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Holy Altar Meditation


Written, January 11, 2023

The “Holy Altar” is a mental picture representing four key understandings of Truth, Pillars of Truth, regarding how Truth’s Life is manifested through the mind, which enables Truth’s Perfection of a Divine Life to manifest into reality. Through these four essential elements of Truth, the Holy Flame’s Light spreads throughout reality, revealing the Kingdom of Peace. These Four Pillars of Truth are the focus of this meditation.

Written, January 16, 2021


In the Voice of Oneness, I speak as one.

As a creator within the Creator, I go deep within my being to the creative center of my reality, the Holy Altar of Truth that keeps the Holy Flame. Here I sit in oneness with the Mighty I AM Presence. In the awareness of who I Am and how I create, my mind engages its true purpose, which is to express the divine radiance of this Living Presence of Absolute Truth.

The luminosity of the altar’s living pillars of Truth enlighten my mind. They energetically converge forming a living gate in my mind’s eye between the Mighty I AM’s infinite realm of divine potentials and the manifested reality. This sacred gate opens as the present moment divinely emerges through the workings of my timeless mind allowing the lifestream of the Creator to flow through me in unquenchable power. Through this living door, the oneness of my individualized self and the Mighty I AM, the Holy Flame, is expressed into reality.

Four Pillars of Truth

Meditate on the living energy within the awareness of each Pillar. As the four pillars converge as one in your mind’s eye, it brings forth the River of Life, which is the Sacred Heart’s Divine Love endlessly flowing to ALL through your soul.

Pillar One: From the living pillar of divine emergence, every moment of my individualized self is orchestrated by the Mighty I AM Presence in timeless perfection for the highest good of all, so that divine love’s expression flows through my I AM Presence.

I Am divinely emerging.

Pillar Two: From the sacred pillar of timelessness, my mind engages its limitless potential. Free from all limitations of time, space, what has been and what my reality tells me will be, Absolute Truth is expressed through my mind, manifesting its timeless and endless reflections of true Life.

I Am a timeless mind of Truth’s Perfection.

Pillar Three: From the third living pillar of a life-giving spirit of perfect abundance, the Mighty I AM Presence flows through my I Am Presence, so that I possess all the divine attributes. Through divine thought energy, I give these divine attributes to all, so that as I AM so is my reality.

I Am a life-giving spirit of abundance.

Pillar Four: From the fourth pillar of power, the Mighty I AM’s power charges the divine thoughts filling my mind, altering the energetic atmosphere of reality and changing its outer reflection into one of Divine Love’s Perfection.

I Am a creator within the Creator.

As these four living truths synergize within my mind, I rest in Divine Love’s perfect power flowing through me, giving birth to divine reflections of the Holy Flame. All reality quakes as the Light awakens from deep within. The overall frequency of creation ascends, and the lowest vibrations of linear time are no more.

As a Living Gate, I Am the Mighty I AM’s expression in reality. All is one, so that as I AM so are all. In this Divine Oneness is Victory for all.

The Four Sacred Winds of Regeneration

Remember. Be Still and Know I Am God.

Renew. Be Still and Love Life.

Rejoice. Be Still and Be Grateful.

Rest. Be Still and Be.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “Holy Altar Meditation


  2. Heaven is a vibration of the timless state. Earth(universe)(carnel world) is on a vibration in a linier state.
    both are Bound to our own identity in a state called the GOD state(everyone has this state).

    When we awaken, we have a foothold withing BOTH(linier(the Human heart), and the TIMELESS (the Eternal heart).
    when we live in a linier state, it will always seem to be about the Individual.
    when we live in a TIMELESS sate, we see ourselves as ALL INDIVUALS(one body).
    this creates an ELEMENTAL FORCE(how our mind interancts with global avents(with everyone else).
    the events on the earth through the eternal, shows the heart from ALL PEOPLE as one BODY(part of the heavenly vibration).

  3. The ETERNAL state is the FATHER, and the CARNEL WORLD is the mother.

  4. I need to come visit this blog more often! Your content is amazing 🙂

  5. Greetings Rachel …EL So much in our Name. Always keen to flow into your “moments of lift-off “ may i ask you Q. Is there any absolute and undeniable strong fragrances detected during these times as described? And should this be so can you please enlighten me.. Its reported that our sense of smell is the last of our senses to diminish before death. Also is your hearing sharp during this???
    If so could you detect seven 7 seperate and distinct sounds. Very interested in your detections Be great to hear of your findings. Also other: Have you opened


    To see the great surprise of Joyful happy truthful youthful dynamic praise n worship adoring saints from all over Keeping Yahweah’s Appointed Sabbath’s
    And regular Sabbaths. Plus the New Moon Festival Days. So much to be in truth about and once discovered …. Great and truly marvellous things…. moments happen with Our Lamb of Heaven..Yeshua Messiah

    Blessings from Australia Phillip


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