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Stirring The Deep


The Anointing


The Anointing

Anointing = the possession of the subconsciousness by the divine consciousness (Christ consciousness). 

Our anointing is the inner work of our Creator. He is pouring himself into and through us, and into creation in order to manifest himself. Our anointing follows the preparatory work of our soul that creates a deep awareness of the nature of divine love that in turn creates an all-consuming desire to give this love to all always. This desire is authenticated within our soul by situations in which we previously withdrew our love but now we desire to be an outlet of divine love.

The anointing at this deep creative level of our being is experienced on the conscious level as stages of movement into a higher consciousness. We advance through these levels by A) receiving relevant instruction from the Spirit within, B) desiring to follow the instruction with all our being (desire creates an open door for the Spirit of God to work freely in us), and C) our circumstances providing a means to integrate the instructions into our consciousness.

Conscious Examples of the Anointing:

We become aware that every occurrence in our life serves the purpose of manifesting divine love by presenting us opportunities to give this love. Thus where we perceive a lack of divine love, we consciously exude it.

We exalt ALL in equanimity and as we do we lift all into this higher consciousness and exalt the Creator who is all in all.

We experience the methodical dissolution of the shadow self (become self-less) and all it has manifested (i.e., personalities, past and future imaginations, current reality, purposes, desires, expectations, limitations, etc.) as it is supplanted by the one Divine Self, which was hidden beneath our lower self. We desire to manifest the Divine Self and no longer a contrived separate self.

We cease to perceive life in separation and begin to see oneness in all things. Thus, we no longer consider our Creator as separate from us (or anything else), but an integral part of us as there is only one Divine consciousness that fills all in all.

We perceive that the creative power moves from within us out; thus all transformation and regeneration comes through our soul, which when self-less is an open door to the divine consciousness.

We perceive that through our connection to the divine consciousness we have access to all knowledge and wisdom. These flow into our awareness through the mechanisms of remembrance and intuition.

We constantly experience adjustments in our thoughts as our mind now serves the Christ consciousness and no longer the self-directed consciousness of the lower self. Thus, our decisions and actions change accordingly.

We creatively rise above the limitations of time and space into the realm of the eternal present.

These and many others are transitions we experience on a conscious level during our sacred anointing of the Spirit. As this eternal presence expands in our soul, we are delivered into the kingdom of the Christ consciousness and we become living expressions of divine truth and love.

Because the transition is happening in our consciousness (which is a creative mechanism), as we shift from one created reality to another we are constantly experiencing the sensational exchange from the land of illusions to the kingdom of the Christ consciousness. Thus we go through the mental gyrations of letting go of one and engaging of the other, which create struggles or battles in our mind and soul. As we are changing inwardly in our awareness, the residual outward manifestations of the lower self counter what we are experiencing inwardly, thus a battle is felt within our soul between what is within and what we perceive without.

To facilitate our transition, the Spirit instructs us to focus on the transformative nature of divine love and not on the world of senses. As we do, the creations of the lower self subside and the manifestations of the Divine Self find creative space to take form. During this transition, we are called to greater times of A) meditation, B) prayer in which the desires of our Creator are made manifest through his consciousness in us, C) reflective thought that opens up our conscious understanding to facilitate our transformation, and D) listening to the Spirit for instruction and counsel which guide us into the manifestation of the divine consciousness.

Though we experience these disruptions, the work is the Creator’s, for we are his perfect workmanship from beginning to end. However, as we’ve experienced the challenges of transformation, we also will experience the ever-expanding glories of eternal growth, and the latter far outweighs the former.

Divine gratitude (gratitude for the divine truth as known through the lens of divine love) is a significant tool in this transformation. Because this is the work of consciousness, what we focus on expands. When we are sincerely grateful for the elements of divinity that we perceive in truth and spirit, then those elements expand and become manifest in our reality; as the outer is a reflection of the inner. When this creative act is consistently done it facilitates the manifestation of the divine consciousness into our expressed reality.

This anointing is the manifestation of our soul as an eternal outlet to the Spirit of God. It creates an ever-expanding beauty, abundance, harmony, sublime oneness, divine love and joy that touches every part of creation from within us. It is the freedom and victory in all things for us and for all.



The Final Letting Go

The Final Letting Go


At the end of the soul’s journey through the wilderness, there is nothing left for the soul to hold onto. It lets go of everything with a divine trust, and in this letting go ushers in oneness.

The little soul has sought diligently through the wasteland. Though it has found unspeakable treasures of soul, they lay dormant until it’s awakened from its dream-state consciousness; an awakening brought by grace alone. In all its awareness of divine truth and love, it recognizes it can do nothing of itself. Just when it reaches the zenith of its understanding, it is consumed with the awareness of its deteriorating state as a self-directed soul. It loses its grasp on the final remnants of its self-directed personality. Every aspect of its self-directed manifestations is but of the shadow of death that will fade with the rising sun; thus the soul clings to nothing and faces an unparalleled emptiness.

What remains is a divine trust in the divine love (inherent in the oneness the soul has always possessed with the Creator), that will awaken it in the new day. Reaching this soul state, the soul knows it has come to its end. For in it, its seeking ceases and the soul lies down in rest.

In this final letting go, the little soul completely releases all it has been. It controls nothing and wills nothing; as the Spirit has removed it of all its self-determination. All that lingers is the ethereal divine desire, gratitude, faith and trust that assures the soul that all is in the Creator’s hand because it always has been. In this, it enters a soul state of complete surrender to its Creator. Every soul element, thought, aspect of its being and spirit bows down in complete acquiescence. As all the soul once was comes to an end, it feels like “death”. But this death is a death to death. It’s the death that ushers in everlasting life. At what moment this awakening will occur the soul cannot know for it isn’t the soul’s to manifest, but the divine consciousness that has governed the soul from the beginning.

All the highs and lows, all the victories and defeats, all the lessons taught and gained, lead to the final dissolution of the soul’s self-determined consciousness. Lying in its tomb, the soul rests in silence. It has walked its journey and has done what it was purposed to do. Now it waits for the inner rising son.

As it lies down in a seeming defeat, it knows defeat is impossible in oneness. It knows the only true defeat is the defeat of its self-directed will. Thus it rests in absolute trust that the words of life will awaken it to life everlasting; a sublime oneness where the shadow of death is no more.

In this silence, the soul embraces the insurmountable truth;

Be still – and KNOW – I AM – God.




Shifts in Consciousness

The Transformative Shift

In Consciousness


Once the divine light internalizes at the root of the soul, the transformative shift in consciousness begins to bring the entire human soul into oneness. It’s a transformation of the collective human soul from the self-determined consciousness into the divine consciousness.

The Cause for this Shift

The self-determined consciousness creates a perpetual state of separation. The divine consciousness creates an eternal state of oneness. The soul can’t progress from one to the other, as I’ve described throughout my posts, it must shed one for the other through a metamorphosis or new birth, a process where the soul is cultivated, shaped and constructed by the Spirit of Truth, not the will of self. When the soul embarks upon the path of oneness, this shift becomes a living potential for the human soul.

Shifts in Consciousness

There are evolutionary shifts in consciousness and there is the transformative shift in consciousness. Evolutionary shifts are progressive states of awareness of truth and love within the self-determined consciousness. A soul who is actively engaging this path moves toward increasing awareness and mindfulness, love, harmony, unity, and discovers spiritual principles governing the soul and its reflective reality. Along this path, the soul evolves in its desire to a place of wanting to love absolutely perfectly, and realizes it can’t within its current consciousness. At this juncture the soul’s evolutionary path overlaps onto the path of oneness.

On the evolutionary path of progression the soul seeks to move toward the Source of Divinity from within the self-determined consciousness. This is an endless path toward oneness and never obtaining it, as I described in my previous post. The inherent foundation of this consciousness is separation, thus there is always an element of separation no matter how much the soul progresses. The soul can advance through endless levels of consciousness and yet never obtain a full oneness. Because separation is inherent in this path, so is death.

However, it’s an attractive path for a soul seeking reprieve from its false self for along it the soul gains a sense of growing empowerment through its higher self, which is always the next level of consciousness above the soul’s current level.  

The Spirit of Truth reveals another path that overlays this evolutionary path, and yet takes the soul in a different direction, the path of oneness. (As taught and revealed in Jesus Christ for this Spirit was complete in him.) Unlike the former path that consists of self-perfecting the soul through its current state of consciousness, this path leads the soul to shun and shed the self-determined consciousness and its ways (“to die to it”), and to seek to be fully governed from beyond itself yet at its core by the divine consciousness. It’s a letting go of all self-determination, so the soul can undergo a metamorphosis. Matthew 16:24 On this path, trust increases solely in the Divine who is beyond the soul yet connected to it, versus a higher self.

On this journey, the soul loses its life and all that it created. It’s completely stripped down. Instead of a sense of growing empowerment, the soul experiences increasing weakness. Thus, this path is very challenging and very humbling. Therefore few persevere through it; not understanding or questioning its intent or end. Because it feels like the soul is dying as all of its self-will is dying, the “survival” reaction is to seek what emboldens the soul, thus the soul seeks to stay solely on the path of progression. However, the paradox of the path of oneness is through the death of the soul’s self-directed nature it finds life and ends death forever.

“For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.” Luke 9:24

The path of oneness entails the Source of all Life constructing a place for his Spirit to reside as a part of the human soul so that he comes to the soul, versus the soul progressing toward him. It’s impossible for the soul to ascend to him to obtain oneness, but it’s possible for the Creator to transform the soul by his Spirit to be the home of his Spirit. Matthew 19:24-28

The path of oneness establishes a gate at the core of the collective human soul in which the divine consciousness can govern the entire human soul. It’s Adam and Eve in reverse in accordance to the reflection the Spirit of Christ (God at one with the human soul). When the Spirit of God abides at the root of the human soul, then it is at the origin of the collective human soul, thus every soul. When this gate is established, every individual soul begins its transformation from being governed by the self-determined consciousness to the divine; each soul in its order and timing; like a dawning day. But once the firstfruits of the divine consciousness, the soul/spirit aspects in the likeness of Adam and Eve, begin their transformation, then all methodically follow. Though few travel the path of oneness, it’s a path that changes all. 1 Corinthians 15

Thus on the path of oneness, death and all its variations are defeated. Death (decay) is a manifestation of separation, which is created by the self-determined consciousness. There is no death in true life, thus in the divine consciousness. Because all that truly exists is the divine consciousness, death is an illusion. It’s a manifestation of this simulated self-determined consciousness that is serving a purpose for a time. As long as death exists, this self-directed consciousness is governing the soul. But when the divine consciousness takes over, the soul begins to regenerate out of death and into immortality within and without. Thus, the soul comes to an end to all that it was as a self-determined mind, body and soul, and becomes all it truly is as a divinely governed being.

Journey into Oneness

As the soul seeks to draw near to the true Creator (not an image), who is defined by divine love and absolute truth, the Spirit of Truth instructs the soul in the ways of this divine consciousness as it relates to the human soul (Christ consciousness). And through this engagement, the soul is conceptually divinely constructed, so that the Spirit of God can make his home in the soul. John 14:21-23 Instead of the soul progressing toward the Divine, the Divine makes a place for itself in the soul, and comes to the soul.

When the conceptual frameworks of divinity are completed for transformation, the divine light is received into its new home and the transformation begins. This divine light is the tri-fold love exchange at the core or root of the soul. The old frameworks of the self-determined consciousness begin to fall away like old rotten wooden beams, and in a metamorphic process the eternal divine beams of light constructed by the Spirit of Truth take their place. The soul passes through a conscious death and re-birth, like a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Divine Joy

When the soul begins to vibrate with the divine love energy, one of its first sensational experiences is an underling continuous current of joy; divine joy. It’s divine because it never abates. This joy is the soul’s response to experiencing the constant inflow of the energy of divine love.

Experiencing this divine joy creates a response of divine gratitude (true praise) back to the Creator. This intimate energetic vibrational exchange between the soul and the Source never ceases. It feels like the exuberate joy of a child with the maturity of divinity.

Effortless Transformation

Because the physical reality is a projection of the soul, as the soul begins to transform so does the reality. This transformation is effortless for the soul because it occurs by the Spirit of God flowing through it; not the soul’s efforts. Thus the soul experiences rest in movement as it and all its reality begins to transition moment by moment. While driven by the self-determined consciousness, the soul’s journey was one of striving, but once the spark of the divine consciousness is internalized, the soul shifts from striving to rest. It enters a state of being in its oneness with the Source. This rest translates into all the soul’s reality, for as within so is without. The soul resides as a creative witness as its reality grows in life and harmony through its expressive soul elements now governed by the divine consciousness.

Though the path of oneness is challenging, it encapsulates the most beautiful love story ever told.




Reinventing You

Reinventing You


Transformative Understanding


“The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” ~ John 6:63

When we receive the words of the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of the Christ, our soul becomes assimilated to that Spirit, the essence of eternal life. Words of this nature are the creative power of God acting upon creation. When received into the soul in spirit and truth, then the soul is transformed into the immortal spirit that those words reflect.

Intertwining conceptual frameworks initiate a shift of consciousness. When the Spirit of Truth constructs frameworks of immortality within the soul through his words to the soul, they lead to a shift from the self-determined consciousness to the divine consciousness. In this, the human disguise of the false self falls away and the divine self is revealed.

The Awakening Soul

As the soul’s perceptions begin to fill with greater intensities of awareness (light) bringing deeper revelations, the soul awakens from the dream of the self-determined consciousness and into the reality of its divine soul state.

During this awakening, the conceptual frameworks of the Spirit of Truth that the soul gained throughout its soul journey reenter its awareness in new depths of understanding that carry a regenerative power; transformative grace. Conceptual frameworks including: inherent divinity, impermanence, oneness, transcendent weaknesses, perfect cause, and eternal present mindedness.

By this grace, the soul’s state of consciousness is altered and forms an eternal integration into the divine consciousness. The false self falls away and the divine self emerges.

Inherent Divinity

As the soul awakens, it perceives the divinity it has always possessed. In the final stages of the soul’s dream state, it enters into the deepest darkness of its eternal pit created by the self-directed consciousness. Here the Spirit of Truth speaks words of life to the soul, and the pit begins to fade as the soul sees it was only an illusion of the self-directed consciousness. In this moment, the soul knows it was always divine for it was always connected to the Spirit of God.

There is no separation in divine love. It’s one of its glorious defining attributes. Thus, the soul, no matter its state, is always connected to the Creator, because of his attribute of divine love, like a child in its mother’s womb. The child came from her and always was a part of her even though his beginnings were an experience of darkness and perceived separation (for in actuality she completely enfolded him). Thus, in a heightened awareness, the soul perceives it was always a divine soul. Only its perception was darkened, for a moment in eternity, to learn what it couldn’t in the light; the attributes, power, depth, and vastness of divine love. In this transformative understanding, all the soul experienced that was created by the self-determined consciousness fades like a passing shadow as the eternal light of divinity awakens it from its laborious sleep.


Another transitional understanding the soul experiences is the inherent impermanence in all things, including death. Only one constant remains, which ironically the soul lacks in its self-expression until it’s born into the light, the divine love it is created in and will forever grow by.

The soul realizes all it experienced was a string of temporary experiences, created by its own soul state, to bring enlightenment; the necessary instruction to become a fully functioning divine soul. Only its belief in permanence made those faulty characteristics a part of its being. This conceptual framework enables the soul to let go and release all that was created by the self-determined consciousness. The fears, shame, dishonor, pain, suffering, selfishness, jealousies, suppression, affliction, sadness, anger, heartache, and tears are bathed in the righteous reign (rain) flowing from its center, now openly connected to the Divine, the Creator. The soul is cleansed from its blood stained garments (as in childbirth), and the divine soul manifested by the workmanship of the Spirit of Truth is revealed.


In the dawning light, the soul perceives a oneness that has always been there between itself, its reality and others. Separation was only an illusion created by the errors of the self-determined mind. Nothing is fixed or static, thus separate, but all is a continuous fluid movement governed by the dynamics of the soul and its consciousness. The soul begins to know its reality as an experience of energy flowing in a continuous interactive whole that constantly creates the inner and outer experiences of the soul. In this, the disharmonious energy of the soul and thus in the soul’s reality is reoriented into the crystalline perfection of the divine energy, which brings healing and regeneration to the soul thus to its reflective reality.

In oneness, every element serves its opposite. The darkness serves the eternal light. The blindness serves the eternal awakening. The weaknesses serve the eternal strengths. The separation serves the eternal oneness. The suffering serves the eternal love. There is no longer this or that, but an energetic interplay manifesting eternal oneness. There is only divine energy, and its opposite is but an illusion that is bound to a dream state to facilitate the formation of the developing soul.

When two “opposing” elements collide within the consciousness, they form the energy of divinity. The temporary serves the eternal as it was created by the eternal to serve its creative purposes. In the soul’s transformation the eternal quality consumes the temporary one and births an eternal individualized soul.

Transcendent Weaknesses

As the light fills the soul’s perceptions, the soul perceives that all its weaknesses are now the greatest strengths of its unique individuality. Its most challenging faults were related to its particular purpose predestined by the Creator. The frailties and struggles trained and prepared the soul to become what it is to be.

Out of the struggles with weaknesses came the ability to be a conduit of the power of God. They created the necessary sincere humility that is forever incorruptible, deep dependence on the power of the Creator versus the individualized soul, and eternal gratitude, for the soul inherently knows without oneness, it can do nothing … truly good, thus it can’t fulfill its purposes. Seeing the perfection of its weaknesses, the soul sheds them along with the false self and gains the power of the Spirit as a divine soul.

Perfect Cause

As the light highlights the soul’s journey, the soul perceives that the Creator sovereignly governed every detail of its existence, even when it was in the inescapable binds of self-determination. Perfect cause was always in play, as the Creator is always sovereign. In this perfect cause, the perceptions of the past and future are brought into a harmonious eternal present and liberated in the soul’s perception as a perfect orchestration from beginning to end.

Though the soul lived in error, the error was purposeful and meaningful. It was serving a divine purpose that couldn’t have been accomplished with out it. The soul experiences reconciliation and closure with all it experienced, which enables a release of all it once was that was counter to divinity.

Eternal Present Mindedness

Liberated from the womb of governance of the self-directing consciousness, only the present moment exists for the soul as everything is pulled into the eternal present through its learned trust. In this, its new reflection commences. The present moment is the new creative space by which the soul begins to exist through total trust in the divine rhythmic governance of the divine consciousness. In the present moment, all its expectations are set aside and the soul sits as a creative witness to the creations of the Spirit of God through its being. Moment upon moment brings everything into perfect alignment and harmony.

The limitlessness, present-mindedness, and holistic nature of the divine consciousness enable the soul to fully abide in these transformative understandings instead of passing in and out of awareness of them, which it does in the self-determined state. In these understandings, gratitude for every twist and turn of the journey in the darkened womb fills the soul, for this trying experience enabled it to be of the divine love in all its characteristics. It’s a divine gratitude to the Creator for his perfect orchestration, governance of all things in serving the highest good, and his perfect cause in error as well as in righteousness.

Happy New Year.


Slave to Servant to Son

Slave to Servant to Son


As a soul acts in living faith, exchanges the elements of mortality for those of divinity, integrates into the Source of Life through divine gratitude, and experiences transformative grace, its metamorphosis into a son of divinity commences. Infused with the divine consciousness, the soul rises out of the depths and above its reality where it resides with God as a son of God, with all of creation supportive to its expansion.

Foundation of the Soul

The soul’s foundation determines and guides all its actions. It determines how it makes it choices and what choices it makes. The soul begins its journey with a foundation created by the self-determined consciousness; whose perceptions are defined by an absence of divine love. Attributes lacking this love create its foundation; unworthiness, fear, control, retribution, selfishness, pride, self-pity, etc. The soul is enslaved to these faulty characteristics and what grows out of them.

On the path of enlightenment, the soul learns this enslavement is for its instruction. The soul becomes a servant to its lessons and in this awareness advances toward a divine soul state. When its lessons are complete, it begins its transition into a son.

As the soul becomes rooted in the divine attributes, they govern all its choices; what is loving, honoring, right, true, and merciful, etc. When a soul’s foundation changes, everything changes. If it’s of the finite self-determined consciousness, the soul creates the absence of divinity, death. If it’s of the infinite divine consciousness, the soul creates in divine love, life.

Foundation to the Divine Soul Temple

Sparkling like brilliant liquid gems, the foundation of the divine soul is laid with the divine attributes. The Source of these attributes is in the realm of divinity. Thus, though the divine soul is in creation, it is no longer anchored in the finite realm of self-generated potentials, but in the limitless realm of divine potentials, which enables its eternal growth, thus divine sonship.

The framework of this foundation consists of the constructs of the divine attributes, which are knit into the soul by the Spirit of Truth along the path of enlightenment. When the establishment of the constructs is complete, they enable the Spirit, who contains the substance of those attributes, to join to the soul in a oneness, and infuse the seven soul elements with the energetic vibrations of the attributes to create a living divine soul. This divine light fills the divine soul awakening it to life; manifesting a son of God.

Transformation by Grace

As the divine consciousness meticulously infuses the soul, the soul’s present reflective reality becomes undone, quakes, crumbles, changes and transitions. All that was constructed by the self-determined consciousness falls away as the divine consciousness manifests its reflection through the soul; like a butterfly’s cocoon falling away. As everything becomes uprooted, the soul’s trust in the workings of the Spirit carry it through. Trust, like divine gratitude, creates a link from the soul to divinity upon which the Spirit can work and flow. It keeps the soul connected to divinity to bring it through the transition and to the other side of the infinite chasm.

The soul is no longer self-determining anything. So through this transition, trust becomes its mainstay as one reality fades and another takes its place. If the soul lacked this deep trust, it would revert to its prior false securities instead of pushing forward in living faith. This deep trust in the Spirit’s workmanship is crafted through the soul’s desert journey of enlightenment, where it learned to trust the leading of the Spirit of Truth above all. To trust what it doesn’t see but knows to be true above what it does see.

Through this shift from servant to son, the battles of the soul end. As part of the soul’s formation, it endlessly strived to alleviate or absolve its brokenness that created its inner and outward suffering, pain, hardship and disharmony. Rooted in the divine, the soul’s truth becomes an extension and reflection of absolute truth, which manifests immortal harmony. This harmony begins to renew the soul’s entire being and reflection from the inside out. Harmony can’t exist as long as a soul operates according to its relative truth based on its finite self-generated reality. But when a soul is anchored in the Source of Life beyond its creative reality, then it’s driven by absolute truth. Unity with divinity cultivates a stream of harmony in the soul and into its reflective reality. In this divinity, which is a state of being; being divine love of endless expressions, the soul enters its eternal rest.

Rooted in eternity allows the limitless divine potentials of immortal harmony to continuously flow through the soul and create a new reality. The soul becomes a glorious reflection of the eternal light.

Rising Above the Reality

As the soul rises above its reality, it’s longer a slave and servant to it. When the soul’s foundation is crafted out of self-determination it creates closed system on a faulty foundation, thus an endless loop of bondage for the soul. This closed system served to teach the soul many necessary truths, but it’s bondage nonetheless. When the Spirit dwells in the soul in oneness, then the soul rises outside its reality though still connected to it. In this pre-creative space of eternity, it becomes a master of its reality and all its components. Every element of creation begins to prosper the soul in righteousness because it’s now one with the Spirit of God, and all creation serves his spirit.

Perfect Cause in Righteousness

The soul begins to live in what was once impossible in its self-determined state; perfect cause in righteousness in every moment, which creates the eternal present. There is always perfect cause in the soul’s life, but it was perfect cause in error (in the dark). Everything the soul experienced brought it perfectly to its metamorphosis, but it experienced the pain of its choices and errors. In perfect cause in righteousness, the soul experiences the effects of righteousness, thus eternal growth, life and divine love and all the corresponding attributes. Moment by moment, as perfect cause layers upon the next perfect cause, the soul grows stronger and expands its righteous loving impact on creation. Every action past, present and future supports the present moment, thus time of the eternal present becomes supportive to the workings of the divine soul.

In the formulation of perfect cause in righteousness, the soul consistently chooses the perfect action through the Spirit working in oneness with it. It creates perfect cause that manifests the perfect ripples effects for all of creation. This infinity times infinity perfection of choice creates immortal harmony, the eternal present, and an ever-expanding divine soul state. The soul and its reality no longer decays as when it was subjected to the elements of death created by the errors of the self-determined consciousness. In oneness, it continually grows through the expansion of the divine attributes through its expressions.

In this foundation of divinity, the soul is rooted in eternity like a tree planted with its roots extending into the divine attributes beyond its reality, and it branches growing upward and manifesting its reality. It self-determines nothing, though it chooses anything. The soul experiences absolute freedom of choice because all its desires are aligned to the Source. Every possible choice flows from the realm of divinity into the soul, thus the soul can make no error. Free from self-determination and knit into the perfect cause of righteousness, the soul resides as a son of divinity and no longer a slave and servant of mortality. From this place above and beyond reality where creation serves the soul, the soul serves all creation in love as divine love seamlessly flows through it in a brilliant array of expressions.


Wrapped in Weakness

Wrapped in Weakness

And Infinitely Powerful


When absolute living faith in divine love is wrapped in absolute weakness, the faith is complete. And it’s infinitely powerful.

My weaknesses, which seem to stand ever before me, compel me to rely on my living faith. As long as I trust in my false self of self-determination, then my faith is incomplete. So weaknesses serve to increase my faith until every aspect of my life is grounded upon it. This may not sound like a desirable soul state, and coming to this place is a very challenging road. Yet, this soul condition, living faith wrapped in weakness, enables a oneness with the divine consciousness. So I’m thankful for my living faith and my weaknesses. And I’m finding my living faith provides a different type of strength.

This is what I’m learning about it …

Without this living faith, weakness is just weakness. It can be a debilitating state of mind. But with living faith, the mind is transformed.

When living faith reaches its fullness so that every desire of the soul is governed by divine love, and when the inherent weakness of the self-determined consciousness is fully recognized, then the soul resides entirely on living faith. Thus, the false self’s illusion of power and strength is stripped from it. In this, the soul utterly forsakes the self-determined consciousness (death to self), and the soul through living faith becomes anchored in the realm of eternity, where the infinite power of our Creator is grasped.

Our Two Selves

In our false self, we are in a dream.

In our false self aware of our true self, we are awake in the dream.

In our true self, we are awake.

The experience of the false fabricated self is an alter state of consciousness; like a dream. Our soul experiences this counter reality to instruct our true self with the understanding necessary for a oneness with divine consciousness. This oneness is our “second” birth. The first is the birth of our temporary false self. The second is the birth of our eternal true self.

A soul is born with a self-determined consciousness. In this, its connection to divine love is stripped from its awareness; because its journey is to choose this divine love; fully, completely and unceasingly.

Out of this purposeful perceived separation, fear is spawned that begins to form the false self. The false self’s entire reality is built upon a speck of fear, which is unreal, for fear doesn’t exist in presence of divine love only in the perceived absence of it. It’s only a speck because it’s simply a perception of the separation from divine love. But before the soul can become aware of this dynamic, its self-determination constructs a consciousness and reality of fear and makes fear real to itself. Thus, fear becomes the soul’s foundation, thus experiential reality, and divine love remains the distant hope.

However, the separation is only a perceived separation; there is no separation in divine love. No matter the condition of the soul, it possesses an internal connection to the Spirit of Truth that can be developed through spiritual practices such as conversational prayer, listening prayer, meditations, and contemplative writing. This connection with the Spirit isn’t found within the workings of the false self; its mind, emotions, desires, its consciousness. For it isn’t a Spirit of fear but love, thus it doesn’t exist in fear. And the false self doesn’t actually exist, so how can the Spirit of Truth connect to what doesn’t exist? Only the real can connect to what is real. Thus, the connection to the Spirit of Truth resides in a place in the soul before the expression of the false self. It’s in the sacred inner chamber of the true self. From here, the soul is observed from within the soul, so that the true self may grow and be shaped by what it learns. This is why all spiritual truths are grasped from within by the workings of the Spirit of Truth.

In this simulation, it’s like we are in a dream in which we only experience our false self. When we begin to experience our true self within our soul through our connection with the Spirit of Truth, we are awake in the dream. When we experience our true self in our experiential reality, we are fully awake. Living faith in divine love is the forerunner to fully awakening. It’s the semi-awake state when we realize we are in a dream, and know what is true is divine love, not the absence of it, thus our living faith.

Living Faith

All that is real is of divine love. All that is unreal is absent of divine love. Living faith is anchored in the reality of divine love. Thus, faith in divine love stems from beliefs of the true self, which are constructed by the Spirit of Truth. When living faith becomes absolute and consumes the soul’s every desire, creating divine desires, the soul is moving ever so close to awakening or oneness, because faith precedes creation (substance). What propels that movement is divine desire, and the awareness of the soul’s inherent weakness apart from oneness.

The Completion of Living Faith

When awareness of the inherent weakness of the false self enfolds absolute living faith like a shell, then this faith becomes complete.

The more living faith we possess the more weakness we are aware of within the false self. One increases the other. Thus, with a living faith in divine love, weakness is greatly felt, yet this is a great asset. Understanding this weakness causes the soul to shift all its trust to the divine love, the real, and no longer the false self, the unreal. The soul’s desires no longer support the false self, and living faith in the divine love becomes the soul’s foundation and strength. It’s a soulful move that allows the divine consciousness to connect.

When this shift is complete so that all reliance of a soul’s life is in the living faith, then this faith is complete. This completion of faith enables the true self to manifest, for the false self has met its end (death). In this the soul stands solely on faith; which is the most powerful stance against this alter consciousness. Faith is the bridge from the realm of divinity to the realm of our soul’s experiential reality. When the faith is complete, then the divine consciousness can connect to the soul.

At the height of living faith, the soul faces the magnitude of its weaknesses. Yet, with living faith the soul is anchored in the rock of divine love. In this, the soul experiences an increasing fearlessness as divine love drives out all fear. In this peace fills the soul giving the soul a different type of strength.

It’s like David coming up against Goliath. David stripped of armor, small in stature and totally weak, stood against a giant of pounding fear. Yet, his faith was living because it was grounded in the real. This combination of weakness and living faith is what defeats the soul’s Goliath; the false self that stands as a giant of fear. The power of divine love through the bridge of living faith strikes the eye of the soul, the origin of fear, and implodes it with divine love creating an open door for the divine consciousness, the light of God, to flow in.


Confined in the Unreal

Confined in the Unreal



I’ve mentioned before that this reality of our earth existence is like being in a womb. The overlays between a physical womb and spiritual womb are deeply intertwined, as the physical is a shadow of the spiritual to serve for instructional purposes. And there is much to learn from this particular analogy.

In a physical womb, the child is enveloped in flesh, which enables her to grow, but it also is a barrier from being face-to-face with her parent. We too are enveloped in a flesh covering that is serving to develop our soul individuality, and like the child we are “separated” from our heavenly Father, though he is all around us. Thus, as the child has never “met” the parent, we too experience a “disconnect”.

Because of this separation, our Father and we are both confined in the unreal. We are in this temporary dark reality and our heavenly Father is outside of these dark waters in the light. Thus, while in the womb we are confined in the unreal (detachment from our Father), but our Father is also confined in the unreal because in this state he remains in a sense unreal to us. Thus, why there are so many images of him that exist. He exists in a reality different than our own, and he can’t embrace us as he so desperately longs to. He can’t until we are full grown and come to birth. Thus, we are both trapped in the unreal unable to fully embrace one another in a way that creates an everlasting unchanging oneness.

To find this oneness, we need to be full grown so we can exist outside the womb.

Some souls have desirously and diligently sought for his true presence as their souls have been awoken to his love. They’ve become aware of the true heavenly Father and his love for them. This is the fertilization of their soul by his love. His love awakens us out of our dormant state as a mere egg in this womb. This awakening is the beginning of our embryonic growth, and what lies ahead is the much-needed development of our soul so we can grow into a creation that can abide in harmony in the reality outside of the womb. An embryo can’t survive outside the womb. It must grow to come to full maturity before it is ready. Likewise, we must become developed in our soul, so we can come forth, as a soul able to reflect our Father.

In this diligent seeking, these souls have learned and matured to “sense” his true essence beyond the womb. In this understanding and connection to the outside, they grow and mature in and by his love, which comes through his truths, as souls preparing to reflect the divinity of their Father. Others are so disconnected in the womb state that they doubt there is a parent at all. They remain a seed unfertilized by his true divine love. Then there are the many souls in-between these two states.

In this separation, we don’t “see” our heavenly Father, we only “see” him by faith. True faith is first knowing of the true Father, then believing that though we don’t see him, we know he is there and his love is endless and perfect for us. It’s learning to live a life established on the reality outside of the womb, a reality only those outside can teach us. Thus, the importance of constant soul communion with our Father and his Christ, who teaches us and helps us grow to come forth in a new birth. In this understanding, we spiritually mature, so that our faith becomes established in his ways, attributes and love to an extent that we sense him as if he is with us, but it’s only the strength of our faith that we are experiencing. But it’s that strength of faith that brings us forth into a new birth of our soul.

In our faith, we continue to grope in the darkness only seeing by our faith. This is why as our faith develops it sometimes waxes and wanes. With it we battle the fears of not knowing, uncertainty and perceived distance from our Father.

However, with our birth into the real, faith ceases and in its place is a deep knowing, thus rest and eternal peace. Faith is only required when there is a separation from our Father. Though it is essential to our soul development … when the time comes, it fades away and a knowing takes its place and our love becomes full and ever expanding into eternity. Instead of seeking to find an oneness with our Father, we gain that oneness with his divinity, and we no longer seek but become. We become his child bearing his reflection, thus we simply be.

In our birth, we are partakers of the divine essence of the Father, thus reflect his nature in our outward soul expression while maintaining our individuality. The key reflector of our new birth is the full reception and giving of the divine love of the Father. This is our shining attribute that with it carries divine intellect. Our hopes fade as they are fulfilled, and now there is growth in the light and by the light, no longer by stumbling through the darkness where we learn by error. When we can’t see we grow through our errors, learning what is and what is not. But in the light we simply grow. Our soul essence finds an oneness with the Father, as a baby born is placed in her Father’s arms, face-to-face.

But until our new birth of a divine soul, we are confined to this reality and our Father is confined to outside of this reality. This is why we seek to be a developing soul who has the strength of faith to come to birth. Without soul development that prepares us to be a new creation of divinity, and without the faith that enables us to grow and push out of the womb, we don’t come to birth. But with the two, we become identifiable children of our heavenly Father.