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Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver


As the Spirit of truth and love shapes our souls, he weaves his will and desires into the fabric of our being. These become our dreams, consuming passions, callings, and life purposes. Thus, he accomplishes his purposes through us.

Woven into the fabric of my soul is the dream for all of creation to abide in immortal harmony, which is created by the governance of divine love.

The human soul suffers for a lack of divine love, thus all of creation suffers. This divine love is always present as a guide and counselor to our weary souls. But to BE this love, its likeness, it expression, and its very substance isn’t easily manifested, for it comes in unison with divine will (perfect judgment), which requires a relinquishing and nullifying of our self-driven “free”-will.

I long for all of us to be of divine love’s likeness; souls of divinity and not souls of depravity. And for me this hope lives for this realm, not for or only for the hereafter. I understand some of the essential reasons for our soul’s journey through this land of illusions in the shadows of death, but that doesn’t diminish my hope and pursuit of what this love promises for and to the human soul.

Divine love draws me continually closer to it, and gives me hope that its workings will accomplish what it set out to do. It will not fail. So, I keep preserving and persisting into the hope that has been knit into my soul’s perceptions; perceptions that have become more real to me than the reality I face each day.

To BE this love of divinity is the true freedom of the human soul, thus for all of creation.

Above is a glimpse into what the hand of divinity has woven into my soul. Therefore, my perceptions and understandings are shaped by and around it. I share it with you, because it establishes a framework and foundation for my posts.

In this mortal realm, the human soul reigns with an absence of divine love as a part of its character. Daily my longing grows for divine love to reign in and through the human soul, which means that we have an oneness with our Creator, who is love.

Over the years, I’ve come to give everything for this calling upon soul, and gladly. Though giving everything for what has not yet materialized is a difficult place to reside at times, and many times lately. Yet, at the precipice of reality, in the space between the unseen and seen, is the place where dreams are made. We must press into this unseen point of inception for our hopes to become a reality. And for me this edge is found in the private chambers of the innermost soul where the only One who can manifest this dream is found and encountered.

Though the promises of divine love continually encourage my soul, I feel trapped in this in-between place; a place between a world of illusions and a world of beautiful concepts that words aren’t fit to express. So currently, I feel like a prisoner of hope. Because of my hope, my life is a seesaw. On one day, my soul soars at the magnificence of these beauties I perceive with my soul. These concepts of love are so sublime that they alter my desires, my longings, how I spend my time and how I live my life. Yet, on another day, my soul wallows from my outward experiences that only reveal the same old illusions and shadows. On these days I feel lovesick.

The essence of my dream is simple; love. Love is simple in what it is; but not simple in how we come to understand it, or to be it.

The more I learn the more everything comes back to this defining attribute. The attribute that defines every other characteristic of eternity, for God is love. To understand that God is love to any depth we have to understand a bit of the nature of God as well as his divine, perfect, pure love. In both of these areas we only gain hazy understandings through revelation in conjunction with personal experience, but this is our starting point. To know God we have to become a part of him, therefore a part of his defining attribute; divine love. This is why to know him is eternal life, for when we know him it is because we are a part of him, which is immortality. Thus, one reason the statement, God is love, has minimal impact in the world is because its not intimately known by the soul.

Interestingly, though we may not understand his love as it is further masked by our false self-judgments, it’s interesting to me how we yearn to be embraced by a perfect love; unconditional, unwavering, consistent and constant. This longing is the “calling” that we have within us … our Father is calling us back into himself to be an extension of his spirit and no longer wanderers in the deserts of the self “free”-will.

When we are this divine love, then we perceive God as he is, though our perception is always expanding. Thus, the journey of our soul is to become this love. Not just live by its counsel and guidance, which we can do now, but to be it through and through. So we start here at the beginning, before life, in the land of the shadows of death learning by contrast, what love is and what it is not, pushing into the love that is our souls’ resting place.

I set out fourteen years ago to know God, and my soul seeking has led me to a God of divine, perfect, holy, and pure love. And my deepest yearning is for all of us to intimately know to him, thus become children of his likeness and for him to no longer be the “unknown God”, but the One intimately known and loved by all of Creation.

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Prophetic Utterances

Prophetic Utterances


I’ve learned that when we speak, with an honesty and realness, to others, we speak to ourselves as well. If we listen to our own words, we are usually saying what we need to hear, admit, recognize, learn, and/or accept. These are our personal prophetic utterances.

August 1, 2014 I posted this video; The Gate into Oneness



When I did this video, little did I know the depth I was about to experience of what I had prophetically described. Only recently did I realize how “inspired” this video was in the revelation it held for me. If you are in a similar place as me, it may speak to you as well.

This dynamic of our personal prophetic utterances is why I believe personal journaling in the form of a conversation with our spirit teacher can be so powerful. For me, in the stillness, privacy, honesty, and openness, my soul encounters my spirit guide and teacher of truth and love. I connect with him when I desire to be honest and real with myself, which in itself is a process, and as I desire to listen to his still small voice. In this inner place, he instructs, counsels, leads, guides and builds truth in me through a language of the soul.

I’ve also learned that we are unique in what we learn, how we learn, and the manner and words in which we learn. What we learn and how we learn it is specific to our purpose, individuality, and background. Our spirit teacher uses anything and everything to teach us. Thus, what I share and how I share it is based on my perceptions, my experiences, and what I’m learning according to my purpose. The words I utilize relate to how I was taught. If I had a different background, culture, and life journey, I would be using different words and expressions. So when we connect and share with one another, it’s not so much the specific words that matter but the underlining “truths” they express. And when we learn a truth, then we are able to see it in another’s life and words.

Regardless of the way we are taught, there is an aspect of our souls’ journeys that unify us. I believe that a fundamental purpose we share in venturing through this mortal experience is to learn of a pure divine love that is and will be ubiquitous to our lives, whatever their specific purposes may be.

We each have our soul journey to traverse, and truth comes into our souls by revelation and experience. Words alone from another can’t “give” us transformative truth. But I share my words with you in the desire that you may be encouraged, inspired, comforted, and even confirmed in what you are experiencing.

As for my journey, last year was a year of concentrated craftsmanship within my soul. In the video, I prophesied what I was about to experience. I had experienced it to some degree, and that is why I could speak from a place of understanding. But in the five months after the video, I entered into a pungent upheaval in my soul. So much so, I felt like I was coming undone to the point where even “my words” escaped me. In future posts, I hope to share aspects of what I experienced and learned, and am still learning, during that time for those experiencing similar changes.

Presently, I’ve never felt so weak in terms of my “self”, because of what I passed through and still am going through to some degree. Yet, as we’ve heard, the power of our Creator, which lies beyond ourselves, is made perfect through our weaknesses. In our weaknesses, we have no choice but to trust in a strength, power and ability that is beyond us because we can’t rely on ourselves. This ironically makes weakness a gift; for how much greater is our Creator’s power, wisdom, and love than our own? In weakness, our confident ego is set aside and we are able to do and act in ways that our ego would have hindered. So like many things of this reality; the reverse of what appears to be true is true. Our confident ego is our true weakness, and through our frailties comes our true strength.

Though I’m not yet the expression of what I perceive, I want to share what I perceive, for it is transformative to the soul. Soul transformation begins with soul perception, so this is where we begin. I stand with this love in a knowing that its very nature will one day bring me, as it will bring all of us, to be its beautiful expression through and through. There is no greater gift we can give or receive.

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Pushing Through

Pushing Through


A blank page, what will be its story?

Here I sit … desiring for my words to flow from a new place, a place deep within my soul. It’s where the finite meets the infinite. It’s the point of light where eternal life blooms from. It’s a place of “knowing” that is beyond the self-judging mind.

So as part of this process of speaking from this inner place, I’m exposing what I’m “pushing through” to get to there.

Self-doubt cloaks my mind. Not in relation to the beyond-words, beautiful truths I’m experiencing as I pass through the purification of divine love, but for my ability to aptly express such treasures because my weaknesses are staring at me in the face.

But even if I had the confidence of a luminous and valiant voice; how can a finite mind express such timeless truths perceived through a soul language that is beyond words? Part of the answer lies in the acceptance that truth is always cloaked in our individuality and the expanding yet finite perceptions that we hold, so we humbly accept that truth will always reflect these aspects when expressed by and through us.

I feel another part of the answer to expressing, what my soul currently perceives from this connection to eternity, in some tangible way lies in speaking from this place in my soul and not from my “thinking” mind, where false self-judgments reign. I feel that when words flow from this soulful place they carry a spirit that transcends the words themselves making them more than what they are.

In the past whenever I wrote or spoke, it was “received” and delivered by an ability coming from beyond me. I was very aware of the grace at work that carried me through my weakness. I had no other choice but to trust in the One who taught me to also form the words to those teachings as I attempted to share them. I had to trust in a power beyond myself to deliver what I felt incapable of doing, yet lead to do. Somehow, week after week, as I showed up, the ability to write and to speak showed up, the essence of faith. Faith is acting on what you believe, but don’t yet see. The dim light of truth traveled upon my words. As I continued my journey and sharing what I was learning, little by little that light grew. For as it brightened, so did my desire to love as I perceived the love I was learning about, a divine, pure and perfect love. This increasing desire, which became an all-consuming desire to possess and be this love, was the testimony to my soul that truth was being unified to it.

But now I feel a change in the way my expressions are manifesting. Instead of my words coming through my thoughts by divine inspiration, like listening to a teacher in the schoolroom, they are coming from the part of my soul that is connected to the infinite beyond us. The trust, power and grace I relied on are more deeply integrated into my being somehow, more a part of my expressions. What this all means I don’t fully know. It’s new territory for me. But I feel it is a path I must take, in faith.

My desire has always been to speak “truth” in love for I’ve seen the life-giving effects of this dynamic pairing upon my life. What I’ve learned over the years is that love is the expression of truth, the two aren’t separate but one. So growing in one is growing in the other. Part of achieving that growth has been and still is an intense process for me; stripping, refining, revealing, changing, and letting go among many other things. To speak this way, my soul is shedding my false self-judgments, and connecting and expressing itself from a new place where the perfection of divine revelation (judgment) flows in. This release is a very deep work of my soul, so much that my soul is passing through a “death” and “re-birth”. Divine judgment comes from beyond our self-judging mind through our soul perceptions as revelation, insight, intuition, and/or a “knowing”, and always serves to unify in love. Conversely, our self-judgments of our finite human mind create separation because they are full of error.

I deeply thank all who have given me encouraging words these past months. May you be greatly blessed for every one you’ve spoken. I hope to return the gift with the things I share. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all headed toward a unified end. Though our journeys are individual and unique, the love that we are moving into is singular and unifies us like a harmonious melody; each playing their part and enhancing the other. The faithfulness of our Creator takes everything we’ve ever gone through, whether we judge it good or bad, and uses it to beautify our reflection as he molds us into his likeness of pure love and truth, and thus into an oneness with him and each other.

Through my journey, a message I’ve received over and over again from multiple places is never never give up, and keep persisting and persevering. I see why I’ve been given this reoccurring message, because the biggest struggle we face is through the aftermath of our false self-judgments against our own souls. But there is a light within each one of us, telling us the truth of who we are … beloved children learning to love, of which there is no greater purpose. We only need to seek and desire to be this love, the expression of our “true” self for we are our Father’s children, and never never give up on it.

Thanks for listening, and may this be a Happy NEW Year.

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Hi … it’s been awhile, I know. I’ve been going though a lot of changes at the soul level and because of that I’ve been “absent” from my blog and videos. I feel … “disassembled” which makes it difficult to give a cohesive expression … so much is changing. The analogy that comes to mind is when a caterpillar is in a cocoon and is no longer a caterpillar and yet isn’t butterfly either. What expression can it have? This is how I feel.

Right now everything about my experience is a bit of a guess work as these are uncharted waters for me. It is one thing to know something in theory and another to experience it.

Interestingly, I’ve been learning so much during this process … much that I would love to share for the sheer beauty, life and light the revelations possess, but being in this transition state keeps me from expressing them. I wanted to let you know what’s been going on … for I know I’ve been consistent in my postings .. and this silence is unusual. I pray all is well with all who I’ve encountered in this virtual world and that you are growing in the awareness of our Creator’s perfect love.

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Gathering vs. Giving

Gathering vs. Giving

Mindsets of Divinity


These words are a reflection of one of my many lessons from the Spirit of Truth …

Mindset of Divinity

A mindset of divinity is one in which, among other identifiers, has every aspect of it connected to and driven by divine love. Every belief, desire, thought, and emotion is directed and governed by this pure love. Thus, there is no fear, but complete freedom and beauty in your individualistic expression. As your soul starts to become fashioned for divinity, you undergo preparations to possess this mindset.

In the endless flow of love that this mindset manifests, one attribute of this love is its giving nature. Thus, as your soul is prepared for this mindset of light, you learn and draw near to this truth in understanding and experience.

Gathering vs. Giving Mindset

One of the seemingly contradictions of truth is the relationship between giving and abundance, and gathering and lack. Yet here is why it isn’t a contradiction. True giving comes from an abundance mindset that inherently believes there is enough to share. This thinking, when in ALL areas of your life, creates an abundant soul state. A gathering mentality comes from a lacking or poverty mindset for it inherently believes there isn’t enough so you focus on gaining or getting, or succumbing to lack. This thinking creates a wanting soul state.

First, a gathering mindset can take on various perspectives, for example it can think in terms of entitlement, deserving, needing to be first, above others, and served, but it also can think in terms of being helpless, hopeless, in self-pity, stingy, giving only to receive, or not having what you “should have” or what others have. It’s a mindset of lack trying to gain or yielding to lack. A giving mindset doesn’t thinks in these constructs. “True” giving is done without any expectation of something in return. This authentic giving simply wants to give because it is a joy and delight to “increase” others’ lives in a way that nurtures them, including your own. Yes, you also give to yourself, and when it is of a true giving, thus in love, it is in balance and harmony with others. The only driver of the thoughts of a true giving mindset is love, pure and simple.

A gathering mentality spawns from fear and is perpetuated by fear. Where fear exists in your life is where gathering exists and each person has different fears. Thus, fear binds you to a gathering mentality, and fears can be very deep and pervasive in your consciousness. The only “force” or energy stronger than fear is love. Thus, overcoming fear is the work of your Spiritual Parent’s love in you. As awareness of his love for you expands, fear flees.

A true giving mindset comes from being connected in love, on the inside, to the infinite Source of all that is good, your Father, a Source that never runs dry, an everlasting wellspring. It isn’t about being “nice” or “moral”. You can be “nice” and “moral” by the world’s understanding and still have a gathering mindset. It’s about how you view your interactions with the elements around you.

It’s not the elements, whether physical or spiritual, in themselves that are “good” or “bad”, it is the energetic flow that your mind applies to them. When you try to gather or draw elements to yourself, you create an inward energetic flow that creates an insatiable black hole within your soul, like a light that is unplugged and not being a light at all, thus giving no light. However, when you give, you create an outward energetic flow in your soul that is an extension of the wellspring of your Source, like a light connected to a power source and radiating outward and providing light to those in its proximity.

You are either drawing elements to yourself, which is the expression of lust, or giving to others, which is the expression of love. Some areas you give and some you gather; it depends on your fears. So whether it is love, value, acceptance, money, possessions, security, family, friends, power, influence, importance, attention, personal “goodness”, knowledge, time, basically anything, a soul can either see as wanting to gather to itself or give to others. The energetic flow, whether inward or outward, determines whether you have satisfaction and contentment in these areas or not. For example, you can have more possessions and less satisfaction in those possessions than someone who has fewer possessions yet more satisfaction in them because of the energetic flow ascribed to them.

Thus, gathering creates a black hole in your soul that takes from you and everything around you, versus giving creates a wellspring that nourishes you and all around you. If you continue to gather then you’ll always lack in some way, if you give then you’ll grow in greater awareness of the abundance you possess through your Source who only loves, thus constantly gives. Because one is an energetic flow toward you and the other is a flow outward from you, you can’t do both at the same time. As you learn and experience this mindset, you discover the equilibrium and contentment that comes from it in regards to your material world and your world within.

As you begin to understand this dynamic AND as you increase in a sincere love, you begin to experience a transition into this giving mindset. The transition is not always immediate or easy because of your fears. Yet, if you desire to love, thus desire to give, your awareness of love will grow and pull you through your fears, by facing them head on and consuming them until they are no more. Without fear to stop-up the wellspring inside, it starts to flow and that in turn helps you to overcome the next fear until there are no more fears. Fear is fully extinguished when you are in a complete oneness with the love flowing from your Source, your Creator, your Father of Lights.

If you feel “wanting” in an area in your life, it is revealing your fears, thus also where you are trying to gather. Also, you try to control where and when there is fear because you are trying to avoid certain outcomes of fear. As you experience these preparations in the various areas of your life, you see this dynamic touches all areas of your life and its preparatory process is an individual one. Everyone starts in a gathering mindset of varying expressions. But as you go through this transition, you slowly begin to shift until your preparations become promises fulfilled, and you are one with your Source; the wellspring of life.

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Walking on Water

Walking on Water


Our Creator, our Spiritual Parent who is also our faithful guide, speaks to us from within. He is ever-present to teach and guide us in the ways of eternal love and truth. He guides us in the ways that we, in our individual journey, need to walk to move into the love, truth, purpose, peace, and joy we truly desire, not what we may think we desire in our limited understanding. 

His “voice” speaks in a language our soul understands that our spoken or written words can only attempt to reflect. His gentle whisper is one among many much louder ones; our society, parents, families, heritage, friends, teachers, authority figures, “experts”, religions and their sacred texts, media, fears, our past, and our own pride and ego.

Our challenge is to follow his gentle leading above all others. Our ability to follow comes through heeding his words in the easier areas that give us the courage to follow in the harder ones, the ones where fear is the loudest. Though, he can use the voice of others, when his voice has the final word, then he is truly our God; for all else has come into submission under him. And then, we hear what we need to hear from the others, for he always gives us what we need when we it.

In time as we continually learn to follow his voice more closely in courage and faith, our lives and all that they entail, inside and out, become established on his instructions and ways of truth and love. There is no other foundation for our soul and the life it constructs that is more powerful, for it is the foundation of eternity itself.

Then, when the storms of life with their billowing waves crash upon our lives, even upon our very soul, then the love that flows from the cumulation of those words give us flight. The love uproots the anchor of fear that causes the waves to engulf us. This love has become truer and more real than anything else we know and lifts us above the waves and we find we are walking on water.

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The Realness of You

The Realness of You


I heard You are a Teacher.

I trusted You to be my Teacher.

You became my Teacher.


I heard You are a Father.

I trusted You to be my Father.

You became my Father.


I heard You are God Almighty.

I trust You to be my God Almighty.

I still my soul that I may know You as my God Almighty.

Posted by: Rachel | October 14, 2014

Our Evening Star

Our Evening Star

To Our Eternal Light




May we faithfully follow the evening star shining in our souls that leads us to the everlasting light of Day. This internal point of light is our connection to our Maker and his truth, love and wisdom that is ever with us to guide us through this earthen realm of shadows until we choose, in love, to be of his reflection in every way, which is our eternal light.


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Posted by: Rachel | October 8, 2014

Spiritual Training Wheels

Spiritual Training Wheels


In my opinion, there is nothing more important than our soul development, for our soul is the only aspect of this mortal realm that we take with us when we journey to the next realm.

This is a bit of a playful analogy, yet quite enlightening for a maturing mind  … we are all children, after all.

Remember your training wheels and how you loved them when you first got them? How proud you were of them? You thought you hit the big time. In a sense you did, they gave you experiences of growth and achievement, and they trained you for the next phase, a bicycle, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. But what was once the greatest thing in the world, in time became a limitation. You were ready to take them off and ride like the big kids as they zipped around the neighborhood in an even greater freedom.

Religions, their labels of personal identification, and their manuscripts that identify their belief structures, like Christianity, Christian, and the Bible or Islam, Muslims, and Qur’an, can serve as our training wheels in our soul’s development. I say “can” because we can possess them but not grow through them, like letting our training wheels gather cobwebs in the garage, or trying them out a little here and a little there, but not going very far. But if we really use those training wheels, in time we experience their limitations and move onto the next stage. In case your wondering, my particular wheels were Christianity, Christian, and the Bible.

As our souls develop, we lose our dependency on training wheels. We are naturally loosed from these spiritual attachments that we once “couldn’t live without” because they prohibit the needed expansion of truth that an advancing soul requires. They don’t allow us to go into truth where we need to go and in the way that we need to go. Thus, we transition from a system without to the Spirit within telling us what our truth is and who we are. And in letting go, we simply are who we are, no more labels. In the transition to the next stage we experience an immense exploration as we learn from anything and everything, thus extreme growth. Yet, like our training wheels, it can be a bit fearful at first because we think we lack support, but we discover a greater support flowing from within that not only gives us what we need but also allows us to go and do what we couldn’t before.

A defined religion is by its very nature is full of boundaries and limitations, for its particular limitations and boundaries are what make it that particular religion. As we grow, we discover that beliefs aren’t meant to be concrete and static, but rather flow in an evolving rhythm. Like our training wheels coming off, our spirit out grows the confines of concepts sown in a finite understanding. Though our understanding is always finite, it is expandable and if it isn’t expanding we aren’t growing. To grow we need to allow our awareness and understanding to grow. Thus, we are loosed from foundations of belief defined by the outside and our foundation becomes the immortal Spirit of truth and love. This Spirit carries and supports us forward upon our soul’s journey. In this transition, our beliefs become living because they are no longer confined to static formulations. By their growth, they advance our soul toward an immortal state, which is of a continual expansion.

In our spiritual youth, we cling to our wheels very tightly because they are our points of references for truth, which form our foundation of truth in which we find stability. They serve to anchor our wayward minds bumbling around in the darkness. Like our training wheels, they stabilize us in the whirlwinds of relative truths that lack a common point of reference. But we aren’t meant to keep them. They are only meant to be an assistance to our soul journey, not the goal or end of our soul journey. In time, we learn to trust the Spirit of Truth, our new point of reference, and let this Spirit that extends from our Creator guide and lead us. Thus, he alone becomes our foundation, and with his breath of life leading us as he wills, our souls travel to new places of truth that expand our awareness and enable us to continue to change into his likeness; one of a simplicity and purity of truth and love. We need nothing to “identify” us, we simply are who we are of his reflection. When we feel “ready”, we let go of the training wheels and we find new experiences awaiting us. When the Spirit is our foundation, anything and everything is used for our continued growth and expansion. For those not yet free of their training wheels, it’s hard to understand how one can function without them. We only truly understand once we do it ourselves.

Some may ask, how will people know what we believe? How they always know, by our life. Our life reflects our truth. It is and always has been our greatest testimony because it is the most honest reflection of our truth.

This transition deepens our relationship to our teachers, like Jesus Christ and others. We’ve learned to be taught by the Spirit of truth that was their source of enlightenment. Thus, our transition from the static to the dynamic actually draws us in closer relation to them because we are attached and growing by the same Source. Thus, we find even a greater connection and communion with them. This transition is the movement toward what they desired us to learn; we are to become one with the Source of life by allowing his spirit of truth and love to govern us from within.

Some of us go through several pairs of training wheels of different types. Some use them longer than others. It all depends on our purpose and rate of development. We don’t judge our training experience, but if you are still using them, know that there is more, much more that is only truly discovered by trying to ride without them, which you will do when you are ready.

~ Looking from my perspective, and given in grace.


Posted by: Rachel | September 30, 2014

Blossoming of Truth

Blossoming of Truth

Within A Soul




A blossom opens with mathematical precision, and so does truth within our soul, which in turn causes our soul to blossom. Both are beautiful reflections of our Creator’s handiwork.

Truth is truth, but how truths become a part of our particular soul is an individual process, like each unique blossom that opens in its perfect timing, manner, and reflection. Like a blossom, the blooming process of truth isn’t random, but flows in calculated perfection that testifies to the work of the Spirit of Truth and Love within us.

Because truth is love’s counterpart, it can only be assimilated to our soul when our experiences teach us about love. If a “truth” doesn’t move us closer to love in some way, it isn’t truth. When we learn this “secret” of truth, then we realize everything in our reality is there to teach us in some way … about love.

Words that are understood, though significantly important and powerful, are only a reflection of what a soul has experienced. Without the experience, words are empty and fleeting to our soul, thus we are unable to “grasp” them. This is especially true with truths of the spirit that lie beneath their physical reflections. But with the correlating experiences, words, whether ours or another’s, become expressions of our soul that solidify our learning and growth, and enable us to share our growth with others.

As different as we are in our individuality that is sown from the interworking of our heritage, culture, and experiences, so too is our personal inner blossoming of truth. Though truth is constructed in perfection for each one of us, how that precision manifests varies for each one of us. Thus, how we articulate what we learn varies. Different symbols and representations of truth mean different things to different people. The same word and connections between words hold different meanings to different people. The words that we share mean one thing to us and something else to the listener. It’s incredible to see the different angles of truth that can come from a written or spoken statement.

One truth can be expressed and taught in a multitude of ways. One truth can hold many levels and connections to other truths that enhances its understanding. But when we gain a truth, then we are able to “perceive it” in the articulations of others, though their experience of learning and how they articulate it varies from ours.

Though our experiences and how we speak of truths can differ, the spirit of unity works among us in amazing ways. As everything teaches us in our reality, so do another’s words .. but in accordance to our experiences. Thus, we don’t necessary gain what they intended to share by communicating. When we are open, we gain what is needed for us at our particular level of development. In being open to learning, we receive what the Spirit of Truth gives to us through another’s words knowing it may be different than what the communicator received and was trying to express. The amount of overlap of understanding with others varies greatly. We need not judge or compare our blooming process with theirs for it will always differ to varying degrees, but we only need to receive with thanksgiving what was intended for us and received by others.

When we are open to learn, we receive what we need when we need it in a precision that creates a solid foundation of expanding truth, thus love, upon which our souls continue to mature.

In the varying expressions of truth, we see the perfection of the unifying nature of love. Love, the result of truths sown in a soul, is what joins us. Though our reception and articulation of truth varies, the love it produces unifies.

Truth serves love. If we put how we learn or how we express our truth above love, then we’ve forfeited truth and love.


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