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Vibrations of Living Light (Part II)


Vibrations of Living Light

Synching to Center (Part II)


When the soul vibrates with the divine energy, it shakes open the tomb of the false self and sets the metamorphic divine soul free. As the seven soul elements start to pulse at this higher frequency, they engage in a symphonic dance lifting the soul into a oneness with the divine consciousness, the Spirit of God.

Below are some of the changes the soul goes through within its consciousness as this inflow of this divine energy commences.

Divine Judgment 

Divine Judgment: Our evaluative capacity to manifest perfect cause.

The divine love exchange between the soul and the Creator creates a heightened energetic vibration, which enables the soul to assimilate into a oneness, thus possess the divine energy. This connection forms the root of the soul into the divine consciousness.

Rooted in the divine consciousness, all the soul’s judgments and expressions are determined by the divine consciousness. Divine judgment is like quantum processing versus the self-determined consciousness, which is like binary processing. Instead of the soul growing from the dynamic of cause and effect that is based on self-generated yes and no judgments (1,0), the soul grows by one moment layered upon the next in a perfection-beyond-perfection aptitude. (0 to infinity) In other words, the all-knowing Spirit of God governs the soul from within the soul to construct immortal harmony. Like the growth of a tree, this creates an ever-expanding present moment in perfection.

Divine Time

Divine Time: Our perceptual location in the eternal present.

The increased vibration accelerates the soul’s ability to perceive light (the time it takes for information to be perceived by the soul), thus the soul moves in synch with the present moment. In a lower vibration state, the soul lags behind the present moment from the delay in perception. This confines the soul to a past perspective that creates disharmony. It’s like always receiving essential information a little too late so that you can’t properly respond to a situation. As it perceives according to the true present, not a lagging past, it perceives what it needs to at the right time facilitating the creation of harmony. In this, the soul harmonizes with the rhythmic flow of creation. Creation supports the soul’s creative desires, which are directed by the divine consciousness, and the soul supports creation’s harmonic equanimity.

As a result, instead of living in a past and future mindset, the soul possesses an inherent present-mindedness. The fleeting present opens up into a vast dimension filled with the Spirit of God. In this present state of mind, the soul possesses the “eyes and ears” of the Spirit.

Divine Emotions

Divine Emotions: Our affective expressions of the sensational nuances of love.

With the increased energy, the soul experiences the emotional energy of divine love. Though all the elements work in unison, the emotional center sends out the vibrations of divine love energy through the soul and into creation.

This heightened state creates the varied emotional expressions of wellbeing, peace, joy, tranquility, equanimity, magnanimity, and love. These expressions, which flow from the Source and through the soul, create harmonious energetic patterns that are incorruptible and impenetrable by a lower frequency. This inherent preeminence enables the divine consciousness to expand until it is all in all. This expansion creates an emotional atmosphere of divine love that has a proportional impact on reality; the greater the divine energy the greater the impact, like an ever-brightening lamp.

Divine Desires

Divine Desire: Our creative intention or response of perfection beyond perfection.

With the root of divine love, the soul experiences the fulfillment of its consuming desire; oneness. Out of this oneness, flows every other desire, thus all the soul’s desires are directed by the divine consciousness. The soul is creatively governed in its present moments by these desires. In this, the soul experiences the beauty of individuality, continual growth, and an ever-expanding state of consciousness of a finite eternal being that can abide in a oneness with the infinite consciousness of God.

In this contentment, living trust, which attracted the divine love into the soul, gains a ubiquitous presence. It transitions from an effortful action into a restful state, like the unwavering trust a child. This state of being serves as the creative link for the divine energy, which is flowing from the divine consciousness into the soul, to create an eternally expanding divine reflection through the soul’s desires.

Divine Words

Divine Words: Our cognitive expressions creating living love.

With an increased energy, the vibrational tones of words (spoken and unspoken) resonate according to this energy. Everything is created by energetic relationships or interactions, thus words, a central creative outlet, at this higher frequency manifest a reality reflecting the attributes of divinity. The soul’s words are filled with the Spirit and truth, which reflect the will of God; therefore they manifest his will in creation. At this frequency, they are spirit and they are life.

Divine Perception

Divine Perception: Our level of awareness derived from the Internal Light.

With this inflow of divine energy, the perceptions of the soul alter in various ways including: becoming proportionally accurate to truth and love, becoming lucid and detailed, functioning without the negative impacts of past memories, and operating by the divine conceptual frameworks.

In the self-determined consciousness, the soul’s perceptions are like those of carnival mirrors. The limitations, errors, past pain, and ill judgments of this consciousness distort the soul’s perception. This causes the soul to overreact or under-react to its environment, and to misinterpret itself and reality that creates more error. As the soul’s perception resonates in divine energy, the soul experiences a change in its relative perception as it aligns to divine truth and love. It perceives according to divine love, thus it responds in divine love, which manifests a reality of love.

Second, when the perception lags because of a lower vibration, the soul loses clarity and specificity in its present moment. At a higher vibration that is in synch with the present, the soul receives more information that leads to more lucidity and a mindful awareness in the present moment.

Third, as the soul’s relative perceptions realign to truth, all that the self-determined consciousness created falls away like a dream in the morning light. The memory elucidates wisdom without ill effects. This releases the present moment from negative impacts from past perceptions, so the present can grow in truth and harmony.

Finally, the soul perceives according to divine conceptual frameworks, thus perceiving by the pre-creative dynamics of reality. Everything is created from the conceptual frameworks of the soul’s consciousness. When the soul operates by images, it creates all kinds of error because the images alone are misleading. When it operates by conceptual frameworks, it can function more effectively. It’s comparable to manipulating the code of a computer program, where the image on the screen can be truly transformed, versus moving the images around on the screen, which changes very little. When the conceptual frameworks are divine, the soul creates a divine reflective reality.

Divine Will

Divine Will: Our internal combustion to manifest immortal harmony.

In the increased energy, the soul finds fulfillment because it possesses all it will ever need in its eternal connection to the divine consciousness. In this, the soul experiences rest in movement.

This transition into rest is facilitated by the soul’s childlike nature of being in the present moment in a state of ubiquitous trust as it leaves the formation of its present moments, thus reality, to the Spirit. Its self-directed will is no longer active, thus it only does the will of God. In this restful state, the Spirit manifests its will in the soul to create the kingdom of God through and in the soul’s reality. Thus the soul enters into the kingdom of God from within out. The soul takes the position of a creative witness as it relinquishes the flow of life to the divine will of the Spirit, yet experiences the creation of that life through its desires and expressions.

Divine Photons

In the soul’s reality, this transformative vibrational energy flowing through the seven soul elements manifests divine photons; living light. The divine energy enters the soul moment by moment and creates divine photons, living light. As the living light flows through the soul elements and into the soul’s liquid reality, a reflection of living waters is created, like the light reflecting in water vapor to create a rainbow. Through this process, the soul is cleansed and purified (symbolized in baptism) from the aftermath of its trial through mortality and clothed in divine son-ship of oneness.


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Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Vibrations of Living Light (Part II)

  1. E.W. here, “for God speaks in one way, and in two, though man does not perceive it.”

  2. I haven’t been following you for a while now,I have been going through a lot of medical problems.Can you give me some scripture on how to forgive myself from my guilt. It seems to be keeping me from spiritual growth.

    • Hi,

      Here are a couple of videos I did on forgiveness that speak to your question. (And When I speak of the process of forgiving others it also applies to forgiving ourselves.) Forgiveness that heals and frees us is an attribute of divine love. Thus, when we seek to divinely love God and others, forgiveness is a result of that.

      Path of Forgiveness

      The Divine Covering of Forgiveness Starting at 8 mins. Before that I talk about true worship.

      I hope this helps.

    • Also … a couple of passages I’ve meditated on in the past .. Psalm 51, Job 33:23-30, Proverbs 28:13.

      May your soul know peace in that our awareness of our brokenness is to turn us into God’s divine love, to be this love and to give this love … for as we love others we also find healing within ourselves… this love that brings true life to all our soul & body.

      • Yes, the only way to make a way for this love to grow in us is to give it as we receive it…stopping at nothing. If it doesn’t flow through there is no path for entry. As it flows through it takes all the negatives with it and deposits them on the outside…cleansing the inward way.

  3. It was nice to read this article. It was confirmation.

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