Living Light

Stirring The Deep

Transitioning Thought-Systems


We are all seeds in the earth’s soil and by the Living Light we awaken and begin to express the ordained, divine potentials for our individualized Self, transforming all of reality.

As we take the next step up the primordial staircase, we commence a new phase of our awakening. The inner Light within begins its passage into outer expression. As a result, our mind makes a comprehensive, pivotal shift from the thought-system of the false self to the living thought-system of Truth.

As we turned our attention inward, to the Light of Absolute Truth, to honor it as our source of Truth and not the outer reality, Truth’s living voice wrote the living thought-system of Truth upon our mind, revealing the mind our true Self, the Christ Mind. Once our mind can comprehend this living thought-system, we begin to shed the old thought-system for the other, which gives outer expression to the true Self.

Like the emergence of a seed out of its shell or a glorious butterfly out of its cocoon, when our mind is sufficiently prepared to convey truth-filled thoughts, the true Self is birthed into creation. Because our true Self is the Creator’s expressed Self, our individual internal metamorphosis enables the Creator’s Life force to enter into reality, creating a metamorphic transformation throughout creation. Everything is turned right-side up as Living Light flows through our living thought-system and consumes the outer darkness. Through this transition nothing is left untouched by the enfolding presence of Divine Love, the supreme expression of the Creator within us.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Transitioning Thought-Systems

  1. The time it has taken to be able to comprehend this has been worth every second. Thank you sister for an amazing post. As in nature no matter what, I have a good feeling about this spring as I am settling in with the belief that has been so amazingly unbelievable for some time now. The Holy Spirit doesn’t miss a single detail or micro perfect timing that connects us all. IT SO BELIEVABLE ~


    • To understand that there is a divine orchestration that touches the details of each life is a huge comfort and peace. I often see this divine, perfect orchestration and its a powerful encouragement and teacher.

  2. How refreshing, as it always does a heart glad to see the rising of Jesus Christ’ likeness in the being of all, each in their own order. When you speak of the “seed” in us all as I see it, it is a warm truth.

    As you say, “We are all seeds in the earth’s soil and by the Living Light we awaken and begin to express the ordained, divine potentials for our individualized Self, transforming all of reality,” when you say “all” it really does mean “All.” Some food for thought to add to this wonderful mystery of “the Christ within” as pointed out in the scriptures. The “seed” of Christ when we were born of our mother’s womb, the seed was planted in “every” man. Some may become rooted in good ground and take root immediately, some among rocky ground, etc.,” we know the parable….I do see the first fruits coming and being gathered together and being matured to bring the rest of the harvest to completion. (The first being matured to guide the rest to the likeness of Christ.)

    It cannot be any other way for “As in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive, each in his own order…….” if this is so, and we believe it is because it is written, then if “a” seed is to produce of it’s kind, it is so that the seed of Christ will produce Christ in every man…so the seed must have been there all along, and me thinks it really was a seed that we brought to this realm from the “tree” from which we were. ..Christ. And yes, there is a spirit within us “all” that will receive the same call to being awakened as God calls each of us forth…in our individual order.

    Once we are awakened to this truth of it being “all” we will cease to criticize or condemn any but will become a nurturer to bring all the rest to the kingdom. That is the job of the “first fruits.” Either way, whether we make that “high calling” in Christ Jesus or we come forth in another, let our prayers all be the same….that God’s will be done…to the completion and for the love of all. That is the important and best way to think, leaving our individual importance out of the consummation of all things, but rather let us pray with an unselfish heart, whether it be “us” or “them” the important thing is that His will be done…and we take our place so as He wills…unselfishly.

    After all, when God’s plan is completed, there will be nothing to cry about because “the least of these” will be made whole as the “best” of these…just of another order…but all loved…and all completed in His image. God mostly tells us to be thankful in all things because He knows all will be made whole. To be made whole is really what the word salvation means. Knowing the end of all…and it being good…we should not be the condemner of any…but a forgiven for and to all..until..we all stand together…as one. All sin is forgiven.

    • All is one, so that our minds sleep as one and awaken as one.

      Separation is an illusion that we are mislead by when we look to the outer reality as our source of Truth and therefore focus on outer forms, manifesting thoughts of separation. It’s an unawareness of our true energetic connection that is found in the Spirit of Oneness, the Spirit of the Creator. So, yes I agree the awakening of the few is the beginning of the awakening of all. And to your point, in the awareness of this oneness, our mind holds no judgment or condemnation for ourselves or another because condemnation/judgment isn’t known in the “mind of Christ” (mindset of oneness) where only Absolute Truth dwells and there are no opposites, thus no error. Condemnation/judgment is born out of a belief in separation from Truth’s pure Light within us and from each other. If we do believe in separation and therefore judgment, we give this destructive energy to ourselves and others, and therefore that is what we experience. Our experience isn’t truthful, but reflecting a lie we hold as true. Reality mirrors our beliefs.

      • All true…
        We were complete spirits before we came, we are so presently and we will be in the eternal. We did not become lesser beings, from being born from our prior reality, we were put in to a condition of being blinded to where we came from…for a short duration of time, to be disciplined and schooled so that when we are given more than we had before, we will have learned responsibility and obedience through the things in which we have suffered…just as our pattern and example…our Christ..accom0lished.

        When a person suffers from lack, a sincerity is developed in them of “wanting” whatever it is that is better. We live the life of the prodigal, until we come to our senses…and freely return to our
        Father and give our obedience to a better way, one that pertains to us all alike…and we are willing to accept to be one among the many. Not one rule for you and another for me…but one we accept mutually with everyone accepting their own order and calling with neither condemnation nor jealousy. We have learned to have accepted His will as our will. Peace comes from adversity in this life and it is the adversity we overcome and we find within ourselves that we need to look no further. Another may be able to kill our temporary body, but God possesses our eternal spirit.

        Our enemy is when we allow ourselves to be influenced by anything and anyone who would dissuade us from desiring to be one with our Father. Yes, we are all in the reality before, during and after this dream. When we see that whatever a person is subjected to, whether it is good or evil, we know that they are events which will deliver us to our conclusion. It is the “end” which justify the means…and all things work together for the good of “all.”

        Separation is an illusion. We have always been one for we are all of one spirit, always have been, always will be. It is time we separate the dream from our reality. There is no illusion nor dream when we come to peace and agreement with our Father…for we will see things as though they already are…having no enimies.

  3. You are not who you believe yourself to be.

    This is very difficult to comprehend as the sleeping mind uses belief to uphold the reality of its relative truth. Consider that “belief” is a self-imposed limitation defined by the body’s senses. What can not be ultimately perceived through the body’s senses, the mind can not believe, and what is not believed can not be upheld as truth and therefore dissolves before the mind as “unreal”.

    Notice this carefully; the sleeping mind uses BELIEF to uphold truth and without belief the truth does not exist. Thus belief becomes the mind’s source of truth and the sustainer of its reality. Belief is created by the mind using judgment, and therefore the sleeping mind is the source of its own truth.

    Again we are reminded that we are using labels to paint a picture of that which has no form. When we use the label “belief” we assume the creation of mind that results from the judgment of data collected through a combination of the body’s senses. Belief, as we speak of it, is a CREATION OF MIND. Many spiritual books equate belief with the idea of “faith”. We are not using “belief” in this way and to avoid confusion and provide clarity of thought we will use the label “knowing”, rather than “faith”. Therefore, for our purposes “belief” equates to that which the mind has judged to be true and knowing is that which the mind recognizes as true in a manner that transcends belief. As an example, you can consider that the truth of your existence is known by your mind, rather than believed.

    Recall that the body’s senses perceive only time-based expression, which is to say only that which is already created. Do not be deceived in “believing” that the body exists in the present moment, for it too is created and every created thing has already been expressed. All the body can perceive is the PAST, which the mind mistakenly believes is the present. Now look closely, this means that all the mind believes to be true has its source in that which is already created.

    Therefore, when the mind seeks to understand the truth of itself, it looks for it in that which already exists. This critical understanding is necessary in order to continue our journey into the source of life.

    • Interesting analogy about labels vs substance. To delve further into the shadow and the substance of what you are saying…It is also, as you say, hard to comprehend from the sleeping mind what truth is because the sleeping mind can only believe “about” something because it is asleep and is not “participating” in the truth to our “awakened” self. When we awaken, this is the point where our belief is no longer standing afar off in observation but our belief has now become the substance of our being. We have left the realm of the symbol and through the “revelation”of Christ within, we have been transformed from the belief realm of the carnal “sleeping mind” which is without to the spiritual realm within. In the worldly earthly realm, belief is like looking through a glass darkly, standing afar off, but belief awakened is who we are. Outward belief must become inward in action and substantive in being. There is always the outward word and it’s meaning on its level but these natural words are but shadows of their true self…for when we take them in… they morph into a life of substance.

      Belief, truth, and faith are understood only from the place we are presently at along our journey through this valley of the shadow of death experience for even death itself can be understood only from a label perspective. God is life, and God is truth… and our temporary life’s journey away from the fullness of God is the true meaning of death for death is our temporary separation from “knowing” His presence. When we truly know God in the biblically sense we are one with Him. As long as belief, truth and faith, etc., are only in the”label” phase of our life it means we have only moved from the sea to the dry land realm of this life where all outward religious labels and meanings exist. Religion is in the outward knowing phase of our life in only knowing “about things” because religion is not life but only a continuing transition, knowledge and observation about life. When our belief and faith have moved beyond the outward observation of these terms and they start becoming the substance of who we are, it is then we marry the truth, becoming one with God. For He is this truth we seek through our outward belief and faith until these “words” of belief and faith become the “substance” of these things we had only once hoped for in the label passing (outward religious) phase of our life. When love leaves the definition realm of our life and the love of God becomes one with us, we then become one with Him. The word of God goes from being outwardly known to being an inwardly spiritual part of us. Substance. What we once only knew as labels and knowledge and words which we once only contemplated, they now must be transformed into our hearts and minds to become the substance of God’s character. We must come to become the word where the meaning and the substance are now one.

      This is when we then become who we will know ourselves to be.

      • Very interesting and insightful perspective on belief when you mentioned that the sleeping mind believes “about something”, rather than participating in the truth. We are awakening into this participation, and through it will be able to dissolve the mystery of belief that has upheld the world of darkness. It’s is no longer the time for seeking, but for sharing that which we have found, that it may be experienced by all.

        Onward, my friend!

  4. For the love of God do we exist.

  5. When we dream a natural dream, the dream is within us, in our “earthly” reality, although it may or may not have any value that we can comprehend and understand. As to the level of righteousness God may have brought us to, our dreams are still a part of our whole experience. The reality of who we are bares all the aspects of who we are not, including the imaginary and dream state part of us. So as in the natural, it is in the spiritual dream of this earthly life as in understanding this life as being an aberration or a dream apart from our true reality. What I am saying is, is that although truth abides within us in all of His completeness, we are carrying this excess weight behind a veil, we call the flesh, the carnal mind. It is like the dream we are glad to wake from when we awake from the lie of our sleep. In our true reality we were, are and will always be in our eternal self, as God created us before the world was.

    We are one of those books that is opened in Revelation, where all of our past is recorded in the tables of our heart, whether we have done good or we have done evil, however this is not a book of exclusion but a book of inclusion because beside it was opened the book of life which is also a person’s life and this completed book is Jesus Christ Himself…in which all the other books are judged. However, this is a righteous judgment where God inspects our “book” and if it does not measure up to the book of life beside it, God provides the “right” eous experiences and circumstances to complete our book to bring it to a like copy of the original “book” of life. We are all books, allegorically speaking and our book is being written by the very finger of God and with an author such as He is, we can rest assured by faith in wisdom and understanding that there will be no “grammatical” errors or word misplacements in our finished book, for our book will be a masterpiece among all other books for every person that has been born is a book being written. We are a work in progress.

    As we become fully awakened, the simple gratitude and appreciation we come to attain for being given this experience of life without end have no words to describe it. We become in awe of realty as we learn what it is and awaken to it …and more so that “you” whoever you are will be there with all the rest of the books to share this wonderful and awesome life together. Understanding the word “all” in God’s context is what makes this a truly loving experience for you and me , for we will all be finished epistles, read by all men…as each are finished and “published” for the world to read.

    As you say “onward,” there is no other direction except in the fallacy of our dream state, so it is a blessing to be awakened to know that we each will walk in this precious light among the living, where we see all books “eventually” as we see the original book of life. Truth is an amazing thing to behold for there is no loss of any life to worry or to be anxious about. We will only suffer the pain of corrections as God rewrites us chapter by chapter, one painstaking verse at a time, but joy comes in the morning..when the sun rises when the pain of the rewrite is finished, for it’s a much better story in the light. As I write a line…and stare at it I think it lacks so much truth for how can a written word do justice to the true word? I think God purposed this loss of expression in this way for when we receive the true word, our book being finished, we tealize there is simply no ink that can express the spirit of life.
    Yes, we must go “onward” to find this true expression of life and I pray we understand that in reality friends are “forever” even in our rough, unfinished manuscript. If we will patiently wait and tolerate the other, we will all arrive together…in our order…as one. And in that day, all of the abundance of words we have spoken (with good intention), we will have forgiven the other…now that’s something to look forward to. 🙂


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