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The Transformative Shift

In Consciousness


Once the divine light internalizes at the root of the soul, the transformative shift in consciousness begins to bring the entire human soul into oneness. It’s a transformation of the collective human soul from the self-determined consciousness into the divine consciousness.

The Cause for this Shift

The self-determined consciousness creates a perpetual state of separation. The divine consciousness creates an eternal state of oneness. The soul can’t progress from one to the other, as I’ve described throughout my posts, it must shed one for the other through a metamorphosis or new birth, a process where the soul is cultivated, shaped and constructed by the Spirit of Truth, not the will of self. When the soul embarks upon the path of oneness, this shift becomes a living potential for the human soul.

Shifts in Consciousness

There are evolutionary shifts in consciousness and there is the transformative shift in consciousness. Evolutionary shifts are progressive states of awareness of truth and love within the self-determined consciousness. A soul who is actively engaging this path moves toward increasing awareness and mindfulness, love, harmony, unity, and discovers spiritual principles governing the soul and its reflective reality. Along this path, the soul evolves in its desire to a place of wanting to love absolutely perfectly, and realizes it can’t within its current consciousness. At this juncture the soul’s evolutionary path overlaps onto the path of oneness.

On the evolutionary path of progression the soul seeks to move toward the Source of Divinity from within the self-determined consciousness. This is an endless path toward oneness and never obtaining it, as I described in my previous post. The inherent foundation of this consciousness is separation, thus there is always an element of separation no matter how much the soul progresses. The soul can advance through endless levels of consciousness and yet never obtain a full oneness. Because separation is inherent in this path, so is death.

However, it’s an attractive path for a soul seeking reprieve from its false self for along it the soul gains a sense of growing empowerment through its higher self, which is always the next level of consciousness above the soul’s current level.  

The Spirit of Truth reveals another path that overlays this evolutionary path, and yet takes the soul in a different direction, the path of oneness. (As taught and revealed in Jesus Christ for this Spirit was complete in him.) Unlike the former path that consists of self-perfecting the soul through its current state of consciousness, this path leads the soul to shun and shed the self-determined consciousness and its ways (“to die to it”), and to seek to be fully governed from beyond itself yet at its core by the divine consciousness. It’s a letting go of all self-determination, so the soul can undergo a metamorphosis. Matthew 16:24 On this path, trust increases solely in the Divine who is beyond the soul yet connected to it, versus a higher self.

On this journey, the soul loses its life and all that it created. It’s completely stripped down. Instead of a sense of growing empowerment, the soul experiences increasing weakness. Thus, this path is very challenging and very humbling. Therefore few persevere through it; not understanding or questioning its intent or end. Because it feels like the soul is dying as all of its self-will is dying, the “survival” reaction is to seek what emboldens the soul, thus the soul seeks to stay solely on the path of progression. However, the paradox of the path of oneness is through the death of the soul’s self-directed nature it finds life and ends death forever.

“For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.” Luke 9:24

The path of oneness entails the Source of all Life constructing a place for his Spirit to reside as a part of the human soul so that he comes to the soul, versus the soul progressing toward him. It’s impossible for the soul to ascend to him to obtain oneness, but it’s possible for the Creator to transform the soul by his Spirit to be the home of his Spirit. Matthew 19:24-28

The path of oneness establishes a gate at the core of the collective human soul in which the divine consciousness can govern the entire human soul. It’s Adam and Eve in reverse in accordance to the reflection the Spirit of Christ (God at one with the human soul). When the Spirit of God abides at the root of the human soul, then it is at the origin of the collective human soul, thus every soul. When this gate is established, every individual soul begins its transformation from being governed by the self-determined consciousness to the divine; each soul in its order and timing; like a dawning day. But once the firstfruits of the divine consciousness, the soul/spirit aspects in the likeness of Adam and Eve, begin their transformation, then all methodically follow. Though few travel the path of oneness, it’s a path that changes all. 1 Corinthians 15

Thus on the path of oneness, death and all its variations are defeated. Death (decay) is a manifestation of separation, which is created by the self-determined consciousness. There is no death in true life, thus in the divine consciousness. Because all that truly exists is the divine consciousness, death is an illusion. It’s a manifestation of this simulated self-determined consciousness that is serving a purpose for a time. As long as death exists, this self-directed consciousness is governing the soul. But when the divine consciousness takes over, the soul begins to regenerate out of death and into immortality within and without. Thus, the soul comes to an end to all that it was as a self-determined mind, body and soul, and becomes all it truly is as a divinely governed being.

Journey into Oneness

As the soul seeks to draw near to the true Creator (not an image), who is defined by divine love and absolute truth, the Spirit of Truth instructs the soul in the ways of this divine consciousness as it relates to the human soul (Christ consciousness). And through this engagement, the soul is conceptually divinely constructed, so that the Spirit of God can make his home in the soul. John 14:21-23 Instead of the soul progressing toward the Divine, the Divine makes a place for itself in the soul, and comes to the soul.

When the conceptual frameworks of divinity are completed for transformation, the divine light is received into its new home and the transformation begins. This divine light is the tri-fold love exchange at the core or root of the soul. The old frameworks of the self-determined consciousness begin to fall away like old rotten wooden beams, and in a metamorphic process the eternal divine beams of light constructed by the Spirit of Truth take their place. The soul passes through a conscious death and re-birth, like a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Divine Joy

When the soul begins to vibrate with the divine love energy, one of its first sensational experiences is an underling continuous current of joy; divine joy. It’s divine because it never abates. This joy is the soul’s response to experiencing the constant inflow of the energy of divine love.

Experiencing this divine joy creates a response of divine gratitude (true praise) back to the Creator. This intimate energetic vibrational exchange between the soul and the Source never ceases. It feels like the exuberate joy of a child with the maturity of divinity.

Effortless Transformation

Because the physical reality is a projection of the soul, as the soul begins to transform so does the reality. This transformation is effortless for the soul because it occurs by the Spirit of God flowing through it; not the soul’s efforts. Thus the soul experiences rest in movement as it and all its reality begins to transition moment by moment. While driven by the self-determined consciousness, the soul’s journey was one of striving, but once the spark of the divine consciousness is internalized, the soul shifts from striving to rest. It enters a state of being in its oneness with the Source. This rest translates into all the soul’s reality, for as within so is without. The soul resides as a creative witness as its reality grows in life and harmony through its expressive soul elements now governed by the divine consciousness.

Though the path of oneness is challenging, it encapsulates the most beautiful love story ever told.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “Shifts in Consciousness

  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing Rachel!

  2. Your right. Without Gods Holy Spirit we will never reach that closeness,that concousness with God. My problem is that when I sin that close concousness with God seems to fade away. I’ll keep praying for my personal relationship with God to grow and reach that concousness. Thanks for sharing Rachel!

    • Hi,

      I certainly feel what you do. Our ability to error is very easy, because of our current state of consciousness. We all can easily get out of the “right” place, that present-moment where we feel a synchronicity with the Spirit, it’s part of our “corruptible” nature. This is why I love my quiet meditative time. I feel I get into that space with the Spirit of which I can hear and learn, and that is why I feel they are so important. When we have an incorruptible nature, which is by grace and not of ourselves, nothing will throw us out of tune, so to speak. We are “locked” into that perfect vibration of divine love energy. How I long for that too, more than any words could express.

  3. This IS beautiful. It is the best Love story with multiple endings?~ Loving that diamond light shining thru you! You are limitless~ Thank you

  4. As you so wonderfully describe the journey of the soul is one of acquiring experience, once experienced we rest. A love for “some” is a divided love while a love for “all” is a completed love. This realization is our bond that brings us to the oneness of God.

    Something from my unpublished notes which fit and describe your gracious sharing.

    Because there was (is) a physical sabbath and rest there is a spiritual sabbath and rest. The created explains the spiritual. The spirit does not worship the natural but the spiritual…so at the point of “realizing” the spiritual sabbath and rest we enter into it. This word “realizing” in a spiritual sense is more than just a natural thought, it is a participation in “becoming” from the realization of what the “rest” is. The natural sabbath under the law is Saturday, the “end” of the days of labor. It is a “day” of entering into His rest.

    So it is in the spirit, after we have labored we come to the spiritual point of rest of entering into a new day, a day of completing, a day of acceptance, a day of realizing gratitude and appreciation for that which “is” given. We “rest” as a result of completing the works so to speak. This day is not a natural day depicted by the rising of a natural sun in our life but this spiritual day is a coming of awareness in our hearts and minds where the true “son” has arisen and resurrected in our temple to make us stand whole before God. The rays from this “son” are the warmth and likeness of Himself and these rays are from the Son of a consuming fire that cleanses all negativity in our life. Rest from resisting evil, rest from jealousies and anger, rest from the lust of the eye and…flesh and rest from the “pride of life” are all a rest from our preceding “work week”.

    The sabbath is a transition “day”, an accomplishment of arriving at a substance of likeness, a oneness with God and all others who have also at “their” day of realization have come to “know” (be) as He is.

    As in the natural we go in and out of rest but at the “end of weeks” in the year of Jubilee we complete and cease from going in and out…and remain… in the true sabbath which is a time (day) of ceasing from all previous works and entering into our Jubilee, a final year (time) of gaining again all things lost to the time allotted to the journey, but now with all the fruits gathered from all the previous accumulated harvest.

    No more struggling, no more anxiety and worry about what might be as a reference to the future for we enter into what in reality “is” a present tense of substance and being. This is the true sabbath. We all come to it as God wills it in our life. As we accept our life let us encourage others to accept theirs also so we can all be one.

    This is a love story that can only be understood by participating in the change. When we realize our weakness’ by our failures in life, we acknowledge and realize we are saved by Him and not by any works of ourselves. We are His workmanship and we must realize that our life that is given to us is a gift for which we have done nothing for it except learn how to receive it with appreciation and gratitude. We show our appreciation and gratitude by giving up our willfulness and participating and becoming one with our Father.

    With patience we wait for it, expecting it to happen. Therefore we wait for it to happen…to “all” and once we see what the word “all” means we have truly seen what completed love is. Without including “all” in our vision we remain divided and thus our love is not complete. So we remain in a love and hate mind set of divisiveness which displeases God. When we see as He sees we see all completed, however, each person in their own order. We can only rest when we understand the meaning of “all”. When we reach this “day” of realization we can then have pure and unadulterated joy.

    There is peace and joy in knowing that every single person is complete in a future perfect tense. This is a wonderful plan. Only love can see that “this” plan is for all and in all. A person lacks love when they deny it to any and all others…so to have love complete we all must be seen as participating in one whole and undivided love. This is God likeness.

    As the sun warms all it touches without predudice so does the Son. We will be like Him.

    • Hi Sonny,

      This is so beautifully stated. Until we see that ALL are held within the love of God, we don’t yet perceive his divine love, thus him. We are holding a false image of his love and of him. Withholding his transformative love from any part of creation is a reflection of our brokenness. And believing that his divine love isn’t strong enough to bring any soul, no matter its soul state, into his consuming love is also a false image of God. He is our Creator after all. 🙂

      Along this journey you learn that your love is connected to everyone else, that your suffering is connected to everyone else, that your freedom is connected to everyone else. We are all united, only our broken minds create separation, and once we see the infinite value in each soul … we can truly perceive it in ourselves. And when we “see” the purpose of this temporary passage through the shadow of death, which is every soul abiding in his love, then we can see the value in them regardless of their temporary current soul state. His love is all encompassing and all-consuming. I believe this is one of the foundational truths we are to learn in this place. His love is perfect toward us and never fails.

  5. Thank Lord may I have another? Wait. I must rest first

    Sonny. again I just want to Tinker the Bell with letting you know I enjoy reeses peanut butter cup of the harmonic strings you play that resonate in this deep symphony with the love of others so as many in one blog can cross reference for themselves the food that is good here. I dont even know if this is proper sentence form but I think it makes sense. LOL God doesnt make shiny examples out of any of us, but I think (just speculating) that he does when ones definition of a Shiny example changes. Blood and Glory go together. Thats all the way I am going to say this next thing only because I feel this and I am sure there are Omni thought understandings and answers for what I am feeling. I just feel that Jesus does not, although He’s everywhere gets to truly go Home until we all do. I am His and He is mine. About 2 years ago I listened to my favorite song The Goo Goo dolls song Iris. I heard it it in a completely different way. As if Jesus was singing the words to us and not the usual heart break relationship song that ones would think it is. Good songs are both and all. Because we are and truly live His story in limitless ways. We all have a cross. after i heard the song I just cried and cried because I felt it is Jesus singing and speaking thru others in a artful heartful way. Hes right here.
    I find He names everyone and everything. You cant find anywhere why the band called themselves The goo goo dolls. either because they are what I call silent Heros or they are just go with that good flow and they dont know why they named themselves something so omni and timless that takes on new meaning when they say aHA! Woe. God really was here even before we gave it a thought. This was another ramble. It was suppose to be just a thank you for what you contribute but just going with the flow.
    The beautiful thing about You(sonny and Rachel is that if I am doing more harm then good with these rambles you both are a wonderful anchor and safety net for me and others. Its good to have anchors in ones life for accountability and someone you know is a source that is connected to Jesus. The bible does say a simple yes and no and just listen. anything other than that evil I think I read that somewhere a few times. I believe I understand this principal and it is good if one has not received a level of understanding about that I believe. im not gonna proof read this cause i have to go somwhere else as i sit in the same spot LOL
    with love that was given to me

    • Thank you Travis for the note, it means much to have a good dialouge and exchange with another with respect such as yourself. Although we do not have to necessarily agree with the other the priority of love for the other trumps our knowledge, our doctrine and perspectives of each for these things only point to the love of God…at least to the ones who God has enlightened to see the purpose for these things.

      Does it matter that we are right …or wrong….if we cannot love the other inspite of differences in our understanding? Rachel is certainly a kindred spirit who sees love for another as far more important than arguing doctrines. If it were not for knowing we know and see the pinnacle alike I would have moved on long ago. She will be reading this and though these are kind words about her we know better than to flatter or show partiality in a way outside of proper conduits…which is Christ.

      So…she has provided a platform which good things can be said, taught, and discussed…or at least this is my way of understanding good exchange and dialouge is to be…or for. There has to be purpose in all that we say…and do…It is my intent to move my lengthy changes to a similar format at some point. I will continue to give what I have here as long as it is of mutual benefit. Believe it or not my time spent here has had it’s benefit.

      I do my share of rambling…and can get a bit redundant as I try to make sure I’m getting my point across. Sometimes…and sometimes not…About being simple in our yes’ and no’s as you reference to, it is about being mutually respectful and agreeable even in disagreement. To me it means if there is a question, disagreement, or that we may have a different view let all things be discussed graciously, kindly and lovingly as much as possible. Any thing that goes beyond having respect regardless of our personal belief is certainly evil if we do not put the “other” person before our opinion. I believe you see this also. This is why have a sincere respect for Rachel and others with this same view.

      We are all far more important in the purpose of God than what any of us happen to believe for our beliefs have changed, do change and will change…until our permanent change comes. It is the permanent we seek and not the temporary so let us care for the other until their change comes as we desire for our change to come.

      If we converse with another for any other purpose than their welfare in mind, we miss the purpose in dialouge. All of our words and actions can only be for good…even admonishment and correction is good if love for the other person is behind it. I’m not speaking of lip service in rote of speaking caring words but of a genuine interest in seeing another made just as whole as you yourself want to be. If we are not any different and without partially in God’s eyes we cannot be partial one to another. This is a goal for all of us, just as Paul said that though he spoke of desiring to be found in the third heaven, he was not there but could see it and desire it.

      As I write here and speak of many wonderful things in Christ… in my opinion, I am not this wonderful thing although one may place more value to what Insay than who I actually am. I, as Paul look forward to being as my Lord and savior. I personally know that my words speak beyond my capabilities but we must remember that we must know first to achieve results. So knowledge has it’s place but it is the thing that will cease while the thing it teaches will remain…and that is the very love of God in our heart that has a simple yes and no with another and not a long discussion of describing self and self importance.

      Travis, we are who we are, as God is making us as He chooses, we will act, speak, and walk differently until we reach our individual destination. All things…including evil has it’s good purpose when we see God using all His tools to make us as He is. We have to begin seeing only good in all that God does. Though He may use evil to correct and discipline us…to see as He sees…we see only His love in His corrections.

      I had better pause for now…although I could speak of the goodness of God and His loving kindness until the sun rises in the morning…everything has it’s place. This is a good place.

      Be well, love you all.

    • And..Travis, to add a specific thought (a little more rambling on my part) it is not so much that what I write I want people to “hear me” but the spirit that is within them. The reason I started contributing here was because I saw a truth being revealed that was being rejected and accosted, berated, and condemned because of doctrinal views held by others. It was not that I was and am in perfect agreement with the author of this blog, Rachel, but was in full agreement in the direction, desire and intent of not so much what she was saying but “why” she was saying these things she was.

      I think the “why” is the key to being in step with God and not so much what we understand at any given moment. Put another way, if it is our desire to do the will of God, whatever that may be and willing to pay the price, this “attitude” is what God is seeking. It is not that we may memorize scriptures “about things and historical events” and be able to recite these knowledges as good as they may be to others, it is about whether we really care about the will and plan of God being fulfilled. This attitude must drive our direction. This is what I have in common with Rachel and I want people such as yourself to hear her intent and direction because she also speaks to the end goal and not the present desire to be heard for reasons of building up a following and ego building. I hope this makes since to not only you but to all who read these lines.

      If this was a physical meeting room and we sat across from one another as I had always done for many years, we should share no differently than if there was one or a hundred and one. I went through school and college before one student knew what a computer was much less have one. So this avenue seems to have rules that some of us just can’t seem to adapt to as well as others do who were practically born with a computer as an extension of themselves. So yes simple yay and nays are are an acknowledgement of a listening quality so that when words are given to us to share, we share from having listened to help and not to be heard. It is because we listen, we speak.

      My decisions do not often come quickly but over time because it is our experiences that mold our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Sometimes the right thoughts and answers come quickly but the ability to perform that which we would like to must come by pressure over time to “convert” us. We go through many things as Paul described of his shipwrecks and harsh treatment from others. Yet it is this very evil that is put upon us which gives us the experiences to change and to be changed. Once we see that God has one purpose for all of us we see only one purpose in all that God does and “allows” for us to experience.

      It is said in scripture that love will remain when knowledge ceases to be. When a journey is fulfilled by the instructional map it is no longer needed because we have arrived…so…do we place more value in the map (knowledge from the bible) or in the destination for which it is written? I think with not so much thought we know this answer. If we do not understand this, we will have to go through many more experiences to understand that it is not about the egotistical self and what it believes that matters but the end result we see in God’s plan. This is for each of us in our own order in which we have been called. Not all can see what another sees for one is called for this and another for that…but it is the same love in all…and therefore in all individuals callings. Oneness is not being of the same calling but of the same love…which is to be found in the one likeness of God.

      This may not be the physical place for lengthy answers but I believe the spirit takes you where you are to be in the moment of exchange. There is much to be said about letting the first hold their peace and let another speak…and Rachel does this courtesy well…maybe too well. Never the less we give what we have and it is for the other to search these things out…within themselves with God’s help.

      It is always my intention to be as brief and as unintrusive as possible on here as any physical place I may meet with others and have an exchange. It took me awhile to know the difference in what a blog and a forum was, so I’m learning new things…now if I can just get adapted…I’m working on it.

      • I don’t want to add anything to this. It’s wonderful and it is good as also the response previous to this one. Warms me deeply in so many ways and knowing it warms others now or at some point.
        A timeless thank you. Extreme pressure makes the diamonds that His children are.

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