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Souls of Living Waters



Souls, like waterfalls, bring forth the living waters upon the earth.

Welcome to the River of Life

What I share is known through revelation because it’s the experience of our intimate connection to our heavenly Father, and his sacred gift to us, which is also our eternal life-giving gift to all creation.

From the altar of Truth where the eye of God becomes our own, living waters flow, which are energetic expressions of the Spirit of God through us, known as divine love. Our final and perfect judgment that states all are the holy Self of God unbinds our souls from fear to be Truth’s effect; divine love.

Because our faulty judgments contained fear, fear barred the door to our most inner chamber, the altar of Truth, thus to our true Self’s expression, divine love. The final judgment eradicates erroneous past learning so our souls freely know divine love that is unblemished by fear. All barriers, hesitations, reservations, walls, protections, defenses, and selectivity we once had around love end. Divine love’s expression is the witness to our final judgment. Because divine Love is all-inclusive, our final judgment precedes its expression through us because when we see the holy Self of God, who is forever loved and loving, divine love is birthed within us.

Although divine love enveloped us in our embryonic state, it’s only when we pass through the narrow gate at the altar of Truth in a new birth that we experience its life-giving power. Therefore, experiencing divine love’s effects (ever-increasing peace, harmony, creativity, perfect abundance, joy, etc) are also witnesses to our birth, for this love only comes through emergence. This holy power begins to flow through us gaining momentum and expansion as our true Self emerges into the eternal present.

Along the prodigal journey we come to learn of this love through revelation, for its knowing is beyond the finite sleeping mind. It’s an understanding that is born out of an intimate communion with our Creator. Through revelation, which is a direct conscious connection between us and the Spirit of Truth, we come to know of this love and in knowing about it, we desire to forsake all vain imaginings in exchange for this endless treasure because it manifests all our desires.

What we’ve known of love in the dream was only a faint glimmer that we may desire the divine love of our Creator with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. The love of the dreaming mind is tainted with weakness, powerlessness, vulnerability, separation, fear and lack. Fear and its counterpart, attack, were seen as all powerful in the dream, which made love seem weak in comparison. This isn’t the divine love of God, but only what a finite darkened mind conceived love to be.

Like light or the air we breathe, divine love is the power that gives and sustains life in eternal peace, harmony and joy. It causes all creation to eternally expand as it holds and keeps it in perfection and holiness. It allows no suffering, harm, loss, fear, or lack. Because it’s the life force of our being, if it hadn’t been for our prodigal journey through a dream that reflected its opposite, we wouldn’t understand the magnitude of its presence and effect in our lives to the extent we do now. It’s abundance never requires a drop of sacrifice, therefore to know and give this love is the experience of pure joy. Anything we imagine it to be, it is greater still.

Divine love is simultaneous with awakening or seeing rightly. Our first experience of this love is seeing all souls as the holy Self of God; in eternal beauty, holiness, perfection, timelessness, abundance, strength, complete and lacking nothing. Because seeing is creating, as our mind’s eye holds this illuminating vision of the Self of God, the Kingdom of Heaven emerges through us.

Divine love is God’s eternal heart beat as our own. It’s the Source of our eternal life, as it’s an endless waterfall flowing from the Source through us in a continuous river that brings regeneration, healing, and renewing to all the earth.

A Star is Born


“Deep calls unto deep at the noise of your waterfalls.” ~ Psalm 42:6

“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” ~ John 17:3

And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. ~ Revelation 22:1

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

17 thoughts on “Souls of Living Waters

  1. All knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the mysteries when revealed in their highest and final attainment of meaning are revealed and defined in “The Souls of Living water.” God’s all inclusive love is the final resting place of all things eternal.

    • It’s incredible to perceive these things, the depth and yet simplicity of it all. “Today”, the eternal present, as we awaken to this Love we enter our eternal rest. Those who can perceive these things are so blessed and their blessing is multiplied as it eternally extends into creation.


  3. It is a wonderful thing to be given eyes to see the goal of God is the same for all people. Once the “one” pattern in Christ was made for all to follow, all will follow.

    We tend to get lost in the details of what love is and “who” it pertains to. It is when the carnal mind of man divides us and our inseparable love up into divisions, factions and parties of self righteousness that it sends out confusing messages of fear and separateness. From this fear comes judgement and condemnation and it convinces one that wrong is right and right is wrong. It is actually the fear to love that breeds contempt for others who see and understand things in a different light than oneself, yes even in condemning those who walk as Christ walked, and as He condemned no one.

    We must remember and meditate upon what type of mind persecuted and put the Son of God to death. It was not the sinner’s minds who were caught in weakness’ of the flesh in falling into temptations. It wasn’t the type of mind as the woman at the well or the one that was caught in adultery had, although these were caught in sin. The mind that has a persecuting mentality that seeks “justice” is not a merciful, forgiving, compassionate mind possessing unconditional love. The divisive carnal mind in a person is a mind that can only see God and the plan of God as being as factional and as divisive as it itself is. We can see no further than what
    God allows.

    Many say the word “all” pertains to “all” like oneself, that understands as “I” do and knows things as I know and understand them. The big “I” of one’s ego draws other like egos into similar divisions, factions and parties of a self proclaimed way that God strictly forbids. God forbids this because we are all of the one true church in progressiveness and where “all” enter the process of redemption as this same “all” was and is subjected to vanity, and unwillingly. To teach us the glory of God’s nature we had to be stripped of the knowledge and understanding of His completeness only to be awakened (redeemed) gradually back to it. With our redemption from this fall from grace, we learn to have an appreciation and a gratitude for this wonderful gift of life.

    There is no way to repay a gift, for if one receives payment for a gift it is not a gift. However the thing that can be accepted with love is an appreciation and gratitude for having received the gift. And if one receives it as it is has been given, one only wants to emulate this love…and give in kind…thus we all become like givers, of all that we have been given.

    We are at the mercy and benevolence of God to be redeemed from the curse of the fall which we “all” are partakers of, none being exempt, for we were all shut up in this destructive carnal mind…until…our individual call from God says “to come” and to be partakers of a new way. He instructs us as He did Peter to take no thought of the processing of another for when their time comes as does ours…we will all be called as He wills. This is because we are not the author of when another’s redemption and salvation process begins, for God is the author and finisher of our faith. So why do we judge God’s decisions?

    Is not love divided when one religious group defines love by its own doctrinal rules and beliefs as opposed to those rules and doctrines of another group? Does not this divisional mind set of us vs. them define our level of maturity in Christ? Religionists are people who set themselves apart from the oneness and wholeness of God. God has one people, one faith, and one absolute purpose for all of us and the sooner we learn about what the oneness of God means…we will have no enmity and see no enemy in another person. We will see the enemy as our own self, our own carnal mind, the mind that is at enmity with the oneness of God. How can we be one with God when we have divided and separated ourselves from one another, is it not the same as separating ourselves from God? We are however to separate ourselves from the sin, but not from the sinner. It is our duty and responsibility to know the difference and to treat the sin in another as we would want the sin to be addressed within us…and that is to be forgiven and to be released from it.

    None of us can possess any higher attainment of true knowledge, wisdom or understanding of who God is until we step out of the isolationism of belonging to a division, faction, or party (labels) as Paul was teaching about in Galatians. He said that for certain ones within the church to pull away and to separate themselves by forming another “group” and saying I’m of Paul, or I”m of Apollos is a very childish and immature thing to do. Is it rather not taught throughout the scriptures and as our spirit bears them witness, to be tolerant, kind and considerate of one another “within the “one church” of which we all belong.” Are we not to be tolerant and love one another until this one love grows and fills the gaps of this factional, divisive and party way of thinking?

    Fear comes from not knowing what is, and what is, is God in His likeness and fullness in us. There is no fear in love for when we come to know God, we come to know there are no boundaries and conditions to His love. Does God separate Himself into thousands and thousands of different religions or does the “reasoning” of the carnal mind do this? It seems a question simple enough to answer with little effort or thought. However the religious carnal mind is desperately wicked and separated from God. As long as we reason with our soul mind we will err, for it is when we mind the things of the spirit do we prosper.

    People say love is hard to define…as it is and should be…for the only way to know what love is, is to become this love.

  4. We are the temples of the Living God, and within each one of us is the Holy of Holies, the Oracle, or place where God can contact us in the depths of our own souls. It is the place where His laws are engraved. It is where the voice of conscience dwells — even “the Light of Truth.” When we become sufficiently silent, sufficiently humble to hear that voice, and then have the courage to follow it at all times, it will become audible to us, and be a guide to us in all that we say and do, so that we, like Jesus will say nothing except it is given to us of the Father, and do nothing except He commands us. We will speak only His words, for His Holy place in our own souls is where our own true pattern or law of life is contained. This is a complete, individual pattern for each man. No two will unfold alike — no two will have the same exact work to do, or mission to fill, or the same exact road to follow. I cannot live by your pattern, neither can you live by mine. We must each live by our own pattern, and follow it to its complete unfoldment of glory — and thus we are eventually “anointed” with light, and the complete understanding and fulfillment may be accomplished.

  5. If a belief has any sort of fear or separation associated with it, it is not of God. This is a good test of the rightness of our beliefs. We then need to take the next step – and have the courage to step out in faith and let go of those incorrect beliefs. Once we do, we can ask the Spirit to teach us correctly.

  6. “These writings contain the most beautiful and inspired words the world possesses. They have come down to us in a single and a very ancient document in Syriac language, and evidently the document is a translation from the original Greek. There has been much debate around these Odes. And there does not seem to be anything about which the scholars all agree unless it be that the Odes are of singular beauty and high spiritual value.” All agree however that there was nothing else like them ever written, either in the Old Testament or in the Gospels. They were written by a man who believed in the Name of Jesus Christ and fulfilled that Name in his own life. I shall only quote a few of them.

    Ode 12:7-13

    “For as the Word of the Lord is, so is its end: for it is light and the dawning of thought;

    “And by it the worlds talked one to another; and in the Word there were those who were silent;

    “And from it came love and concord; and they spake one to the other whatever was theirs; and they were penetrated by the Word:

    “And they knew Him who made them, because they were in concord; for the mouth of the Most High spake to them; and his explanation ran by means of it:

    “For the dwelling place of the WORD is man; and its truth is love.

    “Blessed are they who by means thereof understood everything and have known the Lord in His Truth.”

    Ode 13

    “Behold! The Lord is our mirror; open the eyes and see them in Him: and learn the manner of your face;

    “And tell forth praise to His Spirit: and wipe off the filth from your face: and love his holiness, and clothe yourself therewith:

    “And be without stain at all times before Him.”

    Ode 15:8-11

    “I have put on incorruption through His name; and have put off corruption by His grace.

    “Death hath been destroyed before my face; and Sheol hath been abolished by my word;

    “And there hath gone up deathless life in the Lord’s land,

    “And hath been made known to His faithful ones, and hath been given without stint to all those that trust in Him.”

    Ode 17:7-10

    “And He who knew and brought me up is the Most High in all His perfection. And He glorified me by His kindness, and raised my thoughts to the height of His Truth.

    “And from thence He gave me the way of His precepts and I opened the doors that were closed,

    “And brake in pieces the bars of iron; but my iron melted and dissolved before me;

    “Nothing appeared closed to me; BECAUSE I WAS THE DOOR TO EVERYTHING.”

  7. As one opens up his living heart center (not just the physical heart organ), his whole inner being will be prepared to receive the nourishment through the healthy navel or spiritual point of equipment. That supply of celestial food, the nourishment of pure perfection is drawn into man’s being through his “hungering and thirsting after righteousness” and he literally begins to partake of THE FRUIT OF THE TREE OF LIFE. This holy “hungering” and the degree and intensity of it gauges the amount of nourishment bestowed and even the speed of one’s growth. And according to the individual supply is one’s growth measured. This food of the spirit is truly “LIFE EVERLASTING — even the food of LIFE ETERNAL.” As one continues to make use of the supply so is it increased, as one receives his “daily bread” or food from the “Father which art in heaven.”

    This is what Christ was explaining when He called Himself the vine and described man as the branches. Christ IS the vine. He is, shall we say, the umbilical cord? He is the connecting or directing power of that holy supply of nourishment to each individual, according to their developed capacities to receive. And it is measured to each one according to the degree of his “hungering and his thirsting.” The majority of mankind, however, have sealed themselves against receiving any spiritual food whatsoever. In other words, they have no “HEALTH IN THEIR NAVEL” for that living Christ center has never been contacted because they have been so satisfied with “the letter of the law” — that little written letter of the meager passages of scripture contained in those incomplete verses of our Bible. Anyone who believes that God knows nothing more and can reveal nothing more than what is contained in those books is mocking God and his very thoughts are blasphemy.

    “Christ is the vine” while God, the Father is the Husbandman, the Supplier. This opening or contact with the sacred umbilical cord, this “sacred Place of the Most High,” this contact with the spiritual navel, brings “the life more abundant,” the great spiritual Life, which Christ came to give. “I came that ye might have Life and have it more abundantly.” This abundant life goes beyond any physical imaging or desiring. This is that which IS PERFECT!

    It is from this “Secret Place of the Most High” that one learns to open and to contact or develop the umbilical cord, or that sacred channel into heaven. And Christ IS the source of Its establishment, the tender Director of its forming and its perfecting. The knowledge and humble use of this glorious privilege of being able to receive continual nourishment or enlightenment from God, the Father, is a glory beyond words It is “THE BREAD OF LIFE!” It is the contact with the realm of jeweled glory, the Place of divine ecstasy! It is the realm of those things “Which man’s mortal eyes have never beheld, nor his ears ever heard, nor yet has entered into his heart.” “These are the things which God has prepared for those who LOVE Him!”

    And mankind has foolishly believed that all of this is something to be revealed and bestowed upon the righteous AFTER DEATH. And they have held to this blind belief because of the precepts of men. These dynamic blessings were ordained and intended for this life. They were intended for every individual who would prepare himself to receive them, while in the flesh. Just as Christ challenged Nicodemus with this question, after explaining the purpose and power of “Being Born of the Spirit!” “If I have told you earthly things and you believed not, how can you believe if I told you heavenly things?” And to this day no one has accepted or believed that glorious promise Christ gave of “BEING BORN OF THE SPIRIT, WITH THE POWER TO COME AND TO GO AS THE WIND . . .” etc.These great and almost unspeakable blessings are earthly things because they must be comprehended and fulfilled while on this earth. Then only can one be prepared to advance into those heavenly truths and glories beyond this mortal realm. And those things which are beyond are only hinted at, not fully mentioned. For instance, “They were called Gods, or would become gods unto whom the Word of God came, or to whom that sacred supply of the continued, LIVING WORD of God comes.” And again, in accepting of this higher, divine way of instruction, “LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU!” Give ear to God alone for “He will be your teacher and you will need none to teach you!”

    These dynamic blessings of KNOWING THE TRUTH, of BEING BORN OF THE SPIRIT, of COMPREHENDING THE THINGS WHICH MORTAL EYES HAVE NEVER BEFORE SEEN, NOR EARS HEARD, NOR HEART CONTEMPLATED” are all blessings which can be received and enjoyed as one accepts them, fulfills them and moves on into their realms of everlasting power. These blessings are for the great eternal NOW, as man opens his heart to believe and his mind to accept through developing that “hungering and thirsting after righteousness,” which alone can make one “BLESSED!” Yes! “KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE!” “KNOW GOD AND YOU WILL HAVE LIFE ETERNAL, FOR THIS IS LIFE ETERNAL TO KNOW THEE, THE ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD AND JESUS CHRIST WHOM YOU HAVE SENT!” “Those who KNOW God tell it not!”

    • Oh, glorious man, son of God, step forth and claim thy birthright, for it is waiting for thee HERE and NOW. IN THE LIVING WATERS OF THE SOUL..

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  9. But in order to receive that great illumination so that you can truly behold the face of God, you have to be prepared mentally. Then you will behold the face of the true and living god in all existing things–in every man–in every plant–in every atom. And you come home, like the prodigal son, and know that you too belong, and that He is nearer to you than hands and feet, you can whisper and he can hear and will answer–and you know that this all wise all loving, glorious Father is Spirit–and that you too are spirit–and you will receive of His fullness–or be completely filled with His glory and with Him, and your forehead shall receive its seal–and all power will be yours.
    We have been travelling in the worm-consciousness–But we are Gods, as we step forth into the majesty end greatness for which God created us, instruments to manifest Him His body is the universe–ours just in exact replica, possesses all that He possesses—His powers, His intelligence, His destiny. “Ye are Gods” as you begin to manifest God–for it is the Father within who doeth the works. and so within you is that divine spark of your great sire–He is your God–and my God is the same God as He is manifest and brought forth within me–This is what Christ tried so hard to teach, hut it has been so terribly corrupted and its truths lost.

  10. No individual an this earth has the right to take the place of God in another man’s life. No one has the right to assume the authority of interpreting the will of God to other men–for each must learn of his own birthright, and then truly he will need no man to teach him, for he will be taught of God, and will become One with his Maker, even God. This is the work we must do here in order to connect up with the work that is being done over there. We must free our own minds–then with infinite love and Light teach mankind the dignity of his existence, and the power of his destiny, if he will only accept and fulfill it.
    —You will know the Truth and the TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE. And your mind will never again be shackled to trust in the arm of flesh or in the opinion of men–but you will abide in the true Light, and thus fulfill the glorified promises, that you will need none to teach you, ‘But they shall all he taught of God’. This is the only road to Truth. This work is only to tear the blindfold from men’s eyes, to let them know that it is possible for every individual on this earth to contact Him–to prepare them for the great revelation which will come when He reveals Himself to them individually. Thus He becomes a most personal God to every individual, as we glorify Him. And thus, we who are the very least, can become the greatest–even one with Him, and we too can finally declare, “The Father and I are One”.

  11. In a vision I am lifted up, above the laws of a reality of form. I see the interconnection of the workings of fear and death, of lack and decay and how our judgment is given to ignite these laws into existence. But as I rise up, I see new laws, higher laws above all form and in their understanding the expression of form is given.

    I watched as these laws covered, like an infinitely expanding net, all the base laws I once believed expressed what I judged to be real. As the net descended, its laws ignited the forms in a living fire and recreated them to reflect their source. And every new form had the appearance of living light.

    • the (vision that you were given) was preview of YOUR NEW AWAKENING PROMISE because of the PATH you are NOW ON..and that New Reality is gauged by ur absolute OBEDIENCE to its LEADINGS…..without faith THE SUPERNATURAL IS DEAD!!

  12. This is the ultimate objective of the life of mankind in this world who is separated from his eternal father (re-union/re-linking).

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