Living Light

Stirring The Deep

Living Light Meditation


The soul’s awareness of Truth’s True Life produces Living Light.

This sacred, divine Light renews the mind’s thought-system, which harmonizes and rejuvenates our energetic field.

Mindfully reflecting upon the Living Light Meditation below helps to renew and transition the mind, manifesting harmony where there once was discord. It isn’t so much the words on the page that have this effect, but the Living Light they reflect that holds a renewing power. As you reflect on these words, while engaging your feeling world, you receive deep and personal reflections of truth. Through these understandings, Truth’s Living Light flows through your mind and heart center, joined as One in the Light. In the spirit of Oneness, your Life Stream gives expression to Truth’s Perfection in the appearance world, manifesting Divine Love’s Perfect Will in your sphere of reality.

Divine Love’s Truth, which is absolute, timeless, ever-present and perfect, is received, given and shared in your awareness of the Sacred Self’s Absolute Oneness. As Truth is spoken in the Spirit of Oneness, its harmonizing vibration of divine love spreads throughout the collective consciousness. It echoes throughout the energetic atmosphere of every being, every created thing and the “space” in between, bringing forth the highest Good for all. This Living Light is the Spirit of Truth within us that flows throughout creation, leaving nothing untouched by its Presence.

Living Light Meditation

As I turn to Truth’s Light within, the many faulty judgments that clothe reality fall way and are consumed by the Holy Flame, illuminating my full awareness. I return to the Immutable, Absolute Truth that I Am one with Living Light’s harmonizing divine love. As I rest in the Presence of this Living Light, the Truth of my being grows brighter, consuming all darkened beliefs and setting my mind free to express Divine Will’s perfection.

I Am Light.

I Am Truth’s Living Light, luminosity and illumination.

I Am its living gate for all of reality. I Am one with the Mighty I AM Presence of Living Light that is in all and connects all as one, united Self. I Am a life-giving spirit, a giver and receiver of abundant joy. I Am powerful, for I Am One with the Creator, a creator within the Creator. My will is sovereign with Truth’s divine will. I Am harmonious, peaceful and unifying in my thoughts. I Am tranquility and serenity. I Am the rhythmic, timeless movement of divine energy. I Am timeless perfection, complete and ever-expanding in radiance, glory and majesty according to the Divine Will. I Am joy. I Am emotionally free, sound and governed by Truth’s harmonious vibration, divine love. I Am the expression of perfect abundance for the present moment’s divine purpose. I Am Living Light’s gate, nourishing all aspects of the mind, feeling world, body and reality, manifesting perfect vitality, health, and beauty. I Am divine strength, possessing exactly what is needed for this present moment, fulfilling the Self’s true desires.

I Am present and presently aware. I Am perfect awareness for this moment’s purpose and my position in it as one in the united Self. I Am invulnerable in infinite intelligence, divine emergence and wisdom. I Am Living Light’s abundant and ever-present generosity, lovingkindness, and comfort. I Am honor, giving respect to the true LIFE of the Creator in ALL. I Am the Holy Present. I Am an open door to the divine potentials for the expressed, united Self, creating the highest good for all of creation. I Am the Light of Absolute Truth and its holy vibration, Divine Love.

As these words of Life fill all “space”, the cleansing and purifying Holy Flame of Living Light goes forth, renewing and rejuvenating all in its path into the expressed Victory and Glory of True Life.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “Living Light Meditation

  1. I thought I may pass this on. For good reasons. For the first time on a level I have never felt, I felt sad to know I didn’t feel the words that I know are so true and real. It feels weird to be separated from the I am, when In actuality I know that I am not. This must be the time of a big test cause I know this place and yes I feel so far away. I trust for good reason. The cup will fill soon as I feel I don’t know when that will be. Being yes I’m in control but not in control of this lesson upon me. All is good. I think I will take a swim and listen to good music. I thought it would be good to pass this on, not because of negative energy, but to let any one else know. It will pass. I have witnessed us all go thru the spaces. When it happened on a level not experienced before, it feels sad but I trust the process. Our creators knows our hearts and sometimes the void may be longer than expected. Especially when you feel. Why is there a void in the first place. When you think about it or meditate on it. It does become somewhat clear and knowing as I type this, maybe I have just not reflected on it enough with Christ. Its a weird place. A place I dont mind being. Just to feel it. Knowing what comes next will be amazing. Thank you for your Lifting words Rachel. All is good. We know this place. And yes. Its bright ~


    • Travis – It does pass, for the Light within is our Truth. And I clearly see that Light in you. We pass through these times for various reasons, but the Light is always waiting for us on the other side, inside. As you said, it is good to feel our way through it, for this is how we move through these times. Not that our feelings are conveying truth, but going through the process and not running away from it often leads us into deeper understandings of Truth.

      At this time in history, opposing energies are very intense in the collective consciousness and because we are all connected we pick up on these. They reveal what is still lingering within us that is being squeezed out by the increasing Light. These energies produce a feeling like needing to turn a lamp on in a very dark room so you can see and function. When we feel these intense energies, gratitude is a powerful response. Whatever the situation or state of mind, we can start with being grateful and we may not feel its effects at first but if we continue we will.

      Together we are pushing through the shell of the false self. The Life within us will be expressed, for that is its purpose and this is its journey.

    • God is as close to you and all of us as much as He has ever been, is and will ever be. At times like these the saying “Be still and know that I am God,” “Be still” is written in the context of a time of trouble as we go through our doubts, fears and uncertainties of who we are in the whole of things. We spend much time meditating, thinking and pondering about life but if I may leave one thing with you it is the meaning of grace. Our eternal self is secure from our beginning before the world was and absolutely nothing will change us in God’s eternal plan. Grace from our personal created moment covers “all” things, both good and evil, and nothing can come between God’s grace that He has and has always had for us. Nothing will ever change our beginning nor our being consummated in Him in Christ Jesus. It is decided, “it is finished.”

      Here are some words from a late dear saint that I had much in common with…and what he says about grace says it all so well.

      “GRACE is the enabling of God that puts within us the power and ability to respond to HIM both to WILL and TO DO HIS GOOD PLEASURE. Therefore our salvation rests upon HIS GRACE and not upon OUR ABILITY or FAITH. Eph 2:8. The manifestation of the Grace of God is the birthing of that Godly Image and Likeness in our consciousness, which had become obscured by our humanity. It is interesting that when Christ came it was not with some panacea for sin but with a revelation of our true identity which HE REVEALED IN HIMSELF. Thus in His coming he brought Salvation TO ALL MEN.”

      “It is finished” in Christ. There is nothing that one can do that can change God’s love for us for His grace and love is in spite of the negatives or even our own uncertainty for it is not what we think about anything, whether right or wrong, but what He has done. Our end was secure eons before this earthly journey so in times of trouble just “be still,” don’t turn, don’t quit, just wait… and the waiting will produce a patience and a greater love and understanding than we had before. What we accomplish in and by the testing of our faith, “He adds to this,” making us better than before the testing of our faith. We have nothing but good things awaiting us after this life of testing and trials is over. Salvation means “to be made whole” and our testing places us into the realm and freedoms of heaven of God’s choosing. There is no down side. I know something of what I speak for I too have been there and done that so to speak…and all I had to hang onto was His promise, and as dry as it was, I believed and had faith that I would come forth as He promised. And I did and will continue to do so just as you will and all who read these lines. When Christ died on the cross, we all died with Him and when He resurrected, we all also resurrected with Him. Since then we are no longer under the law where sin is imputed to us, we are under grace which covers all sin until we awaken in His likeness.

  2. Since Every moment affects every other moment, you end up feeling your own VOIDs that you used within your I AM(seperation due to your own inner religions(through creative energys).

    as you AWAKEN and have awakned, your feeling all of time, and your adjusting to your own PAST GIVINGS(as u are changing directions). the SADNESS is a good thing. its the vibration of the WORLD BELOW that you leave behind in such a way to bring LIGHT TO IT…

    again, EVERY ELEMENT even within your own individualiezed person contains many worlds just as complex as our own(in every cell).

    the LIVING CONSIOUSNES in which you step into is shared by all of us, and your sadness is not your sadness alone.
    it is a transitioning(walking through a doorway) (and a great step to the HOLY SPIRIT in which BINDS our hearts as ONE HEART(in all names).

  3. I thank you all Rachel, Sonny and Antihacker101. An amazing and wide dynamic thought and words that i feel so thankful t0 be able to read these divine echos thru you all. Fills my spirit. It is good to know you all know this place and i am gonna keep pulling back on the stick and keep gaining positive attitude even more. Just want to say, wonderful divine insight and The Word of The Lord in one spot is really something to take in Love you all OK im pushing thru it!!! Its exciting and feels like the speed of mud right now pushing thru it but hey!!!!! Finding the fun in it Big Love Have a GOOD and thank you!!!!!

  4. Trying. Ya know. The Nike slogan was always for me. Just do it. Now I’m like. If you don’t do it, at least try!!! Big love


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