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Manifesting Divine Energy

Manifesting Divine Energy


All my being (body, mind and soul) is yoked by divine energy that vibrates from the eternal Source of life within. It’s the vibration of vitality, regeneration, love, and eternal life.  

~ Awakened Divine Self

All is energy. Matter is the illusion. When we awaken to this higher plane of understanding, our understanding expands expotentially.

Energy’s vibrations are shaped by our state of consciousness. Our shadow-self (directed by a self-directed consciousness) exudes a low frequency energy that eventually breaks down (i.e., death) because of its disharmonious thought-forms. The Divine Self (directed by the divine consciousness) exudes divine energy that eternally expands (i.e., life) because of its harmonious thought-forms. This latter energy frequency is formed by the unhindered and unceasing divine love flowing between the Creator and the soul (in a giving and receiving relationship), and the soul and Creation (again in a giving and receiving relationship). These aren’t just ethereal thoughts I’m sharing, but the very genesis of eternal life. 

Various soul conditions manifest this divine energy within our mind, body and soul. Below I share four significant ones.

1. The soul’s singular desire to seek the “the Kingdom of Heaven”.

When the soul desires above all else to seek the reign of the divine consciousness in all of its being (“to seek the kingdom of heaven” and the Lord and Mastery of the Christ consciousness in the soul, mind and body), then the soul is awakened into a state of oneness. In this desire, the soul willingly lets go of all other contrary pursuits for this high calling so that the sublime oneness it possesses in the spiritual plane may manifest upon the plane of the senses. Through this union, divine energy manifests in the soul, mind and body which bring these three into life (immortality).

2. The soul singularly follows the Master Teacher within.

When the soul exalts the Master Teacher within (the Christ consciousness) as its foremost teacher then it is able to learn and grow in all the ways necessary to prepare its soul, mind and body for the expression of the Divine Self. The inner Teacher utilizes everything in the soul’s reality to instruct and teach, thus the soul is a student of all in humility and mindfulness. If the soul exalts anything or anyone outside of itself above this inner Teacher, it stifles the soul’s ability to gain and develop the necessary thought-forms required to express the Divine Self and manifest this higher energy of eternal life.

3. The soul’s release of the shadow-self.

The purpose of the shadow-self is to create an understanding of divine love; which is accomplished by the soul learning from all of the shadow-self’s “imperfections”. Once the purpose of the shadow-self is finished (signified by the soul’s consuming desire for divine love to motivate every desire, thought and action), then the shadow-self and its self-directed consciousness are consumed by the rising light of the Divine Self (divine consciousness) within. The shadow-self fades as the Divine Self finds expression in the mind and body through the portal of the prepared soul.

Because this transmutation occurs within the soul’s consciousness, the soul intimately experiences every gyration and “earthquake” of this letting go and renewal process. The soul enters a place of “non-being” (i.e., selflessness, emptiness) as all it once knew is stripped away and it awaits its new garments of divinity. It encounters the battle between the self-directed will and the divine will as one reign is usurped by another. It witnesses the victories of the sovereign Spirit as it makes its home in the soul.

During this metamorphosis, the lower frequency energy of the shadow-self is transmuted into the higher frequency of the Divine Self. This higher energy within the soul, mind and body brings forth immortality into all the soul’s being and expression (resurrection). Divine love can only be expressed by the Divine Self. Thus, as the Divine Self finds expression through the soul, mind and body so does divine love find expression in Creation. In its expression, divine energy flows into Creation.

4. The soul resurrects into the Divine Consciousness (Christ consciousness).

The soul engages the Christ consciousness through diligent meditation, prayer, and heeding the Spirit’s instruction until the divine consciousness becomes the soul’s permanent resident. As this higher consciousness lifts the soul, it lifts all of creation with it, for what is done in divine love is done for all.

 “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.” John 12:32

Once the soul awakens to this higher consciousness, the soul becomes filled with divine energy that flows into its mind and body, yoking the three in unity. The soul then ceases to function by the self-directed consciousness (which is bound to the plane of the senses), and instead operates from this higher dimension that is sovereign over the senses. Thus all of Creation is lifted into one harmonious whole with the Creator.

Divine love comes through the Divine Self. Its energy is the vibration that creates life (immortality) and awakens the soul from its dream and into the glorious eternal present of the eternal presence.



The Anointing


The Anointing

Anointing = the possession of the subconsciousness by the divine consciousness (Christ consciousness). 

Our anointing is the inner work of our Creator. He is pouring himself into and through us, and into creation in order to manifest himself. Our anointing follows the preparatory work of our soul that creates a deep awareness of the nature of divine love that in turn creates an all-consuming desire to give this love to all always. This desire is authenticated within our soul by situations in which we previously withdrew our love but now we desire to be an outlet of divine love.

The anointing at this deep creative level of our being is experienced on the conscious level as stages of movement into a higher consciousness. We advance through these levels by A) receiving relevant instruction from the Spirit within, B) desiring to follow the instruction with all our being (desire creates an open door for the Spirit of God to work freely in us), and C) our circumstances providing a means to integrate the instructions into our consciousness.

Conscious Examples of the Anointing:

We become aware that every occurrence in our life serves the purpose of manifesting divine love by presenting us opportunities to give this love. Thus where we perceive a lack of divine love, we consciously exude it.

We exalt ALL in equanimity and as we do we lift all into this higher consciousness and exalt the Creator who is all in all.

We experience the methodical dissolution of the shadow self (become self-less) and all it has manifested (i.e., personalities, past and future imaginations, current reality, purposes, desires, expectations, limitations, etc.) as it is supplanted by the one Divine Self, which was hidden beneath our lower self. We desire to manifest the Divine Self and no longer a contrived separate self.

We cease to perceive life in separation and begin to see oneness in all things. Thus, we no longer consider our Creator as separate from us (or anything else), but an integral part of us as there is only one Divine consciousness that fills all in all.

We perceive that the creative power moves from within us out; thus all transformation and regeneration comes through our soul, which when self-less is an open door to the divine consciousness.

We perceive that through our connection to the divine consciousness we have access to all knowledge and wisdom. These flow into our awareness through the mechanisms of remembrance and intuition.

We constantly experience adjustments in our thoughts as our mind now serves the Christ consciousness and no longer the self-directed consciousness of the lower self. Thus, our decisions and actions change accordingly.

We creatively rise above the limitations of time and space into the realm of the eternal present.

These and many others are transitions we experience on a conscious level during our sacred anointing of the Spirit. As this eternal presence expands in our soul, we are delivered into the kingdom of the Christ consciousness and we become living expressions of divine truth and love.

Because the transition is happening in our consciousness (which is a creative mechanism), as we shift from one created reality to another we are constantly experiencing the sensational exchange from the land of illusions to the kingdom of the Christ consciousness. Thus we go through the mental gyrations of letting go of one and engaging of the other, which create struggles or battles in our mind and soul. As we are changing inwardly in our awareness, the residual outward manifestations of the lower self counter what we are experiencing inwardly, thus a battle is felt within our soul between what is within and what we perceive without.

To facilitate our transition, the Spirit instructs us to focus on the transformative nature of divine love and not on the world of senses. As we do, the creations of the lower self subside and the manifestations of the Divine Self find creative space to take form. During this transition, we are called to greater times of A) meditation, B) prayer in which the desires of our Creator are made manifest through his consciousness in us, C) reflective thought that opens up our conscious understanding to facilitate our transformation, and D) listening to the Spirit for instruction and counsel which guide us into the manifestation of the divine consciousness.

Though we experience these disruptions, the work is the Creator’s, for we are his perfect workmanship from beginning to end. However, as we’ve experienced the challenges of transformation, we also will experience the ever-expanding glories of eternal growth, and the latter far outweighs the former.

Divine gratitude (gratitude for the divine truth as known through the lens of divine love) is a significant tool in this transformation. Because this is the work of consciousness, what we focus on expands. When we are sincerely grateful for the elements of divinity that we perceive in truth and spirit, then those elements expand and become manifest in our reality; as the outer is a reflection of the inner. When this creative act is consistently done it facilitates the manifestation of the divine consciousness into our expressed reality.

This anointing is the manifestation of our soul as an eternal outlet to the Spirit of God. It creates an ever-expanding beauty, abundance, harmony, sublime oneness, divine love and joy that touches every part of creation from within us. It is the freedom and victory in all things for us and for all.



The Regenerating Life

The Regenerating Life


Out of the depths, the Oneness that always was, encounters the mind of the soul.

Hidden beneath the thick vapor of the self-directed mind, the oneness shared between the soul and its Creator resides as the divine-self. As this Oneness begins to surface in the mind of the soul, the mirage of the false-self begins to fade and the soul awakens to a divinely directed life. As the divine consciousness becomes the soul’s conscience experience, the real that always was manifests.

The Creator expresses himself in Creation through the soul that is formed to be a conduit of his Spirit. Thus, the soul knows and experiences him through its divine-self and the projected reality this self creates. The Creator is the “I” of the soul. There is no separation between the soul’s existence and his eternal life, for without him there is no soul.

Awakening to the Divine-Self Within

As the soul lets go of its self-will, its divine-self rises to the surface from the depths where it remained hidden beneath the drama and noise of the false-self. In this awakening, the soul is renewed bit by bit as it throws off every self-directed thought as untrue. These false thoughts fall away like empty shells as they’ve been stripped of all their power held by belief and emotion. All the elements of the soul’s reality once created by these thoughts; its fabricated personality, contrived appearances, and its reality cloaked with the likeness of decay and death, begin to fade.

Thought is the mental substance of the consciousness. When the soul’s consciousness begins to shift from the self-determined consciousness to the divine, it experiences a change in its thoughts. Slowly the thought matter alters from coming from the former consciousness to coming from the latter.

As the soul begins to awaken to its divine-self, it realizes this self was always its true essence; and the rest was imagination. With this awareness, the soul perceives it’s an extension of the Creator and always has been; any separation was an illusion.

During this transitory period, the soul ceases to focus on outward appearances that were constructed by the false-self, for they are passing away. Instead the soul centers on and operates from the internal divine frameworks of truth that begin to renew its mind with transformative grace, which in time transforms its reality into an expressively divine one.

The Elixir of Regeneration

The energetic substance of the divine-self is divine love. The unconditional and regenerating aspect of this love is grace. As the divine-self and the Creator are totally one; the soul is his expressive medium into creation. Because abundant divine grace is the heart of the Creator, the divine-self desires to extend this grace to all as well. As the soul gives divine grace, it receives it from the Source; like a fountainhead. In this outpouring, the soul’s heart is transformed into an open gate of the Creator’s unconditional love.

Bound to the illusion of the false-self, the soul abided in the ramifications (compensation or judgment) of its erroneous thinking. Grace manifests the right inherent in every wrong, thus judgment (penalty for error) is swallowed up in divine love. As the soul desires to give the substance of grace to all others, it receives grace and this grace transitions every other mental element (the content of its consciousness) into a divine element. Grace covers all and brings the bounty of goodness out of everything. In the face of grace, no error matters because grace is all-consuming. It’s the elixir of healing, renewal and regeneration.

The rising of the divine-self is the rising of the Christ spirit within the soul; a spirit of abundant divine grace. All that will be is present in the now. The Spirit is in the present in all omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. It can’t be less than what it is. Thus, the soul awakens to what always was. As the soul gives thus receives grace, it rises to the Christ Spirit within; who was always within its midst.


When the soul begins to perceive the Kingdom of God (divine consciousness) within, the soul identifies the absolute sovereignty of the Creator that was, is and always will be. He was always “in charge”, and the self-directed will that he gave the soul to operate in was an offshoot of his own. Thus, all that the soul created through its self-will was within his divine providence.

Everything that occurred during the soul’s journey through the wilderness of the false-self was meaningful and within the governance of the Creator’s perfect orchestration, thus ultimately the Creator’s responsibility. In this profound understanding into the depths of divine love, the soul experiences a complete liberation from the ramifications of all error. The soul fully relinquishes to the Creator all responsibility that it took upon itself which created endless cycles of inferiority, shame, guilt, and fear. At this release, these four core drivers of the false-self are systematically absolved.

A Divine Will

“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples. As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.”

John 15:7-9

The will of the Creator that was once hidden beneath the vapor of the self-will rises to the top so that the prayer of the Christ, who is made manifest in the divine-self, is fulfilled; “Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven”.

Because the Creator’s will sovereignly governs the divine-self, as the divine-self asserts itself over the false-self, so does the Creator’s will over the self-will.

The Creator is beyond the soul and yet fully one with it as the divine-self. The soul is his body so that all he does is done through the soul in thought, belief, word and deed. Thus for grace to flow or any other character of the Creator, it must flow through the soul. This means the soul comes to desire the abundance of his divine attributes and nothing self-contrived.

Thus, the “Kingdom of God” (the divine consciousness) comes through the soul; again in thought, belief, word and deed. Once the soul forsakes the false-self thus all its strength found in its self-will, then the divine-self begins to rise and shine to bring forth the Kingdom.

As the Kingdom comes, the divine will is no longer a passive component but an active one to the consciousness of the soul. In this exchange of will-power, the soul is no longer a slave to the self-will, but free by the governance of the divine will.

In this flip, all is turned upside down and inside out as all is made wholly divine through grace. It’s a rise from weakness to true power. As the soul abides in the divine consciousness, divine truths manifest through the risen divine-self. The beauty and bounty of the divine attributes expressed through those truths bloom up in and around the soul casting a reflection of the Creator’s love. Where the soul came to know its unconquerable weaknesses; with this shift of wills, it operates by the one and true power found in divine love. The soul’s hunger and thirst to perfectly love that caused it to give up all for love is finally fulfilled with each moment growing more and more glorious.

This victory already exists in this present moment; as all was finished from the beginning. As the soul awakens to the truth of this victory (faith) found in the depths of its divine self (the manifestation of the internal Christ); the faith begins to manifest the victory through the grace inherent in the Christ.



The Metamorphic Awakening

The Metamorphic Awakening


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:1

As the building truth grows more magnificent, my soul is overwhelmed by the perfection. Truth forms the constructs of soul that enable oneness with the divine consciousness. Thus, the frameworks of truth reflect the incredible and integrated handiwork of the Creator.

As understanding deepens and expands construct by construct, the ability to perceive overall truth increases. This depth of perception strengthens the beliefs those truths convey, and as beliefs strengthen and expand it causes changes in the soul’s reality, as belief is the creative force of the consciousness. This deepening understanding and strengthening belief takes the soul out of the mirage of the unreal and into the real by means of a metamorphic awakening.

Below are seven fundamental phases of the soul’s metamorphosis into an expressive divine soul state. These seven phases entail the entrance of the divine consciousness into the corruptible mortal reality and clothing it in incorruptible immortality from the inside out.

1. Completion of the Inner Temple

As the soul reaches the zenith of its path to enlightenment in the mortal realm, its divine soul structure (the temple of the Spirit of God) located in its sacred inner chamber is ready to manifest its expression into creation.

Through the soul’s journey, the Spirit of Truth constructed the divine constructs of truth that shaped the soul’s ability to give and receive divine love. As the soul’s understanding of divine truth expanded so did its understanding and desire to divinely love; for divine truth shapes divine love. In this awareness, the soul possesses an all-consuming desire to divinely love all of Creation all the time; for this is the Creator’s heart. Knowing it can’t achieve one drop of this love on its own, the soul begins a final letting go of all it has known and been as a self-willed personality that it may rest as an open gate to the divine consciousness, which can accomplish this desire. The soul’s entire journey has been for the establishment of an inner sacred temple (the constructs of truth that give rise to the divine soul), which the divine consciousness can fill and govern to give the soul and all it touches divine love.

2. Death of the False Self

Once the temple is complete, the soul bows down all it is to the sovereign will of its Creator. In this act of divine desire, faith, trust, and gratitude the hand of God severs the soul from its false self once and for all. And the soul enters a very deep rest (death) as its self-will becomes completely forsaken. The soul’s self-determined consciousness shuts down and all is surrendered to the Spirit.

This temporary personality of self provided the medium that shaped the understanding necessary for the complete formation of a divine self. When its purpose is complete, by grace the soul sheds this false self. The self-made mind, which created a dark shadow of separation from its Source, dissipates with the incoming eternal Living Light.

At this death, the soul is completely emptied to prepare it for the filling of the divine consciousness. Upon experiencing its death, the soul lays between the dark void of what was and what is to come. It becomes entombed in silence and stillness. In this deep acquiescence, the comforts of the Creator begin to fill its soul and it senses that this is the beginning of its birth.

3. Birth of the Divine Self

As the soul surrenders to the demise of its false self, words of life fall upon its ears breaking the silence. As layers of its self-directed reality begin to fall away, the manifestations of the inner temple of the divine soul prepare to come forth. Through a restful state of soul, moment by moment the soul’s consciousness shifts (thus its reality), as the divine consciousness begins to take over its conscious awareness; the place the self-will had reigned.

The divine consciousness begins to flow into the inner temple of the soul. As it moves through the soul, it manifests a divine reality around the soul; a reality that will continue to expand for all eternity. The first touch of the divine reality is the divine breath of life moving through and back into the soul, which is a divine love exchange.

The inner divine soul begins to consume the outer (self-created) soul personality. As the two become one, the divine consciousness fills all.

“For the Lord has created a new thing in the earth— A wo-man shall encompass a man.” Jeremiah 31:22

4. Divine Soul Growth

As the soul transitions into the light from within out, it grows by the nourishment of the Spirit from within, and by its desires, which are now divine (the land of milk and honey). No longer does the soul grow by striving, toiling, suffering and pain, but by the will of the Spirit of God moving through it as its desires.

The soul abides in a child-like trust and rests as the divine consciousness shapes every aspect of its reality in an ever-expanding immortal harmony. Instead of grasping for riches of life, the abundant life of eternity blooms in and around the soul.

5. The Divine Consciousness Expands into All

As the soul expands by the workings of the divine consciousness flowing through its being, the divine consciousness fills all of creation. (The divine consciousness was always governing the creation, but the corrupted mind of the self-directed consciousness hid his workmanship from the soul. And in the soul’s corruption of judgments and self-direction manifested a soul state of separation thus suffering.)

What the Spirit of Truth shaped inwardly in the inner chamber finally finds an outward expression through the soul and everything the soul perceives, thus all of creation. This expression transitions all of creation into the living light of the Creator. As one soul personality encounters this light in another soul personality, it is consumed and transformed by it, thus the divine consciousness spreads throughout Creation.

6. Regeneration

All of creation, every pixel, begins to reverberate at the soul’s awakening. Creation ceases to bear the resemblance of the self-determined consciousness that produced its entropic state. Instead, it takes on the vibrational life force of the divine consciousness. Though the divine consciousness was always governing creation, the creation, while perceived by the self-directed will, was contained within a dream-state. In this awakening, each aspect of creation awakens by the energy of the divine consciousness, thus transitions into the living light energy of eternity; divine photons.

Like the individual cells in a body, each holding their own consciousness, every quark of creation begins to be governed by the divine consciousness. In this, a visible immortal harmony begins to form. As the soul gazes upon its reality, the present moment begins to reveal the presence (presents) of the Creator. Each moment becomes a divine present moment filled with divine attributes.

7. Oneness

This temporal reality is built on entropy and order. It’s a dream within the eternal. The entropy reflects the chaotic self-determined consciousness that is like a continuously disorganized warehouse. The order reflects the divine consciousness that supersedes everything and is like a perpetually organized warehouse containing all individual conscious expression. The order in randomness reveals that the human soul isn’t in charge, the Creator is. The perception of the perfection of truth supersedes the soul’s ability to perceive it. Yet, the soul can know that this perfection exists by the marked perfection in this world of seeming randomness. The illusion of randomness imprisoned the self-directed mind and created a false sense of separation from perfection.

When everything the soul perceives in its reality (including its own personality) is filled with the harmonious attributes of divine consciousness, then it sees God all in all. In this light, oneness is revealed within all of creation. And the “Word” (divine consciousness) becomes clothed with an immortal creation in an inseparable oneness.

And the Word became ALL flesh.



The Final Letting Go

The Final Letting Go


At the end of the soul’s journey through the wilderness, there is nothing left for the soul to hold onto. It lets go of everything with a divine trust, and in this letting go ushers in oneness.

The little soul has sought diligently through the wasteland. Though it has found unspeakable treasures of soul, they lay dormant until it’s awakened from its dream-state consciousness; an awakening brought by grace alone. In all its awareness of divine truth and love, it recognizes it can do nothing of itself. Just when it reaches the zenith of its understanding, it is consumed with the awareness of its deteriorating state as a self-directed soul. It loses its grasp on the final remnants of its self-directed personality. Every aspect of its self-directed manifestations is but of the shadow of death that will fade with the rising sun; thus the soul clings to nothing and faces an unparalleled emptiness.

What remains is a divine trust in the divine love (inherent in the oneness the soul has always possessed with the Creator), that will awaken it in the new day. Reaching this soul state, the soul knows it has come to its end. For in it, its seeking ceases and the soul lies down in rest.

In this final letting go, the little soul completely releases all it has been. It controls nothing and wills nothing; as the Spirit has removed it of all its self-determination. All that lingers is the ethereal divine desire, gratitude, faith and trust that assures the soul that all is in the Creator’s hand because it always has been. In this, it enters a soul state of complete surrender to its Creator. Every soul element, thought, aspect of its being and spirit bows down in complete acquiescence. As all the soul once was comes to an end, it feels like “death”. But this death is a death to death. It’s the death that ushers in everlasting life. At what moment this awakening will occur the soul cannot know for it isn’t the soul’s to manifest, but the divine consciousness that has governed the soul from the beginning.

All the highs and lows, all the victories and defeats, all the lessons taught and gained, lead to the final dissolution of the soul’s self-determined consciousness. Lying in its tomb, the soul rests in silence. It has walked its journey and has done what it was purposed to do. Now it waits for the inner rising son.

As it lies down in a seeming defeat, it knows defeat is impossible in oneness. It knows the only true defeat is the defeat of its self-directed will. Thus it rests in absolute trust that the words of life will awaken it to life everlasting; a sublime oneness where the shadow of death is no more.

In this silence, the soul embraces the insurmountable truth;

Be still – and KNOW – I AM – God.




Windows to the Great “I AM”

Windows to the Great “I AM”


What we give reflects who we are. Who we are defines our reality.

In oneness, we give infinite value to all living things, thus we experience inherent infinite value.

In oneness, we unceasingly give divine love to all living creations, thus we experience endless divine love.

One for All, All for One

The collective human soul functions as a unit. Even in the multitude of expressions of separation created by the self-determined consciousness, there is a chord connecting our own and every soul, mind, body, spirit, and reflective reality. (This connectedness is why each of these components is an excellent teacher for our soul development.) This thread that connects all our being, and connects us to one another and all of creation is the Spirit of God who dwells in our present moments. In the present moment, His Spirit simultaneously resides in each of our realities closer to us than our own breath. From this space and time dimension he works all together for the highest good.

One in Separation

Like a night dream, intertwining this present moment of perfection is our self-determined consciousness that functions in the past-future mindset, which is dimensionally different than the present. In this space and time resides the disharmony created by the self-directed consciousness. As with all things spiritual, in this understanding there is the paradox of disharmony within harmony, separation within oneness, chaos within definitive purpose, and the unreal within the real.

Everything is connected and affects everything else. When we see this reality as it truly is, as energy and not static forms, this becomes much more apparent. Every nuance of our being impacts everything else. So, your very existence makes a huge difference. You are infinitely significant in your purpose and position whether you realize it or not and whether you intend to be or not.

Though we live in a separatist mentality created by the self-determined consciousness, we are all in a disharmonious state together. If one suffers we all suffer, thus, the significance of one. Matthew 18:12-14 As we help alleviate other’s suffering, we alleviate our own. Think of it this way, what you do for one, you do for all. What you do for all, you do for one. As we move toward alignment to the divine consciousness, our thoughts begin to take on these perspectives.

One in Oneness

In oneness, we are all in a harmonious state together. In this divine mindset, we think in oneness according to the functioning of the divine consciousness. Thus, we perceive the connectedness of all things and no longer see separation in anything. This perspective has a huge impact on how we respond to everything.

So if one possesses the substance of divine love energy, we all do. And our individual oneness with the Spirit of God is manifested when all of creation is one in him. This connectedness is why we each have a significant impact on each other and on the collective whole; an impact the self-determined consciousness blinds us to.


Each one us is infinitely valuable to our Creator and the collective whole. In oneness, we each experience a particular unique expression of the Spirit of God that only we can express. It’s what makes us totally distinctive, special, irreplaceable and yet one with the collective whole that is governed by the Spirit of God.

In this, each soul feels most honored, special, adored and the apple of the Creator’s eye. Every soul has this experience of his divine love and thus gives this depth of love to all others. What varies is our role in the harmonic whole and our unique expression of the Spirit of God flowing through our individuality crafted by his divine will operating within us.

The divine truth is every living creation is equally valuable. When we possess this mindset, we also hold no comparative judgments, self-exaltation, arrogance, haughtiness, jealousy, envy, inferiority, or ego, which are all derivative of the separatist mindset. All souls are divinely cherished in their purpose and position.

When we perceive these truths in lucidity so that they are our truths, we begin to see the nondiscriminatory worth of each soul. Then, we truly begin to perceive our personal infinite value. If we don’t see it in others, we can’t truly perceive it in ourselves.

Moving into Oneness

Thus from this understanding, prior to the receipt of divine love in our soul, it’s our soul’s desire to give this divine love and value to every living creation. The flip side is we desire for suffering to end for all, no matter their current condition. For the soul who knows this love knows this love, and only this love, can bring every soul to wholeness, righteousness, and a continual expansion of perfection and harmony.

Every soul will be consumed in the fire of divine love that burns away all fear, shame, suffering, pain, heartache, and discomfort. There is nothing more powerful than the divine love of our Creator. It’s what transforms us into his likeness.

A New Name

But by the grace of God, I am what I am.” 1 Corin 15:10

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ ” Exodus 3:14

In oneness, our name reflects our Creator’s name; thus I am I AM. He is our reflection and we are his.

A name reflects who we are. In oneness, the soul takes on the reflection of the Creator. We’re like a window into his divinity or a mirror of a unique array of his creativity and artistry. We gain a new name in our united oneness, because we are of a new reflection; a reflection of the Creator and no longer our erroneous self-determination. Thus, we are what we are by his grace, and the great I AM defines us.

I AM includes everything, and is limited by nothing. For eternity the soul is ever expanding in its likeness to the Creator, thus this name I AM includes all these endless possibilities and potentials. It’s timeless, limitless, and beautiful in what it communicates. This name reflects the unique and individual expression of each soul of their particular set of divine potentials of the Creator, as well as their unity with all of creation.

So when others gaze upon our soul, they see a distinctive expression of the Creator’s spirit that only our soul expresses, and all together we reflect the vastness of the Creator to one another. It’s the most incredible marriage of individuality and unity.

May all who gaze upon you see true, pure and divine beauty. (If they can see this beauty in you, then it is in them for you are their reflection in their reality.)


A Sacred Moment

A Sacred Moment:

A Flash of Divine Energy


The moment the expressive human soul receives the divine love energy of the Creator, thus his Spirit residing within this space and time dimension, it’s reflected in the reality as a flash of pure divine light. Our reality is a reflection or projection of our soul’s consciousness. What happens within happens without. Thus, when the divine energy enters our soul, it’s reflected in our reality.

Reflection of the Creator

Our Creator is beyond creation, but the moment he unites to our soul to form a oneness with the entire human soul, his divine energy enters creation, thus is reflected in creation. At this moment, we witness the phenomenon of divine energy that appears as a perfectly straight beam of pure white light crossing the sky from one end to the other; like a flash of lightening, yet perfect in form. In divine energy there is no randomness or scattering of light, so this expression of divine photons takes on a perfection of order and symmetry. It’s as if the sky opened for a moment to allow the Source of all Creation, which surrounds creation, to let in a drop of his divine living light.

Upon seeing this reflection in our reality, it returns substantive divine energy back into our perception and into our physical reality, which creates a “twinkling” in our eye. Though this divine light enters into the human soul in a singular present moment; it methodically illuminates the entire human soul until all is consumed by it; making what was dark, light.

A Divine Point of Origin

The human soul requires only one flash in one present moment of this divine light for it to ignite the soul to be transformed into the divine consciousness; thus put on incorruption. It’s a moment because the human soul is only able to receive this amount; anything more would energetically impair the human soul because of its pure intensity. It’s a moment because from one drop, one point, in our soul immortal harmony is created. It’s a drop because of where it connects to our soul; at our root, our point of origin, where we possess a sincere love exchange between our Creator and us, and where we extend love to others. It’s a drop at our point of origin, so that all that we are and do is governed by it. (Revelation 2:28 22:16)

This flash of light is the energetic vibration of our divine love exchange with our Creator being made manifest in our reality. In this our divine love no longer remains as an ethereal experience in our inner sacred chamber, but penetrates into our reality so that our physicality vibrates with this divine energy. This energy starts as a drop in our consciousness, and as it expands it reveals its glorious presence. In receiving this divine light, we begin to become fully one with the divine consciousness in soul, mind and body.

The root of divine love initially takes form in our inner sacred chamber as waves of potentials. In this sacred present moment as we observe the divine light in our reality, it becomes particles; divine photons. Upon observing it, our constructs of divinity that we gained from the path of enlightenment receive the energetic power they need to be activated in this reality, thus it leads to the regeneration of all our being. (1 Corinthians 15, Matthew 24:26-27)

Opening the Gates

Because all of reality is a projection of consciousness, this light from the Source is only observed through a soul state of oneness versus a soul state of progression.

The self-determined consciousness is created to advance through infinite levels of consciousness, like an ascending winding staircase. This ascension path is a never-ending progression toward the divine consciousness but not into it, because the Source, containing this divine consciousness, is always beyond creation; thus always beyond this self-generated consciousness. It’s like living in a darkened ever-expanding bubble that can never reach the light outside of it. Though through higher levels of awareness the soul becomes better at perceiving the light beyond it, the soul with a self-determined consciousness is always separated and creates separation. The human soul is one united consciousness, but because of its inherent darkened nature (created by its limited self-judgments) many levels of consciousness are created that cause divisions and separation. We experience this separation in the “disconnect” we feel with someone at a different spiritual level than us.

This infinite progression of a self-determined consciousness is the infinite chasm that lies between the Source, our Creator, and us. The divine consciousness exists outside of the self-determined consciousness, thus outside of all of creation. Yet enfolds it like a womb. Only by going through a metamorphosis of soul so that the soul sheds the self-determined consciousness for the divine consciousness can the soul become one with the divine consciousness.

In the advancement from one level of consciousness to another, the soul moves through spiritual doors or gates to the next level, this is the process of ascension. Unless all the doors are opened at once, symbolizing the end of progression and a state of oneness, it is impossible to receive the divine energy from the Source to the core of the soul because there is always another level of consciousness thus another closed door separating the advancing soul and the Source. Thus, this phenomenon of observing divine light isn’t possible.

To get to the Source, all the doors must be opened at the same time and opened from the beginning; thus in oneness, which is only possible by the Spirit of God. When a gateway or door is prepared by the Spirit of Truth within the soul, as I’ve described in my previous blogs, then the Source has a place to enter into the consciousness at the beginning of the self-determined consciousness, which is established in this dimension, so it can transform it from the inside out and thus all levels of consciousness in-between. Divine light has to enter into the bubble at its core or the beginning of the soul, thus it requires a gateway to enter into this realm; the tri-fold love exchange, then it can enter all.

As the divine energetic light enters the lowest realm or the core of the soul, it begins to transform the entire human soul by raising the overall vibration. The self-determined consciousness is usurped by the inflow of the divine consciousness (the highest energetic vibration raising the low vibrations), and brings the human soul into a state of oneness where there is no more separation. In this oneness, the Spirit of God fills all in all from beginning to end. When the self-determined consciousness is fully overthrown, there is no more separation. There is only the uniqueness of individuality at various levels of growth and expansion that is expressed in a harmonic whole.






Vibrations of Living Light (Part II)

Vibrations of Living Light

Synching to Center (Part II)


When the soul vibrates with the divine energy, it shakes open the tomb of the false self and sets the metamorphic divine soul free. As the seven soul elements start to pulse at this higher frequency, they engage in a symphonic dance lifting the soul into a oneness with the divine consciousness, the Spirit of God.

Below are some of the changes the soul goes through within its consciousness as this inflow of this divine energy commences.

Divine Judgment 

Divine Judgment: Our evaluative capacity to manifest perfect cause.

The divine love exchange between the soul and the Creator creates a heightened energetic vibration, which enables the soul to assimilate into a oneness, thus possess the divine energy. This connection forms the root of the soul into the divine consciousness.

Rooted in the divine consciousness, all the soul’s judgments and expressions are determined by the divine consciousness. Divine judgment is like quantum processing versus the self-determined consciousness, which is like binary processing. Instead of the soul growing from the dynamic of cause and effect that is based on self-generated yes and no judgments (1,0), the soul grows by one moment layered upon the next in a perfection-beyond-perfection aptitude. (0 to infinity) In other words, the all-knowing Spirit of God governs the soul from within the soul to construct immortal harmony. Like the growth of a tree, this creates an ever-expanding present moment in perfection.

Divine Time

Divine Time: Our perceptual location in the eternal present.

The increased vibration accelerates the soul’s ability to perceive light (the time it takes for information to be perceived by the soul), thus the soul moves in synch with the present moment. In a lower vibration state, the soul lags behind the present moment from the delay in perception. This confines the soul to a past perspective that creates disharmony. It’s like always receiving essential information a little too late so that you can’t properly respond to a situation. As it perceives according to the true present, not a lagging past, it perceives what it needs to at the right time facilitating the creation of harmony. In this, the soul harmonizes with the rhythmic flow of creation. Creation supports the soul’s creative desires, which are directed by the divine consciousness, and the soul supports creation’s harmonic equanimity.

As a result, instead of living in a past and future mindset, the soul possesses an inherent present-mindedness. The fleeting present opens up into a vast dimension filled with the Spirit of God. In this present state of mind, the soul possesses the “eyes and ears” of the Spirit.

Divine Emotions

Divine Emotions: Our affective expressions of the sensational nuances of love.

With the increased energy, the soul experiences the emotional energy of divine love. Though all the elements work in unison, the emotional center sends out the vibrations of divine love energy through the soul and into creation.

This heightened state creates the varied emotional expressions of wellbeing, peace, joy, tranquility, equanimity, magnanimity, and love. These expressions, which flow from the Source and through the soul, create harmonious energetic patterns that are incorruptible and impenetrable by a lower frequency. This inherent preeminence enables the divine consciousness to expand until it is all in all. This expansion creates an emotional atmosphere of divine love that has a proportional impact on reality; the greater the divine energy the greater the impact, like an ever-brightening lamp.

Divine Desires

Divine Desire: Our creative intention or response of perfection beyond perfection.

With the root of divine love, the soul experiences the fulfillment of its consuming desire; oneness. Out of this oneness, flows every other desire, thus all the soul’s desires are directed by the divine consciousness. The soul is creatively governed in its present moments by these desires. In this, the soul experiences the beauty of individuality, continual growth, and an ever-expanding state of consciousness of a finite eternal being that can abide in a oneness with the infinite consciousness of God.

In this contentment, living trust, which attracted the divine love into the soul, gains a ubiquitous presence. It transitions from an effortful action into a restful state, like the unwavering trust a child. This state of being serves as the creative link for the divine energy, which is flowing from the divine consciousness into the soul, to create an eternally expanding divine reflection through the soul’s desires.

Divine Words

Divine Words: Our cognitive expressions creating living love.

With an increased energy, the vibrational tones of words (spoken and unspoken) resonate according to this energy. Everything is created by energetic relationships or interactions, thus words, a central creative outlet, at this higher frequency manifest a reality reflecting the attributes of divinity. The soul’s words are filled with the Spirit and truth, which reflect the will of God; therefore they manifest his will in creation. At this frequency, they are spirit and they are life.

Divine Perception

Divine Perception: Our level of awareness derived from the Internal Light.

With this inflow of divine energy, the perceptions of the soul alter in various ways including: becoming proportionally accurate to truth and love, becoming lucid and detailed, functioning without the negative impacts of past memories, and operating by the divine conceptual frameworks.

In the self-determined consciousness, the soul’s perceptions are like those of carnival mirrors. The limitations, errors, past pain, and ill judgments of this consciousness distort the soul’s perception. This causes the soul to overreact or under-react to its environment, and to misinterpret itself and reality that creates more error. As the soul’s perception resonates in divine energy, the soul experiences a change in its relative perception as it aligns to divine truth and love. It perceives according to divine love, thus it responds in divine love, which manifests a reality of love.

Second, when the perception lags because of a lower vibration, the soul loses clarity and specificity in its present moment. At a higher vibration that is in synch with the present, the soul receives more information that leads to more lucidity and a mindful awareness in the present moment.

Third, as the soul’s relative perceptions realign to truth, all that the self-determined consciousness created falls away like a dream in the morning light. The memory elucidates wisdom without ill effects. This releases the present moment from negative impacts from past perceptions, so the present can grow in truth and harmony.

Finally, the soul perceives according to divine conceptual frameworks, thus perceiving by the pre-creative dynamics of reality. Everything is created from the conceptual frameworks of the soul’s consciousness. When the soul operates by images, it creates all kinds of error because the images alone are misleading. When it operates by conceptual frameworks, it can function more effectively. It’s comparable to manipulating the code of a computer program, where the image on the screen can be truly transformed, versus moving the images around on the screen, which changes very little. When the conceptual frameworks are divine, the soul creates a divine reflective reality.

Divine Will

Divine Will: Our internal combustion to manifest immortal harmony.

In the increased energy, the soul finds fulfillment because it possesses all it will ever need in its eternal connection to the divine consciousness. In this, the soul experiences rest in movement.

This transition into rest is facilitated by the soul’s childlike nature of being in the present moment in a state of ubiquitous trust as it leaves the formation of its present moments, thus reality, to the Spirit. Its self-directed will is no longer active, thus it only does the will of God. In this restful state, the Spirit manifests its will in the soul to create the kingdom of God through and in the soul’s reality. Thus the soul enters into the kingdom of God from within out. The soul takes the position of a creative witness as it relinquishes the flow of life to the divine will of the Spirit, yet experiences the creation of that life through its desires and expressions.

Divine Photons

In the soul’s reality, this transformative vibrational energy flowing through the seven soul elements manifests divine photons; living light. The divine energy enters the soul moment by moment and creates divine photons, living light. As the living light flows through the soul elements and into the soul’s liquid reality, a reflection of living waters is created, like the light reflecting in water vapor to create a rainbow. Through this process, the soul is cleansed and purified (symbolized in baptism) from the aftermath of its trial through mortality and clothed in divine son-ship of oneness.


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Synching to Center: Part I

Synching to Center

(Part 1)


The divine consciousness consists of divine energy that is generated out of its divine love. This energy is the highest creative vibration of harmony and perfection. High vibrations are created by love. Low vibrations are created by an absence of love, i.e. fear.

As the soul gains the conceptual frameworks of divinity from the Spirit of Truth, this soul state is able to receive and give this divine energy. When this divine love energy enters into the soul, it causes a transformation of the soul’s consciousness into the divine because the divine energy increases the soul’s vibration to be in harmony with its own. With the increased energy, the soul begins to experience various gradual shifts in its consciousness, which I’ll mention in my next post.

It all comes down to love; divine love.

Through the dynamic of divine love, the door of the soul is opened to the open door of divinity as well as open to its reality in the present moment. (Opening the Door) In this ethereal alignment, the divine love energy streams in as a gentle sunrise of an awakening day. The seven soul elements begin to vibrate at a higher velocity that enables the divine constructs they contain to manifest. Thus, they become extensions of the divine consciousness.

The Root of Eternal Life

The core to this connection between the soul and the divine energy of the Creator is the energetic vibration of divine love that is exchanged between the two. All of creation consists of interactive energy patterns that form matter and give shape to all we see. This energetic love connection with the Creator is the core or root of the divine soul state, thus it’s the root to all of creation.

In this symbolic phrase, the root of David, we learn of the quintessential nature of the root of eternal life; a divine love exchange between us and our heavenly Father. David, at his core, was a man after God’s heart. When we become one after God’s heart, we step on the path of enlightenment that leads to this root of eternal life.

We don’t start out in this divine desire for his consuming love, for we don’t know him, or his love. Thus, Jesus Christ instructs us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, for this is the journey into oneness and this instruction serves as our guide. This love is our destination in this mortal realm and our beginning into the heavenly realm. His second instruction to love others as ourselves is the outcome of learning of the divine love of God, and desiring to sincerely love others helps us to learn of the characteristics of this love.

For me this journey into his divine love expediently began fifteen years ago. Through the collision of three factors in our consciousness, my husband and I became empowered to answer the distant call within every heart that beckons the soul to come home into the bosom of the Father; a cataclysmic upheaval of our life as we knew it, the desire for more than what we could do ourselves, and a sincere commitment to seek the truth, thus the essence of God. The Spirit began us on our journey out of the enslavement of the self-determined consciousness and onto the path of enlightenment. Drop-by-drop he filled our souls with the oil of his conceptual frameworks of truth that manifested a sincere love for him, thus a desire to love in all the dynamics of our lives. Because of the limitations of the self-determined consciousness, this awareness of divine love created a hunger and thirst for the substance of divine love, thus its energy through a oneness, which is the only way we could truly love according to the love we had learned.

Out of this soul journey, trust was cultivated in divine love. And this trust is a pivotal factor in connecting to the divine energy. When trust is active in a soul it raises it overall vibration. When trust is anchored in the concepts of divinity it raises it to such a degree that it acts like a magnet to the divine love energy and pulls it into itself. This energetic attraction bridges the infinite chasm separating the realities of the self-determined consciousness and the divine.

All About Love

In this dream-state of the self-determined consciousness, which is an expressed reality that is absent of the substance of divine love, along the path of enlightenment the Spirit of Truth begins constructing a relationship with the soul based on a divine love that far exceeds our self-generated love.

This dream-state serves a multitude of purposes that revolve around the creation of a divine love between the Creator and the soul. This exchange of love is the cornerstone to the ultimate love story, because it affects every other relationship. As the soul seeks the Creator in truth and spirit, beyond images and the soul itself yet from within itself, it begins to develop a connection to God’s heart based on His characteristics, not what he does for the soul, thus a sincere love. Divine love is unconditional. God loves unconditionally and as it’s his love that the soul returns back to him, the soul comes to love him unconditionally.

It’s through the soul journey down the narrow path of enlightenment that this type of love is shaped within the soul that it may form this energetic connection. Through this experience the soul comes to know the Creator as he is and it begins to fall in love with who he is and not what he does for the soul, thus without condition. To formulate this love so that the soul returns to him the substance of divine love as it receives it from him, it forms a relationship in the absence of the substance. The substance of divine love creates abundant abundance, which can shadow the love that manifests that abundance. In addition, in a soul state of imperfection, the soul learns of the many characteristics of love that it couldn’t otherwise like mercy, grace, compassion, forgiveness, and longsuffering. Thus in the absence of its substance, the soul gains an awareness of the nature of divine love.

When this energetic love connection matures to a point where it becomes an integral part of the soul’s foundation, the exchange of divine love begins to manifest between the soul and the Creator. This dynamic usurps the root of the self-determined consciousness that was crafted out of an absence of the substance of divine love, and begins to birth a divine soul of a Christ-like reflection.

So, it’s through love that the soul’s transformation begins, for love is its fundamental expression that is ubiquitous to every other expression.

As this divine connection begins to vibrate as one, it causes the soul elements to vibrate at a higher velocity that causes the soul to experience a change of consciousness; a change that results in a Christ-like consciousness, in which God and his creation function as one. So, the soul speaks as the Spirit speaks, it does as the Spirit does, and it only does the will of God, all as Christ Jesus demonstrated.

What once was an endless black hole spewing depravity into the soul now becomes the eternal open door to the divinity of God; the root of David. This door opens to the infinite limitless divine potentials of the divine consciousness to be expressed through the human divine soul. It’s the eternal morning star at the core of the soul governing all that the soul expresses through its individuality. As its light shines, the soul is awakened and all the shadows of darkness fade away.

In divine love energy, the consciousness of the soul is raised, thus the soul becomes more loving until it is synched with the divine love energy. When this energy has consumed the human soul, all suffering is extinguished because the low vibrations that created disharmony and fear no longer exist. The soul’s consciousness becomes one with the divine consciousness.




Opening the Door

Opening the Door

And Lighting the Lamp


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a celebration of the door to divinity being opened, and it’s the time of anticipating the door of creation opening on the other side enabling peace on earth and good will toward men.

Opening Doors

The inner sacred chamber of the soul resides in the pre-creation space between the realm of creation and the realm of divinity. Through this chamber is a door that opens to divinity. Likewise, on the opposite side of the door is another door that opens to the soul, thus into creation. Like the adjoining doors of shared hotel rooms, each door can only be opened from its side. When both doors are open, the Spirit of God, the divine consciousness, flows into the soul and into creation manifesting its likeness in a created form; manifesting the eternal light. “I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me (take in his Spirit).”

When both doors are open in a soul, as one gazes into the soul they see the reflection of the Creator.

Jesus Christ, the Creator’s reflection in this reality, revealed the open door to divinity, and the Spirit of Truth that is in him teaches the soul how to open the door of creation. The door of divinity stands wide open, the question is how do we open the door of the soul? With a key, of course. (Also illustrated by lighting the lamp, new birth, marriage, butterfly metamorphosis.)

The Key of Life

Throughout the soul’s journey through the wilderness on the path of enlightenment, the womb stage of spiritual development, the Spirit of Truth reformulates the seven soul elements to be able to integrate with the divine consciousness.

The seven soul elements are like the nooks in a door lock. The key is the Spirit of Life (Spirit of Christ) that fits perfectly into those nooks to liberate and transform the soul through an eternal oneness. When the soul door opens it opens to the open door on the opposite side; the door of divinity. In this, the soul receives the inflow of the divine consciousness and lights up like a lamp in the darkness. (Seven nooks are also like seven lamps of a lamp stand.)

The Divine Connection

The seven soul elements form the eternal interlocking connection between the soul and the divine consciousness. When the Spirit fills the soul elements, the soul becomes a glorious reflection of eternal life; a soul of his perfect light; a magnificent rainbow (ROYGBIV).

Red – Divine Judgment

Judgment. Our evaluative capacity to make a decision.

The divine consciousness comes through the soul’s point of origin in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. This cuts off all error of self-determination and births perfect cause in righteousness. This inflow occurs at the root of the soul, divine judgment. This divine judgment, like fire, ignites the soul in life as every judgment it makes is governed by divine judgment, thus all error is extinguished. In this sense, to receive the divine judgment of God is a very good thing, it’s the end of self-determination and the beginning of eternal life.

The divine consciousness enters the soul in a moment like a flash of lightening because it enters at the origin of the soul, which is a singular point connecting it to divinity. Though it comes in a moment, its expression in reality fades in as ripple after ripple of perfect cause in righteousness creates a building harmony. The true “Big Bang” theory.

Orange – Time

Time. Our perceptual location in the time and space dimension.

Time is the commander of the other elements that strings them together creating immortal harmony. Every moment is perfectly laid upon the next in righteousness creating eternal, everlasting growth. Once the soul has harmony, it can never experience death. Perfect cause in righteousness wipes out death.

Once the soul harmonizes with time by divinely desiring to be governed by the divine consciousness, the soul, through transformative understanding, takes on the attributes of the divine consciousness within its seven soul elements. By gaining awareness through the incoming light, the soul elements are lit (as the key and door lock interconnect) and step by step it crosses the infinite chasm into the realm of divinity. With each step, it pushes through the darkness of night to enter the brilliant sunrise of an awakening new day.

Yellow – Emotions

Emotions. Our affective expression of our assimilated truths.

Emotions are the energy center of the soul. Out of this portal flows the energetic vibrations that have a creative impact on reality, like a thrown stone creating ripples on a lake. When governed by the divine consciousness, the energy of divine love governs all emotions. This energetic vibration traveling like the rays of the sun create living reflections of divinity.

Divine judgment, time and emotion are in complete likeness with the divine consciousness. At the element of desire, that oneness manifests in individualized expressions.

Green – Desire

Desires. Our creative intention or response to our current awareness.

Divine desire is the ignition to the other soul elements. Once the soul elements are known and fully desired in place of the self-determined representation of the elements, the divine consciousness can govern, fill and express itself through those elements. Divine desire, the center soul element, is desire for oneness with divine governance. It also holds the desires facilitating individual expression, represented in the next three elements (words, perception, and will).

This element resides in the pre-creative space of the soul. It reaches into to the limitless divine potentials in the realm of divinity. It’s through this element those potentials first enter the soul, as desire, which leads to the potentials being cultivated, grown and manifested.

Blue – Words

Words. Our cognitive expression of our assimilated truths.

Living words are the spoken and unspoken cognitive expressions of the individualized soul in oneness with the Spirit of Life. They give shape to the divine potentials as they enter creation in order to manifest them. Like mist that falls from heaven to create growth, living words of the Spirit fall upon the reality through the soul to manifest eternal growth. Their expressions manifest the souls individual reality which when looked into one sees the reflection of God.

Indigo – Perception

Perception. Our level of comprehension based on level of awareness.

When the soul eye is filled with light, the entire soul thus reality becomes filled with light. Divine perception translates all it sees by the perfect perception of the all knowing eye of God, which knows the highest good for every moment. No longer does the soul see in darkness and error that manifests the shadow of death within its soul and reality. It perceives with the eternal eye of royal divinity that gazes upon creation to guide the divine expressions to manifest divine love.

Violet – Will

Will. Our internal combustion to create.

Divine will is the soul’s ability to create reflections of divinity in its reality. Where divine judgment is the root, this is the crown of eternal life for it’s the creative act that manifests an ever-expanding reality. Like the array of royalty, divine will gives the soul authority over its reality, for its will is now one with the will of God.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.

Once both doors are opened, the soul consumes the Spirit and the Spirit consumes the soul. In this oneness, the soul doesn’t self-determine anything, but the divine consciousness continuously flows through it. Thus, when you look into this soul you see the Creator’s reflection. Though, the Creator is always beyond creation, in his love he manifests a way to be connected to his creation in love. Thus, he is intimately known and loved by his creation as it receives his love and returns it back to him.

In this oneness, the soul no longer knows death in any of its numerous forms. Death manifested by the self-determined consciousness is swallowed up by the life created by the divine consciousness, as the light swallows up the darkness creating a brilliant array of divine reflections.


Merry Christmas.