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Divine Love Energy


Divine Love Energy


Present-mindedness is the space and time dimension where the divine love energy of the Creator encounters the soul.

This divine energy awakens (resurrects) us out of the dream-state of our self-determined consciousness and into the realm of divinity of the divine consciousness. In present-mindedness, we are awake in the real of our divine self. In the past-future mindset, we are asleep in the unreal of our false self.

Source of Divine Energy

The source of divine energy is the exchange of a pure, sincere and mature love between our soul and our Creator. In this exchange, divine love begins to vibrate in our soul creating an ethereal divine energy that resides in our sacred inner chamber; the pre-creative space of our soul.

This divine energy manifests as a substantive energy in creation through the workings of our divine emotional energy, when this love is exchanged between two created souls. For this exchange to occur both souls first possess the divine love connection to the Creator, and then give it to one another.

To form a divine love with our Creator, we must intimately know him in spirit and truth, as he is and not according to images. If our love is according to an image, then there is no true love exchange. He is beyond creation, thus beyond all images. Thus, to know him, we seek him in the realm of the spirit that transcends this creation. As we seek him, through many soul interchanges we come to know him through a multitude of conceptual frameworks containing divine love and absolute truth. We come to perceive his magnificent individuality in an intimacy in which an exchange of divine love manifests. We come to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength of which our lives reflect in possessing the beatitudes like purity of heart, gentleness, humility, mercy and a hunger and thirst for righteousness (divine love).

When this love exchange is our root, then divine energy is our root. Being our root, this energy progressively pervades every aspect of our soul and our reflection until it fills all. This energy contains the strength, stability, and steadfast nature of a magnificent ancient tree. If you stand with your hands on a tree and feel its strength, this is a taste of the fortitude and energetic nature of this love in a soul. There is no other force more powerful and yet more tender. It contains the sovereignty of God, for it is his energy.

Divine Energy Flowing into Creation

As we grow in awareness of this divine love, we begin to desire to love all, not with a self-generated love, but with a divine love, which encompasses the divine attributes of God. Because God loves all, in this love we love all as well. Possessing the increasing intention to divinely love all is evidence that we are growing in sincerity in divine love.

Tri-Fold Love Exchange

Once we desire to give this energetic love to all, and there is another whom we can exchange this love with in creation, we begin to receive it into our expressive soul and reality. Without this tri-fold dynamic, of the Creator’s love, our love and another soul’s love in the present moment, we can’t receive the divine love energy into our experiential reality. It remains in the pre-creative place in our soul. In order for it manifest in this creation, thus our bodies (physical and spiritual) and reality, it needs to be exchanged between two souls in creation, who are both connected to the Creator in spirit, truth and love.

Jesus Christ possessed this divine love with the Father, but there was no one to exchange it with in creation, thus this love couldn’t amalgamate into this realm. But this wasn’t his purpose at that point in time. He came to establish the first part of the equation; the human soul’s divine love connection to our Creator, thus the open door to divinity into this love. The second part of the equation is the working of the Spirit of Truth to prepare souls to receive this divine love and exchange it among themselves thus birthing this love, which is the essence of Christ, into creation. At the fulfillment of the times, when the Spirit of God penetrates the human soul to govern it, it enters in through the divine love exchange between souls, for he is love. Souls who engage this dynamic are ones who have been sown together in truth and spirit as one by the Spirit of God, so that the divine love can endlessly and eternally flow between them. Once the divine love energy flows in and through them, they become life-giving spirits through which divine love can flow into creation. (1 Corinthians 15)

When we exchange this divine love energy with another, it is an energy that never ceases to flow; it’s rooted, grounded, and unwavering. It this consistency, it begins to create immortal harmony. Our intentions of divine love unite with the workings of the Spirit of God in a oneness in our soul, and they manifest layer upon layer supportive present moments that are full of living divine particles as well as synchronized waves of potentials to create continual growth, expansion and harmony in our soul’s reflective reality.

As we exchange this love with another, it heals and regenerates us as well as the other in our souls, minds and bodies; for it’s the life force of immortality, harmony, eternal growth, and life. Interestingly, it’s when we exchange this love with another that we heal and regenerate because in giving it to another in creation, this love manifests in creation therefore in ourselves. Thus, our healing that leads to regeneration comes through loving others with the love flowing from our Creator.

Our experiential reality is a reflection of our soul state. We are victims or benefactors of ourselves. In our regeneration, we who caused so much pain and heartache to ourselves and to others become founts of healing. It’s the most beautiful and perfect reconciliation and justice of all entities. Divine reconciliation and justice entails every soul, especially the most hurtful, coming into a perfect love, and loving for eternity.

Healing unto Regeneration

Our soul, mind and body all function as one unit. Thus, healing that leads to regeneration (resurrection) comes from the soul outward. It comes from not only the higher vibration in our soul created by divine energy, but also the choices through the awareness those higher vibrations create. These choices for high vibration manifestations in our reality versus low ones support the process of healing leading to regeneration.

Supportive High Vibration Elements

Here are some examples of the supportive elements of creation that when we give to and receive from increase our vibration:

  • Nature
  • Ministering spirits of animals
  • Precious gems
  • Essential oils
  • Sunlight
  • Plant-based diet
  • Natural/plant-based products (cleaning, grooming, etc)
  • Balance in physical movement
  • Caring emotional environments/relationships (home, work, friendships, family, etc)
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • Words of life spoken to the soul
  • Caring affections of others and to others
  • Fostering harmony with nature and creation
  • Media of a high emotional vibration
  • Sensory influences of certain types of light, smells, colors, music and touch
  • Statements reflecting divine truth and love
  • Visualizations incorporating divine attributes
  • Prayer (conversational, listening, meditative, intercessory)
  • Meditation
  • Quality of thought
  • Gratitude (i.e. divine gratitude)
  • Trust, faith
  • Intentions to divinely love
  • Giving honor and care for all of creation
  • Present-mindedness
  • Rest in movement

All these elements impact our overall vibration, thus our soul state and our wellbeing. A soul increasing in the awareness of divine love will begin to transition into a life that reflects elements like these according to its individuality.

As the divine energy from our Creator enters our soul and is exchanged with others, along with the supportive higher vibrations of creation, our soul begins its regeneration. Bringing this energy into creation begins to free all of creation, which has been kept in bondage by the low vibration of the mortal human soul. (Romans 8:18-21)




Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

27 thoughts on “Divine Love Energy

  1. It sounds awesome, the realitionship that we can have with our Lord Jesus Christ but only because it’s a gift from God.He has to open our hearts and our minds and the Love will make you fall to your knees. The problem I have is having that realitionship with another person (friend). A friend,someone you can totally trust,someone who has the passion I have to learn Gods love. I haven’t had that gift in a long time,a friend! My friend died 25 years ago and I still miss him.My friend. I haven’t had a friendship like that since he passed.Sorry to be a little negative but I wish for that type of friendship again.Dont get me wrong,I’ve been married 33years and my wife is my best friend and we love each other in a way that God could only be the reason we are so blessed.So what I’m saying is that if everyone loved each other like I loved my friend, I know the world would be a better place.The scary thing is that the world is out of control and the love seems to be diluted.I pray for Gods love to fill every heart with the divine Love that we all would be in awe.Gods Devine Love,I pray for it…

    • Hi,

      These types of friends as you described are a treasure in this world. And I’m sorry for your loss. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my younger brother’s passing, of whom was one of these treasures to me and still is.

      Sometimes we don’t have another close friend like you described because it allows us the time and space within us to deepen our relationship with God; at least this is what I’ve experienced. As we focus on that relationship with God, we are prepared to be in a deep and nurturing relationship with another. And also I find as I open my heart up in the present moment to love as I’ve been taught, others come into my reality to connect to that place in sincerity and truth. In all things, especially close friends, we have to trust in the perfect orchestration of all things. And I fully agree, if we could love one another from that place of divine love how different this world would be; it would change everything. And often because of our brokenness and the brokenness of others, to obtain this union of love we need patience within the imperfections of our relationships and commitment to continue to face all situations in this awareness of divine love to give one another time to heal so that bond can be strong. Yet, in this we learn of some of the most precious attributes of divine love.

      Divine love never fails … we will all be in this bond of love for it is the nature and will of our Creator. This is my continual hope in all things.

      • Hello Rachel,

        Yes, sometimes our friendships are limited by God for the purpose of learning from Him, through the pattern of the Son. The only way we can have purposeful and meaningful relationships with others is through an established oneness in the ways and attributes of God’s very substance. Before this substance is fully formed in us we in our weakness of soul latch on to that which is easy and available, the flesh, the comfort found from relationships with like weaknesses. This is in our spiritual youth. As God grows us sometimes he uproots us and puts us on the backside of the desert so to speak, away from those we at one time met with and exchanged our perspectives and insights with.

        One person’s journey is not a rubber stamp to another’s journey as we come to know in our maturing. One person’s calling is not another’s and the hardships and experiences will not be that of another…so we learn to have respect for all regardless of who that “other” person is…or their past. We who know and understand the end of all will not wish harm to come to any…for all will stand in the presence and likeness of our Lord and Savior, our brother in Christ. When God allows us to “see” the end of all people, we pray only for the consummation of God’s plan that includes all these “other” people.

        How then can we say we “see” and have ill will toward another which will be complete in God…one day? We cannot declare temporary insanity when we ignorantly rant on others of a different path than our own. There are different callings, different orders, therefore different disciplines and experiences. There may be thousands of religions how be it all man made. And many sects, divisions and parties within those churches. God will release His creation from the shackles of religion in His timing for each individual as He sees each is learning from their confines. We cannot know the benevolence of God and have appreciation and gratitude for being released from our carnality unless having been subjected to it in the first place…for as it says “Man was created subject to vanity not willingly, but subjected the same in hope”….the hope of escaping this vanity we were given by God Himself, through His Son. To enjoy the gift of life God created a contrast for a season that we may understand just how wonderful life can be. Contrast. There is no greater contrast than black and white for the one amplifies the other. Thus good and evil was created for contrast. Evil is an illusion that will fade away once it has served it’s purpose. Evil is death, and the last enemy God will destroy is death.

        When the last one has been processed through regeneration we will all have life…and life more abundantly than we had before our Job experiences. There is nothing that grows the heart more fonder than the absence of love…for a time…for a season. Man was created in vanity…for a time…so that our hearts would embrace what we once had…now to cherish it because of the temporary absence of it. We can then, now, enjoy the “double portion” of God’s love for having experienced our trials of want…as did Job.

        All we experience is to the greatest gift ever given to man and this is the very likeness and attributes of God Hmself, our Father. He made one, finished Him first, and then said to us…this is what you will be like when I am finished with you. So as it says “Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus”… Means just that, we will take on the likeness of the firstborn if we will just stop fighting it and…LET…it be so….in us.

        We can only love another in direct proportion to the love given to us from the Father.

        When we have the love of the Father firmly rooted in us we see no one that we do not love…as does the Father. One’s may do evil deeds in the present but these will case when “every knee will bow” to the will of God.

        We may have long bouts of aloneness in this life but heat and pressure is what makes a lump of coal a diamond. Knowing the end we suffer the present with confidence and patience…knowing He will come…in us.

      • Hi Sonny,

        A reflection that we are moving forward in truth and love is to see in the ways you’ve described. We all grow and mature in different ways through different means, situations, etc. Our experiences and particular path is according to our individuality and purpose .. and when we are on the path into truth, we learn similar core truths as others who are on that path. In this, we learn not to judge another’s path, for we see it is perfect according to their journey, but in love help and desire all to grow in awareness from where they are, because this is the only way we can grow. To see all as God’s children, regardless of their current soul state, thus to treat them as such is a powerful awareness to come to as it fosters a unchanging love in us for others. One day we will all be united as one through the spirit of God, we are treat each other according to this end. Divine love is the answer every time … our journey is to learn the nature of that perfect and pure love that we may desire it so we can become it.

      • Appointment with death?

        The important thing to understand is that God’s purpose from our beginning to our end is to make His children just like Himself…with all of His attributes, likeness, and character. God first made a “pattern”, and example, a “firstborn” to make all others by. He was to be the Messiah that would lead us by this example to Himself, where He was matured to the likeness of His Father…and ours.

        Our predetermined beginning and our end defines “our” path through this “valley of the shadow of death” experience we call earth and those things which we are being trained to be, God will allow through His firstborn, Jesus Christ. Christ is an anointing to bring about “the way” in our lives.

        He says He numbers our hairs on our head, a sparrow does not fall without His attention to this detail. Are we not more than the sparrow He ask? So let us understand that their are different callings and not all callings require the same instruction, teaching and correction. Correction is the correct translated word for punishment. While God “corrects” for our benefit, the carnal human mind wants to enjoy the “punishment” of another to defend their own self righteous way of believing. If your beliefs and desires do not lead you to desiring the love of God for not only yourselves but for all, you have missed God’s will and purpose. God is only love toward His creation and all we go through, both good and evil, just as Job says, is for our “good”.

        So, we are appointed once to die, just as it says, this is talking about more of a spiritual death than the natural we know but they do both work together by His grand design. Actually we are appointed this “death” experience of being blinded to Him and His ways for a season. From our natural birth to our natural death is the true death experience which ends in our natural death. For those who are enlightened to understand that life is in harmony with God and death is disharmony has to but ask themselves are they doing God’s will? If we are not we remain in a state of death. We are resurrected from this death “back” unto life just as our pattern, our Christ.

        The scripture saying” As in Adam all die, so as in Christ all shall be made alive, but each man in his own order, speak volumes about the complete plan of God. And that is, just as in Adam “all” have been lowered into this death experience so it is in Christ this same “all” will be raised to the resurrected life.

        The reason why some understand this and some do not is some see love in all and in all things and others God has not been given the sight to see His love in all and in all others. But in His timing, and that is what we are discussing here, all will be saved according to His predetermined destination for you and me. As it says to look at the natural to understand the spiritual (for God patterned all the natural after the spiritual to help our understanding of reality) our parents or we ourselves predetermine what we are going to to with our life and we make arrangements to that end. Some want to be this and some that so we choose our schooling to get us to that end. We don’t have a world full of one profession, but many, so all do not learn alike and foe the same purpose, so it is with God and His plan for us.

        So yes, we willed be finished according to our calling and in our order, we may not all make the high calling is Christ Jesus as Paul explained but the character of God will be completed in all. It is determined and it will come to pass our completeness in Him….so we are appointed a time to die and a time to live.

        And we must love all whether they love in return, by this we know we are truly being saved…from ourselves.

        In saying this about each of our passing there has been a very special person God had given me to be my help meet for quiet some time…and that special person was taken on March 5, 2016, my wife. She was the most gracious and kind person I have ever known. Her compassion and forgiveness was without a filter, she just was. As you Rachel have shared your loss of your brother, this is in every way is God’s timing. I’m really happy for her although it will take some time for me to get used to not having her presence. I thought not to share this here but it seems fitting in that our losses are their gain…and we should be accepting of God’s timing.

        According to scripture, there is a certain amount of mourning/ grieving we should experience but if we go beyond what God says we should, we do our loved one, God, and ourselves an injustice. We must accept God’s will, in God’s timing. We must have a peace in these times in knowing….As King David said, they cannot come back to us but we can go to them. Let us endeavor to honor these loved ones by honoring those who remain.

        May God bless


      • Oh Sonny, My love goes out to you as you go through this transition with your wife. Thank you for sharing this with me. I sense much peace in your words, of which is a testimony to your beliefs and faith. Knowing we are never a part from those we love in spirit, feeling the absence of their physical presence takes adjustment. Yet, we know that in a pure love there is no separation. So in a sense, their spirit is just as strong if not stronger in its presence with us after they pass. It’s a blessed gift … of which we also see in Jesus’ exit from this realm that left us with his pervasive Spirit to teach us all things.

        Its seems everything contains a paradox in the spiritual understanding of things … and in this we see the oneness in what seems opposing, the purpose in all things, and all working for the highest good. This is difficult to explain, but when the Spirit reveals it to our hearts it is clear and perfect.

    • We change others with the divine love we receive from God. Divine love cannot be diluted, we have to share it. Divine love surrounds us at all times. Don’t look to the world for it, it isn’t there. Just tap into it by asking God to let you experience it and then let it flow out to others.😍💖

      • beautifully said, because Divine love creates the highest good for all, like a fountain it comes from our true Source and Perfect Cause, God, through us and to others. Therefore, as you said, we experience it as we give it to others.

  2. Romans 8:18-21.I pray for it…

  3. Dear Rachel, how are you? I am a mentee from many years ago. I still remember what you taught me and have now started to offer spiritual mentoring to others along the lines you taught me. I just wanted to say thank you. I know that your work has touched me and continues to touch others from all walks of life.

    • Hi, I’m wonderful,especially upon receiving your comment 🙂 Thank you so much for taking time to comment, I appreciate the sincere encouragement. I’ve been learning a lot as my soul journey has continued to deep and expand. And I’m so grateful to hear that my journey has encouraged you and others, for that is the essence of our sharing with one another. You have truly blessed me.

  4. Dear Rachel,

    what do you exacctly mean by : Supportive High Vibration Elements?
    Here are some examples of the supportive High Vibration elements of creation that when we give to and receive from increase our vibration: Ministering spirits of animals?

    To me this sounds like an animalistic religion….ministering Spirits of animals.

    Is that what you mean?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi, an animalistic religion? .. sounds strange. No nothing strange or weird, but simply seeing the purpose that animals have in our lives. If you’ve been close to a pet then you know in part what I mean. Animals teach us, and their loyalty, companionship, and affections nurture us along our journey. I’ve shared some of what I’ve learned in some posts.

      Another example is the way animals are used in all types of therapy .. It’s about love.

      Giving all of the Creator’s creation honor and respect and thus building it among ourselves as well. On the contrary when we harvest them for food, do animal testing, build communities that lack balance with nature, harm them or cause animals suffering for our “benefit” … we aren’t benefited but actually lower our vibration and suffer greatly for it. When we learn to honor all of creation and treat them with respect then that is when we benefit. What we do to others is what we do to ourselves … including how we treat animals. And when we treat them well, we receive much from them in return.

  5. God left us instructions in the bible about how we are to deal with all things…. including animals. Everything we do, if there is a question we are but to look at the written instruction for our answers. We are to keep in mind that all animals in the scriptures also represents an emotional trait within us. There are strong parallels in the natural and spiritual. When an animal was sacrificed it was done in a humane way, with purpose. When we sacrifice our beast within we also do so with the same spirit, one of understanding that when the beast is removed, love moves into that void….within our being.

    We are to treat those human individuals who have these beastly natures within with respect…and when it is time for their sacrifice to be made, we are to help them in the transition in a spirit with love. We are to be careful that we do not kill the wrong spirit within that person by our misplaced words…for words can kill (the spirit) or make alive…in the love of God.

    Animals, spirits, souls, and nature itself must be treated from a singleness of purpose….to know this purpose we must pray to understand that one purpose…which is God’s will in and for all things.

    A tender and considerate heart learns much…and teaches much by example..with few words.

    • Hi Sonny,

      Something I’ve learned that this topic illustrates well.

      What’s reflected in the Old Testament, as well as throughout the Bible, is the current state of awareness and consciousness of humankind. Our understanding and perception of God is always limited by the state of our consciousness. All that aspects of the OT reflect humankind’s state like the animal sacrifice and the various rituals. These dynamics are how they perceived God, how to relate to him, how they serve him and what he desired, no different than is done in today’s religions.

      As the religions today are full of error, so was the religion of the OT. However it was all they could know and do with their current level of awareness, and as God is sovereign, it is purposeful. So what we see in religions reflect humankind’s or that group’s current level awareness of God. In all this, the Spirit uses all error to teach us; that is the purpose of us experiencing it. So there are underlining spiritual concepts that can be learned from all these things as you pointed out. And if we trust the Spirit of Truth to teach us all things, then this is what he’ll teach us… these underlining concepts.

      Back to animal sacrifice, which was common in religions of that day, this was the only way they understood to deal with their “sin”, as they didn’t perceive the depths of the divine love of God, as reflected in Hosea 6:6 For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.

      When Jesus came he provided an opportunity for humankind to gain a more accurate view of God. It is divine love that removes our “sin” our error … for in it we are one with God and his consciousness governs us; thus we have no error. This is where we are to get to in our understanding. And when we do, we begin to see the significance and power of his love.

      All is our creation and doing that is reflective of the self-determined consciousness, yet God ordained this state for a time that we may learn from it.

      • It is good to understand these things, that they all help to define a part of that one “spirit” which is the love and nature of the one God. Truly “all” things both good and evil bring us to God. I know you know this well.

  6. When you and dmactmac30 spoke of your losses I wrote to console more than be consoled, however it is all good. You are right my relationship with Donna is more “spiritual” now than it has ever been. She is more complete than she has ever been and I am happy for “her” more than I have ever been. When we see God’s plan for all and the destination for all we can be no other way than at peace about where they are. We want the best for those we love and she is at the best place.

    I would have liked for you to have known one another, she was really a special person. I started to send you her Facebook page at one time. I told her you two were so much alike. If you would like her Facebook page was/is Donna Barnes. It would be the one with the horses. I am not much about Facebook.

    Life awaits us when we pass through this death experience. There is much to speak of this truth.


    • Hi Sonny,

      I know that you are complete in Christ (to experience the affections of a union with this spirit, even in faith) that leave us lacking nothing. What a gift to know this within ourselves and to feel this “fullness” in moments like these, where we could feel otherwise… so I extend my loving affections from soul to soul to connect in a common place, which in this case is experiencing the transitions of those greatly loved by us. To connect in the arrays of love is a sacred and beautiful gift.

      I’m not on Facebook but from your words what a beautiful reflection she casted upon those who know her.

  7. As we concur in our comments one to the other, one thing that you touch on which if I may add (which you know) is that divine love came through Jesus Christ and this divine love could only be “represented ” in the OT, in general, by the “obedience” of the sacrifices of the animals to not remove sin but “cover” their sin only for a season. As you point out so often only divine love can remove sin, not the sacrifice of some outwardly observant ritual. The divine love we speak about in the spiritual sense (better love than sacrifice) could only be represented until Christ came and fulfilled the representations.

    I agree, religions of today which practice a type of burnt offerings and sacrifices still do the ritualistic things (give money, light candles, water rituals, etc, etc) and leave out the actual treatment of others in a benevolent way…because….they have done these lesser things.

    One of the most offensive errors to God in the OT that displeased Him was that the Israelites did not bring the best “of their flock” which they were instructed to do…to cover their sin. To pick out the best from among their flocks took an honesty in being truthful with God. So it is today, when we look deep within ourselves, do we acknowledge our sin (represented by the animal ) or do we bring “not the best” of our observation within and lie to God about our inward nature and protect our sin by covering it over? Do we keep back that grudge or that unforgiveness, our that love of recognition for what we say and do? Do we want to recognized above others for our piety? If we do these things among other vanity traits we do not bring (acknowledge) from the best of the flock so speak. We keep back that we love the most about our sin and therefore we remain with these sins in our life.

    Is it not better to love than to sacrifice, is it not better to honor God rather than have others to honor us for what is rightfully His? When we seek love for all we seek a level playing field in which we are only one on that field…and not the only one.

    We must look at our flocks of error within, pick them out and ask God to take these things from us as in the OT sacrifices so that love may abound through obedience to the spirit. We must love instead of sacrifice in place of it. We must resist the devil…within….so that no place is found for him to exercise the ritual over the true…which is the very nature and attributes of our Father which is in heaven. These divine things are to be expressed as they were and are in Christ Jesus within our very being in the here and now…not in the hereafter.

    “Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus”… which was and “IS” written in the present tense. It is a statement about living and having in the now npresent tense, the attributes of Jesus Christ, which are also the attributes of our Father. This is the oneness we will “all” have.

    • Hi Sonny,

      Yes. God always cares about the heart; if we are sincere and as honest as we can be at the moment, and desiring to advance in truth and love then we will methodically grow to reflect a more accurate reflection of our Creator in all we do. Because, in this state of sincerity and humility, we are able to learn and grow so we can transition from an immature nature that is self-willed, into fully desiring to become one with him to gain a “christ-like” nature.

      Having the protocol of animal sacrifices was a reflection of their current spiritual nature, thus God didn’t desire them to be in this state (yet at the same time it was a necessary state of which his sovereignty always governs), but it was their starting point. He begins our growth with were we are at and what we can receive. And teaches us from there. So, in what I believe, animal sacrifices wasn’t the way of God, it was their reflection of their starting point, in which God began to teach by to lead them toward the truth.

      Truly God desires us to love all. To harm none. To bring all of creation into a loving embrace.

      The analogy for me in regards to this topic is when I was a part of organized religion. Once I started sincerely seeking, the Spirit didn’t immediately lead me out, he began teaching me where I was at .. and as I learned and he built the truth in me precept upon precept, then I was able to follow his lead into a way of being that was more of a reflection of him; out of organized religion (which casts an inaccurate reflection of God for a myriad of reasons). And this process of learning from where I am continues on. Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t move away from certain things earlier. I wasn’t ready. I needed the truth .. for it is by the truth that we are led by him. As we grow we leave what we thought was of God, but learned wasn’t … toward more of what is of God, layer by layer. In this, we are humbled realizing we don’t know as we ought… and we continue to push into truth and love until we are fully one with no more illusions of the shadow of death.

      So as we grow in truth, we move into reflections more and more of his likeness and away from what isn’t. Though, every part was purposeful and for our learning; for this learning is what this simulated reality through the shadow of death is about.

      What I find so fascinating is that though it all … you can see the ubiquitous sovereignty of God, in that everything is purposeful for its time. And we see this by seeing the underlining spiritual truths that are reflected and taught through it all. And this is a great comfort.

      • There is peace in knowing that God makes no mistakes. There is no one who is a mistake or mistaken to be. We are all part of that foregoing conclusion. This is what gives true peace…

      • Yes, I totally agree, otherwise God wouldn’t be sovereign and wouldn’t be God. 🙂

      • My 11 year old Bulldog passed away last month.It was one of the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I had a connection with that dog that I can hardly believe. I guess what I’m trying to say is I pray that the love I had for my dog is a blessing from God no doubt ,but will the love we had for each other will manifest in Heaven…Will I see my dog in Heaven?.. What your thoughts on this Rachel?

      • Hi,

        I totally understand this connection .. for though I haven’t lost a pet, I feel a very deep connection of love with my two felines. They have taught me about love in a variety of very special ways that were significant to my understanding of divine love. These relationships are one of the very special gifts our Father gives to us in creation. And how blessed we are to see this, experience it and honor them. If we don’t yet see its significance, I feel it is because we are still in the dark of seeing the fullness of divine love, of which one day the light will reveal.

        I heard over and over from the Spirit at my brother’s passing that a pure love never dies. Love is eternal. It is the essence of life as God is love and life. Personally, with what I’ve experienced and learned, I feel this is true with animals as well. They are of a different “skin”, but the spirit of love that can be created between us and them is just as strong and real, and it can be stronger than with a person because of the purity it holds. The day after my brother passed, we had to put down his black lab of which he was just as close to as any love connection could be. As I held her in my arms, I felt I was placing her in his arms … even now this gives me chills. I felt their spirits were going to be together. I don’t know what that “looks” like, but that sacred connection of a pure love is unbreakable. I feel this is the very important and essential lesson above all we are to learn … that love over comes death … its what the Father was teaching us through Jesus among many other things.

        Because the Creator is always beyond us, we experience his love not only in our soul from his Spirit within, but also through creation. The love we give one another, regardless our “skins”, is how his love is manifested in creation, thus this love exchange is so very special, not only to us but to Him. It is a beautiful picture of oneness in every way. Nothing can overcome this love … not even death … for there is nothing stronger, for true love is the essence of our Creator. Romans 8:35-39

      • Something was very powerful in this …

      • With all I’ve experienced for it to be connected to this particular post … amazes me. Thank you for the question, you have greatly blessed me.

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