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The inner eye resides at the center of an individualized mind and sits like a gate between the infinite and the current finite expression. What the inner eye perceives as true shapes the mind’s energetic atmosphere, which the mind then translates into thought energy. This thought energy gives expression to an individualized self and its sphere of reality.

When the inner eye is open or awake, it’s an open gate between the Infinite Presence of Truth and the finite and yet ever-expanding present moment. Therefore, it’s an extension of the I Am Presence of God, so that it functions as the eye of God. In this oneness, it receives absolute Truth and through the mechanism of the mind’s thought energy, it projects an individualized Self that reflects the attributes of the living Presence of Absolute Truth, i.e. God.

When we unaware of Truth, our inner eye is “closed” or in darkness. The mind, being unaware of its oneness with the Presence of God, and yet active because it possesses the living Truth that “I AM”, exists in a sleep state and perceives a dream world. In its slumbering state it believes the dream is real because its individualized nature experiences it as real, but the mind, having never been awake, doesn’t recognize it created the dream.

Relative truth, which is based on duality and time, makes the mind’s dreamworld seem real. It is unreal because every opposite cancels its opposing state, creating a darkened void. However it appears real to the slumbering mind because opposing states, like life and death or peace and unrest, are separated by the mind’s construct of time. Because the mind perceives the existence of both, it believes both are true. Because of this belief, the mind exists in a reality of duality, absent of the Light of absolute Truth.

As a result, the mind dresses its concept of self in the garments of duality and time, creating an imaginary self which is projected upon the screen of the mind. This false concept of self is analogous to the shell of a seed. The shell is bound to corruption because its purpose is to fall away when the inner life (true Self) is ready to be revealed. To a sleeping mind, which is unaware of its true I Am presence, this outer reflection is all it perceives, so it assumes its shell-like nature IS the self’s true reflection. Therefore, the mind believes the self is finite, limited, corrupted and bound to decay and death. Attributing these characteristics to the self is the source of all discordant feelings, which create discordant situations. In this powerless state, the self and its darkened mind believe it is a created thing, subject to the whims of its outer reality.

The true Self is the Life within the seed. When the inner eye begins to looks inward into this Life, Truth’s Light begins to awaken the mind. In the growing awareness of absolute Truth, the mind perceives the changeless nature of its true Self, thus its previous concept of self is shown to be false. As a result, the mind begins its transformation from relative truth to absolute Truth. Guided by Truth’s Living Voice, the Spirit of Truth, the mind reasons with the Spirit regarding the validity and rationality of relative truth reflected in its outer reality and the absolute Truth it perceives coming from the Light within. As a result, the mind’s thought processes begin to assimilate to absolute Truth, so Truth can be expressed in the outer reality.

The mind only accepts what it believes is true. What it believes is true, it gives its thought energy to, which manifests its concept of self. Because the mind fully believed in relative truth, duality and time defined all its thought processes, creating a limited and corrupted self. With the incoming Light of Absolute Truth, the mind makes a metamorphic shift to absolute Truth. By contrasting the two concepts of self and their realities, the mind perceives the insanity of relative truth versus the perfection of absolute truth. Through this enlightened understanding the mind is able to accept absolute Truth as true.

As we focus on the Life within as our true Self, we no longer give life energy to the false self and its sphere of reality, because we no longer hold it as a true concept of self. For example, when we perceive outer weakness, we don’t try to make what is weak strong, but instead we recognize there is no weakness, only divine strength. In this, our thought energy shifts from the shell of the corrupted, false self to the true Life within the seed, the incorruptible nature of our true Self. Every dualistic reflection is a call to awaken to our absolute nature that our inner Light may shine.

Once the assimilation to absolute Truth is complete, the mind’s eye is fully opened. As an open gate to the Presence of God, our mind conveys divine attributes into reality and the Presence of God is individually expressed as the individualized true Self.

“The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness. ~ Luke 11:34

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

4 thoughts on “Illuminated Vision

  1. When we inter into the philosophy of true sharing, of deeply listening to the intents of the heart of others, we are able to create a deeper chasm for listening to the kingdom of Heaven. Our destination, our journey should never be seen, be viewed from the isolation of our own reality, our own belief system isolated from interaction with others.
    To have a healthy understanding we must relinquish the desire to lust after our own thoughts and to greedily secure them clutching them as if we were Fatherless.
    When we experience the Father’s Love, love I say, and not just wisdom, or knowledge, or self introspection, we are able to lay down our lives for others.
    When we choose to see only the mysterious nature of our own location, our own ability to grasp truths we loose the idea of community, and the bond that can only be found through love.
    This being lost, this loosing everything but myself can never be a reflection bright enough to place us in front of the movement of true love.
    What many call the false self means, I am absent to hear from others. I am absent to interaction with others, because that reveals. That reveals the true heart.
    Many who turn away from the corrupted self, are also fleeing from the corrupted self of others, and create their own negated destiny.
    The whims of outer reality are often the place where God chooses to meet us, and to help define us, but many are rejecting the Father’s touch from others.
    Without the shell of a seed, there can be no inner seed, no meat for the growth.
    The seed’s shell is every bit as important a part of the seeds life as the inner germ.
    The seeds shell protects the inner seed from corruption by the elements.
    These relative truths which are based on time and duality are what make love possible in the present tense.
    May God call you into the eyes of Jesus Christ. May you see His love all around you, and may you perceive His presence, even in the dissonance, and the failures of other’s, and may you find yourself in forgiving yourself for all your imperfections, and be found confident in His eternal Love.

  2. Using our analogy of the seed we recognize that the appearance of light gives birth to the awareness of self, and without the light, the awareness of self does not exist. We see also that the light gives the self the name “I”, as well as the power of self-expression, which the self immediately uses by proclaiming “I AM aware of light”.

    In the birth of self-awareness, the light appears “separate” because the self is aware of both its name, “I”, and the light. We therefore see that the self has become an “individualized expression” that now appears to exist in the center of a reality in which there appears something else, the light of a distant star.

    How then can that which dimly appears, and this seemingly very far off, be the ongoing source of the self’s life and power? How can that which appears separate, be considered one with the self?

    The answer to these questions can be found in the understanding of EXPRESSION. Consider a forest, full of various trees of different shapes and sizes, as well as a multitude of grasses, flowering plants and shrubs coexisting with the trees. Each tree possesses an expression that gives it uniqueness among similar trees, while all the trees are unique from the expression of flowering plants and grasses. Yet all life begins in an “inner seed world” that is exactly the same.

    The varying expressions of forest life begins in the darkness of unawareness. Out of the darkness each seed is awakened by the appearance of light, which bestowed upon them the name, “I”, and granted them the individualized power of LIFE inherent within the name. Every seed now proclaims “I AM aware, but what I AM, I AM unaware”.

    Continuing with our analogy of a “consciously aware seed”, we recognize that in the darkness of the seed’s inner world, when it becomes aware of its name and nature as an individualized Self existing in the light of a distant star, ALL SEEDS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. Be they trees, flowers or grasses, none can be differentiated because while they have life, they lack SELF-EXPRESSION. Though every seed is now aware of its individualized nature, they remain ONE.

    Consider that every newly awakened “seed-self” is aware of the same light, in as much as countless people could look upon the same star in the night sky. Since the self is awakened in the awareness of the SAME LIGHT, all life begins with exactly the SAME AWARENESS and is therefore the SAME SELF, bestowed with the SAME NAME.

    We can therefore conclude that it is NOT actually the self that is individualized, but rather its EXPRESSION. And just as the self is one with its individualized expression, so too must every self be one with every other individualized self-expression, for there is but ONE SELF.

    How then does the self become “individualized” in its expression? And how is this self-expression governed? By what power is it created?

    To find these answers we must now consider “potentials”.

    • Let us imagine the “seed” as an analogy of the mind. The outer darkness reflects the mind’s unawareness, in which an individualized self expression does not exist. Think of it in this way, if mind is unaware of self, ALL is void to the point of nonexistence. Now let there be light, even as the faintest star dimly apparent in the limitless outer darkness. Instantly the mind is made aware of itself for it able to express “I am aware of a star afar off.” Thus self expression is not created out of nothing, but rather the mind is MADE AWARE that it is something.

      Therefore, with the mind we do not speak of life and death, but rather awareness and unawareness. The appearance of light has raised the mind from unawareness of its own existence to the awareness it exists with the light. The light has GIVEN LIFE (awareness) to the mind by bestowing upon it the presence of “I AM”, which can be understood to mean “that which gives awareness by the light”.

      Here we see our mind in the analogy of a seed with which we are familiar in the physical world. The physical seed is aware of itself, which is to say it “has life”, yet remains unaware of what its “self” is. All seeds look somewhat identical because the self expression is the same, yet they remain differentiated by their potentials for expression.

      In the “seed” state we see that there is both awareness and unawareness coexisting. In the the outer appearance world the “seed” appears to be both a living thing and a created thing simultaneously. The reason is that the seed remains in a transitory state of “being” in which it is aware it exists, yet unaware of any self-expression.

      Thus we can rightly consider the “seed state” of the mind as a proper analogy for the origin of life, a blank canvas upon which the Self’s potentials may be increasingly expressed.

    • Now we face a series of difficult questions. Since all life originates from the same blank canvas of Self, and this by the awareness of the same source of light, what determines the manner in which the self shall be expressed? And if a blank canvas, what paints the self-expression upon it? And how are the manner of brush strokes determined such that they are properly ordered, colored and layered to present an ever-more beautiful whole?

      To grasp the answers let us first consider a new, higher level analogy and then come back and fill in the details.

      Imagine that in the pitch black darkness of unawareness the self as a blank canvas that appears the same to all at the origin of self-awareness. Whereas we have stated that the self, upon awareness of the appearance of a distant light says, “I AM aware that I AM, yet what I AM I do not know,” imagine now the self to say, “I AM aware that I am a blank canvas, but what shall be expressed upon me I do not know.” Thus every self, at the origin of life, covered in darkness but for the dim light of a distant star, truthfully proclaims the same thing. Every self is aware that it is a canvas, but the darkness prevents awareness of any expression painted upon it. To all, at the origin of life, the canvas appears blank, and therefore every self begins in the awareness that it is a “blank” canvas”.

      Now consider that the light, which first appeared separate, tiny and very distant from the self, begins to slowly grow brighter. As it does so, the self next becomes aware that the light is not actually distant, but rather at the very core, even the center of the limitless canvas of Self. The awareness results because the light reveals what is painted at the center of the canvas, revealing the first awareness of self-expression.

      Thus we see the canvas is already painted, yet self-awareness is limited to that which the light reveals. Whereas the self believed it was separate from the light, it now realizes the source of light exists at the center of its self-expression. Now imagine that as the light grows brighter, radiating outward from its center, more of the painting is revealed, increasing the self’s awareness of its expression.

      From the perspective of self its awareness appears to GROW into something new, which creates the awareness of LIFE. And since that which the self is unaware does not exist, the self exists only in the awareness of its PRESENTLY ILLUMINATED SELF-EXPRESSION. Now the self proclaims, “I AM aware that I AM, and what I AM is revealed in the light”.

      Now, instead of a canvas imagine the self as a SPHERE, with the source of light like a distant star existing in its very center. At the origin of life, the light appeared visible, yet not bright enough to reveal anything of its spherical self-expression. Thus while the self was aware of the light, it was not yet aware it perceived the very core of its own being, believing instead the light was separate, and far off.

      As the light increases in intensity, the sphere of its self-awareness grows accordingly because the light increasingly reveals what was hidden in the darkness. All the self comprehends is limited to that which the light reveals, and what is in darkness remains outside of self awareness, non-existent within the self’s sphere of consciousness. Thus the self is ONE with the light, for its expression is only ever found in the light.

      We can now see that a better understanding of self, from the inner perspective, is like a STAR of ever-increasing brightness, with the source of its light coming from the self’s core.

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