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Draped in the Divine Consciousness

Draped in the Divine Consciousness


We are each a phase of our Creator’s consciousness, thus a phase of each others’ consciousness.

Each aspect of “our world” (each living his/her simulated reality of his/her consciousness), every detail, situation, relationship, and personality is being used to create divine love in creation, thus making creation an expression of our Creator, who is love. In other words, our Creator is working through our consciousnesses to create divine love; thus integrate himself as the underling nature and power of Creation.

Divine love consists of many attributes. Some of its most beautifully profound characteristics are those that can not be understood except through the perspective of a perceived separation; divine love is merciful, transformative, unchanging, consistent, unwavering, constant, healing, regenerative, redemptive, uplifting, honoring, gentle, kind, giving, abundant, faithful, nurturing, comforting, unfailing, holy, and humble.

perceived state of separation manifests a lower state of consciousness, which is initially unaware of divine love. This state enables an understanding of these attributes of divine love. Thus, this “lower” consciousness is used by our Creator, thus a phase of his consciousness, to manifest the fullness of divine love in Creation.

Once these qualities of divine love are received into the soul, then the consciousness of separation (which creates a separate “self”) is no longer necessary and can no longer exist.  In the consummation of this love, the soul awakens, as if from a dream, to its oneness with the Creator that has always been. It recognizes the divine consciousness within that has been manifesting itself through the use of the “lower” consciousness by creating an awareness of divine love. As this awareness grows in the soul, the soul methodically begins to express the divine consciousness by reflecting the Divine Self through its individuality. The divine love, now consciously known in the soul, removes all aspects of separation and brings the soul into a conscious state of oneness. In this awareness, the Creator manifests an expressed created form of his uncreated form.

The formation of divine love in creation is the Christ consciousness; a consciousness that manifests divine love and truth in a myriad of expressions. It’s the connection between the created and the uncreated (God’s infinite potential).

We are all a part of the divine consciousness, and always have been as divine love is manifested through our “lower” consciousness. It’s imperfection served to create a perfection beyond perfection or an ever-expansive perfection. Our soul’s journey serves to teach us of the many characteristics of divine love and then to awaken us to what has always been. We awaken as we perceive divine love and as our thoughts are renewed by this love (through the instruction of the Teacher within, prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices that lift our consciousness into the Christ consciousness), which create this love in our experiential reality. Thus, we transition into a substantive oneness with the Divine Consciousness.

Our concept of a separate self shadows (hides) the open door to the Christ consciousness; the door which resides in the inner chamber of our soul. As we awaken to divine love, our lower self, which is created by the lower consciousness, dissolves to reveal the eternally open door (oneness) to the Christ consciousness. In this awareness, the Divine Self expands. Through the transformation of our mind (as it begins to serve the Divine consciousness), we experience the expression of the Divine Self or oneness. We perceive we are a phase or expression of the Divine Self, an expression of the Christ consciousness where all are united as one. I am a phase of you and you are are phase of me because we are all expressions of the divine consciousness.

In this dissolution of self; separation ends. Our eye becomes singular as his eye. It becomes full of light thus manifests the light.

In every phase of consciousness we experience, our Creator is working to manifest a reflection of himself; divine love. This understanding brings reconciliation, purpose, peace and meaning to all our phases of awareness. 

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Phil 2:13

The more we perceive of truth the more beautiful it becomes to us (one way we know we are aligning to truth). I see this expanding beauty in all that I’m perceiving and it drapes me in garments of praise. How grateful I am for the teachings of the Teacher within.


You are Powerful in Divine Love

You are Powerful in Divine Love


As I share what I received today, I desire the Spirit of Truth to reveal to you what I am seeing with my mind’s eye, which I feel words are insufficient to express. May you be enlightened in these thoughts that are living waters to our soul.

Back Story

For a season, we needed to forget.

As divine beings we needed to forget our oneness with the divine consciousness (Spirit of Christ) to learn a myriad of lessons in divine love so that we could divinely love. Learning these lessons in a simulated, experiential reality enable us to be truly one with our Creator and an expression of our Creator, whose defining attribute is divine love. Like an embryo in the womb, we are in creation before creation.

We entered the shadow lands (darkness) at our created soul’s birth. It was a state of consciousness absent of the “light” (awareness of divine love and divine truth). As our soul travels through this darkness and into the light (the path of enlightenment), we learn through the contrasts created between the darkness of unawareness and the light of divine love (summation of all the divine attributes). Through these contrasts we are able to experience the many layers and characteristics of divine love, so that our soul comprehends its depth of beauty in order to give and receive it. And once we begin to enter its light, we can do no other than become it.

Thus, our journey entails awakening to what is.

Awakening to the Divine Self Within

Jesus Christ revealed our true state through his state – a Son of God; a divine immortal being who is one with God. He demonstrated to us what is within us by showing us what was within him, the Christ Spirit, which is the divine consciousness of the Creator (Father). The Spirit in him, the Christ Spirit (the expressed Spirit of God in creation), is the same Spirit in us – which we are born unaware of but are called to awaken to through an inward journey of the soul. Our journey entails awakening to this Spirit within and as we do, we remember all we have always been. There is no separation in God, he is One and he is all in all. And as we remember our oneness our divine power to create grows.

 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14:12

Jesus Christ entered the physical realm so that we could become aware of his existence. Once his physical body departed, we could become aware of his true nature as Spirit which is outside the time and space dimension created by the mortal mind. The Christ in him is able to reveal himself to us from within us; spirit to spirit. In this understanding we comprehend that his Spirit is always with us. The Christ Spirit in him is able to be known within us and thus reveal that we are also a part of the Christ Spirit. Focusing on his spirit’s physical manifestation keeps the time and space dimension around his spirit active in your mind (creating the illusion of separation) until you transcend and realize the higher dimensions of his eternal present and oneness.

As we engage and learn from him in this higher and yet deeper dimension, we begin to realize that we have always been one with this Christ Spirit, for it is the Spirit of God that flows through us all. We realize his voice is the voice we have heard all of our lives, even before we were aware of whose voice it was. It is the singular voice of God that is made manifest through our divine self. This voice is the creative power of God, which finds expression through our beings.

When we are aligned to divine love, God employs his creative power to manifest divine love through us. As we awaken to the Christ within, we realize the extensive power we possess in divine love. Outside of divine love, our creative power is very confined. Though we experience a creative power in the illusionary state of separation, it is extremely limited and bounded and ends in non-existence (death). But within the consciousness of divine love, our limits are only to the extent of our current awareness; which is always expanding (eternal). We are powerful beyond our current comprehension to create our reality, for our power in divine love is ever increasing and always will be; for divine love desires to continually manifest and expand itself.

“And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14:13 

“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.” John 15:7 

As God’s power to create resides within his words, our power is contained within our thoughts and beliefs and the words that express them. And as all is energy, our thoughts and words shape, move and direct this energy, which gives form to our physical experience. When our thoughts and words are supportive of divine love, then our ability to create is only limited by our present awareness. As we awaken, we remember.

As we remember, our ability to be the creative hand of God expands.


Shifts in Consciousness

The Transformative Shift

In Consciousness


Once the divine light internalizes at the root of the soul, the transformative shift in consciousness begins to bring the entire human soul into oneness. It’s a transformation of the collective human soul from the self-determined consciousness into the divine consciousness.

The Cause for this Shift

The self-determined consciousness creates a perpetual state of separation. The divine consciousness creates an eternal state of oneness. The soul can’t progress from one to the other, as I’ve described throughout my posts, it must shed one for the other through a metamorphosis or new birth, a process where the soul is cultivated, shaped and constructed by the Spirit of Truth, not the will of self. When the soul embarks upon the path of oneness, this shift becomes a living potential for the human soul.

Shifts in Consciousness

There are evolutionary shifts in consciousness and there is the transformative shift in consciousness. Evolutionary shifts are progressive states of awareness of truth and love within the self-determined consciousness. A soul who is actively engaging this path moves toward increasing awareness and mindfulness, love, harmony, unity, and discovers spiritual principles governing the soul and its reflective reality. Along this path, the soul evolves in its desire to a place of wanting to love absolutely perfectly, and realizes it can’t within its current consciousness. At this juncture the soul’s evolutionary path overlaps onto the path of oneness.

On the evolutionary path of progression the soul seeks to move toward the Source of Divinity from within the self-determined consciousness. This is an endless path toward oneness and never obtaining it, as I described in my previous post. The inherent foundation of this consciousness is separation, thus there is always an element of separation no matter how much the soul progresses. The soul can advance through endless levels of consciousness and yet never obtain a full oneness. Because separation is inherent in this path, so is death.

However, it’s an attractive path for a soul seeking reprieve from its false self for along it the soul gains a sense of growing empowerment through its higher self, which is always the next level of consciousness above the soul’s current level.  

The Spirit of Truth reveals another path that overlays this evolutionary path, and yet takes the soul in a different direction, the path of oneness. (As taught and revealed in Jesus Christ for this Spirit was complete in him.) Unlike the former path that consists of self-perfecting the soul through its current state of consciousness, this path leads the soul to shun and shed the self-determined consciousness and its ways (“to die to it”), and to seek to be fully governed from beyond itself yet at its core by the divine consciousness. It’s a letting go of all self-determination, so the soul can undergo a metamorphosis. Matthew 16:24 On this path, trust increases solely in the Divine who is beyond the soul yet connected to it, versus a higher self.

On this journey, the soul loses its life and all that it created. It’s completely stripped down. Instead of a sense of growing empowerment, the soul experiences increasing weakness. Thus, this path is very challenging and very humbling. Therefore few persevere through it; not understanding or questioning its intent or end. Because it feels like the soul is dying as all of its self-will is dying, the “survival” reaction is to seek what emboldens the soul, thus the soul seeks to stay solely on the path of progression. However, the paradox of the path of oneness is through the death of the soul’s self-directed nature it finds life and ends death forever.

“For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.” Luke 9:24

The path of oneness entails the Source of all Life constructing a place for his Spirit to reside as a part of the human soul so that he comes to the soul, versus the soul progressing toward him. It’s impossible for the soul to ascend to him to obtain oneness, but it’s possible for the Creator to transform the soul by his Spirit to be the home of his Spirit. Matthew 19:24-28

The path of oneness establishes a gate at the core of the collective human soul in which the divine consciousness can govern the entire human soul. It’s Adam and Eve in reverse in accordance to the reflection the Spirit of Christ (God at one with the human soul). When the Spirit of God abides at the root of the human soul, then it is at the origin of the collective human soul, thus every soul. When this gate is established, every individual soul begins its transformation from being governed by the self-determined consciousness to the divine; each soul in its order and timing; like a dawning day. But once the firstfruits of the divine consciousness, the soul/spirit aspects in the likeness of Adam and Eve, begin their transformation, then all methodically follow. Though few travel the path of oneness, it’s a path that changes all. 1 Corinthians 15

Thus on the path of oneness, death and all its variations are defeated. Death (decay) is a manifestation of separation, which is created by the self-determined consciousness. There is no death in true life, thus in the divine consciousness. Because all that truly exists is the divine consciousness, death is an illusion. It’s a manifestation of this simulated self-determined consciousness that is serving a purpose for a time. As long as death exists, this self-directed consciousness is governing the soul. But when the divine consciousness takes over, the soul begins to regenerate out of death and into immortality within and without. Thus, the soul comes to an end to all that it was as a self-determined mind, body and soul, and becomes all it truly is as a divinely governed being.

Journey into Oneness

As the soul seeks to draw near to the true Creator (not an image), who is defined by divine love and absolute truth, the Spirit of Truth instructs the soul in the ways of this divine consciousness as it relates to the human soul (Christ consciousness). And through this engagement, the soul is conceptually divinely constructed, so that the Spirit of God can make his home in the soul. John 14:21-23 Instead of the soul progressing toward the Divine, the Divine makes a place for itself in the soul, and comes to the soul.

When the conceptual frameworks of divinity are completed for transformation, the divine light is received into its new home and the transformation begins. This divine light is the tri-fold love exchange at the core or root of the soul. The old frameworks of the self-determined consciousness begin to fall away like old rotten wooden beams, and in a metamorphic process the eternal divine beams of light constructed by the Spirit of Truth take their place. The soul passes through a conscious death and re-birth, like a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Divine Joy

When the soul begins to vibrate with the divine love energy, one of its first sensational experiences is an underling continuous current of joy; divine joy. It’s divine because it never abates. This joy is the soul’s response to experiencing the constant inflow of the energy of divine love.

Experiencing this divine joy creates a response of divine gratitude (true praise) back to the Creator. This intimate energetic vibrational exchange between the soul and the Source never ceases. It feels like the exuberate joy of a child with the maturity of divinity.

Effortless Transformation

Because the physical reality is a projection of the soul, as the soul begins to transform so does the reality. This transformation is effortless for the soul because it occurs by the Spirit of God flowing through it; not the soul’s efforts. Thus the soul experiences rest in movement as it and all its reality begins to transition moment by moment. While driven by the self-determined consciousness, the soul’s journey was one of striving, but once the spark of the divine consciousness is internalized, the soul shifts from striving to rest. It enters a state of being in its oneness with the Source. This rest translates into all the soul’s reality, for as within so is without. The soul resides as a creative witness as its reality grows in life and harmony through its expressive soul elements now governed by the divine consciousness.

Though the path of oneness is challenging, it encapsulates the most beautiful love story ever told.




Divine Love Energy

Divine Love Energy


Present-mindedness is the space and time dimension where the divine love energy of the Creator encounters the soul.

This divine energy awakens (resurrects) us out of the dream-state of our self-determined consciousness and into the realm of divinity of the divine consciousness. In present-mindedness, we are awake in the real of our divine self. In the past-future mindset, we are asleep in the unreal of our false self.

Source of Divine Energy

The source of divine energy is the exchange of a pure, sincere and mature love between our soul and our Creator. In this exchange, divine love begins to vibrate in our soul creating an ethereal divine energy that resides in our sacred inner chamber; the pre-creative space of our soul.

This divine energy manifests as a substantive energy in creation through the workings of our divine emotional energy, when this love is exchanged between two created souls. For this exchange to occur both souls first possess the divine love connection to the Creator, and then give it to one another.

To form a divine love with our Creator, we must intimately know him in spirit and truth, as he is and not according to images. If our love is according to an image, then there is no true love exchange. He is beyond creation, thus beyond all images. Thus, to know him, we seek him in the realm of the spirit that transcends this creation. As we seek him, through many soul interchanges we come to know him through a multitude of conceptual frameworks containing divine love and absolute truth. We come to perceive his magnificent individuality in an intimacy in which an exchange of divine love manifests. We come to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength of which our lives reflect in possessing the beatitudes like purity of heart, gentleness, humility, mercy and a hunger and thirst for righteousness (divine love).

When this love exchange is our root, then divine energy is our root. Being our root, this energy progressively pervades every aspect of our soul and our reflection until it fills all. This energy contains the strength, stability, and steadfast nature of a magnificent ancient tree. If you stand with your hands on a tree and feel its strength, this is a taste of the fortitude and energetic nature of this love in a soul. There is no other force more powerful and yet more tender. It contains the sovereignty of God, for it is his energy.

Divine Energy Flowing into Creation

As we grow in awareness of this divine love, we begin to desire to love all, not with a self-generated love, but with a divine love, which encompasses the divine attributes of God. Because God loves all, in this love we love all as well. Possessing the increasing intention to divinely love all is evidence that we are growing in sincerity in divine love.

Tri-Fold Love Exchange

Once we desire to give this energetic love to all, and there is another whom we can exchange this love with in creation, we begin to receive it into our expressive soul and reality. Without this tri-fold dynamic, of the Creator’s love, our love and another soul’s love in the present moment, we can’t receive the divine love energy into our experiential reality. It remains in the pre-creative place in our soul. In order for it manifest in this creation, thus our bodies (physical and spiritual) and reality, it needs to be exchanged between two souls in creation, who are both connected to the Creator in spirit, truth and love.

Jesus Christ possessed this divine love with the Father, but there was no one to exchange it with in creation, thus this love couldn’t amalgamate into this realm. But this wasn’t his purpose at that point in time. He came to establish the first part of the equation; the human soul’s divine love connection to our Creator, thus the open door to divinity into this love. The second part of the equation is the working of the Spirit of Truth to prepare souls to receive this divine love and exchange it among themselves thus birthing this love, which is the essence of Christ, into creation. At the fulfillment of the times, when the Spirit of God penetrates the human soul to govern it, it enters in through the divine love exchange between souls, for he is love. Souls who engage this dynamic are ones who have been sown together in truth and spirit as one by the Spirit of God, so that the divine love can endlessly and eternally flow between them. Once the divine love energy flows in and through them, they become life-giving spirits through which divine love can flow into creation. (1 Corinthians 15)

When we exchange this divine love energy with another, it is an energy that never ceases to flow; it’s rooted, grounded, and unwavering. It this consistency, it begins to create immortal harmony. Our intentions of divine love unite with the workings of the Spirit of God in a oneness in our soul, and they manifest layer upon layer supportive present moments that are full of living divine particles as well as synchronized waves of potentials to create continual growth, expansion and harmony in our soul’s reflective reality.

As we exchange this love with another, it heals and regenerates us as well as the other in our souls, minds and bodies; for it’s the life force of immortality, harmony, eternal growth, and life. Interestingly, it’s when we exchange this love with another that we heal and regenerate because in giving it to another in creation, this love manifests in creation therefore in ourselves. Thus, our healing that leads to regeneration comes through loving others with the love flowing from our Creator.

Our experiential reality is a reflection of our soul state. We are victims or benefactors of ourselves. In our regeneration, we who caused so much pain and heartache to ourselves and to others become founts of healing. It’s the most beautiful and perfect reconciliation and justice of all entities. Divine reconciliation and justice entails every soul, especially the most hurtful, coming into a perfect love, and loving for eternity.

Healing unto Regeneration

Our soul, mind and body all function as one unit. Thus, healing that leads to regeneration (resurrection) comes from the soul outward. It comes from not only the higher vibration in our soul created by divine energy, but also the choices through the awareness those higher vibrations create. These choices for high vibration manifestations in our reality versus low ones support the process of healing leading to regeneration.

Supportive High Vibration Elements

Here are some examples of the supportive elements of creation that when we give to and receive from increase our vibration:

  • Nature
  • Ministering spirits of animals
  • Precious gems
  • Essential oils
  • Sunlight
  • Plant-based diet
  • Natural/plant-based products (cleaning, grooming, etc)
  • Balance in physical movement
  • Caring emotional environments/relationships (home, work, friendships, family, etc)
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • Words of life spoken to the soul
  • Caring affections of others and to others
  • Fostering harmony with nature and creation
  • Media of a high emotional vibration
  • Sensory influences of certain types of light, smells, colors, music and touch
  • Statements reflecting divine truth and love
  • Visualizations incorporating divine attributes
  • Prayer (conversational, listening, meditative, intercessory)
  • Meditation
  • Quality of thought
  • Gratitude (i.e. divine gratitude)
  • Trust, faith
  • Intentions to divinely love
  • Giving honor and care for all of creation
  • Present-mindedness
  • Rest in movement

All these elements impact our overall vibration, thus our soul state and our wellbeing. A soul increasing in the awareness of divine love will begin to transition into a life that reflects elements like these according to its individuality.

As the divine energy from our Creator enters our soul and is exchanged with others, along with the supportive higher vibrations of creation, our soul begins its regeneration. Bringing this energy into creation begins to free all of creation, which has been kept in bondage by the low vibration of the mortal human soul. (Romans 8:18-21)





Vibrations of Living Light (Part II)

Vibrations of Living Light

Synching to Center (Part II)


When the soul vibrates with the divine energy, it shakes open the tomb of the false self and sets the metamorphic divine soul free. As the seven soul elements start to pulse at this higher frequency, they engage in a symphonic dance lifting the soul into a oneness with the divine consciousness, the Spirit of God.

Below are some of the changes the soul goes through within its consciousness as this inflow of this divine energy commences.

Divine Judgment 

Divine Judgment: Our evaluative capacity to manifest perfect cause.

The divine love exchange between the soul and the Creator creates a heightened energetic vibration, which enables the soul to assimilate into a oneness, thus possess the divine energy. This connection forms the root of the soul into the divine consciousness.

Rooted in the divine consciousness, all the soul’s judgments and expressions are determined by the divine consciousness. Divine judgment is like quantum processing versus the self-determined consciousness, which is like binary processing. Instead of the soul growing from the dynamic of cause and effect that is based on self-generated yes and no judgments (1,0), the soul grows by one moment layered upon the next in a perfection-beyond-perfection aptitude. (0 to infinity) In other words, the all-knowing Spirit of God governs the soul from within the soul to construct immortal harmony. Like the growth of a tree, this creates an ever-expanding present moment in perfection.

Divine Time

Divine Time: Our perceptual location in the eternal present.

The increased vibration accelerates the soul’s ability to perceive light (the time it takes for information to be perceived by the soul), thus the soul moves in synch with the present moment. In a lower vibration state, the soul lags behind the present moment from the delay in perception. This confines the soul to a past perspective that creates disharmony. It’s like always receiving essential information a little too late so that you can’t properly respond to a situation. As it perceives according to the true present, not a lagging past, it perceives what it needs to at the right time facilitating the creation of harmony. In this, the soul harmonizes with the rhythmic flow of creation. Creation supports the soul’s creative desires, which are directed by the divine consciousness, and the soul supports creation’s harmonic equanimity.

As a result, instead of living in a past and future mindset, the soul possesses an inherent present-mindedness. The fleeting present opens up into a vast dimension filled with the Spirit of God. In this present state of mind, the soul possesses the “eyes and ears” of the Spirit.

Divine Emotions

Divine Emotions: Our affective expressions of the sensational nuances of love.

With the increased energy, the soul experiences the emotional energy of divine love. Though all the elements work in unison, the emotional center sends out the vibrations of divine love energy through the soul and into creation.

This heightened state creates the varied emotional expressions of wellbeing, peace, joy, tranquility, equanimity, magnanimity, and love. These expressions, which flow from the Source and through the soul, create harmonious energetic patterns that are incorruptible and impenetrable by a lower frequency. This inherent preeminence enables the divine consciousness to expand until it is all in all. This expansion creates an emotional atmosphere of divine love that has a proportional impact on reality; the greater the divine energy the greater the impact, like an ever-brightening lamp.

Divine Desires

Divine Desire: Our creative intention or response of perfection beyond perfection.

With the root of divine love, the soul experiences the fulfillment of its consuming desire; oneness. Out of this oneness, flows every other desire, thus all the soul’s desires are directed by the divine consciousness. The soul is creatively governed in its present moments by these desires. In this, the soul experiences the beauty of individuality, continual growth, and an ever-expanding state of consciousness of a finite eternal being that can abide in a oneness with the infinite consciousness of God.

In this contentment, living trust, which attracted the divine love into the soul, gains a ubiquitous presence. It transitions from an effortful action into a restful state, like the unwavering trust a child. This state of being serves as the creative link for the divine energy, which is flowing from the divine consciousness into the soul, to create an eternally expanding divine reflection through the soul’s desires.

Divine Words

Divine Words: Our cognitive expressions creating living love.

With an increased energy, the vibrational tones of words (spoken and unspoken) resonate according to this energy. Everything is created by energetic relationships or interactions, thus words, a central creative outlet, at this higher frequency manifest a reality reflecting the attributes of divinity. The soul’s words are filled with the Spirit and truth, which reflect the will of God; therefore they manifest his will in creation. At this frequency, they are spirit and they are life.

Divine Perception

Divine Perception: Our level of awareness derived from the Internal Light.

With this inflow of divine energy, the perceptions of the soul alter in various ways including: becoming proportionally accurate to truth and love, becoming lucid and detailed, functioning without the negative impacts of past memories, and operating by the divine conceptual frameworks.

In the self-determined consciousness, the soul’s perceptions are like those of carnival mirrors. The limitations, errors, past pain, and ill judgments of this consciousness distort the soul’s perception. This causes the soul to overreact or under-react to its environment, and to misinterpret itself and reality that creates more error. As the soul’s perception resonates in divine energy, the soul experiences a change in its relative perception as it aligns to divine truth and love. It perceives according to divine love, thus it responds in divine love, which manifests a reality of love.

Second, when the perception lags because of a lower vibration, the soul loses clarity and specificity in its present moment. At a higher vibration that is in synch with the present, the soul receives more information that leads to more lucidity and a mindful awareness in the present moment.

Third, as the soul’s relative perceptions realign to truth, all that the self-determined consciousness created falls away like a dream in the morning light. The memory elucidates wisdom without ill effects. This releases the present moment from negative impacts from past perceptions, so the present can grow in truth and harmony.

Finally, the soul perceives according to divine conceptual frameworks, thus perceiving by the pre-creative dynamics of reality. Everything is created from the conceptual frameworks of the soul’s consciousness. When the soul operates by images, it creates all kinds of error because the images alone are misleading. When it operates by conceptual frameworks, it can function more effectively. It’s comparable to manipulating the code of a computer program, where the image on the screen can be truly transformed, versus moving the images around on the screen, which changes very little. When the conceptual frameworks are divine, the soul creates a divine reflective reality.

Divine Will

Divine Will: Our internal combustion to manifest immortal harmony.

In the increased energy, the soul finds fulfillment because it possesses all it will ever need in its eternal connection to the divine consciousness. In this, the soul experiences rest in movement.

This transition into rest is facilitated by the soul’s childlike nature of being in the present moment in a state of ubiquitous trust as it leaves the formation of its present moments, thus reality, to the Spirit. Its self-directed will is no longer active, thus it only does the will of God. In this restful state, the Spirit manifests its will in the soul to create the kingdom of God through and in the soul’s reality. Thus the soul enters into the kingdom of God from within out. The soul takes the position of a creative witness as it relinquishes the flow of life to the divine will of the Spirit, yet experiences the creation of that life through its desires and expressions.

Divine Photons

In the soul’s reality, this transformative vibrational energy flowing through the seven soul elements manifests divine photons; living light. The divine energy enters the soul moment by moment and creates divine photons, living light. As the living light flows through the soul elements and into the soul’s liquid reality, a reflection of living waters is created, like the light reflecting in water vapor to create a rainbow. Through this process, the soul is cleansed and purified (symbolized in baptism) from the aftermath of its trial through mortality and clothed in divine son-ship of oneness.


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Synching to Center: Part I

Synching to Center

(Part 1)


The divine consciousness consists of divine energy that is generated out of its divine love. This energy is the highest creative vibration of harmony and perfection. High vibrations are created by love. Low vibrations are created by an absence of love, i.e. fear.

As the soul gains the conceptual frameworks of divinity from the Spirit of Truth, this soul state is able to receive and give this divine energy. When this divine love energy enters into the soul, it causes a transformation of the soul’s consciousness into the divine because the divine energy increases the soul’s vibration to be in harmony with its own. With the increased energy, the soul begins to experience various gradual shifts in its consciousness, which I’ll mention in my next post.

It all comes down to love; divine love.

Through the dynamic of divine love, the door of the soul is opened to the open door of divinity as well as open to its reality in the present moment. (Opening the Door) In this ethereal alignment, the divine love energy streams in as a gentle sunrise of an awakening day. The seven soul elements begin to vibrate at a higher velocity that enables the divine constructs they contain to manifest. Thus, they become extensions of the divine consciousness.

The Root of Eternal Life

The core to this connection between the soul and the divine energy of the Creator is the energetic vibration of divine love that is exchanged between the two. All of creation consists of interactive energy patterns that form matter and give shape to all we see. This energetic love connection with the Creator is the core or root of the divine soul state, thus it’s the root to all of creation.

In this symbolic phrase, the root of David, we learn of the quintessential nature of the root of eternal life; a divine love exchange between us and our heavenly Father. David, at his core, was a man after God’s heart. When we become one after God’s heart, we step on the path of enlightenment that leads to this root of eternal life.

We don’t start out in this divine desire for his consuming love, for we don’t know him, or his love. Thus, Jesus Christ instructs us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, for this is the journey into oneness and this instruction serves as our guide. This love is our destination in this mortal realm and our beginning into the heavenly realm. His second instruction to love others as ourselves is the outcome of learning of the divine love of God, and desiring to sincerely love others helps us to learn of the characteristics of this love.

For me this journey into his divine love expediently began fifteen years ago. Through the collision of three factors in our consciousness, my husband and I became empowered to answer the distant call within every heart that beckons the soul to come home into the bosom of the Father; a cataclysmic upheaval of our life as we knew it, the desire for more than what we could do ourselves, and a sincere commitment to seek the truth, thus the essence of God. The Spirit began us on our journey out of the enslavement of the self-determined consciousness and onto the path of enlightenment. Drop-by-drop he filled our souls with the oil of his conceptual frameworks of truth that manifested a sincere love for him, thus a desire to love in all the dynamics of our lives. Because of the limitations of the self-determined consciousness, this awareness of divine love created a hunger and thirst for the substance of divine love, thus its energy through a oneness, which is the only way we could truly love according to the love we had learned.

Out of this soul journey, trust was cultivated in divine love. And this trust is a pivotal factor in connecting to the divine energy. When trust is active in a soul it raises it overall vibration. When trust is anchored in the concepts of divinity it raises it to such a degree that it acts like a magnet to the divine love energy and pulls it into itself. This energetic attraction bridges the infinite chasm separating the realities of the self-determined consciousness and the divine.

All About Love

In this dream-state of the self-determined consciousness, which is an expressed reality that is absent of the substance of divine love, along the path of enlightenment the Spirit of Truth begins constructing a relationship with the soul based on a divine love that far exceeds our self-generated love.

This dream-state serves a multitude of purposes that revolve around the creation of a divine love between the Creator and the soul. This exchange of love is the cornerstone to the ultimate love story, because it affects every other relationship. As the soul seeks the Creator in truth and spirit, beyond images and the soul itself yet from within itself, it begins to develop a connection to God’s heart based on His characteristics, not what he does for the soul, thus a sincere love. Divine love is unconditional. God loves unconditionally and as it’s his love that the soul returns back to him, the soul comes to love him unconditionally.

It’s through the soul journey down the narrow path of enlightenment that this type of love is shaped within the soul that it may form this energetic connection. Through this experience the soul comes to know the Creator as he is and it begins to fall in love with who he is and not what he does for the soul, thus without condition. To formulate this love so that the soul returns to him the substance of divine love as it receives it from him, it forms a relationship in the absence of the substance. The substance of divine love creates abundant abundance, which can shadow the love that manifests that abundance. In addition, in a soul state of imperfection, the soul learns of the many characteristics of love that it couldn’t otherwise like mercy, grace, compassion, forgiveness, and longsuffering. Thus in the absence of its substance, the soul gains an awareness of the nature of divine love.

When this energetic love connection matures to a point where it becomes an integral part of the soul’s foundation, the exchange of divine love begins to manifest between the soul and the Creator. This dynamic usurps the root of the self-determined consciousness that was crafted out of an absence of the substance of divine love, and begins to birth a divine soul of a Christ-like reflection.

So, it’s through love that the soul’s transformation begins, for love is its fundamental expression that is ubiquitous to every other expression.

As this divine connection begins to vibrate as one, it causes the soul elements to vibrate at a higher velocity that causes the soul to experience a change of consciousness; a change that results in a Christ-like consciousness, in which God and his creation function as one. So, the soul speaks as the Spirit speaks, it does as the Spirit does, and it only does the will of God, all as Christ Jesus demonstrated.

What once was an endless black hole spewing depravity into the soul now becomes the eternal open door to the divinity of God; the root of David. This door opens to the infinite limitless divine potentials of the divine consciousness to be expressed through the human divine soul. It’s the eternal morning star at the core of the soul governing all that the soul expresses through its individuality. As its light shines, the soul is awakened and all the shadows of darkness fade away.

In divine love energy, the consciousness of the soul is raised, thus the soul becomes more loving until it is synched with the divine love energy. When this energy has consumed the human soul, all suffering is extinguished because the low vibrations that created disharmony and fear no longer exist. The soul’s consciousness becomes one with the divine consciousness.




The Divine Exchange

The Divine Exchange

Preparation for Oneness


In preparation for oneness, in faith the soul exchanges elements of the self-determined consciousness for those of the divine. These elements shape the spiritual blueprint of consciousness and the spiritual laws of that govern consciousness.

Oneness with our Creator is crafted through love; for love is the foundation and nature of our eternal relationship with him. The Spirit of Truth is bringing me to place of love in every area of my soul to prepare me for this oneness. This place isn’t in the likeness of my self-generated love, but of his divine love. Thus, I’m learning of this love and will continue to until I am fully aware, open, and responsive to its nature. This soul journey entails addressing the multitude of areas that form the blueprint of my consciousness. All these areas need to be enlightened with divine love before divine love can be possessed. The divine consciousness, which manifests divine love, is all consuming, so the soul has to be prepared for its total governance at its first drop.

How are these areas that form the consciousness being revealed to me?

Necessity of Weakness

Weakness. Normally weaknesses are the bane of our existence. But when journeying into the realm of divinity, they become a form of strength.

My weaknesses are playing an essential role in this transformative process. Not only do they reveal what to let go of in relation to my self-determination, but also they give me the overwhelming desire to do so. Thus, they are a necessary and formative part of this process. Because of the proportional relationship between awareness of weakness and awareness of divinity, the further I progress on this journey, the greater the experience of my weaknesses.

Because consciousness is all consuming, nothing of my soul is left untouched by the divine light; thus, weakness is felt in every aspect of my being. Facing the immensity of my frailties can be trying and unsettling. Yet, it’s in this season of the soul that the foundation of faith established over the years by the Spirit of Truth rises to the occasion and carries me through. Though I’m losing myself, there is only gain. When this divine exchange for the elements of the self-determined consciousness for those of the divine is soulfully understood, letting go becomes an overwhelming desire. In exchange for letting go is the attainment of the elements of divinity in faith. It’s an evolutionary process of letting go of the false self of illusions, to embrace faith in the divine, which brings in the substance of divinity.

Divine Elements

There are four particular elements of consciousness that overlap and affect the soul’s ability to be a conduit of divine love. Thus, the Spirit of Truth directs the soul to make a divine exchange in these areas.

The interrelated elements of love, judgment, justice, and forgiveness possess a self-determined nature that through a soul’s preparation for divinity are exchanged for the divine nature. Divine elements do what the self-determined ones cannot. They produce eternal life, regeneration of the human soul thus all of creation, harmony, unity, endless growth, eternal peace, rest, joy and freedom.

Divine love is creating the highest good for all, in every situation, all the time. Divine love’s characteristics contain many layers, infinite expressions, and truths. Some of its characteristics are it’s always 1. longsuffering 2. kind and gentle 3. humble and confident 4. courageous 5. honoring of all 6. constant and consuming 7. healing and forgiving 8. giving and nurturing 9. merciful 10. trustworthy, honest, and faithful 11. abundant 12. of divine judgment. It perfectly loves at all times to all entities of creation. It excludes no one or nothing. This love moves through the soul from its Source. It isn’t self-generated. It’s the light of God. It’s the cornerstone of truth.

This element is the foundation to the divine consciousness. Once the soul understands the nature of divine love to a degree where it experiences the desire to perfectly love all creation at all times, then the understanding of the other elements flows into the soul’s awareness. Each element is received into the soul in conjunction with the soul’s willingness to give to others according to its nature.

Since divine love is all consuming, prior to its substance filling the soul, the soul must completely desire it along with its corresponding divine elements that play a role in manifesting that love; particularly divine judgment, divine justice and divine forgiveness.

Divine judgment is determining all souls, regardless of soul condition, at all times worthy of divine love. The solution to every ailment of the soul that causes harm and pain is divine love. It’s the answer to every situation. When the soul sincerely wants to give this love, which means embracing and giving all of its characteristics, then the answers come as to how to respond to each situation and relationship. This judgment doesn’t assess the past or future, but resides in the present; a state of timelessness, where all of creation is deemed worthy and needing of divine love. The lies and illusions that caused the harm and pain are dismissed, and the truth is honored and cultivated. When a soul embraces this divine element it willingly extends divine love, thus judges in harmony with the Spirit of Truth.

Judgment, which is how a soul sees a person or situation, precedes justice, which is how a soul responds to a person or situation. Thus, how the soul judges determines how the soul administers justice.

Divine justice is allocating to every soul, regardless of their soul state, divine love. Divine love heals and regenerates the soul into eternal life. It creates goodness out of every ill act. Thus, when one causes harm the response of divine justice is to sincerely desire and do what is for their highest good, which is what cultivates divine love in their soul. Therefore, the intention in divine justice is to love and increase love, nothing else. This intention brings about the corresponding responsive action.

If one suffers for any reason, all suffer. Thus, what is desired is what heals suffering. And as one begins to heal, all begin to heal. The fulfillment of divine justice is the Creator bringing his love into every soul and making it his reflection. If there is one, even one, without his reflection, then divine justice is not complete.

Divine forgiveness is severing a soul from its past so it has no ill effects on the present. It’s the working mechanism of divine justice. It transitions every act of the past to bring about the highest good for all. It’s an act of complete liberation of the soul, thus the keys to the kingdom. In divine love, divine forgiveness is a constant. This forgiveness is activated in the soul when it is received in truth and love into the soul from the giver. Thus, when the receiving soul accepts this element into its beliefs thus its soul, then the transformative work of divine forgiveness commences.

These divine elements are of the Creator’s Spirit. Thus when the soul engages them through faith, the soul is far more powerful than when engaging these elements through the self-determined consciousness. As the soul employs them in faith and prayer, a link from the soul to the Creator is established. This connection brings a new set of potentials, which are anchored in divinity, into the soul’s reality.

Our Creator’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. My journey has been one of letting go of my self-determined ways and embracing his in faith as the Spirit of Truth reveals them to my soul. And as I am learning, this divine exchange prepares my soul for oneness, which is the fulfillment of every desire, hope, and promise.


Our Link to Divinity: Part 1

Our Link to Divinity 

Coming to know the Man of Divinity (Part 1)


(Part 5: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


In previous posts, I’ve shared some of my reflections regarding the prismatic soul. In the following posts I hope to share some of my more granular understandings of how the light, the divine love, enters into our soul.

One of the most debated, controversial, impactful, misunderstood, loved, and hated souls is Jesus Christ. Just his name alone stirs up many and varied emotions, thoughts, questions, doubts, and hopes. Everyone possesses their own unique perspective of this man due to the accumulation of all their personal experiences or lack of experiences, observations of how others respond to him, and the type and level of understanding about this soul, life, and purpose.

Given all the apparent diversity, this “well-known” person is not well known at large though almost everyone has heard his name. His image is peppered with our own individual perspectives, thoughts and opinions. It is covered with our own level of spiritual maturity and understanding. His true reflection is masked with projections of our own soul condition.

Spiritual Law of Projection

Our soul is like a projector that casts aspects of our soul condition onto others. We see others according to how we see this life and ourselves. So as we change in our perceptions of our reality and ourselves, it changes how we see others; Jesus Christ included. Thus, we only “see” others when we are like them or as we start to become more like them at a soul level, or if we gain a higher awareness that stems from divine love. This is why we identify with some people and not others. This is why we often erroneously judge others who are different from us, and cling and more readily accept those like us. We can “understand” those like us, because we can “accept” where they are and how they respond. Who or what we don’t understand we miss-judge, dismiss, and/or reject.

With those still walking among us, we learn and grow in understanding about who they are as we grow. But when they cease to be a part of our physical reality, their potential to inherit all kinds of images that were never a part of them is greatly enhanced because they aren’t here to dispute them. Thus over time, people no longer “alive” can gain all sorts of images and likenesses that were never a part of their nature.

Jesus Christ lived in a level of spiritual awareness that none thus far have achieved, to my knowledge. Thus, he isn’t fully understood by anyone. We can try to understand, but our understanding is limited by our own spiritual development. And he is no longer walking among us to dispute faulty understandings. (Though we can connect to him in the spirit and learn from him.) But these previous reasons are why he is so misunderstood.

With all this being said and understanding my inherit limitations; I want to humbly share what I’ve learned about this beyond amazing soul, which will most likely be several posts. My sharing is coming from what I’ve learned spirit to spirit, but not yet being the substance of divine love as he is I realize my great limitations but also realize this growing understanding is a necessary step to fully knowing.

Words in Faith Precede Substance

Since I am sharing my thoughts on this man, its good for you to know my current soul state, as I’m able to express it, as the law of projection is always in effect.

There is a creative dynamic we experience as we spiritually mature; our understanding precedes our becoming. Words, and the faith they express, are the forerunners to creating the substance of that faith. Thoughts are things. They are creative forces, if they are truly believed. We have numerous thoughts, but those we truly believe hold a creative power in our lives, and words are simply the dressings (garments) to our thoughts. They always precede the creation of the substance. This is an obvious part of our creation, yet it’s often not an established truth in our daily mental processing. If it was, we would take much more heed to our thoughts and words.

From a soul perception that precedes and is far beyond words, in the place where we learn spirit to spirit, I’ve been learning about divine love. I’m in this creative space, that is prior to the substance being formed, in my learning about this love. Thus far, my faith is being completely established upon it, and this love has become my utmost desire. All these creative precursors: understanding, desire, faith and words, are necessary before this love manifests as a part of my physical expressions, the substance.

Connecting to One who is of Divine Love

I also share my current soul position in divine love with you, because when I hear the words of Jesus Christ, there is a depth and truth flowing through them that reflect this divine love that I’ve learned so much about from the Spirit of Truth, which is the “Christ” in Jesus Christ. The more I see and understand this divine love, the more I understand what he taught and why, thus the more I “see” and know him. His words and actions continue to take on much more depth and meaning, and everything harmonizes with divine love.

Coming to know someone is a personal endeavor. If I were to tell you about me, it would give you some idea, but if you knew me face to face, you would understand me much more. And if you were in a similar soul condition as me, you would understand me much much more. As we grow in our soul condition in the understanding, nature and ways of divine love, we come to know Jesus Christ who was the personification of divine love.

Frequency of Divine Love

Think of divine love as a radio frequency that we can tap into and eventually transmit ourselves. We start unaware of this frequency’s existence, then some of us somehow hear about it and start tuning in, then some start fastidiously learning from it so their lives are changed by it, and eventually some begin to transmit it. However, the only one I’ve known in this earthen realm to transmit it is Jesus Christ. I see others with the growing desire and faith in it and walking in that faith, but that is very different from the substance. To have the substance is to be immortal.

To transmit divine love is to possess it within our soul, not by faith, but in substance. And its substance makes us immortal. The only immortal being I’ve known to traverse this earthen ground is Jesus Christ. If you are immortal, death can’t hold you in the grave. Divine love is the energy of true life. So any physical matter it is governing lives and thrives. We eventually decay and die because our energy is disharmonious and this disharmony destroys our physical matter.

All our souls are eternal in that they continue past this earthly life, but to be immortal is to be divine, which is to have an oneness with our immortal Creator. So, we are eternal but not immortal, and Jesus Christ is eternal and immortal. The more we become in tune with this frequency of divine love, the we more we can become in tune with his soul and his likeness.

More next time …



Light Catchers

Light Catchers

Of Purified Desires

(Part 3: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


Desires are the progenitors of creation.

The defining attribute of a soul of divinity, one reflecting the likeness of our Creator, is receiving, experiencing and giving divine love. Thus, an essential aspect of a metamorphosis into this divine soul, who exudes this eternal light, is desiring this love.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we can’t love perfectly, or divinely, with our current false self-judging consciousness. However, we can desire this love in our current state. I believe the formulation of this desire is a part of the purpose of our current state; a desire that couldn’t manifest as it needs to without the experience of imperfection.

Pure desires are ones that reflect the characteristics of divine love. They produce a soul condition within us that is a necessary creative element that precedes becoming one with the divine consciousness of our Creator, which gives us the ability to love perfectly. So, though desire may seem like an insignificant aspiration, it’s of infinite value and power. Thus, desire formation and refinement is a pivotal part of our soul’s development.

The Path of a Light Catcher

Personally, possessing an increasing desire to love divinely is coming through many lessons of experiencing my own brokenness, pain and the pain I caused others, while being instructed in the nature of divine love through my conversational prayer life. The conglomeration of these experiences and teachings ignited a desire to sincerely love that grew into a desire to love … perfectly, and this desire continues to expand. It wasn’t one moment, but many moments strung together, because as truth builds, so does the love it reflects.

When our soul sparks with the desire for divine love, then as I’ve stated before, a guiding question to our situations and interactions is what would divine love do or how would I want to be loved? As we continually probe for the answer to these questions, we are schooled by our individualized reflective reality. This creates a fire of refinement that purifies our desires. And it’s our desire for this love that keeps this fire burning until all our desires are aligned to the nature of divine love and we gain a prismatic soul that can catch the light of God.

In response to this inquiry, a still small voice from within that we’ve heard throughout our lives (which we’ve labeled many terms depending on our belief system) begins to impress upon us the nature of divine love. It isn’t that we know exactly how to act, but the motive in which we act becomes refined and purified. Through this instruction, we learn about the characteristics of divine love. And these lessons touch every aspect of our lives because love and truth affects everything.

At times my false self-judging mind creates a deafening static that inhibits my ability to hear this whispering voice, but as its rants are quieted, the voice-like impressions come through. This inquiry into divine love serves as a plummet line into truth that grows ever more refined as we learn the nature of this sacred love.

Characteristics of Divine Love; the Everlasting Light

When the various attributes and their variations of divine love flow in unison, they manifest the singular harmonious vibration of divine love. If one is absent or not present in its fullness then it isn’t divine love.

These characteristics contain many layers, infinite expressions, and truths. Some of its characteristics are it’s always 1. longsuffering 2. kind and gentle 3. humble and confident 4. courageous and with no fear 5. honoring of all 6. constant, consuming, and all-encompassing 7. healing and forgiving 8. giving and nurturing 9. merciful 10. trustworthy, honest, and faithful 11. abundant 12. of divine judgment. It loves perfectly at all times to all entities of creation. It excludes no one or nothing. This love moves through us from its Source. It isn’t self-generated. It is the light of God.

When we are guided by the desire to love, we discover our desires are tainted with a multitude of features contrary to this love. Our desires, intentions, and motivations are teeming with grudges, retribution, resentment, ill-judgment, bitterness, selfish-ambitions, worthlessness, apathy, un-forgiveness, and lack of mercy toward others and ourselves. In certain situations or with certain people, we don’t want to be gentle and kind. We don’t want to honor all, but revel in self-exaltation. We don’t want to be longsuffering, but we want what we want now. We are controlled by fear and control with fear. Our love is fleeting, inconsistent, and temperamental. We inflate our pride to mask our insecurities. We take instead of give. We manipulate and are unfaithful. We hurt others for our benefit. This is where this path gets very difficult. Every jot and tittle of our soul is highlighted in this purification process as we face the likeness of a “dead” soul, one that lacks divine love, head on. And as the light of refinement grows brighter, nothing remains hidden.

As ugly as these traits can become, they are but the cries of our own pains and wounds. So when someone is acting this way to you, know it is his or her pain talking, thus to love them is the answer in a way that honors you, them and others. Everything we experience in this “fabricated-self” serves to teach us. It’s all purposeful.

This love-fire continues to burn until we are left with a consuming desire to always love with all our being; heart, soul, mind and strength all of creation, the instruction of our Teacher. Our lives start to reflect a shadow of this desire, though the ability to divinely love hasn’t manifested. This lack of manifestation can be frustrating, discouraging, and painful especially as our desire to love continues to intensify. The more we learn of this love, the more we desire it. This desire creates an intense hunger and thirst in our soul for the divine consciousness (righteousness) that makes divine love possible.

Though a trying journey, the sighs of divine love keep pushing and carrying me along and encouraging my soul. In this, I find reprieve because its very nature assures me that I will one day bear its likeness, for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled. What a beautiful promise.

With a desire to divinely love, our soul embarks upon this refining path that runs immensely deep and incalculably vast. Every iota of our soul becomes aligned in its desires to the nature of divine love. This creates a soul condition that enables us to connect to the divine consciousness and to give of its love. In this oneness, we become expressions of truth, for love is the expression of truth. Truth of who we are, who God is, who others are, how creation functions, what our purpose is, and how we operate. Thus, the most cogent path to truth is through the understanding and growing awareness of divine love, the plummet line into truth. And as we experience an inner change of our desires for all that is pure, beautiful and of divine love, our own soul testifies to us that we are encountering the realm of truth.

In this purity, our soul gains a prismatic quality that can catch the everlasting light, our Creator’s divine consciousness, and we our on our way to becoming Light Catchers.


Perfectly Purposefully Placed

Perfectly Purposefully Placed

To Serve Love’s Purposes


Over these past weeks as I’ve been reflecting on the life of my brother John, his defining gift of unconditional love to me is shining ever brighter in its purpose and meaning. But what I’m also seeing in a new depth is the many degrees and variations of love I’ve learned from others that possess a spectacular beauty of their own.

John’s love flowed as a continuous stream toward me through my most trying times caused by my own harsh judgments of myself. No matter my current condition or phase of life, his love was constant, pure and untainted by my mishaps, and generously poured out without hesitation. This love is a wondrous gift to receive in this reality where we face copious amounts of rejection, disapproval, and ill judgment from others and especially ourselves.

As I more clearly see John’s gift of love, I’m seeing the different gifts of love with everyone in my life. Every person in my life is perfectly purposefully placed to reveal and teach me about divine love in some way, as I am in theirs. The variety of interactions, relationship dynamics, and particular situations all reveal aspects of love. It’s not that we give divine love because that requires a divine consciousness, but the dynamics of the relationships and interactions can teach us about divine love. And the learning sparks the consuming desire for this love, which is part the process to obtaining it. As a result, I’m experiencing a deep gratitude for each person, whatever the nature of our relationship. This understanding has caused the lens in which I view my reality to take on a new dimension. We are all gifts to each other if we have the eyes to see, and often those gifts come in unexpected ways.

This truth extends even and especially to those souls who at one time I would have seen in a hurtful light. In responding to the divine instruction, which is to love, they provide opportunities for me to learn some of the greatest aspects of divine love; mercy, humility, courage, compassion, longsuffering, honor, and forgiveness. And when I respond with the desire to love them, it produces revealing effects about the power of a sincere love, within myself and within them. And these situations also give me the opportunity to pass along what John gave me.

Thus, I’ve found that my learning of divine love is exponentially accelerated when I heed the divine instruction to love as you want to be loved. And not treat others as they treat me, or give them what I think or judge they deserve, or not consider them at all, but to live with the driving intention; to love as I want to be loved. In doing so, I’m learning aspects of divine love I wouldn’t have otherwise.

With this perspective, every person is valuable and purposeful in my life to reveal some dynamic of love to me, as I am to them, for we couldn’t learn the aspects of divine love without each other. And if you, like me, know you’ve given others opportunities to learn forgiveness, mercy, and unconditional love, then we know that even those moments will be used for good in their lives, as well as ours as we learn from our blunders.

It’s from these mishaps, that we witness a particular beauty in the workings of our eternal Father’s love. As a Creator of perfect love, from our lack He creates abundance. For example, when we are forgiven much, we love much. The depth to which we realize our own need to be forgiven and shown mercy enables us to love with a depth we couldn’t otherwise. This is how any “lack” we may have experienced is turned into abundance. Those who have seemingly done a lot to be forgiven of, in their perfect timing, will experience thus possess a kind of love that causes the love they give to be of a distinctive depth and tenderness. It’s like being healed from a great illness and experiencing how grateful you are for your health that you wouldn’t have experienced if you weren’t ill in the first place. As we grow in the awareness that everything, whether we judge good or bad, is used for the good of all, we gain an immense reconciliatory peace with our rocky sojourn through this reality.

Because we are constantly interfacing with each other, our reality presents a continual stream of opportunities to learn of divine love. Therefore, the answer to every question and decision in this creation somehow comes back to love. This understanding is beyond helpful as we try to navigate this reality with all its twists and turns. Love heals, helps and what is needed every time. A decision coming from any other motive creates disharmony is some way, whether we see it or not. So learning about divine love is an essential aspect of our pilgrimage through this reality. For though love may seem straight forward, there is much to learn about it, as I’m discovering. And as we learn of divine love, our choices and decisions become more discernable because the plummet line to guide us, love, becomes refined. We still may not respond exactly right, but with the right intention, we find that beauty is created through grace.

I want to reiterate one very important point that I referred to earlier. Currently constricted to a false self-judging consciousness, we can only learn about and desire this perfect love, but we lack the ability to fully express it. I state this over and over because if we expect to perfectly express the love we feel, our frustrations will overwhelm us. The perfected physical expression is only possible with divine judgment or perfect understanding, which comes from an all-knowing divine consciousness that we one day will all be a part of.

In the meantime, our temporary self-judging consciousness, which we currently possess, that is full of error and prohibits our expressions of love is playing a significant role. It allows us to learn of mercy, compassion, longsuffering and forgiveness, which are all beautiful aspects of divine love that require imperfection to experience. In perfection, of which one day we will be, we can’t learn these things, yet they are essential to divine love thus to knowing God. So, we couldn’t know God without experiencing the imperfections of this realm, because we couldn’t know the nature of his love. Thus, in this simulation that is serving as an educational course in love, we can learn of the perfection of love by experiencing imperfection. Ironic, isn’t it?

In this school for the soul, we call life, we experience progress in our soul development as we learn of divine love. And one day, when the essence of divine love fills this realm by filling our souls, we’ll witness its power to regenerate every soul, thus all of creation into everlasting life, which will teach us a whole host of new beauties of the power of divine love. In the meantime, each person in our reality is perfectly purposefully placed to serve love’s purposes, and we are perfectly placed in theirs. May we all have the eyes to see this inherent beauty and purpose in this temporal yet significant reality.