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Stirring The Deep


River of Life

River of Life


As a growing awareness leads our soul out of the self-directed consciousness, we become emptied of the desires and beliefs of our shadow-self. This liberation and cleansing of our soul and mind enable the inflow of the Christ consciousness and the outflow of the Divine Self.

The Christ consciousness is the aspect of the divine consciousness that is united to the human soul.

The Christ consciousness is defined by divine love. So, as divine love begins to dominate every facet of our being we awaken to oneness with the Christ consciousness. Because love is manifested between two or more, one of the first phases of our transition into the Christ consciousness entails divine love flowing into all of our relationships. Divine love infusing these relationships causes radical shifts in our once held beliefs, desires, thoughts and emotions. This shift in consciousness (ascension) sends divine energy into creation, which forms a divine reality.

Our Creative Power

As we transition into the Christ Consciousness, A) our ability to perceive that all is energy expands significantly, B) we comprehend to a greater extent how our consciousness directly affects the flow of energy within creation and C) we grow in the belief that we can significantly alter reality through our consciousness. As a result, we recognize the creative power inherent in the Christ consciousness which becomes our power. (Exemplified in Jesus Christ stilling the waters, healing the sick, etc.)

As we are yoked to the Christ consciousness in our soul, mind and body, divine love begins to define all our thoughts and emotions, infusing divine energy into our reality. Our reality reflects this energy back to our consciousness which creates a circular life-giving current.

Everything is energy. Because the flow of energy is continuous, our reality is immediately impacted by our current state of consciousness. Thus, as our thoughts and emotions change so do the energetic vibrations of our reality and what they create. If our energy is of a low vibration (created by thoughts and emotions contrary to divine love), then it reflects  disharmonious and chaotic conditions in reality. If our energy is of a high vibration (created by thoughts and emotions supportive of divine love), then it reflects harmonic and tranquil conditions.

Gateways to Divine Energy

As divine energy is a love energy, this energy enters into our reality through the gateways of our relationships. As we mature and become outlets for divine love energy, we become powerful agents that transform our reality through the relationships in it. These relationships include our interactions with all aspects of creation. Though people vary in their receptivity to divine love (divine energy), when divine love flows through us it impacts all to some degree, because of its divine power. So, as divine love begins to govern our thoughts and emotions, it alters our reality. Understanding this creative dynamic between our state of consciousness and energy is foundational to understanding the workings of our creative power.

The more we perceive and believe in this creative power, the more our consciousness can alter our reality. Our ability to change our reality depends on how we handle the past. If we hold onto old thought forms of the past, our present moment seems static, unchanging and dead. However, if we learn and grow from our past through the counsels of the Christ consciousness, then our present moment is fluid and growing. We energetically release the present moment and it flows as a vibrant River.

During this harmonizing to the Christ consciousness, we move from a static conscious awareness limited by the perception of our senses to the ever-growing awareness of the divine consciousness sovereign over the senses (and all other realms of consciousness). We become rivers (lamps) for the current of divine energy, which is infinitely more powerful than any other form of energy because it’s the vibration of eternal life. In this oneness with the Christ consciousness, everything in our reality begins to change in accordance to its divinity, and our present moment that was once static and dead transforms into an ever-flowing River of Life.


~ TreeSoul


Manifesting Divine Energy

Manifesting Divine Energy


All my being (body, mind and soul) is yoked by divine energy that vibrates from the eternal Source of life within. It’s the vibration of vitality, regeneration, love, and eternal life.  

~ Awakened Divine Self

All is energy. Matter is the illusion. When we awaken to this higher plane of understanding, our understanding expands expotentially.

Energy’s vibrations are shaped by our state of consciousness. Our shadow-self (directed by a self-directed consciousness) exudes a low frequency energy that eventually breaks down (i.e., death) because of its disharmonious thought-forms. The Divine Self (directed by the divine consciousness) exudes divine energy that eternally expands (i.e., life) because of its harmonious thought-forms. This latter energy frequency is formed by the unhindered and unceasing divine love flowing between the Creator and the soul (in a giving and receiving relationship), and the soul and Creation (again in a giving and receiving relationship). These aren’t just ethereal thoughts I’m sharing, but the very genesis of eternal life. 

Various soul conditions manifest this divine energy within our mind, body and soul. Below I share four significant ones.

1. The soul’s singular desire to seek the “the Kingdom of Heaven”.

When the soul desires above all else to seek the reign of the divine consciousness in all of its being (“to seek the kingdom of heaven” and the Lord and Mastery of the Christ consciousness in the soul, mind and body), then the soul is awakened into a state of oneness. In this desire, the soul willingly lets go of all other contrary pursuits for this high calling so that the sublime oneness it possesses in the spiritual plane may manifest upon the plane of the senses. Through this union, divine energy manifests in the soul, mind and body which bring these three into life (immortality).

2. The soul singularly follows the Master Teacher within.

When the soul exalts the Master Teacher within (the Christ consciousness) as its foremost teacher then it is able to learn and grow in all the ways necessary to prepare its soul, mind and body for the expression of the Divine Self. The inner Teacher utilizes everything in the soul’s reality to instruct and teach, thus the soul is a student of all in humility and mindfulness. If the soul exalts anything or anyone outside of itself above this inner Teacher, it stifles the soul’s ability to gain and develop the necessary thought-forms required to express the Divine Self and manifest this higher energy of eternal life.

3. The soul’s release of the shadow-self.

The purpose of the shadow-self is to create an understanding of divine love; which is accomplished by the soul learning from all of the shadow-self’s “imperfections”. Once the purpose of the shadow-self is finished (signified by the soul’s consuming desire for divine love to motivate every desire, thought and action), then the shadow-self and its self-directed consciousness are consumed by the rising light of the Divine Self (divine consciousness) within. The shadow-self fades as the Divine Self finds expression in the mind and body through the portal of the prepared soul.

Because this transmutation occurs within the soul’s consciousness, the soul intimately experiences every gyration and “earthquake” of this letting go and renewal process. The soul enters a place of “non-being” (i.e., selflessness, emptiness) as all it once knew is stripped away and it awaits its new garments of divinity. It encounters the battle between the self-directed will and the divine will as one reign is usurped by another. It witnesses the victories of the sovereign Spirit as it makes its home in the soul.

During this metamorphosis, the lower frequency energy of the shadow-self is transmuted into the higher frequency of the Divine Self. This higher energy within the soul, mind and body brings forth immortality into all the soul’s being and expression (resurrection). Divine love can only be expressed by the Divine Self. Thus, as the Divine Self finds expression through the soul, mind and body so does divine love find expression in Creation. In its expression, divine energy flows into Creation.

4. The soul resurrects into the Divine Consciousness (Christ consciousness).

The soul engages the Christ consciousness through diligent meditation, prayer, and heeding the Spirit’s instruction until the divine consciousness becomes the soul’s permanent resident. As this higher consciousness lifts the soul, it lifts all of creation with it, for what is done in divine love is done for all.

 “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.” John 12:32

Once the soul awakens to this higher consciousness, the soul becomes filled with divine energy that flows into its mind and body, yoking the three in unity. The soul then ceases to function by the self-directed consciousness (which is bound to the plane of the senses), and instead operates from this higher dimension that is sovereign over the senses. Thus all of Creation is lifted into one harmonious whole with the Creator.

Divine love comes through the Divine Self. Its energy is the vibration that creates life (immortality) and awakens the soul from its dream and into the glorious eternal present of the eternal presence.



Moving into the Light

Moving into the Light:

A Life-Giving Reality


Here are some of my contemplations of late that are so powerful and life-giving I had to share them with you. This exposition is brief as I’m in the middle of a lot of transitions with my move, but if you are ready, it will resonate deeply and spark further instruction from the Spirit. If not, it serves as a future signpost as to where you are headed as you continue to seek in truth and spirit.

All is consciousness. There is only God’s consciousness.

Any thought that there is separation from his divine consciousness is a lie; for separation in divine love (the core attribute of the divine consciousness) is impossible. However, since all is consciousness, if the lie is believed, then the mind creates an illusionary reality around that lie. As a result, we experience and live the illusion instead of the truth. This is the manifestation of the “darkness”.

To dwell in the light is to see God’s reflection (the divine consciousness) in every pixel of reality; in all inanimate and animate objects, people and situations. When we perceive our reality in this way, then our reality reflects back to us the divine consciousness because it is flowing through our consciousness, thus we are manifesting it.

In this perception of light, we believe thus experience a reality that comforts, supports and helps us. We no longer disdain ourselves, others, or anything of our reality but begin to infuse every aspect of our reality with the attributes of the divine consciousness, thus it begins to reflect those qualities. We believe thus experience our reality and all it contains is for us and not against us. We believe thus experience the “I” in us is for us and not against us. Small alternations in our beliefs alter our experience, and our new experience enhances our belief; one feeds the other. The more we see our reality supporting us the more it does and this in turn increases our belief. By this cyclical pattern, our beliefs thus consciousness change and begin to grow in the light.

The initial step into the light is one of a living faith; a faith crafted in us by the Spirit of Truth. We believe what we don’t yet see. When this faith is matured, it begins the initial creation of a reality of light.

Like a seed, the darkness is our starting point. But when our season of growth comes, we begin to grow toward the light, then we grow in the light. The darkness is a necessary part of our journey, but our life is in the light.

In this dynamic, we begin to perceive the divine consciousness working in every detail. When the eye is full of light, so is our whole reality…

“If therefore your eye is good (clear) your whole body is full of light.” Matthew 6:22

In this shift of consciousness from darkness to light, our reality begins to bless us and we leave the desert and enter the fertile land where life grows.


Empowering the Soul

Empowering the Soul

To Create Divine Present Moments


Divine love empowers the soul to create a desirable reality.

Though the Spirit of the Creator enters creation in a singular present moment in a flash of divine light, in this moment the divine consciousness is established as a part of creation. The flash of light is the reflection that is created in reality when the divine consciousness unites to the core of the soul; the origin of all creation. Once established, it spreads to fill all in all, so that every present moment and all it contains becomes governed by the divine consciousness. Every moment builds harmoniously upon the next so that creation transforms into a divine reflection. So where the reflection of the Creator begins as a flash of light, it comes to fill all in all, so that everything, animate and inanimate, bears his likeness.

Each moment created through the soul by the divine consciousness creates a divine present moment. And in the Spirit of Oneness, all present moments are harmoniously linked together to create the eternal divine present moment – total oneness.

Empowering the Soul

This entrance of the divine light into creation transforms the soul into the following three elements: 1. to be present-minded, 2. possess the intention to divinely love all always, and 3. perceive all by the light of truth and divine love. When the soul abides in these three elements then it’s empowered to create desirable divine present moments, thus a desirable future.

1. Present-Mindedness

As the soul’s consciousness shifts to a divine consciousness it begins to function in a state of present-mindedness, which keeps the soul in the present moment and not a past-future mindset. Present-mindedness is the time and space where the soul connects and unites to the Spirit of God, where the vibration of his divine love energy exists, and it’s a state of fearlessness. Thus, from this space the divine love of God flows through the soul and manifests a reality that reflects this love.

Within this space, the soul begins to enter its rest. It’s now a conduit and no longer the creator. It isn’t in control, but the Creator governs the soul from the soul’s point of origin, so that the soul maintains a sense of “freewill”, thus the ability to love. In this, the soul rests in a state of TRUST knowing all its decisions are perfect because of the ubiquitous perfect orchestration of the divine consciousness. This understanding removes many layers of fear, which enable the soul to create divine present moments.

As the soul unites to the Spirit of God in this time and space, its vibration synchronizes with the vibration of the divine love energy. When the soul is functioning in this frequency, its only emotional response is within the array of divine love. Again, absent of fear, shame, guilt, and inferiority (all core creators of a lower vibration), the soul is able to create harmonious and desirable present moments.

2. Intentions of Divine Love 

In divine love, the soul desires to sincerely divinely love all; always. In this, it possesses an eternally open heart. Every encounter, action and thought manifests divine love energy. And, the divine love flowing from the soul creates a reality free of fear, thus free from harm.

Divine love empowers and protects the soul. It empowers the soul to always create a desirable present moment, thus protecting the soul from undesirable ones. If the soul possesses fear, then the reality manifests harm. If the soul possesses love, then the reality manifests harmony. Present moments layered in harmony are what the divine consciousness produces from the soul outward as the spark of divine light transforms the soul.

In divine love, the soul’s relationship is invaluable to the Creator, and equally so is its relationships with others through whom his love is manifested in creation. The soul’s intentions to divinely love others enable the Creator’s love to manifest in creation, by his grace. In oneness, the soul is a conduit of the Creator’s love. The soul can’t self-contain one drop of his love. It can only be a channel for it to abundantly flow through. Thus, divine love manifests when it resides in the infinite space between two individual souls, which unites them in oneness. Both the soul’s connection to the Creator and to others are necessary for divine love to exist in creation, so one can’t exist without the other. This dynamic is how what is eternally One is able to manifest love, which takes two, yet still remain one.

3. Divine Light

As the divine consciousness begins to take over the soul, the soul begins to perceive all in the light. In the light, the soul perceives all in love and truth. The soul connects to the divine seed in every other soul and the infinite value of every aspect of creation. From this perspective, all the soul’s responses and decisions flow from its Source.

In the light, there is no more blindness. Blindness comes from not being able to “connect the dots”; to see the oneness in all things thus their relation and impact on one another. This darkness leads to a myriad of ill judgments and error. The lucidity of vision created by the divine consciousness enables the soul to act in wisdom and thus make the right responses and decisions.

In the light, the soul resides in transparency. The soul lives in honesty and integrity with every intention driven by divine love. It feels no fear, shame, guilt, or inferiority, which causes it to withdraw into the darkness. Instead, it stands in freedom in the light, and in liberty in its individuality.

Understanding these conceptual frameworks of divinity is the forerunner to receiving the divine consciousness. Meditating on these truths is part of the process of the transformative shift into the divine consciousness. What priceless gems they are to the soul.


Windows to the Great “I AM”

Windows to the Great “I AM”


What we give reflects who we are. Who we are defines our reality.

In oneness, we give infinite value to all living things, thus we experience inherent infinite value.

In oneness, we unceasingly give divine love to all living creations, thus we experience endless divine love.

One for All, All for One

The collective human soul functions as a unit. Even in the multitude of expressions of separation created by the self-determined consciousness, there is a chord connecting our own and every soul, mind, body, spirit, and reflective reality. (This connectedness is why each of these components is an excellent teacher for our soul development.) This thread that connects all our being, and connects us to one another and all of creation is the Spirit of God who dwells in our present moments. In the present moment, His Spirit simultaneously resides in each of our realities closer to us than our own breath. From this space and time dimension he works all together for the highest good.

One in Separation

Like a night dream, intertwining this present moment of perfection is our self-determined consciousness that functions in the past-future mindset, which is dimensionally different than the present. In this space and time resides the disharmony created by the self-directed consciousness. As with all things spiritual, in this understanding there is the paradox of disharmony within harmony, separation within oneness, chaos within definitive purpose, and the unreal within the real.

Everything is connected and affects everything else. When we see this reality as it truly is, as energy and not static forms, this becomes much more apparent. Every nuance of our being impacts everything else. So, your very existence makes a huge difference. You are infinitely significant in your purpose and position whether you realize it or not and whether you intend to be or not.

Though we live in a separatist mentality created by the self-determined consciousness, we are all in a disharmonious state together. If one suffers we all suffer, thus, the significance of one. Matthew 18:12-14 As we help alleviate other’s suffering, we alleviate our own. Think of it this way, what you do for one, you do for all. What you do for all, you do for one. As we move toward alignment to the divine consciousness, our thoughts begin to take on these perspectives.

One in Oneness

In oneness, we are all in a harmonious state together. In this divine mindset, we think in oneness according to the functioning of the divine consciousness. Thus, we perceive the connectedness of all things and no longer see separation in anything. This perspective has a huge impact on how we respond to everything.

So if one possesses the substance of divine love energy, we all do. And our individual oneness with the Spirit of God is manifested when all of creation is one in him. This connectedness is why we each have a significant impact on each other and on the collective whole; an impact the self-determined consciousness blinds us to.


Each one us is infinitely valuable to our Creator and the collective whole. In oneness, we each experience a particular unique expression of the Spirit of God that only we can express. It’s what makes us totally distinctive, special, irreplaceable and yet one with the collective whole that is governed by the Spirit of God.

In this, each soul feels most honored, special, adored and the apple of the Creator’s eye. Every soul has this experience of his divine love and thus gives this depth of love to all others. What varies is our role in the harmonic whole and our unique expression of the Spirit of God flowing through our individuality crafted by his divine will operating within us.

The divine truth is every living creation is equally valuable. When we possess this mindset, we also hold no comparative judgments, self-exaltation, arrogance, haughtiness, jealousy, envy, inferiority, or ego, which are all derivative of the separatist mindset. All souls are divinely cherished in their purpose and position.

When we perceive these truths in lucidity so that they are our truths, we begin to see the nondiscriminatory worth of each soul. Then, we truly begin to perceive our personal infinite value. If we don’t see it in others, we can’t truly perceive it in ourselves.

Moving into Oneness

Thus from this understanding, prior to the receipt of divine love in our soul, it’s our soul’s desire to give this divine love and value to every living creation. The flip side is we desire for suffering to end for all, no matter their current condition. For the soul who knows this love knows this love, and only this love, can bring every soul to wholeness, righteousness, and a continual expansion of perfection and harmony.

Every soul will be consumed in the fire of divine love that burns away all fear, shame, suffering, pain, heartache, and discomfort. There is nothing more powerful than the divine love of our Creator. It’s what transforms us into his likeness.

A New Name

But by the grace of God, I am what I am.” 1 Corin 15:10

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ ” Exodus 3:14

In oneness, our name reflects our Creator’s name; thus I am I AM. He is our reflection and we are his.

A name reflects who we are. In oneness, the soul takes on the reflection of the Creator. We’re like a window into his divinity or a mirror of a unique array of his creativity and artistry. We gain a new name in our united oneness, because we are of a new reflection; a reflection of the Creator and no longer our erroneous self-determination. Thus, we are what we are by his grace, and the great I AM defines us.

I AM includes everything, and is limited by nothing. For eternity the soul is ever expanding in its likeness to the Creator, thus this name I AM includes all these endless possibilities and potentials. It’s timeless, limitless, and beautiful in what it communicates. This name reflects the unique and individual expression of each soul of their particular set of divine potentials of the Creator, as well as their unity with all of creation.

So when others gaze upon our soul, they see a distinctive expression of the Creator’s spirit that only our soul expresses, and all together we reflect the vastness of the Creator to one another. It’s the most incredible marriage of individuality and unity.

May all who gaze upon you see true, pure and divine beauty. (If they can see this beauty in you, then it is in them for you are their reflection in their reality.)

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The Fearless Present Moment

The Fearless Present Moment


Present-mindedness is non-attachment to the past and future mindset, so that the present moment stands alone. In this, the soul acts in an untainted way that empowers it to manifest a desirable reality.

As I’m learning to engage the present moment in present-mindedness, I’m finding it’s a profound place where the soul and the divine Spirit intermingle to manifest fearlessness that translates into a harmonious reality.

This moment is all there is.

The energetic vibrations we are manifesting, which are determined by the soul’s consciousness, in this moment alter the next and every other future moment. Like a string of screens in a movie, our present moments come and go to shape our life stories. And all that exists is what is on the screen at the moment, and what is happening on the screen determines the next moment.

The soul’s conceptual frameworks, which determine our energetic pulses, govern the images on the screen, like the movie script that directs the images on a movie screen. As conceptual frameworks of divine truth and love alter our state of consciousness, the images of our personal movie are altered. And, present-mindedness is a divine construct that has profound impacts on our present moment.

One of the most substantial implications of this mindset is its interplay with our emotions; specifically it creates an absence of fear. This absence facilitates our ability to choose to act in the intentions of divine love. We possess the intentions; the Spirit possesses the manifestation of divine love through our intentions in his omniscience and grace.

Acting with an intention of divine love in the present moment is the soul’s most powerful tool to create desirable future present moments. As the soul chooses to respond (vibrate) in divine love, which is the highest vibration, versus some other energetic response of a lower vibration, little by little the soul’s experiential present shifts to a place of peace, harmony and love.

An Absence of Fear

The energy of the soul resides on a continuum from the low vibration of fear to the high vibration of love; the highest being divine love.

The soul quality of present-mindedness extinguishes fear. Fear has to do with a future expectation or an assumption based on a past perception. Thus, when we are truly present-minded, we have no fear or its corresponding emotions. This mindset keeps our emotional center in alignment with divine love. The impacts of sending the vibration of love into our soul and reality versus fear are monumental, and when it’s divine love on a constant basis, it manifests regeneration of soul, mind and body into a divine reflection.

Conversely, the energetic vibration of fear creates disharmony in our reality. When we are in fear in one moment, we create disharmony in the following moments. It throws our lives into helter-skelter, which in turns creates more fear. However, as we begin to shift into the present-mindset, fear abates and a more harmonious reality forms.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, becoming permanently present-minded occurs at the inflow of the divine energy, as this elevates us to a consistently higher vibration that enables us to be a present-minded being.

At the inflow of the divine energy, there are four constructs of soul, which develop along the path of enlightenment, that facilitate the soul’s transition into the present-mindedness.

  1. Intentions of divine love toward all of creation all the time.
  2. Non-attachment to transitory expectations.
  3. Ubiquitous child-like trust.
  4. Perceiving the inherent connectedness of all things.

In the present moment, we engage the Spirit of God whose core attribute is divine love. As we grow in awareness of this love, our understanding assists in eradicating fear from our perceptions, which facilitates our movement into a state of present-mindedness. In the counsel of the Spirit, we learn that everything is under his perfect orchestration, and that all is serving the highest good. Through this awareness, we can let go of our transitory expectations of how we think our life or we should be, and we learn to trust in his sovereign craftsmanship in all the details of our lives.

As we act according to these four constructs, elements of fear cease to be created in our reality, which allows us to continue to act in less and less fear until all that remains is love. As this cycle of love replacing fear continues, it eventually pushes out all fear; like light filling the darkness. In this, our reality possesses nothing to prompt fear, and we abide in a fearless present moment.

The Place of the Divine Self

In present-mindedness, we are our true self, our divine self. And in this mindset, we are also true to our divine self. It’s where the Spirit of God connects with our divine self, thus it is where oneness with the Spirit of God is found. In spiritual practices, the soul is seeking to abide in this space. And while it is fleeting during our soul journey through mortality, it becomes our resting place in divinity.

In mortality, the soul possesses a dominating past-future mindset, thus we experience our false self, which is largely driven by fear. Contrary to our true divine self, in fear we suppress, oppress, pretend, compromise, build walls, and satisfy ego to alter our true self for fear’s sake.

When we are true to our divine self, our inherent purpose is discovered. This isn’t being true to the lies and illusions that we’ve held from childhood, but true to our unique individuality as a purposeful creation of God. When we reside in this place of personal integrity, we create individual splendor for we are in alignment with our unique purpose that only we possess and only we can express. Being present-minded enables us to be true to our divine self so this self can manifest.

Abundance in the Present

In present-mindedness, we experience connectedness and unity; to ourselves, to God, to others, and to creation. In the past-future mindset, we experience a myriad of states of separation because we are mentally in the unreal; in our imaginations. The more disconnected we are from the present, the more separation we experience. Connectedness leads to abundance and separation leads to lack, in a variety of ways.

For example, in present-mindedness we are connected to the harmonic flow of creation that is designed to help us become who we are intended to be. Our Creator constructed this reality to shape us into divine souls of his reflection. He is for us, not against us. He created us to be in a creative relationship of love with himself. It’s our fear that works against us. When we act according to who we are intended to be, we find increasing growth, contentment, and harmony. When we act contrary, we hit roadblocks. It’s reality’s way of telling us we need to realign and get back on track. Fear is a main reason we get off track because it causes us to do what we normally wouldn’t do, which in turn manifests disharmony in our lives.

Also, in this mindset we are open to the provisions we do have instead of focusing on what we don’t have; because the wanting mind is a future mindset. Thus, we are mindful and able to be responsive to what the present offers, and in responding we experience an organic growth and expansion to our lives. This focus on what we do have creates a mindset of gratitude. Because gratitude creates a high vibration, in this soul state, we manifest more to be grateful for as it creates harmonious ripple effects.

Finally, in this mindset that is absent of fear, we respond as we need to in the moment. This timely and honest response keeps us on the path of our true purpose and being true to ourselves instead of in the throws of the false self, thus a satisfying and abundant life.

A life without fear is an abundant life and becoming present-minded is a significant part of this life’s manifestation. It’s a very powerful state of mind that is established through oneness with our Creator.

John 10:10  I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.



The Divine Exchange

The Divine Exchange

Preparation for Oneness


In preparation for oneness, in faith the soul exchanges elements of the self-determined consciousness for those of the divine. These elements shape the spiritual blueprint of consciousness and the spiritual laws of that govern consciousness.

Oneness with our Creator is crafted through love; for love is the foundation and nature of our eternal relationship with him. The Spirit of Truth is bringing me to place of love in every area of my soul to prepare me for this oneness. This place isn’t in the likeness of my self-generated love, but of his divine love. Thus, I’m learning of this love and will continue to until I am fully aware, open, and responsive to its nature. This soul journey entails addressing the multitude of areas that form the blueprint of my consciousness. All these areas need to be enlightened with divine love before divine love can be possessed. The divine consciousness, which manifests divine love, is all consuming, so the soul has to be prepared for its total governance at its first drop.

How are these areas that form the consciousness being revealed to me?

Necessity of Weakness

Weakness. Normally weaknesses are the bane of our existence. But when journeying into the realm of divinity, they become a form of strength.

My weaknesses are playing an essential role in this transformative process. Not only do they reveal what to let go of in relation to my self-determination, but also they give me the overwhelming desire to do so. Thus, they are a necessary and formative part of this process. Because of the proportional relationship between awareness of weakness and awareness of divinity, the further I progress on this journey, the greater the experience of my weaknesses.

Because consciousness is all consuming, nothing of my soul is left untouched by the divine light; thus, weakness is felt in every aspect of my being. Facing the immensity of my frailties can be trying and unsettling. Yet, it’s in this season of the soul that the foundation of faith established over the years by the Spirit of Truth rises to the occasion and carries me through. Though I’m losing myself, there is only gain. When this divine exchange for the elements of the self-determined consciousness for those of the divine is soulfully understood, letting go becomes an overwhelming desire. In exchange for letting go is the attainment of the elements of divinity in faith. It’s an evolutionary process of letting go of the false self of illusions, to embrace faith in the divine, which brings in the substance of divinity.

Divine Elements

There are four particular elements of consciousness that overlap and affect the soul’s ability to be a conduit of divine love. Thus, the Spirit of Truth directs the soul to make a divine exchange in these areas.

The interrelated elements of love, judgment, justice, and forgiveness possess a self-determined nature that through a soul’s preparation for divinity are exchanged for the divine nature. Divine elements do what the self-determined ones cannot. They produce eternal life, regeneration of the human soul thus all of creation, harmony, unity, endless growth, eternal peace, rest, joy and freedom.

Divine love is creating the highest good for all, in every situation, all the time. Divine love’s characteristics contain many layers, infinite expressions, and truths. Some of its characteristics are it’s always 1. longsuffering 2. kind and gentle 3. humble and confident 4. courageous 5. honoring of all 6. constant and consuming 7. healing and forgiving 8. giving and nurturing 9. merciful 10. trustworthy, honest, and faithful 11. abundant 12. of divine judgment. It perfectly loves at all times to all entities of creation. It excludes no one or nothing. This love moves through the soul from its Source. It isn’t self-generated. It’s the light of God. It’s the cornerstone of truth.

This element is the foundation to the divine consciousness. Once the soul understands the nature of divine love to a degree where it experiences the desire to perfectly love all creation at all times, then the understanding of the other elements flows into the soul’s awareness. Each element is received into the soul in conjunction with the soul’s willingness to give to others according to its nature.

Since divine love is all consuming, prior to its substance filling the soul, the soul must completely desire it along with its corresponding divine elements that play a role in manifesting that love; particularly divine judgment, divine justice and divine forgiveness.

Divine judgment is determining all souls, regardless of soul condition, at all times worthy of divine love. The solution to every ailment of the soul that causes harm and pain is divine love. It’s the answer to every situation. When the soul sincerely wants to give this love, which means embracing and giving all of its characteristics, then the answers come as to how to respond to each situation and relationship. This judgment doesn’t assess the past or future, but resides in the present; a state of timelessness, where all of creation is deemed worthy and needing of divine love. The lies and illusions that caused the harm and pain are dismissed, and the truth is honored and cultivated. When a soul embraces this divine element it willingly extends divine love, thus judges in harmony with the Spirit of Truth.

Judgment, which is how a soul sees a person or situation, precedes justice, which is how a soul responds to a person or situation. Thus, how the soul judges determines how the soul administers justice.

Divine justice is allocating to every soul, regardless of their soul state, divine love. Divine love heals and regenerates the soul into eternal life. It creates goodness out of every ill act. Thus, when one causes harm the response of divine justice is to sincerely desire and do what is for their highest good, which is what cultivates divine love in their soul. Therefore, the intention in divine justice is to love and increase love, nothing else. This intention brings about the corresponding responsive action.

If one suffers for any reason, all suffer. Thus, what is desired is what heals suffering. And as one begins to heal, all begin to heal. The fulfillment of divine justice is the Creator bringing his love into every soul and making it his reflection. If there is one, even one, without his reflection, then divine justice is not complete.

Divine forgiveness is severing a soul from its past so it has no ill effects on the present. It’s the working mechanism of divine justice. It transitions every act of the past to bring about the highest good for all. It’s an act of complete liberation of the soul, thus the keys to the kingdom. In divine love, divine forgiveness is a constant. This forgiveness is activated in the soul when it is received in truth and love into the soul from the giver. Thus, when the receiving soul accepts this element into its beliefs thus its soul, then the transformative work of divine forgiveness commences.

These divine elements are of the Creator’s Spirit. Thus when the soul engages them through faith, the soul is far more powerful than when engaging these elements through the self-determined consciousness. As the soul employs them in faith and prayer, a link from the soul to the Creator is established. This connection brings a new set of potentials, which are anchored in divinity, into the soul’s reality.

Our Creator’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. My journey has been one of letting go of my self-determined ways and embracing his in faith as the Spirit of Truth reveals them to my soul. And as I am learning, this divine exchange prepares my soul for oneness, which is the fulfillment of every desire, hope, and promise.


Gathering vs. Giving

Gathering vs. Giving

Mindsets of Divinity


These words are a reflection of one of my many lessons from the Spirit of Truth …

Mindset of Divinity

A mindset of divinity is one in which, among other identifiers, has every aspect of it connected to and driven by divine love. Every belief, desire, thought, and emotion is directed and governed by this pure love. Thus, there is no fear, but complete freedom and beauty in your individualistic expression. As your soul starts to become fashioned for divinity, you undergo preparations to possess this mindset.

In the endless flow of love that this mindset manifests, one attribute of this love is its giving nature. Thus, as your soul is prepared for this mindset of light, you learn and draw near to this truth in understanding and experience.

Gathering vs. Giving Mindset

One of the seemingly contradictions of truth is the relationship between giving and abundance, and gathering and lack. Yet here is why it isn’t a contradiction. True giving comes from an abundance mindset that inherently believes there is enough to share. This thinking, when in ALL areas of your life, creates an abundant soul state. A gathering mentality comes from a lacking or poverty mindset for it inherently believes there isn’t enough so you focus on gaining or getting, or succumbing to lack. This thinking creates a wanting soul state.

First, a gathering mindset can take on various perspectives, for example it can think in terms of entitlement, deserving, needing to be first, above others, and served, but it also can think in terms of being helpless, hopeless, in self-pity, stingy, giving only to receive, or not having what you “should have” or what others have. It’s a mindset of lack trying to gain or yielding to lack. A giving mindset doesn’t thinks in these constructs. “True” giving is done without any expectation of something in return. This authentic giving simply wants to give because it is a joy and delight to “increase” others’ lives in a way that nurtures them, including your own. Yes, you also give to yourself, and when it is of a true giving, thus in love, it is in balance and harmony with others. The only driver of the thoughts of a true giving mindset is love, pure and simple.

A gathering mentality spawns from fear and is perpetuated by fear. Where fear exists in your life is where gathering exists and each person has different fears. Thus, fear binds you to a gathering mentality, and fears can be very deep and pervasive in your consciousness. The only “force” or energy stronger than fear is love. Thus, overcoming fear is the work of your Spiritual Parent’s love in you. As awareness of his love for you expands, fear flees.

A true giving mindset comes from being connected in love, on the inside, to the infinite Source of all that is good, your Father, a Source that never runs dry, an everlasting wellspring. It isn’t about being “nice” or “moral”. You can be “nice” and “moral” by the world’s understanding and still have a gathering mindset. It’s about how you view your interactions with the elements around you.

It’s not the elements, whether physical or spiritual, in themselves that are “good” or “bad”, it is the energetic flow that your mind applies to them. When you try to gather or draw elements to yourself, you create an inward energetic flow that creates an insatiable black hole within your soul, like a light that is unplugged and not being a light at all, thus giving no light. However, when you give, you create an outward energetic flow in your soul that is an extension of the wellspring of your Source, like a light connected to a power source and radiating outward and providing light to those in its proximity.

You are either drawing elements to yourself, which is the expression of lust, or giving to others, which is the expression of love. Some areas you give and some you gather; it depends on your fears. So whether it is love, value, acceptance, money, possessions, security, family, friends, power, influence, importance, attention, personal “goodness”, knowledge, time, basically anything, a soul can either see as wanting to gather to itself or give to others. The energetic flow, whether inward or outward, determines whether you have satisfaction and contentment in these areas or not. For example, you can have more possessions and less satisfaction in those possessions than someone who has fewer possessions yet more satisfaction in them because of the energetic flow ascribed to them.

Thus, gathering creates a black hole in your soul that takes from you and everything around you, versus giving creates a wellspring that nourishes you and all around you. If you continue to gather then you’ll always lack in some way, if you give then you’ll grow in greater awareness of the abundance you possess through your Source who only loves, thus constantly gives. Because one is an energetic flow toward you and the other is a flow outward from you, you can’t do both at the same time. As you learn and experience this mindset, you discover the equilibrium and contentment that comes from it in regards to your material world and your world within.

As you begin to understand this dynamic AND as you increase in a sincere love, you begin to experience a transition into this giving mindset. The transition is not always immediate or easy because of your fears. Yet, if you desire to love, thus desire to give, your awareness of love will grow and pull you through your fears, by facing them head on and consuming them until they are no more. Without fear to stop-up the wellspring inside, it starts to flow and that in turn helps you to overcome the next fear until there are no more fears. Fear is fully extinguished when you are in a complete oneness with the love flowing from your Source, your Creator, your Father of Lights.

If you feel “wanting” in an area in your life, it is revealing your fears, thus also where you are trying to gather. Also, you try to control where and when there is fear because you are trying to avoid certain outcomes of fear. As you experience these preparations in the various areas of your life, you see this dynamic touches all areas of your life and its preparatory process is an individual one. Everyone starts in a gathering mindset of varying expressions. But as you go through this transition, you slowly begin to shift until your preparations become promises fulfilled, and you are one with your Source; the wellspring of life.