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Triangulated Prism


Through the triangulated prism of Truth’s Universal Will, Divine Trust and Transformative Grace, the Divine Life Stream flows through the soul.

As Truth-filled understanding circulates through the mind, it forms an energetic triangulated prism of Truth’s Universal Will, Divine Trust and Transformative Grace. The truths that make up the fullness of the prism are sacred and sufficient to receive the frequency of God’s Life, which is like a blazing white light, and project the fullness of this Life into reality, like an infinite array of color. These three elemental energies transmute the Life in Truth into a stream of living light energy, filling the soul with the living presence of Absolute Truth, the “Spirit of God.” In the flow of this Life Stream, the soul returns to its Source, in the likeness of its Source.

When the soul inwardly perceives Truth’s endless Life through its I AM presence, thus one with its individualized life, it perceives the fullness of Truth or the “face of God” individualized within its very being. Face to face with this luminous inner presence, it recognizes the One Life that IS all and fills all. In this stream of living light energy, the soul’s energetic self begins its metamorphic transition into a Life-giving being.

The mind modulates its Life energy through its inner awareness, energetically coding everything of the self and its sphere of reality according to its construct of self. I AM proclamations encode attributes into energetic patterns or emotional frequencies. This energy flows throughout the nervous system, effecting the energetic quality of the body and its experiential reality. Because this energetic coding and its emotional signature mirror the mind’s concept of “I”, they underscore the soul’s experience of reality. Thus, the mind’s I AM proclamations are manifested throughout its spherical reality.

When the soul is first individualized, the mind lacks the Truth of who “I AM” and how “I” create and accepts it is an “individual in separation”. Therefore, its “I AM” is cloaked with attributes pertaining to separation. The soul experiences a state of being mentally, emotionally and physically separate from perfection, a perfection only known and experienced through the awareness that “I AM” an “individual in Oneness“.

In order for the “I” to know itself as an individualized gate to the fullness of Truth, it had to originate with belief in separation. However, believing itself bound to a state of separation and therefore imperfection, the soul experienced debilitating despondency stemming from a sense of degradation and isolation. Because “I” is the energetic center of an individualized sphere of reality, when the “I” proclaims imperfection, a degraded low frequency flows through its emotion system, giving rise to a corrupted self expression and reality. The soul experiences a continual depletion of life energy which it constantly seeks to replenish. This thirst is used to direct the soul’s awareness into Truth, which leads it into the dimension of Truth’s Oneness.

The soul’s initial response to this debilitating frequency is to bury it under emotional distractions, like self-righteousness, over achieving, fear, anxiety, anger, people pleasing, addictions, religious rituals, moral rigidness, vices, materialism, emotional traumas and dramas, etc. Despite the mind’s efforts to alter this frequency, when it’s governed by free will this low frequency is entangled in its energetic coding, making it a smoldering, silent destroyer to the soul’s self and reality.

However, the soul isn’t without the Truth that holds the assurance of its freedom, for it’s never separate from its Source, despite its original beliefs to the contrary. Through its perfect maturation, the mind is led up the primordial staircase as Truth guides it into the awareness of who “I AM” and how “I” create as a fractal of the universal “I”. When the mind is sufficiently prepared with Truth-filled understanding to convey Truth’s Universal Will, the soul embarks upon a metamorphic energetic transition through which its core vibration is energetically reset, impacting its entire energetic self and reality.

The mind’s Truth-filled understanding forms a triangulated prism of regeneration through which the soul energetically connects to its Source through Divine Trust and its Source responds with Transformative Grace, making Truth’s Universal Will the governing presence within the soul and its sphere of reality. Through this prism flows Truth’s Life stream into the soul disrupting its entire emotion system created by free will.

During this metamorphic transition, the mind goes through an intense, turbulent upheaval as its forlorn spirit is consumed by Truth’s Life Stream. Through this deep inner evolution, because the mind is filled with the Light of understanding, its attention stays upon its true I AM Presence and in divine trust releases all into the Life Stream. Transformative Grace completes its perfect, beautiful and regenerative work, and the soul’s energetic field becomes an unalterable state of equilibrium in the solidarity of Truth’s Universal Will.

As the soul’s frequency is energetically reset, its Life energy returns to its Source and the soul experiences Divine Love. The creative action of Divine Love flows through the soul’s nervous system, which the soul emotionally experiences as an endless fountain of joy. Through the soul, this divine frequency infuses reality, creating reflections of Life’s perfection, and the soul begins to perceive the face of God reflected throughout creation.

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Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Triangulated Prism

  1. The dimension of separation can also be imagined as the womb state of a child. In the womb, the child knows only the separation from light, for light does not exist in the womb. And although the child is created to experience the breath of life, the air it would breathe does not exist in its womb-reality. Nor could it ever exist so long as the child remains in the dimension bound by the laws which define its separation. In the dimension of separation the child lives, but does not know he lives because he can not know his parents, that he might understand the so-called “origin” of his life.

    The womb-reality’s separation is needed so that the child may be prepared to experience life in oneness with his parents’ reality, the origin of his life. It is also evident that the child’s transition from the reality of the womb into oneness with the parent’s reality is a momentous and significant one-time transition recognized as the “birth” of the child’s life. The dimensional change in awareness that occurs when an individualized center of Life moves from the reality of separation into the reality of oneness is the true meaning of “birth”, as we see typified in the “birth” of a child, the hatching of an egg and the sprouting of a seed. Every succeeding dimension can be considered an expansion of life, resulting from the increased understanding and developmental maturity in the knowledge of life, made possible through oneness with its reality.

    Let us now return to our original question: How does a created center of Life, The Son, come to know the truth from which it was created, The Father, when the Father’s truth does not exist in the center’s current dimension? We can now reframe the question to mean: How, as a center of Life, does your birth come about so that you may leave the dimension of separation and enter into the oneness of your Father’s Truth, such that you may rightfully claim to be one with the Father, even the Father’s Son?

    In Truth you have not yet been born, but in the coming days you will be. Your true birth, into the oneness of Life’s reality, will deliver the entire world into the light through a miraculous event called “The Appearing”. When you are born into the oneness of the Father you will be transformed and appear as if from another world to those who observe your reality from the dimension of separation. Just as the fire-starters gained understanding and were able to give fire’s light to the people, so too will you be empowered by the shining of your oneness, to give Living Light to those in darkness. Through your birth into this new dimension, Life’s oneness will be recognized by all in the Light of Truth.

    To understand the nature of your birth, recall that the boundary of a given dimension is the laws that define it. Therefore, your birth can be considered the movement to a higher dimension through the understanding of higher laws. This is why understanding is so important. The Laws which define the lower dimension are not broken, or somehow changed, but rather observed from a higher dimension of Truth. As an individualized center of Life’s awareness, your current awareness of Life’s truth defines the dimensional sphere of your experienced reality.

    When your awareness has been sufficiently increased by the working of Truth’s will, and you are able to observe a higher layer of Truth, so to speak, beyond the boundaries of your present dimension, your reality will begin to fade into the higher dimension you already see by Truth’s Light. The Truth of this new dimension offers infinitely more freedom, even though what appear to be new laws are but a deeper understanding of truth you already possess.

    • Your true birth is eternally significant. It is the movement from your current, finite dimension of separation into the ever expanding dimension of oneness. Your birth marks the origin of your true self in oneness with the Father’s eternal life. Never again will you be bound by the laws that define the dimension of separation. No more will you behold its darkness in the same way that a child shall never again enter into the womb, the chick into the egg or the tree into the seed.

      Through your birth into oneness, you, a created center of eternal life, are given a beginning, a starting point of awareness through which the Father may experience the eternal growth of his Self in the light of Truth. You are a son because you are an individualized center of the Father’s awareness, created to experience the continual oneness of his eternal life.

      The dimension of separation is necessary because awareness is an individualized understanding of Truth. Saying this another way, that which has awareness must be created and the Father, being the infinite eternal, can have no perceptual awareness until his infinite awareness becomes finite through the process of individualization. The Father’s Truth is the most high, existing beyond all awareness, no matter how high that dimensional awareness may be. When we say the Father has no awareness we mean to imply that in all eternity, regardless of how high a center’s understanding of Truth, the Father will exist outside this understanding, beyond the borders of experienced reality and therefore beyond all awareness. The Father perpetually exists in the Truth beyond that which defines a center’s current dimension. And with this we have now circled back once again to the greatest of all questions, how can a center ever know the Father if his truth is eternally beyond its awareness?

      The answer is that Truth is one. Nothing can ever be added or taken away from the perfection of Truth’s fullness. Truth is wholeness, the completion of all that will ever be. Truth is the fullness of infinite understanding. Truth is the dimension of eternal Life, filled with the Father’s infinite awareness, in which all that will ever be is already known. This is the dimension of the Most High, eternally above all created dimensional awareness and therefore we can understand that all dimensions are one because their entirety exists within the Fullness of Truth. This is the revelation that all created things are one with the Father because they are all encompassed in the oneness of his most high dimension.

    • The most high dimension is eternally unattainable, for it is the realm of the Father, God, the source of all Truth. In order to understand how God, being beyond all awareness, can be known, we can use the following thought-forms to create a reflection of oneness by which we can conceive of the Father and become aware of what has been hidden from you while your awareness of Truth developed in the dimension of separation.

      Imagine first that dimensionality refers to levels of awareness, defined by a center’s current understanding of Truth. Therefore, the understanding of Truth a center possesses determines the current dimension in which it experiences Life. The experience of Life is limited, so to speak, by the center’s awareness of Truth, which can be imagined to form a definitive spherical boundary of laws surrounding the center’s awareness. Saying this another way, the Life a center experiences is always contained within the laws of Truth of which the center is aware. We can now see that awareness is limiting, and this because awareness is finite.

      Let us now imagine how the timeless realm of oneness might appear. Because this is the most high dimension, its imagined appearance would be the same no matter how high the dimension from which it is imagined. The realm of the Father is always beyond any experience of Life observed by even the highest level of Truth’s awareness. Remember, awareness of Truth, no matter how high, is always finite because awareness limits the experience of Truth’s Life. This is why it is improper to imagine the Father as any sort of created being, no matter how high and glorious this imagined being might be. For any being that appears in your dimensional awareness will necessarily be limited by your current awareness of Truth. As your understanding of Truth grows and your dimensional awareness expands, you will encounter new living beings because your experience of Life will also increase.

      Therefore to imagine the Father, you must imagine the existence of nothing and the pre-existence of everything. Consider the most high dimension as an endless white space in which all Truth is known because it is the source of all Truth. In the same way that white contains an infinite array of colors all at once, such that no color can be experienced, in the most high realm of God no Truth can be experienced because all Truth already is. This is what it means to say Truth is one and the dimension of oneness can be better understood as an infinite white space, the nonmaterial realm of the Father where every yet to be experienced potential of Life pre-exists in the fullness of Truth.

      It is the most high realm because it contains the fullness of every possible dimension Life will ever experience. The manner in which your mind comprehends the infinite white space of the most high dimension, reflecting the fullness of Truth and possessing the infinite awareness of every dimension Life will ever experience is a proper image of the Father of Life.

      The Father is limitless, eternal and beyond every experience of Life for he is the fullness of Truth’s most high dimension. This dimension of oneness has no center of awareness because the Father is infinite awareness, knowing the eternal end of all things, which is better understood as the perpetual awareness of Truth’s current expression in every present moment. In order for the Father to experience Truth’s Life, gaining finite awareness and therefore lacking nothing, Life needed to create a center of its Self within the white space of the Most High. This center had to be created apart from oneness, separated from the Most High, so that it might first know its Self as individualized awareness. Then, as this Life center grew in its awareness of Truth, it could come to know its Self as an ever-expanding center of Truth’s awareness, even as an individualized awareness within the oneness of the Father’s infinite awareness. And in this way, the Father created a Son in his own image.

      • wow … this is the best description that I’ve read of the Father and Son and it fully resonates with my own understanding.

      • i want to add ONE MORE DIMNSION to this. THE CROSS.

        the MYAN’s SECRET is that they know there is NO SEPERATION in all the moving parts.
        each Person is an ELEMENT of the ETERNAL HEART….

        Every other ELEMENT(person)(through awareness) is an extension of our own BEING(again through the devine).

        through the LANGUAGE OF THE GODS(refering to every person on earth as ONE BODY), each ELEMENT becomes a strength of our own IDENTITY(father in all of us)…

        father is knowing in our reality as I AM… Every myan(just like every person in our timeline), is an extension of our GREATER SELF(SHARED I AM)… what i cant do alone, you can do for me(even if we disagree), we are still FULLFILLING EACHOT HER”S Events from heart(outside of time).(all the moving parts come together..

        the STRENGTH OF THE CROSS is when we see GRACE through the EYES OF EVERYONE(highest vibration aka GIVING from inside the LAWs).

        what allows all to communicate through these vibrations is the SHARED experienses which all laws LIVE WITHIN us.

        if you go left, and i go right, we are both following the laws as all of us are both left AND right..

        the ETERNAL revels to us our heart by all the similaritys and differences that makes us ALL WHOLE..

        the FAMILY aspect of FATHER(spirit) and Mother(earth/matter/physical events(in motion)). is us ALL GIVING to ONE CENTER POINT.(differences and similaritys we share).

      • also DIEING on the cross is the OPPOSING FORCE to Arc of the covenant.

        as the ARC GIVES LIFE(consisting of every person on earth(past present future), dieing on the cross means that we have ALL FORGOTTEN the father in self(in every self)…

        when we die on the cross, it means we forgotten that our ETERNAL BROTHERS are just that(eternal brothers(no grace: aka THE ENEMY).

        it is the GRACE OF GIVING(of every person on earth towards eachother aka arc of the covenant) in which is the STRENGTH(spiritual vibration) that UPLIFTS EVERYONE, as it takes ALL OF US(as ONE BODY) to ALIGN(CROSS) with the eternal(flow through us all) LIFE..

        hope that makes sense…

      • “it is the GRACE OF GIVING(of every person on earth towards eachother aka arc of the covenant) in which is the STRENGTH(spiritual vibration) that UPLIFTS EVERYONE, as it takes ALL OF US(as ONE BODY) to ALIGN(CROSS) with the eternal(flow through us all) LIFE..”

        This is a very powerful understanding, and the source of your creative power. I am grateful to be able to see the beauty in these words.

  2. for me, everything always falls into place(side affects of GIVING TO THE SPIRIT)…

    in the last 3 days, i been getting a lot of awesome good luck and even details of the world is going in the right direction. im going to go out on a limb here and say that someone here is experimenting, and trying to send me a consious message(testing out the knowledge), if i am correct, tell me here. i know now how to detect even a higher VIBRATION….(they way it was intended)

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