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Draped in the Divine Consciousness


Draped in the Divine Consciousness


We are each a phase of our Creator’s consciousness, thus a phase of each others’ consciousness.

Each aspect of “our world” (each living his/her simulated reality of his/her consciousness), every detail, situation, relationship, and personality is being used to create divine love in creation, thus making creation an expression of our Creator, who is love. In other words, our Creator is working through our consciousnesses to create divine love; thus integrate himself as the underling nature and power of Creation.

Divine love consists of many attributes. Some of its most beautifully profound characteristics are those that can not be understood except through the perspective of a perceived separation; divine love is merciful, transformative, unchanging, consistent, unwavering, constant, healing, regenerative, redemptive, uplifting, honoring, gentle, kind, giving, abundant, faithful, nurturing, comforting, unfailing, holy, and humble.

perceived state of separation manifests a lower state of consciousness, which is initially unaware of divine love. This state enables an understanding of these attributes of divine love. Thus, this “lower” consciousness is used by our Creator, thus a phase of his consciousness, to manifest the fullness of divine love in Creation.

Once these qualities of divine love are received into the soul, then the consciousness of separation (which creates a separate “self”) is no longer necessary and can no longer exist.  In the consummation of this love, the soul awakens, as if from a dream, to its oneness with the Creator that has always been. It recognizes the divine consciousness within that has been manifesting itself through the use of the “lower” consciousness by creating an awareness of divine love. As this awareness grows in the soul, the soul methodically begins to express the divine consciousness by reflecting the Divine Self through its individuality. The divine love, now consciously known in the soul, removes all aspects of separation and brings the soul into a conscious state of oneness. In this awareness, the Creator manifests an expressed created form of his uncreated form.

The formation of divine love in creation is the Christ consciousness; a consciousness that manifests divine love and truth in a myriad of expressions. It’s the connection between the created and the uncreated (God’s infinite potential).

We are all a part of the divine consciousness, and always have been as divine love is manifested through our “lower” consciousness. It’s imperfection served to create a perfection beyond perfection or an ever-expansive perfection. Our soul’s journey serves to teach us of the many characteristics of divine love and then to awaken us to what has always been. We awaken as we perceive divine love and as our thoughts are renewed by this love (through the instruction of the Teacher within, prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices that lift our consciousness into the Christ consciousness), which create this love in our experiential reality. Thus, we transition into a substantive oneness with the Divine Consciousness.

Our concept of a separate self shadows (hides) the open door to the Christ consciousness; the door which resides in the inner chamber of our soul. As we awaken to divine love, our lower self, which is created by the lower consciousness, dissolves to reveal the eternally open door (oneness) to the Christ consciousness. In this awareness, the Divine Self expands. Through the transformation of our mind (as it begins to serve the Divine consciousness), we experience the expression of the Divine Self or oneness. We perceive we are a phase or expression of the Divine Self, an expression of the Christ consciousness where all are united as one. I am a phase of you and you are are phase of me because we are all expressions of the divine consciousness.

In this dissolution of self; separation ends. Our eye becomes singular as his eye. It becomes full of light thus manifests the light.

In every phase of consciousness we experience, our Creator is working to manifest a reflection of himself; divine love. This understanding brings reconciliation, purpose, peace and meaning to all our phases of awareness. 

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Phil 2:13

The more we perceive of truth the more beautiful it becomes to us (one way we know we are aligning to truth). I see this expanding beauty in all that I’m perceiving and it drapes me in garments of praise. How grateful I am for the teachings of the Teacher within.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

17 thoughts on “Draped in the Divine Consciousness

  1. Your just another part of me~ Words passed thru you are at the conscience level needed for many during these time. Love you.

  2. Word and thought at the speed of light. The hearts intent to the mind that makes matter crystal clear thru Jesus Christ amen sister

    • Insightful and powerful… in spirit we know no bounds of space and time and this understanding opens up an endless set of potentials for divine love to manifest and work.

  3. It is good to see all complete in the same “One’s” likeness.

  4. Heavenly Father, the time has come to dissolve all suffering into nothingness and to manifest your Divine Love which always is. Let every soul so prepared NOW be lit with your eternal fire of transformative grace, that they may shine your ever increasing beauty upon all creation. Rise up Father and fill all in all through the conscious awareness of your intended vessels.

  5. This week I found you! I absolutely love what you are saying about Divine Love….you say it so beautifully, Rachel! Your skill at communication is helping me to go deeper into my own past experiences of felling this divine love very strongly in which I found very hard to explain in our limited vocabulary. I want to thank you for my heart…your efforts are transforming and creating many new vistas for your brothers and sisters to explore for themselves. Truly amazing work! I can’t thank you enough and will continue to watch your videos and read you blogs.

    My journey of a personal relationship with God bloomed 20 years ago this month when I began the study of the Urantia Book…I’m not sure if you are familiar, but the truths you are sharing can also be found in there. Here is a link of the table of context…prepare to have your mind blown and expanded like never before!

    Love and Light,

    • Hi Cydney – thank you for your beautiful words, your shining spirit made my day 🙂 .. 20 years … amazing. Today I celebrate 15 years from when I embarked upon a diligent soulful journey. I have read (listened on audio) some of Urantia – but it was some time ago. It would be interesting to read some of it I’m in a much different place than when I first heard some of it. I find it fascinating that as I learn something from the Spirit within, I then see (or hear) it without.

      • That’s so good to hear, Rachel! The first 5 papers in the Urantia Book are about God and his relationship to us and the universe. When I heard you talk about the nature of God I thought maybe you have been exposed to the fifth epochal revelation.

        So much of what you have taught us in your videos and blog is perfectly aligned with what I have learned about personal religious experience and our connection with God from Urantia…I just love how you say it so easily and very comprehensive! I shared a few of your videos with my Feminine Deity study group…that’s our women’s gathering on the second Saturdays each month.

        Also…those Thought Adjuster papers literally made me vibrate 🙂 check them out – starting at paper 108. Our intense Friday night study group with Dr. Chris Halvorson really unpacked those papers….soon after I went into the full-on peak experience that lasted for 7 weeks….pretty much how Maslow describes self-actualization. God showed me a lot of truth in that time period back in 2010. It is an amazing feeling to be filled with the Holy Spirit (Creative Mother Spirit)….you can’t help but love everyone and want to share….it’s like a love virus!!

        I’m just feeling so blessed to know about your work…and you! You’re such a beautiful spirit 🙂

        Take GOoD care Rachel…warmest blessings and abundant Divine Love!


  6. beloved rachel the urantia book ?

    • Hi. After I read a little I’ll share more of my thoughts. It was a long time ago when I heard parts of it, so I don’t remember much so I can’t really comment on it.

      In general, I find reflections of truth in many things whether a little or a lot and to what is and what isn’t with the Spirit as my Teacher.

  7. the spirit being the teacher supreme is the greatest joy that is a divine merryment thats opens up fountains of love praise and gratitude from a level of a discovery that is unspeakable in transitional change ❤ rachel is a butterfly of gods perfumed glory ❤

    • I totally agree Amos about the Spirit being the Teacher supreme as I’ve been following his voice above all others these past 15 years. It was an early truth I received; to look to him as my Teacher and though he uses anything and everything to teach – it is his voice of instruction through it all. What he reveals is incredible and how he reveals it – he speaks to the innermost part of our soul in such a unique and special way that transforms us. We are so blessed with such a gift – it reflects our inherent oneness with our Creator.

  8. When I was small, young, I was privileged to own a Gerbal. I would give this Gerbal, a cardboard box. He would chew these boxes until he had massive mounds of paper housing and he would tunnel above, and down below, and had different compartments and levels and floors, and he would move about there especially in the winter, where he would huddle, for long periods even days, from the cold. He would go from floor to floor in his caves, which changed his environment, and his perception and his joy. He was experiencing the different realities, that he had created, all very comfortable and homey.
    His love, though was being supplied by me the one who was enjoying taking care of him and loving him. He was all rapped up in love. Free to explore reality, but getting to know his caretaker better and how much fun was being showered upon him.
    Isn’t that like God taking care of us. We think we are experiencing far flung realities and spiritual awareness that is being created by us, when in reality, it is being showered upon us. When we are enclosed in this feeling of wholeness, maybe it’s a wonderful illusion, but our fur, only extends ‘so- far’.
    Imagine your sole, and spirit, being held in the hand of God. We get to experience this wonder but it isn’t, our, spirit, that is producing the effect, but the Spirit of God, that is creating the effect.
    So, Love from God is the connector, and we are indebted to him.
    It is not the consciousness that is important, but knowing him.
    He is greater than the concept of consciousness, because, even if we were ignorant of that, He, is still holding us. Our perceived knowledge of consciousness is a small percentage, of what he is about.
    We can experience great things in him, with little need to ever be perceptive of, the idea, that this is a consciousness. A little like driving your car. Just do it.
    Once you know the designer, consciousness, becomes a drab concept indeed.
    It’s like staying in Psychology Class and never leaving for home.
    Eating spiritual food is a natural, and maybe less extravagant way of leaving self perception, and feeling the shoestrings of God, that He has tied to himself.

  9. I agree, life should be simple and waiting on God to do His work in us. All the studying of knowledge may be good but it’s the simple everyday courtesys we extend to others which make our day.

  10. We are learning…

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