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The Emergence of Truth


pupa-3829514_640In the dream consciousness we believe we are separated from unshakable peace, eternal beauty, holiness, unaltered joy, abundance within and without, limitlessness freedom, invincible vitality, undisturbed rest, unconditional love, and eternal life, which are all attributes of Truth. In this dream of separation from Truth, we strive for a pale likeness of these attributes through our mis-creations of vain imaginings (idols of empty promises) which we mistakenly believe can produce these spiritual attributes for us. These attributes are our utmost desires and we make great sacrifices as we try to obtain them through our upside down and disoriented sub-desires.

As we awaken, where we once strove for these attributes of Truth, we now rest and experience them through the creative God act of emergence.

Along the path of enlightenment, the Light of Truth fills our minds and we come to know that we already possess all these attributes in the eternal present moment. This eternal present is beyond the shadowlands of the dream that is trapped in a repeating past and all its falsity. As we awaken, we recognize these attributes comprise our true nature as one created in the likeness of God’s Self. In already possessing them, they manifest through a state of rest, not striving. Why strive for what we already possess? Instead, we simply are who we truly are. We only need a deep knowing that we are these attributes. In this state of being, our minds serve eternal Truth. In this Illumination, our minds become a creative outlet for the Truth which flows from the supra-conscious, which is the mind of the Divine Self (the Christ).

Our now illuminated mind can convey the divine thoughts of the supra-conscious that manifest these attributes into reality.  Like a shining star, as we rest, the supra-conscious of God’s Self shines through us and morphs our reality into one that reflects the Truth we know. This state of being is our mind’s creative state of emergence.

In emergence, we deny/release (universal forgiveness) the illusion and give ourselves to the Truth, which we’ve learned to perceive beyond the illusion with our inner spiritual eye. In this creative shift, we no longer create from the storehouse of the sub-conscious of mistaken creations, vain imaginings, troubled memories, or a regretful past.  As our mind no longer draws from this darkened place of unawareness, all it manifested falls away like an old tattered garment (the “great falling away”), and the magnificent creations of the supra-conscious take its place.

In this state of being, we no longer give concern to the past or the future. Our present moment no longer is an effect of the past, it emerges from our eternal Source of Truth that isn’t tied to a past of illusions. Further, we let go of self-determined expectations and open up to the perfect unfoldment of a reality that far exceeds our expectations. We don’t need to toil for anything. We already possess all our desires, so we can simply be and rest as all we are emerges through our now divine mind of oneness. We are not the limited body we once believed, striving for all we thought was lacking. We are magnificent, eternal, holy and ever-expanding expressions of God’s Self.  The supra-conscious recreates our body/reality so that we are consumed and surrounded by the atmosphere of eternity.

Emergence is a state of being, a state of rest, a creative state in which the divine mind creates through our mind, as one. It’s a present-mindedness. When Truth is given a creative outlet through us, its emergence creates an experience of ever-present joy. We never know what will emerge in terms of perceptual reality, but it will possess the attributes of Truth. It’s an experience of beautiful surprises and unlimited joy.



How Truth is Revealed

Our individuality is the created part of us. It “sits” like a garment atop a consciousness center, which is part of the immortal Mind of God dedicated to loving and ever-caring for our created individuality. The individuality must be prepared to receive the Mind of God so his Truth can be expressed through it, creating the individual’s experience of His reality. The embryonic individuality’s preparation begins in darkness.

God destined creation to reflect His perfect love back to our individuality through our seamless integration with his Mind. In so doing, God’s Mind extends itself throughout all of creation, where limitless manifestations reflect the attributes of His Truth back to the individuality. Through the KNOWLEDGE of Truth, the individuality observes and experiences continual manifestations that reflect perpetual joy, peace, happiness, growth, connection, and sense of worth, which are among the eternal attributes of God. These attributes possess permanence because Truth underlies their limitless manifestations.

Initially in darkness, the individuality defines Truth by extracting it from the expressions and manifestations it perceives externally. It “looks” outward attempting to discover Truth by asking, “What is the underlining Truth in the forms I perceive?” (For example, what is seen outwardly defines what brings joy, peace, health, purpose, etc.) By trying to extract Truth from an external form, it unknowingly creates an illusion of truth that is form-based, external, and grossly applied over one’s perceived reality. Truth initially seems hidden “outside” the individuality, where it must be discovered in a world wholly separate from itself. The developing individuality is thus encased in an illusionary reality of darkness (separation from God), which it believes reflects truth.

Darkness ultimately serves the individuality by introducing it to the light of Truth through the use of “opposites”. This concept enlightens the individuality to the idea that it resides in darkness where illusions of its apparent separation from God appear “real”, (such as experiences of “lack” or “want”). These illusions assume many forms, revealing a reality of suffering, sickness and decay, governed by the ever-present specters of fear and death. None of this is of God and therefore unreal (not Truth). However all illusions are purposely used to awaken the individuality.

God’s Truth has no opposite because only It exists. By realizing illusions (such as lack and want), are not always true, the idea of “opposites” forms in the darkened individuality and illuminates the first structures of Truth. When first perceived, Truth seems like a lie (unreal) because the individuality initially believes its opposite is true. (For example, when experiencing “lack” the idea of the promised “abundant life” seems unreal. The same applies for all opposites such as peace when perceiving attack, or joy when feeling sadness.) At this point, a conflict occurs within the individuality as to how the opposites it perceives can both be true.

Because of these “opposites” the diligent quest for Truth begins, and the outward-facing senses slowly stop dictating what the developing individuality believes is true. In darkness, the individuality used its senses to define truth by the forms it perceived. It judged which forms produced the “truth” of happiness, peace, satisfaction, purpose, etc., and pursued those forms in order to harvest their “truth”. But in so doing, the individuality quickly realizes that forms are fleeting, taking with them the “truths” they once reflected.

As these forms dissolve into the past and become unreal, the individual becomes conflicted by the idea of how the attributes of Truth can be replaced with an opposite. The individuality looks inward and seeks for Truth’s permanence by asking questions such as; “Where is happiness found in a more permanent way?, How can I experience sustained feelings of worth?, or How can I abide in satisfaction and peace?” These questions can lead a diligent seeker beyond the limits of its illusionary, form-based reality and into the Kingdom of Truth, where the individuality experiences the eternal attributes of God it has long sought for.


~ TreeSoul


Light Catchers

Light Catchers

Of Purified Desires

(Part 3: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


Desires are the progenitors of creation.

The defining attribute of a soul of divinity, one reflecting the likeness of our Creator, is receiving, experiencing and giving divine love. Thus, an essential aspect of a metamorphosis into this divine soul, who exudes this eternal light, is desiring this love.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we can’t love perfectly, or divinely, with our current false self-judging consciousness. However, we can desire this love in our current state. I believe the formulation of this desire is a part of the purpose of our current state; a desire that couldn’t manifest as it needs to without the experience of imperfection.

Pure desires are ones that reflect the characteristics of divine love. They produce a soul condition within us that is a necessary creative element that precedes becoming one with the divine consciousness of our Creator, which gives us the ability to love perfectly. So, though desire may seem like an insignificant aspiration, it’s of infinite value and power. Thus, desire formation and refinement is a pivotal part of our soul’s development.

The Path of a Light Catcher

Personally, possessing an increasing desire to love divinely is coming through many lessons of experiencing my own brokenness, pain and the pain I caused others, while being instructed in the nature of divine love through my conversational prayer life. The conglomeration of these experiences and teachings ignited a desire to sincerely love that grew into a desire to love … perfectly, and this desire continues to expand. It wasn’t one moment, but many moments strung together, because as truth builds, so does the love it reflects.

When our soul sparks with the desire for divine love, then as I’ve stated before, a guiding question to our situations and interactions is what would divine love do or how would I want to be loved? As we continually probe for the answer to these questions, we are schooled by our individualized reflective reality. This creates a fire of refinement that purifies our desires. And it’s our desire for this love that keeps this fire burning until all our desires are aligned to the nature of divine love and we gain a prismatic soul that can catch the light of God.

In response to this inquiry, a still small voice from within that we’ve heard throughout our lives (which we’ve labeled many terms depending on our belief system) begins to impress upon us the nature of divine love. It isn’t that we know exactly how to act, but the motive in which we act becomes refined and purified. Through this instruction, we learn about the characteristics of divine love. And these lessons touch every aspect of our lives because love and truth affects everything.

At times my false self-judging mind creates a deafening static that inhibits my ability to hear this whispering voice, but as its rants are quieted, the voice-like impressions come through. This inquiry into divine love serves as a plummet line into truth that grows ever more refined as we learn the nature of this sacred love.

Characteristics of Divine Love; the Everlasting Light

When the various attributes and their variations of divine love flow in unison, they manifest the singular harmonious vibration of divine love. If one is absent or not present in its fullness then it isn’t divine love.

These characteristics contain many layers, infinite expressions, and truths. Some of its characteristics are it’s always 1. longsuffering 2. kind and gentle 3. humble and confident 4. courageous and with no fear 5. honoring of all 6. constant, consuming, and all-encompassing 7. healing and forgiving 8. giving and nurturing 9. merciful 10. trustworthy, honest, and faithful 11. abundant 12. of divine judgment. It loves perfectly at all times to all entities of creation. It excludes no one or nothing. This love moves through us from its Source. It isn’t self-generated. It is the light of God.

When we are guided by the desire to love, we discover our desires are tainted with a multitude of features contrary to this love. Our desires, intentions, and motivations are teeming with grudges, retribution, resentment, ill-judgment, bitterness, selfish-ambitions, worthlessness, apathy, un-forgiveness, and lack of mercy toward others and ourselves. In certain situations or with certain people, we don’t want to be gentle and kind. We don’t want to honor all, but revel in self-exaltation. We don’t want to be longsuffering, but we want what we want now. We are controlled by fear and control with fear. Our love is fleeting, inconsistent, and temperamental. We inflate our pride to mask our insecurities. We take instead of give. We manipulate and are unfaithful. We hurt others for our benefit. This is where this path gets very difficult. Every jot and tittle of our soul is highlighted in this purification process as we face the likeness of a “dead” soul, one that lacks divine love, head on. And as the light of refinement grows brighter, nothing remains hidden.

As ugly as these traits can become, they are but the cries of our own pains and wounds. So when someone is acting this way to you, know it is his or her pain talking, thus to love them is the answer in a way that honors you, them and others. Everything we experience in this “fabricated-self” serves to teach us. It’s all purposeful.

This love-fire continues to burn until we are left with a consuming desire to always love with all our being; heart, soul, mind and strength all of creation, the instruction of our Teacher. Our lives start to reflect a shadow of this desire, though the ability to divinely love hasn’t manifested. This lack of manifestation can be frustrating, discouraging, and painful especially as our desire to love continues to intensify. The more we learn of this love, the more we desire it. This desire creates an intense hunger and thirst in our soul for the divine consciousness (righteousness) that makes divine love possible.

Though a trying journey, the sighs of divine love keep pushing and carrying me along and encouraging my soul. In this, I find reprieve because its very nature assures me that I will one day bear its likeness, for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled. What a beautiful promise.

With a desire to divinely love, our soul embarks upon this refining path that runs immensely deep and incalculably vast. Every iota of our soul becomes aligned in its desires to the nature of divine love. This creates a soul condition that enables us to connect to the divine consciousness and to give of its love. In this oneness, we become expressions of truth, for love is the expression of truth. Truth of who we are, who God is, who others are, how creation functions, what our purpose is, and how we operate. Thus, the most cogent path to truth is through the understanding and growing awareness of divine love, the plummet line into truth. And as we experience an inner change of our desires for all that is pure, beautiful and of divine love, our own soul testifies to us that we are encountering the realm of truth.

In this purity, our soul gains a prismatic quality that can catch the everlasting light, our Creator’s divine consciousness, and we our on our way to becoming Light Catchers.


Blossoming of Truth

Blossoming of Truth

Within A Soul




A blossom opens with mathematical precision, and so does truth within our soul, which in turn causes our soul to blossom. Both are beautiful reflections of our Creator’s handiwork.

Truth is truth, but how truths become a part of our particular soul is an individual process, like each unique blossom that opens in its perfect timing, manner, and reflection. Like a blossom, the blooming process of truth isn’t random, but flows in calculated perfection that testifies to the work of the Spirit of Truth and Love within us.

Because truth is love’s counterpart, it can only be assimilated to our soul when our experiences teach us about love. If a “truth” doesn’t move us closer to love in some way, it isn’t truth. When we learn this “secret” of truth, then we realize everything in our reality is there to teach us in some way … about love.

Words that are understood, though significantly important and powerful, are only a reflection of what a soul has experienced. Without the experience, words are empty and fleeting to our soul, thus we are unable to “grasp” them. This is especially true with truths of the spirit that lie beneath their physical reflections. But with the correlating experiences, words, whether ours or another’s, become expressions of our soul that solidify our learning and growth, and enable us to share our growth with others.

As different as we are in our individuality that is sown from the interworking of our heritage, culture, and experiences, so too is our personal inner blossoming of truth. Though truth is constructed in perfection for each one of us, how that precision manifests varies for each one of us. Thus, how we articulate what we learn varies. Different symbols and representations of truth mean different things to different people. The same word and connections between words hold different meanings to different people. The words that we share mean one thing to us and something else to the listener. It’s incredible to see the different angles of truth that can come from a written or spoken statement.

One truth can be expressed and taught in a multitude of ways. One truth can hold many levels and connections to other truths that enhances its understanding. But when we gain a truth, then we are able to “perceive it” in the articulations of others, though their experience of learning and how they articulate it varies from ours.

Though our experiences and how we speak of truths can differ, the spirit of unity works among us in amazing ways. As everything teaches us in our reality, so do another’s words .. but in accordance to our experiences. Thus, we don’t necessary gain what they intended to share by communicating. When we are open, we gain what is needed for us at our particular level of development. In being open to learning, we receive what the Spirit of Truth gives to us through another’s words knowing it may be different than what the communicator received and was trying to express. The amount of overlap of understanding with others varies greatly. We need not judge or compare our blooming process with theirs for it will always differ to varying degrees, but we only need to receive with thanksgiving what was intended for us and received by others.

When we are open to learn, we receive what we need when we need it in a precision that creates a solid foundation of expanding truth, thus love, upon which our souls continue to mature.

In the varying expressions of truth, we see the perfection of the unifying nature of love. Love, the result of truths sown in a soul, is what joins us. Though our reception and articulation of truth varies, the love it produces unifies.

Truth serves love. If we put how we learn or how we express our truth above love, then we’ve forfeited truth and love.



Everywhere and yet Nowhere

Everywhere and yet Nowhere


Truth is everywhere and yet nowhere at the same time. For one person it is and for another it isn’t. The truth is always there, but we don’t always perceive it, for it’s perceived by a soul who is in a condition to perceive it. If we don’t recognize it, it isn’t real to us, thus truth to us. We understand this quality of truth in many dynamics of life, one being as we mature in our souls we learn that there are lifestyles and ways of being that create peace, joy and happiness and ways that don’t. Truth, once known to a soul, is wisdom.

This absolute/eternal truth is created out of divine love, therefore love is also everywhere and yet nowhere at the same time. Like truth, we can lack to perceive it, yet is it always there. Divine love is the expression of absolute truth. While, natural love resides within relative truth.

The heavenly Father loves us with a very deep divine love that has always existed for us, for this is the nature of love. Yet, love waits for the recipient to desire it; it never forces itself upon another, for force is counter to the nature of love. In love is how the heavenly Father manifests himself in our lives. He doesn’t manifest in any other way than love, for this is of his very essence among other attributes, which all together are the expression of love. In this love of divinity is the only “place” we can “find” him, because it’s the only way we accurately perceive him as he is. This is why knowing him is an individual process and experience, for to know his love within us is something only we can perceive for ourselves within ourselves.

When we begin to believe or have faith in this truth of divine love, then it becomes real in our lives. Faith is the carrier of this love into our lives until it becomes who we are. As we start to act and live according to this divine love, we also develop a growing awareness of truth/wisdom. In this, all fear is dissolved because the reception of his never-ending loving-kindness replaces our fears. Divine love is constant, never changing, and never failing. The only thing that changes is our perception of its reality that is determined by the faith we have or lack in it. But once we know it, it just is and it is at this point that our souls experience a deep soul-rest because of the bounty of divine love that they abide in.

Divine love enters this creation through the soul by joining to the soul through a harmonious connection. So, only when we have our souls developed, which occurs by this divine love, can we perceive this love with our soul, thus be united to it.

This love of divinity has substance. It’s a substance that can fill our soul and when it does it creates a different soul reflection and inward and outward reality than a soul without it. Like light, it manifests as an energy, vibration, and frequency in our soul, and from there it flows into our lives. When our souls are in a condition to receive and maintain this higher frequency (by lifestyle choices, thoughts, words, actions, behaviors, habits), then our soul is able to find an oneness with this love, thus with our heavenly Father. All that is in our life becomes assimilated to this higher frequency so that this divine love can find a connection and become a part of our soul, thus our reality. As we seek to perceive this love of divinity, we move to a higher frequency or vibration of life because we are moving in harmony with all that makes up eternal life.

The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the activities we engage in, the soil under our feet, the thoughts we think, the words we say, the jobs we perform, the actions we take, the behaviors we engage in, the relationships we have, the things we watch, all that we listen to, everything at its subatomic level is energy. The vibration of these entities affects our energy make-up; it’s basic quantum mechanics. When the condition of our soul, influenced by everything in our lives inward and outward, finds alignment to divine love, then we find an oneness with the heavenly Father.

Our journey in this realm is learning to perceive divine love, the real, amongst the lies, the unreal. For lies make the truth a lie. We move into a unity with this love by the exercise of our free will in choosing to come into harmony with it and it’s workings, for love is always a choice. By our growing awareness, our heavenly Father becomes closer than our breath for the subatomic energy that shapes our existence from the soul outward is his divine love.

Because this love enters our lives at a subatomic level, it shapes the very essence of our being; from our soul, to our spirit body that houses our soul, to our physical body that houses our spirit body. Energy is the creative force of all matter. When the energy compiling our lives is divine love then everything in our lives flows out of this love, and manifests this love. When the energy shaping our lives lacks love (fear), then that is what our lives reflect. Our lives are a reflection of the energy that is creating them at a quantum level.

Divine love has always been there for each one of us, but often unknown because of the flawed perceptions of the heavenly Father, the progenitor of divine love to us. These faulty perceptions keep it hidden from our awareness. But once we start to desire it with a true longing deep within our soul, the light starts to shine upon this amazing love that is the answer and fulfillment to all we seek. In the light of love’s glow, all lies are dissolved, thus we transform from a soul fashioned in fear to one in love. This exchange is the most freeing transformation we can undergo.

May we by faith let divine love become the foundation of our lives until it is all that is real to us.