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Methodically the Spirit of Truth integrates our mind into the divine Mind making all one. Our mind begins creating according to the Laws of Eternity and no longer the Laws of Time. In this change of governance, our mind transitions from the space-time continuum that ties us to the past to the eternal present moment that unites us to our true Source.

Time is experienced as the relational dynamic of cause-and-effect. We do something in the past (cause) and it has a future impact (effect). The space-time continuum is the framework of a reality that supports this dynamic, so that what occurs in the past determines the future. Space-time creates a delay between cause and effect, therefore the the link between the two isn’t always apparent, therefore when we understand the link we gain knowledge. Yet, it isn’t knowledge of the reality of Truth, but of the dream reality, thus it isn’t true knowledge, but a lower wisdom that ultimately keeps us in bondage to a past we can’t change.

This relational dynamic is how the dream reality is created. Our thoughts, which established our reality, are defined by our past learning which is based on our judgments according to cause-and-effect relationships. Our judgments reflect the wisdom we feel we’ve gained by understanding the connection between particular actions and their consequences. We can’t go back and change the past, we can only work within the outcomes the past projected forward. Therefore, we judge all we perceive in order to create desirable outcomes.

It’s impossible to free ourselves from judgments about our past and future in this structure of reality. We will always make judgments because this is how we create a future we desire, and try to avoid one we don’t want. It’s how we survive in the dream reality, but it is also how we create our own bondage. We are tied to the past.

Because the past is continually brought forward, destruction and decay are inevitable. The space-time continuum supports the belief in destruction as everything in time dies. If we want Peace, we must abandon this entire thought-system and learn a new way of creating from the Teacher of Peace, the Spirit of Truth.

We learn from the Spirit that the reality of Eternal Peace is structured differently. Within this spiritual realm there is only the present moment because the only Cause is the true Source that is ever-present. This Source, God (the Spirit of absolute Truth and Divine Love that we experience as the Holy Altar of Light within us) is the Cause to every experience and expression in this Reality. Every moment is new. The past supports it, but the past doesn’t define it.

Truth and Divine Love, which are ever-present, define the present moment. When the Cause is ever-present and the present moment is all there is of time, then the Cause and Effect are united in a singular present moment. There is no delay as in the space-time continuum. Therefore, Truth is instantly reflected in the moment. When the changeless Truth defines the present moment this singularity of Cause and Effect is possible. The underling expression of peace, joy, harmony always exists, the only differences are the many expressions and experiences it creates.

This transition from one creative dynamic to another is challenging. The mental metamorphosis requires letting go of worldly wisdom we spent years obtaining and overcoming reflections of an immutable past the dream reality gives witness to. However, as we rest in emergence, we engage the creative dynamic of eternal Peace. We no longer chose to submit our will to the past as our source and truth, but to the eternal present of our Perfect Cause. Being led by the Spirit of Truth, we cross over from one thought-system to another. We systematically let go of the lower wisdom we gained in the dream reality, and embrace the wisdom of eternity that comes from the supra-conscious Mind.

As our will aligns to our true Source, our mind becomes an open gate by which divine thoughts flow. Instead of our judgments based on past experiences defining our thoughts, our thoughts come from our true Source. Through emergence, divine thoughts are able to be translated through our minds and shape reality. Our mind is no longer spilt off into a dream reality, but is reunited to the Divine Mind.

Space-time with its dynamic of cause-and-effect taught us why there can only be one Cause, so that we would freely give our will to the manifestation of this one Cause and its magnificent expressions that are far beyond what we could create with a separate mind. This opening of our mind to the divine Mind brings the eternal into the finite, the light into the darkness, and creates a landscape of miracles, where the present moment overrides space-time, until time as we once knew it is no more.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. ~ Revelation 3:20

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

51 thoughts on “Mind of Miracles

  1. So very true and instructive. If I may marry your words with something I recently wrote which is in the same context of love given…

    We should not condemn.

    Only the carnal mind condemns so if we condemn others or feel condemnation within ourselves..we are in error. We should not listen to the carnal mind within if we feel condemnation toward others “or” even toward ourselves for we are thinking with the wrong mind of we condemn. It is true that we have both the carnal mind and the spiritual mind of Christ within us so whether we give or receive condemnation, it is of only the carnal man, the man of sin that condemns, it is not of Christ. It is important to take notice of this situation within because we have a choice to speak and or respond with one mind or the other, thus admitting of who we follow. So,if we accept or give condemnation we are of our father, the devil (carnal mind), therefore if we refrain from entertaining condemnation, and instead show patience, kindness and forgiveness, we are giving of the Christ mind within.

    It is as Paul stated that though sin is present within us we do not (or should not) recognize the sin nature within us in serving Christ, we instead resist answering to the voice of sin and acknowledge the Christ within by having compassion for a sin committed instead of committing the sin of condemnation. “Choose you this day whom you will serve” is a statement of continual awareness that we have the ability to have compassion or condemnation at any given moment in time. When we choose one way over the other, we reveal the true nature of our fruit within, our true God. The list of the works of the flesh (tree of knowledge) is from the condemning mind as the list of the beatitudes is from the spiritual mind or the Tree of Life which is of Christ.

    This is saying that even though sin has not “yet” left our members as Paul has described, the surest way of sin’s death, and our increase of the Christ life within is in the refusal to give sin life by feeding it with giving in to entertaining condemnation and negativity in the form of sin in any capacity. We who are maturing and have matured in Christ respond in the spiritual mind of forgiveness and unconditional love, not in the putting down, but in the lifting up. Yes, there is a time of reproof and few there be who can minister it, for it must given without any condemnation whatsoever and only for the love of Christ for the person which is negative, condescending and scornful of others. Words cannot conceal truth from the wise and the wise operate only in the mode of unconditional love for all people, saint and sinner alike, for the wise can only see the saint and sinner in like manner… for it is only in the timing of their calling and order that sets them apart in Christ. Therefore we love our fellow man until all have been made whole…without condemnation. God is love and condemns no one…as should we also come to emulate as soon as we have received more of His likeness and character. So we say..”Come Lord,” in us so that we will be as your are. All in due time, in our order. Amen.

  2. After I had written the above, I read something by another which I saved next to my article as I thought they were in the same realm of thinking. This is rather well said in confirmation of what I have written. Upon reading your article, these came to mind and I therefore share these things for all three are in the context of the other…in my opinion. We all are looking forward to the end of ourself and becoming “all” that He is. When we stop trying to do within ourself what is already done, we can rest. So we should be resting instead of remaking the kingdom in our image! It’s done, we just need to accept what awaits us. We just need to give up the lie about us.

    From the pen of another:

    When your eyes are opened to see that Christ in you is your true life, then you realize that all the struggling you have done in Adam is to no avail. The idea that you can somehow perfect the old man is part of the lie! Once we learn the truth as it is in Jesus we are able to focus our attention on the reality of the Christ Life within. This is not mere head knowledge. This is a paradigm shift! This is understanding that Adam is a lie, so we now embrace the truth. We repudiate the lie! The truth is that Christ IS OUR LIFE! Forget Adam. He is just a corpse! In reality, he is not even there, for he is the lie. The more we turn our attention away from our Adamic consciousness and focus our attention on Christ within, the more the new man, who is the image of God, will arise in our consciousness as the power of our life. It is not by trying to discipline Adam, it is by focusing on Christ! CHRIST IS THE TRUTH! Christ is the wisdom of God and the power of God! Embrace the truth and there will come a mighty transformation! Can you hear what I’m saying? If Adam no longer motivates me, if I’m not driven by the natural desire to be godly, if there’s nothing in me any longer that tries desperately to be godly, if I am no longer trying to make myself better, always making resolutions, always confessing sins, but I simply rest in HIS ability within to do that in me which I cannot do, and He begins to arise within me replacing all my good, carnal, natural desires, replacing everything with the Law of His Life, and He fills my temple with Himself and His glory, then who am I, what is my true identity? CHRIST IS MY LIFE! You see, my beloved, THAT IS THE TRUTH! This is what we are coming to. This is what the world is longing to see, God manifested in humanity! That is the image of God in man!

    • so very true sonny it is indeed all a matter of focusing on christ Few have ever accepted these higher, glorious revelations as a way of life. Few have every applied them in their everyday living. And only by the LIVING of them can they be PROVED and their unspeakable powers be placed in man’s hands.This Superconscious Mind is mentioned in the scriptures as the “CHIEF CORNER STONE

      This “chief corner stone” this “capstone” that has been rejected by the builders is that divine contact with God through the Superconscious mind. When this Super conscious mind is permitted to function its power is impelling and all-knowing. And it is as one makes contact with that mind that he “COMPREHENDETH ALL THINGS!” Yet man has ignored and rejected this glorious seat of all-knowing from the beginning. “If ye love me ye will keep my commandments.” And these HIGHER LAWS ARE HIS COMMANDMENTS. These are the Spiritual laws by which one gains access to the higher superconscious mind. And if ye keep my commandments “Ye need never die!” When one has gained access to that higher mind he will become spiritualized and be prepared to be “BORN OF THE SPIRIT” and will never die. This is the PROMISE.


      • The Chief Corner Stone is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is explicitly stated in the Bible. God will always be true and every man a liar, until only He is exalted as King.

  3. Just remember: All of the judgments of God are redemptive and corrective. This is righteous judgment. Let ours be no less righteous.


      • Absolutely. And His judgements are to correct us and to teach us about his love..and to conform “all” of us to it. The end of “all” things is to the glory of God. When we understand God’s plan well enough that we know the meaning of what “all” means…how can we not want to participate in the restitution of all things. “All” is a small word with a powerful message. It leaves nothing to the detriment of all of mankind, only to his “carnal” ways. Once this old man of sin is crucified within, there is only the risen Christ to be seen.

  4. Dear Rachel,

    Thank you for all your wonderful words and your good input!

    Could I just give you a little advice to make it all more attractive to really read all of what you’re writing? My advice would be: Make it a lot shorter! there is a proverb in german which says: “Less would be more”. I do believe a lot of people read only part of it, because it’s just too long… I very, very rarely read all of it, because of that. If you could get to the point in a very short way, then you would reach so much more…. Do you know Joyce Meyers Morning devotions? She makes it nice and short and it’s reasonable to read all of it.

    I hope I don’t hurt or offend you, that’s not at all my purpose. But I hope, this may help you. I’m sure, it would help all of your readers….even if they don’t say anything. It would be easier, not to say anything and just arase it… But to me, this would not seem fair to you…

    Hope you’ll understand how I mean it !?! Wishing you lots and lots of blessings and hope you’ll learn to make everything a lot shorter and more attractive !!! Thanky you !!! Thesi from Switzerland


    • Hi Thesi,

      I totally get it …

      Here’s a little background on the purpose of my blog, which dictates my current writing style. My blog is a documentation of my journey as a soul awakening to the Truth. Obviously, I didn’t always know that this was my blog’s purpose, because I didn’t know I was asleep or what that really meant. I just felt compelled to share what I was learning from the Spirit, so I did. Along the way, I came to understand that sharing was a part of establishing the Truth I was beginning to “see” for not only myself but also for others who were also being taught by the Spirit a similar thing.

      Each blog post is like pages in a book. However, unlike a book, a blog is able to capture and share this real time transition. I never know what I will write, when I will write or the way it will come across. Each post reflects what I am being taught at the time by the Spirit of Truth, and what I feel impressed to share.

      That being said, I don’t know where this blog will go. It’s a beautiful reflection of emergence in my own life, so I really appreciate your feedback.


  5. “Awake, you who sleep,
    Arise from the dead,
    And Christ will give you light.”
    ~Ephesians 5:14

    • Ephesians 5:14 Therefore He says:

      “Awake, you who sleep,
      Arise from the dead,
      And Christ will give you light.”

      15 See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, 16 redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

      In verse 16 we see Paul the Apostle, saying that the days are evil.

      This statement contradicts the idea that says “evil is in the mind of the beholder”, as mind science would assume. Here, the Apostle is saying that there “is” evil in the world, and it is not imaginary. This is an awakening moment that he is giving to those who are listening.

      • The concept of “evil” can only ever exist in the mind of the beholder – for it is the mind’s own judgments that create it.


      • There is a difference between the “concept” of evil. And evil itself. You just have spoken in this sentence about the “concept” of evil, so it IS YOU that created it. And those who deny evil also proclaim self denial.

      • You mistakenly desire to uphold evil as truth, yet evil is only a concept (judgment) of a sleeping mind and certainly not of Truth. For what one judges evil, another will judge good. And, what one judges good, another will call evil. You can not come up with an “evil” that is not also another’s good. This alone reveals there is no truth in the idea.

        No, my friend, evil is only that which your mind has judged to be evil. And if you so judge, you have made evil real to yourself alone, and it will therefore appear to YOU as “real”. And it appears real because you will experience the projections of your mind’s belief in it.

        He who does not judge anything evil see’s all in the loving light of Christ, and no illusions of evil will befall him as his mind is full of Truth.

  6. To love…and to be loved.

    This should be our only desire for everything we do, for all the law and purposes of God in the law is summed up in just this one statement. To love is the end of all instruction, teaching and knowledge. Understanding, wisdom and knowledge are a means to an end of arriving at this maturity level of love, which is God’s likeness.To be able to love others as we should comes from the fact that we are already loved by God. We cannot give what we have not first received.

    If one should desire to understand the knowledge, allegories, types and shadows, symbols and the mysteries in the Bible one must simply only desire to love and to be loved… and all these things will be added unto you and “the mystery” will be revealed. This is because love is the end of all things revealed. If our basis for wanting to know something is not based in a desire to simply love and our desire for knowledge comes from a desire to know just to know or to “be known” this is ego, this is vanity. To pursue love is to pursue the end of all learning for we only have one purpose for learning and that is to “become” as God is in His character. If Eve had continued on in loving God by obeying Him, instead of desiring more than what was required her love would never have departed from her…and Adam. What “they” did essentially, in the fall was that they “fell” out of love. To love and to obey God is a much better thing to do than to just wanting to know something. To search the scriptures looking for knowledge just to make one wise and intellectually superior is taking the wrong attitude and path, again just as Eve did in her reasoning, in her quest for knowledge. We do not first seek knowledge to find God, we first seek a loving relationship with Him and the means to get there will be supplied to us in abundance.

    Adam and Eve were already eating from the tree of life, which was and is the love of Christ. They did not need to “know” anything else other than what was already provided for them, it being God’s love and likeness. So if we will return to the simple desire of loving others as God loves us, we will know all things for love is the end of all things that we should need or desire to know. Eve pursued the vanity of serving herself in her ego, in wanting to “know,” abandoning the simplicity of love and remaining in obedience to God as many do today thinking they will be admired for their much knowledge and speaking.

    What many describe as loving one another in “church” today is nothing more than one stroking the other’s ego in an emotional desire to be seen, “recognized” and heard, and to be put up on aN “emotional” pedestal. This is not done in seeking to the praise of God but it is in the seeking of self adulation and seeking to be admired. Both the adulated and the adulator are both standing in the ditch, in the isles of religion..not understanding they are praising one another’s ego while calling it “worshipping God.” Human emotion is not spiritualism. They themselves want to be lifted up in the sight of others not understanding the difference in the mind of the flesh and being in the the mind of God. The carnal mind, whether in a religious pastor, teacher or prophet is in reality their own ego running the show. These are “proud” to know things in which they seek recognition for. If we take recognition unto ourself, we err and do not even realize the difference in praising the flesh and of praising God “alone.” The five wise and the five foolish which both had the spiritual gifts, even of healing, yet one used them to further the kingdom of God and the foolish wasted the praise meant for God on themselves. Ego. They take the gift of healing for example and win men’s souls to their own kingdom of the flesh, pride and arrogance. Self seeking admiration, kingdom building by “numbers” and keeping score is vanity. Now mind you most do this “innocently” because they are yet children in their thinking and In their maturity. In time we will all learn the error of ways so we do not condemn this behavior because it is condemned already for it is the nature of and in man. In time we will all be converted so let us in kindness and understanding Point out the difference in man’s ways and in God’s ways. Therefore, let us be patient in not only waiting for our deliverance from self but in seeing others freed from self as well.

    To simply love and to be loved is void of all ego and all forms of self kingdom building or seeking to be lifted up in ones own spirit. The five foolish actually did not know the difference in promoting Gods love and promoting their own foolishness. The simplicity in Christ is seeing the teacher and the taught as being on one and the same level. One is not one step above the other so neither should we accept this vanity nor should we give it. There is rest in the love of God without all of the activity of building up oneself. Loving others is simple once we leave out trying to stand out from these same others and accept them all as all being as one in spirit. Ah, the simplicity in “being in” Christ Jesus.


    • If you really believe the things you are saying here, you would never have a problem with anyone who preaches the gospel. If you believed that people were this foolish and had the authority to speak about it or to be concerned about it, you would welcome all preachers who are sent from God. Many times when people want to present there own kingdom, they are quick to be paranoid of those who have a true heart. Anyone who has a true heart will run to the preachers of righteousness. Jesus, said, “He who does right, will come to the light”. God is able to take care of those who turn against him, by the spirit of preaching he rules through men. Men are the ones who have the right to proclaim his message on earth and no other. Praise the Lord. If you believe others are foolish you will welcome a true voice. I know God will deepen your Love, for others, so you can become serious about God, and the salvation of men. Until then it is philosophy, of men, many philosophies, and opinion. When you become serious about finding God, none of these things will bother you, but you will seek His Love, that encompasses all men.

  7. We must remember when we talk about the religious “systems” of man, we are not addressing the people within the systems for one day all will be free of them. Most people are sincere and believe that what they are doing is the will of God when what they are doing originates from the mind of the flesh and not the mind of the spirit. The “five foolish” were asking God in sincerity did we not do “all” of these things in your name? They simply were raised up and taught the pride within to preach is not of God but of self. It’s like a child wanting to be like their parents and want to help while doing more harm than good and the parents have to go behind and clean up their mess. In this situation of ignorance it can be rightfully said the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Desiring to help without being properly schooled and taught with little experience, comes from a zeal to help when one just does not know how. It takes time and it takes more than knowledge, more than desire. With these it takes understanding of the knowledge and wisdom to choose between what is of the carnal and what is of the spiritual to help further God’s kingdom. With desire and zeal, get understanding. We do not condemn any, we strive to rightly divide the word to make it plain to all so that we are each food to all others.

    • Preaching is the number one priority of God to all of His servants, whether it be preaching the Word of Salvation, or preaching by your actions. All these are the priorities of God.

  8. The foolishness of preaching…

    It is when God gives the desire of ones heart in receiving one of the gifts of the spirit and they start to abuse these gifts, is God displeased with our foolishness. This is the “foolishness” of preaching. Like the five foolish virgins. Let’s look closely at this. In the parable, there were two groups of five virgins, (not a literal number but a defined position or quality, five is the number of redemption.). Both were God’s elect children for they both “started out” as virgins meaning they were the called out ones from the religious systems of man having been set apart to grow from the in part realm into the full manifestation of the sons of God. All were of the elect, only some wisely went on to be the elect of the elect.

    Both of these groups received the various gifts of the spirit as is made clear in scripture. Some of these were wise in the use of their God given gifts and some were foolish in their use of these same gifts. What set them apart and why was it that God rejected the foolish, after all they both were using these same gifts to further the kingdom were they not? Well no, the wise used their gifts to build God’s kingdom and the foolish used these same gifts to naively build their own kingdom. So just because one can prophesy and one can heal does not mean their conduct is accepted by God. A wise person will take the gift of healing for example and use it only when moved to use it…seeking nothing for himself, no praise, no recognition and no money.

    The foolish group of people being immature in the ways of God having prayed to having received these same gifts as the wise, did not understand the difference in perpetuating God’s kingdom and perpetuating their own “kingdom.” When the wise heal, they remain humble seeking nothing in return, for they do not want the recognition that belongs to God nor do they accept wanting to be lifted up in the eyes of the congregation that may be looking on. Now those looking on say, “this must be a man of God or he would not be able to do such things” and they start to worship the man instead of the true giver of the gift.

    It is when the foolish man who has received this gift of healing swells up with pride and accepts the recognition that “only” belongs to God does he start to become one of the foolish. You could say that both the wise and the foolish started out with the same zeal and desire to “help” but only the wise continued on in helping to further God’s kingdom in a most humble way, while the foolish is being caught up in the praise and adulation of others and “accepting it” did they thus fall from grace into disgrace. The difference is that some people we fellowship with sometimes, write, teach and speak for the exact same reasons as the wise and foolish and we must discern which is which, without condemnation. To the mature, these foolish ones are easily discerned but to the young and immature in the Lord they are easily lead astray by the foolish because the one who is leading these young ones astray look no different, dress no different, heal no different in “outward” appearances. However it is in the subtlety of their actions and words do they draw men “unto themselves” all the while speaking with a duplicity of intent, all the while, believing in themselves that they are doing the work of God.

    When the “five foolish” preachers, etc., accepts praise from others which only belongs to God and displays an ego of proudness of what “they have accomplished” this is the departure from wisdom.
    The wise men of Egypt ( the flesh) had religious gifts also and when they cast down their staffs and they became serpents it was a miracle, however it was the gift that Moses had that was sanctioned by God that his miracle being greater and swallowed up the lesser gifts of the “works of the flesh.” It is no different in the land of spiritual Egypt today where many are using the gifts and miracles of God to persuade and convince others to follow the flesh instead of the spirit. Our carnal mind lives in the land of spiritual Egypt, the flesh and when we take the things of God and use them in the immaturity of our religious flesh do we err.

    We must all learn to “seek God” and desire a direct relationship with God through the spirit that He gives directly to each of us in our own day of Pentecost. Pentecost is a time of the down payment of the spirit and we are to take it and (just as the talents) build upon this spirit until it and we reaches full maturity in Christ Jesus. We will then need no man to teach us, however when we listen and read what another has to share, we are to keep things in proper order and perspective and prioritize both it and them to being no less or more than any other “one” of us. If “oneness” is properly understood there is no big “I” and little you. The five foolish virgins’ mistake was putting the “I” before others and teaching others by action that it is ok to be thought of as “better” because of a particular gift given by God. Gifts are supposed to help us to further God’s kingdom, we are not supposed to take these gifts and develop a following unto ourselves. Some say we are of this person or that person just as Paul taught, however this is wrong, we are all one in Christ…and we need to teach men so.

  9. Which one of the five are you?

  10. It is for each to decide what is truth…and live accordingly as God gives us understanding for we each stand or fall to God, not to another man. When Peter asked about the beliefs of another, Christ asked, “What is that to you, you follow me.” In other words we go by what we can understand and if another cannot understand what God has revealed to us …leave them alone. God will deal with us all in our order and reveal to us what and as He wills. What we each believe is for us first personally, what we share of our beliefs are for others to accept or deny according to their Understanding or lack thereof. If any of us err in our understanding and we are sincere in our quest for truth, we have an advocate in Christ which will correct us and bring us to His likeness in our order.

  11. Peter wasn’t asking about the beliefs of another, he was asking about the death of another.
    All the disciples, shared in the same beliefs, and those are the beliefs that Jesus taught.

    What God is asking you today is do you believe the men that God is sending by His Spirit to preach the Truth to you? He is asking are you looking for the Truth? God sent men to speak the Truth.
    If each person is going to decide what truth is, then God is not sending that Forth.
    God sends forth men to preach the Truth. One must live according to the Truth of the Gospel to be saved and it is men that He gave the right to preach that.

    Paul said, “God willed that By The FOOLISHESS OF PREACHING, THAT MEN SHOULD BE SAVED”.

    SO, you must decide if you believe God is foolish or you are foolish.
    Men do not decide each one what Truth is. God is sending the Truth through the Gospel.
    And those with a good heart listen, with a teachable spirit, because they want God.
    People that become confused are not listening to the God Sent.

    • Your gospel is unappealing because it has no truth in it. You do not recognize that you preach of hell, not heaven – of evil rather than love.

    • He was asking to clear up what some were questioning, or “believing” whether or not John would go by the way of the grave or not. Mishai, it is a sin to always be so adversarial. Do you not know how to discuss things in a mature, civil and adult manner? God warns against those who take His word and use it such as you do. If a man is angry, he sees the Bible with an angry disposition, if he sees God as a vengeful angry God, he worships a God of ones own making. There is a loving God who will have all men to be saved. When one looks for a loving God, they treat the “least of these” with respect and kindness. How we treat others is the evidence of how we view, see, and respect and love God. God says the only way we can show our love to Him is how we show love to His other children. There is another level of understanding and it is much kinder than the one you presently understand. When one moves from the law of justice and punishment to the law of grace through Jesus Christ, one moves from the natural to the spiritual way of thinking, speaking and doing. I respect you as a person and what ever you desire to believe, this is between you and God, however I do not respect your negative and condescending attitude you continually display to others who see differ than you do. There are instructions in the New Testament on how to conduct oneself when each has an opinion, each takes his turn while the others hold their peace until all have spoken. There is no to be argument or debate over differences opinion and certainly not derogatory attitudes toward others of a different opinion. The discussion is to be respectful, and done in a kind manner for it is the way a topic is discussed that is more important than the topic itself. There is no topic that is above love for love is the end of all topics. If we have love one for another, we will understand knowledge is only and solely for the purpose of awakening us to this love.

      • These are illusions that you have brought upon yourself, as Thoughtware has stated previously concerning the idea that there is no evil, but only an imaginary thought process birthed from the insecurity of miis evaluation. Whenever you birth the idea of evil it must be dealt with on your soul level, of inner disenchantment. You may eventual be reborn on this level with the help of meditation, and agreement.

      • A child’s misbehavior is a message that’s telling me he needs to feel
        a greater sense of belonging and/or significance. It allows me to be
        proactive and to try and understand what will positively and
        proactively fill that need. However, without knowledge of why children
        misbehave and what praise to use to address and correct the
        misbehaviors, I may sometimes naturally rely on your instincts and
        some of the “popular” “me pleasing” new age love techniques that you
        crave.. This can lead to broader acceptance of the I, me mine
        personality, that needs self, approval. When one accepts God they can
        more easily achieve their communication goals, and be accepting of
        differences, and learn to communicate the truths of God, in new
        fashion that allows truth the place it deserves. Many are held in a
        childlike state of dis enchantment that requires praise of man, and
        not God, constantly seeking approval without grace to mature.


      • I believe you meant to say he has chosen to remain asleep. 😉


      • Teresa, there can be little understanding on your current level of evolving. Once one is moving from this teacher, then to that, there has not been established a goal and there is no beginning point for you to reference your thoughts. This must be established before you can understand and receive probate, or understand others with love. I know how strongly you see evil in others. You must resist the temptations, to be saved.



  13. If one has the likeness and character of God’s love fully in them they in effect fulfill all law of knowledge and understanding. Therefore it is Gods very likeness and character that we so desire, it is not to be found in divisiveness of the (religious) argumentative carnal mind. God’s method of warfare is to kill the carnal with kindness. It is said love cast put fear, and every other carnal spirit of the religious.

  14. Cast out fear…that is.


  16. The masters, are demons, masquerading as God. This knowledge will come to you, when repentance is a part of your life. We must be humble, and seek for God, not self. Not self exaltation, and self power.
    If you have been in the religion, of sleep, God will wake you. But never by the spirit world of witchcraft.
    You must have salvation to see God, and know his love, He is a Father, to those who know him. But an illusion, to those in sin.


    • I meant the statement in reference to Urantia. It was the wrong space for the post. Katherine Ruonala, is a true servant of God, and a preacher of righteousness. If you listen to her, she will bring you straight to the teachings of Jesus, as she is his servant. I am not saying she is perfect, but she will lead you to the one who is Perfect, Jesus. A true spiritual woman. Urantia, is a book birthed from darkness, it is a book of witchcraft, if you know the history of it. In actuality, it is all fiction. But fictions written to deceive you.


  18. Concerning Urantia, I’ve researched it thoroughly and recommend that others do the same… Don’t be fooled by the pseudo-scientific jargon, it’s a massive ruse no different from all other false religions. This has now been confirmed by many reliable sources BTW…

    Urantia is a fraudulent mind control tool with MANY ties to the CIA, MK Ultra, and the Skull & Bones family. Don’t be a sucker. Lots of people have gone mad, lost marriages, gone broke, died, gotten scammed and become delusional from the Urantia book and subsequent “teaching mission” and agenda… There IS a stealth agenda behind Urantia and all other false religions that is FAR more dangerous than most realize.


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