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The Divine Exchange


The Divine Exchange

Preparation for Oneness


In preparation for oneness, in faith the soul exchanges elements of the self-determined consciousness for those of the divine. These elements shape the spiritual blueprint of consciousness and the spiritual laws of that govern consciousness.

Oneness with our Creator is crafted through love; for love is the foundation and nature of our eternal relationship with him. The Spirit of Truth is bringing me to place of love in every area of my soul to prepare me for this oneness. This place isn’t in the likeness of my self-generated love, but of his divine love. Thus, I’m learning of this love and will continue to until I am fully aware, open, and responsive to its nature. This soul journey entails addressing the multitude of areas that form the blueprint of my consciousness. All these areas need to be enlightened with divine love before divine love can be possessed. The divine consciousness, which manifests divine love, is all consuming, so the soul has to be prepared for its total governance at its first drop.

How are these areas that form the consciousness being revealed to me?

Necessity of Weakness

Weakness. Normally weaknesses are the bane of our existence. But when journeying into the realm of divinity, they become a form of strength.

My weaknesses are playing an essential role in this transformative process. Not only do they reveal what to let go of in relation to my self-determination, but also they give me the overwhelming desire to do so. Thus, they are a necessary and formative part of this process. Because of the proportional relationship between awareness of weakness and awareness of divinity, the further I progress on this journey, the greater the experience of my weaknesses.

Because consciousness is all consuming, nothing of my soul is left untouched by the divine light; thus, weakness is felt in every aspect of my being. Facing the immensity of my frailties can be trying and unsettling. Yet, it’s in this season of the soul that the foundation of faith established over the years by the Spirit of Truth rises to the occasion and carries me through. Though I’m losing myself, there is only gain. When this divine exchange for the elements of the self-determined consciousness for those of the divine is soulfully understood, letting go becomes an overwhelming desire. In exchange for letting go is the attainment of the elements of divinity in faith. It’s an evolutionary process of letting go of the false self of illusions, to embrace faith in the divine, which brings in the substance of divinity.

Divine Elements

There are four particular elements of consciousness that overlap and affect the soul’s ability to be a conduit of divine love. Thus, the Spirit of Truth directs the soul to make a divine exchange in these areas.

The interrelated elements of love, judgment, justice, and forgiveness possess a self-determined nature that through a soul’s preparation for divinity are exchanged for the divine nature. Divine elements do what the self-determined ones cannot. They produce eternal life, regeneration of the human soul thus all of creation, harmony, unity, endless growth, eternal peace, rest, joy and freedom.

Divine love is creating the highest good for all, in every situation, all the time. Divine love’s characteristics contain many layers, infinite expressions, and truths. Some of its characteristics are it’s always 1. longsuffering 2. kind and gentle 3. humble and confident 4. courageous 5. honoring of all 6. constant and consuming 7. healing and forgiving 8. giving and nurturing 9. merciful 10. trustworthy, honest, and faithful 11. abundant 12. of divine judgment. It perfectly loves at all times to all entities of creation. It excludes no one or nothing. This love moves through the soul from its Source. It isn’t self-generated. It’s the light of God. It’s the cornerstone of truth.

This element is the foundation to the divine consciousness. Once the soul understands the nature of divine love to a degree where it experiences the desire to perfectly love all creation at all times, then the understanding of the other elements flows into the soul’s awareness. Each element is received into the soul in conjunction with the soul’s willingness to give to others according to its nature.

Since divine love is all consuming, prior to its substance filling the soul, the soul must completely desire it along with its corresponding divine elements that play a role in manifesting that love; particularly divine judgment, divine justice and divine forgiveness.

Divine judgment is determining all souls, regardless of soul condition, at all times worthy of divine love. The solution to every ailment of the soul that causes harm and pain is divine love. It’s the answer to every situation. When the soul sincerely wants to give this love, which means embracing and giving all of its characteristics, then the answers come as to how to respond to each situation and relationship. This judgment doesn’t assess the past or future, but resides in the present; a state of timelessness, where all of creation is deemed worthy and needing of divine love. The lies and illusions that caused the harm and pain are dismissed, and the truth is honored and cultivated. When a soul embraces this divine element it willingly extends divine love, thus judges in harmony with the Spirit of Truth.

Judgment, which is how a soul sees a person or situation, precedes justice, which is how a soul responds to a person or situation. Thus, how the soul judges determines how the soul administers justice.

Divine justice is allocating to every soul, regardless of their soul state, divine love. Divine love heals and regenerates the soul into eternal life. It creates goodness out of every ill act. Thus, when one causes harm the response of divine justice is to sincerely desire and do what is for their highest good, which is what cultivates divine love in their soul. Therefore, the intention in divine justice is to love and increase love, nothing else. This intention brings about the corresponding responsive action.

If one suffers for any reason, all suffer. Thus, what is desired is what heals suffering. And as one begins to heal, all begin to heal. The fulfillment of divine justice is the Creator bringing his love into every soul and making it his reflection. If there is one, even one, without his reflection, then divine justice is not complete.

Divine forgiveness is severing a soul from its past so it has no ill effects on the present. It’s the working mechanism of divine justice. It transitions every act of the past to bring about the highest good for all. It’s an act of complete liberation of the soul, thus the keys to the kingdom. In divine love, divine forgiveness is a constant. This forgiveness is activated in the soul when it is received in truth and love into the soul from the giver. Thus, when the receiving soul accepts this element into its beliefs thus its soul, then the transformative work of divine forgiveness commences.

These divine elements are of the Creator’s Spirit. Thus when the soul engages them through faith, the soul is far more powerful than when engaging these elements through the self-determined consciousness. As the soul employs them in faith and prayer, a link from the soul to the Creator is established. This connection brings a new set of potentials, which are anchored in divinity, into the soul’s reality.

Our Creator’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. My journey has been one of letting go of my self-determined ways and embracing his in faith as the Spirit of Truth reveals them to my soul. And as I am learning, this divine exchange prepares my soul for oneness, which is the fulfillment of every desire, hope, and promise.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “The Divine Exchange

  1. Love the progression of thought and especially the good analogy of “divine” judgement. The carnal from the spiritual.

    In our “carnal” strengths we are weak in our “spiritual” strengths so in our carnal weakness’ we are strong in our spiritual character. One thinks in standing up for oneself with “bravado” is a strength but in fact a weakness in spirit. “When we are weak then we are strong in spirit” is a saying of having proportional strength in our loving attributes to our “brute” strength of the caranal man which is “our” strength. Spiritual knowledge attached to the caranal knowledge and mind of man is a dangerous thing. This is where we take the things of God and make them tradition.

    To give ourselves totally to the will of our Father is to be able to recognize the spirit strengths from the caranal and how we should be weak in ourselves to make room for “His” strengths. It is a process of a complete metamorphosis of one having character into another. They are so similar they are not discernible but by the spirit and having taken on the mind of the Father. To stand for Him is to stand against the pride of ourselves in “our knowing”. As we are weakened in our jealousies, ill will, disrespect, pride of life, impatience, we are simultaneously strengthened in the ways of God.

    What you reference and state has no law. This is what we are to strengthen to, and that we are to weaken from is our erroneous and warped perspective of self. When we move into the realm of this love we reference “without law” is how God intends to morph us from the “law of unrighteousness” into the realm of the spirit which has no law. It is not a hard concept to grasp once we have been given a vision of completetion but we can never grasp it with our intellect. No seminary or secular school can teach truth, only knowledge for as we often say truth is a substance of who God is. The law was written because of transgression so in that truth does not reside in transgression but in the substance of God it cannot be of the law. God gives us of Himself directly so we need to seek Him directly from “mind to mind” and not through the transgression of the “legalistic” law. This is why a caranal minded man is justified by the law and a righteous man by the spirit. The law is only a shadow of the true. If Christ was standing in front of us and casting a shadow would we worship Him or the shadow? So do we worship the law (shadow) or do we worship the true substance of who Christ is…the same substance of His Father…and ours?

    When we are truly free from ourselves there will be no judgement, we will see with a spiritual vision that “all” will be as free as we will be. So we respect the potential and final destination of all of God’s their order.

    More than words can only feebly describe it is a beautiful thing to “see” the love of God in the perfection of all of His plan including all of His children. “As in Adam all die so as in Christ (this same) all will be made alive, however each in his own order.” It is just a matter of our order and our ability to obey which will land us in one of the 100,60, or 30 fold orders. We cannot fall beneath the 30 fold which is also “life without end”. The despotic rulers of this world we see with great carnal strengths of power in reality are but the weakest of God’s children and since they have failed to rule righteously will never be given any say in the rule of the kingdom…to come. The historical great “vile” leaders will not have a place in the priestly and kingly government of God. They also will be saved as it says…yet though as by fire…the further cleansing nature of God.

    I encourage your readers to pay attention to the love in which you speak and teach…aside from the confines of the law.

    • Hi Sonny, When we have the Spirit of God in a oneness with our soul, we are his love and wisdom. All our striving ceases, all the “law of righteousness” is fulfilled because we are divine love, we are his righteousness. Any exterior governance isn’t necessary, for it comes from within us, which is the only way true eternal harmony can be manifested. It is the most incredible freedom for our soul as a created being. And how I long for that fulfillment, for all’s sake.

  2. Obedience will lead us all to this fulfillment…some rewarded with the fold of 100…some 60 and some 30…but it is a wonderful thing to see that all does mean all.

  3. Our words to one another inspire much thought and “concern” as they should. When love is the premise of what we desire and seek we feel compelled to further it’s establishment in the hearts of all we come in contact with. We hope not to burden but convey it’s presence in whatever way and platform is provided us. There is much confusion in the hears of God’s people, the wondering of the why of it all and it’s purpose. Rachel has been so kind to allow much deep discussion and food for thought to pass this way. If the Lord leads me I will soon establish a platform, a web page of some sort to provide a place to speak without restraint of interfering with the thoughts of another…if perhaps they are not on par. Not that Rachel does not show the loving consideration for others that she should, it is just that my generation grew up without even the thought that this internet was even possible. Whatever I do it will be with the utmost respect and love for my friend in the Lord that speaks above knowledge, doctrine, and the desire to see all as one…as do I.

    Something we all experience:

    If you find yourself not liking yourself and your sin, and finding yourself losing being attracted to this world and it’s meaningfulness, and deeply desiring to know God and wanting to do His will, it is only because He has given this desire to you. These are all very promising thoughts and “attributes” to have, for which you will one day be thankful if you follow on to the end of your calling. All these things are of the Lord, the cause being His.He makes the way and chooses the time and instrumentalities in all your days, the people who come your way, the words, and circumstances, to bring one to salvation. Of Him it is said:

    “No one can come to Me unless the Father Who has sent Me draw him, and I will raise him up at the last day. It is written in the Prophets, ‘And they shall all be taught of God.’ Therefore everyone who hears and learns from the Father comes to Me” (John 6:44-45 MKJV).

    Religion and church membership will not save you, neither having even good deeds. Great understanding of the scriptures will not save you, however correct your doctrine and “truths”. If you study every day from morning till night this will not save you. If we do not according to “His” will and His way, nothing will “save” us. “Saving” us is saving us from what He Himself gave to us, our carnality, our fallen nature and yes, our ability to do bad deeds. This is all by His design and purpose in “saving” us. We must be reconciled, regenerated, redeemed and resurrected from what? It is from ourselves, that fallen nature given to each of us as it was given to Adam and Eve in the fall.

    When we have been allowed to “see” we see a wonderful process as was given Job to see the values in all things, good and bad. We see as Job we must by “experience” learn that it is God and God only through His Son that we are given life and life more abundantLy as was Job. This is the purpose of the fall and the redemption from it plainly put, it is to have more of Himself, our positions to be secured by our “proven” devotion, loyalty and love toward not only Him but all of mankind. We can only love in truth when we understand “His” plan of salvation.

    We love…period.

    • Hi Sonny,

      I’m excited about your new venture. I know you will, but let us know when it is up. You have much to share and I have felt or some time that you have a gift for such a platform. I have appreciated your comments, like an angel in the ear.

      “To be Saved” is such an interesting concept … for divine love always saves. In its nature there is never a question of saving, we are always in his love, though we experience a state of consciousness of being separate from it in that we can’t give it. We are in this temporary state of our self-determined consciousness that is serving a multitude of purposes and through its imperfections prepares us for oneness with the divine consciousness. Our brokenness is all part of the plan, his plan. For all souls to be of this divine consciousness has always been the plan and our current experience is part of that plan playing out. So we were always saved and yet when experiencing our depravity we move from not understanding to understanding this beautiful quality of love that always saves us from ourselves by giving us of itself – totally and completely. Thus, we experience being saved. If that makes sense. When we understand this quality and others of divine love then we are able to understand his plan of salvation, as you say.

      To be drawn to God with a sincerity of heart is one of the greatest gifts we can have in this place. And each one will eventually experience this drawing .. but as you so often say, each in their own time.

      I personally am understanding the lessons that are held within the story of Job on much deeper levels than I have before. The solution to all is for all that we are to be of his divine love and truth (thus righteousness). Nothing else will suffice and when we come to this awareness then we are willing to “sell all” for we see we are nothing without him in a oneness with us. And sometimes we all is removed, we see that so clearly.

  4. What I love about the story of Job is…; that if you inserted your own name as the title of the book, this should be the way we should look at God in dealing in our lives, in complete trust, faith and devotion to His will and His way. We need to understand and “know” that every aspect of our lives from morning to morning is as carefully thought out and planned for what is best for us. as God gave “permission” to Satan for Job’s testing, so it is with us. Testing Job’s answers to His “friends” so it is with us. In the end Job prayed for His accusers and those who did Him harm and so it should be with us. There is absolutely no other way to look at all people except for their full reconciliation in the order of their..and our..calling. We will one day meet and greet every single child of God; “For as in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive, however “each” man in his own order. The all in the first part of the sentence include the same all in the second part. All.

    How wonderful it is to know the true love of God.

    • Sonny – how true … along my journey, as I’ve understood the stories in the Bible as spiritual parables, I’ve seen much of my life written within them. It’s the incredible way that the Spirit of Truth teaches you. For example, as you say we are tested by “Satan”, the personification of our self-determined consciousness. As the lies of this consciousness confront us, it is the words of truth and life that we have learned from the Spirit of Truth that we stand upon instead of the lie. When we stand in truth then it reveals we’ve learned the truth and we no longer give heed to or serve the lie. This testing also happened with Jesus in the wilderness before his ministry began. This testing seems to be a pivotal points in our journey, like what we go through before we graduate.

      For me, I’ve learned as well that Job is a reflection of the “birth pain” process through which we come into our divine sonship, again a very significant transformative period. When we are ready because the inner temple of a divine soul is completed, then we are tested through our circumstances and in this testing process we move completely from any reliance on the self-determined conciseness to faith in the divine, and in that process all our reality created by our self-determined consciousness falls away or breaks away, like Job’s did or like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. It’s a challenging time to say the least because it is our birth pangs caused by the closeness of our soul to the divine light, and the impeding transformation taking place. It causes our own earthquake that unearths our divine soul in the process. So all that carries us through as everything falls away is faith in divine love. And as we enter this period, we find the Spirit of Truth faithfully prepared us for it.

      It is the most incredible gift to perceive the divine love of God. It affects every aspect of our being, for the seeing is part of the becoming.

  5. Many may not be able to comprehend this but not only the book of Job but the entire bible is written as an example and confirmation to us, and it is about what happens within us. Every line is to help us to understand the purpose of God in having written the bible. It is my comprehension that as we progress and are given the understanding to stand in the light we have we are in that measurement of Himself. I do not mean to merely understand with the intellect but having the understanding that places one in that measurement of being in the substance. Just as the word “believe” can carry an external context as being “about” something, the true biblical meaning has to do with participation in the word. As we know we should love the other, it is another thing to do so. When our God and Father allows us to move into the higher realms of understanding the seemingly “external explanations” and “meanings” of words take on another level of meaning entirely…one of becoming that word in the spirit. In another way….words in the natural are knowing about things whereas words in the spiritual is about becoming that thing.

    I refer to the book of Job often because I do see it covering our own life in every way. I believe there is much more meaning than meets the surface for I see it also in the sense of three levels, before testing, during testing, and after testing. The before on one level of understanding is having been given the gift of life before testing as before we come to earth. The conversation God had with his servant Satan was why would not Job love God, He gave him all for nothing, it was just a gift. When Job “fell” (as did Adam and Eve) into the realm of testing His loyalty and willingness to love and obey God was put to the test to determine where God would place Him in His kingdom and with how much reward and responsibility. In the “third realm” of having proved himself in the second realm of testing Job was given a double portion. Job had given up everything to serve, love and obey His God and was placed in the order God chose for Him.

    This is only one allegory to be understood in the book of Job but it of the highest order of understanding. It has an earthly understanding of obedience and reward on this earth for those in the 30 fold realm, a little higher understanding in the 60 fold realm and for those who have given up and sacrificed all of “self” God grants these to understand God’s third level of heaven…one where no division of good and evil exist. Understanding seems to always come just immediately before the ability to walk more so in a more peaceful and contented way. There is a rest in God where we have patience and with in the lord to bring our steps to us as He did Job. Job did not go looking for anything, God brought the test to him. We should do the same. We should walk out our days in being as kind and generous toward other as we are permitted. But to seek out things to do to prove our love is futile for we love as a result of who we are and not what we do. We will do a plenty by the inherent life of God within as situations present themselves. We will not “prove” anything for we will react out of who we will have become.

    There is no way to force another to believe what one may believe. We can only share what we have been given and whether one is tuned into what we have to share is between them and God. We can (and should) only give what is easily understood by another because it is God who is opening their mind and not ourselves. We are doing our part by edifying, sharing and encouraging others. We should give it and let it be accepted or rejected by the other. There is a time for all things (Ecclesiastes 3) and admonishment should be given wisely to help and not to hinder or hurt. The truth does hurt the conscious of the carnal man and some will turn and rend while others will accept with thanksgiving. Nothing is given that one should seek reward or boast in what they have for truth is given to all from the same source. If we seek admiration for what we say to another we have our reward. If we say what we do to point them away from us and toward the way of God we do well, as we find comfort in seeking a oneness for all equally. To have a feeling of specialness and being above others, any other, is of the devil and is a lie.

    Even Christ Himself taught this deep secret when He stated that when all was said and done, having put away all death He would give up even His own authority and be as His brethren, as one. Many do not get what Christ is saying here…He is saying once we are all in the safety of having been reconciled to God there will then be no need of His authority over any for they will be as He is…we will be in the Father as He is in the Father…and we will all have the same mind and substance as our calling.

    We must look at others without putting them on a pedestal or looking down on them. We must see their end and then we can truly understanding what Christ means when He speaks of the oneness of the Father, Himself and us being alike and with the nature of the caranal man having been cast out.

    I could do nothing but converse in the way of the Lord in all my waking hours and be consumed in His presence but we must work, and tend to those things we must to live…yet even in the most mundane we serve…Him.

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