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As our sleeping mind awakens to our true divine Mind, our will aligns to Truth and unifies with the sovereign Will of God. Through this holy union, we transform into expressions of the divine Self of God.

Our will is a creative energetic force that manifests our thoughts into a perceptual reality. The thoughts we accept and believe as true are the ones we give the power of our will, in corresponding degrees of strength. Therefore, our will plays a powerful role in our awakening (i.e, transformation) to our divine Self.

In the borderland, which is the mental transitional space between the dreaming mind and our divine Mind, our will is purified through the work of universal forgiveness. This divine forgiveness weeds out every thought and perception contrary to divine love (i.e., attack, condemnation, judgment, guilt, blame, shame, sin, weakness, fear, lack, etc.) and we gain the vision of the divine Self who perceives all as the holy Self of God. Our true divine Mind knows every embryonic soul as an extension of the divine Self. It’s thoughts and desires are for unity, oneness, and divine love, which along with our undivided will create invulnerable peace, joy, and love. Forgiveness restores us to our right Mind, therefore to our true Identity.

Aligning our will with Truth dispels the false beliefs that constructed the illusion. As we awaken to the Light of Truth, the illusion that once was a fixed and impenetrable reality becomes a thin veil of physical forms. Physical forms, especially our body because it is the center of our reality and expression, play a key role in keeping our minds asleep and bound to the illusion. Our bodies in themselves are neutral. They reflect what our minds believe. The dreaming mind gave the body sovereignty over it and then served it; so what the body senses, feels, and experiences determine the truth the dreaming mind believes. In a perceived separation from absolute divine love, the dreaming mind attributed all that appeared contrary to this love to the body, which we mistakenly thought was us. In this erroneous belief, darkness settled over all creation because the creative structure of the mind was flipped upside down, meaning the mind served the body instead of serving the Truth.

During our passage through the borderland, our bodies are repurposed by the Spirit of Truth. No longer does our body serve itself; its demands, pleasures, pains and most significantly the past learning it piled up as its truth. The dreaming mind used the body as a storehouse of past learning. Because the body reflects the “truth” of the dreaming mind, our bodies reflected who we thought we were as learned from our past and the past of others. It carried this learning forward, layer upon layer, into the present moment telling us we were weak, little, limited, vulnerable, lacking, decaying, and finite. In response and out of necessity, we used our bodies to attack in defense of itself.

By redirecting our will away from the illusion and to Truth, our body follows and transitions to become a shining expression of absolute divine Love, its true Source. This love defines every purpose and function of the repurposed body. As we rest our will in Truth and in the eternal present with the sovereign Will, they unite as one. Our will is no longer acting on its own in support of a self-contrived illusion. In this holy stillness, the creative God act of emergence makes all things new every present moment.

We possess the power to change all we see into the Truth by giving our will to the Truth and not what we currently physically see, feel and experience. Giving our will to Truth in the midst of the illusion is faith, because we are giving it to what we know but don’t yet see. As we initially direct our will to Truth, it may superficially feel powerless in the moment as the illusion fills our physical perceptions, but it is infinitely powerful because the sovereign Will of God is united with us in this choice. It doesn’t matter what our body feels, physically or emotionally, or what it perceives of the illusion during this transition. It’s all passing away because its Truth is guaranteed. Only impenetrable peace, joy and love are of Truth. All else that is contrary exists only as an illusion because we believed it to be true, therefore it doesn’t have to exist. As we deny the illusion and give our will to the Truth, we shine away the illusion and reveal the ever-present Kingdom of Heaven.

What we believe we are we extend outward to create our reality. In the eternal present of the Divine Mind, we are the holy Self of God that through emergence extends out to all. As we fix our will upon this Truth we are without limitation as our Mind, the true divine Mind consumes all.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  1. this Sacred truth that you are revealing to us, everyone can truly experience and know for themselves in a Joy beyond wonders, of growing into the NEW CREATION OF CHRIST JESUS!!

    • It is through Christ, the indwelling Christ, that we are to receive all that God has and is, as much or as little as we can or dare to claim.

      • Each man must sooner or later learn to stand alone with his God; nothing else avails. Nothing else will ever make you master of your own destiny. There is in your own indwelling Lord all the life and health, all the strength and peace and joy, all the wisdom and support that you can ever need or desire. No one can give to you as can this indwelling Father. He is the spring of all joy and comfort and power.

      • This claiming of our rightful inheritance, the inheritance that God wants us to have in our daily life, is just what we are learning how to do in these simple divine talks that rachel is blessing us to partake of..

  2. Thoughtware, would you feel like sharing any more about how you lost family and friends to these times that involved issues of love? Did you feel these events were caused by you, or were you thinking it was because you couldn’t salvage disagreements between third parties. I hope you have been healed or able to find healing from it, in recent days. I understand because I have had family, woundings myself, which have been unsolvable, by any means or attempts at love, which is really discouraging for those who live by hope, and faith. Was this during a period when you were not pursuing love actively, as you do today?

    • Complex questions. Thank you for asking.

      Many years ago, after significant self reflection, I realized I couldn’t connect with people like others could. Why? I don’t know, and I don’t blame my circumstances or anyone in my past… it just seemed to me I was born with faulty programming. While most people could make friends and create loving relationships naturally and without much effort (at least from my perspective), I seemed only able to create distance and animosity. Even hatred. And, when very serious efforts to TRY and be loving toward my family failed miserably, I knew I had a problem: I could not love as I desired.

      Yet even then I marveled that I had an intense desire to love others. And I thought it very odd. I realized some people had no problem being a..holes. And though I certainly came off as one, I hated myself because of it. This self-hatred created intense suffering.

      Yet it started me on a journey – not for salvation or for anything in the world (I had always been very successful), but for an end to my suffering. I sought simply to be able to love – and I sought directly from God, who even then I believed to be the source of this love. I sought with paper and pen every morning, spending hours and writing out my prayers and filling countless spiral notebooks.

      For many years I made no progress at all. Yet never did the thought cross my mind to interrupt my “quiet time” every morning. I kept praying that I would be able to love as God loves, which I believed was the best I could ask. Then I noticed something.

      By this time I had been happily married to my best friend for 10 years – yet even then I knew I didn’t love her the way she deserved. But it wasn’t with my wife that I first felt the ability to express God’s love… it was with our cats. At the time I worked a lot and my wife stayed home and I thought a couple cats would keep her company. They were low maintenance and I believed I could tolerate them. But after a few weeks with them I felt an all consuming love I had never experienced before. I loved my cats! A miracle right up there with the Red Sea.

      And I remember the moment that God opened my heart to feel his love for my wife. She remembers the day as well because I told her about it – and how I learned that God’s love was about honor. I loved her. I honored her.

      Day after day I continued to seek – and while I was doing better with my wife and my cats, still I struggled with others. There were many weekends ruined because of a single bad exchange I had with someone at work. And while my outward expression was still far crustier than I had hoped by this point, I was encouraged because my quiet time and seeking kept expanding and taking over more and more of my life.

      Another big milestone came when God gave me the ability to express his love for the animals. In a single day my wife and I stopped eating meat, and a few days later all animal products. Then he opened my heart to enable me to love plants and insects. (I’m just saying…)

      That brings us to today. My wife and I still seek every day – but our time has now expanded to consume the entire day, every day.

      And now, after many years, God is just beginning to open my heart for all people. We are all like open doors – which allow his light to shine through us and into the world. I’ve been taught that if we are to love as God loves, we must enter his rest – and trust in the present moment created for us through his love for us. To love as God loves is to not to try, but to trust in his perfect timing. It is the understanding of the words “Be still and know I am God”. To love as God loves is to know that his love never fails – and all sorrow will turn to joy.

      God’s love isn’t like earthly love, but perfect in expression, creating eternal life and divine harmony. It is not a love bound in special relationships, but an impersonal love that covers all with equal intensity. Shining God’s love dissolves every form of suffering. God’s love drives out fear – and even now is coming to save the world.

      His love is his gift of infinite value. His love is coming in very great power.

      • Will, thank you for sharing this for it helps all of us to understand we are all alike and not much different.

        I think we are all “you” in a manner of speaking…for we are will all learn from our absence of love…for just a little while…and then when it comes flooding back….we have gratitude with a new attitude. Our temporary lack is for the greater realization of our abundant gift of life…that awaits us…when we awake.

      • Well, ok, now you are kind of freaking me out. And what I mean by that is, kind of starting in reverse order in your story and working backward, ( a friend of mine years ago used to say basacerage, ) you were tripping me out, because I have this same fascination, and crazy fondness for cats. But what happened was this. I had severe allergies, and asthma when I was a child, and my biggest allergies were for Cats) The dander on their fur, if I went to someone’s house, would knock me out of school for 3 days. Really sick. So, I was never able to touch a cat. I had never touched, a cat, and a family member one of my parents, said they were nasty, and carried ringworms, and I got ringworm on my arm one time, and you don’t want it, it is a small burning circle.
        So, you know I loved all animals, I had all kinds of animals, in my room, at all times, but I developed this hatred for cats, I had a subliminal idea because of all this information that Cats were evil. That’s how my mind processed cats. When I saw a cat, I thought you know just terrible little guys.
        So, when I accepted Jesus, to make a long story shorter, He healed me of all my allergies. Well, I never did really think about cats anymore at all because normally they won’t let you get near them on the street.
        Several years ago there was this cat in the street, and I had no contact with pets for years then. And when I would walk he went in the gutter, down in the gutter, and look up at me, and I started noticing how cute he was. Just really a cut cat, and I thought why doesn’t someone adopt him? He was living on the street really skinny for about two years, and I found out a lady released him because she could not befriend him, he was to scared of people.
        Anyway I started giving him milk in the street. Because he was so skinny, and then, gradually got him to the porch. And then gradually into my lap. Well, that was when I began to find out I was not allergic to cats anymore. So, he became my friend, and I adopted him.
        So, what I discovered is that all through years I had all kinds of animals, I wanted to be a vet at one time.
        But I found out through this that cats, are my favorite animal, because I love their personalities and how intuitive they are. I am fascinated by cats. But I don’t have one now.
        So, we have a lot in common.
        I am very much able to identify with the rest of your story, but I want to meditate on that part for a while, because I have a lot of insight from my world on that too, but I don’t want to comment in an off hand way without digesting your thoughts.
        I have al lot in common with your history. and experiences. Thanks.
        Anyway, I was abit freaked out by our similarity on the cats, that was a little strange commonality. Quite a bit too strange.

      • To this day I still think its funny how I initially thought, maybe, I could learn to tolerate having cats around. Turns out you can learn a lot from cats.

      • Cat’s give the impression that they are hardened souls. But they are a very gentle creature. You have to be an affectionate personality for them to open up to you. I don’t just mean be interested in them. You can pet them, but they don’t have an interest in that, you have to adore them, to find their center. Then they will seek you out. Plus, a lot of people are mean to them. But of course, some of the cats are mean as well. They are half wild, in nature to survive.

      • Thoughtware, did your family go to a Church, or were they associated with that type of world when you were young? Or was your family disassociated from any “quote” religious interests?

      • Thoughtware, I am interested in your thoughts on how you were being able to be successful in the market place, if you were feeling that you were at that time, being able to connect with others in love? You must have had some ability to connect that was beyond what others could do, in the market place? Am I correct in thinking so?

      • I only wish I had a friend that would ask such good questions. Therefore, and without your consent, I am adopting you (and all your aliases) as my friend. 🙂

        My career had two stages. The first was “utter blindness”, and the second phase might be considered my journey for “sight”.

        The first stage in my career was full of success – and because I prospered in everything I did it bred within me a very disgusting form of arrogance, which in blindness I could not see, but was very apparent to everyone else. I worked a series of increasingly complex sales positions and was always extremely good at my job, winning every award and hired to work everywhere I applied. I had no real interest in spiritual matters – and no real interest in being a nice person. My success and skill in superficiality kept me from seeing that I was alone pretty much all the time.

        Then I met my wife, quite randomly. And from the day we met, we never spent another day apart and were married two years later. Although I didn’t realize it, meeting her was the marker for the second phase of my life.

        Shortly after we met, I co-founded my first software company. Without realizing it, and exactly as you stated in your question, I would be forced to interact with people every day. Remember, I had no idea of my issues at this point, or their severity. I (wrongly) believed I could do anything, and thought running a business would be a logical next step.

        It wasn’t long before I was snapping at employees, and even being horribly insensitive. I worked continuously, seven days a week and hardly ever spoke with my beautiful wife. She never complained. Long story short, after raising a lot of money from VC (I was a good salesman) – I was unceremoniously booted from my own company. It was an event I never imagined, let alone expected.

        For the first time I began to explore my thoughts, and to look inward for understanding. I sat at Barne’s & Nobles for hours writing, searching for answers and reading books like “Real Christianity”, by C.S. Lewis. And if I heard anything it was only this: Life was about relationships. At the time I cared nothing about relationships – or ever considered how they were cultivated.

        Yet I was devastated with what had been my first (and spectacular) failure. I was under contract for the next two years, and my wife and I decided to pack up and move as far away as we could. For the first time we began to talk and spend time together. In a new and unfamiliar place we leaned heavily on each other. We bought a new home, and I asked her to make a commitment with me. I asked that we start seeking God, each for our own reasons, by reading a chapter a day out of the Bible. At this point I had never read the Bible – which was obvious because I chose to start with Ezekiel. Before we began we explained that we would always hold ourselves accountable – and we would NEVER miss a day. And with this as our only starting point we began our seeking journeys – my wife in her way, and me in mine.

        I sought to understand relationships, and thought the Bible was some sort of instruction manual for “good people”. Soon our chapter a day had grown into an hour a day and then more. Seven days a week. We also started attending a bible preaching church, attending bible studies and leading home groups. Yet, what we never did was sacrifice our time in the mornings – where we would spend time writing out prayers and intensely listening for what the God would tell us. I wondered how I would know if I heard anything from God. Did God have a voice and if so, what would it sound like?

        After about a year I started another software company in California and would wake up at 4:30AM during the week so that I could spend time “seeking”. By this time the desire to spend this time each morning was very, very strong despite the fact that I didn’t seem to be hearing anything from God at all.

        But what I was gaining was understanding. By this time I would read the Bible and ask God to tell me what it all meant. I was seeking to understand how to have loving relationships – and much of what I read involved killing, guilt and damnation. However, between the lines I was understanding about diving love and its ever-present nature. My wife, who was also spending this time every day, was spending her time with God as she desired, but would confirm the very same things I was learning. Our understanding always grew in complete unison.

        But at work I was the same dick I had always been. In fact, I don’t believe its even possible for anyone to be a worse witness for the love of God. In the regularity of my quiet times I was reminded of my interactions with people – and for the first time I felt “remorse”, which I can only describe as an intense desire to “be different”. And with this began a very intense tribulation. Every day I would seek, and I would learn and even “see” beautiful images of God’s love for me – but try as I might, in the world I would soon revert to my original programming, grossly blaming others for my mistakes. The contrast between God’s love for me – and my expression to others weighed very heavily on me.

        As this struggle continued we soon discovered that what God was teaching us about his love was very different from what the church taught. In 2004 my wife and I felt that God wanted us to leave the church. It was difficult, but we obeyed and placed the entire responsibility for our spiritual growth into God’s hands.

        Although I never prayed for anything material, we continued to prosper mightily, which is a direct result of God’s promise that he will always (and abundantly) provide those who commit their way to him. And we continued to grow in our understanding of Love and many other things. And despite our growth, I could not change my programming and would often short circuit.

        As the company grew I focused more and more on the people, rather than profits. I had a partner and this was (justifiably) a point of contention between us. Yet in most cases I was able to show a business case to support, for example, paying customer service people over $100K per year. One of the lessons God taught me was that I must TRUST all people. I discovered that trust is very difficult and doesn’t go over well in the business community. As I tried to trust, (which is to see others as “sons of God” and led by God for the well being of all), the company began to struggle. Our controller ended up embezzling a lot of money. My partner and employees began to question my ability. And again, despite my best efforts I still made people literally break down crying and even had an epic shouting match with one of my best & brightest employees. Horrible.

        Daily, in my regular times with God, I felt guilty, remorseful and even utterly unable to change my expression. I continued to cry out for the ability to love perfectly and without effort. I genuinely prayed that I would be able to be a good witness for all I was learning. Even so, I never felt able. One cross word, one misplaced comment would be all it took to send me back to my quiet time down hearted.

        After 14 years my partner wanted out. I tried to convince him otherwise, still thinking God would turn the company around, but he wouldn’t budge. We sold the business in 2016 – and my wife and I moved back home ending a wilderness journey that began in 2001.

        Now that I no longer need to work, we are both free to spend all our days seeking and discussing what new aspect of truth we’ve received. I realize that our journey in the wilderness wasn’t about building worldly success, but learning to persevere in God’s love even when we couldn’t feel it working in our lives. And after so many years, I finally understand that in asking to GIVE love as God loves is also to RECEIVE the power inherent in God’s love. God never revealed that I would receive anything. Until recently – and it is a very great power.

        If you are interested in what my wife and I learned during our seeking you can read it for yourself, starting with the very first post on this blog. Or you can watch any of her more than 400 videos that the Spirit spoke through her. It is best to read/watch them in order, from oldest to newest – and you will see a complete story of darkness to light. And, if you desire, you will learn what we learned about the love of God.

      • Your story is fascinating. Would you mind if I ask what kind of Church you were attending, and involved with? For instance, was this a denominational Church?

  3. “Love is,” everything else we experience is a temporary lesson in living with the illusion of living without it. (God is always in our being right on the other side of the veil in the most holy place, for He is the reality that we are temporarily blinded to.) “When” we start to awaken from our temporary disharmony with others, it is “then” we start to understand and to appreciate and develop a gratitude for what God has given to each of us. A lack of things tend to develop in a person an appreciation for these same things when they are finally acquired. Absence of a precious gift does make the heart grow fonder,… thus the inherent quest for a return to realism having been placed within us.

    The desire “to return” from whence we came is the beacon placed within our soul to return to “her” first love or that completeness we had as one with our Father before this earthly journey began. The temporary journey of the parted soul is but a lesson to be well learned in what the consequences are in being disobedient to our Father’s will. To learn to live in harmony with all others is the purpose and will of God for this walk through this valley of the “shadow” of death experience, meaning this life is not actually a permanent death experience, just a shadow of other words, it is not real.

    So we should not worry or be anxious about even the thought of losing anything of eternal value for we are only here to “receive” and to gain more of an awareness of the gift of life. God’s nature is a nature of giving and He is forever expanding on His gift of life to us. We are slowly being awakened back to the realm of reality from which we came, only now with a greater portion of a greater gift than we previously had. This is one of the reasons for the allegory found in the book of Job. We are all “Job” in a manner of speaking for the book of Job explains the purpose in all the trials, test and tribulations we go through. The lesson recorded in the beginning and ending of Job is teaching us the beginning and the end of ourselves…in Christ.

    We, as Job, must learn by experience to understand the purposes of God in being subjected to these experiences of lack, trials and hardships for a time . As Job came to his realization and purpose for his plight in this life, so will each of us come to the same realization of purpose. It is “all” for our good and for the ultimate awareness of what we “have been” given…now to go on into eternity and be able to live life to its very fullest. Billions of us cannot live in this universe doing our own thing and going our own way so we must learn to live in harmony with all others…within our boundaries set by God.

    Again, we have never actually lost a thing of the good gift of life given to us by God through Christ Jesus, it is that we have only dreamed of it’s loss for a night…and when we wake up from this illusion of loss…we will awake in knowing how to live in a likeness of oneness where what applies to you applies to me as well. We have always heard with the ear about what love “is” and we will never know what it is until we realize that we are it and of it..which is the likeness and character of our spiritual Father.

  4. Here’s a secret of the TRUTH: Your thoughts do not belong to you! What you think come from somewhere else (from either Heaven or Hell).

    You see, there are TWO gifts that God have for men, FREE WILL and ability to RATIONALIZE. When thoughts come to you as you go about your every day life, you have the ability to choose and accept a certain thought and by accepting it, you claimed a particular thought belong to you. This is purposely done so men feel they have life. If it were not so, if men knew their thoughts come from somewhere else (maybe a person, persons, communities), they would feel being bound, lifeless and meaningless….like robots being told what to do or like dogs where their will are subject to only learned memories or like a blind man being guided or a sleepwalker with no direct sight. These have no ability to rationalize and this is what makes us human, the ability to rationalize and thus distinguish what is right and wrong, good and evil, ect.. despite (not knowing unknowingly) that thoughts do not come from us. It may help if you visualize the concept of thought as a whole, not individual because individual does not exist (it is only an illusion), it is only part of the whole. Anything created individually is finite. But God is infinite and so what is finite cannot be part of God. What begins must end. Your THOUGHT? What are you? What is THOUGHT? Is not THOUGHT YOU YOURSELF your very essence being in this world? Is THOUGHT not your SOUL or BODY? The finite vessels which allow the SPIRIT to dwell? These too will pass away for they’re finite forms of the spirit. The outer self should only serve the inner like servant to master, what is created must be destroyed for they are only a manifestation. However, they will not pass away if you cling to it and make it yours. You are your own THOUGHT, you create this SELF-IMAGE. But when these passed, you will see these THOUGHT do not exist, but only the WILL that come from above. This WILL is LOVE. Men which had separated create an illusion of LOVE for SELF in the image of GOD. Why? Because in this world, YOUR THOUGHT is like a tree upside down. Instead of growing from above to below or from inner to outer, it grows from below to above and outer to inner. This is a cycle of suffering that men will continue on and on for ages until they’re awaken and know the TRUTH because only the TRUTH will set them free. A slave within a slave. Today’s freedom is slavery and men do not know it because they’re confused what it mean to be actually free.

    • REP – this is a very interesting post.

      We would all to do well to “rationalize”, by the light of truth, which thoughts we choose to invest with our belief. Unless we are consciously aware of the inner light, we are unable to dispel illusionary thoughts and cultivate the true. As a result, we unknowingly remain asleep because we believe in a false image of our Self.

      Our false thoughts have indeed gone beyond the limited idea of our Self to create an “upside down” reality – where the lie appears true, and the truth a lie. Yet, as we have received the truth by the spirit of truth, we are led to rationalize our thoughts correctly, sorting the wheat from the chaff in order to integrate into truth’s singular nature, filling our thoughts with power.

      You are right again when you state that God’s will is love – for love is the very source of truth’s power. For as we integrate into truth, our will unites with the one, true and perfect will of God – and we are given the blessed ability create the peace of God, which manifests as Perfect Love and Endless Joy. And our peace, by the will of God, shall extend to cover those who sleep, that they too may be awakened.

      Please post more! Let’s discuss!!

    • attractively interesting..

  5. When one “eats” of the tree of life they need not intellectualize or contemplate about “anything” for when Adam and Eve were in the garden and ate of the tree of life which is the mind and will of Christ, they simply obeyed God and did accordingly to what the rules were. Life was a given, there was no need to reason, intellectualize or rationalize about anything other than to think about following and obeying God in eating only of the tree of life. Eating of the tree of the knowledge of “good and evil” required one to question God’s will and promises. Eve rationalized and reasoned what would happen “if” she went against God’s will and for doing so, she fell out of God’s grace and convinced Adam to go along with her.

    When “the way” is laid out for us and we conduct ourselves within this way by obedience we simply have to have faith, trust and believe that what is already done for us is as good as it gets. However, having said this, this plan of the fall and our redemption from our fall was long planned before the fall. God’s plan is a good plan and there is no fault to be found in it unless we try to second guess God as did Eve by using her intellect to reason away God’s commandments. So it is with us today…for the garden is within us as is our present “reasoning.” It is better to obey and accept God’s plan as it is meant to be than to second guess God. We are learning to return to the diet of the tree of life which is partaking of the mind of Christ while abstaining from the tree of knowledge which is the carnal mind with its reasoning whether God is right or wrong.

  6. heaven and hell is made by the back and forth of ALL MEN….
    to recognize all thoughts BIND us all together, and through ALL EVENTS ON EARTH is to recognize source of thought. from my perspective, god is just a DOOR(belonging to EVERYONE AS ONE BODY). and most people when they speak of god, they are actually speaking about the ETERNAL ITSELF(source of all things(yin/yan).. any energy outputed, always comes back to the source. so everything IS FROM YOU(heart guides). but each person on earth is a manifest of that thought.
    the trick is to know there is 2 LAYERs. indivudal and ANNOYTED ONE(everyone on earth)(flow over).
    a lot of times, we say the same things in different ways, but even as we say the same things within our own CENTER WORLD, we tend to reject, deny, doubt, and go against others. we dont recognize that the thoughts of others are also OUR OWN(reveal our hearts to us)…
    LOVE isnt something you find, it is something you are. but that also means that your own BODY extends outside of your SKIN.
    heaven and hell take up the same space even as every thought LIVES OUTSIDE OF TIME.
    when you seperate yourself from god(ETERNAL ITSELF), or you reject others because they are bad, that shows that even within our own thoughts, WE have doubt(sin), but we have more love for each person than we have in seperation(valley of death). EVENTUALLY, we all have things to let go so we can gain into that NEXT LAYER of truth. EVERYTHING IS TRUTH, but to go against the world is to fight against the same very truth we seek…..

    hope that makes sense

  7. As i walk through the valley of death , i shall fear No evil
    what this says is that as i walk upon individuals, i shall not see myself seperated from them.
    ANNOYTED ONE = THE WHOLE WORLD(and every person in it)…
    again, a KING is not 1 person ruleing upon everyone, but a SHARED SPIRIT in which we see in eachother.

    a LORD is not in one person, but a LABEL in which we see god through the eyes of ALL MEN.

    so to me, when we are one with christ, then we see LORDSHIP in each and every person(no one left out).
    each person is a GIFT of our own thoughts through the DOOR(god).(ETERNAL IS THE FATHER), and we are all ETERNAL BROTHERs…
    so unless in your own mind, you can see the label of a LORD in each and every person, then you cannot be aligned with christ or any other name.,


    • Yes. Our bodies have been used to imprison us in the illusion by reflecting “past learning” as truth. Yet, the past does not exist, and anything learned of the past, if it no longer exists, can not be real.

      We have learned from the past that bodies get ugly as they age, yet the Spirit affirms that as we grow mature in truth, we become increasingly radiant. We have learned from the past that our bodies are weak and limited, yet the Spirit affirms we can do all things in Christ, our strength. Our bodies reflect the past by teaching that all must die. Yet, Jesus used his transfigured body to reveal that there is no death. And the Spirit affirms this in the word by saying “This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die.”

      The transfiguration will be used to transmute our bodies to shine TRUTH into those who sleep, that they may be awakened to receive our message of truth, delivered through transfigured, shining bodies.

  9. This is the process of Translation. It is done thought by thought, cell by cell, as one completely spiritualizes his entire being and becomes clothed in Light. Thus one can be transformed into a vibrant being, clothed or arrayed in the “White raiment” or in the beautiful power and Light of immortality. For “Man can evolve from the man kingdom into the God Kingdom.”

    Anyone can do it! Just love with ALL your soul and prove it!

    “Live the laws and you will KNOW!” Use your strength to practice and fulfill and so prove the unspeakable power of His perfection and of His promises! “For if you do as He says, then is He bound! And if you do not as He says then you have no PROMISE!”

  10. No person who gives out real love — “the love unfeigned” — is ever friendless or unwanted or alone. Anyone who loves with a great, unselfish devotion will as automatically draw people to him as the sun draws the faces of the flowers upward to his rays.

    • When we give out love we are not alone for we are one with the one who gave it to us…When we give as God gives and emulate His comeliness, we take no thought of getting anything in return for the Joy is in the giving. We can only give to the level and degree that “we have been given” so we understand that it is better to give than it is to receive. Is it not true that if all were givers, all would have first received..from the one source…making the giving and receiving as one spirit ?

  11. when it comes to the CATs, there are always events that bind us(holding on). i also had strange events with cats, but goes muchdeeper. every cat(wild and tamed) always follows me every where i go. i know that when we are lacking in some way of our lives, that the spirit speaks through all things(we must trust every event outside of time). there are deeper connections with the cats as those events are being created this very moment. we tend to see the past as just the past. but through the DOOR of GOD, each event is being manifested right now. as we feel a LACK, the events around us still hold the MISSING PARTs of which we cant see in ourselves(yet) in each and every moment. Eventually, we let go of those things as TRUE LOVE comes to the FRONT of our consiousness.
    when a person dies, we feel a lack. so we REPLACE that lack into other things(different for each person). but in the end, the LOVE has never let us go. We must just recognize the CONNECTIONS through the world(spiritual AND natural)..
    when a person is going through a very bad event and seems there is no way around. there is always a SOLUTION right in front of you to break out of that negative event…. in each MOMENT of our lives, that SOLUTION is always there….

    the cats were the LOVE in which your subconsious manifested as there is ALWAYS LOVE through ALL THINGs..
    the way that you trust in god is to trust each and every person and every event on earth(DEVINATION)(past/present/future = NOW)…

    • I saw cats sitting all over you, on your head and in your lap and shoulders covering you which is them coming in to heal the brokenness of soul, bringing interconnection, and as the broken places of your heart were healed the cats were then retuning to their cubboards and rugs. They knew their job was
      to create a environment breaking the dream state, so wholeness could replace disfraction.

  12. According to the Book of Revelation 21:8, great judgment is given upon the fearful, those afraid to pray, to ask God or to investigate for themselves to know if a teaching is false or if it is of God. The FEARFUL can never be taught of God or KNOW FOR THEMSELVES, for they insist upon man to teach them.

    • So, what insisting on?

      • Maybe she’s implying that the Spirit would never teach that Jesus had to die in order to prevent God from damning everyone to eternal hell. Yet, this is what countless men teach. And what countless other’s believe. And maybe the reason they insist on learning this way is only because they aren’t “experienced” in learning directly from the spirit and therefore simply don’t believe they can actually learn about God from the Spirit. Instead they insist (believe) that only a “man” (pastor, elder, church) can teach them.

        I’m not saying these belief’s are in anyway “wrong” for the person that believes them – but I can personally testify, that in my walk, the Spirit has taught me something all together different. Way different.

      • If you become impatient with people who love you, you cannot hear what they say. And you will not be able to determine if they have knowledge. There is also a group of people in the world, who praise themselves as being above traditional values, and teaching, and because of that have convinced themselves that anyone who speaks from a perspective that echoes anything from the past must be ignorant, stupid, and unhearing. Because the one’s they criticize, talk in language that is familiar, it must not be, new fresh and spiritual. These people are the ignorant, dumb, stupid ones.
        This didactic understanding, the dualism of these forces, and it’s historical roots pre dates both of us historically, and none of it is new.
        So, the idea of the game from your point of view is that if I share, teach, talk or say anything that contradicts “spiritual” norms for you, I become the enemy.
        You will not admit to that, but it’s what the game is.
        For me the trick is to quit playing games. If I am sharing something with someone and they say, Oh, “your just not of the spirit”. Well, that’s not an investigation, of truth, it’s an assumption in a game.
        What the game is, “Shame people who speak of spiritual truth, if it is in any way historical”.
        The spirit transcends time.
        Then the flip side, constantly saying “Everyone has the spirit”.
        I think that contradiction, is something you should look into?
        Those who speak of historical things, where spirit transcends time, can in no way be ignorant of hearing the spirit. And suggesting that “everyone has the spirit” on the other side of the argument, should be enough to convince you of the hypocrisy.
        What am I saying? I’m saying, You may accuse me of being ignorant of the spirit, but the way you can find out for sure is if I am not hypocritical. You can always find out if someone knows what they’re talking about, if you have love, you can listen without hypocrisy.
        I try my best not to play games with people, but that’s what it is.
        The spirit of God is not limited to a mondernistic time period.

      • Its actually much simpler. I just don’t have any interest in the the specific mechanics of salvation taught through religious systems – which is what most teach and preach.

        I’m only interested in understanding as much as I can about the nature of God’s love – and how to express it. I’m interested in understanding how to end all suffering, especially for the animals. When I began seeking for answers I went to a church – but soon found that God’s direct teaching about his nature and love went in a very different direction. Once I saw the difference, I realized couldn’t learn anything further from the church and I left.

        This is a personal belief that doesn’t make you, or anyone who doesn’t believe as I do, an enemy. Nor does it make you wrong in your beliefs. I simply have a long history of learning about God directly from the Spirit of Truth – and I prefer learning about spiritual things directly from the Spirit.

      • There is something going on there your missing. You’re still withdrawing from people.
        What you’re saying is your interests transcend you’re interest in people.
        You believe that people are gaming you.

      • There is something going on there your missing. You’re still withdrawing from people.
        What you’re saying is your interests transcend you’re interest in people.

      • You appear to be saying that because I left the church, I am withdrawing from people. Yet, if I attended a church, which one would prevent me from withdrawing? If I attend a Catholic church – do I not at the same time withdraw from the people of the Methodist church? Or do I attend the Presbyterian church, only to withdraw from the Baptists.

        Maybe you would say that I should withdraw from the people of all denominations – and attend a non-denominational, Bible believing church? But do I then withdraw from the people who believe in the Bhagavad Gita?

        I am for all people – and don’t want to withdraw from anyone. How then is it possible to attend a church which sole purpose is to maintain its separation from those of different beliefs?

      • No, I was not implying anything about the Church. But it could include that as an element. What I was referring to, and thank you for being patient with me, is you were saying “You have a long history of hearing from the spirit”, but the long history of hearing from the spirit drew you away from other people, who hear from the spirit. And I am only referring to your time at Church here, but I am not saying you did not have the right to leave a Church. I am saying, by hearing the spirit, you have said, or told yourself, that those people at Church were not hearing the spirit. And then if someone speaks of the spirit, then you are in isolation as far as hearing a message God might be wanting to speak to you through someone, and not necessarily at Church, but wherever God might send a person.
        I don’t want to put a trip on you about Church, you know in general, because I have left Churches before,
        I am saying as far as the spirit, your life, in the spirit, (and I saved your story so I could continue to become more familiar with it) (and remember what you were saying)
        the thought is this, that I think is important. Ok, you left a Church, but in your sayings here,
        just now what you were saying, you moved to saying, you left ‘The’, Church.
        So, what exactly happened to your relationship with the Lord. I mean, you withdrew somehow from the Lord, and you were a teacher and happy in the Church?
        So, again, I am not putting a trip on you, But you had a relationship, with the Lord?
        The important thing I would be curious about is, you have been speaking of leaving the Church, but what about your Lord?
        Ok, I am not in a denomination, but I am still talking to you, so I am not “separated” from you or pulling away from you, I am pulling to you. Whether you’re in this Church, or that Church, you are still in communication with the Lord who stands between them.
        So what happened? Did you have a relationship with the Lord? Isn’t that where the true heart of it is? I hope my comments here seem unbiased, but it is what I am curious and interested in.

      • Remember always that I enjoy our dialog. I am really grateful for your initial questions because no one had ever asked them. That meant I had never had a chance to answer them – and doing so was a great blessing.

        I am also grateful for everyone that seeks to understand spiritual things and to develop a relationship with God. Churches (organized religion) are great places to start the journey.

        When I said I left THE church – I meant the teaching of man. Church (men’s teaching) was helpful in painting a picture about God for new believers, but in order go deeper into the nature of God I was called out in order to begin learning directly from the Spirit of God. This was my calling and private instruction – and I don’t mean to imply leaving church is meant for all.

        I really enjoy discussing and dissecting the concepts myself and others have LEARNED from the Spirit – but I’m not really a fan of talking “church” or even systems of belief. I like to entertain every idea someone shares, no matter what they believe, when it relates to spiritual matters. One may say they channeled Jesus, or an alien… great – let me hear it. Another may say they read a book by one who was called apart by God. Perfect – what concepts did he share about God? For all, I simply listen and compare it to the things I’ve learned from the Spirit. If it doesn’t resonate, I simply let it go.

        What is very interesting is that the Spirit has taught me things privately that I am now hearing others proclaim publicly. And some of the concepts that were absurd when I first heard them during my quiet times are now being proclaimed openly by others. This reaffirms that I am hearing and learning correctly, which I think is the very gift of fellowship.

      • Well always remember the possibilities you may have overlooked and have passed by, and the messages God may have wanted to send. Always remember it may have been the “‘original fools'” who loved you, and carried the ‘preceding word’ for you.
        If you ever turn, look my way. Look for the fools among you.

        the more lowly.

  13. Thoughtware, I believe your right. When we learn to go to God directly, this is when He responds to us “directly” for these need no man to teach them.

    • And as you have rightly said many times, we all are in different places and use different words, but all with a love for truth are saying the same thing – God is love, and his love never fails.

  14. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

    But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering; for he that waverth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

    For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord…….

    • Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

      Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: show me thy faith without thy works, and I will show thee my faith by my works.

      Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

      But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?

      James, Chapter 2, verses 17-20, King James Version

  15. All churches, all priesthoods, all forms and all works are dead and in vain unless there is this great power of faith in action to bring to pass the mighty works of God, for “His Kingdom is not in word, but in power.”

  16. “They search the scripture, because in them they think they have eternal life. And they are they which testify of me, why don’t you come to me that you might have ETERNAL LIFE.” (see John 5:39-40) This gift of eternal life is not in the scriptures. It is in the contact of Jesus Christ in person. Only through that contact with God and Christ can one possibly be taught of God or KNOW TRUTH WHEN THEY HEAR IT.

  17. The price of truth is always the very greatest price required of those who bring it, for since the very beginning of creation man has been trying to force God into an orthodox straight-jacket. To bring one ray of truth into this world had always required a price so filled with sacrifice and tears that it could never be weighed and measured by any standards on earth, for only eternity could understand. Every church and creed is cramped into small orthodox quarters of non-expansion. It has always been so. In days of old, when any truth had been assimilated by the people and finally accepted as orthodox, or final, then God would send another prophet to bear witness of more truth. And each in turn was persecuted, reviled, rejected, and most of them were cast out and slain — then, very slowly, the truths that had cost so much would be accepted and gradually become orthodox and sealed.

    At last Christ came, and He too, paid the price of bringing light into the world — and the light He brought, in time became orthodoxed according to the bleak understandings of men’s minds.

    Then thousands more gave their lives to break the bands of darkness, and give man the right to think, to reach — to feel and live — and their vision also turned into orthodox doctrines which glorified the past but shut out the power of God from the present, and sealed the way of light to the living, and silenced the voice of the Almighty, and sealed the minds of men.

    Groups and creeds always have a tendency to become orthodox or static in their thinking, and this condition seals them into an unpliable condition that becomes fixed, and unprogressive. Life is a living, throbbing process of advancement — not static existence. Not dead decay.

    The power of God is as great today as it was when He said, “Let there be light, and there was light!” It is as great now as it was in the days of Moses when dust turned to lice, ashes to boils and the Red Sea divided at the word of a man inspired by God. His power is as great today as it was in the days of Christ when the lepers were healed, the blind made to see, the lame to walk, and in the dynamic words that have rung down the ages, “Lazarus, come forth!” The power of God did not die with the Apostles of Jesus Christ. It is still waiting to be brought forth in the heart of any man who will only open his soul to receive it, and his mind to understand.

  18. The day has come when every individual must rise from the slumber of passivity, from the orthodox complaisancy of the accepted rules and regulations of life, and reaching out, pioneer into new fields of spiritual progress — yea, new, unexplored realms of the spirit. The greatest mystery of life must be explored — Life itself. The why of it — the how of it — the glory of it — the breath-taking, unspeakable majesty and power of it. Man must learn the dignity of living — of being. He must begin to comprehend his purpose, and the sublime power of it.

    Beside this quest, the quest for a man’s soul and the power of it, and the discovery of his own true pattern of life, locked deep within himself, the atomic research will stand dwarfed and insignificant. The importance of bombers, army-tanks, battleships, submarines, ultrasonics; yea, all things on earth will shrink in comparison. In this search man will discover himself the sublime creation, and the pattern of his own divine fulfillment. He will stand undismayed before a universe of unutterable light and glory. He will know his place and walk therein in majesty for he will learn these words given centuries and centuries ago: “Therefore it is given to abide in you; the record of heaven; the Comforter; the peaceable things of immortal glory; the truth of all things; that which quickeneth all things, which maketh alive all things; that which knoweth all things, and hath all power, according to wisdom, mercy, truth, justice and judgment.”5 And he will know that these great glories locked in his own soul are his to bring forth and to use.

    He will “know the truth — and the truth will make him free,” as he takes hold of it and lives by it. We are truly stepping into a new age — an age of light, pure and brilliant, in which we will leave all retrogressive ideas and darkness behind. Oh, man, stand with me upon the very threshold of light and view its rising splendor — and know that you, yourself are the door into it…..

  19. Mind is the greatest power in the world — greater than any locomotive in existence — “For can the thing say of him that framed it, he hath not understanding, or the thing say of him that made it, he made me not?”6 A locomotive turned loosed without being controlled will run forth to its own destruction and perhaps to the destruction of many things. The same is true of a car, or of any powerful thing left to chance after its power is released. It is especially true of the human mind, for of all earthly things, mind is the most powerful.

    We are to be judged by our idle thoughts. How else could we be judged? A powerful, runaway machine going to its own destruction — a field being sowed with weeds that will grow and produce a crop that will destroy the planter.

    “Dream, dream nobly, dream manfully and your dreams will be your prophets (profits).”7 “Prophets” because they will foretell your future; also “profits” because by them you will receive the benefits.

    Christ went to the depth of all things endeavoring to teach that the mind was the power which governed man. “Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment; but I say unto you, that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment.”8 Anger — a thought or seed sown in the mind, if permitted to grow, will ripen into discord, hate, violence.

    And again: “Ye have heard it said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery; but I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.”9 He has planted the seed of transgression in his heart or mind, and the law is, that everything will produce after its kind, and after the planting comes the harvest.

    “And the Lord said, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.”10 Why the reference to the mustard seed? The mustard seed represents “The least among all seeds. But when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.”11 And again the planting, cultivating and growth is given.

    “For verily I say unto you. That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith….

  20. catch the vision of faith. To cast away idle thinking habits and stop sowing our thought-seeds with the wind only to reap the effects of a whirlwind. The beginning of faith is thinking, then planting, cultivating and finally achieving. This is the secret … Faith starts with our thoughts. Thoughts are things. They are seeds. They are substance – though they cannot be seen they are very real and very potent. In the near future it will be the true thinkers who will stand in holy places. First, we must learn to rule over our own souls.

  21. Man creates according to the power of his visualization. The higher the civilization the more developed is the power to visualize. The imagination is a God-given gift. It is the power of the mind to “image in” to the spiritual realm the seeds of desire. Modern man has visualized great things — he has brought them forth into reality. While the African of the jungle has not developed his power of visualization, consequently he is an unprogressive being. And, indeed, an African from his primitive hut would be more astonished and overwhelmed at the wonders and magnificence of one of the great cities of Europe or America than we will be at the glories of worlds farther advanced than our own — and yet, the difference may still be as extreme. Only our power to visualize can possibly prepare us even for heaven.

    “Heaven,” the word, is from the Greek “Oranus,” which means, “expansion.” “The kingdom of heaven is within you,” means that the power to reach up, to expand or to develop and grow is within us.

    When man begins to visualize the immensity and grandeur of the things in store for him, in this life, and the law of production, nothing will be impossible. When he fully realizes that he is, indeed, a son of God — a literal son — when he holds to the vision without doubt, or fear, he will become like God. The words of the Saviour will be fulfilled in all their majesty and power: “Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do.” (John 14:12-13). All things will be subdued unto him — he will come into his kingdom, his heritage. Power and dominion will be given to such a one. But it will be a dominion of love and not of hate, or greed, or destruction….

    • Very good…And…only an unconditional love for all the plan of God which includes all people will quality one for the high calling in Christ Jesus. None can be left out in our thinking for if we leave one out we exclude ourselves also, yet we will all be saved, some 30, some 60, and some 100 fold. It’s a plan which leaves the 99 and goes after the 1, so we are all completed as one….hundred….percent.

  22. As I read thoughtware’s response it reminded me similarly of my own journey through this life up until now…so I share this with you all…as I’m sure it will be as many other’s path as well.

    I grew up “going to church” on and off from early childhood…and going to many different denominations. Around the age of twenty one, I received a calling within my being to search for a love and a truth that had no geographical label or name to it. I found this calling within me for there was a desire placed within me to search from my spirit to His spirit without geographical borders and boundaries. I was to see and love all alike. I had been down the ritualistic and “traditional” route where people picked out a church which met their idea and or agenda from a “reasoning” point of view. (This is our soul (Eve) reasoning against the will of God) I didn’t see the need to any further call myself by any outward name, or label myself as being special for being associated with this or that group of isolationist people. I wanted to be free from a sectarian way of thinking of who was good or who was evil, or who was I to love and who was I to avoid?

    I received a spirit that did not want to look at another and seeing them as being right or wrong according to what their doctrine, knowledge or belief was for I saw and witnessed from these “cisterns” (churches where no life flowed) that having an attitude such as this was a stagnant and unfulfilling place for one to grow. What I witnessed in these groups, denominations and sects, (factions, parties and divisions as described in..Galatians…) was a pride of being different from others and feeling special for believing different. So for awhile I met with some people who came out of different religions seeking somewhat of a new direction from where we had been. It was quiet a mix of backgrounds, Mormon, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Church of God, Pentecostal, Etc, etc.

    This was a a great time of awakening for me as God showed me during this time of meeting with people from these various religious backgrounds that all people are His children and what I saw in these people (including myself) was that while many of us came out of “her,” the “her” had not necessarily came out of us. I came to learn a denomination is not a building or a Church or a label of some other kind such as what people may describe as a cult or a sect. “All” these nomenclatures but describe a separatist attitude within one’s heart and mind. It matters not what one calls themselves outwardly, or inwardly, as long as we see ourselves apart and better than another for having “labeling ourselves” as belonging to this “mind set” or to another, we are wrong. It is a “denomination of the heart and mind” that we cannot partake of if we are to go on into the fullness of Christ. Not all will and this is ok for all are not called to the same calling and order. All callings and orders do not require the same understanding so let us not judge the calling of another. If we are dominated by our carnal way of thinking whether we are one or one a million, we are dominated by a separatist spirit…and if we are one with the carnal mind we cannot be one with the mind of Christ. So as we grow, let others also grow from where they are
    …with our blessing and from where they are called from…as we ask the same for ourselves to be forgiven and to grow from where we were also called from.

    This describing of the systems of men was and is not a criticism of any of God’s children for it was the criticism of one church “system” faulting another that disturbed my spirit that contributed in my leaving the “systems” of the church world so to speak. There is quiet a difference in the various systems of men and the people blinded within the systems for it was God who said to “come out of her (outward church) my people” so we are all His people that have been led astray into the Babylonian systems of men of which we are to return from. (It is the “her” of our soul that we are to quit following after in reality for this is the “inward her” which follows the “outward” her.) If there is an explanation in the outward natural world it but explains something “within” us in the spiritual world.

    As God called me further into an understanding that I was not to separate myself in any way from any one other person, the book began to open up to me as I included and accepted “all” without divisions, parties and factions . As I walked into the next phase of my life where God put me on the backside of the desert in the wilderness so to speak, it was made clear to me “my church” was within me and when I was in anyone else’s presence, I was to be the same to them, believer or non believer. We must come to see that regardless of what the world or a person is around us, it should have no influence on who we are or who God is…or what spirit we are to give forth from within us.

    There comes a time when the “her” should so not be in us as to dominate our spirit. Are we to we change our attitude and love for another according to who they are or what they believe or whether they accept us or not? Of course not. Does God or Christ change because of the thousands of denominations or traditions of men? No, and if we are to be as He is we must come to conduct ourselves just as He is. Our love must be for the one as it is for the many. We must understand that when the one lost sheep was found, it again made up 100% of all the sheep, none being lost. We must leave the evil thinking traditions of men behind where heaven and hell are geographical places of bliss on the one hand and eternal torment on the other. We need to mature and see that heaven and hell are only conditions of our minds and hearts within us. When we are yet carnal, we see only the natural explanations of things in the Bible, however as we become spiritual beings, we see all things in the spirit..with the given mind of the spirit.

    We must leave the childish notion that our “knowledge” and “doctrines” of tradition somehow makes us better than the beliefs of another of having and coming from a different perspective. We each grow from wherever God calls us from…to return to Him from this journey through the death experience of being yet carnal. Whether we have made our bed in Heaven or in Hell, He is there and from wherever we are this is where we will return to Him from. Death is nothing more than being separated, ignorant and blind to God’s unconditional love. Death is our carnal natural mind which is enmity to the mind of the spirit. This is our only enemy we are to be concerned with. It is not with another for if another’s thoughts and beliefs are different from ours, we should understand as Christ said to Peter, “What is that to you, you follow me,” meaning do not not concern ourselves with the path or belief of another…God will deal with that person in his own time just as God is also dealing with us at our time of His calling us.

    Respect the other person whether that person is far behind us…or far ahead…in our own walk..for if it matters to us and we judge either way, we err in not walking in the truth…in the love of God. So we grow as we grow in Christ, in the beatitudes having left the works of the flesh of our carnal mind…in continually forgiving the condemned instead of continuing their condemnation from us which we have no business doing. If we are continually in a fault finding mindset we have not the mind of Christ. We must learn the difference in having a discernment to see…to help…instead of seeing to condemn.

    Some call those who have came out of “her” isolationist such as I have been called and ridiculed for, however let me tell you the difference in an isolationist and one who is not..for it is quiet the opposite as is all other “traditions” of men have been taught. A person who has came out of the traditions of men and has left “all” labels and denominations behind are the only ones who are one with “all” people as God is the Father of all people. Whether saint or sinner, Jew or gentile, male or female, saved or unsaved, it is God who calls each of us as he pleases. It is only the carnal minded religious ones who divide, separate and hate and kill one another in the name of God…under a pretentiousness of love by mouthing only the words and phrases, yet without love. These hide behind labels of religion and the carnality of the soul and love only those who see as they do but exclude others of different faiths. These are isolationist as islands within the sea of adversity. To be one we must be one where we look to the end of God’s plan and see all complete in Him..being one in the same spirit as our Father.

    To have the mind of Christ we must look to our brethren on their spiritual cross next to our cross just as Christ in the natural also did, regardless of why they are there.
    So, it is the love of God that we are to pursue and His likeness and all this is to be found within our temple in which we are…we need look no further.

    • Thanks for sharing this. I completely resonate with the idea that being called out of any sort of religious system is a call out of a “separation mindset”. Though I didn’t understand the idea of oneness vs separation at the time I left in 2004, looking back I completely understand it.

      I find it much easier to discuss deep spiritual concepts with those who have left the church or have never identified with one. In the understanding you shared, I can better understand why I feel this way. From your post I more clearly see that a church system corrals their “members” inside a “fence of mental belief”. If your ideas cause them to test the boundaries of this mental barrier, they feel threatened and become defensive. This is actually ironic in that the concept of God is infinite and in all eternity our ideas could never bump up against any sort of limit to his nature.

      • I always felt like something was missing being a part of a part. When I forsook “all” of the factional thinking I became one with the whole of mankind and not just with those who chose one doctrine over another, thus one person over another. When one understands the allegory of the seven churches in Revelation in the spiritual realm in understanding that all the natural symbols must be deduced to the spiritual level of understanding. One must also come to the understanding that Revelation is a book of revealing the Christ…within us, in our temple. So…”everything” we read in the natural that appears to happen without, must happen in reality within our very being for that is only where the Revelation of Jesus Christ takes place. It’s not going to do us much good if it takes place out in space somewhere or in a brick and mortar man made building. The revealing is within us, nowhere else.

        The seven churches are our progression “within” us from one stage of growth to another and the lack that was pointed out in each one is our lack in Christ as is also the progress that was pointed out in each one of the seven churches. The church of Philadelphia stands out as this was the most progressive of the seven. They were all God’s people but of varying degrees of maturity as they were of different backgrounds, cultures and religions. As we keep saying we (they) had to start from where they were called. Some were Jews, some were Israelites, some were from beliefs of Greek and Roman god’s. Some were of various other pagan backgrounds and they were varied in their knowledge and faith in their infancy in Christ…yet they understood Paul’s message of the simplicity of Christ.

        The church of Philadelphia still had sin in their life, still failed in weaknesses and made mistakes as the other churches mentioned, yet they had a maturity that set them apart that God approved of and this maturity was what God is looking for in each of us. It is that although we see the fault in ourselves as well as in others, we do not scoff, ridicule or condemn neither ourselves or others, we love in spite of the faults and mistakes we see. We forgive and ask God to strengthen others as well as ourselves, holding our sins as not accountable to us (blessed is the man whom God does not impute sin.) The church of Philadelphia came to the place of understanding that love covers a multitude of sins and they came to love one another as God loves all. This love is an unconditional love that all should have for all others in spite of one’s faults. This is what forgiving 7×70 is all about, for it has no limits just as God’s love for us has no boundaries.

        We must come to understand “the book” on a spirit level where God’s plan is a plan of redemption for all people and the only “thing” that will be destroyed is death itself which is the carnal mind of the old man of our soul realm.. or that weaker and sinful part of our being. We serve God with the newness of our spirit which rose with Christ in His resurrection just as our old man of self died on the cross with the old Adam. So let us not acknowledge the dead part of us because we are to be dead to sin, not letting it deter us from walking in the spirit. Sure he’s there but he’s dead, never to rise in our resurrection as we as the church of Philadelphia rose to the heights of God love for all in spite of the old man of sin that sought to tear down instead of build up the kingdom within. We must understand this truth of who we really are in Christ and start acting like it and put off the old man of condemnation and fault finding in thinking we better ourselves by acts and words of self righteousness.

        When we see another in faults let us pray for them in that they may be given strength to overcome their weakness’ as we ask for ourselves. Let us see down through time to their end in Christ, in their future perfect past tense of being, whole in Christ. When we see God’s plan as finished…we see all included and completed in His likeness. So why do we berate and find fault instead of encouraging and shouldering the burdens of another…wishing them to be where we want to be…as one in Christ together. This is the reality of the plan of God, all else is traditional and delusion child’s play. Let us be mature in understanding that God cannot be a God that punishes into eternity and also one who loves unconditionally. He is not both so let us leave the natural understanding of “the book” and see its symbolisms revealed and we will see a remarkable and unspeakable love of our Father that has been hidden from the wise and prudent (carnal nature of man) and revealed unto those who desire to love as God loves.

        Seeking love will lead one to the understanding of the mysteries and allegories for they only reveal love in reality, whereas one who only seeks to be wise by the letter remains bound by the letter for these seek knowledge to be wise. Love reveals all things including the lesser shadows of the thing for one who understands and obtains the love of God cares not for the knowledge of the thing…for it is better to have the thing than just know about the thing. Though we have and understand all things and do not possess the love in which knowledge only describes, we have nothing of importance. When we seek to be one with all where love covers and is in all, we see all things in the realm of reality. As we are redeemed and are returning to God Let is desire to see us “all” walking as one in the spirit of oneness seeing no one will be lost once the harvest has been complete.

        The revealings of the mysteries and allegories are nice to know and to understand and see them in part as God allows us to, but the letter in no way compares to the simple love of God within us for all the letter of the law reveals one thing..the love and the likeness of God that we are to become. All the law hangs on this one concept. So the next person you see, look at them with the understanding that they too will be with you when you stand in the likeness and character of Christ when our reality comes. Let us not worry about what we shall be like for we know that we will be like Him when He is revealed…within. Then it will be all…as promised.

  23. ill say this again mainstream christianity is kindergarden bible truth ..its level is baby scripture understanding and its not okay at those that are in agreement with it, have never learned to pray in real faith……JESUS CHRIST TEACHINGS IS THE DYNAMIC PROGRESSION OF THE SONS OF GOD!!…


    • Yes..and yes.

      The purpose in studying the scriptures should be the same as searching our soul, to seek the likeness and character of God. When we see and understand what His likeness is, we are to walk in this spirit of which there is no law. The law cannot minister truth for truth is God and it was God who gave the law through Moses. The law was a created temporary thing given to man to help guide him through the darkness and the absence of the spirit… until it came. Once the spirit came in the personification of Christ, the law became null and void because the law could only describe what was now in presence in His fullness at His resurrection. The existence of the full force of Pentecost (the giving of the spirit within) fulfilled the prophecy of the law…which is the mystery…which is the spirit of Christ within..which will guide us into all truth.

      It is not the dead letter of the law which gives life, it is the spirit, and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. The scriptures have their place however they cannot take the place of the spirit for the law is the shadow of the thing but not the thing itself. We must and will make the transition from searching the scriptures for in them we think we will find life, however the truth is not in them. Truth being the personification of all that God is which is often described as “Love” is a word that often eludes people. As much as we humans try to describe love by the law and to try to live it’s attributes by rote of knowledge, we come to the place where by trial and error…we realize it can’t be done this way…by reading “about it.

      We must remember and take note, it was Eve’s intellectual “reasoning” that led her to a quest for knowledge that she “thought” would give her life “independent” of God. Eve is nothing more than our own reasoning of our own soul…which thinks “she” knows best. Life was just fine when God had it all laid out for us, having to take no thought of right or wrong, good or bad or knowing the difference in love and hate…Then, as a result “we” reason away the simplicity of life by reasoning we know better than our Father who made us. However having pointed all this out, there was a purpose in the fall in the garden and it is all for the purpose of making us as He is. We have to learn not to intellectualize, rationalize, and debate what already is and is good.

      We are learning to not step outside the bounds of what is good for all people alike and to not take our own liberty and to go off in another direction. Trillions of beings living by the same spirit and rules is living in harmony with the plan and will of God, can we not imagine if we, as did Eve, decided to make another plan and do our own thing outside of the will of God? Trillions living in harmony with respect for the “one way” is a lot more conducive to happiness and harmony than God having to put out unnecessary fires we humans can start by our individualized disobedience. Thus was and is the need and cause for this life to be created to learn obedience in such a confined space so that when we do learn appropriate behavior by willingly submitting to it…we can truly live in freedom from the need to think we can do it better than God. God is creating us so much like Him, we think we know best without conferring with another. This works when there is only one God, however when God finishes likeness’s of Himself without number…rules have to be set for all “likeness’s” of God to function in “one” likeness and character.

      This life is not a bad thing, it’s a good thing, for even evil itself teaches us about all things good. God had to create an example, a dream, an illusion opposite of what love is to teach us what love is, for love is obedience to one way and to one will of which we do not need to rethink or intellectualize about. God is teaching us there is “no reason to reason” when everything is perfect just the way He made it before we were created. And the good news is that we will all learn this lesson in futility and we will wake up one day and be so happy our sins were all within the dream…and we really never left the reality of life..we just dreamed we did. Have we ever woke up from a dream and realized the horror of the dream and were so comforted in knowing that it was not real and had no bearing on our life when we woke from the dream? So it will be when we awake from this dream called the fall of Adam and Eve…and we will be so happy to know we learned our lesson in the dream of the illusion and not in the reality of the spirit world from which we came and which we will return. All things are good and for a good purpose…this is why God asks us to give thanks even for the evil which comes our way…for it too teaches us how to love appropriately.

      When we can come to the place where we can see that “all” things were created for one good purpose, we give thanks for our trials, test and tribulations for we know God would expose us to nothing but that which benefits us to one end..His wonderful nature of likeness and character. It’s this simple to understand God’s love for us is in knowing “all” things work together for good for those who love God. We truly can love when we see love in “all” things.

  25. “Every man should live because upon his shoulders rests a divine responsibility.” We should live with courage and without complaint, Annalee tells us. When Job began his rant to the Lord loathing the day he was born, God told him to stop complaining and reminded him of pre-existence with God. Annalee reminds us that the prophet Jeremiah was ordained even before he was in his mother’s womb. Abraham was chosen before he was born; and Christ, though he came to earth in the meridian of time – was the lamb slain from the foundation of the world!

    Your body houses your spirit that pre-existed. The body united with the spirit of man – is the soul of man. Therefore, there must be a resurrection for “souls” who experience death. That resurrection involves the restoration of man’s spirit and body in perfectness. That resurrection is a merciful “saving of souls” only made possible by the blood of Jesus Christ.

    As we contemplate our hope in the resurrection, we must seek to remember the divine contact within ourselves. That divine contact was placed in us so that we may escape the gloom and darkness that tries to enfold us even in this earthly plane. The divine contact was placed in us so that we can unfold our own pattern of existence for the glory of God. Never lose your contact with the divine! When life’s burdens seem unbearable, and you feel your prayers are too weak to be heard even by the nearest bug on the wall, let alone God Almighty – overcome the burdens by lifting up your heart and being thankful! Find something, anything, to thank Him for and soon your divine contact will flow in rhythm with the divine. “If there is no joy in you – if that song of ecstasy does not sing in your soul, you have lost contact with your own pattern of existence”, wrote the author.

  26. God desires a people who can pioneer in physical, scientific and spiritual fields. He desires mankind not only to understand the purpose of their existence, but to courageously cast out all fear — to march with their faces to the light, unwaveringly and uncomplainingly. He desires that they learn to humble themselves in great and mighty prayer that they might be a great people. No man is greater than his power to humble himself. He desires a people who can exercise faith to accomplish the things beyond human power.

    “And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even a hundred-fold, yea, more.”3

    It is not sufficient that this people live just because they are alive. It isn’t enough that they get up in the morning and eat breakfast, doing their morning assignments, eat lunch, finish their daily routine of tasks, eat dinner, relax and go to bed at night — not day after day — throughout a whole life no matter how busy that life. Anyone who lives a life like that is wasting it. Beyond the daily activities necessary to live comfortably, there must be a reaching, a desiring, a progress of the mind and soul, otherwise we are no better than the animals. They have as much.

    Every man should live because upon his shoulders rests a divine responsibility. It has been said by many: “This old world owes me a living.” That is not true. This world owes nothing to any of us. We have plundered her, robbed her, torn her jewels from her brow, bared her nakedness, feasted upon the very life of her, gouged into her very heart and at the same time continually cursed her. No man has the right to live upon this earth who does not contribute something of value in return — buildings — bridges — highways — art — melody or great understanding and kindness for every man was created to be a messenger of light and crowned with a high destiny.

  27. As one begins to comprehend and desire the gift of perfect love, he realizes that to be an instrument in the hands of the Almighty is the greatest boon possible to receive. All other desires melt before that one precious longing — to serve only God. This reverent desire contains the complete surrender of the “self”.

    It is then one knows that the perfect pattern of himself is contained in the Mind and Will of God. He knows also that this pattern, or seed, of his own perfection is also implanted within his own soul. He will want that pattern or divine seed of himself to reach its full perfection of unfoldment more than he could possibly desire any physical thing in existence. All physical desires are passing and transitory. Only that which concerns his soul is permanent and lasting. Only the completion of himself into the perfection of God’s original plan for him has any eternal significance.

    As one begins to get a glimpse of the marvel and the wonder and perfection of God’s plan, he will desire God’s will to be accomplished and fulfilled more than anything else for he will know that only God’s will is perfect. Only God’s plan is gloriously divine. One will then realize that to be an instrument in the hands of the Almighty, he must keep himself in tune with that vibration of loving praise and singing gratitude that has at last become a very part of himself. That divine Vibration must become the rhythm of his own being as he is prepared to take his place in the perfected pattern of creation.🔥🌹🙏

  28. being a woman who has found Meekness i have found divinity; she has realized the divine consciousness, and knows herself as divine. she also knows all others as divine, though they know it not themselves, being asleep and dreaming. Meekness is a divine quality, and as such is all powerful. The meek women overcomes by not resisting, and by allowing herself to be defeated she attains to the Supreme Conquest…<3

  29. The Might Of Meekness
    THE mountain bends not to the fiercest storm, but it shields the fledgling and the lamb; and though all men and women tread upon it, yet it protects them, and bears them up upon its deathless bosom. Even so is it with the meek women who, though shaken and disturbed by none, yet compassionately
    bends to shield the lowliest creature, and, though she may be despised, lifts all people up. and lovingly protects them.
    As glorious as the mountain in its silent is the divine women in her silent Meekness; like its form, her loving comparison is expansive and sublime. Truly her body, like the mountain‘s base, is fixed in the valleys and the mists; but the summit of her being is eternally bathed in cloudless glory, and lives with the Silences…<3

  30. Let those who have ears to hear, hear. You will no doubt be alarmed at me, and hold me suspect for suggesting such a thing, as being a divider, one sowing discord among brethren, but I will say this: If you are brethren in Satan, deceived and deceiving, it doesn’t matter to me…you’ll perish anyway. But if you are the Lord’s, and you are alerted to your status by what I say, then you will be saved, if you are prepared to forsake your earthly relationships and social advantages, and obey the call to come out and away.

    “In My Name” (as Christians) said Jesus, would they come to deceive, quite declaring that He, Jesus, is the Christ.

    Satan’s mission, his goal, his reason and goal is salvation. It is the salvation of this world, as it now exists. He will do it in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, if necessary. Truly, it is to his great advantage to do it in the Name of the Lord. After all, he is not known for salvation, but the Lord is. Therefore, if he comes in the name of the Lord, posing as a saviour, he will wonderfully deceive, effectively divide, more easily steal or rather, retain that which he has usurped from God. Being the prince of this world, he has ruled, and has every intention of ruling forever if possible, even though he knows he has but a short time.

    His salvation of this world is not for the world’s sake but for his own. The ultimate conclusion is destruction of all of his subjects. He won’t tell you that, but will tell you the opposite or anything else he must tell you to get you there.

    Truly, as offences must come, so faith must be tried and all must be put to the test. Will the spiritual pilgrim choose this world or the next, mammon or God? Will he forsake the things of this world and the flesh for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness? Satan is the sifter.

    • Mishai – This is the very expression of spiritual immaturity – and exactly what Jesus experienced with the Pharisees. Shall you stone us for blaspheme too?

      You do not understand the depths of satan (your own false idea of your self), nor the coming of the Kingdom of God – even though we have all tried to tell you that the Kingdom is yours if you would only seek for it from the Father and not in the teachings of men.

      And you speak very wrongly about salvation.

      For heavens sake, why not simply discuss these things rather than expose yourself in such a way? 😒

      • You lost me on that. My own false idea of myself? Wouldn’t know what you would mean by that? Have no idea what your saying. Expose myself in such a way? No idea what your saying. I think you misunderstood, that this was a play on Satatn’s strategy, exposing how he operates against you. Wasn’t a personal statement in any way.
        I’m sorry you took this in a personal fashion, but it shows something more about you than me.
        The comment is a play on spiritual realities, meant to provoke thought.
        You said you were uncomfortable talking about some things, so I don’t think you could blame me for a lack of discussion. Stone you blasphemy, are you saying your God?

    • And consider your motivation to come preaching the ways of “satan” to those who are speaking of God’s forgiveness.

      • You said you didn’t believe in Satan.? Not my issue, if you believe in Satan. Simply say so.
        Again, I didn’t realize how religious you are, I thought you hated it?? You have certainly confused me, as you said you didn’t believe in religious terminology. Nothing immature about a bland, conversation. Certainly wouldn’t see immaturity as being a right of a one sided argument???

      • Wake up, Neo.

      • Wake up to what? Don’t know the term neo.?

      • What??? Neo…the hero in the Matrix? You have seen the Matrix, right? The best movie ever made??


      • Have no problem with you. You are the example of yourself. Learn to communicate.
        I don’t live by you world. Be offended. But learn. Sorry you feel that way.



  31. When we have fear of being deceived we operate from a carnal mind..which is the influence of Satan…however when we trust and have faith in God and ask Him for His guidance , we shall have no fear of being deceived for Love cast our fear. When we quit giving this imaginary power to Satan and believe in the one sovereign God, we leave this world of confusion and enter into His rest of knowing…and living in truth…or love.

    The problem with those who are bound by the law and judge by the law are trying to climb up some other way and it is they who fear being deceived by the beliefs of others..or the fear of being mislead by what one scripture means as opposed to a seemingly contradictory one. These religious legalist will always have fear in believing a lie and being damned. There is no such thoughts and beliefs in those who are “in” Christ Jesus. Legalist believe in unrighteous judgement, criticism, condemnation and desiring judgement for others instead of mercy and forgiveness. These have “law” and judgement as their rule of what is right and wrong…and legalist judge by the natural eye of outward appearances. These are babes in Christ, full of zeal, as was Paul, but void of love.

    They have boldness but not the boldness to love and stand for Christ. These have a bold carnal legal mind, just as Paul, maiming and murdering those who were in Christ, with not only us the Bible, but with cunning deceit of eloquent speech and right sounding “words” but Paul’s heart was far from the love of God for it was steeped in religion. One must pass from mouthing the “name” of Christ and start to live in the “ nature” of Christ. One is foolish, one is wise. The first word out of a person who is influenced by the carnal, Satanic mind…is “Listen to me or you will perish.” This was the mindset of the five foolish virgins God rejected. Did not they preach to God that they used His name to spread the “word?”

    So as it was not in the words of the five foolish that disapproved them, for they spoke the same words as the five wise. The difference was one said, “Listen to me” while the ones approved by God said listen to “Him.” When one uses the word “perish” as pertaining to one’s life being snuffed out for an eternity do not listen to another word they have to say for this one is unskilled in the use of the word for if one cannot understand the difference in that “the ways” of man shall perish while the person themselves shall be saved is blind to God’s love for all. Yes, our old man will perish and when he does our “new man” in Christ shall be free from the bondage of the flesh.

    Satan has no sovereign power at all. One but has to read the book of Job for a clear understanding that Satan only works at the expressed will of God. He has absolutely no power to take matters into his own hands. Satan has his work to do in each of our lives as he did in Job’s life and if we can learn to see the benefits of being tested and tried through much tribulation we will see Christ in all things…and we will give thanks in all trials and tribulations …for we will see and understand as Job…the end of us is to be better than in our beginning for having been enlightened to the will of God. Satan took Job nowhere for himself, Satan convinced Job of nothing of Himself, for the questions and trials put to Job were at God’s discretion and direction. When we, as Job, haves been buffeted by Satan at God’s direction, we will finally come to our senses just as Job did…and when we do as He did,..we will receive our just reward as Job received his double portion.

    The plan of God is to give life and not to take it so if one believes in eternal torment and suffering this person has the mind of Satan…and the love of God is far from him. The book of Revelation is a book of revealing Christ within, not Satan within. There is a lot of meaning and truth in the phrase “ Choose you this day whom you will serve.” Pursue love and you will receive love..desire judgement instead of mercy and damnation for another and you will receive your “just” desire.

    • Sonny – I see the same “presence” in your writing as I see in Paul’s letters. Literally the same. Interesting.

      • I’ve never seen nor thought about the similarities…however the one similarity that should bind us all to one another is the quest for the love of Christ to be found and realized within us all. The disciples and the Apostles of Paul’s day…and ours should be one of the same intent. Paul loved Peter as a brother and supported him in the furtherance of the gospel. However we must learn that sometimes our love for another when they stand in a “room” and speak and lead others away from the truth as did Peter’s pretentious ways depending who’s presence he was in, did not go unnoticed by Paul. Paul could sometimes be strict and to the point when need be, however Paul had only one motive in his admonishment and correction of Peter…and that was to teach that love pertained to the Jew and the gentile…equally.

        So…I would say with Paul…that my words may come across weightier than if my presence were with them. The foundation of this site is grounded and rooted in a higher presence that can be found in the letter of the law. It has a message to be told in the spirit and not of and in the letter. We speak to two worlds..and we must for “all” transform from the one to the other. We who have gone before and have experienced much of the journey must speak plainly and take the time to give understanding that this is a journey from a dream world of illusion to reality of the spirit. The spirit of this site is to teach forgiveness for all trespasses, unconditional love for all people and to teach that “As in Adam all died so as in Christ all shall be made alive, but every man in his own order.” It goes on to say what the order is and that is the first fruits first and “then” those at His coming…saying and meaning “all” means “all.”

        I think that we agree that love surpasses all beliefs, doctrines, knowledge and opinions for all this will cease as His true substance takes effect in our being. We don’t have to know “about” something we already possess. It’s wonderful to have such a dialogue about how good things are.

      • I think that the greatest gift one can receive is the understanding that every person, every child of God will one day come into the likeness of the other…with a mutual love and respect with a oneness about ourselves that surpasses all understanding.

      • Yes. The “barrier of belief” that has imprisoned and separated us is dissolving – and we are seeing more and more clearly the light beyond. And there is power in the light.

      • I think that the greatest gift one can receive is the understanding that every person, every child of God will one day come into the likeness of the other…with a mutual love and respect with a oneness about ourselves that surpasses all understanding…..ONLY IN THE AWAKENED LOVE OF GOD IS THIS REALITY AND ITS ALWAYS BEEN AND MEANT FOR THE ETERNAL NOW!!…..CHRIST NEVER MEANT IT TO BE, AFTER YOU DIE..THATS DEVIL DOCTRINE!!!

  32. To clarify…

    Someone’s day may have been yesterday, some will be today and some tomorrow, however someday all days will have been in the past tense. My day is the day in which I am living and my resurrection is also in my “day” as we do not all live in the same natural day.

    Since we touched on the subject let me say this: The book of Revelation for example is not time specific in the spiritual realm of reality for if you were in the time of Christ, or in any “day” since the book relates to one in the day in which they live. The book of Revelation is a revelation of the Christ within so if you lived in 1 A.D., 1000 A.D. or in 2019 and understand what the day of the Lord means, the book of Revelation is not time specific, although it has a natural time line.

    When it pertains to the individual, this is your day to understand and walk in your resurrection.
    When the natural day comes attached to time when all is complete in all people this has to do with “all” natural days being finished, however each individual has their day in the now. Again, In this day for those who are called to be resurrected in Christ it is neither a natural day or a future resurrection, if you are living in the now…this is your day to be resurrected in the likeness of Christ.

    When God opens our minds to His truth and we see the light…this is our day..and we are to walk in it. There will be those on this side of the grave to have Christ fully formed in them which is the resurrection in reality. Everything happens in the book in which we are and the book of Revelation is within us and when we see the Revelation of Christ coming into fruition, we will see it in the realm of reality…all in the spiritual temple in which we are.


  33. As the Fruits of the Spirit alone can bear witness of one’s true status it must be known that only as love is developed within the soul of man can he begin to bear these precious Fruits of holiness. These Fruits are gentleness and love and humility, and the precious attributes which Christ acclaimed, as He designated Himself as the Vine, and God as the Husbandman, and Man as the humble branch. It is only from the branch that the Fruits can be brought forth. And that bringing forth of the real Fruits of the Kingdom is always accomplished in a joyous ecstasy of selfless service for the glory of God and for the benefit of man. And Joy itself is the second Fruit of the Spirit. Without it nothing can be made perfect. And joy is not an hysterical, uncontrolled display. Joy is the glory of God flowing out from the depths of the soul, in perfect control and glorious humility.

    Glory be to God for a privilege so great as being permitted to live upon this wonderful earth! And to live in this most dynamic age of all ages is an honor indeed! It is beautiful! It is glorious! It is divine!

    Those who live only in the past, carrying their moments of inspiration and divine direction along with them, with no contact with God in the present, are truly burdened with the weight of their own wornout stairways as they drag each step along with them.

    Those who live in the future, expecting it to fulfill their dreams of perfection, their hopes of glory, their desires for acknowledgment are also misplacing the dynamic impact of their creative powers in a far removed realm of accomplishment — beyond their reach.

    Thank God with all the strength of the soul for every divine whisper of comfort or instruction or information — then go on unto Perfection, as Paul directed.

  34. Our mind is a reflection of our true Self. The body serves as fear’s tool, used to deceive us into thinking we are not creators, but rather “objects” with in the creation, weak and helpless against its great power over us.

    Yet now do we recognize we are the creators of reality, and of limitless power. In this understanding our bodies can now be used to heal all and awaken sleeping minds to the truth that they are “sons and daughters” of God. No longer will our body reflect weakness…but instead the ever-expanding glory of the creator shining through us. And this beautiful light, radiating from our bodies, will open the eyes in those who sleep.

    • i touch the glory of heaven on earth and send out the love of god in my healing prayers of meditations..🌹🔥🌹

      • I am grateful for the light you joyfully share – and the beauty I know you are creating in the world.

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