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Sacred Winds


The thought energy of Truth creates eternal expansion within our being, manifesting eternal Life. This energy is the Breath of Life that awakens us from a sleeping seed state, giving Truth expression.

The purpose of our mind is to give Truth expression. As we grow in the awareness of Truth, our mind begins to fill with divine thought. These thoughts radiate divine energy which possess the infinite Intelligence of Truth. This Intelligence divinely orchestrates (divine emergence) every present moment so that it infinitely supports every other moment, manifesting divine harmony. Because there is no duality in Truth, only Goodness, there is nothing to oppose it. This singularity gives Truth its ultimate power that sustains its harmony. Immutable harmony enables creation to express timeless perfection so that it is perfect and complete, yet ever-expanding. Truth’s divine energy is experienced as divine love, which is the expression of the highest Good for ALL through each individual mind’s unfolding present moment.

The ever-expanding, self-sustained harmonic nature of Truth reveals its inherent life. When Truth enters the mind it creates a living vibration of divine energy within our being. This energy is the life force of the Mighty I AM of God moving through us, the Breath of Life, giving Truth SELF-expression through our being.

Our spiritual awakening into the awareness of our true SELF prepares the mind to convey the timeless and singular nature Truth and therefore extend its life-giving energy into creation. Every moment is a conveyor of Truth’s divine gifts when our mind is prepared to receive and give them. When sufficiently prepared through divine revelation, the sacred wind of Truth flows through us and into our sphere of reality imbuing it with its life-giving presence.

The mind is continually creating. It creates what it believes is true, centered around its concept of self. In its sleep state, the mind is unaware that its true Self is an expression of absolute Truth. Without the Light of Truth, the mind fills the void with its own relative truth about itself through its individualized judgments of good and bad or right and wrong. As a result, it experiences a reality of duality in which each individualized mind sits as judge, shaping an illusionary concept of self. However, the mind can only accept opposites as true when they are separated by time, otherwise they cancel each other out creating nothingness (i.e. illusion).

The slumbering mind mistakenly accepts that time, duality and their resulting illusionary effect, are aspects of absolute truth. As a result, the illusionary reality becomes the mind’s source of truth, blinding it to the true Source, the Mighty I Am Presence (the Self of Truth), which the self engages through its own I Am presence. In its blindness, duality and the self’s role as subjective judge are upheld as true. As a result, the mind projects a reality of opposites that can’t exist in Truth, nor can Truth exist in it, i.e. an illusion. The mind imprisoned by the beliefs it declares to be absolute truth, becomes encased in a world of darkness in which all it creates is canceled out by its opposite. This inhibits its creative expansion, fostering a seed state.

In the dream of time all that is created is destroyed, thus eternal life appears beyond reality. However, in Truth, it is already here. Truth is ever-present, therefore so is eternal Life, which is the effect of Truth’s thought energy. We experience this Life when our mind is able to receive and give divine Truth so its life-giving energy is expressed through us and into reality.

As we grow in the Self-awareness that we are Truth’s timeless expression, our mind is lifted out of the construct of time. When the singularity of Truth illuminates the mind, we recognize only Good (which incorporates every divine attribute) exists, negating duality thus a mind-set of judgment. As divine thought supplants individualized judgments, a reality of immutable harmony is manifested, allowing the eternal, ever-expanding SELF to be expressed.

Reality is the reflection of our current self-awareness. Because there is no duality in Truth, as our mind is illuminated with Truth, we mentally enter the timeless realm of knowing what was, is and will be as one perfect whole. Concepts of duality are replaced by the Truth of oneness, and time is replaced with timelessness. Without duality and our corresponding judgments which continually foster discordant energies, our mind transmits the divine, harmonious energy of Truth into reality. This sacred energy gives the One SELF a living expression, Life, and the corrupted image of the self born out of judgment (the shell) falls away.

By giving expression to Truth, we are life-giving spirits. As we receive and give the divine Breath of Life, it flows through us touching all of creation with divine power, divine harmony, infinite intelligence, and timeless perfection, which together express the perfection of divine love. Because reality reflects our current self-awareness, reality follows our inner awakening, expressing timeless Truth in which there are no opposites, only Goodness.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “Sacred Winds

  1. We can now “see” that divine truth conveys life to the mind, just as blood carries oxygen throughout the body. Without blood, the body has no life and this idea helps us better understand how a mind without divine truth has not yet awakened to life. When we consider “life” in the timelessness of truth we are not describing anything similar to what the mind judged life to be within its illusionary, time-based reality.

    In the timelessness of absolute truth, life is better understood as the mind’s conscious awareness of its inherent perfection, and the recognition that it is continually becoming an ever-more beautiful reflection of this perfection. Life can be considered the eternal growth into an expression of perfection beyond the perfection recognized in the present moment. That which is able to express life is the better understanding of the Self, and that which knows it expresses life is said to have Self awareness.

    Let us return to the mental picture of the sleeping mind as a seed without form, existing as an endless sphere of outer darkness. This darkness is not as we would imagine the darkness of outer space, but rather an endless sphere of unexpressed potential, void of absolute truth’s living light. The sleeping mind appears “walled off”, or separated from perfection because a perfect mind must become aware of imperfection before it can become aware that it is able to grow, and continually express a perfection beyond the awareness of its current perfection. Without this understanding, becoming anything other than its current perfection would be considered imperfection.

    To help us understand how the mind is prepared for incorruption through the seed state of corruption we can consider the seed of a tree. The seed initially appears separated from life, able to express only that which it presently is. The seed has the nature and outward expression of a created thing, bound by time and able to express only that which it has already been. And though a thing be created perfectly, even in the infinite wisdom of God, it is bound by its own perfection, for to be anything other than what it is would render it imperfect.

    We recall that life is the ability to continually express a perfection beyond the presently expressed perfection. That which has life is forever attaining to a perfection beyond its Self, which is the light toward which it grows. This light can be correctly understood as the SOURCE OF LIFE. Therefore, when the seed has attained to the proper conditions, which is to say made ready for the reception of life, its nature changes from a created thing, into a living being.

    • Continuing with our seed analogy, we recognize a moment of transition in which its nature changes from a created thing to a living being. How is this possible? If the nature of a created thing is to continually express that which it already is, how then can it ever express a new nature? How can that which is seemingly without life suddenly and instantaneously come to life?

      An even greater question is this: How does life govern the seed such that when its nature changes the seed then expresses itself with ever-increasing perfection?

      Consider again the timeless nature of truth, which declares that what is true is ALWAYS true. In time there exists a false image of truth which declares that what appears true only remains true for a period of time, after which it will appear false. Thus when we look at a seed in the realm of time we see that it appears to be without life, but then suddenly appears to express life.

      One may say “The seed has life, it is simply not yet expressed.”

      And another may reply, “But if life is not expressed, what then is expressed, for if the seed exists, it must somehow express itself. And if not life, then it must be death that is expressed. And if the seed expresses death, how then can its death become life?”

      “No”, the first would answer, “the seed but sleeps that it may awaken.”

      “If this is so”, the other might say, “then by what is it awakened that the seed may know the proper time has come to change its expression? How can that which sleeps become aware of that which is beyond its awareness?”

      Therefore we wrestle with the truth of the matter. Is the seed dead or is it alive? Is it sleeping or awake? Is life within, or does it come from outside of itself? If life is within, why is it not expressed? And if it is without, is the seed not separated from life, and therefore dead?

      These are questions born of time, which is the realm of outer appearances. When we attempt to understand the working of life from the world of time, it always seems that what now lives gives life to that which will live. In time we see the physical seed was created by the past form of life it is yet to be, that it may create additional seeds, which then pass life to new seeds and so on in an endless loop.

      The mind asleep in time accepts that the seed is alive because the past teaches that it will eventually create life. Without the past’s teaching, the seed appears no different from an inanimate object. The mind simply accepts that life in the past creates life in the future. The seed is believed to be a “carrier of life” such that life will continue being expressed in the future, despite the continual “death” of the giver of life.

      In the realm of time we recognize that life and death co-exist, in which life leads to death, and in the case of the seed, death leads to life. Thus we see that from the perspective of time life is an unanswerable mystery, somehow contained for a moment within the outer appearance of things, which is believed to be alive only because it “passes” its life to similar things that will live on after its inevitable death. The seed is accepted as a “mystical” carrier of life, of which the mind of time has no true understanding.

      • Life can never lead to death. When the seed of Life through Jesus Christ is planted with your spirit, you will no longer fear death. And no longer will you dance a philosophical dance with death or entertain it. Jesus said, “He that believeth IN Me, Shall Never SEE Death, but shall inherit eternal life. Your outer experience can be crucified once and for all and you can begin your new Walk With The Lord. Flee from the path of Hell today and grasp the Lord’s loving touch, to bring you to spiritual empowerment. God never wanted you to walk in confusion.

    • Life can not be correctly understood from the perspective of time, where the outer appearance of a thing determines what the mind believes is true.

      Recall that “time” is a creation of the sleeping mind, which it uses to justify a reality in which opposing truths can coexist. As an example, in the reality of time the mind believes both life and death are true. Consequently, the mind perceives a reality in which both life and death are expressed. In order for the mind to believe that both opposing truths are real, truth must be expressed in an outer appearance, such that time can “separate” it from its opposite expression. In our example, time separates the outer appearance of a thing such that it may express life or death, but never both concurrently.

      In time we see that life is true so long as the outer appearance of a thing does not express death. Since death is also believed to be true, the time for death’s expression MUST eventually come, else it would not be true. Therefore opposing truths co-exist in the sleeping mind’s belief system solely because mind also believes that time keeps these opposites “separated”. In time’s reality, what is true now always becomes false later, when the time comes for an outer appearance to expresses its opposite. We can understand this false image of truth as the idea of RELATIVE TRUTH, in which truth is defined not by its absolute nature, but instead relative to the appearance of its opposite, in which case what is true becomes false, and what was false becomes true.

      The sleeping mind uses time to rationalize that truth ALWAYS WAS TRUE, but now another thing IS TRUE. Therefore the past contains all that was true, which reveals why the sleeping mind looks to the past as its source of truth, for that is where it believes eternal truth exists.

      In addition to its dependence on “time”, which is now better understood as a realm that WAS TRUE, relative truth is also dependent on the comparison of outer appearances. It is the outer appearance of a thing which defines the truth being expressed, until, in time, an opposite appearance is expressed, in which case what WAS TRUE is confined to the past and what WAS FALSE now appears true.

      Looking carefully, we can now see that in the reality of time, absolute truth does not exist.

    • In time’s reality life can only be understood relative to that which is not yet dead because nothing lives that does not, eventually, die. Relative truth necessitates the union of opposite appearances and therefore death is REQUIRED that life may appear true, for that which does not die, neither can it live.

      Time is the realm of OUTER APPEARANCES, the world of distinctly separate forms. Therefore in time, life must also take on an outer appearance that it may “appear” real. Consequently, life assumes the nature of a “living thing”, separate from other living things. When the living thing dies, other living things remain, giving the impression that life is eternal, even though it continually ends in death. We can see that relative truth declares that life both IS AND IS NOT, separating these opposing states by a period of time such that the mind is deceived into believing a lie is the truth.

      Because the mind accepts that life ends, it also believes life has a beginning, which it represents by the seed. Consider how the mind accepts the seed as a sort of outer appearance of death, that will, in time, transition into life. Just as life must end in death, relative truth demands the opposite, in which death (in the form of a seed) is ended by life. In the world of time life has a definitive beginning and ending. The living thing appears from the seed, only to die and reappear as the seed, that the cycle may continue forever.

      We can recognize that relative truth, which is the FALSE IMAGE OF TRUTH created by the mind and upheld by belief, requires:
      A) outer appearances that are distinctly different from each other,
      B) the existence of opposites such that truth may be believed due to the lack of the opposite,
      C) time, so that truth may appear truthful by not reflecting opposing appearances concurrently,
      D) a transition state in which one appearance ends, so that its opposite can appear in its place, and
      E) a never ending cycle of transition between opposites that relative truth may mimic absolute truth’s eternal nature.

    • Let us now make an attempt to revisit the “seed” from the perspective of the timeless nature of mind, the realm of absolute truth.

      Without time there can be no separation between outer appearances. This is because separation requires space, and as light moves through this space it creates the appearance of time. Without the belief in time, a mind would not believe the world of outer appearances was real.

      All the sleeping mind believes to be true is dependent on time, and therefore it exists in a world of separate appearances, with each defined by the distance light must travel between the outer “edges” of these appearances. Consequently, time is a creation of the bodily senses, most specifically the “eyes” as they interpret the meaning of light reflected from seemingly separate objects that appear to occupy “different” locations in “space”. This is why it is very uncomfortable for a mind to endure sense deprivation; without the body’s senses it is unable to maintain its illusion of time, which creates a belief that the mind’s world is coming undone.

      If relative truth depends on time, on what does time depend? When the mind observes the outer appearances that comprise its reality, what does it actually observe?

      These questions call to us from timelessness, the realm of absolute truth in which the mind exists, and from where the life of our TRUE SELF is expressed into reality. It is the boundless realm of light, the home of LIVING PERFECTION, without form yet contained within the infinite potentials of eternal growth, which expression is governed by the harmony of divine love. This is the realm of LIFE, for it is the expression of God’s presence, which is its source.

      Because the questions regarding time, the observance of reality in truth and the mind’s relationship to self-expression are rooted timelessness, our answers can not be understood within the severe limitations of a time-based reality. However, we can make use of time-based and otherwise familiar symbols to paint a picture of the realm of light for a mind which has only “known” darkness.

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