Posted by: Rachel | October 15, 2014

The Realness of You

The Realness of You


I heard You are a Teacher.

I trusted You to be my Teacher.

You became my Teacher.


I heard You are a Father.

I trusted You to be my Father.

You became my Father.


I heard You are God Almighty.

I trust You to be my God Almighty.

I still my soul that I may know You as my God Almighty.

Posted by: Rachel | October 14, 2014

Our Evening Star

Our Evening Star

To Our Eternal Light




May we faithfully follow the evening star shining in our souls that leads us to the everlasting light of Day. This internal point of light is our connection to our Maker and his truth, love and wisdom that is ever with us to guide us through this earthen realm of shadows until we choose, in love, to be of his reflection in every way, which is our eternal light.


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Posted by: Rachel | October 8, 2014

Spiritual Training Wheels

Spiritual Training Wheels


In my opinion, there is nothing more important than our soul development, for our soul is the only aspect of this mortal realm that we take with us when we journey to the next realm.

This is a bit of a playful analogy, yet quite enlightening for a maturing mind  … we are all children, after all.

Remember your training wheels and how you loved them when you first got them? How proud you were of them? You thought you hit the big time. In a sense you did, they gave you experiences of growth and achievement, and they trained you for the next phase, a bicycle, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. But what was once the greatest thing in the world, in time became a limitation. You were ready to take them off and ride like the big kids as they zipped around the neighborhood in an even greater freedom.

Religions, their labels of personal identification, and their manuscripts that identify their belief structures, like Christianity, Christian, and the Bible or Islam, Muslims, and Qur’an, can serve as our training wheels in our soul’s development. I say “can” because we can possess them but not grow through them, like letting our training wheels gather cobwebs in the garage, or trying them out a little here and a little there, but not going very far. But if we really use those training wheels, in time we experience their limitations and move onto the next stage. In case your wondering, my particular wheels were Christianity, Christian, and the Bible.

As our souls develop, we lose our dependency on training wheels. We are naturally loosed from these spiritual attachments that we once “couldn’t live without” because they prohibit the needed expansion of truth that an advancing soul requires. They don’t allow us to go into truth where we need to go and in the way that we need to go. Thus, we transition from a system without to the Spirit within telling us what our truth is and who we are. And in letting go, we simply are who we are, no more labels. In the transition to the next stage we experience an immense exploration as we learn from anything and everything, thus extreme growth. Yet, like our training wheels, it can be a bit fearful at first because we think we lack support, but we discover a greater support flowing from within that not only gives us what we need but also allows us to go and do what we couldn’t before.

A defined religion is by its very nature is full of boundaries and limitations, for its particular limitations and boundaries are what make it that particular religion. As we grow, we discover that beliefs aren’t meant to be concrete and static, but rather flow in an evolving rhythm. Like our training wheels coming off, our spirit out grows the confines of concepts sown in a finite understanding. Though our understanding is always finite, it is expandable and if it isn’t expanding we aren’t growing. To grow we need to allow our awareness and understanding to grow. Thus, we are loosed from foundations of belief defined by the outside and our foundation becomes the immortal Spirit of truth and love. This Spirit carries and supports us forward upon our soul’s journey. In this transition, our beliefs become living because they are no longer confined to static formulations. By their growth, they advance our soul toward an immortal state, which is of a continual expansion.

In our spiritual youth, we cling to our wheels very tightly because they are our points of references for truth, which form our foundation of truth in which we find stability. They serve to anchor our wayward minds bumbling around in the darkness. Like our training wheels, they stabilize us in the whirlwinds of relative truths that lack a common point of reference. But we aren’t meant to keep them. They are only meant to be an assistance to our soul journey, not the goal or end of our soul journey. In time, we learn to trust the Spirit of Truth, our new point of reference, and let this Spirit that extends from our Creator guide and lead us. Thus, he alone becomes our foundation, and with his breath of life leading us as he wills, our souls travel to new places of truth that expand our awareness and enable us to continue to change into his likeness; one of a simplicity and purity of truth and love. We need nothing to “identify” us, we simply are who we are of his reflection. When we feel “ready”, we let go of the training wheels and we find new experiences awaiting us. When the Spirit is our foundation, anything and everything is used for our continued growth and expansion. For those not yet free of their training wheels, it’s hard to understand how one can function without them. We only truly understand once we do it ourselves.

Some may ask, how will people know what we believe? How they always know, by our life. Our life reflects our truth. It is and always has been our greatest testimony because it is the most honest reflection of our truth.

This transition deepens our relationship to our teachers, like Jesus Christ and others. We’ve learned to be taught by the Spirit of truth that was their source of enlightenment. Thus, our transition from the static to the dynamic actually draws us in closer relation to them because we are attached and growing by the same Source. Thus, we find even a greater connection and communion with them. This transition is the movement toward what they desired us to learn; we are to become one with the Source of life by allowing his spirit of truth and love to govern us from within.

Some of us go through several pairs of training wheels of different types. Some use them longer than others. It all depends on our purpose and rate of development. We don’t judge our training experience, but if you are still using them, know that there is more, much more that is only truly discovered by trying to ride without them, which you will do when you are ready.

~ Looking from my perspective, and given in grace.


Posted by: Rachel | September 30, 2014

Blossoming of Truth

Blossoming of Truth

Within A Soul




A blossom opens with mathematical precision, and so does truth within our soul, which in turn causes our soul to blossom. Both are beautiful reflections of our Creator’s handiwork.

Truth is truth, but how truths become a part of our particular soul is an individual process, like each unique blossom that opens in its perfect timing, manner, and reflection. Like a blossom, the blooming process of truth isn’t random, but flows in calculated perfection that testifies to the work of the Spirit of Truth and Love within us.

Because truth is love’s counterpart, it can only be assimilated to our soul when our experiences teach us about love. If a “truth” doesn’t move us closer to love in some way, it isn’t truth. When we learn this “secret” of truth, then we realize everything in our reality is there to teach us in some way … about love.

Words that are understood, though significantly important and powerful, are only a reflection of what a soul has experienced. Without the experience, words are empty and fleeting to our soul, thus we are unable to “grasp” them. This is especially true with truths of the spirit that lie beneath their physical reflections. But with the correlating experiences, words, whether ours or another’s, become expressions of our soul that solidify our learning and growth, and enable us to share our growth with others.

As different as we are in our individuality that is sown from the interworking of our heritage, culture, and experiences, so too is our personal inner blossoming of truth. Though truth is constructed in perfection for each one of us, how that precision manifests varies for each one of us. Thus, how we articulate what we learn varies. Different symbols and representations of truth mean different things to different people. The same word and connections between words hold different meanings to different people. The words that we share mean one thing to us and something else to the listener. It’s incredible to see the different angles of truth that can come from a written or spoken statement.

One truth can be expressed and taught in a multitude of ways. One truth can hold many levels and connections to other truths that enhances its understanding. But when we gain a truth, then we are able to “perceive it” in the articulations of others, though their experience of learning and how they articulate it varies from ours.

Though our experiences and how we speak of truths can differ, the spirit of unity works among us in amazing ways. As everything teaches us in our reality, so do another’s words .. but in accordance to our experiences. Thus, we don’t necessary gain what they intended to share by communicating. When we are open, we gain what is needed for us at our particular level of development. In being open to learning, we receive what the Spirit of Truth gives to us through another’s words knowing it may be different than what the communicator received and was trying to express. The amount of overlap of understanding with others varies greatly. We need not judge or compare our blooming process with theirs for it will always differ to varying degrees, but we only need to receive with thanksgiving what was intended for us and received by others.

When we are open to learn, we receive what we need when we need it in a precision that creates a solid foundation of expanding truth, thus love, upon which our souls continue to mature.

In the varying expressions of truth, we see the perfection of the unifying nature of love. Love, the result of truths sown in a soul, is what joins us. Though our reception and articulation of truth varies, the love it produces unifies.

Truth serves love. If we put how we learn or how we express our truth above love, then we’ve forfeited truth and love.


Posted by: Rachel | September 22, 2014

Losing Gravity

Losing Gravity

Apple tree flowers in spring

When we start to be governed by above (which is from within), the elements of this world start to lose their pull upon us. In this, our soul evolves to a higher form that is able to give and receive a purer and transcendent love.

No more do the illusions of the world direct our soul. But divine love’s breath of life blowing from within from a higher realm where love reigns. Our soul finds new expressions as it defies the gravity of the world.

With the binding ties loosed, our soul exudes truer expressions of love that quell fear, judgment, shame, lack, guilt, pride, defenses, insignificance, unworthiness and every other illusion of a finite and darkened mind.

Divine love sets us free from elements of the earthen realm that once bound us to a limited travailing existence. It lifts us up to places we’ve never been and reestablishes us as new creations that in turn makes all things new.

Posted by: Rachel | September 18, 2014

We are One Flesh

We are One Flesh


Last week, this truth awakened me to a new depth of profound porportions that will forever change my perspective of myself and others.

Separation is an illusion.

There is no separation between you and me. You are the expression of me given your heritage, experiences, and perceptions.

Each one of us is a different potential lived out that could have been our own.

 Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, And that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; When you see the naked, that you cover him, And not hide yourself from your own flesh?  Isaiah 58:7

What I do to you, I do to myself.

What I do to myself, I do to you.

What we do to ourselves and others, we do to our Creator.

These aren’t theoretical statements, but the reality in which we function.

When we change, it changes how we perceive, respond and treat others.

All are connected.

Separateness is an illusion.

When we judge, we keep the illusion alive.

 “Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:12

May this truth be a guiding light within our soul,

And may our utmost desire be to do all in pure love and for love.

Let all that you do be done with love. 1 Corinthians 16:14 

Posted by: Rachel | September 15, 2014

Mindbody of Eternal Light

Mindbody of Eternal Light




Mindbody of Finite Illusions



Posted by: Rachel | September 8, 2014

Entering the Present & Presence

 Erasing Time

Entering into the Present

& Presence of our Father



Light at end of the tunnel. Hope metaphor.


Within our present moment is the door to our divine Father. It’s in the present that we find a connection to him. It’s in the present where we are able to hear his intimate counsels to our heart.

When we step out of the present and dwell in the past or the future, we lose our connection. These are in the realm of the unreal, and he doesn’t exist in the unreal. His dwelling place is the eternal present. To meet with his spirit that is where we must go.

At first this place seems fleeting to us, like trying to grasp water with our hand. But as we learn to enter through this door and listen, it becomes a frequented watering hole for our soul until it becomes our home.

Through a stillness in our soul in the quiet of the day we enter this place and his counsels remold us. His truths enfolded in love replace our once held beliefs and truths that robbed us from the love and its collection of fulfilled promises we desired. As his love works upon our soul instilling truths where there once were lies, we find freedom from our self-judgments, which releases us from our past. And we find freedom from fear, which releases us from our future. Without judgment of the past and fear of the future to bind us to what isn’t real, we too begin to find our home in the eternal present until one day it is all we know. And, time that once held us captive to the unreal is erased.


Posted by: Rachel | September 2, 2014

The Perfect Gift Exchange

The Perfect Gift Exchange


Tree Soul

Soul Tree 

by Angela Wales Rocket


There is no greater or more cherished gift for ourselves or for our divine Father than for us to freely, willingly, and desirously give him our “free” will to govern. He accepts it under no other terms. In a joyful release of this gift, an immortal bond of love is established between us and the Spiritual Parent of our souls. From this immortal choice, we eternally expand by his divine harmony.

Our will is the power to control our actions, impulses and emotions. Possessing control of our will is like being a dormant seed in the ground. Our soul remains encased by a hard shell of confinement as our governance of will is fraught with limitations and illusions. These create a perceived separation from love that lead to pain, suffering, guilt, fear, judgment, pride, and decay. Our Father’s will for us is boundless as it flows from the perfection of love and truth. In his governance, we become a tree of life of abundant growth. In his magnificent rays of eternal light our souls expand branch by branch.

With our Father’s divine love guiding every movement, our finite soul that was encased in a tiny shell of limitation breaks open and starts to grow into a magnificent tree of eternal life. As our roots of understanding reach beyond the limitations of this earthly realm into the consciousness of our Father, they drink in his truth and divine love. Over time this nourishment cracks open our shelled soul bound by the confinements of our will as it takes on his will of divine truth and love. In time, we witness growth pushing out of the soil. Our external reality is changed in ways we long hoped for during our seemingly endless days of cultivation. But as the seedling sprouts, those days of traversing the wilderness of our soul as we sought for his living waters to flow through our dendritic roots pale in comparison to the glories that his loving husbandry creates through us.

We are soul. Our soul determines all that our spirit, mind and body reflect. God is soul. In the connection of our souls is where our oneness is fashioned. His soul through a metamorphic oneness with ours becomes the progenitor of all that we are; spirit, mind and body. We open up the door of our soul and welcome him home when we realize there is no greater gift; none more desirable and precious than for his will to consume our own at a depth in which we experience his will as our own. In this oneness, every transgressive potentiality is extinguished and we find the fulfillment of all our hopes and all his promises.

Posted by: Rachel | August 29, 2014

Uniquely Arrayed

Uniquely Arrayed


Snowflake background


Each one of our personal relationships with our Creator is as unique as each snowflake that dances upon this earthen realm.

Though our Creator is unchanging and constant because his very essence is truth and perfect love, our individual relationships with him vary as much as the legendary uniqueness of snowflakes. Like snowflakes, the basic elements that construct our relationships may be similar, but how they are expressed through the interaction of our individuality and his nature creates a distinctiveness of its own particular beauty and glory. Thus, we each wear the expressions of the nature of our relationship to our Creator. And as our relationship deepens, expands and grows so does our uniqueness because his love fosters growth, honor and freedom in the expressions of our individuality.

Our individuality expands through an increasing pure love in our lives. Love releases us from the fears, judgments and pride that bind us to conformity. It expands our personality as it flows in and through it, where as all that is contrary to love stifles us. It is love that develops our individuality, and through love we find our truest expressions.

Not only is our individuality expressed in our relationship, but also our Creator radiants a unique expression through each relationship. Thus, our intimate connections with him reflect his unlimited expressions of his nature and characteristics. This gift is our personal sacred treasure as it is his.

In this awareness, we begin to perceive the infinite value that each one of us possesses. When we perceive this value, we begin to see others and ourselves arrayed in this boundless worth … as beautiful snowflakes.

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