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A Sacred Moment


A Sacred Moment:

A Flash of Divine Energy


The moment the expressive human soul receives the divine love energy of the Creator, thus his Spirit residing within this space and time dimension, it’s reflected in the reality as a flash of pure divine light. Our reality is a reflection or projection of our soul’s consciousness. What happens within happens without. Thus, when the divine energy enters our soul, it’s reflected in our reality.

Reflection of the Creator

Our Creator is beyond creation, but the moment he unites to our soul to form a oneness with the entire human soul, his divine energy enters creation, thus is reflected in creation. At this moment, we witness the phenomenon of divine energy that appears as a perfectly straight beam of pure white light crossing the sky from one end to the other; like a flash of lightening, yet perfect in form. In divine energy there is no randomness or scattering of light, so this expression of divine photons takes on a perfection of order and symmetry. It’s as if the sky opened for a moment to allow the Source of all Creation, which surrounds creation, to let in a drop of his divine living light.

Upon seeing this reflection in our reality, it returns substantive divine energy back into our perception and into our physical reality, which creates a “twinkling” in our eye. Though this divine light enters into the human soul in a singular present moment; it methodically illuminates the entire human soul until all is consumed by it; making what was dark, light.

A Divine Point of Origin

The human soul requires only one flash in one present moment of this divine light for it to ignite the soul to be transformed into the divine consciousness; thus put on incorruption. It’s a moment because the human soul is only able to receive this amount; anything more would energetically impair the human soul because of its pure intensity. It’s a moment because from one drop, one point, in our soul immortal harmony is created. It’s a drop because of where it connects to our soul; at our root, our point of origin, where we possess a sincere love exchange between our Creator and us, and where we extend love to others. It’s a drop at our point of origin, so that all that we are and do is governed by it. (Revelation 2:28 22:16)

This flash of light is the energetic vibration of our divine love exchange with our Creator being made manifest in our reality. In this our divine love no longer remains as an ethereal experience in our inner sacred chamber, but penetrates into our reality so that our physicality vibrates with this divine energy. This energy starts as a drop in our consciousness, and as it expands it reveals its glorious presence. In receiving this divine light, we begin to become fully one with the divine consciousness in soul, mind and body.

The root of divine love initially takes form in our inner sacred chamber as waves of potentials. In this sacred present moment as we observe the divine light in our reality, it becomes particles; divine photons. Upon observing it, our constructs of divinity that we gained from the path of enlightenment receive the energetic power they need to be activated in this reality, thus it leads to the regeneration of all our being. (1 Corinthians 15, Matthew 24:26-27)

Opening the Gates

Because all of reality is a projection of consciousness, this light from the Source is only observed through a soul state of oneness versus a soul state of progression.

The self-determined consciousness is created to advance through infinite levels of consciousness, like an ascending winding staircase. This ascension path is a never-ending progression toward the divine consciousness but not into it, because the Source, containing this divine consciousness, is always beyond creation; thus always beyond this self-generated consciousness. It’s like living in a darkened ever-expanding bubble that can never reach the light outside of it. Though through higher levels of awareness the soul becomes better at perceiving the light beyond it, the soul with a self-determined consciousness is always separated and creates separation. The human soul is one united consciousness, but because of its inherent darkened nature (created by its limited self-judgments) many levels of consciousness are created that cause divisions and separation. We experience this separation in the “disconnect” we feel with someone at a different spiritual level than us.

This infinite progression of a self-determined consciousness is the infinite chasm that lies between the Source, our Creator, and us. The divine consciousness exists outside of the self-determined consciousness, thus outside of all of creation. Yet enfolds it like a womb. Only by going through a metamorphosis of soul so that the soul sheds the self-determined consciousness for the divine consciousness can the soul become one with the divine consciousness.

In the advancement from one level of consciousness to another, the soul moves through spiritual doors or gates to the next level, this is the process of ascension. Unless all the doors are opened at once, symbolizing the end of progression and a state of oneness, it is impossible to receive the divine energy from the Source to the core of the soul because there is always another level of consciousness thus another closed door separating the advancing soul and the Source. Thus, this phenomenon of observing divine light isn’t possible.

To get to the Source, all the doors must be opened at the same time and opened from the beginning; thus in oneness, which is only possible by the Spirit of God. When a gateway or door is prepared by the Spirit of Truth within the soul, as I’ve described in my previous blogs, then the Source has a place to enter into the consciousness at the beginning of the self-determined consciousness, which is established in this dimension, so it can transform it from the inside out and thus all levels of consciousness in-between. Divine light has to enter into the bubble at its core or the beginning of the soul, thus it requires a gateway to enter into this realm; the tri-fold love exchange, then it can enter all.

As the divine energetic light enters the lowest realm or the core of the soul, it begins to transform the entire human soul by raising the overall vibration. The self-determined consciousness is usurped by the inflow of the divine consciousness (the highest energetic vibration raising the low vibrations), and brings the human soul into a state of oneness where there is no more separation. In this oneness, the Spirit of God fills all in all from beginning to end. When the self-determined consciousness is fully overthrown, there is no more separation. There is only the uniqueness of individuality at various levels of growth and expansion that is expressed in a harmonic whole.





Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

14 thoughts on “A Sacred Moment

  1. Yes!!!!!!!! 3 years ago!!!!! Yes!!!!!

    • Hi Travis … 3 years ago?

      • Yes. Your first paragraph about the light even though you may be talking as an analogy, really happened to me. I buckled. It was a light across the whole sky that went across over a million miles an hour and it was not a ufo to me. It changed me. It was the warmest most overwhelming feeling. That moment Jesus came and made it clear to me. From that moment on I lost everything that was of my old life and it’s been a long suffering of joy since. It happened within me and outside of me at the same time in a flash. Im tearing now. Your words are Jesus’s way of letting me know. He works like that. Sometimes we can mean something completely different in what we are saying but each of us knows in our own divine communication when the Lord speaks thru others to us for others. I have journaled for three years this amazing transformation and as I called it, the flash, you have put into words so graciously just puts a close for me on those three years. Now on to next. Prayer is the key. We unfold reality with our Lord who only thru Him is the gift of the Holy Spirit, which trumps any man made metal technology that the one who has been given rule of this planet for now can try to trick man into breaking ones vessels. I’ll keep being the clay that Our Father molds.
        I say this with love. Who cares if people don’t see what you see. We are all the same. The Human race. Just love and bring the good news and suffer because you know the truth and what it means to know Our Lord. It’s where the joy is.
        Hahaha. You know, that’s the hardest thing for people to understand, but it’s the simplest. Love you sister. Thank you. Flash🔑🙏🏼🚀

      • Travis, thank you so much for sharing your story .. and my husband and I actually did see it on Feb 12th. The synchronicity of events around it were incredible that revealed and taught me what I was seeing, and what it meant. The depth of understanding that I received from it, for me personally with all I know, is beautiful and perfect. It’s like puzzle pieces coming together before you in the most beautiful and magnificent way. The Spirit of Truth teaches us in amazing ways and as you said, we all learn differently and are at different places, but now it blesses me that sharing what I’m learning blessed you.

        You are right it is so simple, it all comes down to a divine love … but without a true understanding of that love and the One it flows from, the simple remains an image without power or significance in our lives. So as you said it is the hardest for others to understand and yet the simplest.

      • Wow!!! You did see the light I have tried to tell others about!!
        Ok. I am going to share something because of what you said.
        You said because of the events and moments surrounding you at that time you knew what it was. So did I. So I want to say that also because what was in my mind and what was happening in my life this is what happened.
        I got off the couch and stepped out front. I noticed the sky was a little unusual as the sun had set and there was dark red dim sky. I looked to the south west and was speaking with God and decided to take out my iPhone which was a iPhone 3 at the time. So I raised my iPhone up and took a picture of the sky.
        The phone was away from my face but at that moment something happened. I got chills. In my mind I was like. What just happened. From behind me from the north east a light miles long I believe had streaked open the sky and straight over me with this light patterned pulse. I would have to speak in person to really explain what I experienced because it would be to many words right now and I might not explain it properly. It flew right over me and to the south west. It was such a blinding flash in my mind and in my eyes. I stood there and said. Did that happen. I am not sure. Wow. That was not a flying saucer or anything like what I have seen. That was love. I stood and thought. That happened right? Then I said. Wait I took a picture at that exact moment.
        The thing about my iPhone was that when I would go to take a picture it takes sometimes 2 seconds or a little less before it would snap. I say this to make a point. So I slowly raised my iPhone to see if This was on the image. In my mind I knew it would be there but was it really going to be there? After all I was aiming my phone in the opposite direction of where the light came from. So I looked.
        Oh my!!!!! He wanted me to have it. He wanted me not to doubt it was him. His timing was the only reason I have this amazing picture. It happened just as I thought. A millisecond in time capture only because He wanted it to be. I never bragged or posted this picture on the internet because to me it is the Love of Him and not to be fed to the dogs of the world to disrespect. I know one day this story with the picture will be told like right now. This is the first time and how appropriate that it was you. 😭🔑🙏🏼

      • Travis, What an incredible story and I’m so blessed by you sharing it because of the timing for you and me, and because of what it communicates. I think that this is a significant moment for us because of all that it is reflecting and communicating and I’m curious to see what lies ahead to say the least. Again, how grateful I am for you sharing this beautiful moment with me. Like you, the flash that covered the sky from one end to the other was so fast that it was almost if you blinked a little too long you would miss it .. so I agree, you as we, were meant to see it and know what it represented. And what it reveals is beyond beautiful.

      • And Travis .. I know what you mean about another “witness” with your camera, because both me and my husband saw it, it stayed with us and no doubt entered our mind which allowed me to receive the truth of what it meant. I would love and be honored to see the picture you took if you would like to email it to me.

  2. tomatoes! LOL when I would go to take a picture

  3. Rachel, I think we are saying one and the same thing, here is how I see…what you are seeing with a different but confirming angle of view. The subject can be confusing but need not be. We do all things in the furtherance of God’s kingdom that is coming…in us…His true spiritual temple.

    Consciousness :

    We read and speak of the conscious and sub conscious from varying degrees of awareness and perspective. (Where we are in Christ consciousness establishes our measure of growth.) In the first Adam before his fall Adam was in full “conscious” of God and walked in full conscious of who he himself was and was in full conscious of who his Father was. He was fully aware…or conscious. He at this particular time in his journey had no “sub conscious” for he was one with God, His Father and walked as one… In one consciousness.

    In the ensuing fall that was pre determined to come, Adam lost his fully aware state of consciousness of his oneness with his Father and as a result Adam received “another” conscious, a subconscious. He now having received the fallen “consciousness” of his now given soul. Which was which and which is now which? Conscious and subconscious is also a matter of perspective and growth of where we “are” in our present in our Christ consciousness.

    When we fell in Adam we gained a consciousness of this soulish, earthly life which became our primary conscious, having lost our dominate conscious of the oneness with God, our Father. In other words our conscious became our subconscious and the consciousness of our inherited soul became our conscious…a reversal of roles. (Our spiritual consciousness in Adam became our subconscious and our soul conscious became the dominate force in our now sleep state…of consciousness.)

    These roles of consciousness being reversed in the fall will…again…be reversed in our resurrection in Christ. Our spirit being blinded and becoming dominated by the soul will again regain full consciousness when the position of spirit and soul are again united in oneness as was Adam before his fall. The resurrected life is one haven risen from the fallen subconscious of the spirit into the position of regaining the consciousness it once had in the fullness and awareness of God.

    The reversals of the dominance of the soul over the spirit and the resulting reversal again of the dominance of the spirit when awakened from it’s sleep state is a hard one for the carnal mind to grasp so we must “let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus” to understand. If we seek to follow the spirit we will be given the understanding of the spirit.

    So therefore we have journeyed from a oneness of conscious to having a duplicity of mind, carnal and spiritual, conscious and subconscious positions of both spirit and soul being reversed and reversed again to the saving of the soul. The dominate conscious soul cannot dominate the conscious spirit, one must dominate the other, the soul must diminish and be swallowed up in the one consciousness of the spirit, for it is the oneness of the spirit we are to awaken to, not the soul.

    The journey is designed for the soul to dominate our being for awhile to learn the vices and circumstances of evil then return to the spirit from which she came. Having come full circle we have been made aware of the goodness of God and the agony and pain of going our own way. We learn obedience through the things we suffer…so suffering has it’s good place…as do all other created things God created to bring us back to Himself. There is only one purpose in all the things God created through Christ, both good and evil, and that is a new awareness of just how good the gift of life is. Without the journey through the valley of the shadow of death we lack appreciation and gratitude. Suffering and absence makes the heart grow fonder of the gift of life…love. Love is not emotion, love is the consummation of all things coming into the harmony of one will, which is His will.

    In Christ

    • Hi Sonny,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts .. a very interesting perspective that spawns some interesting thoughts about the sub-conscious. The sub-conscious operates in the “dark” underneath our level of awareness. This in itself causes problems in that we can’t perceive how we are creators of our own suffering because of our state of consciousness. Thus we blame things outside of us, and thus we live in a disconnect with truth and harmony. Everything about this self-determined consciousness is about separation, so when the soul became enslaved to this consciousness, it was subjected to a perpetual state of separation (which its utmost reflection is death), for that is all it creates. When our soul becomes governed by the divine consciousness, the Spirit of God, we are set free and in a oneness with all. I see why we had to go through this separation for all that it ultimately creates, as you also often mention, and yet I feel that time is ending and we transition into a state of transformation.

  4. Yes, to say it more simply we have a spirit and soul, each with a conscience. One is dominant and the other is “sub” dominant. Depending on our level of maturity it is the spirit or soul that dominates our life. Our spirit in our infancy in this journey is the sub conscience (having fallen to second place in the fall ) but as our spirit is regenerated and ressurected it regains it’s dominate position again. In our soulish state, doing as we please, doing our own will, the soul is dominate making the spirit subordinate to the soul, thus we sin. The spirit (the husband) must regain it’s dominance in our life and rule in our house, our temple, spiritually speaking. This is a marriage making of the two spirits, one. We will be fully awake in one consciousness “again”. There will not be two consciouses, only one, there will be no subordinate, we will be in a oneness where the spirit and soul speak, think and do, as one…fully reconciled.

    The sub conscious of the spirit does see through a glass darkly, then when it comes to the light and love of God, it is no more a sub conscience but “the only” conscience. The “sub” seed becomes the seed when it breaks the ground into the light…where we “see”.

    It is all about becoming the oneness we seek…as you say.

  5. Hi Rachel, ever since coming across your blog, I can relate to the divine experience I witnessed three years ago.

    Three years ago I called upon the Creator to bestow upon His Divine Love and it came as a Tangible Force I shall never forget. The Force put a blasting pressure into the chest leaving me in great joy.

    The Divine Love energy you speak of resonates what I have read in various writings and channeling texts through James E Padgett. In case if you don’t know, Padgett was a medium who let Celestial spirits write through him on the divine love and the new birth of the soul.

    Much written is strikingly similar to your posts and I wonder if your writings were inspired by such writings.

    • Hi,

      Interesting you mentioned joy … because I talk about it in my post today. 🙂

      Yes I am familiar with James Padgett and his messages. I read them after I started learning more intently of this divine love, and I found a lot of overlay of concepts I had learned from the Spirit of Truth. Over the years, I’ve noticed that as people move toward love, especially divine love, they move toward truth. So, those on a path of increasing love learn similar truths regardless of the the variances in experiences, journeys, backgrounds, etc. It really is remarkable. You see the threads of truth through the expressions of the individual journeys.

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