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When our source of truth is absolute Truth, every present moment is the effect of Truth. Our perception of time changes, initiating a metamorphosis of the self into ever-increasing expressions of Truth’s timeless perfection.

Like a seed in the soil, we are being sown to be an ever-expanding expression of the Mighty I AM Presence of God. During this embryonic state, our mind is prepared to be a Living Gate to the Divine Mind, so that Truth flows into our awareness, governing reality in a perfection far beyond the capability of an individualized mind and imbuing it with increasing divine radiance.

This embryonic state of consciousness (dream) provides a contrast between light (divine nature of Truth) and darkness (relative truth, which lacks divine qualities). Through this contrast we come to comprehend who we are as a Living Gate, a state of being that enables us to perfectly express the SELF of God. Being aware of our true SELF is essential to being our true SELF. What we are conscious of being (our self-awareness) we create, therefore being aware of our true SELF is a creative mechanism of LIFE. Once our self-awareness matures, we arise as life-giving spirits in oneness with the Mighty I AM, so that this Holy Presence is expressed into reality.

As a Living Gate we possess an individualized mind, yet are one with the Divine Mind. Being a fractal of the Divine Mind allows us to experience ever-increasing joy, delight and fascination with LIFE. It gives us an ever-increasing experience of our creative power. It provides the incredible experience of ever-increasing growth, harmony, abundance and beauty. Being finite, yet ever-expanding into the infinite, gives us an experience of eternity that doesn’t stay the same, but continually grows richer in the radiance of divine attributes.

So, we are sown in contrast to our true Self, that we may become intimately aware that we are Living Gates, being one with the Mighty I AM Presence. We were sown in corruption, dishonor and weakness that we might be raised (awakened) in incorruption, glory, and power. We were sown in the experience of a temporal body (false self) that we might eternally experience the limitless nature of a life-giving spirit (true SELF).

To provide the needed contrast, the false self image within the dream reflects the opposite of the true SELF. Initially, outer appearances in the dream are believed to be real and therefore accepted as our source of truth, causing us to believe we ARE the false self we outwardly perceive. This unholy belief shapes our relative truth because it accepts that past appearances are the cause of our present experience. This false interpretation corrupts the awareness of our self.

In this belief-system, our mind harbors thoughts which manifest a limited and finite outer reflection, the likeness of a seed. With the cause of everything dwelling in the past, time is perceived as extending the past into the present. Defined by these limited perceptions, the mind clothes itself with a temporal, finite body of weakness and decay, so that the body reflects the mind’s concept of itself in time. Believing it is housed within a finite body, the mind’s creative potential is therefore bound to the limitations of the body.

During our spiritual awakening, our source of Truth shifts from the outer reality to the Spirit of Truth flowing through our inner gate. The contrast between the outer reality of the false self and our growing inner awareness of our true SELF intensifies. The contrast provides fertile ground by which the Spirit of Truth reveals our true likeness as a Living Gate for the Mighty I AM, so that we might be this gate. Our awareness of being the Mighty I AM’s Living Gate is the only way in which ever-expanding perfection is created and experienced.

As our source of Truth shifts from the external to the Eternal it commences a profound metamorphosis within the mind. Opened to Truth’s illumination, the mind takes on the qualities and nature of the Light of Life, like a seed starting to grow. Every moment becomes Truth’s effect, and time is perceived as reflecting eternal harmonious growth. This renewed perception of time liberates the mind from creating according to the limitations of the past.

The mind’s concept of its individualized self transitions from a temporal body bound by its relative truth to a life-giving spirit expressing Truth’s timeless perfection. Its self-awareness continually expands as a spirit who is unlimited by physical form and governs reality in oneness with the Mighty I AM. As a Living Gate, corruption becomes impossible, and the self’s expression grows increasingly more radiant, dissolving the temporal limitations of the false self. The mortal has put on immortality.

This shift in our source of truth and its effect on our perception of time is essential to awakening into the awareness of our true SELF. The light of this awareness initiates our metamorphosis into a life-giving spirit, reflecting the holiness of our Creator.

Arising as Living Gates, we infuse reality with Truth’s immortal lifestream, which creates an ever-expanding divine reflection of Truth’s timeless perfection.

So also is the resurrection of the dead. The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:42-46

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

27 thoughts on “Transitioning Time

  1. I hope you are not merely listening to the words, but are aware of your own forms of desire, and that you quickly, swiftly perceive the road along which it is going and where it leads, and how you have suppressed desire, identified it with something. After all, the purpose of these discussions is not for you to listen to me, but so to listen as to discover, to see the whole map of oneself, the extraordinary complexity of oneself the twists, the narrow paths, the ambitions, the urges, the compulsions, the beliefs, the dogmas. After all, if one does not see all that, is not aware of all that, then these meetings are absolutely useless; they become just another form of entertainment, perhaps a little more intellectual, but at the end of it one is left with ashes. Words are ashes, and to live on explanations, on words, gives rise to an empty life, an arid existence. But one word love, can dispell many complexities about the subject. Before us, you and I, was The Word, in Heaven, His name was the Word, today, Yeshua. As He brings forth the Light, from His inner being He dispells the suspicion of words. He says, plainly, Rachel, a given word without complexity, then I love Rachel. When one becomes suspicious of who she is, is when the division of trust came. He calls her home. He calls her stable. He calls her to His side, without complexity. She must find simplicity in this path to be secure, or she cannot find love, or acceptance. This is within and without, calling her home, within. This is the land of the heart.

  2. the Next step is DIRECTING Energy(consiously)….
    remember, u dont just Become The knowledge, You become all things attached to the KNOWLEDGE(Eternal heart).

    so to be ETERNAL is to be the whole world
    Past and FUTURE = NOW(world).

    through Eternal KNowledge,(knowing each person is a manifest of heart), you can see your own Heart Being Manifested as all that is is in the LOVE OF SELF(the greater self)…(world = spirit)….
    If u reject the world, it will appear the world will be against you as you become against yourself. YOu experience YOU(Outside of time and inside of time).
    to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY the world(knowing the knowledge), is to manifest your greatest DESIRES(in all the human heart)(One Eternal Spirit)).

    The whole world consists of all of time(including the logic of space as I AM(Eternal is alive))…

    through the Eternal father, Every element in all of time and space is in direct commincations with all others(frequency)….

    to Listen to self through the world awakes a greater consiousness within our own I AM(remember, I am your strenghts. be gentle)..

    Once we all align with ONE FREQUENCY, see how the world changes.
    AGAIN, every event on earth is revealing ur heart. what is the world saying(be true to yourself).
    if you reject negativity, you tend to shut down your own frequencys(becausse of OUR OWN LANGUAGE).. Living in the Eternal langauge allows me to write these words. to go against them is to have FORGOTTEN(asleep in timelesssness) the true laws(LENSE),

    The purpose of all i write above is to show you how to manifest through the eternal knowledge(the real knowledge)…
    Experiment with time…. know that everything is alive. Know your own I AM is in that LIFE.
    and KNOW, that even my own consiousness is given strenght to ur ownheart as i am a manifest of your TRUE SELF…
    give me strenght, or give me weakness..
    but give me life…

    • I am seeing the same thing – that the NEXT STEP is the conscious awareness of the mind’s ability to alter reality by the outpouring Truth’s living energy. This step is underway.

  3. So the problem then is: why does thought do this? Is it the nature of thought to work for itself? Is it the nature of thought to create this isolation? Education brings about this isolation; it gives me a certain career, a certain specialization and so, isolation. Thought, being fragmentary, being limited and time binding, is creating this isolation. In that limitation, it has found security saying: “I have a special career in my life; I am a professor; I am perfectly safe.” So my concern is then: why does thought do it? Is it in its very nature to do this? Whatever thought does must be limited.

    Now the problem is: can thought realize that whatever it does is limited, fragmented and therefore isolating and that whatever it does will be thus? This is a very important point: can thought itself realize its own limitations? Or am I telling it that it is limited? This, I see, is very important to understand; this is the real essence of the matter. If thought realizes itself that it is limited then there is no resistance, no conflict; it says, “I am that”. But if I am telling it that it is limited then I become separate from the limitation. Then I struggle to overcome the limitation, therefore there is conflict and violence, not love.

    To find love, originally, to locate it’s original source we must look outside our self, and we know that the universe is not love, because the universe even on the earth scale is very violent and killing with it’s earthquakes and volcanoes, so we cannot see the stars and only, and merely say, “how lovely”.
    How lovely yes, but how killing yes.
    Now follow me back to love this love outside our self because we did not originate anything except our inventions, and the inventions of our mind.
    We know that love is not an invention, that it comes from outside our self and that love is something we must fight with our self to hold onto. And yet love, is holding on to us, even in the midst of our fighting. So this love is a personality and it is outside our self, and when it does come in permanently, it must come in as a person, and it must forgive us for our mistaken identity.
    So, that only person love, we find to be Jesus, representing His heavenly Father, giving us the knowledge of who this personality, love, is.
    We then ask His forgiveness, and He comes into our heart.
    This is the universe of love, embodied in one person, and given to us.
    The natural universe can only yield to Him. It can only Worship Him.

  4. KNOW that all souls live in all of us(through the eternal aws). the ONE Person is EVERY PERSON as one BODY(hense human heart)..
    the universe is not destructive, but it gives us a VIEW of SELF through our spiritual BEING(we ar all eternal brothers).
    without the so called destructive BEING, we could not be able to percieve ourselves. as long as we place limits in life, we place limits on our being(both individual and of space/time).

    the universe will only appear to be violent as we awaken as an element from with-in it. yet through this violence, our own IDENTITYS SPRING. you cannot percieve yourself without the universe and its destructions.

    to know that thought is just a way of persieving our identity, we grow from one element into our spiritual form(bind ourselves to ALL THAT IS).

    the ONE JESUS is a SPIRIT that we must all see in eachother in order to bring out the christ in all(spirit form)(heaven on earth).

    the two ways of seing this is to see t hrough the human senses(as you have not recognied the spirit(religon replaces), and also see through the spiritual senses(where the eternal laws come in). again, through the laws, the human intelect cannot fully interper(until u let go of everything). the intelect(mind), binds itself with the SPIRIT(heart).
    you are connecinft to yourself, when you find the LOVE.
    the only difference in our 2 different types of love, is that one tries to find itself, and the other knows itself in the love it finds).

    • God loves you so much. When Jesus came in the Flesh He died on a cross. This Cross represents him laying down His life for you. Pouring His love on you and now you must have faith to believe in love.
      As your mind goes here and there with instability looking, looking looking you live a life of mental instability by claiming a second self. you go here and there without love. God, has never needed your analysis of self to love you my friend,
      As He calls you home He comforts you with divine grace. He is the one searching for you. He calls you home to love. No more will you try to please Him by mental laws, as a lost lawyer in your soul.
      You Will Find true love, as you lay down your struggle. You will be renewed.

  5. also NOTE: the so called DESTRUCTIVE Universe, and the miracles of LIFE(beauty) are opposing forces of the Laws.
    that means that the Beauty cannot live withouts opposing forces, ans the destruction cannot live without BEAUTY…

    • God is desiring to be your lawyer. To represent you in the courts of Heaven. Your sins will always oppose you until you find the Father and are re-knitted into His blanket of love. You will receive a Comforter, the Holy Spirit, never again to worry about whether you are beautiful, will will be embraced by never ending love. Ask Jesus about an enduring relationship. No one will oppose you when God is for You. This is Love., God seeking you!!!! God Is Seeking You!!! God is Loving You!!

  6. May it lead you back to the Holy Father. May it lead you away from an orphan’s spirit. May it knit you close to the heart of the Father.

  7. again, we are all saying the same things leading on the same paths… all with the same final results in mind…

  8. It is no small thing for the mind to begin questioning that which it believes to be true. Having believed its outer appearance world defined all that was true, it means the mind must also question the validity of its perceived reality.

    Consider that the spiritually maturing mind initially “perceives” its truth in the outer appearance world through a body, which itself is a part of the very world it perceives. To question that which it has always believed to be true also means the mind must entertain that it was deceived by not only what it perceived to be the entire reality of outer appearances, but even the body it uses to navigate this illusionary world.

    If the source of truth is not found in the reality the mind believes it inhabits, then what is left? How could the source of truth exist outside of the reality the mind perceives? These are questions the mind could never entertain, let alone answer, without the light of Truth trickling into the mind from a source which exists ABOVE the mind. Until the mind is called to awaken by the light of Truth, never is it possible for the mind to conceive of a Truth HIGHER than that which it already believes to be true.

    The journey of life begins when the mind awakens into what can be described as an ascending, eternal spiral of conscious awareness. Beginning the journey is very difficult because the mind initially has no conception of timelessness, believing instead that it exists a time-dependent being, inhabiting a time-dependent reality. The mind has so identified with time that it was melded into its self-concept.

    Despite the apparent magnitude of the awakening process, truth can never fail to do its work. No matter how bound up the mind may be in its “created” world of time and no matter how much it may desire to remain asleep in the world it believes is real, when Truth reveals its light as the gradual dawning of a new day, the mind will awaken to timelessness and the true nature of its Self.

    To better understand the nature of awakening, we must revisit the mind’s belief in SEPARATION. We recall that this belief allowed the mind to unify aspects of time and timelessness into a singular reality defined by separating what it believes to be time into past, present and future. In so doing the mind rationalized the simultaneous existence of two opposing truths. The mind could exist in its timelessness by believing it existed in an infinitely small space between the past and what will become the future. By mentally unifying the infinite and the finite, the mind is able to remain outside of its time based reality, yet look upon it in order to judge the outer appearance world of past creation and ascribe meaning to all it believes is real.

    This belief in separation is the foundational construct of its reality of time, which seemingly unifies the infinite within the finite. In time, as an example, the outer appearance of a thing may appear only for a finite period, yet always does the past appear to exist forever. Yet, if the past exists forever, how can an aspect of the past seemingly dissolve after a finite period? And if components of the past are finite, how then could the mind accept that the entire past exists forever?

    The mind reconciles this through the belief that its reality is comprised of SEPARATE PARTS, each being finite, but with new parts continually created to replace those that dissolve. If one part dissolves in time, there are other parts that will spring up such that the past remains for eternity. Looking more closely we can recognize a similar pattern in the minds definition of time, in which any given period of time is finite, but new time is always being created making time appear both finite and infinite concurrently.

    Therefore, in the minds seeming reality of time, everything must be separate from everything else such that time may appear to be timeless, reflecting both the finite and the infinite. Separation is needed in order for the mind not to perceive its reality fading away into nothingness. Therefore, new outer appearances must continually appear in order to maintain the mind’s belief in the eternal nature of time.

    • Consider now how time, and its inherent foundation of separation, prevents the mind from receiving truth. As long at the mind accepts the reality of time and its associated world of outer appearances, as its source of truth, always will the seeming truth of things contain separation. Separation becomes the truth and every aspect of reality then testifies of this to the mind.

      When the mind “looks” upon its reality it perceives separation between things, with each thing comprised of separate things…and so on until the mind closes this endless loop by justifying that every “thing” is ultimately made of the “smallest” possible things, even if they can not be perceived.

      Separation also gives rise to a reality of distance between things, in which time is needed to close the “space” between separated objects. Navigating the reality of time requires the ability to “move” through space such that separated objects can be brought together. Without movement an object is said to be without the ability to navigate time, which the mind then considers inanimate, or dead.

      For the sleeping mind, life is defined as movement within the separate parts of an object, and the ability for these parts to replace themselves with new parts as others dissolve into nothingness. Life is therefore understood to be the eternal representation of an outer appearance through continual replacement of its separate parts, until such “time” that the parts are no longer replaced and the thing dissolves into nothingness, in which case it becomes a finite component of the past. Thus the reality of time is populated with “living” appearances that “die”, which are then replaced by new living appearances, all existing in a reality that appears eternal, extending forever from an endless past.

      The mind accepts that it too must die, because it has separated its Self and become a body. It accepts this without much trauma by comforting itself in the idea of immortality through the belief that it can create new bodies to carry on its reality after death. But look carefully, the mind therefore also believes it creates other minds to inhabit these bodies. The mind gives no thought to the origin of mind, believing the mind is created through the outer appearance of the body.

      Now has the mind separated its Self from every other mind, just as its body appears separate from every other, for as every body is created by other bodies, so too does each body appear to possess its own mind.

    • The function of mind is SELF EXPRESSION, which gives rise to the conscious awareness of BEING. The nature of being is not in physical expression, but rather the expression of SELF, which is a function of mind rather than outer appearance. What then is the self as revealed in the light of truth?

      The nature of self is both limited, so that it may possess the individuality of personalization and also limitless, enabling it to reflect perfection, which is to say divinity. The mind, being the mechanism of self-expression, must therefore come to understand how it is both limited and limitless, that it may project its uniqueness while maintaining harmony with the oneness of truth.

      Since self-expression is the mind’s function, the purpose of its journey through time is to personalize itself, forming the conscious awareness of its individualization. Before its timelessness nature can be understood, the mind initially learns to recognize its Self within the limitations of time.

      Time binds the mind on all sides, that it may be instructed in the understanding of personalization (individuality), which is a form of limitation a limitless mind could not otherwise comprehend. Without wrestling against the boundaries of time, a mind could not grasp the concept of self-expression, which can be understood as the finite expression of a limitless mind.

    • The mind’s power is truth, and truth’s expression is timeless. Therefore, because the mind accepts a reality of time through its belief that the source of its truth is perceptively discerned from the outer appearance of things, powerlessness results. The mind relinquishes its power to create, accepting instead the idea that what is made was created by that which was made.

      The sleeping mind believes the physical expression of forms is the source of all new forms. The past becomes a frozen wasteland, unable to be altered and indicating the limits of what shall be. The past becomes the minds source of truth, and therefore takes on the immutable, unchangeable characteristics of truth. What the mind believes in time, reflects the nature of all it believes to be true back to the mind. Consequently when the mind accepts illusion as truth, the mind will see its world of illusion as REAL, with no means of discerning its deception. Illusion stands in the place of truth, declaring itself to be the truth.

      The mind’s salvation comes from beyond the realm of conscious awareness. Salvation is the freedom from illusion, by which the LIGHT OF TRUTH enters the mind and reveals its eternal nature. It is truth’s LIGHT that awakens the mind to freedom from the limitations of its time-based reality, and introduces the limitless power inherent in truth’s timeless nature.

      As truth begins to fill the mind from a source HIGHER than its conscious awareness of self, the mind becomes aware of two fundamental changes in its reality: A) that the self is greater than its current awareness and B) that the past no longer determines what the future will be.

      The light of truth brings freedom from the limitation of self as a seemingly separate entity and the resulting boundaries of time that appear to separate it from eternity.

      Even in sleep the mind is dimly aware that truth exists in a realm beyond its conscious awareness. In the darkness of sleep, or the journey through development of self-realization, the mind imagined its source of truth as a SEPARATE source, yet with full awareness of the mind. The sleeping mind begins to stir when it identifies this “separate” source of truth as God. The initial indication that the mind is awakening to its truthful self expression is the desire to know this source of truth as God, even as its rescuer from all the perceived “wickedness” it sees seemingly reflected in its reality of time.

      Although the mind perceives its Self entombed in an unchangeable past, where mistakes are frozen and forever extending their suffering into the future, it recognizes that God seemingly has the power to “wipe away” the past in the timelessness of Truth. What was seen as an “unforgiving” past is now seen with the potential of truthfully altered and in a concept the mind conceives as “forgiveness”. Where mistakes were assumed to be “sin” due to the unforgiving (unchangeable) nature of the past, forgiveness is recognized as “salvation” and freedom from all errors frozen in time.

    • The mind does not come to the awareness of beauty and the love of truth by doing anything of its own conscious effort. Never does the mind seek outside itself for Truth, for this is an erroneous idea fostered by the darkened belief that the mind is separate from the source of truth.

      Instead, when the call for self-expression comes to the mind, and the LIGHT OF TRUTH begins to flow into it, the mind instantly recognizes its absolute nature through KNOWING, revealing the mind’s heretofore hidden sense sight.

      In the sleep of time, the mind believed it was separated from truth, and therefore projected a Self that continually needed to perceive its outer reality in order to judge the truth of its world. The Self created a means by which truth was judged, rather than KNOWN. In the reality of time, the past became an unchangeable, solid reflection of previous judgments, reflecting all it believed to be true. In darkness the mind rejected the idea that truth could be known because it impinged on the mind’s free will to judge for itself that which it believed to be good or bad. Thus it is the will of every sleeping mind to reject absolute truth in favor of that which the mind judged to be true for itself.

      Truth’s absolute nature is its LIGHT, which is its inherent ability to be KNOWN for what it is without need for the mind’s judgment. Absolute truth is known to be true, rather than believed to be true. Belief depends on the mind’s comparison of outer appearances, by which it attempts to extract truth from its reality by judging relationships between what it perceives to be separate things. Judgment is a creation of the mind, and the source of illusion which appears true, but is a false image understood as RELATIVE TRUTH upheld by belief, which is then gathered into the mind’s storehouse and used to create additional judgments.

      It is evident that relative truth has no absolute nature because it created through the mind’s comparative judgment of perceived separate things in its outer appearance world of time. Relative truth therefore reflects this separation, ultimately resulting in multiple, even contrary interpretations of itself.

      When a sleeping mind attempts to perceive goodness, it must simultaneously perceive badness, by which it can then make a judgement of all it believes to be good. Since judgment requires the outer appearance of time and space, all goodness must be reflected to the mind in outer appearances the mind judges good. However, in order to believe the good, the mind requires the appearance of bad, that the mind may be aware of good by the contrast. Here we see why the reality of time and space is full of opposites.

      Since relative truth has no absolute nature, the contrast of opposites is needed to create the ILLUSION OF LIGHT by which judgement can be made. In the reality of relative truth, which is the lightless reality of time and space, the mind must dwell with all it does not desire, that it may believe it can possess all it does desire.

    • When absolute truth begins to fill the mind with its light, a revelation occurs that shakes the foundation of all the mind believed to be true. The mind becomes aware that absolute truth is not dependent on the judgment of outer appearances because it immediately recognizes that it somehow knows it to be true.

      Prior to receiving absolute truth, every aspect of truth the mind upheld was somehow rooted in its judgments about the outer appearance world. Its presumed reality of relative truth had its source, its foundation, in all the mind could perceive through the body’s senses. Absolute truth, or what is properly considered divine truth, requires no judgment and is therefore independent of outer appearances. For the first time the mind becomes aware that there is another reality in which the source of truth is not found in the outer appearance world, but appears to come from a higher source, beyond all that is created. When divine truth first enters the mind, a spiritual awakening occurs.

      Initially the mind “compartmentalizes” this source of absolute truth as coming from some “thing” beyond its own reality, often categorizing its experience as “religious”. For the first time the mind becomes aware of “good” that is not dependent on time nor the contrasting appearance of “bad”, for this is a good that is simply known to be good, rather than judged so by the mind. Its timeless nature is also readily understood, and this good is known to ALWAYS BE GOOD, regardless of past events or appearances.

      The absolute, timeless nature of truth is an earthquake in a mind that believes the past is true and unchangeable. The mind is further shaken because of its belief that “good” is only known relative to that which it has judged bad. Since the bad happened in the past, and the past is unchangeable, the mind struggles to reconcile how good can be timeless when it has judged the bad and eternally enshrined it in an unchangeable past.

      Absolute truth tells the mind that goodness ALWAYS IS and badness does not exist, while relative truth says that goodness exists only because the bad (in the past) always is. The awakening mind adjusts to the dichotomy by a concept born out of its struggle to find peace in the transition between these two worlds. The mind creates the idea that the eternal “bad” in the past must be “sin”, which is remediated through yet another idea in which there is “forgiveness” by the good.

      • This is a format of denial. The eye tells itself there is a sun, but there isn’t a sun because that would identify time, the mind doesn’t want to believe in time because then it can be free from true life experiences, by denying it’s own understanding, it can deny the presence of God which is represented in nature, and it can deny natural laws, it can invent a strategy to defeat the call of God and the call of the Spirit. The idea of denial produces the feeling of “I am greater, than God”, “greater than the idea of God”, superior to any acknowledgement of God, and I can find the denial of anyone who speaks to me of the love of God. I don’t have to acknowledge myself, and this frees me from seeing badness. The mind in this path becomes bound to all these religious illusions of perfection, and delusions. No one can speak to me in any human language because I have become a dictator of my own righteousness. Only I can understand. I stand isolated and alone in my mind. Separated in my adjustments, and blind in my heart. Truly, these denials, are blindness.

    • There has been much written about the symbolism of light and the spiritual significance of being “filled with light”. Let us now be more clear as to the meaning of this inner light, its source and the limitless power it contains.

      The mind develops in a dream of darkness that it may come to comprehend light. Without an awareness of darkness, the awareness of light’s source is impossible. Yet, if light is of truth, how can darkness exist that it may be experienced? Therefore, in order to begin a discussion on the meaning of light, we must first comprehend the way in which darkness readies the mind to receive light. What then is the symbolic meaning of darkness, and how can the mind experience an awareness of that which is not, being that darkness is but the absence of light?

      Darkness is best understood as that which is “separated” from light. If darkness was connected to, or made one with the light, darkness would BECOME light, instantly changing into something altogether different from its former state. Thus the source of darkness is separation from light, and without this separation darkness instantly becomes light.

      Consider that no matter how deep and extensive the darkness, and no matter how real its existence may be, it becomes light the instant separation from the light is dissolved. The source of darkness is separation from light and without separation darkness does not exist.

      Now let us turn to the conscious awareness inherent in mind. When a mind sleeps in darkness it has no awareness that it does so. We are not speaking of outer appearances, but rather the darkness of “separation”. A mind that has no conscious awareness of light has no awareness that it is separated from light, which also means the mind has no awareness that it is in darkness. The mind knows only of its self-existence, and nothing of its separation. For how it could be aware it is separated from that which it is not yet aware?

      Yet, if separation were to dissolve, the mind becomes instantly aware that it is no longer separated from light by the instantaneous awareness of light. Though the darkness no longer exists, the mind is now AWARE that it no longer exists. It is only through the initial separation from light that the mind becomes aware that the SOURCE OF LIGHT is its connection, or ONENESS with the light.

  9. you got it

  10. those opposites also push the stars and planets. it is the same laws that allow a thought to interacts with ELEMENTAL LAW.
    our whole spiritual identity(outside of time) lives in all of time. (eternal heart aka eternal spirit aka holy spirit).

    again, give me strength, or give me weakness, but DO give me life…

    • Jesus Christ is the Source, by receiving His sacrifice for sins Life will then come into you, I am the way the Truth and the Life. (Jesus) His love is reaching out to you. All laws are subject to him, the law of Sin and Death can only be cancelled by the Law of Life, in Jesus Christ.

  11. definition of sin is seperation. when we seperate the laws of opposing forces, we tend to create the opposing forces on the LOW END of the spectrum, but to see christ and johova, and mohamad, and islam, and all other names(all souls within), that is the SOURCE.(laws not people)…

  12. Why would separation be a sin? If the law of opposing forces being separated is creating opposing forces that would just produce an observation. An observation by itself, or even produced by itself, wouldn’t produce a sin. If you join Mohamad, and islam, and Hitler and Stalin, and all other names of sin, and souls within you, that is the law of sin within you as a person, joining these to you You can be separated from all these by the sacrifice of Jesus. That is freedom from sin. Jesus the Hope of Glory. That will produce the seed of rebirth.

  13. each Energy source is held within our own identity. again, through law of opposing forces, we consist of EVERY FREQUENCY. you cannon have love without hate, or good without bad, or right writhout wrong, love consist of ALL OF THESE THINGS. it is withour our own MEMORYS(that we create through creativity), in which we HOLD space(outside of time) for all these types of events to happen(from our own heart).
    you gotta quit adding negativity onto every event. you are MANIFESTING destruction in our own time. lets take the virus for example.
    we are suffacating ourselves as that is what the world is giving to us, from our own heart.
    mohamad and islam and all those others are to be respect just as jesus or christ or jesus christ. they are other parts of the same laws that bind us t o the eternel(consiously).

    it is only through religion that all other names became associated with the WORST WITHIN US(the opposing forces).
    you have to LOVE ALL EQUALLY in order to bring out HONOR IN ALL….(the high end of LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES)(the giving side)(the true christ).
    the opposite of what you label as sin.
    again, through the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCEes, we use a low frequency(opposite) to hold ourselves and all other names(not of our religion), as the negative as the spirit is showing u your own heart through ALL RELIGIONS..

    LOVE THY NEIBOR AS THYSELF(cause thy neibor IS thyself).
    ETERNAL BROTHERS = see eachother through the laws. individual = through our indivdual senses.
    you need t o WAKE UP the eternal senses which will debunk all religions(including ur own)..
    see the BEST in all(the high end of the law(the christ in spirit aka in all of us).
    most use christ as a idol… christ is in us all, we LOVE ALL.
    if u want to know the true defeintion for what GOD is. it represents that in all the human heart that is the SAME.
    when u place trust in every person(through the laws), as spiritual beings of self from our own heart, you b ring out the BEST in all of us, and the christ in ourself.

  14. Yes we should never have religion, we should have the Love of the Father. Religion is when we try to achieve righteousness, through law. There is no trying to achieve best in all of us, because that is the fruit of religion. We can only achieve best, by receiving the gift that God gave us, the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. Then God will begin to build in us, but it will not be by The Religion of trying to be best We can see that it is obvious that you are Not Loving All Equally, because you have said you are Rejecting Those you Say are Religious. So this is the Great Hypocrisy of the religious idea of trying to receive an immortal loving soul, “BY Thinking You Are Righteous”. You will never be so, without receiving the Love of the Father, “Without Works”. The Christ in You IS and Idol, as you are saying, because that “Christ Idea” is You, and not Jesus, Christ, the Son of God. But He is willing for you to Come,. And He is asking you to. He is Asking you to receive the Gift of Salvation the He has Given through His shed blood. Not the religious idea of a Christ Mentality to Perfection, or any Religion of Self. It’s Him We must Worship.
    He Loves You.

  15. Greetings Rachel from Phillip.., Across the waves in Australia… just as i type a Kangaroo with a joey hop into the yard to drink from the bird bath. Its great this info sharing in these times so so blessed to be able to share the ‘ delights ‘ of Our Creator King Yeshua Your efforts and long hours of preparation in your teachings are very well received.. thankyou You are mission/commissioned Born on April 8
    With everything….birth ‘gift’ to continue in the pinnacling of blessing for all. That’s exciting to live and co-operate in this plan of Yahweh God. Looking forward to sharing so much with and all our Aussie surprises…. particularly look into..

    This is our Light we simply turn it on.. pure truth in Yahweh’s NAME BLOOD WORD

    You and I both April 8 born And mirror One another if you will Note: so important to know the true PASSOVER day date each year of which does some year fall on our birthdays So will be hearing from you soon Love n Blessings Phillip
    Steward for Yeshua

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