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You are Powerful in Divine Love


You are Powerful in Divine Love


As I share what I received today, I desire the Spirit of Truth to reveal to you what I am seeing with my mind’s eye, which I feel words are insufficient to express. May you be enlightened in these thoughts that are living waters to our soul.

Back Story

For a season, we needed to forget.

As divine beings we needed to forget our oneness with the divine consciousness (Spirit of Christ) to learn a myriad of lessons in divine love so that we could divinely love. Learning these lessons in a simulated, experiential reality enable us to be truly one with our Creator and an expression of our Creator, whose defining attribute is divine love. Like an embryo in the womb, we are in creation before creation.

We entered the shadow lands (darkness) at our created soul’s birth. It was a state of consciousness absent of the “light” (awareness of divine love and divine truth). As our soul travels through this darkness and into the light (the path of enlightenment), we learn through the contrasts created between the darkness of unawareness and the light of divine love (summation of all the divine attributes). Through these contrasts we are able to experience the many layers and characteristics of divine love, so that our soul comprehends its depth of beauty in order to give and receive it. And once we begin to enter its light, we can do no other than become it.

Thus, our journey entails awakening to what is.

Awakening to the Divine Self Within

Jesus Christ revealed our true state through his state – a Son of God; a divine immortal being who is one with God. He demonstrated to us what is within us by showing us what was within him, the Christ Spirit, which is the divine consciousness of the Creator (Father). The Spirit in him, the Christ Spirit (the expressed Spirit of God in creation), is the same Spirit in us – which we are born unaware of but are called to awaken to through an inward journey of the soul. Our journey entails awakening to this Spirit within and as we do, we remember all we have always been. There is no separation in God, he is One and he is all in all. And as we remember our oneness our divine power to create grows.

 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14:12

Jesus Christ entered the physical realm so that we could become aware of his existence. Once his physical body departed, we could become aware of his true nature as Spirit which is outside the time and space dimension created by the mortal mind. The Christ in him is able to reveal himself to us from within us; spirit to spirit. In this understanding we comprehend that his Spirit is always with us. The Christ Spirit in him is able to be known within us and thus reveal that we are also a part of the Christ Spirit. Focusing on his spirit’s physical manifestation keeps the time and space dimension around his spirit active in your mind (creating the illusion of separation) until you transcend and realize the higher dimensions of his eternal present and oneness.

As we engage and learn from him in this higher and yet deeper dimension, we begin to realize that we have always been one with this Christ Spirit, for it is the Spirit of God that flows through us all. We realize his voice is the voice we have heard all of our lives, even before we were aware of whose voice it was. It is the singular voice of God that is made manifest through our divine self. This voice is the creative power of God, which finds expression through our beings.

When we are aligned to divine love, God employs his creative power to manifest divine love through us. As we awaken to the Christ within, we realize the extensive power we possess in divine love. Outside of divine love, our creative power is very confined. Though we experience a creative power in the illusionary state of separation, it is extremely limited and bounded and ends in non-existence (death). But within the consciousness of divine love, our limits are only to the extent of our current awareness; which is always expanding (eternal). We are powerful beyond our current comprehension to create our reality, for our power in divine love is ever increasing and always will be; for divine love desires to continually manifest and expand itself.

“And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14:13 

“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.” John 15:7 

As God’s power to create resides within his words, our power is contained within our thoughts and beliefs and the words that express them. And as all is energy, our thoughts and words shape, move and direct this energy, which gives form to our physical experience. When our thoughts and words are supportive of divine love, then our ability to create is only limited by our present awareness. As we awaken, we remember.

As we remember, our ability to be the creative hand of God expands.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

24 thoughts on “You are Powerful in Divine Love

  1. It’s wonderful to know that we can love by the power of God, in Jesus mighty name!

    As always thanks for sharing your revelation from God, Rachel!

    Let’s continue to grow in LOVE, for GOD is LOVE, and we are created in His image and likeness.

    Thanks be to God for His Love and Faithfulness!

    • Beautifully stated. 🙂 It is wonderful to know as in this oneness of spirit is the only way in which we can divinely love. There are beautiful and amazing things within the eternal present that are prepared for us to awaken to.

  2. once every mind is aligned and everyone trust and loves their own heart he made and his holy spirit from honesty and sincerity into clarity and charity without limitations or hesitations eternity wont be long enough to learn the infinite knowledge of the truth we’ve been prepared to receive I dont believe. well said in your recent writing reminds me of Matthew 10:8 “Freely you have received; freely give.” , more we empty ourselves more he fills us up, more we open the flood gates the more his love can channel through us. there is no good but him and I am no good to myself or anyone without him, God is with us, from the bottom ring in the depths of the heart to the top ring at the peak of our intellect and everywhere in between that bridges the ladder’s gap, the holy spirit vindicates the truth that no man can solidly assure of us so be strong at heart : )

    • Incredible words to flow through a soul …

      It’s a beautiful construct within our soul to desire be the fount of the Spirit of God – and when that desire is pervasive throughout our understanding and being it will carry us through all the challenges that we encounter in letting go of our contrived self so that we are only the expression of the singular Divine Self through our individuality.

  3. How wonderfully you say this, and how blessed you are for allowing God to take your pen..and write through …such a lovely persona of Himself. We do become our words…in time.

    It is a wonderful thing to believe and know the simple fact that everything starts with Him and ends with Him. We were started in His love and we will end in this same love, having been created, formed, schooled, and finished in His likeness, each in his own order. We are here to learn a song of harmony, Moses song, where all sing and contribute their part in the grand orchestra of abundant life, life without end.

    There is absolutely no negative in this journey when we see that all things including evil, has it’s place in bringing us through a disciplinary process where we learn what happens in being out of sync with the will of God. Even our disobedience, mistakes and faults have their temporary place of teaching us a better way to look, feel, and …love. Therefore all we experience is not for naught but for the furtherance of the kingdom…within…

    All the plan of God was developed and is to be consummated in this very nature of Himself…now to be witnessed in every soul that has ever been created….in the timing of the calling for each of us. To truly know God is to see that “all” means “all”. To see the love in and for all, with none to be left behind is a peace indeed, a “contented ” love…that awaits and desires to see ever last one is to be completed….in the very same likeness and character of the divine…our Father.

    • Thank you for your kind and humbling words as grace is the work within us that produces the true and eternal good.

      I pray for us all for Eyes of Light – to see the Light of God in all people and things animate and inanimate. When our eyes are full of Light, there is nothing that they gaze upon the doesn’t perceive the sovereignty of God and thus call to our spirit to honor and love it in return. The Spirit is constantly impressing this perception on me these days. I sense it is very significant in our awakening to oneness. Perceiving the Divine Light isn’t limited to other people, but everything .. every particle of creation. How deep the consciousness of God pervades our reality. For he is One, thus all is one, which as we awaken to his Light we begin to perceive this reality. In this, all thoughts of separation begin to fade from our mind and ones of oneness take their place. In this exchange harmony is manifested.

      • Once we understand that our Heavenly Father set out in the beginning of this plan to create beings with likenesses of Himself with their completetion, and not their failure in mind we see a perfect plan coming from a perfect being. Just like a master builder/architect, one must envision the end product and then create the means to complete it. There is a lot of ugly circumstances to deal with in creating something out of nothing and the “site” can at times five no semblance of the finished product….until…it’s near completion…then it suddenly appears from the “dust”.

        Never was their fear of failure in the mind of the builder for the plans were completed long before the beginning of the process to complete a wonderful “temple” or building. This temple is “us” as individuals. There was never a thought in God’s mind that once He started us there would be failure but a completing of the vision from the beginning. A process was devised to start us and to finish us, each according to His timing, His will, and to His purpose.

        Not one will be lost or unfinished, however their will be rewards according to the degree of the process we as individuals are put through. All will come through their order, nothing, nor none lost to any imaginary hell. We will all pass through hell, or the valley of the shadow of death for those who can grasp this allegory, but not only survive it, we will like Job be given a better life from the disciplinary, harsh process we will have just gone through.

        “All” things whether we consider them good or evil will be for our ultimate benefit. So…we can say with God that the ends do justify the means…

        Yes, Rachel, it is a blessed things to share the ultimate wisdom of God with others who can see this same vision and understand what love actually is. One cannot truly love if one cannot see “all” included. We know peace when we know the plan complete. Until the last one is safe in this peace there will be no rest. May each of us contribut to the love and peace of this truth that God makes no mistakes and He will as promised see each of us as He is.

        Words cannot describe this truth, it must be “known” as He is “known”. May our unconditional obedience to “Him” bring us to this defined spirit.

        In God we pray for all.

      • The moment our Creator had his divine thought of us – we were complete, perfect. This is our true state and what already is in the eternal present. The progression and process we feel or any “lack” of the fullness of this thought is the awakening of our consciousness (thus the creation of it) into this divine thought. Thus, as you say, we are all in Him already and complete – thus our maturing into this awareness is a process of perfect orchestration for each one of us.

  4. Where can I flow from you~ Divinely loving you.

  5. Beautiful. When you speak of perceiving the Divine Light in everything, it leads me to last night when I was watching a Netflix documentary with my girls entitled “Flight of the Butterflies”. It’s the true story about a man’s quest to find out where the Monarch butterflies travel to every year. The Spirit opened my eyes to see how this journey of the Monarch reflects our lives now and possibly in the future and it brought tears of joy to my eyes and heart. Definitely worth viewing and a well done documentary if you are not opposed to TV. My soul was soaring right along with the Monarch 🙂

    • Hi Carmen,

      In my past posts I often referenced the butterflies journey as analogous to our soul journey. I love the symbolism found in it. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  6. the majesty of divine love rachel thats what i see you growing in you amen ❤

  7. Yes, to see all completed is one of the most blessed visions one can receive from our Father. Love cannot divide one from another, love can only complete us all… together in His timing…in our own order.

  8. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

  9. I was just reading this through again as I sit here relaxing and contemplating the goodness of our Father in heaven…and what you say about what is being revealed to us is what we already known and have experience of. We are not going through this life as religion would teach us to be separated into good and evil camps or places of destination to one of these “places.”

    We came here as complete in all that God had and has given us, He judged wanted to give us more…and more freedoms to enjoy…for God our Father is the sovereign giver of all that is. So, as you say, we already have life complete, having it in abundance…however as Christ our example shows, by coming here and being schooled to take on more responsibilities…some will receive a hundred fold reward, some 60 and some 30. These orders have nothing to do with differing substances of the spirit for all are complete in him. So it is not a lessor life at all.

    It’s like all the humans of the earth, all have a spirit, soil and body and rich and poor alike enjoy life with the attributes of a loving Father if they can receive them to the fullest extent. Some cannot and will not for some simply like just being…and feel no desire to see more than what they do. And there can be nothing wrong with this…if it is God’s will for these people. So we all have life…some have more responsibilities and freedoms because they can come and go and be trusted to conduct the Fathers business and further His plan…according to His will…

    So it is not a change of the life we have in our callings…it’s really a greater responsibility and sacrifice for others in the higher calling in Christ Jesus because the higher the calling the greater the sacrifice…This is because we have to see and do as God does…for He is the ultimate and loving giver. So some of us will receive the most only because we desire to give all that is within us for the lives of others that they too can be all that they can be …God willing. To gain the greatest love a person can have it is a giving love, not a receiving love. For…the greatest love one can feel is what they have and can give from their own spring of waters flowing from within…and yet this had to be given from another, our Father. So it is in a continual giving that we all receive the greatest gift…of being able to see to give…that we receive.

    • Hi Sonny, I have learned this as well .. that possessing a heart to sincerely give of the greatest love and light (crafted by the Spirit within) opens the floodgate to unlimited treasures of the heart, soul, body and mind to give and receive. It’s an interesting dynamic to contemplate and doing so opens our awareness to the nature of the Christ consciousness within. I’m learning that as we let go of all that is connected to the idea and belief of a separate self and embrace our oneness in the Divine Self; that our ability to perceive the Christ within in significantly heightened.

      Thank you for sharing your words … and may you have a blessed weekend of increasing revelation and light as well.

  10. The ultimate law of circularity.

  11. How are you doing Rachel? I haven’t heard from you for a while. May you continue to share the Truth… ________________________________

    • Hi … thanks for asking … it means a lot. I’ve been going through a great, challenging and incredible transition spiritually and thus in my life for about the past 3 years. I sense that I’m coming out of this necessary and pivotal part of the journey, and it is my desire to share, so I’m excited to see what unfolds. I hope all is well with you and that your journey is greatly blessed in every way.

  12. The word “ZION” remember, means “THE PURE IN HEART!” The road to Zion is the road of the purification of the heart. And only by the purification of the heart can one ever travel it, though a fool need not err therein. This is the Pathway of LOVE in which one practices and learns to love God with all his heart. This is the road of fulfilling. And as one’s heart is purified by such dynamic love in action, he will automatically be cleansed from all sin. The very forgiveness of sin can only be accomplished through love as one forgives all who have ever trespassed against him. This is love in action. This contains the power to be cleansed (or forgiven) for all sins. It is beautiful! It is unfailing! It is truth eternal! If you wish to be cleansed from all sin, then love until it reaches out to enfold your trespassers in the glory of your own divine forgiveness. Let old grudges melt away. Let present hurts be dissipated in compassionate understanding. Let mercy caress and enfold all whom your thoughts touch. This is the power to be cleansed from all sin. And with this power all things will become subject unto you — and you can ask what you will and it will be granted. For in this great outpouring of your love “your minds and lips will have lost the power to hurt or wound and your voice will be heard among the Gods,” for you will have joined them in the upward trend of your own divinity.

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