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Divine Gratitude


Divine Gratitude

Opening the Gateway


When a soul possesses faith in divine love, gratitude takes on a new likeness. It becomes defined by divinity, thus divine. Divine gratitude opens the soul to the transformative light of the Spirit of Truth.

Each morning I begin with gratitude. Writing out what I’m sincerely grateful for brings my mind into a receptive state for communion with the Spirit of Truth as it honors the One who is orchestrating my life, and all of life.

Divine Gratitude

Divine gratitude lets in the living light (divine truth and love) of the Spirit of Truth into the soul. It opens the soul to the Spirit to receive whatever it needs to learn or know next. It coincides with humility, willingness to learn, and openness to see any part of the soul’s life that needs enlightenment. It causes the soul to set aside complaining and blaming that block learning, and embrace the Spirit’s counsel. In it the soul says, regardless of circumstance, I understand what is happening is for my highest good. Help me to learn and grow as I need to. In this, the soul is receptive to the instruction of the Spirit who in response infuses new levels of awareness of truth and divine love into the soul.

For everything we experience in our reality; situations, relationships, personality traits, etc., there are two ways we can view them; either in the light or in the dark. In the light, we view them from the perspective of divine love. This perspective translates what we experience in a way that promotes growth and soul advancement toward divinity. In the dark, we view them from the perspective of the absence of divine love. This viewpoint stunts growth and entraps us in a circuitous existence.

To commune with the Spirit, the soul’s mindfulness enters the sacred inner chamber of the soul. Divine gratitude moves the soul out of a darkened state of mind produced by the self-determined consciousness, and into this space. In this movement of soul, the soul opens up like a gateway for the living light to transmute its past, present and future. Thus, it alters its perception. This perspective of light brings new levels of awareness that promote its spiritual development, healing and regeneration. In this state, the soul experiences divine ascension as it winds upward toward divinity, instead of meandering wanderings through the same lessons that keep it stuck in the darkness of unawareness.

There are three areas of belief that construct the foundation of divine gratitude: perfect orchestration, ascension of the highest good, and the Creator’s workmanship. When these three truths are no longer just concepts, but the soul’s truth, divine gratitude is the natural response, and the gateway to the living light opens wide.

Perfect Orchestration

Like the mathematical perfection that underscores creation, underneath the seemingly erratic nature of our life stories is the perfect working of the Creator. Every event, happening, and circumstance is working for his purposes; which is the fulfillment of our own. Our ill judgments, misunderstandings, and lack of awareness prohibit us from seeing how everything in our soul thus life is being perfectly orchestrated to serve the highest purpose, which is to craft us into divine souls, thus into a oneness with our Creator.

Residing on top of this layer of perfection is our experience of “free-will” in which we experience the choice, yes or no. All our yes’s and no’s build our life stories. Though we experience freedom of choice, the sequence of responses lead us down certain paths that our Creator has programed to eventually lead us into His divine love. Understanding this perfection amidst imperfection is to perceive the sovereignty of God. If we don’t perceive this truth in our lives, it’s because we are only seeing a sliver of eternity and not the “big picture.” To see, we willingly step out beyond our limited perceptions with the Spirit, and he reveals a magnificent orchestration.

Though this perfect orchestration exists, we don’t take a lackadaisical attitude toward soulfully learning from the Spirit of Truth and desiring to walk in that truth by faith. Conversely, it compels us to be diligent students of his instruction and of our reality because it advances our path forward into a divine soul state instead of in traveling in circles within our self-determined consciousness.

The Highest Good

Not only is all perfectly orchestrated, but also all is serving the attainment of the highest good, which is the infiltration of divine love into every soul thus into all of creation. Every happening in our life is serving the highest good defined by divine love. For this good is the end of our journey through this wilderness of the soul and the beginning of it into immortality. Divine love is the answer to every question, situation, hurt, pain, suffering, and disharmonious occurrence. Thus, ultimately everything in our lives is serving this purpose.

When we see our lives from this vantage point, reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness trickle into our soul and bring healing and freedom. This truth is extremely powerful in what it can reveal to us as why we have experienced and endured what we have. It opens our mind to truth. It gives concrete purpose and meaning to everything. And in this vision of light, our natural response is gratitude for the perfection of our Creator’s ways.

Divine Workmanship

Finally, we are our Creator’s workmanship, thus magnificent. When we begin to see him, we see this truth. However, what sometimes causes us pause in owning this belief is this temporary experience of our very imperfect self-determination that can cause us to feel anything but magnificent. Yet, this state of consciousness is serving the high purpose of making us into ever expanding divine souls. We are divine creations of his workmanship cloaked in the imperfections of our false self to learn, and to create a thirst for his divine love, thus his governing divine consciousness.

Though temporarily cloaked in imperfection, when we honor the divine soul we are being crafted into, we honor his workmanship. This belief removes self-pity that can spawn from our weakness, and counters this honor. Each frailty, weakness, and shortcoming is intended to draw us into him and to desire his consuming divine love. When we see from this perspective of light, then we are grateful for all – especially our imperfections because they create the hunger for his divine consciousness, thus consuming governance. This doesn’t necessary lessen the weight of feeling our depravity and need, but a peace underscores our frailties as we trust in his workmanship, a work without error, especially in making us to experience error. Gratitude amidst imperfection transforms our imperfections to become tools to manifest living light in our souls.

When our soul possesses these truths, then a divine exchange is made. We set aside our complaining and blaming, and enter into a deep sincere inner gratitude; the essence of praise. This soulful awareness honors our Creator, his creative plan for us as divine souls, our own journey, and the journeys of others. Thus, this sincere praise opens the soul to let in the divine light. This gratitude creates harmonious ripple effects in our lives, thus alters what our reality reflects back to us in a multitude of ways.

Divine gratitude is our response to perceiving our Creator’s perfect love for us. It’s a gift to ourselves as we honor our own necessary soul journey, and it’s a gift to others as we honor theirs. It’s the working of a spiritual law that allows the living light of the Spirit of Truth to stream into our soul and carry us along the path toward our eternal soul state as divine souls.

May every day be one of Divine Gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

2 thoughts on “Divine Gratitude

  1. What a lovely letter of thanksgiving on Thanksgiving.

    I at one time used to think about what “I” could do to win favor from our Father which is in “heaven”. As I learned about what it would take to please our Father, I realized it was about what He was doing in my life to orchestrate the things to make me what He wanted me to be, in other words I was His workmanship and not my own. I realized that doe Him to change me, He did the works, and it was up to me to obey, which was His will for me. As my journey went on and I matured more in the ways of God, it increasingly became apparent that it wasn’t about works which would change me, it was about acquiring those things aside from “works” which would change us all. It was being responsive to the beatitudes which God placed into us as a small seed to be nourished and grow. He gives as we keep our garden weeded out of the negative influences. “He gives”, we receive. I realized one day that practically all I could do was to be “grateful” and “appreciate” what He had given to us as a gift, we just needed to learn how to accept it.

    Thus we can only develop a deep appreciation and gratitude for what He has already predestined for us to receive. As we progress through this journey through this valley experience, we realize God is accomplishing “in” us all that He is. When we become truly grateful and appreciative for what He “has done” we then realize God has accomplished the greatest gift we can receive for all His character and likeness in whatever degree He has accomplished His love in us.

    What else can one do but show appreciation and gratitude for what we have received? I believe the journey is about creating in us a proper respect for the gift of life that is given. Having an appreciation and gratitude for being given and possessing His divine love is really all we can give back for the gift of life is not something we pay for, but receive.

    Have a nice Thanksgivng, we appreciate you.

    • Hi Sonny, So beautifully stated. I realize that as I am busy about my life, even in my seeking after God, all the while he is crafting me in all that is necessary for his will to be done. So yes, truly all is a gift, thus our response flows in gratitude, praise and thanksgiving. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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