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Gratitude’s Gift


Giving gratitude stills emotional whirlwinds. It harnesses our emotional energy and returns it to a state of equilibrium, ultimately leading to Divine Harmony in our outer reality.

Harmony, energetic equilibrium, is Truth’s reflection. It’s the inherent state of the present moment. Conversely, the chaotic energy of disharmony occurs when we accept a lie in place of the Truth. When we perceive disharmony and complain (a form of attack), we’ve accepted the lie as true, and in doing so we create an emotional whirlwind. Because what we give we receive, when we complain we charge our reality with disruptive energy and create more discordant situations in future present moments, giving us more to complain about.

Gratitude breaks the cycle of complaining that fuels disharmony in our reality. In giving gratitude, we focus our attention on reflections of harmony, turning our mind to Truth. Truth is ever-present, therefore regardless of what we are going through or feeling, there is always something to be grateful for, and in doing so we begin to alter our emotional landscape, which changes reality’s landscape.

Giving gratitude energetically charges our reality with harmonious frequencies, changing its energetic field from disharmony to harmony, manifesting peaceful resolutions. In addition, gratitude multiplies harmonious expressions in our reality, because what we give we receive. So, as we continue to charge our reality with gratitude, we create peaceful future moments. This makes gratitude an ever-present, potent power in our life.

An eternal state of gratitude manifests Divine Harmony, Truth’s reflection. When gratitude is our state of being, we are a peacemaker, through which Divine Harmony is manifested. As creators within the Creator, we are the transducer of the uncreated Truth into the created reality. In order for Truth, which is beyond us, to be expressed through us, our will (the mechanism of our being that directs thought energy into expression), is matured into an extension of the Divine Will, through which Truth is expressed in all its perfection. We become a peacemaker when we lay down our separate self-will, and become an open door to the Divine Will.

In the realm of eternity, a separate self-will doesn’t exist because it suggests there can be something other than Truth. Therefore, we reside in an embryonic state as our will matures into its full stature as one with the Divine Will, in which we can convey Truth into reality. Until then, we stay enfolded in a womb of an altered state of consciousness, a dream.

Through this dream, we witness the effects of a separate self-will, which is essential in the maturation of our perfect, god-like will. We learn a separate self-will is the progenitor of vast limitation and destruction. With a separate self-will, the self functions in separation from Truth so that it operates with an extremely limited awareness darkened by lies. In its great blindness, the self formulates its own concepts of “truth” based on erroneous individualized judgments derived from a limited and incomplete perspective, which it believes is true.

As the self seeks to fulfill its desires through this faulty operating system, it misuses its will and constructs a reality of increasing limitation and destruction. In response to its endless mis-creations, it piles up erroneous judgments that end up imprisoning itself and reality, the opposite of what it believed would happen with a “free-will” for its own use. It creates an illusion of death, the opposite of eternal harmonious growth. Truth and its Divine Harmony remain unexpressed as it can’t be expressed through a mind willing a “counterfeit” truth.

As we begin to spiritually awaken through increasing awareness, our separate self-will, which kept us in a state of disharmony (thus spiritual sleep), is uprooted from our mind, and the perfect governance of Truth, the Divine Will, begins to take root. Through this transition, Truth’s vanguard, gratitude, becomes the conscious act of laying down our self-will, so the Divine Will of Truth is expressed.

As the Divine Will is rooted in our inner being, it establishes Perfect Cause and Perfect Effect in our sphere of reality, which no discord can penetrate. As a result, gratitude becomes an inherent state of our being, so that we continually charge reality with its harmonious frequencies manifesting Divine Harmony’s expression, which includes all the divine attributes, in our outer reality. We become peacemakers.

Through our state of being, Truth shines Divine Harmony into reality, creating true Life and establishing victory over all likeness of death.

“Do all things without complaining and disputing, that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.” ~ Philippians 2:14-15

Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called sons of God.” ~ Matthew 5:9

Meditation of Gratitude

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Gratitude’s Gift

  1. It is so true that when we see the greater purpose of God in all that He created, in both good and evil, we can then accept all things with gratitude, in appreciating the journey from self to Himself. In understanding the benefit of being exposed to evil itself and that it is to turn us from it to the ways of good in God, we can now be truly grateful.

    • “Good” and “evil” is an interesting dynamic, for how can evil, Good’s opposite, exist but in a dream?

      Spiritual understanding is an interesting dynamic in that often what is, isn’t at the same time. We see this dynamic with the idea of good and evil. God can only create Good, and only God can create Good. True Goodness is Truth’s perfect, harmonious expression because Truth is all that exists.

      As a creator within the Creator, Truth is expressed when our will is matured into oneness with the Divine Will, because only the all-knowing Will of God can create true Goodness. Thus to be transducers of Truth, our will must be one and yet simultaneously free, because of it is made in the likeness of God’s will.

      So though there is only Good, in this dream we experience Goodness counterpart, “evil”. This dream world is a part of our embryonic growth, which God created. In this dream, which is an alter state of consciousness through which we are maturing as the Divine SELF of God, we experience the illusion of “evil”. We entered this dream world to gain the “knowledge of good and evil” and through this experience we can come to understand the true nature of Goodness and why only Goodness exists, thus only One Divine Will. As creators within the Creator, we required this understanding to possess a free will, that is totally one with the Divine Will.

      The contents of the dream are subject to what WE accept as true and what WE give our belief to, which could be anything, including what is opposite to Truth, which is what we see is created with a separate self-will. So if we give our belief to a counterfeit truth, then that is what we experience, which is “evil’s” expression. Evil is “created” because of a lack of awareness of Truth, which of course God couldn’t create. Evil is the illusion of our sleeping mind because it comes from the acceptance of a will other than the Divine Will, which in the REAL Creation is impossible. A dream exists, in a sense, yet it’s an illusion – just like the substance of our night dreams don’t exist, though while in the dream we experience them as “real”.

      The dream is a state of consciousness in which we can create counterfeit truth, thus why it is only an illusion. Once we awaken, we recognize only Truth is. Pure Goodness, nothing else.

      As our eyes open to Truth, then gratitude becomes a state of being, for the Truth and for all we experienced that enabled us to be able to express the Truth.

      • I also see this dream, this illusion of realty we are “living” as a “hypothetical,” a what if. What if reality was as the dream and we all lived according to our own will, doing our own thing? It would certainly be utter chaos as we are now experiencing in this, our present journey. Evil is going our way, doing our own thing without considering the rule of God. Since we are to be created in God’s likeness and image God created a place of opposites to be played out in each of our lives, so that we all may learn what it would be like to live eternity with a will of our own. We have but to look around in our dream world of what if’s to see the evidence of not desiring to live according to one rule, one will in the guidance of one love.

        It is not a question of who will and who will not learn this lesson of “love” it is a matter of each learning this same lesson according to our own order of calling. So we shouldn’t judge and condemn any for we will all be made whole and complete as God calls us to come forth and be completed. When we are given eyes to see this magnificent plan of salvation where we each come through it to learn to be obedient to the ways and will of God, taking into consideration the love of all as in the one, we become free indeed. This is why it is said there is no condemnation in those who love God and understand His plan, it is because we see every pain and suffered experience in anyone’s life in the context of God’s love and in His determination that all will be perfected into His kingdom by the experience of evil. Carnality, evil, disobedience, self will, etc., will suffer the pains of death and will dissipate away Into nothingness as Christ resurrects within us, destroying self and awakening us from this dream.

        Nothing has been lost by dreaming this dream, in fact it is for our increase, our gain in that we have have lived this experience of the lie of loss. It is all done for the purpose of teaching us to live in harmony where what is good for one is good for the other. And what is good for all is to learn the one way and will of God and be glad in it. If we always look for what promotes the goodness of God in every passage in the scriptures and that good is taught in every circumstance in life, we have awakened to reality..and we only see good “and” evil working together for our good teaching us the ways of God.

        If there is only one intent to see all completed in Christ, as He is, it is the outcome that we see that is important, for this is what makes us one. As Matthew, Mark, Luke and John describes the events of Christ from different perspectives of which produces some to be confused, nevertheless they each saw the completed Christ, which dissolved any difference of perspective. So it is with us as we each share our thoughts, we see the journey’s end and as long as we journey along encouraging one another, praying for all as we pray for ourselves, seeing and wanting to be seen only as one, we will do well.

  2. We are the fruit of the vine and the fruit cannot be enjoyed by any until the outer skin, our carnal nature is “crushed” to let the sweetness of the inner life flow out to all who is blessed with the receiving of it. The crushing evil of life’s experiences is what brings out the best of our inner self. Are we not therefore grateful for being first crushed so that our love can then be consumed by another? It is all good.

  3. A reality of divine harmony is ALIVE because it is comprised of living energy.

    What then is the experience contained within a living reality, and how does if differ from a “reality of death”? And if it is presently understood that all matter is comprised of energy (i.e., sub-atomic particles expressing energy), then is a reality of death comprised of “dead energy”? Can there even be such a thing? If not, how then does death exist?

    When we ponder these questions we recognize that the better understanding of life and death is not in the seeming “death” of physical organisms, but in the deeper conceptualization of living vs dead energy, which takes us back to the realm of mind.

    Death is a belief, held by a mind that trusts its bodily senses to define ALL THAT IS TRUE within its reality. However, the senses are designed to perceive the superficial, the “material exterior” of a solidified reality. The senses detect the “outer appearance” of things and without this superficial covering the senses could not perceive reality.

    A reality of the senses is “measured” by the three dimensions of space and the unifying principle of time. Truth, therefore, is LIMITED to that which these measurements reveal. Since the body’s senses cannot detect any aspect of reality’s energetic composition, energy is ignored because it does not fit into any measurement within the mind’s truthful construct of reality. Even when science reveals the sub-atomic structure of all things, the mind conceives of interacting “particles”, rather than waves of living energy. And in this “judgment”, the mind projects a reality of death because it disavows the energy within all animate and inanimate things.

    Behold the deeper understanding of death’s cause, and the source of every form of death’s expression! Death is but the mind’s judgment against reality’s energetic nature, created by giving its source of truth over to the body’s senses. A mind that gather’s truth about its reality from the superficial revelations of the body’s senses creates death in its own experience because it rejects the living light of Truth’s energetic life.

    Is this to imply that death can be defeated when a mind is able to make a new judgment?

    While the answer is yes, the Spirit of Truth must prepare the mind to receive absolute truth because it is above ALL judgment. Absolute truth can not exist in a mind that clings to its belief in “free will”, a belief the mind can not give up since doing so would violate the free-will it believes it possess. Letting go of “free will”, under the guidance of the Spirit, is an arduous, even “painful” experience for a mind accustomed to believing that it alone can judge what is “good” and “desirable”.

    But for a mind so prepared, it grows ever-deeper in the understanding that Truth is the energy of eternal life, and is projected into its reality by the living light of thought. All things seen in the light of truth, rather than the senses, are comprised of living energy, self-sustained in the perpetual growth of divine harmony. The bodily senses no longer judge, but instead experience the joy of that which truth has created through the extension (emergence) of its life.

    Death dissolves and a living reality results.

    • Gratitude is the open door and the recognition of perfection in our present moment.

      The outer appearance world conditions us to believe in imperfection, which is what we then experience. It is evident that perfection and imperfection cannot coexist, for when one is the other is not. And yet, since perfection is of Truth, it must be ever-present, for Truth ALWAYS IS. And if perfection always is, then it can be found because that which cannot be found does not exist. Truth is because perfection is established in Truth.

      Gratitude opens the door by which the light of truth can shine into our conscious mind, enlivening our thoughts and projecting them into the darkness which deceives the mind into believing it is truth. Truth always begins within, being projected outward as a reflection of belief. Illusion, and all its imperfect expression, always begins in the outer appearance world, being projected into the conscious mind from the outer reality, where it settles within as a sort of “counterfeit truth”.

      Illusion’s source is always the outer appearance world, whereas the source of Truth is the mind’s inner “oneness” with divinity. Our awareness of Truth grows from within in, whereas illusion is “assembled” from that which is received from the outer appearance world. The source of Truth is God, and because truth never leaves its source, it lives in the LIFE of God. Truth, because of its inherent life, is self-sustained and perpetually expanding. It is TRUTH’S LIVING ENERGY that is the reason our gratitude causes that for which we are grateful to EXPAND in our awareness. It is not magic, but the simple notion that when we are aware of Truth, as we always are when we are grateful for it, we will also become aware of Truth’s perpetual expansion (i.e., its LIFE).

      Be grateful for the perfection you “see” in your outer appearance world, and its living truth will expand in your experience. It is as if gratitude cuts a “hole” in the darkness of illusion, revealing the ever-present truth hidden within by erroneous belief. The “edges” of the hole burn with an all-consuming fire, continually enlarging it to reveal even more truth. A regular habit of gratitude eventually dissolves ALL darkness by the living light you shined through its open gate and into your outer world.

      By shining this living light outward, and consciously giving gratitude for its reflection in your outer appearance world, you no longer accept imperfection into your holy place, where only Truth abides. Gratitude DISSOLVES IMPERFECTION by the conscious shining of living light into its illusion, burning away its source in the outer appearance world. Because all illusion is received from the outer appearance of things, when the outer world more closely reflects the perfection of truth, the imperfection of illusion can no longer be received. And all things become perfect.

    • This is good “connective” conversation, we discuss evil, and now death and in the context of what I see you saying is that death is fleeting and has no place in reality, as neither does evil, discussed above with Rachel. In the context of all that we are discussing, it all leads to the same end, a realization that when we awaken, it’s going to be a “light” moment. No heaviness, no more worrying of loss for the awakened truth is that even dreaming the dream of loss is for our gain. When we see that God has a mark He is aiming for and none shall prevail against Him, we do enter into a rest. Knowing God takes away fear and we rest better when there is no fear in us for anything without. We rest in His confidence , having faith and trusting only in Him because this dream has taught us not to step away for even a moment to consider as did Eve, a life apart and without God being the only King we have in our life. “All” things do work together for the good that does awaits us all.

  4. hi all…. The Eternal is ALL OF TIME happening all at the same time. Every person is a part of god. you cannot reject any one man and do right with god… Knowing that through god, we all share in ONE HEART(containing all names:laws), that each of us becomes a manifest of ALL OF US.

    when we can remove even our own Religions, and SHARE in ONE KNOWLEDGE, the Gifts that we will experience as the WHOLE WORLD becomes a manifest of ALL SOULS of being ONE WITH GOD..

    Knowing that through our own KNOWLEDGE, the world mainfest all that is in U(and in me).. to see through these laws allow us to be BOUND in god(i see you in me).

    each person is an extention of our TRUE HEART(like cells of a body communicate together).

    that higher understanding through the spiritual laws(as every bible on earth consist of), keep us awakened. as ETERNAL beings, we never die. each life(one lifetime) is like a blink in the eternal. all events of the world shows us our own heart through our own soul which requires god(every person on earth).
    as each ELEMENT(through the laws) share in one frequency(as cells of a body, but each indivudal as an eternal brother), the HIGHER(spitual senses) that we awaken into(together as brothers) show us our true strenghts(forgotten in death).

  5. Right now, if you look into the world, you may see fires burning, and viruses, and wars to come..
    even as we speak good words, there is still a lot of pain that we all consist of….
    the god in all of us speaks through the events of the world(effects everyone)(reveals us our true heart).

    right now, what it is saying, is that as each of us hold fast to our own religions, we end up losing our own morality.
    the god in us reveals our own pains(that we hide within us).
    the world is showing us our MORALITYS(affects the IMMORTAL STATE)…. even the parts we reject within ourselves.
    the further away we get from the spiritual laws, the more the world will seem to grow against ya(the god in u)(forgetting the LAWs).

    the solution to the world problems isnt gonna be fixed by worldly medicines. its gonna take every person on earth to see gratitude in each-other(no more being against) to bring out the god in all. the source of the virus may or may not be man made, but it is within this world. the eternal uses all sources to bring an event from heart(that we are all elements of).
    now when you see fires and viruses in the means that the world has shown, it shows our own sufffacation as the spiritual laws WARN US(immortal to mortal) of our immortal hearts.

    when you consist of the true laws(eternal laws:spiritual laws:holy spirit), we will see lordship in eachother(see ourselves in the eyes of everyone(as brothers:eternal).

    the HE and the HIM again is each and every reader(living the laws).
    no religion teaches these laws. you have to listen the the DEVINE within the whole world to connect with that frequency(I AM).
    each person in this world again is a part of that same I AM…

    • your words … “its gonna take every person on earth to see gratitude in each-other(no more being against) to bring out the god in all.” reflect a tremendous power we all possess to alter reality. The more I reflect on gratitude the more I perceive its powerful energetic force to awaken the Truth in us and change the landscape of reality in ways a sleeping mind deems impossible. It’s miracle medicine.

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