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The Fearless Present Moment

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The Fearless Present Moment


Present-mindedness is non-attachment to the past and future mindset, so that the present moment stands alone. In this, the soul acts in an untainted way that empowers it to manifest a desirable reality.

As I’m learning to engage the present moment in present-mindedness, I’m finding it’s a profound place where the soul and the divine Spirit intermingle to manifest fearlessness that translates into a harmonious reality.

This moment is all there is.

The energetic vibrations we are manifesting, which are determined by the soul’s consciousness, in this moment alter the next and every other future moment. Like a string of screens in a movie, our present moments come and go to shape our life stories. And all that exists is what is on the screen at the moment, and what is happening on the screen determines the next moment.

The soul’s conceptual frameworks, which determine our energetic pulses, govern the images on the screen, like the movie script that directs the images on a movie screen. As conceptual frameworks of divine truth and love alter our state of consciousness, the images of our personal movie are altered. And, present-mindedness is a divine construct that has profound impacts on our present moment.

One of the most substantial implications of this mindset is its interplay with our emotions; specifically it creates an absence of fear. This absence facilitates our ability to choose to act in the intentions of divine love. We possess the intentions; the Spirit possesses the manifestation of divine love through our intentions in his omniscience and grace.

Acting with an intention of divine love in the present moment is the soul’s most powerful tool to create desirable future present moments. As the soul chooses to respond (vibrate) in divine love, which is the highest vibration, versus some other energetic response of a lower vibration, little by little the soul’s experiential present shifts to a place of peace, harmony and love.

An Absence of Fear

The energy of the soul resides on a continuum from the low vibration of fear to the high vibration of love; the highest being divine love.

The soul quality of present-mindedness extinguishes fear. Fear has to do with a future expectation or an assumption based on a past perception. Thus, when we are truly present-minded, we have no fear or its corresponding emotions. This mindset keeps our emotional center in alignment with divine love. The impacts of sending the vibration of love into our soul and reality versus fear are monumental, and when it’s divine love on a constant basis, it manifests regeneration of soul, mind and body into a divine reflection.

Conversely, the energetic vibration of fear creates disharmony in our reality. When we are in fear in one moment, we create disharmony in the following moments. It throws our lives into helter-skelter, which in turns creates more fear. However, as we begin to shift into the present-mindset, fear abates and a more harmonious reality forms.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, becoming permanently present-minded occurs at the inflow of the divine energy, as this elevates us to a consistently higher vibration that enables us to be a present-minded being.

At the inflow of the divine energy, there are four constructs of soul, which develop along the path of enlightenment, that facilitate the soul’s transition into the present-mindedness.

  1. Intentions of divine love toward all of creation all the time.
  2. Non-attachment to transitory expectations.
  3. Ubiquitous child-like trust.
  4. Perceiving the inherent connectedness of all things.

In the present moment, we engage the Spirit of God whose core attribute is divine love. As we grow in awareness of this love, our understanding assists in eradicating fear from our perceptions, which facilitates our movement into a state of present-mindedness. In the counsel of the Spirit, we learn that everything is under his perfect orchestration, and that all is serving the highest good. Through this awareness, we can let go of our transitory expectations of how we think our life or we should be, and we learn to trust in his sovereign craftsmanship in all the details of our lives.

As we act according to these four constructs, elements of fear cease to be created in our reality, which allows us to continue to act in less and less fear until all that remains is love. As this cycle of love replacing fear continues, it eventually pushes out all fear; like light filling the darkness. In this, our reality possesses nothing to prompt fear, and we abide in a fearless present moment.

The Place of the Divine Self

In present-mindedness, we are our true self, our divine self. And in this mindset, we are also true to our divine self. It’s where the Spirit of God connects with our divine self, thus it is where oneness with the Spirit of God is found. In spiritual practices, the soul is seeking to abide in this space. And while it is fleeting during our soul journey through mortality, it becomes our resting place in divinity.

In mortality, the soul possesses a dominating past-future mindset, thus we experience our false self, which is largely driven by fear. Contrary to our true divine self, in fear we suppress, oppress, pretend, compromise, build walls, and satisfy ego to alter our true self for fear’s sake.

When we are true to our divine self, our inherent purpose is discovered. This isn’t being true to the lies and illusions that we’ve held from childhood, but true to our unique individuality as a purposeful creation of God. When we reside in this place of personal integrity, we create individual splendor for we are in alignment with our unique purpose that only we possess and only we can express. Being present-minded enables us to be true to our divine self so this self can manifest.

Abundance in the Present

In present-mindedness, we experience connectedness and unity; to ourselves, to God, to others, and to creation. In the past-future mindset, we experience a myriad of states of separation because we are mentally in the unreal; in our imaginations. The more disconnected we are from the present, the more separation we experience. Connectedness leads to abundance and separation leads to lack, in a variety of ways.

For example, in present-mindedness we are connected to the harmonic flow of creation that is designed to help us become who we are intended to be. Our Creator constructed this reality to shape us into divine souls of his reflection. He is for us, not against us. He created us to be in a creative relationship of love with himself. It’s our fear that works against us. When we act according to who we are intended to be, we find increasing growth, contentment, and harmony. When we act contrary, we hit roadblocks. It’s reality’s way of telling us we need to realign and get back on track. Fear is a main reason we get off track because it causes us to do what we normally wouldn’t do, which in turn manifests disharmony in our lives.

Also, in this mindset we are open to the provisions we do have instead of focusing on what we don’t have; because the wanting mind is a future mindset. Thus, we are mindful and able to be responsive to what the present offers, and in responding we experience an organic growth and expansion to our lives. This focus on what we do have creates a mindset of gratitude. Because gratitude creates a high vibration, in this soul state, we manifest more to be grateful for as it creates harmonious ripple effects.

Finally, in this mindset that is absent of fear, we respond as we need to in the moment. This timely and honest response keeps us on the path of our true purpose and being true to ourselves instead of in the throws of the false self, thus a satisfying and abundant life.

A life without fear is an abundant life and becoming present-minded is a significant part of this life’s manifestation. It’s a very powerful state of mind that is established through oneness with our Creator.

John 10:10  I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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