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Synching to Center: Part I


Synching to Center

(Part 1)


The divine consciousness consists of divine energy that is generated out of its divine love. This energy is the highest creative vibration of harmony and perfection. High vibrations are created by love. Low vibrations are created by an absence of love, i.e. fear.

As the soul gains the conceptual frameworks of divinity from the Spirit of Truth, this soul state is able to receive and give this divine energy. When this divine love energy enters into the soul, it causes a transformation of the soul’s consciousness into the divine because the divine energy increases the soul’s vibration to be in harmony with its own. With the increased energy, the soul begins to experience various gradual shifts in its consciousness, which I’ll mention in my next post.

It all comes down to love; divine love.

Through the dynamic of divine love, the door of the soul is opened to the open door of divinity as well as open to its reality in the present moment. (Opening the Door) In this ethereal alignment, the divine love energy streams in as a gentle sunrise of an awakening day. The seven soul elements begin to vibrate at a higher velocity that enables the divine constructs they contain to manifest. Thus, they become extensions of the divine consciousness.

The Root of Eternal Life

The core to this connection between the soul and the divine energy of the Creator is the energetic vibration of divine love that is exchanged between the two. All of creation consists of interactive energy patterns that form matter and give shape to all we see. This energetic love connection with the Creator is the core or root of the divine soul state, thus it’s the root to all of creation.

In this symbolic phrase, the root of David, we learn of the quintessential nature of the root of eternal life; a divine love exchange between us and our heavenly Father. David, at his core, was a man after God’s heart. When we become one after God’s heart, we step on the path of enlightenment that leads to this root of eternal life.

We don’t start out in this divine desire for his consuming love, for we don’t know him, or his love. Thus, Jesus Christ instructs us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, for this is the journey into oneness and this instruction serves as our guide. This love is our destination in this mortal realm and our beginning into the heavenly realm. His second instruction to love others as ourselves is the outcome of learning of the divine love of God, and desiring to sincerely love others helps us to learn of the characteristics of this love.

For me this journey into his divine love expediently began fifteen years ago. Through the collision of three factors in our consciousness, my husband and I became empowered to answer the distant call within every heart that beckons the soul to come home into the bosom of the Father; a cataclysmic upheaval of our life as we knew it, the desire for more than what we could do ourselves, and a sincere commitment to seek the truth, thus the essence of God. The Spirit began us on our journey out of the enslavement of the self-determined consciousness and onto the path of enlightenment. Drop-by-drop he filled our souls with the oil of his conceptual frameworks of truth that manifested a sincere love for him, thus a desire to love in all the dynamics of our lives. Because of the limitations of the self-determined consciousness, this awareness of divine love created a hunger and thirst for the substance of divine love, thus its energy through a oneness, which is the only way we could truly love according to the love we had learned.

Out of this soul journey, trust was cultivated in divine love. And this trust is a pivotal factor in connecting to the divine energy. When trust is active in a soul it raises it overall vibration. When trust is anchored in the concepts of divinity it raises it to such a degree that it acts like a magnet to the divine love energy and pulls it into itself. This energetic attraction bridges the infinite chasm separating the realities of the self-determined consciousness and the divine.

All About Love

In this dream-state of the self-determined consciousness, which is an expressed reality that is absent of the substance of divine love, along the path of enlightenment the Spirit of Truth begins constructing a relationship with the soul based on a divine love that far exceeds our self-generated love.

This dream-state serves a multitude of purposes that revolve around the creation of a divine love between the Creator and the soul. This exchange of love is the cornerstone to the ultimate love story, because it affects every other relationship. As the soul seeks the Creator in truth and spirit, beyond images and the soul itself yet from within itself, it begins to develop a connection to God’s heart based on His characteristics, not what he does for the soul, thus a sincere love. Divine love is unconditional. God loves unconditionally and as it’s his love that the soul returns back to him, the soul comes to love him unconditionally.

It’s through the soul journey down the narrow path of enlightenment that this type of love is shaped within the soul that it may form this energetic connection. Through this experience the soul comes to know the Creator as he is and it begins to fall in love with who he is and not what he does for the soul, thus without condition. To formulate this love so that the soul returns to him the substance of divine love as it receives it from him, it forms a relationship in the absence of the substance. The substance of divine love creates abundant abundance, which can shadow the love that manifests that abundance. In addition, in a soul state of imperfection, the soul learns of the many characteristics of love that it couldn’t otherwise like mercy, grace, compassion, forgiveness, and longsuffering. Thus in the absence of its substance, the soul gains an awareness of the nature of divine love.

When this energetic love connection matures to a point where it becomes an integral part of the soul’s foundation, the exchange of divine love begins to manifest between the soul and the Creator. This dynamic usurps the root of the self-determined consciousness that was crafted out of an absence of the substance of divine love, and begins to birth a divine soul of a Christ-like reflection.

So, it’s through love that the soul’s transformation begins, for love is its fundamental expression that is ubiquitous to every other expression.

As this divine connection begins to vibrate as one, it causes the soul elements to vibrate at a higher velocity that causes the soul to experience a change of consciousness; a change that results in a Christ-like consciousness, in which God and his creation function as one. So, the soul speaks as the Spirit speaks, it does as the Spirit does, and it only does the will of God, all as Christ Jesus demonstrated.

What once was an endless black hole spewing depravity into the soul now becomes the eternal open door to the divinity of God; the root of David. This door opens to the infinite limitless divine potentials of the divine consciousness to be expressed through the human divine soul. It’s the eternal morning star at the core of the soul governing all that the soul expresses through its individuality. As its light shines, the soul is awakened and all the shadows of darkness fade away.

In divine love energy, the consciousness of the soul is raised, thus the soul becomes more loving until it is synched with the divine love energy. When this energy has consumed the human soul, all suffering is extinguished because the low vibrations that created disharmony and fear no longer exist. The soul’s consciousness becomes one with the divine consciousness.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

4 thoughts on “Synching to Center: Part I

  1. Your writing brings many good thoughts to mind of the tabernacle and the resulting temple in the natural realm of the O.T. It harmonizes well with your words.

    This description of the spirit and soul becoming as one reminds me of the veil in the tabernacle, the barrier between spirit and soul or the most holy place and holy place. The place or “room” of the soul was still called holy because it was and is part of the spirit. It is the soul which was lowered to a place behind the spiritual veil so it it the soul which must come to the spirit through the trials of the flesh (veil). Being in a soulish condition we cannot see until we are married…to the spirit…and then we grow to become as one…in time.

    To understand this significance we must see that the tabernacle and then the temple of Solomon as natural examples of ourselves and everything that pertained to the natural temple pertains to that in which we “spiritually” are. (We are the true spiritual temple which the natural tabernacle and temple could only describe.) we are spirit, soul, and body as the temple was holiest of holies, holy place and outer court respectively. The study of the natural temple does help one to understand the relationship and priority of how The spirit and soul relate…and which moves and grows toward the other. In the temple, the steps from the outer court to the holy place went up into the holy place just as the steps in lined up from the holy place ( the soul) into the place of the spirit, the holy of holies. Until Christ there was no way made for the two places to become one but when the veil was rent from top to bottom, our soul is given a path back to being reunited to the spirit. A marriage of spirit and soul.

    When two see as one there is peace…so when we see as God we are one with God and have peace with God. When we as brethren become one in Him we see one another as in the realm of this same oneness, a oneness that we all with come to n our order in our order and calling. So, if we see these truths, we see all as one day in their completetion as we see ourselves in ours…thus we look beyond the evil that comes our way for evil is a means to an end and that end is His likeness in us and to our mutual likeness.

    If we could see the end of all as we desire to see our own end in God’s likeness it would be hard not to have compassion for sin instead of judgment for mercy trumps justice. The judgment of God is for our correction to good while carnal judgment is without spiritual understanding resulting in a false accusation and bad, condescending attitude toward our fellow man. A spiritual person builds up while a carnal person tears down.

    A hope this is a good addition and confirmation to what you have shared above. Love will conquer all obstacles and fault whether real or perceived. Loves sees to the end of another unto their completeness, all others. We may have different orders and callings but we will all be complete…one day.

  2. Job said man has discerned how to obtain precious metal & rocks and they would not buy wisdom nor understanding. Man’s ability to reason is not wisdom but, the separation from animals.

    Still, in this day, so-called intelligence says Job did not know what he talked about. This, even with God calling him a good & faithful servant. At the end of the book we see what God thinks of a person’s imagination.

    Every street corner has a store selling detours from God’s word into imaginations of men. One should ask them self, do these men fear God and are trying to depart from evil-(your house of prayer will remain unto you desolate= where God is not)?

    No doubt many men whom sell religion are very sincere in heart of believing they are doing God’s will. Jesus said this to be so when He said, “many will knock but few will enter”.

    “whence then comes wisdom? and where is the place of understanding? It is hid from the eyes of all living and concealed from the birds of the air. Abaddon (destroyer) and death (fatal enemy of man) say, ‘we have heard a rumor of it with our ears”.

    God has only decreed one way by which man may receive; even a man that has received cannot pass it on. God has placed a stupor on all people that the way cannot be seen even though it is always in clear sight???

    The first order of any business has to be discerning its truth. Even a lair has a base truth-(always false). For the fact that all people die, says, people have not evolved. From a power, people are born and are involved until aging and death come. Was it just coincidence Jesus left earth before aging; but at time of becoming a fully mature man?

    Is there such thing as a living God? Would not the only sensible definition be, the source of power that directs all things? Even people who say they do not believe there is a god, rely on their self as power directing their life. Self-experience has proven this to be a very weak god.

    The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob foretold the history of earth and to date is better than eighty-five per-cent complete with no misses. Four-hundred-ninety years ahead of time, this God said He would send His Son into the world as a final teaching and covenant with man. Right on time, in twenty-seven A.D. claiming to be the Son of the living God; proving Himself by healing sick, crippled or raising the dead-(proof of dead= the sister said, “after four days in the grave, he stinks!”)

    The living God said, blessed is he who believes& follows from blind faith! Yet, God gave some a life in constant deceit & cruelty that would cause no belief at face value but would have to prove all things in life. “Thank God for all things” for God said, at the end of earth time would come many pretend signs and wonders for those who are to perish.

    World-ruling-kingdom today (Roman Empire); the true Lord fore-warned, in the end time they (denominational church) would be so strong that if it were possible would even fool the elect-(taught by God, set free from deception).

    Remember; the Roman Empire will be different from the other three world-ruling kingdoms and will rule until Jesus comes back. they started the same as the other three through military power then changed to power of deception. all denominational churches are just a chip off the big block.

    All so-called christen-churches teach various deceptions toward God’s word. maybe not intentional but, because of following denominational-god. Proof: has any preacher proved their “called by GOD” in the way as did Jesus and the apostles?

    God has decreed just one to teach His truth-(hidden since the foundation of the world). NO, it is not Jesus! However, Jesus told who has charge & under what conditions it will take place. If one truly believes Jesus, they will commit to His word: “man shall live by ever word out of the mouth of God”!

    How did Peter know Jesus was the Christ; Son of the living God? for those of us experienced in the study of God’s entire word and committed to living as close as possible, know the Spirit of God revealed the fact to the mind of Peter. He was taught by God, he needs no other teacher. This is how we know we are members of Jesus’ church! SINCERELY E.W.

    • Hi EW,

      To understand our need to be taught by the Spirit of God, one-on-one, in spirit and truth, is the beginning of truly growing in truth and understanding. When I set out in 2001 on my diligent exploration into truth … by grace from the beginning, I was led to trust God to teach me, not another human, to let his Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit guide me into all truth as I needed to learn it. He was my teacher and all else were tools of his instruction (others, experiences, the Bible, etc). From my experience, this path is the way into truth. In a world of relativity due to our individuality, how do we come to know absolute truth? The Spirit of God knows how to build the truth in us layer by layer, bit by bit. He is the only one who has absolute truth and he brings our relative truth into alignment with his own. Over the years, I’ve seen the fluidity, building and perfection of his instruction — to see it is amazing. It is a significant way in which I witness his faithfulness in my life. Thus, my continual exhortation to learn from the Spirit, for I see he can do what no person can in another soul.

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