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spiritual-awakening-earthOur Sacred Inner Chamber


In a stillness of mind and quietness of spirit, we enter the inner chamber of our soul.

This inner place is one of our greatest discoveries of our mortal lives because it’s where we encounter the light of our Source and Center that guides us into himself.

The Sacred Inner Chamber

The inner chamber of our soul is the place that sits on the edge of our personal reality and the realm of unlimited divine potentials, the realm of our Creator. It’s the center and beginning of our soul. It’s the place before creation; creation of any thought, emotion, desire, feeling, word, movement or action. Thus, it’s a sacred space of innocence and purity.

If we imagine our soul as a temple, this place is the innermost part, the most holy and sacred portion of our being. Because it’s a place before anything we create, it’s untainted by error. In this purity, we are able to encounter the sacred light of our Creator.

Our temporary self-directed consciousness prohibits an open door connection to this sacred light. Yet, though we can’t connect in substance, we can connect through our spirit. It’s like speaking through a door, versus face to face. The substance of the light is the power of divine love and the governance of the divine consciousness. Thus in this self-directed state, we experience the love through the medium of faith versus substance, and the divine consciousness in concept versus actuality. But this self-directed experience is essential in preparing us for receiving the substance. Life comes through a darkened womb under a veil of flesh before entering the light and coming face to face.

It’s through this inner space the Spirit of Truth speaks to us from the divine realm beyond us. His voice echoes throughout our being calling attention to himself to draw us into his truth that he may lead and guide us. It’s here in our inner chamber where his spirit fashions us to be the temple of his divine consciousness. It’s where we are closest to absolute truth and divine love.

Mindful Meditations

As a spiritual practice, we can engage in mindful meditations that serve to connect us to this inner chamber. In stilling our mind and quieting our spirit, we put aside all the distractions and attune our inner perceptions to this inner sanctuary. With pure intentions of heart and mind, and a willingness to listen and grow in the awareness of truth and love, we find entrance into this sacred place.

In this space we sit as an observer; a place beyond and before our thoughts, emotions, and all we manifest. We offer up what is on our minds, what is consuming our thoughts, what we are obsessing about, or what is happening in our reality. We step back and take the place of an observer and open ourselves up to to learn what we are intended to about divine love from these happenings. From this vantage point, we witness the rest of our soul thus life from a higher perspective that enables us to gain insight into our personal stories. Because of this lucid perspective, wisdom finds an entrance into our awareness so that it can instruct and enlighten our path. We attune our inner ear and sit as a student to the Spirit of Truth, and he instructs us about the experiences of our lives in order to illuminate us in the ways of divine truth and love.

Growing Awareness

When we begin our mindful meditations, it takes practice in quieting our minds from the noisy hubbub of life; the more drama and complexity the more noise. Thus, why those on the path of enlightenment choose a life of simplicity. It helps them to reside in this place of enlightenment. It takes time to discern the noise from the Voice of Truth. It’s like learning a new language, a language of the Spirit. So we are required to be patient and dedicated.

Once we find an inner stillness, we can begin to attune to the truth seeping into our awareness. The truth comes like a little light in our darkness. It reveals the nature of harmony, life, love, and truth for our soul, the collective human soul, and all of creation. As we continue our daily meditations, our discernment between the truth and the noise grows increasingly more distinct. In my personal practice, writing is a great facilitator to my inner ear. Sometimes the reflections come through my mind to the paper. Sometimes it’s as if the words flow right from the Spirit of Truth through my pen and I learn and listen as I write. Sometimes, I just listen and record later.

As we diligently cultivate entering into this inner chamber, our ability to hear the truth enhances. The trickles of truth slowly build a new foundation in our soul that enables us to receive more truth. Truth builds. Thus, we grow in awareness as we receive the truth in faith bit by bit.

The droplets entering into our awareness continue to expand until they become a thriving stream. At this point, we find ourselves stopping in this inner sanctuary throughout the day. This frequent engagement is an indication that our lives are transitioning from pivoting around something outside of us, (job, family, spouse, children, pain, parents, self-worth, etc.) to our true center, the place of engagement with our Source and Center. When this becomes our center, the divine light has found a continuous pathway through the spirit into our present awareness. Our thoughts begin to shift according to our new center and we fully engage the journey of enlightenment. Finally, when we transition from growing in awareness from this light to becoming the light, we’ve obtained oneness.

Awareness is a continual expansion of truth and divine love that builds new constructs of belief and thought. These new beliefs and thoughts provide the framework for the inflow of the divine consciousness. It’s the building of our inner temple to receive the spirit of divinity. The occurrence of this inflow happens at the discretion of our Creator, because his consciousness will transform the entire human soul as one, for we are all connected. Until this day of our awakening, we grow in awareness to obtain a divine desire for this light, to make the choice to receive this divine consciousness in love and totality, and to develop a framework of constructs of truth within our soul that his divine consciousness can manifest through.

Therefore, the purpose of of this part of the journey isn’t to self-perfect, because a self-directed consciousness isn’t constructed to, but to grow in awareness of absolute truth and divine love that allows us to connect to the divine consciousness that perfects us. However, the awareness itself does bring about various changes in us.


In the day of awakening, when we transform into a divine soul, our inner chamber is filled with the substance of the light; the governing divine consciousness of divine love. Instead of growing in awareness of the light, we become the light. Our gained understanding of the nature of divine love and our desire to give it to all without reservation is the carrier of this light through our soul and into our reality, which the light regenerates in immortal harmony. When we are one with this light, every aspect of our soul is consumed by it, and all our energetic vibrations resonate according to divine love. Thus, the light governs every aspect of our experiential reality from our soul out to the ends of creation and we are one with the Source and Center, our Creator.

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Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

24 thoughts on “Our Sacred Inner Chamber

  1. We search for that which is truth and we as individuals take many paths in searching for that deep “calling” to us within. We may choose varying and different paths thinking finally this is the one which will lead me to this calling from the deep desire we have within, placed there by our Father which is in heaven through His son and our creator, Jesus the Christ, the only foundation that will lead us to the deep calling within our being. All other paths and “foundations” may lead us in the direction of this deep calling however most ( for awhile) lead us to other avenues our soul takes in looking for whom her soul loves. There is a beginning and an end to our individual selves and in our quest to find this ultimate truth and love we begin in “our intellectual” beginnings of self searching which leads us to just that self. After much of our life is spent using our intellectually soulish perspective of reasoning to find truth, God having left us to our desire to intellectually reason ourselves to this pinnacle of love, and fail, we give up and turn from our own design and intellect to the original plan and direction God payed out for us in the beginning.

    Our soul having turned from God, our one true source, instead sought to take an intellectual, knowledgable route of reasoning to find the answers of this deep desire to again find the spirit from which she, our soul, parted company yet never truly departed but by a fleshly veil placed between the spirit in which God is and the created female part of us, the soul. The spiritual part of us which is called the soul actually never left the temple room, it was just on the other side of the veil….in the same temple. God dwelt in the tabernacle being fully Himself, spiritually speaking in the holy of holies, the highest form of the spirit in the tabernacle. This room was “higher” than the place of the soul on the other side of the veil where man was in his soul condition. The soul of man was never allowed into the most holy place until Cheist came and made a way for the soul to return to the spirit.

    The soul in us is as was the soul compartment in the tabernacle and later the temple of Solomon. The soul “room” was only allowed to reunite with the spirit when the veil was rent from top to bottom at the crucifixion of Christ, Him making the way for the soul to move forward into the spirit realm again, regaining what “she” lost in the garden. It is our spirit which is the highest form of God within, it is the blinded part of the spirit, the soul which has always given us problems from the beginning for it was Eve, the woman part of us “the soul” which erred. She erred only because of the blindness given to her by God. We all have a blinded part of the spirit within, a soul. When she is led back to the spirit on the other side of the veil or flesh, she then will accomplish the marriage we all look forward to. Through life’s journey our soul has been disciplined to again mind the ways and will of the spirit until we become whole and one again, no longer being spirit and soul but again one spirit.

    Whether we be male or female in the flesh we all have a spirit, soul, and body, and there is no difference in the spirit regardless of natural gender for gender has nothing to do with the spiritual world….for there is neither male nor female in the kingdom of heaven, etc……to distinguish in the natural which is male and female as to gender one person is called a man and the other is called a “wo”man. Therefore in the spirit one part of the spirit is called in the masculine “man” and the other part of the same spirit is called “woman.” Spirit and soul while both being part of the whole was temporarily divided for the “new” purpose of creating the new man, one with spirit as before and now with a body which it did not have before….thus the new creation man. Our spirit was divided into two for a duration of time for reproof, discipline, and correction giving each a chance to prove ourselves by becoming obedient to His will or stubbornly retaining our own carnal minded way, the way of self determination which God rejected in the natural Eve as He rejects the spiritual Eve in us, our disobedient soul.

    We cannot attribute our soul to the place of the spirit, the highest form of spirituality which is God. Again, the spirt was divided into two parts in Adam. From this one spirt one part was called as it’s original state, the spirit, and the other fallen blinded part of the spirit was called a soul. Two parts of the same spirit. This is why when the spirit and soul are “re” united they become one “again” which is a oneness in the spirit, the soul has completely vanquished itself (herself) to the spirit. The spiritual part of the whole for a “time” called the soul will cease to exist as a separate part of us. The soul part of us having been regenerated back into the one whole being can now assuredly be in “oneness” with her husband the spirit again. As in a natural marriage the woman takes the “name” of the husband and they go by the same name, just as our soul when when taking on the name (nature) of the spirit becomes one in nature.

    To build our temple in truth it must be based on a level and plumb foundation which is Christ…which is an anointing and the only way to follow. Although we may all have a great desire to love, this love must be patiently and correctly built on the principles and foundation for it to matter to God. We all have taken the paths of trial and error so none of us are holier than thou, we only learn what is by having learned what is not. God devised a good plan for us to experience fault and failure, only to then come to our senses of His one true will again…having learned the difference between what is expected of us and what is not. This is a wonderful plan of salvation, one going to this calling, another to that calling, but all to each his own. We obtain the stature of our calling by our degree of obedience to His will and not by what we think something means.

    People ask me, why is it important to understand the difference between spirit and soul and to have to understand how and what they are? Salvation is not determined by whether our knowledge of God’s order is correct or not but a person will never reach the high calling in Christ Jesus by not understanding the true plan of salvation for all people. God says if we love Him we will obey Him and how can we obey Him if we do not understand His will and way? If we worship the soul as the highest form of God we are in error for we are given instruction in type to follow the proper order of things. In our natural zeal to love and please God, we instead sometimes end up displeasing Him by teaching others things that are not so. We therefore have to be disciplined to have patience and learn to wait on God before we teach and lead others down a path which they must return from.

    There is no other way than the way of Christ for Christ is an anointing which we all must partake of for as much as Christ is the anointing He is “the way”. There is no other way apart from the plan He created and the principles of life we are to learn. To try to climb up some other way as so many do by getting into all types of so called spiritualism teachings which does not include Christ and the way He established for us is a lesson in futility. Christ is not just some guy who lived 2000 years ago, Christ is and was an anointing of the way which Jesus followed which made Him Jesus the anointed or Jesus Christ.

    God is complete, He is one, not two. From the one spirit which He is came our split spirit of spirit and soul. The lesser must give way to the greater for us to “re” obtain our oneness with and in Him. While it may not be important in our early development to get the order of things correct if we desire to follow truth (which is love) we must be led there in the proper order of things.

    Let us not leave our first love which is Christ and go off and follow a form of Godliness which makes no mention of Him. God is a substance of love as is His son just as we will also be if we follow “the way” which can only be found following the straight and narrow path of truth.

    Our sharing may not lead to agreeing on all subjects as our views and perspectives may vary, however we must understand the greater of the two of knowledge and love, and let love always rule.

  2. Rachel, what prompted my comment to what you wrote was the following statement:

    “If we imagine our soul as a temple, this place is the innermost part, the most holy and sacred portion of our being. Because it’s a place before anything we create, it’s untainted by error. In this purity, we are able to encounter the sacred light of our Creator.” End quote

    In the type in Solomons temple there was no higher place than the spirit room or the “holiest of holies”, the soul realm of the holy place was a room of lower statue as depicted by the steps that led from the lower room of the soul realm to the most highest innermost part. The place of the soul was the holy place which in the natural temple was lower, not higher, than the room where God dwelt. When we get this in proper order we transfer the type to ourselves for we are the true temple of God where He dwells. As in the type, God was constantly in the most holy place and the high priest went in once a year…and as the priest moved from the holy place or the place of the soul into the “room” behind the veil, he moved toward God or the spirit. In the type God in the oneness of His spirit remained steadfast in the highest room in the temple and “man” came to Him from the place of the soul. Again, the soul must regain her consciousness as she moves into the higher room of the spirit or the most holy place. So…our soul is not the temple but resides in the temple as in the type. While I understand what you mean and are saying “and I agree” however the spirit “room” is higher than the soul room. God does not and did not dwell in the holy place but the holiest of holies.

    The room of the soul is a temporary fallen portion of the spirit in man…God does not dwell in the place of the soul until the soul comes to Him in the upper room and is made whole again. The allegory, although foggy at first, does place the rooms in proper order and elevation. I feel we must respect God as He is and where He is and for me to place God in the temple in the lower portion of the temple (the soul) this places God as in the place of the fallen creation which no type or allegory ever placed Him there. It is our soul which is fallen and makes the mistakes, not the spirit of God. You can say our consciousness is our soul which sins and our sub consciousness is the spirit which took a backseat to the soul in the fall. In the beginning there was only one consciousness and that was of the spirit and in the fall our soul consciousness came to the forefront making our spirit the subconscious. However this will reverse again as we become obedient to His will and our spirit conscious becomes stronger than the soul conscious which dominates in our weakness. There was a role change when the first Adam fell and our soul began to rule as our conscious just as there will again be another role change as our spirit comes out of being the sub to again being the dominant force in our life, just as the second Adam (Christ) will rise to being the one and only conscious we will have. The fall in us in temporary as is the soul is temporary apart from the whole of the spirit.

    • Hi Sonny, Thanks for sharing your thoughts … I think we can begin to “see” the relationships of these entities when we look through the eyes of the Spirit of Truth and at his instruction within us. Our understanding grows more lucid with the more that we “see” from this perspective. We may put different names and labels to the concepts, but the underlining revelations will be similar, as you’ve expressed. The spirit of God always resides beyond anything created, thus beyond our soul.The soul is a created formation that when it is darkened by imperfection it is disconnected from the divine consciousness. It’s in this “separate” state to learn. When it is connected to the divine consciousness, then it functions as one with this consciousness, this Spirit of God. Then, the divine love of God is experienced and expressed in substance versus faith in and through us. Thus he is revealed through his creation yet always beyond his creation. This makes us all one; of his spirit and of his likeness, thus pure and righteous through by his will and sovereignty.

      • Rachel,

        We are all guilty of mislabeling, misinterpreting, and being misguided as we grow through this journey. It is not for any of us to ridicule, condemn nor make light of another that sees and has a different perspective of things. We have had this conversation before and we both agree that their is an understanding and care that far supersedes opinion, law, doctrine, and knowledge. When we have “this” understanding it permits and “allows” us to reach for even higher spiritual truths which has nothing to do with facts and knowing about something. This “freedom” and this experiential love and understanding allows conversation to be had because we understanding we are not debating a subject on a natural level but sharing spiritual truths.

        Spiritual truths are an expression beyond knowledge that can only be understood when we are allowed to step into that “most holy place” in the “temple” which is in us. We we enter the throne room we are allowed to look back at the “soul” from which we were held captive for so many years and see what we learned by experience, trial and error, tragedy, loss and all the other experiences which our Father allows for our learning and growth. We do not exchange ideas, perspectives or our understanding with any guile intended, we have no intent to demean, or “prove” another wrong or to hurt another in any way.

        We exchange for the benefit of the other and many times we can feel the love and respect in our dialogue with others as we also have experienced at times. We within ourselves cannot and do not make this connection happen for this can only come by the mutual obedience to another. We can only come together as one as we connect to the one…Christ. So, as you say we we attach the terminology we know and have and what has got us to the point of life where we are.

        Having said these things, although I do not agree with the terminology you sometimes use to describe your thoughts, positions and understanding, I never the less agree with all you “intend” to say for we must understand another’s intent to understand where their heart is and what it is they seek. As the Lord says “without a vision my people perish” we also must have a vision of where we’re going and “how” we must be. We can see the vision and have the right intent although we may not quiet know what to say and how to say it. I know these very things by my own experiences and I share my present condition and thoughts from the things this earthly journey has taught me. To correct and admonish another from a perspective of furthering their direction is certainly a delicate one because of the fear of offending.

        However if we do not overcome this fear and do the right thing we are good for nothing more than trying to gain friendships at the expense of doing what is expected of us. To be liked is a wonderful thing if we are liked for honorable things, things which we may be rejected for by people who are only interested in being liked at the expense of being accepted by God. Our world is certainly smaller and our friendships few when we endeavor to walk the straight and narrow. Christ by example pretty much stood alone as he was about to be crucified. As well meaning as was Peter, and though his words were admirable and lofty in trying to convince his lord and ours that he would go with him all the way, all he had at that time was good intentions, however not the maturity and ability to perform his vision.

        We are Peter. We have a desire to love to the fullest yet we are as the scripture says ” a cake half turned” which means we are not fully “cooked”. ( remember “fire” cooks and God is a consuming fire) So…as we share and “correct” and lend and support and “teach” let us do so with a genuine love and concern for the other. Not many can grasp the difference in the intent of the words of another but when they can, it is a precious connection that only Christ can make between us. As we share our journey let us endeavor to make it known that the love we have for our fellow man and for their journey is not of ego and of variance but it is one of truth. Truth is the amount of God’s spirit and substance we have acquired from Him which no amount of knowledge can compare for to be is far superior than having a mind full of facts.

        If we perhaps have this true love for others, we with all that we have of this truth, desire for others to be all they can be as well. This desire has no desire for recognition or admiration attached to it for it is not only about ourselves, it is about “all” others…in time, in their calling and order. Life is not words written on a page, life is spirit, life is love, life is God.

        So, although we should not be looking for incorrectness and fault in what another may say or do, let us however converse and offer what we have if it will help. If we cannot exchange without the fear of offending what are our words good for? If we are only going to offer that which only agrees with those we converse with, we do not truly love them, we just want them to be in our congratulatory group. There is much to the saying, to gain all we must lose all. This means to gain all that Christ is in His spiritual attributes we must give up all of the attributes of the frailty of the soul. “He must increase as I must decrease.” We must gain His love for “all” people as we lose any and all thought of condemning another.

        Let all we do be done with one intent, the intent to see others as we see ourselves and to desire for them what we desire for ourselves. When one sees such as this they will then see God’s one plan for all people…as one. A hundred seeds may be cast and only one take root, however when it does take root it will produce much fruit, this is the tree to celebrate with.

        I understand your reply and the white between the lines as well as the lines, and the white often says so much more than what is written. Intent is the white while the lines may only be our attempt to say.

        Always your friend


      • “I understand your reply and the white between the lines as well as the lines, and the white often says so much more than what is written. Intent is the white while the lines may only be our attempt to say.”

        What do you think about this quote?

  3. The Sabbath day of the LORD is Saturday… not Sunday. Any who enforces the worship on either day is no longer the worship towards God.. but the true day of the holy Sabbath is on Saturday. As a sign between Him and us that He do sanctify. This is part of the 4th commandment

  4. Jesus Christ is GOD, He was never created like the angels (Cherubim and Seraphim).. Jesus Christ is the WORD OF GOD thus is GOD. Existing always… Michael the Arch-Angel is Jesus Christ, the Commander of the angel host.. the One above the angels, and Jesus Christ is the ANGEL OF THE COVERNANT, which did come to the Temple. The word angel just means messenger which I’m sure you all did know… and Jesus Christ is a messenger too .. the WORD OF GOD.

  5. Many a prophets were misused and denied whom the LORD sent to Israel… even the SON OF GOD was denied and killed. The LORD gave promise that a church that keeps His whole commandments.. He will send the Spirit of Prophecy, to correct any wrong doctrine and give guidance. Ellen G. White is messenger of the LORD of HOST whom GOD sent for this latter days. I rather ide than sin against the only TRUE GOD… I will not deny His messenger, whom GOD chose to bear His Message.

  6. The Seven Heads. – The seven heads are explained to be, first, seven mountains, and then seven kings, or forms of government; for the expression in verse 10, “And there are seven kings,” should read, and these are seven kings. “Five are fallen,” says the angel, or passed away; “one is;” the sixth was then reigning; another was to come, and continue for a short space; and when the beast reappeared in its bloody and persecuting character, it was to be under the eighth form of government, which was to continue till the beast went into perdition. The seven forms of government that have existed in the Roman empire are usually enumerated as follows: (1) kingly; (2) consular; (3) decemvirate; (4) dictatorial; (5) triumvirate; (6) imperial; and (7) papal. Kings, consuls, decemvirs, dictators, and triumvirs had passed away in John’s day. He was living under the imperial form. Two more were to arise after his time. One was only to continue a short space, and hence is not usually reckoned among the heads; while the last, which is usually denominated the seventh, is in reality the eighth. The head which was to succeed the imperial, and continue a short space, could not be the papal; for that has continued longer than all the rest put together. We understand, therefore, that the papal head is the eighth, and that a head of short continuance intervened between the imperial and papal. In fulfilment of this, we read that after the imperial form had been abolished, there was a ruler who for about the space of sixty years governed Rome under the title of the “Exarch of Ravenna.” Thus we have the connecting link between the imperial and papal heads. The third phase of the beast that was, and is not, and yet is, is the Roman power under the rule of the papacy; and in this form it ascends out of the bottomless pit, or bases its power on pretensions which have no foundation but a mixture of Christian errors and pagan superstitions.

    “VERSE 12. And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. 13. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. 14. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings; and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.”

    The Ten Horns. – On this subject, see remarks on Daniel 7:7, where they are shown to represent the ten kingdoms that arose out of the Roman empire
    We are in the end times

  7. We are in the darkest of times and in the most enlightens of times. It depends on where an individual is in their “awakening”. As the darkest time of the day is right before “son” up there is an overlapping as we are presently witnessing in this end time of this age. We are entering the kingdom age of the thousand years. We are in transition. We are beginning to enter into the age which the prophets of old searched the scriptures for and were simply told those prophecies were for another age and they would be revealed at that time. That time is now. While we understand we are entering into a severe transition from the despots of the world to a new kingdom which is recorded in the bible for us, we see a new kingdom with new rulers, ones who will carry out the will of God after the tribulation period.

    I only say this for those who believe understanding events will somehow save them from this turmoil that we are already entering into presently. We must have light and this light is the love of God and this light will guide us through this impending darkness. Men’s hearts will fail them for fear, groping in legal semantics from the scripture thinking because they “believe” they will be protected from what is to come. The “Devils” believe so says the scripture, the five foolish which had much “learning” were refused entrance because of their much show and tell attitude of reciting scripture and writing their personal views as truth. Truth is not words, legalistic facts about the bible, or even about rituals people perform such as one person esteeming one day (Sunday) or another (Saturday) believing if they go to a building on one of these particular day they are righteous. Believing this is believing an allusion for ritual was under the law, given for what it stood for in some future spiritual time. That time is now. Understanding the day of the lord is not a day of the week as under the ritualistic law (which was fulfilled by Christ) but it is when we enter into the Lord’s sabbath which is a spiritual day without time attached. This day or light of the lord has no darkness in it for we will walk in His day full of light.

    Before Christ, the Old Testament recorded rituals of days, months, and years, rituals of killing beast for forgiveness of past sins, physical journeys to the holy city, etc, etc. Christ coming and rending the temple veil made everything that was before His crucifixion obsolete in that as it says He “fulfilled” the law. He fulfilled it by beginning a new age, an age of the spirit, where as the law was lived externally, it would now be lived in the true temple in which we are. He took away the first that He may establish the second. The first was natural as was Adam and the second was spiritual as is Christ.

    Defending one such as Paul, or Apollos, or any other messenger of Christ from their time to this age is one who does not follow Christ but seeks another way. We read writings from others but to follow them is an abomination and will end in ruin. Carnal religious humans can have some truth but can claim to have all truth because “they believe” and therefore living in their carnal religious mind they are determined to prove their righteousness by the words that use or the “people” or religion they follow. The term “come out of her my people” is directed at man made religions and people who follow people or want people to follow them. People are like herd animals, they either want to lead or follow other people. We must learn that it is God through Christ we must follow and follow no religion nor any man. We can share with others, we can explain what we are given to another hoping they will walk a cleaner and more enlightened path…but we cannot open or close the mind of another…only God through His son can this happen. When we think it is imperative that another sees as we do and we are anxious because another does not see as we do and we want to debate, call them names or condemn them we have missed God’s will entirely.

    God loves all of His creation, saint and sinner and has much patience, forgiveness, and forbarence for our mistakes and immaturity. It also says “let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus”, so if we take this to heart and believe this is so…we also must see others in the same light of “day” as God does. This does not come overnight, this comes as God gives us His light, His mind and His ways according to our obedience to His will.

    His will is not for us to take the sword (word of God) and cut people to pieces with it but we are to use it to rightly “divide” the spiritual word from the fleshly word ( the law) and teach others in a spirit of love. Now a child always thinks correction is a bad thing but a mature child appreciates good council. Those who are more mature as was Peter and Paul could take instructions reproof from the other as Paul gave to Peter in correcting his hypocrisy before the Jews and Gentiles. So we can tell by the discussion or the lack thereof of what sort another person is who claims superiority over hat anothe believes. We look at their fruit, their maturity if you will and whether the discussion is carried forth in a respectful tone or does it lead into a battle of words and who is right and who is wrong.

    As we move forward into this coming age we can either see the darkness and fear it or we can see the light of day and wait till the darkness passes so we won’t stumble and walk in the light. There is a darkness approaching but we know that the most glorious light is just on the other side. God’s plan is good and only good when we see with a spiritual eye and see the good coming after the darkness. All things were planned from the beginning before anyone was born or there was ever an earth. God does not make any mistakes and as the five kingdoms came in progressive order just as they was foretold when Daniel revealed the meaning of the king’s dream to him, all the rest of this world order preordained by God will come and go without any variance by man, regardless of man’s evil intent.

    We follow after Christ and His order and government or we can follow the darkness of this world and it’s many man made religions and fight and fear the darkness. If anyone’s religion has a label and name setting itself apart from other’s they have not the spirit of Christ but the anti Christ. Come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins. Being devisive for devisive’s sake is sin.

    Love covers “all” sin. Do we condemn others because of their sin and error or do we “cover” it and pray for their deliverance from it? Are we of the five wise which loves as instructed or of the five foolish which condemns? Is our fruit of the tree of life or of the “knowledge” of good and evil? These things are only a shadow apart as a shadow is but an outline of the true.

    Every thought we have, every word we speak, every article we write must be measured by the standard which is from the anointing…Christ.

    • “Truth is not words, legalistic facts about the bible, or even about rituals people perform such as one person esteeming one day (Sunday) or another (Saturday) believing if they go to a building on one of these particular day they are righteous.”

      Truth is words, Jesus is the WORD, the logos that made all things… Sanctify them in the truth, thy word is truth. And the day thus matter…because there is a difference between Holy things and unholy things. The 4th commandment the only one that says remember, to keep Holy the Sabbath, 6 days you shall labour but the 7th is the day you shall rest. The 7th day has always been the Saturday… Any good dictionary will show that. I’m sure you know GOD said, if you love Me keep my commandments.

      That’s all I have in respect to give of the 4th commandment.

    • “Truth is not words, legalistic facts about the bible, or even about rituals people perform such as one person esteeming one day”

      Truth are words, “Sanctify them in thy further, thy word is truth.” Bible

      Semiotics is the logical principle of meanings from words, or information from language. We cannot have language without information. Nor informationtion with out language… So for you to say other wise, is you going against the very law GOD Himself made of semiotics.

      As for what you call legalistic facts, kind of shows me that you think just because people keep the Sabbath they are being legalistic, which is a fallacious view to have. Legalistic is law to the extreme and without grace. As GOD the Son said the Sabbath was made for man… And it is part of the 10 commandments. If you really love Jesus you will keep all of His commandments. If you believe your self part of Israel, Part of God church… Then you must observe the Sabbath, for it is a command.

    • It’s of little difference if you recognize Ellen G White as GOD appointed messenger or not… Because rather you agree or not she still is the LORD messenger.

      God’s guiding gift, will go through a bit on how Ellen G White is indeed a true Prophet.

    • “Understanding the day of the lord is not a day of the week “- Sonny quote
      This is a logical contradiction. Day of the Lord is a day… In the Bible it referred to two things, one is the 4th Commandments and the other is the Day of judgement.

      “I only say this for those who believe understanding events will somehow save them from this turmoil that we are already entering into presently.”- Sonny quote

      Swear I’m not Mocking you… I agree with this quote, though I know your synopsis of the eschatology is nothing ntomdo with what I know the Prophecy translate too the five foolish virgins represent people who had time to study the word deligently and prepare for the journey head, the oil represents the Holy Spirit… Yet those virgims didn’t prepare well so they has little oil. And when they asked to gain oil from the others they couldn’t.. Which was a symbol of experience. Because we gain more anointing individually And not as a group… Hence the scripture work out your on salvation with fear and trembling.

      Though I will point out, the prophecy is as equally important…. Because if you love GOD you won’t want to be deceived. The Bible says that evil spirits will work signs and wonders if possible to deceive even the very elect. Jesus says the Law and the Prophets. The law is love… The commandments is out of love, the first 4 towards GOD and the other 6 towards man. The Prophets tell us of what is to come so we can be prepared and even not get offended when persecution comes… Because we knew it was coming.

      “From Your precepts I get understanding; Therefore I hate every false way. Nun. 105Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. ” Psalms 119

      That also includes Prophecy.

  8. How much honor is due to Christ? All men should honor the Son just as they honor the Father John 5:23
    Christ is to be honored equally with the Father. It was through Christ that the Father made the world John 1:3
    Christ is declared to be the WORD of GOD Rev 19:13
    And it was through Christ that the seventh day was blessed and sanctified in Eden.

  9. Rachel, your words are so beautiful, steeped in the understanding of the Divine – from the Divine. I love your style of writing; it is very precise and has opened a new pathway for contemplation. Thank You!

    • Hi, Thank you for your beautiful words toward me. I write when inspired by the Spirit; so it’s truly his gift to us who are at similar phases of our journey.

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