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There is a singular, single Thought – God’s complete divine Thought – of which I am. This Thought flows through me and creates the reflection I see and my experience, thus I am the expression of God’s Thought. I am all I need to be in every present moment.

This one living divine Thought runs through all of creation from the Source. Our thoughts are fractal aspects of this Thought. We mistakenly believed we had separate thoughts, but separation is impossible. Because it is impossible, what we believed and created was only an illusion, a dream.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  1. Beautiful, Ray! ✨🤗💕 Let’s connect tomorrow. NOURISHMENT FOR LIFE


  2. never thought i’ll hear thoughts being described as fractals. eisshhhhh powerful.

  3. Although our thoughts are mortal, they can join together with the source of life – the female aspect of the great creative principle of Almighty God. When thoughts, the male aspect of creativity become one with the female aspect of creativity, there is assurance, substance and evidence of things unseen. -thoughts will surely take form within your mind, but it is when those thoughts are FELT that the quickening of faith will begin within your soul.

  4. It is true that thoughts are seeds. Each is a living entity of vibrating life, but every thought is not planted, or will not grow any more than every grain of wheat that comes forth will produce. No seed will grow unless it is planted.

  5. I am still, HEr3 Beautiful timing and the reflections of one! Love you, still~


  6. Freedom is not a reaction; freedom is not choice. It is man’s pretense that because he has choice he is free. Freedom is pure observation without direction, without fear of punishment and reward. Freedom is without motive; freedom is not at the end of the evolution of man but lies in the first step of his existence. In observation one begins to discover the lack of freedom. Freedom is found in the choiceless awareness of our daily existence and activity.

    • in real observation “FREEDOM is the choice of a reaction” of any given soul in the awakening process of knowing TRUTH” IN PURE BEING..

  7. Freedom is to be free from a carnal mind,,,freedom is being free to walk in all that He is.

  8. Separation is impossible for God is all and in all. This created dream is an illusion of being separated from God because our Holiest of Holy where God dwells within us in that “upper” chamber from where He has never left. Our blindness of our soul is a temporary thing…and when we have been increased to our further stature in Christ, we will awake with a new and more abundant life. We are here but a short while to be conditioned to accept that double portion which awaits us…each in our own order…each in our own time. Everything is within and as you say, we have never been separated from the love of God. It is…impossible.

  9. “to know thyself is the Glory of true freedom”and that inspires nations to become THE GREATEST..



  12. God create us so that we could experience Him through thoughts, and experience His love. Including inside our spirits. When we overly scrutinize, or examine, our thought processes, we threaten the existence of love. What IS, in our minds, is a system of thoughts, that fights against love. Sometimes. When there is no knife, the cutting stops. ~ Jesus, took the knife, that was locked deep inside the heart of mankind, causing him to wound, and react out of woundedness.
    “God has given us a face, and we make it another”. (Shakespeare)
    If you are opening your heart for healing and to be healed inside, you will need to go further than the recognition of illusion. You will need to be captured by the Father. When you are held in His heart, he will work out the details of your systems analysis, no matter how you have come to terms with it, the healing will go deep into your soul, and heart, and flood up through your mind, but you must lay down the determination to understand, all, or rather to control your own responses through mental tricks. Love is a connection with God. The God. So examine if your thoughts need food. This desire for Food in your soul, comes from a hunger for God. “I AM THE LIVING BREAD THAT CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN”.
    Check it out.

  13. A Metaphorical World View?

    Do you think we could get back to realizing how important relationship is? Isn’t a method or a system just like dead religion, but a relationship that is God-honoring isn’t, and…isn’t that what it’s about? Doesn’t relationship heal things?

    But waiting for his timing for it and going about it in a manner that is safe and filled with the light of the truth is, of course, the best way to go about receiving healing.
    If you think about, it, I think the idea of a living thought system, is about someone looking for healing.
    Someone is looking through their thoughts, for a way to find meaning and healing.
    Just some thoughts, to ponder.

  14. again you are a freaking absolute joke…u are going in circles about a stupid relationship with a book ur not even living…. come on guy plzzz just let it be…. and go away lmao

    • A relationship with a person. Sorry you misunderstood. Thanks for your broadmindedness and kindness. You’ve been my example today. You’re a great spiritual example. Love you.


    • My level of understanding? Let me know what you think a ‘level of understanding is’. ? I would be curious for you to give an explanation of that. Because I am not humble? Not sure what that means for you? But you can certainly achieve humility before me. You can be my example. Peace, and love.

  16. 🌹“They search the scripture, because in them they think they have eternal life. And they are they which testify of me, why don’t you come to me that you might have ETERNAL LIFE.” (see John 5:39-40) This gift of eternal life is not in the scriptures. It is in the contact of Jesus Christ in person. Only through that contact with God and Christ can one possibly be taught of God or KNOW TRUTH WHEN THEY HEAR IT. For only within that “HOLY PLACE” or “THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH” in the center of one’s own soul can one possibly find contact with God and “BE TAUGHT OF HIM.”🔥

    • Yes, a relationship with a Person. that’s exactly what I was saying. Sorry you misunderstood. Thanks for your kindness, and leadership. It means a lot.

  17. Entering into the Infinite is not a mere theory or sentiment. It is a vital experience which is the result of assiduous practice in inward purification. When the body is no longer believed to be, even remotely, the real man; when all appetites and desires are thoroughly subdued and purified; when the emotions are rested and calm, and when the oscillation of the intellect ceases and perfect poise is secured, then, and not till then, does consciousness become one with the Infinite; not until then is childlike wisdom and profound peace secured. ❤️🌹💐

  18. Actually what you are attempting to do, is subdue the flesh. Wisdom is imparted simply by asking the Holy Spirit. Subduing the flesh does not equate with spiritual, maturity or access. The desires of the flesh will wain as one follows the spirit. James, the Apostle, said, “Let him who lacks Wisdom, Ask, but let him ask if faith, without wavering”. So, you enter the spirit, or access it, by faith. Not by Asceticism.

  19. you speak with intentions of showing that you know more than anyone of the bible and your saying the same thing in are ego driven meaning a show off need to show love in your actions more than words and that would prove if you are living according to the change of heart that every true christian has..”mishai”trust me.. you are not inspirational at all..just being a jerk i mean that with true kindness and love..and you cant begin to know or experince the level of spiritual maturity rachel has achieved SORRY .. SHE IS OCTAVES ABOVE THE NORM..HER JOY IS NOT OF THIS EARTH..

    • Yes, sometime you must show off your ideas about ‘levels of knowledge’. I’m interested in how you are judging yourself there, as far a something being a level. I know you are going to be a leader today as you and you will come together to explain your octaves. Very interesting as to how that must work and how God is able to project you up there. You’re going to really be in leadership on this as you begin to explain how you see your levels, and the labels as you look down at others. Not at all sure what you mean by ego driven, or how that would differ from you, but I appreciate your leadership and example by putting your ego to a greater display of confidence. May God give you more confidence to explain, your inner desires, and needs concerning all that you need. I know you are in the greatest need for kindness at this time, I hope all can satisfy your longings, live up to the heights you are deserving. Love and Peace.


    • Not able to see how you would be thinking that way, but I know if you discern love, you certainly do probably deserve it. Rachel is able to say, On her behalf. She isn’t required to say anything on my behalf. Half of the story, is in the pudding. I’m sorry, or rather your sorry not to be able to discern love. Love is all around no need to waste it. You can have the town why don’t you take it? Your gonna make it after all. Love is a very powerful relationship, between people. You will have to make an effort of your own if you are not discerning love. My love is out there. Peace, and prosperity. I know you are going to be able to discern love as you build relationships with God.

  21. Yet, though the world is, and will be for many ages to come, shut out from that Age of Gold, which is the realization of selfless Love, you, if you are willing, may enter it now, by rising above your selfish self; if you will pass from prejudice, hatred, and condemnation, to gentle and forgiving love.
    Where hatred, dislike, and condemnation are, selfless Love does not abide. It resides only in the heart that has ceased from all condemnation. 🔥❤️🌹

    • Yes and as you quit condemning myself and others you will be able to do that. But you’ll have to keep learning. Your going to be a great example, soon.


  23. Men, not knowing this Love, constitute themselves judge and executioner of their fellows, forgetting that there is the Eternal Judge and Executioner, and in so far as men deviate from them in their own views, their particular reforms and methods, they brand them as fanatical, unbalanced, lacking judgment, sincerity, and honesty; in so far as others approximate to their
    own standard do they look upon them as being everything that is admirable. Such are the men who are centered in self. But he whose heart is centered in the supreme Love does not so brand and classify men; does not seek to convert men to his own views, not to convince them of the superiority of his methods. Knowing the Law of Love, he lives it, and maintains the same calm attitude of mind and sweetness of heart toward all. The debased and the virtuous, the foolish and the wise, the learned and the unlearned, the selfish and the unselfish receive alike the benediction of his tranquil thought.
    You can only attain to this supreme knowledge, this divine Love by unremitting endeavor in selfdiscipline, and by gaining victory after victory over yourself. Only the pure in heart see God, and when your heart is sufficiently purified you will enter into the New Birth, and the Love that does not die, nor change, nor end in pain and sorrow will be awakened within you, and you will be at peace.

    • You are going to able to climb way above these levels I think in the near time. You can explain more about how you will be projected further, in your experience, but yes it will require deeper relationships of love from you and non confrontation and simplistic love. But you’ll have to explain what the levels mean to you, and how you regarded others as being below you? Your judgments can only be explained there by yourself. I don’t know if your over Rachel, or below her, but someone in the middle can reach both sides.

  24. When one angrily debates, argues, ridicules, condemns, and compares themselves as to the virtues of another…they are under the law…which is where they should be for the law they so desperately defend and want to live by…………written to them….the unrighteous. Is this not what the law itself teaches?

    When one is freed from the law, and understands grace, we do not compare our “righteousness” or our virtues to that of another…we don’t even compare ourselves to ourselves. This is because God has shown us through His love and grace..that there is nothing to compare ourselves to for we each have our faults, lack of misunderstandings, knowledge and therefore a lack of His likeness and character. Therefore by our words and actions, we reveal ourselves whether we are under the law or under grace.

    If we live under grace we will not only receive it, we will extend it to all others just the same. My understanding of the scriptures is that God is merciful and kind, and is very forgiving not imputing our sins to us as we grow in Christ. This is the meaning of grace. He ask us to be as forgiving and lenient toward others just as He is toward ourselves, does He not? There is no argument and debate under God’s Grace, but a steady growth of being freed from our carnal vices. Mean spirit ness is not of God so it should not be of His children either and although we have knowledge not to do and act a certain way and do it anyway…of which mind and father are we representing?

    Paul makes it clear that although we desire to do what is right, the sin that remains within us is contrary to the spirit that wants to do right..and it is the grace that God gives us which sustains us as we walk in the law of sin.

    Romans 7:20-23 And if what I do not will, this I do, it is no longer I that work it, but the sin that is dwelling in me. I find, then, the law, that when I desire to do what is right, with me the evil is present, and I behold another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of the sin that is in my members. for I delight in the law of God according to the inward man, A wretched man I am ! who shall deliver me out of the body of this death?

    So, we must understand that people sometimes cannot help themselves as the carnal mind within continues to rule our actions even though we would want to do otherwise. Thus the need for God’s love, forgiveness..and grace. Grace is God’s character of not imputing our sins to us as we make these istakes and errors in judgement “WHILE” we strive for that perfected state found in His likeness. Under grace HE OVERLOOKS OUR SIN, and does not impute them to us. This is what grace is all about, not imputing our sins while they are being taken from us…and gradually as we learn to walk in obedience to His will. Grace to fail. God told Paul that His grace was sufficient enough to him when Paul asked that a thorn in his flesh, a fault, be removed from him. This could have been a sin in his life that he was not being freed from as he asked to be as describes above in Romans. This is teaching and revealing to us that God leaves our sins in place for them to do their work in us, to humble us..until…they have done their work and we are released from them. “All” things work together for those who love God and have the understanding that all things include sin.

    Do we not understand that as God’s grace is sufficient to us in order to be able to walk on toward the goal of maturity and perfection within, and by Him not condemning, belittling, and criticizing us for ever little false move, mistake, and action we make we should likewise have this same grace and kindness towards all others? Christ came to remove our sins from us as He states He came not to condemn us but to save us from this world of sin.

    Luke 6:37-37 ‘And judge not, and ye may not be judged; condemn not, and ye may not be condemned; release, and ye shall be released. ‘Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed, and shaken, and running over, they shall give into your bosom; for with that measure with which ye measure, it shall be measured to you again.’

    Our accomplishments in overcoming our carnal nature is measured to us again as we accomplish that measurement just given to us. As we succeed in putting down the flesh, we are given more to accomplish in this way until there is flesh no more.

    “Release” and you shall be released.”

    It is not our duty to bind the sins to any and yet we do so as we criticize and provoke one another with undue and unjustified criticisms of the other. We attempt to impute sin when God Himself doesn’t. This is a subject that cannot and will not be understood until one is given the mind of grace to understand it. I believe that we all will come to this understanding eventually as we are drawn into the light of God…as God calls us in our order. We must be patient while this work is done in each of us…so let us be of a lenient and forgiving spirit and prove the grace of God.

    We should measure every thought and word that we have toward another and ask ourselves, are the words we choose given with the intent to release one from condemnation or instead to give it? The carnal mind is very subtle and can explain in the greatest defense of itself that it is love that motivates it’s choice of words..however the words, whether condemning or not, mean spirit ness or not is here to be viewed by all. The carnal mind is a religious mind exacting rituals, rules, beliefs and doctrines of the law for it to approve of the words and actions of another. God says for us to not return evil for evil, insult for insult, in that He will deal with the trespasser. If we therefore trespass the trespasser we have opened up ourselves to God’s judgment also. This mind is not of the mind of Christ, it is of self, the big “I.”

    This blog as any blog or meeting place is a microcosm of the world at large, it has all of the examples of law and grace, judgement and condemnation, love and hate. And yet evil is called good and good evil. We say our condemnation and ridicule of another is only given in the love of God. As we have been taught from the allegory of the five wise and the five foolish, the cover of the books can all look the same, however it is the content in the books which define the “title” of the book or in this case, the person, for we are actually the true epistles (books) read of all mankind. Our thoughts, words and actions are the pen which writes our intent toward others. If we have actually passed from the “art of condemnation” to the place where we only desire to release others from the shackles of condemnation we have entered into the realm of grace and the understanding of it.

    The intellectual, religious carnal mind of man with all of its biblical knowledge will continue to judge by and under the law. The “law” of grace has no such law of looking for fault for grace will forgive all sin until it is abolished within all men. The grace of God is as a future perfect past tense of love fulfilled. We should speak and teach the grace of God and when we enter into this, His grace, our whole intent will change toward “all” people, saint and sinner alike for it is what comes out of us which proves us, not that which people give us in ill contempt. In other words, it’s not what comes into a man that defiles Him but that which comes out of his heart through his tongue which defiles one. People can call us what they will, condemn and ridicule us and we can listen (take in) to what they say, however we have a choice of what will come out of us in return to the insult. Thus it is what goes out of our mouth which defines us and not another’s opinion of us.

    Many say, it is time to move into the spirit, and away from the intellect of the false systems of religion which have us stagnated from going on into Christ and into the true church, or temple which can only be found within us. I must say that any “name” or label we espouse of some outwardly religious system of man is done so in carnal weakness and apart from that high calling in Christ Jesus. All orders and callings are good and approved of by God but the high calling which so many claim by word is not being accomplished in deed. Having stated this truth, there is no condemnation in it for it is recorded in scripture that every knee will eventually bow to the authority and will of Christ regardless of one’s order and calling. We can claim anything we want to and attach the outward name of Christ or God to it with all of the correct facts of the scriptures but we can still be as sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal. If our fruit or that nature of Christ does not flow forth from within toward “all” other’s, regardless of whatever condition and sins “they” are presently bound in, we are yet carnal…and not walking in grace ourselves. We are recipients of grace, no doubt, however we have not yet began to reciprocate in kind.

    We move with the spirit, so let our words and actions describe of which spirit we are moved by..and where to and “who” from. Let us only write and speak to live in the spirit of grace and leave…the law of unrighteousness. If we are always looking for the negative with words of negativity we are still under the law….however if we are compassionate and have a forgiving nature toward all the sin we see in another..and in the world…we are under and have started walking in the benevolence of grace . All sin will be abolished, for sin is death and the last enemy to be abolished will be death. A ridiculing, condemning, arrogant spirt…”that says my knowledge is superior to yours” comes from a childish spirit of piping back and forth as in a contest of who is superior by knowledge. One’s knowledge no matter how accurate is not a measurement of the Christ within one’s being, for we have all read that knowledge will cease, and what is beyond any description by knowledge is love. Once we realize we are under grace and not under the confines of the law…and participate in what true grace is…we will no longer see sin as we did before because we now know walking in grace releases us from the power of condemnation which is of the law.

    I understand that any of us that is still under the curse of the law will not understand these words and will think my words are given as being critical as this is evident by those who have a nature to rebut. However it is only to contrast what we do as to what we should be doing and how we should be looking at all others regardless of the fault we see in them. Our thoughts, words and prayers should only be given to release others from condemnation, not add to it.

    When we laugh at others for their rudeness and lack of understanding we are also in fact laughing at ourselves for usually what we see we are. Let us see Christ in all and in all things…and if we build on the foundation which is of Christ, we need not mention the law unto sin.

    All is good.

    • As you begin to do just that, so shall you begin to be measured as you have measured yourself. You will even know yourself as one who is trying to oversee the flock. As you begin to measure your law so shall you begin to apply yourself to examine that law and you will become one with the law of others. As you begin to try to determine how people are acting whether in or out, so will you feel yourself on the judgment seat of self. As you begin to try to weigh another persons rudeness, so shall you then become that rudeness. For the very acts of your determination, are the demarcation of the spirit of sensitivity of the ego, the finger to the self, and yet love will overcome by it’s power the reverse tendency to weakness, and even that of timidity, for surely in the spirit is the area of strength, and one who’s ego looks, cannot blandly defeat the strength or power of the love of another. So as love begins to yield in one so does the strength of another begin to endure, to a certain and noble increase of love. Look not then should we to determine if another is doing this or that, for that thing which is of God will stand with all the humor of God inside the pure humility that God brings. For humility brings strength and strength brings humor and that is freedom to indwell the spirit to speak the truth with power. For if your sin is hidden, and you have hidden your sin, and yet claimed that another, is sinning or and then, yet you are not we know that satan, lieth at the door, for none is pure and your righteousness as filthy rags. So, come forth not with your examinations of how another might present the gospel, but look inside yourself as the plank is sticking into your eye, and so let it be engouged in it if you try for reasoning against one who is speaking plainly. For yes, many time saying that god floweth forth from all and then turning and reversing that reasoning you have many times also faulted others, and then claimed that the error was unkown to them, they all the while reasoning in their hearts, and knowing that was fallacy, have tried to bring forth apparent and written truth. It is in thee to Will, but you then in that case found yourself not able, which is sin, but in your explanation, then claimed that none should point it out or be truthful about it because of a timid and more tender response of hiding from the truth, created a shadow or demarcation or division that even Rachel, was trying to speak about. Yes this is the very division she was saying, that in your responses many times, you have tried to divide one ego, from another which is not the original thought of I Am, but rather a factional way of criticizing, in a divided, system of heart. So, see and let one bring that forth, in a more true essence, for the cause of freedom, and a type of reincarnated wealth of thought. I Am, not being criticized by religious conviction, but by free communication. Peace, and love. always.

  25. It is not for us to decide nor judge nor compare where another is in relation to Christ. As Christ rebuked Peter when asking something in like manner, Christ responded, what is that to you, (where another stands in relationship to me) you follow me. Meaning for Peter to not be caught up in judging another or trying to decide who is above or who is below….because….we each stand or fail to God…not to one another.

  26. The spirit of man is inseparable from the Infinite, and can be satisfied with nothing short of the Infinite, and the burden of pain will continue to weigh upon man‘s heart, and the shadows of sorrow to darken his pathway until, ceasing from his wanderings in the dream-world of matter, he comes back to his home in the reality of the Eternal.
    As the smallest drop of water detached from the ocean contains all the qualities of the ocean, so man, detached in consciousness from the Infinite, contains within him its likeness; and as the drop of water must, by the law of its nature, ultimately find its way back to the ocean and lose itself in its silent depths, so must man, by the unfailing law of his nature, at last return to his source, and lose himself in the great ocean of the Infinite.
    To re-become one with the Infinite is the goal of man. To enter into perfect harmony with the Eternal Law is Wisdom, Love and Peace. But this divine state is, and must ever be, incomprehensible to the merely personal. Personality, separateness, selfishness are one and the same, and are the antithesis of wisdom and divinity. By the unqualified surrender of the personality, separateness and selfishness cease, and man enters into the possession of his divine heritage of immortality and infinity.

  27. As the Apostles and disciples wrote of the negatives and the positives of the carnal and spiritual mind, they did so with the understanding of the intent of the gospel. They spoke of the contrast between ways of man and the ways of the spirit…and it is the “ways” of man that should be pointed out so that we should resist them…however it is the likeness of Christ we are to emulate and follow after. We should “rightly” divide the word and put things into proper perspective and order. Remember it is the “ways” of man that God will so away with and not man himself.

    Without understanding the redemptive plan of God for all people, the carnally religious will forever try to doom others to a fictitious hell and as long as one has this mindset, they themselves will live in the torment of confusion. The carnal mind is condemned already to go by the way of death, however, not the person. When one cannot rightly distinguish between the spirit which will be saved and the carnal mind which will not, this person will live in confusion until God gives this person the ability to see the difference. The letters from the Apostles to both the Jews and Gentiles spoke of the difference in the lost and saved, the carnal and the spirit, and “what” was lost and what was saved and pointed out the difference in and of the two.

    We must be able to point out what we are to follow after and what we are not to follow after. We must do so without condemnation for any, however the carnal mind is condemned to death already as we are dead to the “old” man within as we are risen with Christ. We address the condemning spirit in man which is of the carnal mind to say this is not the way to Christ and by contrast we must say what is the path to Christ which there is no condemnation in it. The Ten Commandments point out what we should not be doing yet while this is under the law, it is not of grace. There is a difference in the attitude of the carnal and the spiritual and why one says what they do. It is the intent behind the words and whether the words are used to rightly divide or used to condemn.

    Our words will register spiritual to the spiritual and negative to the negative. It’s all in the response.

    • Your response will be determined by the law you just wrote out that you have prognosticated over yourself, concerning the whole intent of the law. Your thesis or the formality of your understanding is based on ‘a simplistic law’ which implies, that people must live under and be judged by the simple sayings you have just put forth. That’s ‘your law’ of judgment, but not God’s law of judgment. If you merely believe the interpretation you are holding concerning God’s written word, whereas in reality your interpretation or comprehension of the written text that your thesis of judgment is based on, is less accurate that the intent of God’s complete written text, then your personal responses, will always come up negative in relation to a hearer, who has a truer interpretation of what God’s Word says.
      The point is, if you are in disagreement with Rachel’s statement, disagreement with what the disciples taught, and therefore, predisposed to your own analysis, then any interpretations you hold concerning interpersonal relationships will be birthed from your own misunderstandings, and not from the responses of others. i.e. The Responses of Others are Not a Reliable Source of Judgment or Interpretation. That is only a precursory invitation, to a deeper understanding of other people. Responses can be judged negatively or positively, doesn’t men the Person, who birthed them is necessarily negative, or positive, or even, wrong or right. That judgment can only be based on other subject matter, and in an in depth way is a different subtitle to the overall doctrines, or teachings of Spirit which, make a pretext to the idea, that men are free, and new creations, Scripture, assumes this statement to be true and active, whereas your comments assume something different. The assumptions are what you are living under, and you read the responses according to that law, which is not a law concerning what is inherently taught in scriptures, but is ‘instruction’, or comes under the heading of “instructions” for Life in the spirit, not Laws to understand right and wrong by. Peace and Love.
      It is a relationship between people that trust, not a relationship between people who don’t trust. Those are the two different characters, and they are not the same person. So, a mis alignment of heart judges by it’s “own” responses, not the responses, that it sees in others. Two different people with two different mindsets. If the unrighteous judge the righteous, then you create a given response, and that is an incident for judgment. Yes God is a God of judgment, but it has to be true. Not based on a response, but based against response as a law.

      • It’s all in our response to God calling us to Himself. We will hear with the spirit but never with the carnal for the carnal mind is enmity with God and cannot here. It is…how we respond.

      • boys will be boys lol


    There are many who die but never go to the “other side” of the River of Life. The River of Life is the point of egress or demarcation into the Higher Realms. Those who are sin-bound and clothed in darkness are unable to cross that sacred River. They remain here, close to the earth, continually adding their evil and darkness to the already overburdened world. They inhabit the low places of iniquity, feeding on the evils and lusts of degenerate humanity. With all the despair of their own failures upon them and with the persuasiveness of their lusts burning and alive, they encourage mankind to sin, even as they sinned — and still desire to sin. Their own lusts are gratified in the transgression of man. They even try to force others into their own degree of degeneracy if there are any who will give in to their subtle suggestions.

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph. 6:12).

    Those who have maintained any degree of their natural goodness cross that great River of Life and are placed in the realms of progress where they can be taught and reconditioned. Most of those of average, mortal standards have as much unlearning to do as they have learning to acquire.

    Everyone who has been overcome by the sins of the flesh and consequently death has much to learn — and much to unlearn, no matter who he is or what laurels he may wear. Those who die are the ones who “die in their sins.” They are the ones who did not overcome while in the flesh.

    It is in the flesh that the greatest opportunity of all existence is held. It is in the flesh, which is the divine crucible of God, that all evils can be most readily and permanently conquered. It is in the flesh that man stands upon the front lines of the great battle between the forces of Light and darkness. Every victory a man achieves in this life is for the benefit of all. And with each and every victorious degree of overcoming are eternal rewards and unspeakable glories.

    No man’s temptations are just his own. His temptations are also the temptations of all who have ever yielded to them or have been overcome by them. His victories are a triumphant release for all who have passed on through that portal of death, though the great reward is to him who does the overcoming. He who overcomes becomes “a coheir with Christ” for this is the gift he left for a world, the strength of His own overcoming. This knowledge could be greatly enlarged upon, but there is neither time nor space in this record to do so.

    This life is the time and place to overcome. Many who thought themselves to be perfect have the most difficult time of all in becoming readjusted and straightened out. Their sins may have been more of omission than of commission. They may not have broken any of the great laws, yet failed completely in fulfilling any of the higher ones. They may never have felt compassion, radiated understanding love or been able to forgive any man a single error or mistake. They may have closed their eyes to the needs and wants of their fellowmen.

    Hate, fanaticism, self-righteousness and every evil, selfish trait weave themselves into the very fibers of the soul and are most difficult to remove. All physical traits and weaknesses, accumulated in earth life, remain with each egressing soul. However, even the intention or desire to be or to do good makes progress a speedier, more enjoyable process.Death is the way of correction, as stated in the book preceding this one, Temple of God. It is a slow process of reformation that must take place gradually, as each individual is willing and able to bear higher teachings and greater light. Each man is his own gauge, even as he is on earth. His free-agency is always the deciding factor.

    Those who die as martyrs, or those who give their lives in sacrifice as most of the soldiers have, are usually prepared to transcend many grades and degrees of ordinary, slower steps of advancement.

    Those who take their own lives have been completely overcome by the powers of darkness and their position is quite tragic. It is most difficult for them to ever advance beyond their own point of highest thought patterns which they held during their earth lives.

    There is no one waiting at the gates of death to herd the individual into some certain realm, some place of confinement, or to lift him into glory, as so many anticipate. It is entirely a condition of free-agency and preparedness. Each seeks his own level automatically. Those who are completely sin-bound and arrayed in darkness egress into their own level and degree of merit. They step into the exact conditions and vibrations they leave behind; or rather, it would be more exact to state that they take their vibrations with them. They are unable to behold the light or to discern in any measure the higher realms. Each seeks, even more readily than on the physical plane, his own kind and his own level.

    Every selfish, evil trait of humanity carries its own vibration, which is plainly discernible in the spirit realm as color. Each individual carries an aura of color vibrations around him. These colors and vibrations are not discernible to the average mortal because man’s physical eyes have not been conditioned to behold them as yet. There are sound vibrations that human ears cannot catch. There is the whistle used to call dogs that no human ear can hear. So are there color vibrations that do not register on mortal eyes. Every trait, be it good or evil, is registered as a color vibration in the aura of the individual and is plainly visible to those who are conditioned to see.

    Every evil trait is apparent. Selfishness, pride, dishonesty, jealousy, hate and unjustness are plainly manifest. Those who have expressed nothing but their greeds and lusts are completely clothed in darkness.

    Many are arrayed in vibrations of both light and dark, which, until clarified, only make a dingy, neutral, rather abstract indefiniteness as they merge without character or power. These are the ones mentioned in Revelations, the ones who, because they are neither hot nor cold, are very undesirable. They are not completely clothed in darkness, but the light they carry is defiled to the point of being unpleasant. And all who enter that gate of death carry some darkness and defilement with them.

    Christ is the only One Who traveled the road of death carrying no darkness whatsoever with Him. He was completely arrayed in all the glorious vibrations of triumphant overcoming. Death had no claim upon Him, nor has it any claim upon those who overcome. “Christ went beneath all things that He might rise above all things.” And this does not mean that He went down into transgression and sin. Blameless and purified He went down into death, entering the realms which are beneath all things that He could open the doors of darkness and release the prisoners. (see I Peter 4:6).

  29. “For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; which sometime were disobedient, when once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah –” (I Peter 3:18-20).

    The prison spoken of was the confining, vibrating darkness which each individual had taken with him and which had literally imprisoned and enslaved him. Christ, by His divine overcoming of sin, had the power to release the transgressors from their own vibrations, permitting them to view the light. And every individual who overcomes thus assists all who are wrapped in the darkness of their commissions and their omissions.

    Christ had overcome all things and did not need to die, but in order to help redeem a world and those who had lived upon it prior to His advent, it was His desire to lay down His life for their redemption. But none, either before or since His time, have ever traveled that road of death without carrying with them the vibrations of their earthly errors, mistakes and weaknesses. Those who have overcome these things while in the flesh DO NOT DIE. Death has no claim upon them.

    As human beings step through that portal of death, they leave nothing behind but their physical bodies and their worldly possessions. Every trait, every desire, every failing, weakness and thought vibration goes with them. Death changes no one, it exalts no one. It releases no man from himself or from what he really is.

    If one’s evil predominates over his good, then the dark vibrations defile the vibrations and colors of light until he is clothed in darkness.

    If his good predominates, the Light vibrations can help to efface the tragic, ugly darkness of the evil vibrations to a great degree. It is possible that one may have overcome most of life’s evils and has carried across with him only a few of his mortal frailties, which humanity takes for granted. Nevertheless, it was these very frailties and weaknesses that held him to the path of death and caused him to enter it. The little insipid vibrations of mere mortal existence discolor the glorious, spiritual vibrations to a certain degree, no matter how mild they are.

    Each person stands forth a revealed, complete record of all that he has been or even desired to be. There is no mistake, no misjudging, nor is there any condemnation. The love of God is still reaching out to reclaim and glorify all who are only willing. Those who are completely defiled take ages and eons longer to redeem or to release from the darkness; that is all. And for worlds without end they can never catch up with those who overcame in this life.

    Next in glory and beauty to those who overcome are those who love so greatly they willingly lay down their lives for their friends. This love is the Christ love. It holds the power to release His Light so that individual is hailed into higher realms and can be speedily prepared for the highest glory. He who thus lays down his life because of a great love is next in power and status to him who overcomes. Overcoming is the highest.

    Following him who gives his life because of the Christ love is the sacrificing in war of one’s life to an ideal of truth and freedom to benefit a world. Those who hold the ideal of peace and freedom in their hearts, who are not fighting just for the sake of victory or to kill and enemy, are prepared for the next great advancement.He who overcomes in this life is first and he need never die. He who lays down his life for a friend releases the Christ love within himself and so steps into higher realms. He who is sacrificed for the great ideal of peace for the world is third in preparedness and will be on the road of advancement.

    Now, returning to mortality and its sins, immorality in any degree is one of the most corroding, retarding evils. It defiles more than any other transgression, except murder. It arrays one in the lowest of the animal vibrations. It is manifest as a dull, sickening vibration of an ugly, dark, depressing hue that holds the individual completely earthbound, unless there are many good traits to offset and balance it in some measure. However, this is seldom the case, for an individual’s good is usually destroyed very speedily by the animal vibrations of his evils, which he releases within himself, until they take over.

    As sex desires are mastered and controlled one steps into a higher vibration and receives the color or raying light of majesty, though he may not realize it. This glorified ray of exquisite light is the first mark of evolving divinity.

    No victory over the flesh is ever achieved that goes unrewarded. No struggle is ever made that is not apparent. No victory is ever won without its being heralded by the individual receiving a vibration of light to signify that overcoming. And within each living ray of light is contained power to advance and to intensify each flame of glory.

    This record goes beneath all things in order that it might assist man to comprehend all things, that he might rise above all things. Many of the human weaknesses have been listed here so the reality of vibrations may be understood and the path of overcoming be plainly manifest, that “all men might be left without excuse.”

    Uncontrolled tempers are only uncontrolled thoughts and emotions in full expression. Uncontrolled tempers are the violence of untempered individuals giving way to every evil vibration that touches them. By their very lack of control they use the strength of their divine energy to foster every evil, disintegrating vibration of violence in existence.

    Every evil carries its own dismal, depressing color and its own disintegrating vibrations; and for every evil trait there is not only a definite color and tone but a power that is destructively negative. Each person is literally clothed in the color vibrations of his own thought processes as they have become the accepted pattern of his life. The thought actions have contained the seeds of all the manifest conditions of his mortal existence. These vibrations go across with him into eternity. Thus he is clothed in darkness or he is clothed in light, or any of the shades of dinginess in between, according to his own choice and free-agency.

    As unbelief carries with it a veil of darkness, so does the power to believe carry with it a clear, penetrating blue ray of unspeakable glory. This blue ray is known as the “Christ Ray”. It is not the complete Christ Light, but one of ITS rays, the most potent one. This Christ Ray is the ray of belief as it is developed into FAITH. As the divine Light of Christ is expanded and enlarged the blue ray completes and fulfills the ineffable power to actually KNOW. It is in the developing of this ray that God can be revealed and Christ become known. The blue ray is the most revealing, penetrating, healing ray in all existence. This blue Christ ray reveals and unfolds knowledge and truth so the individual can comprehend all things. It dispels ignorance and reveals clearly the exalted path of overcoming. And it is along this blue ray, as it is sent out to the very throne of God, that revelation is received. The blue ray is the ray of FAITH that becomes KNOWLEDGE. It is the Christ ray of truth and healing and unspeakable power. It is known as the Faith ray, for it is the highest of the Christ rays.Beyond the white raiment is the vibrating glory of each individual’s own developed traits of triumphant overcoming, as he leaves the darkness behind. Every virtue has its own color and place as it vibrates out in a glory of living light of throbbing, living emanations. Love, peace, joy, gratitude, compassion, honesty, virtue, brotherly kindness, truth and self-control each have their own glorifying, vibrating, living color. And these rays become an actual, eternal part of the individual who develops and wears them. Within each ray the color and vibration are added power and glory. And they are man’s to use.

    As one stands strong and firm against temptation, facing his life with courage, as he seeks to overcome, the vibration of living, liquid gold, the golden ray of overcoming becomes a divine reality. This ray is brought forth through praise and has power to dissolve the darkness. This golden ray is also one of the three potent Christ rays.

    If one will but take his setbacks, his losses, his worries and failures and despairs and transmute them into light by accepting them, then praising and glorifying God for them, he can transform them into power and strength and infinite honor and perfection. As man uses this golden ray of praise, he releases the all-fulfilling vibrations and achieves a glory that is impossible to describe. This golden ray is the ray of transmutation, whether it be conditions, things or man’s own self.

    It is impossible to express these higher color vibrations of pure spirit in words simply because there are no words in any physical language to contain or portray them. They cannot possibly be described to those who are still on the mortal plane of existence. On the earth plane the few colors that do come through, excepting of course the sun’s direct rays, are dead and lifeless. They are powerless and impotent, unless they are like the infra-red, violet ray and the few others which science has artificially produced. But even then man cannot look upon these artificially produced rays with his naked eye.

    The lights and rays which are apparent to man’s physical eyes are manifesting only on a dead world. On the higher planes of advancement the color vibrations are alive and eternal, with the essence of life’s forces flowing out from them in everlasting power. They are entirely spiritual and are much more alive than the tangible neon lights of the present day, which are dreary and dead in comparison. The transmuting ray just mentioned is also the ray of translation. This ray of overcoming must be comprehended and perfected in order for one to achieve the final victory of exalting his physical being into the higher spiritual vibrations and life eternal.

  30. Power Unlimited

    Christ gave the glorious, beautiful PROMISE that if one lived the TWO FIRST AND GREAT COMMANDMENTS he would have fulfilled ALL THE LAWS AND KEPT ALL THE COMMANDMENTS AND WOULD NO LONGER BE UNDER THE LAW.

    Again, quoting from Galatians, chapter five, verse eighteen, Paul informs us: “BUT IF YE ARE LED BY THE SPIRIT, YE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW!”

    In first John, chapter four and verses seven and eight, this is given: “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and EVERY ONE THAT LOVETH IS BORN OF GOD, AND KNOWETH GOD. HE that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love!” Yes. He that loveth not knoweth not God though he be a walking concordance of every passage of scripture ever given.

    Now, again I am commanded to unfold the First and Great Commandment and the fulness of its power and glory. This particular scripture has been referred to several times in these books. But never before has the complete unveiling been opened with all the breath-taking powers and blessings revealed in their fulness. It is man who benefits from fulfilling this perfect law. And it is man who is exalted and glorified by its released, almost incomprehensible, wondrous blessings. And the time IS NOW!

    This First and Great Commandment does most assuredly fulfill ALL the laws as it opens wide the gates of glory. It perfects any individual who will only put it to the test and begin to live by it, instead of just quoting it, or by nodding his head in approval at the mention of it.

    Within this revelation, by Jesus Christ, is contained the power of translation which is the overcoming of death. It contains the divine power of the unspeakable promise given by Christ to Nicodemus, that “Every one who is born of the Spirit can come and go as the wind (whenever there is a need or an assignment which requires it;) and no man will know from whence he came or whither he goeth.”

    The strangest thing is that this First Great Commandment has been with man from the beginning and has been ignored in the ages past as completely as it has been ignored in our present day. It was given eight times by Moses — AND IGNORED. So it has remained down the centuries, an unproved, unglorified string of words, without power. (Note the following references: Lev. 19:18, 34; Deut. 6:5; 10:19; 11:1, 13, 22; 19:9; 30:6). Why have those who have continually searched the scripture never beheld these numerous references to a law or invitation so divine and so powerful!

    It is by the fulfilling of this One great law or divine invitation to approach the throne of God, that ALL the laws of righteousness are fulfilled and ALL power bestowed.

    This time, as it is quoted, the full power of its revealing glory will unfold to him who can take hold of THE PROMISES AND ACCEPT THEM, by FAITH.

    The wonder of God’s unfolding is almost unspeakable. And with deepest love I invite you to venture with me into the sacred precincts of your heart.

  31. As one concentrates his energies on loving God with all his heart — the great, living heart-center (not just the heart organ) he will find that holy center of peace, “The peace that passeth understanding.” This is a heavenly place to enter into, even for only a few minutes, in these days of hectic, wild, anguished living.

    As one enters that heart center with all the love he can possibly generate flowing out from him, he will realize it is a realm of unfolding, breathtaking power. Within this divine heart center is contained the “Holy of Holies” of his own inner soul, in which he can commune with God. This is the place of “Holy Communion!” It is “the secret place of the Most High!” Here one can close the door to the whole outside world and its conditions of strife and know that he is being bathed in a purity of Light and Love such as he has never before known. He discovers his own great center of love and thus he can open up within himself “The fountains of living Waters,” which Christ promised. They could also be designated “the fountains of eternal youth.”

    As one continues to enter into this sacred precinct of his own heart he will realize that as he sends out love the love of God will begin to be poured out through him. And this “love of God which is shed forth through the hearts of the children of men, is the “FRUIT OF THE TREE OF LIFE!” He will know that he can partake of that Fruit every day of his life and those divine life-forces will increase within himself. He will be able to exchange an aging, worn-out, sickly body for one vibrant and alive. And in his increasing devotion his heretofore hardened, blinded heart will melt in a love so graciously tender he will know, that in Spirit, he is kneeling at the very throne of God. And God is shedding out His love through him.

    As one sends love through his heart he discovers that this love, which he releases, contains that which is required “to buy the gold tried in the fire,” mentioned in Revelations 3:18.

    This precious gold which man is invited to purchase can only be obtained through the released love of his own heart. This gold will make one rich indeed. This is the gold of which “Christ is the Refiner, as He sits with His fan in His hand.” (Mat. 3:12 & Luke 3:17). As the Refiner occasionally leans over and fans away the vapors from that molten cauldron of ore he will be able to see his own face reflected in that precious gold when it is completely purified. Then it is that one becomes so perfected he will be able to behold the face of Christ as that veil or those vapors are cleared away.

    And as the heart is fully opened and purified, through love, one is offering God the only sacrifice that would be henceforth acceptable — the sacrifice of an open or broken heart. And only through a contrite, humble spirit can this sacrifice be offered.

  32. Christ was sent as a forerunner of perfection. He was the pattern, the model, the ideal or guide to follow. And as He perfected Himself in this life, so are we to perfect ourselves — IN THIS LIFE. We are to seek to become as God, even while living on this earth, even as Christ did by his thinking and living. Thus is given the admonition, “Think as God — Love as God — Live as God.” Or in other words, “Live by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God.” As each individual seeks to live by every word of God he becomes that Word — “And the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light — and whatsoever is light is Spirit — even the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and as we apply His words in our lives, or follow that “still small voice of the Spirit” from within us until it becomes a very part of our beings, our source of light and direction and life — that Word becomes again flesh. As it becomes a living part of every cell and fibre of our bodies our bodies are exalted by the living vibrations of divine thinking — and we become even as He is.

    This is the pattern Christ gave. It is the true pattern, and no one can go into perfection by any other door. Thus the words are spoken: “Straight is the gate and narrow is the way, and few there be who find it.” But the day is at hand when those who survive must find it, and live by it.

    “Hear, O ye heavens, and give ear, O earth, and rejoice ye inhabitants thereof, for the Lord is God, and besides him there is no Savior.

    “Great is his wisdom, marvelous are his ways, and the extent of his doings none can find out.

    “His purposes fail not, neither are there any who can stay his hand.

    “From eternity to eternity he is the same and his years never fail…

  33. “God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the Gods.” (Psalms 82:1). Who are these whom God is standing among who are called gods?

    “Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, YE ARE GODS? If he called them gods, unto whom the Word of God came, and the scriptures cannot be broken; say ye of him whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?

    Now, as the scriptures cannot be broken they have to be fulfilled, for “God’s word cannot return unto him void” and “He is a God of truth and cannot lie.” (John 10:34-15; Isa. 55:11 and Deut. 13:14).

    Again, “Is it not written in your law, I said, ye are gods: If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came . . .” etc. — This “word of God” referred to does not mean just the scriptures. There are hundreds of Christian churches on the earth, all using the Bible, which they call the “Word of God,” yet they are teaching and living by dark doctrines and under false principles, without light. There are millions of people on this earth professing Christianity, to whom the scriptures have come, who are wicked and blind and fanatical and in darkness, and the most ardent straining of the imagination could not possibly classify them as “gods.” The only hypocrites on the earth are the religious hypocrites, those who hide their evil behind “The word of God” or the Bible, and their churches.

    “The Word of God” referred to by Christ does not mean just the scriptures alone. It refers to those who have learned to live from the very center of their souls — who have learned to hear and heed that “Still Small voice of the Spirit” until they speak no word unless He gives it to them — and then permits Him to do His works through them, even as Christ did. These are the ones to whom the “Word of God” is a living fountain of waters, a thing of continual glory, of constant instruction, leading into all truth. As they develop the ears to hear, and the eyes to see, as given so many times in the Sacred, inspired Book of Revelations, they receive constant direction from God, and thus His word abides in them — and His Word is Truth, and whatsoever is Truth is Light, and whatsoever is Light is Spirit even the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Thus it is that those who receive this Spirit of Jesus Christ, or the Spirit of Truth, are called gods. Thus it is easy to understand that this “Word of God” does not mean just the inspired words of some man written many years ago, only. It means the living contact of each man with his Father — HERE and NOW. Those who have that living contact are gods. And even as Christ received a fullness of the Father by developing from grace to grace so man has the power to develop in the same way until that inner voice becomes audible and an continual source of light and living glory. Such men can be called “gods” for to them the Word of God comes continually, a living fountain of light, and they speak with “new tongues” or the “voice of angels.” These are they who receive the power of the Atonement — At-one-meant — and they become ONE with the Father, in His heavenly household.

    “Without revelation direct from heaven, it is impossible for any person to understand fully the plan of salvation. We often hear it said that the living oracles must be in the Church, in order that the Kingdom of God may be established and prosper on the earth. I will give another version of this sentiment. I say that the living oracles of God, or the Spirit of revelation must be in each and every individual, to know the plan of salvation and keep in the path that leads them to the presence of God.” (Brigham Young).

  34. The mark of the beast. Armageddon. The Four Horsemen. The false prophet. Babylon the great. Falling stars, stinging locusts, and giant hailstones. The seven last plagues. The bottomless pit. The lake of fire. These images of terror and catastrophe from the book of Revelation have greatly influenced the thinking of millions of Christians through the ages. Even the secular press uses images such as “Armageddon” and “four horsemen of the Apocalypse” to describe calamities in our world. Despite 1900 years of fascination with the book of Revelation, John’s letter to the seven Churches of Asia continues to be misunderstood. And badly misinterpreted!

    One misconception shared by some is that the Revelation has nothing of importance to say to us. It’s considered to be merely a bizarre piece of first-century writing with no relevance for today. Another wrong idea is that the Revelation is a code book describing a specific outline of history written in advance. Countless interpreters have tried to “decode” the book from a historical perspective to find all the major world events of the past 1900 years. Others interpret it more literally as a handbook for predicting the cataclysmic events that will bring the final wrath of God and the end of the world. The claims of Christian groups from the early church to the present — that the Revelation pinpoints the events, personalities, and time periods of “the end” — have all failed. This should be a caution to believers for using the book of Revelation as a predictive handbook. Other people’s interpretation of the book of Revelation is based on the “Pan Theory” — it’s all going to pan out in the end! Beloved brethren, the fact is, it’s not panning out the way the end-time prognosticators are projecting!

    • This is not a time to try to rewrite the Bible folks. Let’s be respectful of God’s Word, and love God, take Him at His word and be believers. We have someone here who is saying they know more than God, and that’s a red flag. Just trust in the Lord and take Him at His word, and not go off into bizarre tangents made up by unbelievers. This is not a believer but a doubter who is saying they ‘don’t believe God, or in the Lord’. It’s an example, of a spiritual swindler. We have to have a love for God, not a mocking of God.

      • 🌹“They search the scripture, because in them they think they have eternal life. And they are they which testify of me, why don’t you come to me that you might have ETERNAL LIFE.” (see John 5:39-40) This gift of eternal life is not in the scriptures. It is in the contact of Jesus Christ in person. Only through that contact with God and Christ can one possibly be taught of God or KNOW TRUTH WHEN THEY HEAR IT. For only within that “HOLY PLACE” or “THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH” in the center of one’s own soul can one possibly find contact with God and “BE TAUGHT OF HIM.”🔥

      • Yes, but if you can’t read, none of that will do any good. If you’re taught of God, something He didn’t say, it isn’t God speaking to you. SELAH Paul said, follow the traditions I left among you and taught you. Being taught of God doesn’t mean, spinning what God gave John out of context to his own words. You must be able to read, before knowing God’s voice.
        Any one can claim to ‘hear’ God, and all the false prophet’s have. But the scriptures are the anchor to faith. Not the Sail, to be blown about in the torrent. The Anchor.
        God hasn’t given you a doctrine, a reading, an interpretation, a viewpoint, that hasn’t been written out in scripture. Don’t be or allow yours4ellf to be lead about by voices. God’s voice aligns with scripture. The Devil, makes things up, ‘about scripture’.
        Choose a side. God or the Devil

      • Truth needs no defense because it contains within it the “light” of knowledge. Consequently, truth is immediately known to be true when one becomes aware of it. A lie, no matter how “real” it may appear must be defended (that is to say, “given its light”) because it lacks knowledge. If a concept is not true, it does not exist – and therefore can do no harm. Lies do not deceive, but rather we deceive ourself by keeping our eyes closed and believing that the lie is. Only truth is.

      • Lies do not deceive? I think you would have to be wiling to stay in a discussion about this subject. Because I think the truth stays. If you cannot hold a discussion about this subject, I think it would mean you are not confident of your thoughts, or it is not a serious subject to you. Those are my thoughts. If a concept for instance, “is not true, it does not exist”. Well, it exists in the mind, of the person who believes the lie. And if he shares it, it is reality to him, and at some point the heart is deceived, inside, and the person will need a psychiatrist. Because yes, lies do hurt because they deceive. Truth, then obviously needs a defense, if someone is deceived. But only if the person has love in their heart.
        So, my though is, ‘you have no Love, in your heart’. Meaning you don’t care, can’t or won’t hold a discussion, maybe because it hurts you, or maybe because your afraid? Are any of these things true. Are you afraid ??? Hurt? That’s what Love asks.

      • Truth has no opposite, because the opposite would also be true. In this illusionary “reality” we can and do perceive the presence of opposites for the simple reason that we have made a choice to believe that a lie CAN exist. Through this choice we have willed to perceive lies, and because we are creative beings, lies do appear. When we use the light inherent in the Truth we have received (remembered), we have the power to deny any illusion that reflects truth’s opposite. In this way the living light alters our reality and reveals the Kingdom to our Self, full of truth. Without this light the mind believes in the reality of lies, which as I said, is an illusion.

        But regarding love, it is impossible that any soul be without love because because we are created in God’s image – which is love’s ever expanding expression.

  35. The book of Revelation is THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST. Revelation is a book that teaches who and what Jesus Christ is. It reveals Him in all of His glory, unveils Him in all of His fullness. You will find Jesus the Christ in every chapter of the book, for it is the revelation of Himself. When we read the message of the Revelation with a heart that seeks after Christ, we see in every page His face and hear from every line His voice. If we do not see Christ in the pages of the Revelation, then all we see is vanity. By drawing near to this book in the power of the Holy Spirit, we draw near to Christ. How beautiful that is! May the elect of God receive much grace to see more and more of Christ in the pages of this book.

    The book of Revelation is the Sixth Gospel of Jesus Christ. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote what they saw of Jesus Christ on the earth in the days of His flesh. Luke, in the book of Acts, wrote of the revelation of Jesus that came by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost and throughout the in-part realm of the earnest of the Spirit during the church age. But John, in the book of Revelation, wrote what he witnessed of the full and complete revelation of Jesus Christ that comes to and through “him that overcometh.” It is the revelation of Jesus Christ in sons upon mount Zion, in the manchild on the throne, and in the New Jerusalem come down from God out of heaven. John the Revelator wrote what he saw of the ascended and glorified Christ manifesting out of the heavens of God’s Spirit. This book releases the mind of Christ out of celestial realms. We must by the Holy Ghost get on the horse, put our feet in the stirrups, take hold of the reins and ride through this book experientially in the anointing from on High. We must be in the Spirit on the Lord’s day to understand it, just as John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day to receive it. And when we do — we see Jesus!

    Walk in the Spirit of the Lord, and you’ll see Jesus,

    Walk in the Spirit of the Lord, you’ll see the King;

    Walk in the Spirit of the Lord, and you will find Him:

    He’s resurrected in His body, He lives in me!

    As dew distilling from the heavens comes the revelation of Jesus Christ from every page of John’s vision. It is the drama of God’s great plan of the ages wrought out first in the saints, then in the nations, and finally in all the vast creations of God. Everything is viewed from the divine perspective. It is not the history of Satan’s activity in men, but the all-conquering power of God’s Christ! It is the spiritual drama of Father’s dealings in our lives.

  36. This illusionary reality of fear is dissolving away – and with it the belief in separation that created it. No longer do we look at our “Self” as separated from God, but instead as an extension of God, pushing outward through his Son. Rather than “sin”, we instead choose to see the reflection of God’s perfection in everyone we encounter. And in so doing we reveal the Kingdom to our Self.

    • So true, and as we were created and lived before the world was, our spirit has lived uninterrupted before and during this temporary departure from reality. In fact when our eternity started before the world was, our gift of eternal life actually started then. When we understand the reality beyond the symbolism of the scriptures, we see God as a Father which is using this “University of Earth” experience to prepare and train us so that He May give us life and life more abundantly. Therefore we see no need to condemn any, ridicule any or talk bad about anyone, we see only a need to point out the differences in our carnal mind and our spiritual mind in order that we may leave the one and become the other. We address the sin to have it done away with, without condemnation. We are actually returning to our former spirit for one cannot be “re” deemed unless they existed before. And one cannot be resurrected unto life if they haven’t already lived before. This understanding comes only as the “Love” of
      Christ is resurrected within our being as we become mature and perfected in His likeness.

      When we understand that we are all going through a “re” generative process, there is no one not to love, no one to judge unrighteously and no one to compare ourselves to. We each have our calling and order and it is simply a different time for us than the calling of another. Should we be jealous of those which are ahead and scoff at those coming after us? No, we with patience have faith that God will deliver each of us as He calls us to come forth and learn to walk obediently as much as it is within us to do so. We must be lenient, patient and kind to all others regardless of the sin we observe in them and in the world around us. We are God’s workmanship, we are not our own and others are not our workmanship as well, and we are certainly not God over another to condemn them for their faults and failures. God disciplines, corrects and has infinite patience and forgiveness toward us as we are tested and retested…until we come forth is His likeness. Having forgiveness 7×70 is forgiveness without beginning or end, it is not an event, it is a way of not holding one “eternally” accountable to their mistakes. When our process is complete, forgiveness will cease with the other tools of redemption for when sin is dead there is no longer any need for forgiveness.

      When God allows us to see with a clear vision of why we’re here on this earth and that we actually existed before coming here, (where the promise of eternal life was actually given for life was given to us before we were ever spoken into existence.) we will see that life without end did not start while in this journey on earth. We are here to receive life and life more abundantly…than we had before. We are here to be proved and reproved until God has disciplined us to walk in obedience to His will. And when our trials of testing has been finished as was Job’s we will then receive our reward of life more abundantly.

      So this love of God that we see and have for all people, will eventually cast out all fear of any being lost, so therefore we will look at all people anew, with an understanding that they as well as we ourselves will stand alike one day in His image. Let our prayers be that God will do a quick work and pull the veil from our carnal minds of the flesh where we will see as He see’s to love “all” as He loves “all.” We pray that we can now see this wonderful plan of being redeemed by Jesus Christ as seeing we were all sold into bondage to the carnal mind, only in order that we now may learn through this redemptive process how to love and respect all…and when this process is complete, we will all have been resurrected unto the likeness and newness of the spirit in Christ Jesus.

      As in Adam all died, so as, in Christ this same all will be made alive as we each come forth in our calling and in our order. As we walk in this life with this Revelation of all being redeemed, we can now walk in our new day, seeing and judging no one as unworthy. There is judgment in the process, however this is righteous judgement administered by God (see Job) to correct us to righteousness, never unto eternal damnation. The part of us that will be doomed forever will be the death of the carnal mind, the accusing, better than thou man of sin. We encourage the spirit within all to walk toward the light as Christ dispels the darkness of self within. We are being taught to be obedient and to condemn no one as we rightly divide the word, addressing the ways of the carnal mind in contrast to the spiritual mind. We do not even condemn the carnal mind for it is condemned to death already. When this final death of death occurs we will be free from the mind of the carnal man and we will then “all” stand in oneness in the one will of God.

      We will only have peace when we see His plan as He created it, with all eventually being redeemed…as we each are called in our own order. If we had 100 sheep and left the 99 to go in search of it, we will return with then 100% being saved. It can’t be said much simpler than that. We must nourish the spiritual man while we starve the carnal man. We must be able to see clearly which is which to know what to resist and what to obey. When we treat “all” from the least of these, as we would want to be treated ourselves, we exclude no one because of the sin that will be done away with, when Christ appears…within us. The resurrected Christ.

      • “When we understand that we are all going through a “re” generative process, there is no one not to love, no one to judge unrighteously and no one to compare ourselves to.”

        Beautiful. As we awaken (or re-generate) we are able to choose what we desire to perceive in our brothers and sisters. If we choose to see all in the likeness of God, this is how they will appear to us.

    • So if we reveal the Kingdom to our self, then who is your king? A Kingdom has a King. Who is the King?

      • The kingdom comes from Christ as He reveals Himself. No one can reveal the kingdom except God, through Christ.

      • In the kingdom of God we receive by giving, which is another way of saying the light of truth expands within us as it is shared. When Jesus said “the kingdom of God is within you”, he meant that the kingdom can only be perceived by your Self. When you, by the light of the Truth given you directly from the source, see the kingdom, so too will you see the king.

    • VERY GOOD!!!


      • You can only see the light in yourself. If you see it without – it is only because you see your own reflection. 😊

  37. This day is salvation come to this house.
    Jesus to Zacchaeus
    Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.
    I have tried to show, in the five foregoing chapters, that the Teaching of Jesus is based entirely on the perfection of conduct, and can be summed up in the one word Goodness. Jesus manifested this Goodness in his life, and his Teaching is vitally powerful because it is rooted in his life, his conduct. His command, “Follow me,” is literal and actual, not in the sense of a slavish imitation of the external details of his life, but in scaling (as he scaled) the heights of Goodness and Pity and Love by the conquest of self. The glory of his Teaching is embodied in his precepts, as the splendor of his life is wrapped up in them, and he who adopts those precepts as the guides of his life will so perfect his conduct by purifying the inward springs of thought and action as to become a spiritualized and sinless being, fulfilling the whole duty of life and the purpose of existence. Herein also is contained complete salvation, namely, freedom from sin.
    The word salvation is only mentioned by Jesus twice, and only one of these utterances (that to Zacchaeus) can be said to have any vital significance for us; yet in that one brief statement we are fully enlightened as to its meaning by virtue of its pointed application to the altered conduct of Zacchaeus. This man, we infer, had hitherto been hard, exacting, and grasping, but though he had not yet seen in person the new Teacher, his message had reached his ears, and he had opened his heart to the Good News that man can and should repent, and abandon selfish and sinful practices for good and sinless conduct. And this he had done, and, having proved its blessedness, no wonder that when Jesus came to his house he “received him joyfully,” and told him how he had abandoned wrong-doing for right-doing; evil for good; the selfish for the unselfish life. Jesus did not inquire into the “religious views” of Zacchaeus, did not impose upon him any change of view or opinion; did not demand that he believe anything about Jesus as being the Messiah, the Son of God, etc. Zacchaeus had changed his conduct; had completely turned round in his attitude toward others; had abandoned greed for generosity, extortion for charity, honesty for dishonesty, selfishness for unselfishness, evil for good, — and this was sufficient, as Jesus declared in the words, “This day is salvation come to this house.

  38. The only salvation recognized and taught by Jesus is salvation from sin, and the effects of sin, here and now; and this must be old selfishness, the old life of self, in any or every shape, only by doing this, and turning to the new life of gentleness, and purity, and humility, and unselfish love, can a man be said to be saved from sin; and then he is saved indeed, for, no more practicing it, it can trouble him no more. Herein also is Heaven, not a speculative heaven beyond the tomb, but a real, abiding, and ever present Heaven in the heart; a Heaven from which all the hellish desires and moods and sufferings are banished, where Love rules, and from which Peace is never absent.
    Good newsindeed is that message of Jesus which reveals to man his divine possibilities; which says in substance to sin-stricken humanity, “Take up thy bed and walk;” which tells man that he need no longer remain the creature of darkness and ignorance and sin if he will but believe in
    Goodness, and will watch and strive and conquer until he has actualized in his life the Goodness that is sinless. And in thus believing and overcoming, man not only has the guide of that Perfect Rule which Jesus has embodied in his precepts, he has also the inward Guide, the Spirit of Truth in his own heart, “The Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world,” which, as he follows it, will infallibly witness to the divine origin of those precepts.
    He who will humbly pass through the Gate of Good, resolving that every element of his nature that is not pure and true and lovable shall be abandoned, that every violation of the Divine precepts shall be abolished, to him, faithful, humble, true, will be revealed the sublime Vision of the Perfect One, and, day by day purifying his heart and perfecting his conduct in accordance with his vision, he will sooner or later rise above all the subtleties of his lower nature, will wash away every ignominious stain from his soul, and realize the perfect goodness of the eternal Christ.

  39. Do you seek to know and to realize Truth? Then you must be prepared to sacrifice, to renounce to the uttermost, for Truth in all its glory can only be perceived and known when the last vestige of self has disappeared.
    The eternal Christ declared that he who would be His disciple must “deny himself daily.” Are you willing to deny yourself, to give up your lusts, your prejudices, your opinions? If so, you may enter the narrow way of Truth, and find that peace from which the world is shut out. The absolute denial, the utter extinction, of self is the perfect state of Truth, and all religions and philosophies are but so many aids to this supreme attainment.
    Self is the denial of Truth. Truth is the denial of self. As you let self die, you will be reborn in Truth. As you cling to self, Truth will be hidden from you.
    Whilst you cling to self, your path will be beset with difficulties, and repeated pains, sorrows, and disappointments will be your lot. There are no difficulties in Truth, and coming to Truth, you will be freed from all sorrow and disappointment.
    Truth in itself is not hidden and dark. It is always revealed and is perfectly transparent. But the blind and wayward self cannot perceive it. The light of day is not hidden except to the blind, and the Light of Truth is not hidden except to those who are blinded by self.
    Truth is the one Reality in the universe, the inward Harmony, the perfect Justice, the eternal Love. Nothing can be added to it, nor taken from it. It does not depend upon any man, but all men depend upon it. You cannot perceive the beauty of Truth while you are looking out through the eyes of self. If you are vain, you will color everything with your own vanities. If lustful, your heart and mind will be so clouded with the smoke and flames of passion, that everything will appear distorted through them. If proud and opinionative, you will see nothing in the whole universe except the magnitude and importance of your own opinions.
    There is one quality which pre-eminently distinguishes the man of Truth from the man of self, and that is humility. To be not only free from vanity, stubbornness and egotism, but to regard one‘s own opinions as of no value, this indeed is true humility.
    He who is immersed in self regards his own opinions as Truth, and the opinions of other men as error. But that humble Truth-lover who has learned to distinguish between opinion and Truth, regards all men with the eye of charity, and does not seek to defend his opinions against theirs, but sacrifices those opinions that he may love the more, that he may manifest the spirit of Truth, for Truth in its very nature is ineffable and can only be lived. He who has most of charity has most of Truth.

  40. When men seek to know the scriptures in an intellectual way and are driven naively as immature saints of God by the human nature of the carnal mind, their prayers are answered and they receive as they have asked. The competitive nature within the natural mind looks around at other like minded people and wants to be known as “they” are known for their much knowledge of scriptural knowledge of facts found throughout the scriptures. In pursuing these carnally driven emotions of wanting to be recognized and admired for their intellectual prowess in the area of theology, these search the scriptures for in them they think they have eternal life.

    As these go through life and have learned very well all of the stories and adventures of the judges, prophets, and King’s, and have learned the genealogies of men and tribes, these men having a great storehouse of the riches of the knowledge of the carnal mind…in effect….have gained nothing of eternal wealth. This explanation of the carnal and the spiritual mind is well defined in the scriptures and it is also so simply explained of how we are to reach spiritual maturity, the likeness of our Christ, within our being.

    As we explain the difference between the carnal and the spiritual mind let us keep in mind we are not speaking to any individual to condemn the person, it is to give light to those who are seeking truth through the love of God which is selfless in nature. It is to point out the attributes of the carnal mind, the flesh which seeks admiration and the place of God in other people’s eyes. It is to rightly divide the carnal from the spiritual. We must learn to put away this childish behavior of wanting to be recognized and to be known as something great or superior in the minds of others. We must learn to put away the notion of drawing people unto ourselves by not desiring this vanity of recognition and adulation.

    Instead we in no way have a desire to stand out as wanting to be seen as knowledgeable, intellectual or even wanting to have an eloquent presence among others. All of these traits are things of vanity, of the carnal mind. Yet in our youth we innocently pursue the ways of Christ by using our natural mind and the faculties we possess as the spiritual mind has not yet been made available to us, through the removing of the veil (flesh). What men think of as truth in their much acquired learning and knowledge of the law, is in reality an accumulation of dead facts that has no spiritual benefit in them. John 5:39 Ye search the scriptures, because ye think that in them ye have eternal life; and these are they which bear witness of me…

    We think however it is not so, for the spirit does not come by the law. Unless one is being led by the spirit and considering compassionately the welfare of others, we cannot understand the difference in law and grace until we move and have our being exercised by the spirit. The religious carnal mind with its dry and spiritless law of rules and rituals cannot understand the ways of the spirit…until..this man of sin be revealed and we acknowledge him…so that God can take this carnal mind from us. The first step for us to move from the carnal into the spirit is to not think that our enemy is way off out “there” somewhere…when he is within. Then when we identity the true source of our problem…we can be set free from it.

    If a son ask for a fish will the Father give him a stone? It says to ask and we will receive what we ask for. (In accordance with the Fathers will.) In our spiritual youth we may ask as the carnal mind ask, and that is for carnal recognition which comes from the pride of life. And God may grant this request for a season…so that we will learn by experience to not ask for vanities sake. As we in our spiritual youth have been exercised in desiring the vanity of the flesh of which we were born with, not willingly, but subjected to in the hope of being redeemed from it as we are carried and processed through life. This understanding of going from a carnal mind to a spiritual mind is called redemption and it is also called the “resurrection” of Christ within our living temples. We are not resurrected in outward temples (churches) made with natural hands, we are resurrected unto Christ by the spiritual hand (workings) of the Father.

  41. We are so blessed…to see that “all” means “all”.




    • You do not have to earn your salvation as a Christian. This is why Mormonism does not belong next to the Bible. Salvation is by Grace, only. This should be good to anyone trying to live by rules, for salvation. Grace means, Christ paid the price, so we don’t have to. Then we are free to live, in God by Grace. You do not have to ascend into the Heavens, but Christ the Son of God, ascended for us.



  45. Lucifer was not Jesus, borther. Another non Christian belief that Mormon’s believe. Lucifer was a fallen Angel, and Jesus is the Third Person of the God~head. Jesus, defeated satan, and the world of sin~ on the Cross.. Praise the Lord. Another word of freedom for Mormons, to latch ahold of.

  46. The priesthood of believers was given to all the Saints of the Most High. Not to Joseph Smith, which reveals another false teaching of Mormonism. Anyone reading the bible will find the teaching of the priesthood of believers in the Bible. And the priesthood is active Today for all believers in Christ , as we are now able to enter in behind the Veil, in Prayer, and Praise and Worship. Hallelujah to God. Mormons, you do not have to wait till after death, or till another time period to receive the Priesthood. Just Receive the Lord Jesus and Salvation, Today, By Grace are you saved!! Hallellujah.
    Mormons can be set free to server God Today. Not in the sweet by and by. Praise you Lord.



  47. True believers in Christ, do not believe in the Book of Mormon, as being a revelation from God. True Christians, believe in the Gospel, of Jesus, as part of the Trinity, and in the teachings given to the Apostles. There is no requirement other than those given in the Word of God whereby men will be saved.
    A “Works” doctrine, was created by Joseph Smith, which is contrary to and completely opposite from what the Bible teaches. Gain your freedom, from those works doctrines, and find your freedom in Christ is The Call, to all Mormons. Find and claim freedom from it.



      • Philippians 2:5-6: ‘Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God’

        Matthew 5: 48: ‘Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.’

        Moroni 10:4-5 (BOM): ‘And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that you would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost. ‘And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.’


  49. And the same is true today, everything has been placed in the days of expected glory when Christ will come and exalt everyone without them fulfilling one single observance of His divine counseling. To bring forth the wonder of His instructions the unfolding of that Sermon on the Mount is plainly given. In fact, the whole volume has been more or less a stressing and explaining of that most famous of all sermons ever given on the earth.

    And in the last chapter of that Sermon on the Mount, Matthew seven, is given the record of Christ’s rebuke to those who would prophesy in His Name, cast out devils in His Name and perform many miracles, to whom he declares: “Depart from me, ye that work iniquity. I know you not!” And to make this scripture perfectly clear God required that a complete explanation on demonstrating be included, “THAT ALL MEN MIGHT BE LEFT WITHOUT EXCUSE.”

    This was written according to God’s command. And no man’s opinion can change it. But there are those who still insist that only through their own personal demonstrating can the divine, dynamic Promises of God be fulfilled. And they err greatly. And worlds without end they will not be able to receive the glory of His Promises until they accept His Promises upon His Terms — AND NOT UPON THEIR OWN.

    God’s Promises are not fulfilled through outward show, through the gifts or through prophesying or speaking in tongues or in outward “UNSEEMINGLY” demonstrating. They are fulfilled when one has learned to “BE STILL” and KNOWS that God is God, as they contact Him and obey His Voice and Keep His Commandments that they might be taught of Him, IN HIS WAY!

    There are His definite terms upon which every PROMISE can be fulfilled. And not one of them is based on the Speaking in tongues, or in Prophesying — or in any outward show.

    “There is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven, before the foundations of the world, upon which all blessings are predicated, and if we obtain any Promise or blessing from God it is upon obedience to the laws upon which it is predicated,” or promised.

    “He who is thankful in all things shall be made glorious. And when one is MADE GLORIOUS he will “BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT!” This promise to be made glorious says nothing at all about speaking in tongues or prophesying or of any of the other gifts. It is based entirely upon GRATITUDE, or BEING THANKFUL!

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