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As we awaken to Truth, we perceive our inherent power to alter the outer reality of appearances, leading to the vibrant Reality of true Life.

Life is the movement of energy created between cause (source) and effect (reflection). This movement creates our lifestream that energizes our bodily form and reality, manifesting its appearance.

What our mind accepts as the source of its truth becomes the cause for its reality. Therefore, our source of truth determines the nature and quality of our lifestream. When the source of truth is based on perception of the outer reality, the limitations we perceive ultimately create bitter waters in our lifestream that manifest a reality of suffering. When our source is the Truth, we become sovereign over all outer appearances and peaceful waters of Life flow into our sphere of reality.

When the outer reality is our source of truth, we limit the mind to create according to our faulty perceptions of outer appearances. In this limited state of mind, we perceive time as the past extending into the future, so that the past becomes an irreversible cause to our present experience. This darkened perception creatively binds us to the past so that what was created in the past will be what it is until it decays or is physically manipulated by outer force. As time passes our present grows more and more limiting as past causes and their effects take more and more real estate in our present experiences.

These faulty perceptions vastly limit the belief-system by which we operate. We continually confine and constrain the energy of our lifestream, creating static, lifeless reflections that may have “life” for a time, but then die. This isn’t Truth’s glorious reflection, but an illusion of a sleeping mind whose source is its own perception of outer appearances.

In this belief-system, the only way to alter these static appearances is by physical manipulation, force or effort. Any change comes from the outer strength our self-will can obtain, which is limited by the perceived strength of other self-wills. When our source of truth is the outer reality, our mind is unaware and disregards the presence of absolute Truth, thus the Divine Will, which functions to extend Truth into creation. In disregarding the Divine Will, the self is limited to create according to its perceived outer strength.

These arbitrary limitations based on our perceptions of outer appearances become the “laws” that govern our reality. And as creators, what we accept as true into our mind, we experience outwardly so that these limitations are sensationally experienced as “real”. These “laws” dismiss our creative power to alter the energetic structure of reality through our mind’s engagement of absolute Truth, thus we are given over to experiencing and serving increasingly debase forms. Because thoughts that rest on false perception create illusions, our mind creates distorted shadows of the self and its reality. Like a thick veil, these illusions block the movement of the Living Light of Truth through our mind and into our lifestream.

All outer appearances are energetic reflections of what our mind accepts as true, thus they change when our source of truth shifts. Effects of the past aren’t static or fixed but dynamic as they are only energetic reflections. Nothing is permanent but the perfection of Truth. Thus, when our mind is freed from illusions, we perceive the ever-present Truth and its inherent perfection.

As our source of truth shifts from outer appearances to absolute Truth, we begin to engage our power to alter appearances. When the ever-present Truth is our source of truth (cause), the past is irrelevant. Instead, Truth dictates what we experience. Our perception of time shifts so that each moment harmoniously supports and builds upon the previous one, leading to eternal harmonious growth, Life.

Thoughts that rest on Truth create a divine Reality. As we awaken, we no longer fix our attention on the perceived strength of outer forms, but on our inherent power to alter appearances through our oneness with the Mighty I Am Presence of God. In this, we become one with Truth’s inherent perfection and harmony, thus one with the Divine Will. All other self-wills become powerless regardless of their appearance of outer strength, thus without harmful effect in our sphere of reality. In this oneness, the energy moving through our lifestream is infused with Truth’s ever-expanding nature of eternal growth (LIFE), altering static and decaying appearances to eternally living expressions.

Absolute Truth is the only true cause of creation, all else are vain imaginings. The belief that there are opposing forces is nothing but a dream that fades when our mind shifts its source of truth from the external to the Eternal.

When we awaken to our true SELF, our mind is released from the arbitrary limitations we placed upon it, so that it expresses its creative freedom and limitless potential. Instead of being bound and limited to a shadowland of past appearances, our mind resides as an open door to the Divine Mind’s perfect orchestration, and reality returns to Truth’s expression. Creation is given back into the hands of its Creator, the Mighty I Am Presence of God. As a result, this Life-giving spirit energizes our lifestream, bringing forth the eternal gifts of LIFE.

Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power. For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. The last enemy that will be destroyed is death. For “He has put all things under His feet.” But when He says “all things are put under Him,” it is evident that He who put all things under Him is excepted. Now when all things are made subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all.‘ ~ 1 Corinthians 15:24-28

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

20 thoughts on “Altering Appearances

  1. The mind projects the concept of itself into time. In order to do this, yet continue to remain outside of time that it may continue to judge the past in order to extend it into the future, it creates a “timelessness” bubble within its reality of time. Much like an astronaut wears a “space suit” to enter the vacuum of space, or a sailor uses a submarine to traverse the depths of the sea, the mind creates a body through which it is able to interact with the past. The body serves as a gate, or a bridge between the mind’s timeless state and the created reality of time.

    The body possesses the necessary perceptive senses to interact, observe and gather data about the past by which the mind can make its necessary judgments of good and bad. The mind believes it inhabits a body, which then enters the reality of time (the ever-increasing expression of the past), while always remaining in a state of timelessness by which it can judge past appearances.

    The body becomes the mind’s expressed belief about itself in the context of the reality of time. Though the mind is timeless, when it sleeps it observes only the past, and therefore believes only in the reality of time. When the mind sleeps, its reality is confined to the limitations of the outer appearance world, which is defined by the mind’s central belief that the past is UNALTERABLE, and is the source the “reality to yet be experienced”. For the sleeping mind, the past determines the future. Therefore, the Self appears as the mind believes its reality to be, part of the past that is extending (aging) into the future.

    Because of the mind’s continual judgement, and the time-based reality this endless judgment creates, the mind believes that the outer appearance world of “past” judgment is REAL. Only that which has existed, can exist, and “truth” must always be confirmed by the “reality of outer appearance”. In its sleep, the mind is unaware that its continual judgement of good and bad creates the seeming reality of the past, and the resulting belief in time.

    Consequently, if the mind could not “observe” its Self in time, it would not believe it had any existence. To the mind, only that which has a source in the past is real. When it considers itself, it “sees” a body that originated from other bodies, and is assured of its own reality by the confirmation of time. Again, to the sleeping mind, only the reality of time exists and therefore the mind DREAMS it also exists in time. This is how the body is formed in the manner of finite aging and decay.

    Thus the mind gazes into the past, unable to comprehend the reality of its own timelessness. The mind clothes itself in the past, growing ever older, along with the reality it inhabits. Even more, the mind subjects its Self to the limitations of time and space, stripping away all power it possessed in timelessness. Unable to comprehend its power, it judges itself “weak” in comparison to other appearances, and wanders through the world it created in a continual state of helplessness.

    The resulting FALSE IMAGE of its Self, created through falsely judging Truth, further dampens the mind’s ability to comprehend its experiences. The self concept of helplessness spawns judgments of fear and attack, defensiveness and conflict. In the harsh reality of time, where the past stands eternal and unchangeable, the mind justifies these judgments because time confirms a reality of ever-present threat.

    • When the body navigates through time it must use forms found in the past to propel itself through a pre-existent reality. The past is a frozen world, where layers of previous moments stack endlessly upon each other, each affecting the other in ways that are chaotic, yet mindfully expected. Nothing moves except when affected by a subsequent layer of the past. The past is frozen, even non-existent but for its residual memory captured in outer appearances.

      But what then is the concept of “life” that seems to inject the present moment into the past?
      Can the past and the present co-exist?
      Does life exist in the present, yet dwell in the past?
      Does life create the past?
      If so, would life be the creator of time?
      Without life, does time exist?
      Or could it be that life dissolves time?

      To more fully understand the concept of the “body”, the Self and the mind, we must look more closely at the concept of life with the reality of “time”. What is life? What is the affect of life on time? Can life exist in the past?

      We have said that the mind interacts with its world using a body as means of interpreting that which already exists. All that exists is “created” and that which is created is of the past. Thus the body is a “tool” for interpreting the past such that the mind may determine whether what has been created is good/desirable or bad/undesirable.

      The mind inhabits a “reality of time” in which it navigates a past of “solid forms”, using a mechanism of perception called a body, which is itself a solid form. Since the body is the mind’s means of judging the past, the body is central to the mind’s reality, causing the mind to believe it exists within a body, from which it observes the outer appearance world. The mind then attributes this mind/body union to its concept of Self. The mind interprets its Self as a “body with a mind”, navigating a world of forms frozen sold in time, continually assessing whether the outer appearance of these forms is good or bad.

      But looking more deeply we see that the mind has hopelessly confused itself by creating a union between two opposing ideas. The mind, being a infinite expression of the present, has united with a body, being a finite representation of the past. Where the past is, the present does NOT EXIST. So too does the present preclude the existence of the past. The mind has created a Self concept that attempts to unify the past and present into the oneness of truth. Yet, since Truth always is, truth can have no opposite, nor opposing force that can change it into something it is not.

      How then can the mind reconcile being one with two, mutually exclusive self concepts, yet still believe it is somehow truthful about itself?

      The sleeping mind reconciles the apparent contradiction within itself by creating the idea of SEPARATION, which manifests in time as the LIFE and DEATH. Because the reality of time can only be perceived in the outer appearance of perceptible forms, the mind likewise defines this separation of life and death using perception.

      The sleeping mind uses its perception to SEPARATE the present from the past and the infinite from the finite, in order to create the perception that a form can be either DEAD or ALIVE, yet never both concurrently. Thus, in its reality, the past defines a form as living or dead, which convinces the mind that the two opposing natures of itself can seemingly co-exist. The mind therefore rationalizes that as long as the body lives, the mind can dwell within the reality of time.

      It has simultaneously sentenced itself to eventual death.

    • Death is the transition from the mind’s concept of “present”, to the body’s concept of “past”. Since all that is made is of the past, the body inhabits the past, while the mind inhabits the present. By combining the two into ONE SELF, the mind must reflect both the present and the past in ONE BEING, which it does in the concept of a “living organism” that eventually transitions from an outer appearance of life, to one of death.

      While the organism “lives”, it is considered “present”, yet continually reflects the past in its aging outer appearance, until it manifests the limitation of time in the appearance of “death” by which it disappears from, no longer able to be considered “present”. Death can therefore be better understood as a transition from the “present” into the “past”, as death can only occur in the reality of time.

      Therefore, as the mind focuses its attention on the reality of time, (i.e., the perceptible outer appearance world), death inevitably ensues. Since the mind attributes the outer appearance world as the source of all that is true and consequently real, the created world has, in effect, ultimately created itself. For the visible (perceptible) things of the past to be the source of all that is perceived in the future, ultimately the first visible thing, like the proverbial chicken or egg, must have sprung up out of nothing. Because “nothing” is the ultimate source of the past, all that inhabits the realm of time must eventually reveal its source and “become nothing”. Death is the transition of the past into its TRUTH, which regardless of the mind’s conscious awareness, is always everywhere present.

      In TRUTH, the outer appearance world of things are not the cause of the sensory perceptions the body receives. Here we begin to touch on the mind’s creative power, but for now it is enough to know that every sensory perception occurs within the mind because they are PROJECTED FROM the mind. The mind which has yet to awaken to the understanding of its Self in truth believes the outer appearance world projects reflections to its body, which in turn translates them to the mind as sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Rather than projecting reflections, the sleeping mind believes it RECEIVES them.

      The developing mind sleeps in the belief that it exists in a world where all that is made was created by that which was previously made in a more distant past. Thus the mind uses an “endless past” to prevent confronting the idea that its world, at some point in the far distant past, did not exist. Yet it rationalizes the idea by the notion that the mind itself did not exist prior to springing into existence through the birth of its body.

      Despite the mind’s justifications, it consciously refuses to accept that NOTHING is the source of all it believes to be true because the source of all its world sprang from nothing. For the mind holding this belief, eventually all it experiences must truthfully reflect the nothingness of its source, which inevitably results in the death of the body’s outer appearance.

      • If you believe in your mind’s eye that these things are true, it then becomes time for you to reject yourself and try to find your new understanding in the Eternal God. This is not the Eternal god, that Anti Jacker, has referred to which dwells only within his minds eye. the Eternal God of Heaven will come to you and encompass you, your mind, to restore you to a place of peace, a peace which passes all understanding. Again, God seems to be calling you to lay down your mind, and take up the awareness of His calling.

    • The body perpetuates the mind’s belief in death because it continues to affirm that the outer appearance world is the SOURCE of every reflection perceived through its senses. The body deceives the mind into believing that it PERCEIVES its reality, rather than PROJECTING it.

      The mind believes the body is a gateway by which the past continually flows into it, filling the mind with darkness and preventing the awareness of timelessness. Because of the body, itself a “creation of creation”, the mind believes that past creation is the source of its entire world. The body ensnares the mind in darkness, deceiving it into believing that its sensory perception of OUTER APPEARANCES define all it can know of truth. The sleeping mind therefore believes that only what can be perceived through the body is true.

      Without consciously recognizing what this belief has created, the mind accepts that the source of its truth is “nothing” because it is deceived by the body into believing the outer appearance world is real, rather than a projection of mind. The body, itself a part of the outer appearance world, eventually reflects the source of truth the mind has accepted, and must eventually disappear into “non-existence” along with all its world. This is the meaning and cause of death.

      Yet the body affirms to the mind that cause of death is always a “perceivable” aspect of the past, apparent in the outer appearance world. Consequently the mind can not defeat death because it believes its source is in the outer appearance world, which is only a reflection of the mind’s belief in an unchangeable past. Thus the mind seeks to understand the meaning of its inevitable transition into “non-existence” by examining “non-existent” causes. The mind, believing its body is “alive”, is therefore unable to prevent the eventual manifestation of the body’s own non-existence, which it comes to accept as the inevitability of death.

      The true cause of death is the mind’s acceptance of death. Once the body convinces the mind to accept that it will die, death becomes a real aspect of its world. The mind that believes death is real must accept that eventually its reality, including its body, will become “non-existent”.

      Absolute Truth always is, being everywhere present continually. Though the mind sleeps in a world of its own darkened creation, Truth is always acting. The sleeping mind’s world is NOT a reflection of absolute Truth, but instead what the mind BELIEVES to be true, relative to its own judgments. The mind’s erroneous beliefs have no affect on Truth’s absolute nature, and despite the REALNESS of the mind’s outer world, it is Truth which causes its world to reflect its inherent unreality.

      The sleeping mind, not understanding absolute Truth, rationalizes the reason by which its real world inevitably transitions into non-existence by creating the elaborate and insane concept of LIVING and DYING. It simply believes that death must be a part of life such that these two opposing ideas (non-existence and existence) can be united into a singular reality.

    • The concept of “limitation” is the defining attribute of time, and the reason why its reality is called “death”.

      Time allows for the illusion of life, for life appears to exist for a “time”, yet always does this supposed life transition into death. Likewise, time sustains ALL illusions, allowing opposites to exist concurrently, each in their own time. The sleeping mind, being timeless and knowing only timelessness, reconciles time as being “timeless” in order to exist within time’s limitations and boundaries, yet experience what it believes to be a sense of timelessness. This is why the past, when observed, presents to the mind a sense of eternity, in that what was can never be changed. It is also why the mind views the future as but an eternal extension of an eternally distant past.

      It is also why, when existing in the belief it is contained within a body, the mind feels only life and never entertains the idea that it is continually dying. What exists in time is made eternal, until the limitations of time are reached and nothingness is revealed. “Time” is a construct of the sleeping mind that it may appear eternal, if but for a time.

      The mind, in its sleeping/developing state, is unaware of its own timelessness and knows only the concept of limitation. By allowing its past creation to be the source of new creation, its reality is subjected to finite cause. The finite will always create limitation, for the past creates all that will layer upon itself in order to give the mind the illusion of “newness”. Nothing new is possible except a “new” perspective of that which already is. The timelessness of Truth is concealed in a frozen world, seemingly limited for eternity by the mind’s perception of an eternal past. Time becomes a boundary for the mind, a tomb of the past, surrounding the mind in limitation and powerlessness.

      The sleeping mind is therefore lost in a dream of time, and its resulting realm of limitation. All power is given to time, which rules the mind’s every perception in a world of “outer appearances”. Time becomes the ultimate cause of all the mind believes to be true about its world, for time creates a world in which the present instantly causes the past, which is forever unchangeable and unreachable. The mind is sentenced to a future that extends from a past it is powerless to control. The belief in Time is an inescapable prison, the bottomless pit of an ever-deepening past, yet always deceiving the mind with the promise it can somehow find its freedom.

      As long as the belief in time exists, the mind sleeps.

      The mind, in Truth, is timeless and therefore even in the unawareness of sleep, it functions above the illusionary laws of time. It is the light of Truth, when it is sufficiently filtered into the mind, that begins to awaken the mind into the awareness of timelessness. As one may awaken from a dream and for a moment experience a blend of two worlds, a similar experience occurs when Truth gently illuminates a mind with the realization of timelessness while still it dreams of its reality of time.

      • There are may who can accept time, and accept the mind’s eye as a blessing in disguise. When one tries to view the psychological mind, and the subconscious as a denial of congeniality and to stare at one particular particle of their thinking as the totality of consciousness is where their demarcations become blended with the the visual aspects of thinking. When time is related to the idea of desire, desiring to be free, and the desire to claim power the mind enters into a state of war. We see them begin to illuminate the boxed in idea that laws may be disavowed, that by making inner- psychological vows one may gain power over the laws of nature. When this critical spirit begins to rule, one becomes isolated in a sense of nirvana produced by the comparison of grandure, the one Suppos-ed “greater seeing” compared to those of the lesser degree, one mind, greater, their mind, sleeping. This continual filtering of biases creating it’s own optimum experience occurs when a mind continues to find ‘real’, only those biases that are ‘not linked to’ time. The nirvana produced by this limited critique of the mind begins to subjugate truth into being simply comprehended as a ‘floating matress’, which has been referred to – as the bedroom mentality of the brain. Those who have been trained or taught to see things only in a two dimensional approach continually dream of a life without boundaries, or settings, seeing clocks as enemies and a novel- as something shameful, never being able to enjoy, or find joy because “there is no place for their joy to exist!” When the seekers adventure to find a baseball, lost in the weeds, there is “no time for them to exert the effort to find it”. And thus is this search within them a continual critique against the watchmakers, against those who find love, against those who share emotion, for in their lives their is no emotion. They have lost the newness of discovery and the art of life the art of the mind of love. The leaves of their trees never turn color for they see a curse in the timing of the trees. These are the arborists who eat the rotten fruit because they cannot see the blessing of time. These are those that have timed, out. The lost, the untouchables. There must be a determination to locate these who can no longer feel the color that is displayed as simply by the trees, at it is by the animals. These are the mentalists and the robots of our era. We must adventure again into a restudy of Nature, and love, that these not be forever lost.

    • Timelessness is the realm of Truth’s eternal nature.

      As the individualized mind awakens by the dawn of light within, it enters a transition period as the recognition of its inherent timelessness begins to overlay its perceived reality of time. Since truth is timeless, its light can not be received in the darkened reality of time. In time, a mind believes it knows truth, yet never is its eternal nature understood because of the mind’s finite understanding of its time-based world.

      As the awakening mind seeks for truth, like a seedling seeking for life from the sun, oil fills its mental lamps in preparation for the illumination of timelessness that truth may be KNOWN. When the mind recognizes its timeless nature, given by the revelation of truth’s eternal light, the mind is able to transition out of the world of time and into a new reality of timelessness.

      What then is the difference between these two worlds? What does the mind experience when it transitions between the two? In order to answer these questions, we must first understand the nature of mind and the LAW OF ONENESS.

      Truth is a concept of mind, being without form or appearance, yet containing within itself the potential for limitless expression. Expression could then be considered the EFFECT OF TRUTH IN EXPERIENCE, or its PERFECT REFLECTION. Because truth has no form, being an eternal, changeless construct of mind, its reflection is also without form. Therefore in the reality of mind, truth always reflects a constant, (timeless) experience regardless of the forms used to convey this experience. Being without form, truth can reflect its oneness of experience through the use of a limitless array of different forms. Truth is always the SAME EXPERIENCE, but the forms that create the experience are always different.

      We see therefore, that in order for truth to be reflected into experience, the mind must understand how oneness can be expressed in the many, even how the finite can contain the infinite. Looking deeper, the individualized mind, being one and finite, must become consciously aware of how it is able to contain the divine, infinite mind. Without this awareness, truth can not be expressed and the mind experiences the darkened reality of time, in which the mind perceives truth solely in the forms of its OUTER APPEARANCE world, for without these forms the truth of its world could not exist.

    • The mind’s purpose is to convey truth and since truth is ONE, mind also is one, for how could the many hold the one? And yet, mind is also individualized, which give rise to “being-ness”, which is the essence of self expression.

      The nature of “being-ness” is conscious awareness, and it is only an individualized mind that can become consciously aware of itself. Mind is one, that it may hold the oneness of Truth AND the mind is individualized that it may experience the LOVE of truth and the JOY of truth’s creation.

      Truth has no form, yet sovereignly rules over the experiences of form that its absolute nature is consistently reflected to the individualized mind. It is truth, rather than perception that gives meaning to the experiences reflected in the outer appearance world of forms. Perception is another way of saying the mind’s judgment of meaning in the outer appearances of things, and since truth has no form it can not be judged by the individualized mind. A reality without judgment is TIMELESS, for judgment is only possible in the realm of TIME AND SPACE, where outer appearances exist. Consequently, a mind that uses perception to judge good and bad is unable to discern timelessness, and the the truthful meaning of its world.

      When the individualized mind begins to awaken by the inflow of truth’s light, it grows in the awareness of timelessness, and the conscious recognition that forms and appearances of the past do NOT have an eternal impact on the future. That is to say the mind grows in the awareness that the future is NOT dependent on the past, which is the essence of a timeless world. The light of Truth reveals that it alone is the creator, not the past creation standing in time and space. The awakening mind enters a transition in which it wrestles with conflicting beliefs about the creator of its world.

      In time and space, the mind believed it was housed in a body designed to navigate a reality of solid forms, that it might acquire the forms it believes will create joy and peace. The mind directed the body using the guidance of its judgment, that it might use the created forms and experiences of the past to avoid what it declares to be “bad”, and to increase the accumulation of forms about the body it judged “good”.

      The mind, believing it was a body, itself a “form” defined by time and space, learned to worship the creation, that it might supply the body with all the mind believed was able to provide for its joy and peace. “Goodness” became the accumulation of “desired forms” about the body, a heap of idols physically created by that which was already created, in order to protect and bless the body.

      Yet never did the mind, as it slept in its reality of time, recognize the source of its world. All it envisioned for itself, all it desired to experience had its source in PAST FORMS. The past seemingly created itself, and the sleeping mind accepted this circular logic as the source of its world. Since its ability to experience joy necessitated “previously created forms and appearances”, be them other bodies or any other thing, that which existed became the source of all that will exist, and past creation became its source of joy, even the sleeping mind’s god.

    • As the mind awakens to timelessness it begins to recognize it has worshipped idols (false truths), encapsulated in the form of man and other created things. Since all “forms” must exist in time and space, the mind also begins to recognize that it gave all power to the past as creator of all that shall ever be. It ascribed its source of truth to time, believing that the SOURCE OF ALL could be discovered at some “time” in the past.

      In so doing, it was unaware of itself as a mind, for it believed itself to be a form just like its source of truth. If it was not a body, the mind would have no means of believing it exists, for to the sleeping mind only “forms” are true.

      Awakening causes the mind to face the initially uncomfortable realization that everything it believed about itself and its world was wrong. All it envisioned was bound by time and space, frozen forever in an unchanging past. To the awakening mind Truth whispers that what the mind believes is real is but the mistaken belief in the authority of its own judgment.

      Let go of judgment and the future is no longer bound to the past. Without judgment there is only timelessness, in which the future extends from the present, rather than the past.

    • What is timelessness, and how does a timeless reality appear as it fades into a darkened reality of time and space?

      When the mind sleeps, it does so because it is without the light/life of Truth. Instead it dreams of what it BELIEVES to be true, which creates “separation” from all that is actually true, creating a reality of unawareness (darkness). When the mind is called to awaken by the divinity of its being, it begins to seek for truth, just as a seed when sparked with life, begins to seek for light.

      Timelessness, which is the mind’s TRUE nature, can not be comprehended without the LIGHT of Truth because the darkness of time blinds the mind. As light is increased through the mind’s diligent call to Truth, the precepts of timelessness are faintly observed and the mind begins to comprehend its power.

      Time has hidden the mind’s creative power from its conscious awareness, and instead created helplessness in the midst of an unchanging and unforgiving past. Time, with all its dreadful images of fear and sudden calamity, is a cruel god, demanding continual sacrifice and eventually draining the “life energy” from all who serve it. The sleeping mind, not knowing the truth about its timelessness, believes it is beholden to the past, stuck in a body that must suffer and die.

      But it is TRUTH that sets the mind free from its prison of time. It is truth’s light that guides the mind out of its perceived state of helplessness, revealing its ability to RESHAPE what it had previously believed was an unchangeable past. Truth brings awareness of the mind’s oneness with the LIFE OF GOD, the source by which it enters and illuminates the mind.

      Timelessness is the nature of Truth, being eternal and immutable. As the mind fills with the light of truth, it comes to possess all its attributes, becoming a living being, full of truth. Consider a sponge. Before it is filled with water it truthfully exists as a sponge, yet is hard and brittle. As water slowly fills the sponge, it gradually transitions from its former state of brittleness to one that more closely resembles the water that fills it.

      Truth is the living water that fills the awakening mind. And though a mind without truth is no different from a mind that is filled, the later takes on the nature of the Truth that fills it. Sleeping minds are but waiting to be filled, that Truth may do its perfect work. The filling of the dry desert within the sleeping mind with the living water of Truth is a deeper understanding of salvation. No matter the “hardened” characteristics of the sleeping mind, as the living water of Truth fills it, the mind will reflect the nature of Truth’s timeless life, for such is its function.

    • The sleeping mind believes “truth” is found in the past.

      It believes the source of truth flows into it from the outer appearance world, and this by the sensory perception of the body. The mind therefore accepts the body as its GATEWAY OF TRUTH, and because the body can only perceive what exists in the past, the mind accepts only past creation as its source of truth. Thus, all the sleeping mind believes to be real already exists, and its expected future must be extended from that which already is. “All that exists creates what shall exist”, is the central belief by which the sleeping mind defines the nature of creation.

      Yet this belief has cast the mind into a place of outer darkness, unable to exist in the reality its belief created. Since the mind defines its reality by the created forms of the past, what place is there for the mind, which exists outside of time? If reality is created by forms which already exist, how can the mind, being formless, create anything?

      As long as the mind sleeps in its dream of time, it is powerless in its ability to affect the past or determine its future. It is cast out of its own reality, to sit as a silent observer of its own suffering and eventual demise. In time, all that lives must eventually die, and the mind, having subjected itself to the reality of the past, accepts this fate as well. Consequently the mind’s purpose in life becomes an attempt to avoid the horror in observing its own destruction. It looks not into a reality of life, but into the outer darkness of its inevitable doom.

      Yet this dream of “death” is purposeful and used to prepare the mind to comprehend the oneness of life inherent in Truth. For it is only when the mind recognizes its need to find meaning “beyond” the darkened reality of time, when it begins to question the outer appearance world as its source of truth, that the mind is made ready to receive the light.

      • Now it has become time for you to define the light, for you to undo all your dreams into a whole recognition. Is time driving you away from what you believe is real?

  2. So, fear and attack, defensiveness are real? or they are not real? And how can the reality of time be considered harsh, if time has no reality? I think what you are trying to say is, you are afraid of your psychological past because it affects your emotions, and you do not know if your negative emotion’s can be encompassed by love. Well, God has made provision for your psychological past, which you are referring to as time, or memory, and yes those negative emotions can be encompassed by love. Deceiving spirits, will lie to you and tell you to get a grip on yourself so you can control. Control, others reactions, control, your negative emotions (which is good), control your whole world. But I think you will find that time and space will not be controlling you, when you know that you are loved, by God and others. I think what you are afraid of is being ‘falsely judged’. You can place your judgement in the hands of the Lord, when you call upon His name. “Whoever calls upon the Name of the Lord, shall be Saved”. Saved from all time, and the repercussions of time. Basically the law of sowing and reaping.

  3. The Heart is what everyone is speaking of. the Eternal heart(in which we call god)(bible calls it ETERNAL FATHER is something that we cannot escape. our own heart follows us and allows us to create as we are created. (it is impossible to run away from your own heart.) The whole world represents the DATA of the TRUE HEART(eternal heart). time is just a way of percieving it. there is always a two way comminications within our own heart and god by looking at the whole world(as we speak to ourselves through god).

    it is hard to say what needs to be said using words alone. To connect to the LORD is to see LORD in all things(bring out our true heart as ONE BODY IN ALL). Our heart lives outside of time and affects all time. and to look at each person is to see yourself in all of time. Every aspect of your own heart is always being presented to you through the world.
    to reject the world is to reject your heart. and to love all things(knowing that u are that love) is to bring out the LORD in all(I AM).

    when we communicate to eachother knowing that eachother is a constant manifest of our own heart(source of spirit), we can have CHOICE(which requires everyone to be an element of the eternal heart(which never dies)).

    to never die is to be an element of the Eternal heart.
    again, every person has every soal in them.
    all the soals that lived within the people 2000 years ago, are the same souls t hat are in us today. and 2000 years into the future, with everyone roaming the earth(as eternal beings), you can see that WE NEVER DIE..

    to be saved from time is to live outside of t ime, and to live outside of time is to know ur eternal heart.
    and to know your eternal heart is to see yourself in ALL THINGS…

  4. remeber, we are speaking of 2 different deaths.. one is when something falls apart and withers away,. the 2nd death is refering to the lack of awarenesss.

    when we awaken to truth, we BECOME AWARE of something above our own ability to comprehend. we GIVE life.
    when we are unaware, the Eternal holds something within a TIMELESS STATE(waiting for awareness to awaken).

    when we BECOME ALIVE(awaken), we not only give life to the KNOWLEDGE, but we give life to all that is attached to that knowledge(whatever it may be)..

    our mind will try to make logic of it all. but there is no logic in trust/hope/faith as there is in just knowing(temporarily)(true trust, true hope, true faith)..
    hope that makes sense.

    • Your comment stirred the thought that these two “deaths” can expressed as death to death .. What is illusion is revealed as nothing, so that the dream (shadow of death) disappears (dies) as we awaken.

      Truth is logical and because of this inherent quality we are able to accept the Light of Truth, which we inwardly receive from the Spirit of Truth, as true instead of the outer illusions our bodily senses perceive that are comprised of the projections of ours and others’ relative truths (which in the Light of Truth are nonsensical). What is of illusion or darkness doesn’t make sense (though the mind does a great job at convincing itself they do make sense). As we awaken, we begin to see clearly. What we don’t yet understand, we don’t yet see clearly, but when we do see it becomes self-evident. Because we are gifted with eternal growth, our awareness is ever-expanding thus the unknown is always becoming known, so it can be manifested. This exploratory gap between what is experienced and yet to be experienced is growth and Life.

      • For a mind that is really enquiring, that really wants to find out if there is God, truth, something beyond all words, it is surely very important to understand this thing called desire. Is it right to be desireless? And if you kill desire, do you not also kill all feeling, with all its qualities of sensitivity? Feeling is a part of desire, is it not?

        So, if one has gone into all the implications of suppression, then is one no longer suppressing, no longer substituting? It is not merely a matter of verbally mesmerizing yourself; it is quite an arduous thing – if you have gone that far. Because, a part of this desire is discontent, discontent with what we are; and at the back of this discontent is the urge for power, to be something, to fulfill in some way. Most of us are caught in this wheel of fulfillment and frustration; and with the everlasting battle God is calling us back into his love, a place where you can recognize without fear, and search without fear of your “other self”, however you define your primitive soul, God is calling you into a place of love where all these mental shadows, or what you call recognitions, can be released, and you can accept yourself normally and naturally, replacing the psychological inadequacies with His opinions of you. He is constantly wooing you, calling you to Him.

  5. Thoughtware … your words are untangling the thick web the mind constructed when it thought it knew truth, but was blinded by its own projections. We are seeing the mind awaken through this untangling and therefore understanding what it means to awaken.

    The difference between perceiving the outer reality as something separate from us versus a projection of our mind is hugely significant in freeing the mind so it can become an open door to the inflow of divine thoughts from the Divine Mind.

    Lack of understanding the Truth fosters a reality of duality as this is the only way the mind without Truth can explain its outer reality it perceives and yet doesn’t recognize it created (projected).

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