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The Prayer of Light is the prayer of an awakening soul, who is aware that it’s an open door to Divinity, possessing the power of regeneration/transformation. This Prayer is given in the authority and power of our inseparable oneness with the Light of Life (Spirit of God), as we actively extend Its energetic Rays of Peace and Harmony through our thought world and into reality. It’s a transitional state of mind used by the Spirit to dissolve all illusions, resurrecting reality’s true Reflection.

At the beginning of our prodigal journey, we pray to a God we believe is separate from us. It’s a call for deliverance from a perceived state of helplessness because we believe God’s limitless power is separate from us, which causes us to accept that suffering is an inescapable part of the reality He created. In our suffering, we beckon to a far off God to help us, and consciously accept we are helpless. In so doing, we unknowingly give reality dominion over us, making it our source of truth and are easily deceived by its many voices.

Though this embryonic prayer can have some impact as it temporarily lifts the energetic vibration of a person or situation, it is greatly limited because our creative power is hidden by the lack of awareness of who we are and how we create. Yet, if we are willing to listen to the Spirit’s Voice of Truth instead of the voices of reality, the Spirit leads us out of these limiting beliefs and into our true power as a creator of reality. We begin our journey up the primordial staircase of Divine Understanding and Revelation.

As we continue to listen to the Spirit’s Voice, we learn about our true Self’s oneness with God. We learn we are a creator within the Creator, and begin to reclaim our creative power. Only the Spirit of Truth can teach that we are the master of our sphere of reality, in which we govern our mental/feeling world, body and our external reality (mind/body reality). Through the expansion of our SELF awareness, our beliefs transition into a faith that our true I Am Presence is one with the Mighty I Am Presence, which is all-powerful over the outer reality.

As a result of this increasing awareness, our prayers change. Our true SELF calls to our mind to extend Its transformative power into the mind/body reality. Through the Prayer of Light, out of the sufficiency of our true I Am Presence, we extend the Spirit’s energetic vibrations of peace and harmony into ALL of reality. We consciously shine this Living Light, knowing the Spirit of Life within is more powerful than outer appearances.

As our true I Am Presence begins to arise, pushing through the shell of illusion, our mind/body reality goes through a transitional struggle (birth, war in heaven) as reality shifts from illusions to Truth. The illusion deceptively binds our mind to our mis-creations because whatever our mind accepts as true, reality reflects back to us. Because our outer reality was once the source of our truth, lingering outer appearances of our mis-creations tempt us to remain in a state of helplessness instead of accepting the power inherent in our true Self. This temptation can be very strong as it draws upon the past and sensational outer appearances. But the Spirit of Life in us is stronger.

As we continually bring our mind back to the Prayer of Light, our mind is increasingly filled with the Spirit of Life and pulls away from the illusion it created in darkness. We return to our true Identity as reality’s governing presence in oneness with our Creator. The Living Spirit of our true SELF begins to govern our mind/body reality through divine emergence, in which the Infinite Intelligence of our true SELF transitions reality for the highest good of all. The limitless power of the Creator flows through us, ultimately revealing reality’s true expression.

Our true SELF calls to us to be still and know our SELF, that creation may be clothed in its true reflection. In the authority of our true SELF, through the Prayer of Light, we enfold reality in the Living Spirit of Peace and Harmony of our Mighty I Am Presence. All will come to accept the unified Mighty I Am Presence within, because only in recognizing our true SELF are we truly limitless, free and creators of abundant life.

“Be stilland know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10

“Those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.” ~ Psalm 34:10

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” ~ John 10:10

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

29 thoughts on “Prayer of Light

  1. It is interesting that you quoted Psalm 46:10 as this one verse was the topic of a long conversation I had just earlier today with a friend. It is such a short verse with so much hidden meaning in the context in which it is written. There is a lot to say in what it means in “being still” and letting go and “letting” God do the work in us. The sooner we learn to cease from doing so much in “our works” and simply letting the spirit of silence permeate our being we will hear so much the more in this time of stillness and silence.

    When we come to this silence where the activity of self ceases to be heard, it seems not much is going on to the outward observer but there is much to be said about this stillness for truth has filled the space where words used to be and instead an unconditional love is stilled within us. We learn to use words sparingly with no room for words which attract attention to ourselves because we wish for the attention to be settled on the way to oneness where we see no other as more or less significant.

    When we understand that the life we had with God before we came to this world, we had a very good place with no sin or lack. When God presented us with an offer of having greater blessings, freedoms and the possible ability to participate more in the expansion and the creative process of the universe, we were excited as when the sons of God shouted with the news of this greater gift. However in order to participate in this creative process we agreed to further our education in learning of how to work with the billions of others, staying out of their way as they stay out of our way while each is doing our part of making the whole complete. We must understand that no one signed up to lose a thing for God is not a Father which loses any child to His giving nature. It is our illusion of loss and of being lost which teaches us to respect the gain of our greater gift and our portion we will have gained by having passed through this university of understanding. There is absolutely no loss of any child of God once we were given life. However the illusion of loss is enough for us to understand the point God is teaching each of us. It’s like different builders building homes on lots in subdivisions. They must know where the boundaries are to each lot in order to also respect the boundary of another. Now transpose this small picture into the big picture. All the natural that we experience on this earth is but an explanation of the greater universe.

    When we have settled and attained our victories of our inner battles within and on this spec of dust we call earth, we can then move on to a canvas we have yet to measure. Love is forever expanding and forever giving in reality. Again, the fear of loss is only an illusion of loss in order to teach us how to work in harmony with billions of others in the creative process of this ever expanding universe. It is quiet a marvel to see even in part as we awaken to an undivided love to and for all. It is simply amazing…and …humbling to think of what a loving Father we have.

  2. To be still is quiet an accomplishment?

  3. to be still is to consiously create(heaven to earth)(elemental to flesh)…. universal to every point in time/space.
    love is the smallest element that is within ALL elements(souce of I AM(shared))(FATHER).

    the problem through consiousnes when it comes to beliefs, is that when you tell urself that you believe something, that is not an original BELIEF. TRUE BELIEFS come from heart(source of manifest)(future events)(devinity).
    the heart works outside of time and cannot be limited by words(mind energy).

    People mistakenly use the MIND as a means of source of belief. but it is the HEART that binds the SPIRITUAL LAWS within every person as ONE BODY… TRUE BELIEFS come from HEART, not mind. they can be felt but unexplainable.

    here is a propper prayer using the BELIEFS of the heart.

    I Pray to my higher Being to use the element that i am to fullfill my Most inner needs.
    I trust that the events I experience shall be Pleasant and Fullfilling.
    Any weaknessess that I think I have shall be turned into my GREATEST strengths
    I trust that ALL THAT IS is within me and I am constantly REBORN
    I accept full responsibility on all sides of my life.
    Love And Creativity shall guide me through HEART
    I shall forgive all Judgements for I know that they are within me

  4. each and every prayer we bind ourselves to, affects every event on earth.
    the source of manifest is from our spiritualself(father)(as each person reflects some aspect of what is in our own heart)
    it is when we come togther as elements do, is how we recognize that of which flows through us(one fatherly consiousness).

    each person is an element of our own heart. when we give to each elementa(the christ side in us all), we bring out our own gifts as the spirit within us all brings us together(PEACE to all mankind). this cannot be achieves through religion. a religon is based on earth and is not of the spirit.
    money and government laws are not aligned with our own hearts. it is when we set ourselves free, will we give oursleves the ability to ALIGN(awalken) with the spirit(shared in all)(no longer hijacked by cooperations).

  5. Beware the outer appearance world. With signs and wonders it attempts to deceive you into believing you are helpless against it.

    You have the power to remove ALL appearances that reflect anything contrary to your knowledge of truth.

    Use this power to create divine harmony by mentally shining your peace to others.

    What you give you receive.

    Be a peace maker.

    Kingdom come.

  6. Not one mention of the name of Jesus the Christ…….. This is all new age, humanistic kingdom now theology, the exaltation of self whom we are scriptually to be “dead” to and alive in Christ. Sounds very palatable to those who know not the scripture. To those who have itching ears that desire to be tickled with an ego/self building narcissistic supply. In these last days satan would decieve the “very elect” were it possible. But for those who know Hods word it is not. However for anyone to accept this cultish rhetoric is to self exclude themselves from the true kingdom of God. Your message as the years have gone by has become more and more an exaltation of self and farther and farther away from the truth. May God the Father thru HIS son The Lord and savior Christ Jesus reveal HIS truth to you and call you to repentance. You are at this point the blind leading the blind. I truly pray you repent….

  7. christ is part of I AM, and satan is a part of christ. each is part of a law. the SON is the I AM…

    we cant use christ or any other name any more to see judgement i the world, or you become what you see in others. people use truth to turn against truth. but it is the strenght is the OVER ALL of all of us, that will give even you(through religon), the ability to see that of which you seek. we give you what you want us to. and to reject us for christ is to turn against christ and give to the satan within. we cant live in fear.
    NEW AGE is a means of a christian to hold onto judgements as they themselves do not hold to the same truth in which they seek.

  8. there is a mention of christ. but most turn christ into one man. christ is part of the law of opposing forces. when we say NEW AGE, that is the opposing as christians are blind in their own truths.
    the real truth comes from the ETERNAL which flows through all of us. and even Isael is part of our own being as we still have parts of self that turn against self(we are all one).

    it is us the peacemakers that will remove religion, and bring back the original laws in which religions do not teach.
    we are all ONE BODY.. there is a challange,,, and the world will reflect the truth we create in ourselves(through the laws).
    not as individuals, but as ETERNAL BROTHERS…..

  9. Our true I Am Presence is the Christ. The understanding of our true I Am Presence is the understanding of “Christ is within us”.

    This Spirit of God was in Jesus … and this same Spirit is in us, though most are asleep and unaware of who they are in Truth. As a creator within a Creator, whatever we are conscious of being, we are and we express. So until we awaken to the Truth of who we are and that “Christ” is within us, we accept a false image of our self, others, and our Father, God.

    Jesus came teaching us, as his brothers/sisters of One Father/One Spirit, who we are, yet this message can’t be received from outside of us through our outer reality, it can only come from within from the Spirit of Truth, as I mentioned in this post. The false image of the self (ego self) that upholds a belief-system based on separation and accepts the outer reality as its source of Truth can’t receive this Truth of oneness because it counters what it believes to be true as a separate and sinful self with a will contrary to God, all illusions of a sleeping (embryonic) mind. Only the Spirit of Truth from within and beyond all illusions and the outer reality, can teach us the Truth of who we are. (Matthew 16:16-17, John 14:26)

    We all begin asleep and unaware, but as we answer the call of our true Self (the Christ within) and seek the Truth from this Spirit of Truth, and not the outer reality (including organized religions), we come to know our true I Am Presence, the Christ, in which we are all of one Spirit that is of God.

  10. Adding to Rachel’s beautiful words…

    Truth within reveals a different understanding of “self”, even that the self we possess is not our own, but shared with all and flowing in all. And, most importantly, this Self flows in all because it is the very LIFE of God in us, his “wholeness” that reveals we are fractal expressions of the fullness of God. This can help shed light on the deeper meaning of “Son of God”.

    With this awareness comes the revelation that we are not creatures, but creators! We are not an effect, but the cause of every manifested experience in our reality. Our power is in our thoughts, which the outer appearance world has deceived us into believing are powerless. Since thoughts are not bound by time and space, they appear to have no affect in a reality framed by time and space. And here we see the reason we were deceived into freely giving our authority to creation.

    But now we see that creation does not think, it is only the LIFE of God (the Self, the I AM Presence), that can think. The Spirit of Truth reveals our power through the divine knowledge that we are the open doors for God’s thought, by which we are also creators of perfection. God’s thought flows through us, giving creation the attributes of the creator. We comprehend that we are both Son of Man and Son of God, possessing a Self that enlivens us with “individuality”, yet extends into the very atomic frequency of all creation, becoming all in all. Not us, but God in us.

    Because God is ONE, we recognize there is only one Self, yet possessing infinite expressions of individuality through the mechanism of finite conscious awareness. And it is this divinely imposed “limitation” upon our minds that is our gift of infinite worth, for only by the limited awareness of our conscious mind can we experience the divine joy inherent in the ability to create and experience perfection.

    As God’s perfect wisdom flows through us in our thoughts, their WORD creates time and space (the construct of the outer appearance world) in ways that reflect the beauty of its perfection, full of joy, peace and abundant abundance. We step into our power as peacemakers when we become aware that we are open gates for divine thought and able to call forth this power into all of creation. This is the true reflection of Self and the better understanding of Son of God.

    The revelation of Truth, made visible by the awakened Sons of God in the outer appearance world will greatly exceed anything of beauty, joy and power currently reflected in reality. And those who still sleep and look to the outer appearance world for these things, will be amazed at that which is revealed. The divinely created outer appearance world will be used to help the sleepers recognize their Self, and comprehend that they have created their own suffering through the mis-creations that accompany darkened thoughts of unawareness.

    • Some very powerful revelations reflected in your words that as they are deeply received into our conscious awareness, awaken us to our true power, ultimately bringing about creation’s freedom from a reality of illusions.

      Our state of mind is the cause to reality, such that reality is the mirror of our mind. If our mind is full of darkness (lack of Truth), then reality is absent of the divine attributes, which are the reflection of Truth. As our mind is illuminated with the Light of Truth, reality transforms, revealing its true Expression of Perfection.

    • Love your comments on “Son of God.” In your following paragraph:

      “With this awareness comes the revelation that we are not creatures, but creators! We are not an effect, but the cause of every manifested experience in our reality. Our power is in our thoughts, which the outer appearance world has deceived us into believing are powerless. Since thoughts are not bound by time and space, they appear to have no affect in a reality framed by time and space. And here we see the reason we were deceived into freely giving our authority to creation.” End quote.

      I see a person who makes it to the high calling in Christ Jesus is the “effect” of all of our trials, test and tribulations (causes and affects) which condition us to come to this state of being if God be so kind as to allow us this maturity at this earlier time…for the “book” will not be opened to all t this same time. The same maturity comes to all but the “Sons of God” calling is an earlier maturing of the harvest just as the rest for the first fruits were gathered from the same field. “Teachers” must first be matured to teach others the very same principles of the nature of Christ. . As I understand it Thoughtware, all of our journey to this state of mind is what causes the end result or the effect. Affect is the verb or the action of the effect, the noun. The noun or effect… being the “Son of God” which we will become “if” so matured earlier in the time of the complete harvest.

      I think I am following your logic and sequence of progression for we can be of no “effect” (Son of God) until we arrive by the “affect” or all the causes and experiences in our life that will bring us to the effect, the matured Son of God character. I think I see you saying that we are not an effect “now” because we are in an unfinished state of being for it is God who chooses who the first fruits (Sons) will be and then those who are chosen to come after. We are in agreement that we will all be sons and come to the effect by the affect but whether we are the first fruits or not no one knows but the Father, for many have the knowledge of it, but using myself as an example, I know what a Son of God is, in the harvest of the first fruit and then those coming after, but as much as I think I know and understand about God’s plan, I cannot give myself the honor, it must be earned by obedience to the end…of my carnal self.

      Some will be chosen early just as in in the sheaf offering and some will be left to be harvested afterward. However, I pray that if I should not make it to this high calling in Christ Jesus, I know that God will have His number and there will be others that will complete this calling. If I do or do not I pray that perhaps others I know will, perhaps you will..and if I don’t and for example you do, I should be just as happy that God’s plan is being completed according to His will..and not mine. It will take a most humble and kind spirit to achieve this level of maturity and it will most assuredly come to every last one of us, for this is His promise to us. Self, or ego must be completely revealed and taken out of the way, the man of sin.

      In God’s mind, His plan is as though it has already been completed, so we must let this mind be in us which is also is Christ Jesus…and His Fathers. We “three” then…are one.

      Good words, good thoughts and a very good topic.

      It is all good…and we are all good when the verb completes the noun. 🙂 You think?

    • You once described the “narrow path”, (which I believe you also term The High Calling) as a Job experience we must all endure. I always resonated with your insight and found it true in my experience.

      Always am I grateful for my journey, but I also recognize that my journey caused a life of suffering. (I know you are also familiar with suffering). Yet so too were we always able to bear it, that our minds might be motivated to ask the deeper questions necessary to uncover the hidden truth. Since truth always is, the “seekers” endure a journey of “loss” as layers of darkness within the mind are peeled away such that the mind may comprehend the light. This is another way of saying that the struggles along the narrow path prepare the mind to receive truth. Those who are not of the “high calling” are deceived into believing that truth can be readily accepted by an unprepared mind. Saying this another way, these do not realize they are poor, blind and naked.

      And what does the light reveal? What is it that awaits for us at the journey’s end? Since we are promised “seek and you shall find”, what is it that is found? And lastly, once we have found that which we seek, do we keep seeking as if we have not obtained what was sought?

      The upward spiraling path into truth leads ultimately to the understanding of WHOLENESS. Truth is whole and in it is no separation or division. This understanding can not come though any guidance found in the outer world, for only the Spirit of Truth can lead the mind to this understanding. When this understanding is obtained, seeking stops and LIFE begins. New awareness comes through revelation as the “individualized, finite mind” begins its eternal expansion into the comprehension of Truth within the limitless mind of God.

      I do not know why some seek to understand the truth as taught directly from the Spirit, often for decades and without interruption, while others have a desire for God, but not the Truth. I have been taught that God plants this desire in some, that what they receive may be given to all. Again, the path of the Truth Seeker is very difficult and full of inner suffering as one is peeled away from the world. Yet our suffering is borne for all, that those in the world may be rescued through what we have attained.

      Yet rescued is not the best word, for it is better to think of the idea that we are able to give the sleepers LIFE. In oneness, we discover we are all connected through mind, as every human being is an “individualized consciousness center” within the mind of God. Therefore, in much the same way that plugging in a strand of lights enables ALL lights to shine, so too does the life we receive flow to all.

      Life is coming, and the consciousness of man is beginning to fill with Truth. Time is only an illusion of this reality, and while it may appear that some come to life before others, in TRUTH all are fully awakened and perfect (divine) now. Truth is timeless and only NOW exists. Therefore, we are experiencing the instant of LIFE coming to the Sons of God, which is the individualized expressions of his Self. Consequently, everything is playing out in divine orchestration in the perfection of equality (oneness).

      Now with regard to cause and effect, I was speaking of the projections we experience in the outer appearance world. We are the creators (cause) of everything that we experience, in the same way that light is the cause of that which is projected. As we come to a deeper understanding of our creative power, we will be able to CHANGE the projections experienced by others in the outer appearance world. It is by these divinely created projections, caused by divine thought, that others who sleep will be made ready for truth, awakening them to the proper understanding of God’s oneness with the Self.

      Lastly, Truth is self evident, and with truth there is no deception. Only in darkness can truth be self-interpreted, breeding a belief in deception. When the Sons of God shine LIFE, it will be recognized as LOVE. LOVE can not deceive, nor can evil be disguised as LOVE.

      • When we search for truth, if there is not any condemnation in it for anyone or anything, we will find it (uncover it) much sooner with a clarity that we cannot otherwise see. As you say and I agree love “IS” and covers all. Regardless of the calling or the gifts granted an individual, it is still the very same God who covers all in the very same love as all of creation. It is a blessing as our vanity and carnal nature falls away revealing what has always been our true nature which we came into this life with and will also leave with. When we go to bed at night we awake with the same body as before we dreamed all kinds of illusions and delusions. As such in parallel…this life is our dream state with many false illusions that although we may think is reality, it is not. I understand and can see that your and Rachel’s understanding is an understanding such as mine that there is no love lost nor any loss of The gift of life given us before the world was. It is our individual journey that God directs us through and though our calling and order may be different than another, it is the same love that saturates us equally for God is not many but one.

        Evil is just part of the dream which we are not a part of in reality, nor will never be. I know you see this as well, this is easily discernible. There is peace in knowing that one day all will awake from this dream, God having meant no harm to any. This journey to our enlightened minds, is just a life lesson in learning the oneness of God’s love…His character. He wants us to have all of His likeness, in character and in being creators as He does it. So does it not stand to reason we are here for just a short lesson in what it would be like if we all did our own thing? As we look around us, it is just a lesson in not staying in the oneness and harmony of the rules of the kingdom. The carnal evil nature rules man to a boundary set by God and when we understand the destruction we can cause by doing our own will…we will gladly return to His will..understanding what the unity of love is.

        As far as our suffering and as excruciating as it can be at is only love breaking through from our experiences of these beneficial sufferings. When we learn to be still…and let the Journey unfold by waiting on God to peel back the layers of self, revealing the man of sin, do we see the value in all things. Seeing that God’s love has never been lost to any nor will ever be lost to any individual gives us a peace beyond description. Sure we discuss the methodology of God’s direction for us however, when we know the end of us, (or the continuation of us) we forgive the events of the journey and our errors in judgment become inconsequential to one another. Love cancels all debts. You guys have a good day. Always a pleasure.

      • You said, “There is peace in knowing that one day all will awake from this dream, God having meant no harm to any”.

        I think this perfectly sums up the true meaning of peace.

        Thanks Sonny, enjoyed your insights…

      • Thoughtware, as I reread your reply again with much pleasure as I totally relate to this perspective this paragraph gave me pause and meditation.

        “I do not know why some seek to understand the truth as taught directly from the Spirit, often for decades and without interruption, while others have a desire for God, but not the Truth. I have been taught that God plants this desire in some, that what they receive may be given to all. Again, the path of the Truth Seeker is very difficult and full of inner suffering as one is peeled away from the world. Yet our suffering is borne for all, that those in the world may be rescued through what we have attained.” End quote.”

        For one, the higher the calling the higher the experience or “education” is required. Those who attain to the high calling in Christ Jesus must also suffer in all points as Jesus did…so that we, as He may understand how to succor all people in all things. There is less or more suffering according to how much we are to know and understand. There are three levels or three heavens so to speak and what is expected for one is not necessarily expected of another. “More known more required.”

        I think the level of suffering one goes through is the same as the level and number of experiences one is willing to accept…knowing that these experiences (we had rather avoid) are the very sacrifices we are “willing” to make and “suffer” in order to give our best understanding and love to others. A life that commits itself to accepting this suffrage quietly and without murmuring and complaining (as did Israel in their wilderness journey) will reap the benefits of accepting whatever comes our way…knowing our experiences are ordered and given with the utmost love of our Father. When we come to know the depths and the mind of God, we submit to His Love in whatever way he deems necessary.

        All that Our Father gives..and all that we endure…is that we “all” will come to the likeness of Himself. There must be a first fruits, a first harvest, the Son’s for this is the predestinated plan that God envisioned to bring forth all people in sequence of calling to our order. First the firstborn to bring about the few, that the few will bring forth the many. It’s all going exactly to plan, nothing is off course nor is anything delayed. There is nothing at all to fear when we understanding there is no fear in the love of God…so the sooner we get “in” God the sooner we cease from all fear. Fear is of the unknown so let us learn to know love, to know God..where no fear exist. Now we just have to “be still” and wait for the inevitable love of God to appear as we awake into all that is reality. Can we come to appreciate and have gratitude in all that we suffer? if we can we have understanding.

      • Yes, an “order” as you describe it would be necessary, in the same way that all living things must grow in accordance to the law of perfection. Without order, there would be chaos rather than life.

        For me, the suffering encountered on the journey for Truth surprised me. Decades ago when Ray and I began our search, we set out to know truth such that we could be “free” of suffering. Discovering that our journey only led deeper into suffering was a source of confusion for many years.

        And another thing, always was our “suffering” experienced only as a potential, and never in a way that caused harm in our present moment. It was a mental anguish that plagued us, sometimes leading one or both of us into strange periods of darkness and self-loathing. Mental battles against a seemingly unending stream of invisible assailants. We sought for light, and seemed only to find outer darkness.

        Yet, (and I know you are aware of all this), I was surprised that no matter how hopeless our struggle appeared to be, our desire to seek continued to grow, as did the amount of peaceful time given us for this purpose. As the years went by we realized that our suffering was always “mental”, never actually entering our physical reality. The perspective of years revealed that the images of disaster and lovelessness never materialized and we only ever experienced growing peace.

        Eventually we understood that the transition from a reality created through our belief in separation, to a reality created in the awareness of divine harmony creates significant mental turbulence. Beliefs are not relinquished so easily, and the mind must be properly prepared through instruction. Even so, the price for this instruction is mental tribulation, which manifests as a form of intense inner suffering.

        I know now that everyone who walks the path endures the bitter companionship of loneliness, rejection and depression. And I rejoice in those who seek the truth with all their strength, knowing what they have endured, and what they have overcome.

  11. Adding to Rachel…and Thoughtware’s comments on what Christ is…and simple terms. May I add that Christ is not an intellectual word, for Christ is a “way” of thinking, saying and doing. It is a becoming. If a person went through their days and weeks and never said a particular word like, God, Yahweh, Christ or any other description of our Heavenly Father this is not what defines us as a “ Christian” for what defines us is the “spirit” of Christ within us that is a living breathing likeness of our Father. There is the “name” Christ which in our very own bible it tells us that even devils believe and can speak the written word to defend their own agenda and goals of self promotion and so with a little contextual “spiritual “ discernment one can understand that the word name means nothing in comparison to what “name” really means in the Hebrew language. It means that we do things in the “nature” of Christ to be accepted into the realm of a higher understanding. There is nothing in playing word games about facts and fictions, it is in the reality of moving into having a relationship in thought…in word…and in deed with our Father. There is no benefit in any of us trying to convince another of our intellect for our intellect has absolutely nothing to do with maturity. If intellect was the prerequisite for gaining access to a better relationship with our Father then welcome to the world of religious facts and figures. Is it not the humble and simple desire to be kind, forgiving and compassionate toward others which qualify us to move further into the maturity and “nature” of Christ?

    Again and in summary, the point is, saying the name “Christ” in every sentence we speak or in every article we may write, is not righteousness, righteousness is in the way of presenting ourselves to others in His “nature,” which requires no diploma nor even an acknowledgement from our peers.
    If our intent and desire is not in following after this “way” of obtaining an unconditional love and forgiveness in nature toward others regardless of who they are, we remain in the captivity of our own vein, carnal mind.
    In writing our views and thoughts I understand they can be easily misconstrued and misinterpreted for we can not see the intent and demeanor of the presenter, never the less, we do not seek approval from one another, we seek to please the one that matters and if we can develop this honest relationship, we can withstand the verbal…written, and silent..rebuke of a child for though what we say may be of the best of our intention…we do just that…we intend to please by giving flattering lip service to no one for if another is of understanding of the “way” there be no need of explanation to these. Peter loved Paul and Paul loved Peter, and because of this genuine concern for the truth Paul used some pretty straightforward words to Peter in front of all. Did Paul rebuke Peter out of love or condemnation or to embarrass him in front of others? With Paul as it should be with us, we only desire to have one will with one intent…and that is to please the Father speaking truth in love and if one cannot discern the difference, let us give it no concern in the moment for one will get it when they mature further. This is between them and God for the when. We owe no apology to anyone for their own immature, being afraid to speak plainly because of the fear of being misunderstood and trying not to offend. Truth offends our carnal natures, and if it does it needs offending…and as the guilt settled in over Peter so it does with all of us. Guilt is good if guilt corrects as it did Peter. Paul had no intention whatsoever of condemning anyone, especially one of His closest friends in Christ however Paul understood and knew that Peter would take his correction in the spirit in which it was given if there was anything genuine in Peter ….and Peter was corrected, and humbled by the “offensive” words and admonishing from Paul. To the outlier and immature Paul was rude and condescending , but to the honest and true believers…and the humble minded, Paul said every word in love and for the benefit of all who heard Him. As one’s word sparks another…and then another….let us all do it in the same spirit and nature of Christ. We receive love as we recognize what love is. Love has one purpose and one intent only and that is to know that …no sin…we see in another is permission to condemn them but to love that person unconditionally whether they are jealous of our truths, or whether they love us or hate us. It makes no difference for we serve a higher spirit which is truth, which is love, which is our Father. There is as much said in the silence as there is in the word of another. The intent and love of Paul toward Peter was not altered by those who were listening to the dialogue between the two, whether Jew or gentile. Let us be so kind with our intent and choice of our words and if the truth seems offensive when we need to speak plainly to the unkind and to those immature adolescents that just don’t get it, let us examine ourselves as did Peter…and repent Of our foolishness.

    God is good and all things From Him is of one intent in Christ..and that is the maturing of all in the “nature” and likeness of Christ. The word “all” is self explanatory, in that it leaves out no one and our every intent, thought and word must be given with one intent…to see all complete in Christ. Two people can say the exact same phrase with two different intents. Let our every word be with the intent that all receive the love of God without exception. Amen

  12. What is divine humility and how is its importance demonstrated in conscious creation?

    Humility is not an act of will, that is to say a mindset used to govern a mental state. Humility, to be properly understood, must be recognized in the light of conscious creation, for it is the truth-filled awareness of mind which accompanies the untainted projection of divine will. Therefore we must first become familiar with the base tenants of conscious creation, that the awareness of humility can be better understood.

    The human mind is a projector of sorts, able to transmute thought into feeling which is the energetic power that creates reality in ways that reflect this frequency (feeling) back to the mind. Our conscious awareness, which is the finite (or individualized) aspect of the ONE mind, is responsible for thought projection, while the supra-conscious mind (Christ) creates the specific and tangible projections we experience in reality. Since our conscious mind is not aware of how or what the Christ mind creates, we initially believe “something other than ourself” created the reality we experience, be it a separate god-being, mother nature or even a random event in the outer world.

    When our mind is unaware of its creative power it is said to be “asleep”. In sleep the mind projects its thoughts without regard to their effect in reality because it believes its thoughts are private. Yet in truth, ALL thought is projected into reality by the feelings these thoughts create, which feelings are then manifested into a shared reality experienced by the ONE mind.

    If a “consciousness center” (human being) within the one mind cycles thoughts that project feelings of anger, reality will reflect experiences that “create” anger within the mind. So too with any feelings so projected. This is important in regards to the proper understanding of humility because the feelings created by thought may be reflected into the reality of a different “consciousness-center” than the one that initially projected them. Saying this more simply, if our thoughts create anger within us, we will also cause others to experience situations in which they become angry.

    Thus we see, because of the oneness of mind, our thoughts create experiences that manifest in the realities of others, in addition to our own. What we create we give to all. When light fills our awareness and we consciously dwell on truth-filled thoughts, we create feelings of joy, peace, health, abundance and power which project into our shared reality. These associated feelings are the colors of divine love’s light, and go forth to create experiences of divine harmony in the realities of those who yet sleep.

    This awareness is the meaning of humility. When we grow in the understanding that it is not us, but God in us that creates, we project our thoughts into a shared reality such that Christ (the supra-conscious, singular, most high aspect of mind) may manifest the associated feelings in ways that reflect divine harmony for all, according to the perfect working of divine love. When we awaken to the true understanding of humility we recognize that our conscious projection of truth/light creates circumstances divinely orchestrated to lift others up and out of the darkness of their own mis-creations.

    For in Christ we are given truth-filled thoughts sufficient to create glory for others, who will likely never be aware that our own “consciousness center” was the source of the glory they receive. And in this awareness we also rejoice, for we shall experience an abundance of that which we humbly and joyously give to all.

    • Your words brought this verse to mind:

      John 15:5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.

      Your words give a beautifully rich insight into the teaching of Jesus that we are the branch and “the Christ” is the vine.

      The divine humility, in which you described, reflects the way in which God creates – thus being a fractal of his likeness, we create in the same divine humility.

  13. The Beauty of the FLAME..
    The human body is only in-formation to embody information. It is only a testing apparatus in this realm in which we use to come into full stature. It is a divine machine which has systems such as the nervous system, respiratory system, and endocrine system, just to name a few. These systems serve the purpose of being a lie detector test. When the police administer a lie detector test, they never determine if you are telling a lie based on the words you speak. The lie detector test determines if you are speaking truth based on factors such as your heart rate increasing. This is the same way God designed our bodies. We can say we trust God but if your heart rate increases and you are nervous which can produce sweaty palms then the temple testifies that you really don’t trust God. You can speak as if you trust HIM, yet your heart is not palpitating in accordance with this. You worship with your mouth yet your heart is far from HIM. This indicates that we were once on autopilot being driven in darkness by the memory and programs of the flesh or the deceptively governed temple.

    There was a mindset of obscurity which conformed our bodies but once we are quickened, a new mindset comes in and we must bring our body into subjection according to it. This is why Paul said, “I am trying to do good but there’s a law in my members warring against the law of my mind.
    Even though we receive revelation and truths via the mindset of Christ, our tolerance levels and nervous systems were conformed to our former beliefs. As we detox this old belief system from the body, it causes what humans refer to as pain. Pain is simply a contrast between a body that was conformed to a mindset of error and the divine mindset that the temple was created to operate in. As we detox the organs of the heavenly temple and put on the new, it creates what we refer to as pain.
    The King gives us HIS mindset! We all know that Kings have subjects, so with this Royal Mindset we bring the body into subject-ion. We only experience pain/Hell, because of the beliefs we integrated into the temple. Now we must walk back through hell to get back to genesis. We took on an incorrect mindset and now we must take it off. This is truly not pain but simply becoming naked as Adam or Eve before they were clothed in fig leaves or fig-ments of their imagination. Just as an infant holds on to things he thins that he thinks is good for him, we are shaken and tapped on the hand until we let those things go!
    The secret to life is death. The overcoming of the temple governed by the old man in order to come onto the new. A detoxing!

    I embrace the flame. It burns so sweet. My body longs it. I yearn for this flame so that i arise from the ashes anew. I am willing to die for Love.

    • Thoughtware,

      In reading your 6:50 pm comment…I can so relate in thinking as I matured and am becoming “perfected” I would and will gain a certain amount of peace in this world…however the testing as in the outward World grew more challenging and turbulent “as” more peace and understanding came to me within. This is not to say there were and are less battles to overcome within but as the battles are fought and won…we come closer to our war’s end. I think we have many battles in our promised land to overcome before the complete war is won as did the Israelites in the land of Canaan for there were seven “ites” in the land to overcome. So we have seven (meaning our complete man of sin) ites within us that must be put to death before we reach our last battle which is on Mount Zion where David fought the last battle with the last “ite” and where the temple was finally established. So it is with us, it will be a battle within until we reach our Mount Zion.

      I think the battles are with us until we overcome to the end of our earthly life. As I look at the life of Christ, of Paul being beaten 5 times and stoned and left for dead, John being boiled in oil…none finding peace “without” in this world but finding the peace of God within…it lets me know why God said He would do a quick work in us. Understanding this, let our hearts go out to all, sinner and saint alike and pray for their maturity to come quickly and without delay also. This earthly life is said to be short and it most certainly is…and if we looked at it truthfully the shortness should be understood to be a blessing and nothing to be mourned or feared.

      Our comfort and peace is in sharing these truths with those who God has likewise revealed Himself to them as well, and even if our world stayed small with few like souls…we are not alone for the “one” sustains us to the participating of seeing the salvation of all. In understanding God’s plan for the ages, it does give one comfort even though we may not get it from those lacking (at this time) in this present truth. I am 68 now and I can remember when in my early twenties having this same understanding as I do now, I thought that by the time I was forty, I should have all things wrapped up by then. How. I h did I know? 🙂 I’ve learned so much as I passed my perceived benchmark, and one thing I learned is that a long and slow lesson learned is one not soon forgotten. I do believe this life is a short work and God will take us when His work is done in us. I don’t think we will be hanging around much longer after our last battle with our last “ite” is over. This is because paradise awaits us in mind and in spirit…apart from this body. I do believe we will receive a new body as did Christ as He appeared to the two on the road after His resurrection and to those in the upper room.

      There have been many times I just wanted to slip away into my quiet aloneness not wanting to worry about who is thinking what…however we must do and say what we believe with no “intent” to do any harm. Those who see will see and those who don’t, eventually will…one day. What gives me the ability to live through the tough trials and test is in knowing that every single thing I experience, “especially” the evil is for my ultimate good. I don’t know how we could survive believing God is anything but pure love. If there was a possibility as many people believe that there is a power that could thwart God’s plan, where would our faith and trust really be? I believe in one true and sovereign God that is in full control of my every thought and daily life. God planned what was to be and how it was to be…before there was ever a planet earth. There is nothing left to chance for, God was, is, and will always be the same…and we will forever be the same as He is with Him.

      So to you, Rachel and to all others who read these lines…we are already living in our eternal life. We just had to take a little detour to learn a few things about what to do in our life to be. It really is..all good.
      Thanks for the discussion. It too…is part of the all good.

      • As I read the scripture, I realize
        that everyone had different levels of faith in the scripture. There was an instance I recall in which Jesus referred to one as “ye of little faith.” There was another instance in which Jesus says, “Go your faith has made you whole.” There was another instance in which, Jesus told the Centurion, I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS MUCH FAITH!” When Jesus gets to Tony He will say, “YOUR FAITH EXCEEDS THEM ALL!” This faith is the same level of faith in which Enoch was translated so that he did not see death. There is a Holy War going on, but it is He that fights for you which indicates a surrendering! Taking off your shoes and realizing that you are on holy ground is a realization of surrender within itself. Most never reach Completion because they apply revelation to the character or the strongman instead of realizing that revelations are only tellings of what lies underneath the character. I have seen the promised land! You can render all of your revelations into an image of Christ or you can sur-render into HIS IMAGE. The Giants are as grasshoppers! We have built our lives around speaking of truth yet the truth is only what already is! At what point does one do greater things such as the healing and casting out of demons such as the disciples did!? Do we really believe these things can be done or do we just read them as parables in which they are as well? Scripture says, you will receive POWER when the Holy spirit has come upon you and many believe this just speaks of talking! They have a form of godliness but deny the power! The kingdom is not in word but in power! Truths are only intergrated into our being to reveal the power of God which was placed in us via HIS Spirit. It would be different if I was asking of these things but I have done these greater things! Im in Canaan with a faith that exceeds the Centurion’s. I don’t fight, I yield and die! I was promised some land and it won’t take my WHOLE life to get it. Selah. These giants are as ants! In my Testimony, I heard the audible voice of God! If you see me in battle with the giants, you should be concerned about the Giants! I serve the almighty.
        I heard His audible voice during my n.d.e. I know what I Am here to do! Even at my weak points, I AM the strongest. My faith is my shield and the truth is my sword; Yet the power of God is not a myth! Selah!

      • Interesting, as I was just meditating on POWER this morning. Faith, I believe, can best be understood as a current awareness of the POWER inherent in truth. As you said Tony, TRUTH ALWAYS IS and therefore when we perceive anything not of truth it is only because we have consciously given an illusion the POWER to HIDE truth. Therefore as we awaken we realize we can remove our power from the illusion, which must then REVEAL the pre-existent truth.

        Our struggles, as I am understanding them more clearly, are always a wrestling with POWERS. For example, if we have given our power to the illusion of illness, then the TRUTH of our perfect health remains hidden from our conscious awareness. Healing could never be anything other than revealing the TRUTH through the conscious removal of our power from the lie of illness. When we perceive that TRUTH is of God and therefore ALL POWERFUL, we realize that we have made illusions APPEAR real because we have mentally imbued them with the POWER of God that flows through us.

        This is no small thing, and illusions can appear VERY real through the mental acceptance of their power over truth. I believe this is the deeper meaning of the saying “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against POWERS”. In our lack of faith we unknowingly give our power to every untruthful miscreation and make it appear real and immovable. As we grow in faith we grow in the understanding that the light of TRUTH can not be hidden. We grow likewise in our mental ability to withdraw our power from illusions, that the TRUTH behind them will be revealed. This revealing is by the power of Christ in us and it is by REVELATION (revealing) that the kingdom will appear before men.

        If we assume a false humility, we accept that we are unable to wrestle with illusions and reclaim our power. Do we believe humility means we are weak and must “wait on God” to rescue us from helplessness? Then we have inadvertently given power to our own helplessness by accepting that Truth is not present now. God is NOW and our resurrection must likewise be now. We are the overcomers, the peacemakers and the light of the world. We are growing in the awareness that we are able to dissolve illusions and reveal the TRUTH that always is. It is only because we have given our power to lies, that illusions seem able to cover the truth.

        Let us give our power to the TRUTH of perfection, beauty and life. Do we believe we are growing old? WHY? Does truth ever grow old, decay and disappear? Yet, we see that death consumes all, and therefore accept that death is more powerful than life. But look! This is the deception that causes our mind to rationalized giving DEATH our power. STOP! Take back your power and consciously proclaim that death has no power over the eternal life of God within you. There IS no death, unless you accept it. To accept death is arrogance, for in so doing we give our power (allegiance) to death instead of life. Truth always is, and you are of TRUTH because you are created in God’s image. Give your faith to truth.

        My wife tells a beautiful story about the kingdom of worms, in which all waited for God to save them, yet lived and died as worms. When, in the fullness of time, a worm sought for the true understanding of itself, hanged itself on a tree and “died” within. And, when the worm emerged in the transitional likeness of GOD, the beautiful appearance of its true nature as a butterfly served to help the other worms awaken. No longer did they give their power to death, and salvation afar off, but received the truth that the life and beauty of God was always present within them. And very shortly thereafter, the kingdom of worms became a kingdom of butterflies.

    • In response to Tony and detoxing ….

      Over the course of my journey, I’ve experienced spiritual detoxes as Truth was revealed layer upon layer within my inner world replacing the darkness of unawareness and what it created within me, which translated into my outer world in various ways. It was a letting go bit by bit, and gaining bit by bit. From the perspective of where I am now, it’s all part of the path leading us into our true Expression which comes when the remaining root of the false self is removed so our true expression can come forth. So often along the path I thought this was it! I’m done! Yet, there was more … this journey takes a diligence and persistence because now from my current perspective I see how much I didn’t see previously. I was seeing the Truth at each step, receiving the oil, but my lamp was not yet full of the oil required to light my lamp. So we faithfully continue advancing toward the Light, to our end that already is. That being said I feel the time is upon us for our lamps to be lit … and as I read the powerful comments being shared I feel its incoming power, which belongs to each one of us, as One.

  14. As you bring the body into alignment with the spirit, Do you guys feel the power?. The body is only a conduit! As it dies in conformity to the old, i feel the power/love surging through me? It is heaven. It gets stronger as I integrate more truth. So sacred. Do you feel it? ♥️🔥♥️

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