aware of God’s goodness and realize that but for His grace he, too, would have remained blind.

    Those who are lost in the sins and weaknesses of the flesh have never even comprehended that there is such a Light given to abide right within themselves, hence they have never contacted It nor brought It forth. It is because man has refused the invitation to “ask, seek and knock” that he remained in blindness, consequently has not been aware he was being led by those who were also blind. As one’s understanding is expanded by the Light, the one great sin remains visible in all its heartbreaking simplicity, the rejection of the Christ Light as each individual has in his ignorance permitted the darkness.

    With this higher vision no man could possibly criticize or condemn his brother. Instead he will realize that except for the divine mercy of God he himself would have remained blind and not been given a view of the Great Light and the issue involved. Humble and love-filled, he will reach out to enfold his still erring brother in Christ’s forgiving love, for as he comprehended the Light and brought It forth the power of divine love was bestowed. And it is such love, sent out to one’s erring brother, that that brother can be healed.

    As each man begins to believe in and to comprehend the great Light of Christ that has been given to abide right within himself and to bring it forth, he will be purified and cleansed from all sin (error of perception).He will also “Be filled with Light and comprehend all things”.And in this clear vision and purified love he will be healed. Then with his own expanding love he will help to heal his brother. Thus the great healing of mankind, and of the nations will commence and be carried to full fruition.

    • Teresa, there really is no need to continue to post text from “Ye Are Gods” by Annalee Skarin. I’m sure we could more easily read the book if we are interested in this teaching.

      Instead why not share your own words about what you learned from the book?

  21. The point to be understood in the parables of the seven churches in Revelation is that people understand on different levels, at different times as God gives enlightenment to each of us as He draws us. God pointed out the good and the lack in each of these churches while maintaining they were all of His Church. The understanding that God is trying to convey to these people and to us, is that they should not argue, debate, and bad mouth one another over doctrines, philosophy, and “opinions” of the law or of the spirit.

    The “ought” of all these warnings directed to these different churches were in effect their lack of respect for the differences they saw in one another. God reproved their speech and actions because of their attitudes for those who differed with others, in effect saying you have it all wrong, you should love one another, and speak to one another in the love of Christ, in spite of your personal beliefs. This is because “all” beliefs should lead one to an “unconditional” love for all people regardless of who they are, or what they believe at any moment in time?

    God was teaching them that in their present state of maturity they lacked much because they were yet carnal, judging unrighteously and condemning others for their differences of opinion. This is most assuredly forbidden. It was the only one church that God approved of in their then present state of condition and that was the church of Philadelphia. While they were yet sinners, and making mistakes, they had learned the ultimate message of loving one another “unconditionally” in spite of the sins and mistakes of the others within the church…and also for those who were outside the church. These had learned what the end of all teaching was ultimately to be about and that was to have the mind of Christ, to over look all faults in the other, and instead pray, have compassion, and show mercy and grace to all, just as our lord and savior taught us by example. He said He came not to condemn the world but to save it.

    When we are given the key that unlocks the spiritual mind of unconditional love, we can understand what it is to “let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” What He is saying and trying to teach us is we have to come to the place of seeing the entire plan of God and it’s entire purpose before we can love all. We can’t say we see, when we see God as a failure and cannot save the “one” that was lost, leaving the ninety nine. God did not create a plan of loss, failure and losing anything and for one to think as such has not yet entered into God’s love. This is because It is the carnal mind that is decisive and has divided people into factions, parties and divisions. It is God who sees all as one and all in Him. There is none that is divided and set apart that is doomed to an endless failure. It is God’s purpose to develop all of our minds to become as His is, for we are His offspring and not of the carnal mind, the ego, or the d veil, whichever nomenclature you like like to describe evil, it’s all the same. We must leave the arrogance of the carnal mind with its condescending ways and take on the compassion and encouraging mind of Christ.

    The seven churches have a two fold meaning, the outward which one can understand and see naturally, however the truest and highest form of the allegory of the seven churches is the gradual progression and growth of the church that is within each of us individually. Then, when we as individuals are matured in Christ we are allowed into the corporate church which are first given to the Sons of God, or to the “first” fruits. We must remember that the first fruit is no better than the fruit which comes after in the harvest for it comes from the same field, it is just first…as Christ was the first born “among” many brethren. The first fruits are the first matured fruit of the harvest, and as the first sheave of the harvest was waved toward God it showed what the rest of the harvest was to be like. It was all the same, it’s just that some will be first. It’s like when the first sheaf of grain is gathered to be inspected and it is ripe, the command is given to gather “all” the harvest and the first matured becomes one with the rest of the field as it becomes one with all the grain once all is gathered.

    The first fruits must learn to judge righteously and to do so takes patience in not being a fault finder but one who can see the fault, yet restore the fault in a compassion of love. There will be times when one needs a sterner warning, not because of what they believe but how they behave. Christ’s harshest words were reserved for the carnal self righteous higher ups in the church, and not for the sinners who sinned, of only being weak in the flesh. I

    We must learn to see as the Philadelphians, that the “key” to the seals is finding this key as being in the unconditional love for the other, inspire of anything else. We are not given permission at all to condemn, only to show mercy, compassion and grace toward all, saint and sinner alike. It is the maturity in God who does the correcting, it is not the carnally religious of spouting philosophy and facts that is void of any love.

    We must come to the same attitude, Christ is greater than our faults and we must realize that we are not “sinners” who occasional do good, we are children of God who are risen with Christ in the newness of His resurrection and we must realize…that in being risen with Him we can no longer identity with the sin nature for we are no longer to be identified with the flesh as sinners, we are first brethren in Christ and the weakness in us is an “influence” of sin but sin is not who we are. Do we not think bad thoughts, and lose our composure in dealing with others at times? However we must realize that these negative things are not of us, as they are but temporary influences that will eventually die out within us for they are not of God’s reality, as they are only of death which does have a definite end.

    Do we not identify with that which is eternal in the heavens, the love that will endure in the eternal reality of all things? Or do we identify with yet being carnal, speaking words of death which kill the spirit within another person by not being uplifting but instead being condescending? Our words reveal who we follow. We will never overcome by condemning others, yet when we take the “key of unconditional love” and unlock the seals with it, we will enter into His rest, for “our” self righteous works will end. Then we will know Him as He is known..and we will be as He is.

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