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We are in the world, and the world is in us. Like a night dream, reality is contained within our mind because we are its creator, and yet through our bodily form we experience reality. As a creator, we are the gatekeeper of our mind, determining what is accepted into our mind. As a part of creation, we receive the effects of what we allow in.

As the mind’s gatekeeper, we hold a position of sovereignty as we determine what enters our mind. What we accept as true enters in, what we dismiss as false is cast out. And, what we accept into our mind we add to the collective consciousness, impacting reality’s energetic blueprint, thus the condition of reality. Because the mind is a transducer between the uncreated and created, what we accept as true our mind manifests into our feeling world which in turn creates appearances and experiences in the outer reality. We govern reality, then experience the effects of our governance.

During our spiritual awakening, our position as a gatekeeper plays a pivotal role. Our awakening occurs as our source of truth shifts from the outer reality of appearances to the Divine Mind. In this shift, we no longer accept illusions of outer appearances as true but only the Truth received from the Spirit of Truth. What we accept as our source of truth, we become one with, so that it dictates our self’s expressions and what we experience. Therefore, this shift from illusion to Truth frees the self (and its reality), from the governance of a darkened mind to the Divine Mind, which transforms the self into its inherent perfection.

The sleeping mind is simply unaware of its true SELF. In this darkened state, all it perceives is its bodily form and the reality that form dwells in, so it formulates a concept of self based on its perception of these outer appearances, and these perceptions become its source of truth.

Through this false self’s outer perceptions it assigns arbitrary meaning to appearances based on its personal interpretations derived from past experiences. To the slumbering mind, these perceptions are its truth. Thus, each sleeping mind possesses its own, relative truth derived from its made-up meaning of things. These erroneous perceptions lead to a separate self-will, which creates conflict with other sleeping minds, manifesting a reality of destruction and death.

When these highly individualized perceptions define what is true, absolute Truth is kept out of our mind, creating a world of darkness within and without. Our body’s senses are established as interpreters of what is true, thus how we, as the gatekeeper, determine what we accept into our mind. When outer appearances are our source of truth, we believe our outer reality is the cause to everything. This belief-system blinds us to reality’s true cause, our mind, so that we are held captive to continually experience undesirable appearances.

Our spiritual journey into Truth leads us to the inner place of eternal Light where we are one with the Divine Mind, the Source of absolute Truth. As we sit in this place of revelation and reason with the Spirit of Truth, our awareness of Truth increases, which is beyond and therefore unaffected by the world of physical perception.

As Truth illuminates our mind, we come to know our true SELF, the expressed SELF of God. The erroneous perceptions of our self as limited to a bodily form are replaced with the Truth of the limitless nature of our true SELF. In this conscious connection of oneness with the SELF of God, our true SELF begins to govern our bodily form and our sphere of reality according to its inherent perfection.

As our awareness expands with increasing Light, we are able to discern Truth from perception. As a gatekeeper, we no longer allow erroneous perceptions based on appearances to be accepted into our mind as true, but only the Truth received from the Spirit of Truth. Because the appearance world is no longer our source of truth, it’s no longer the perceived cause to our experiential reality. Instead the Divine Mind is our Source of Truth, thus our Perfect Cause, so that our experience as a part of creation becomes its Perfect Effect.

During this transition from illusion to Truth, as gatekeepers it’s our sacred duty and eternal gift to accept only the Light of Truth within our mind and dismiss illusions based on faulty perceptions. In this position, we become creators of Truth’s expressions and receivers of its Perfect Effects.

The Divine Mind creates every moment in timeless Truth through us, so that it is our gift to give and receive. In oneness with the Divine Mind, we are an open door through which Living Light touches all of creation, creating eternal harmonious growth. As a part of creation, we experience this eternal expansion through ever-increasing divine reflections.

Choose Your Freedom

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  2. Consider the outer appearance world as a shadow, a REFLECTION of the truth yet distorted by the absence of light. And yet, like a shadow in the natural world, the distorted forms of all that is perceived still obey the laws of light. The distorted forms in the outer appearance world are but shadows, nothing more. But shadows of what?

    Imagine a beautiful landscape on a clear spring day. Create the image in your mind of majestic mountains, swaying trees that line a rushing river and the sounds of many birds. Consider the fragrance from the fields and the many trees in bloom. Feel the warm movement of the breeze as it presses past you. Immerse yourself mentally in this picture for a moment and what do you discover?

    If you attempt this exercise with even a moderate amount of sincerity you will realize you created a world, although “faint and shadowy”. Although there is nothing outside of your mind, you mentally created REFLECTIONS of light, sound, smells and touch that accurately mimic the reflections you’ve previously experienced in your “real” world. You have used the past to project a reality in your mind that APPEARS REAL by the reflections your mind receives.

    Notice that the varying detail in the landscape painted upon the screen of your mind even though NOTHING IS MANIFEST to create these reflections. Look carefully and notice that all you perceive of this landscape, even in its detail, is but varying reflections that come not from physical objects, but from a source beyond the world itself. It is the REFLECTIONS that create the world, not the reality of the world. And yet, the reflections appear to come from the world itself, which creates the ILLUSION OF REALNESS.

    If you could concentrate so deeply as to immerse yourself fully in the projected reflections of light, sound, smell and touch such that you could not discern you were not physically present, would you likewise be unable to discern that all was but a mental projection? Would you have, in effect, mentally created a world to be the SOURCE of these reflections?

    Here we get a glimpse of the mind’s creative potential and the mechanism of its working. The mind functions as an “eye”, able to receive and interpret REFLECTIONS. Yet, unlike our physical eyes, the mind can create reflections it desires, and then look BEYOND to what it perceives would be the source for these reflections. Although there is no out there, out there, the mind can not discern this because it does not know that IT is the source of the reflections in its world.

    • When the mind is asleep, which is to say unaware of its creative power, it does not realize it is the source of the reflections it perceives, and instead believes the source is something apart from itself. This is how the mind creates an outer world.

      The mind believes its outer world is the source of every reflection perceived within. There is then an “inner world” of mind and an “outer world” in which the mind exists, yet from which it is nevertheless separate. To connect the worlds the mind creates a “bridge” that spans both worlds such that the mind may have access to the outer world from its inner world.

      The “outer world” is a construct of the mind, being created as a means of recognizing the source of every reflection it perceives. This can be more clearly seen in a “night dream” in which the mind loses itself in a world it believes to be the source of perceived reflections. When an object is “seen” in a dream, what is seen is but a reflection of time and space processed within the mind. Yet, the mind forgets this distinction, believing instead the source of what is sees (or hears, feels, etc.) is a physical object outside of itself, which makes the object appear both REAL and PHYSICALLY APART from the mind. When the mind awakens, it recognizes that it was the “true” source of every experienced reflection, and the entire “outer world” instantly vanishes into the nothingness from which is was made.

      If all is within, yet the mind believes the source of all is without, it must also believe that the source of “itself” is somehow outside itself. How does the mind, unaware that all it creates is within, create a source for itself in the “outer world” of reflections? How can the mind rationally believe it exists apart from itself? And what does the mind create as the source of itself?

    • In preparation for these questions it will help to more deeply examine the notion of “source” and “reflection”.

      Consider that “source” is an active, or energetic property that infers the idea of “cause”. The source of something is the energetic expression of cause, whereas a reflection is the effect of the source. Therefore, source and reflection are energetically equivalent to cause and effect.

      The cause of a thing is the energetic source of its movement, or its reflection. When we consider source and reflection, there is always an energetic transfer which is manifested as MOVEMENT. Without movement, there is no effect and without effect there is no cause. And yet, simultaneously, energy is always moving, which is to say it is always the effect of the source of this movement. Cause and effect in the energetic world are ALWAYS EVERYWHERE PRESENT.

      In the outer appearance world there appears to be a stillness, where things appear motionless unless acted upon by an outside cause. The inertia of a thing in the outer appearance world remains constant, while simultaneously its entropy is said to increase. How is this possible? Can a thing exist in two different worlds, under opposing laws, at the same time? If so, are both worlds true?

      This is a complex question, which brings us back around to perception and judgments held by the mind. It is the mind that determines whether what it “perceives” is real, and in so doing also chooses that which it believes is true. A reality (i.e., that which appears real in the framework of the mind’s accepted truth), is created by the mind’s judgment of what it believes to be the source of its perceived reflections. If the mind accepts a faulty source (cause) as true, the resulting reflection (effect) WILL APPEAR REAL, yet also be false. This is the essence of deception, and the cause of two seemingly opposing worlds, one experienced and the other hidden.

      When the mind believes that it is able to discern between good and bad, helpful or harmful, right or wrong, it establishes itself as the JUDGE of its experience and LORD of its world. When the mind makes such a judgment, which is does continually, it seeks always to judge the source of its experience. Thus we see that the mind continually looks into its experiences to discover the cause of its experiences. The experience is believed to contain the cause of itself.

      Because source always proceeds its reflection, the mind looks into the PAST that it might discover the cause of its PRESENT. The sleeping mind believes the past continually causes the present, creating a reality where the past appears to linger and increasingly crowd into the present moment, which gives rise to “solid” objects and the construct of time and space.

      • Here is a reply to your last three post. This was a bit long as I edited it from my studies to be included in future material and because of it’s length I decided not to post it. Because it goes so well well with your points I again decided to go ahead. Then after reading your last three post “combined” again, it wasn’t so long.🙂 It is very much in the subject matter of your sharing and hopefully beneficial as it is intended.

        I will also touch on some other’s comments as if we should worry about being in agreement or in disagreement with others on this blog, my answer is in saying that it doesn’t matter as long as we see it is shared with a love and respect that we should have for one another regardless of seeing all things alike. As it is written if one sees one day above another and another sees all days alike, don’t make a judgement or an issue out of it with the other. Also as concerning what one person eats Vs. another. Doctrine is secondary, love and respect is primary. However we should understand the difference in being tolerant of one being as a “Diotrephes” wanting preeminence and other common issues such as days or diet. “Sometimes” a bad attitude must be addressed and we should not think ourselves offensive for doing so. The purpose and intent must be tell the “Diotrephes’ “ in our midst that one coming into “the church” and expecting others to bow to them is not an accepted behavior. One cannot speak from the place of an immature soul and attempt to divide, maim, and steal what does not belong to them. The ego in man is a very subtle thing, it wants to be admired for words that belong to us all alike, and no one can take the place of God in our hearts. We have a king and “you’re” not it.

        We may have some different perspectives on “getting there” but it is really the intent behind our words that brings us to the ultimate goal of being made like “Him” that pushes us onward disregarding the lesser “differences” of opinion for the greater good. 7×70 is the attitude that will get us to our goal for without respecting others regardless and unconditionally it is impossible for one to stand before God in His likeness. If we have the goal of God’s plan fixed in our vision then it matters not how many times we may disagree, fail or see another fail, it is that we persevere in our love and respect for one another. There can be no growth without change from where we are to where we shall be so let us not get offended as we share our views, especially if they are given with understanding.

        None of us owns the place where God allows another to be in their beliefs no matter how enlightened or unenlightened one may be. It is the end result that matters, not any of the means, and it is God who knows our intent and whether our words align with His will or not. God gives us a great gift of discernment in seeing the intent and faults in ourselves as well as in others but we can never use this gift to condemn or to be offended . When we see another’s true nature, good or bad, we must instead use it wisely and for “righteous judgement” meaning that what we judge should always be with a right motive to heal and to mend all things and in all people. There cannot be a self motive. This is so that we may all stand together as one in the end of all of these means we endure to the end.

        Let us not be the one who condemns another when they fall, let us be the one who pushes others across the finish line before ourselves…for with this attitude we are assured of our mutual overcoming. Heaven and hell and the “relationship” which develops from being in the one or the other “frame of mind”…or a mixture of the two has no geographical significance. One is inward, one is outward. All that we are comes from where our existence is in the present moment, if we have made our bed in hell, God is there and if we have made our bed in heaven, God is also there. Does our carnal mind delve in the evils of the world and do we live in turmoil as a result of our disobedience to God or do we live in peace and contentment, walking with God? We walk in one realm or the other, in heaven or in hell, both places exist within. We must progress from a mind of living in hell to one of living in the spirit. This is present tense.

        It is of what mind we adhere to and follow which determines where we make our bed or “resting place.” The inner mind of the spirit of Christ determines to have a relationship with that which is spiritual and the carnal mind seeks a relationship with that which is pretentious and unreal, in the outward realm. The outward world is full of symbols, allegories and parables which can only help to explain the true, the inward, the spiritual. The statement that we are in the world but are not to be of it gives us pause to stop and meditate on of what all this truthfully means. Heaven is to be found in the spirit and all things which pertain to heaven must be seen with spiritual eyes as opposed to the natural eye which can only see the shadows and the symbols of the true.

        God made the natural things in and of this world only as symbols and types and shadows to teach us the way of the spirit. Such as the tabernacle’s only significance was to teach us that we are the true tabernacle and that the layout of the natural tabernacle (temple) was and is only a blueprint of the true temple of God which is you and me in reality. So it is with every rock, tree, river, sea, land, mountain, hill, cloud, beast and air. “Everything” natural is but an explanation of something true that “already” exist now in the spiritual realm. Literalist are not to be condemned for they are but babes in Christ, unenlightened in the ways of the higher spiritual realm but nevertheless as much a child of God on the way to the same heaven and kingdom as all others. Each in his own order of being called to be matured…or perfected in God’s image.

        In all of the biblical stories which are provided for us in helping us to understand the spiritual way of Christ they each teach a specific lesson in how we are to “relate” to God and to our fellow man. In the recorded stories of David in all of his difficulties whether they were without or within, each experience was teaching and drawing David closer to God’s way of living. In the Psalms David’s pleas and prayers after an outward encounter with an enemy or from an enemy within himself in having resulted from a transgression of iniquity he committed, the resultant outcome was coming to a better and closer “relationship” and understanding with God.

        As David learned from each encounter with evil, whether within or without and God saw that David’s desire to change was genuine, God forgave Him each and every time unconditionally. This was because the experience of transgressing the law of God and learning from it was accomplishing exactly what God had intended for the law to do. First the natural, then the spiritual, first experiencing an evil self will, learning from our transgressions, then to be forgiven our every trespass once we have learned from engaging the trespass. Being enlightened to the true way…and will of God will disarm all the myths of good and evil of one going to heaven and another going to hell for disobedience. We will learn righteousness from the fall, nothing else, we will not be subjected to any further torment once we leave the torment of our carnal mind…where the only hell you will ever know will ever exist. Hell is torment and once the carnal mind dies the death of death no more hell will exist.

        It is the same with you and me today, everything we experience both inwardly and outwardly is a carefully planned and orchestrated experience to develop in all of us a oneness that is of God’s same likeness and character. Every created being must be on the same page with one another (oneness) and read from the same script and performed according to how “it is written.” God intends to have a harmonious universe(s) and He will have it just as He proclaimed He would before this world was. When we are naturally born we are born subject to vanity in being given a carnal mind which is in opposition to the will of God. It is better to learn our lesson captive in a small place called earth in which we cannot escape to do greater harm if
        allowed to roam free in the universe. The spirit life we were given of God that we came into this natural realm with will remain within us “behind the veil,” nothing being lost while our soul (Our Eve) experiences the failures from being disobedient…”until” our spirit and soul are reunited once our soul is disciplined to again walk in oneness with the spirit.

        Being turned to this destruction (from the fall) by God, He now says to return unto Him from our carnality, from having eaten from the tree of knowledge. This redemptive process is the dream we will all awaken from and when we learn that it is better to obey than it is to sacrifice, God will then be pleased with the outcome of our being made in His likeness and character. We will all come to the place where we will see that it is a very good plan that was created only for our ultimate benefit and that not one bad experience we go through is to cause us permanent harm in any way. A perceived “dreamed” harm which doesn’t really exist in reality…in that when we are actually awakened to it’s true and benevolent purpose, it will instill in us a spirit of gratitude and appreciation. This is because we have been taught righteousness and obedience through the things in which we have suffered…just as Christ, our pattern and example learned obedience through the things in which He suffered.

        Once we have learned from having been given our own carnal mind and as a result we have gone our own way and done our own thing. And as the resultant mess we have made of this earthly experience, with all forms of governments, religions and merchandising,
        we will then again understand that it is best to only eat of the “tree of life.” (We are what we eat.) The tree of life is the Christ nature and mind and our “reasoning and intellectualizing” mind comes from the carnal mind within…the other tree. Once God has all of us reading from the same script and voluntarily adhering to His oneness of purpose then we will “all” understand what the simple purpose of this experience on this earth is really all about…It’s about having a good, kind and respectful relationship with the Father as well as with all the other innumerable children of God throughout the universe. Once we learn the result of having a self will, we will be most happy, grateful and appreciative to have been shown a better way through being shown a better way…a return to the will of God.

        We are not here to divide God’s kingdom by obtaining a separate following unto ourselves which actually places us in the outer world of the carnal realm in all of the divided systems of men, secular and religious. We are to instead learn to only follow “Him” in oneness to our final destination. And we are to encourage others not to follow neither ourselves nor any other person for if we follow the many, we are divided among the many, and so if we follow the one, we are of the one. The suffering can be very depressing at times even as Job was unable to speak for days at a time because he was so despondent from the heavy burdens and losses incurred by Him as God instructed Satan to do His testing for Him. As a result of Satan’s actions Job became a more enlightened child of God and coming to his maturity, God gave him double what he had in the past.

        This is an allegory explaining that we were already blessed before our testing here on this earth, however through the experiences of the testing and trials, we will be blessed the more, having learned of God’s will and purpose in our trials and test. We, as Job through the disciplinary redemptive process in this life, will come forth much better off than in which we came. It is better to give than it is to receive. This is because we can only give of the good that we have first received from God. When “everyone” becomes a giver from the good things received of God, everyone likewise receives.

      • Let us now consider the body, that we may better understand the deceptive nature of the outer appearance world, and the manner by which the illusion is maintained as REAL within the mind.

        We have come to understand that the mind’s judgments of the outer appearance world comprise the mechanism by which it discerns and acknowledges truth. The mind’s truths create the experience of reality, surrounding the mind in all it believes to be real. We can then imagine that the mind is always “clothed” in the reality of all it judged to be true.

        When we consider the act of judgment more closely, we recognize that all judgment requires the construct of “time”, specifically the notion of a “past” time. The judging mind always determines the truth about its present experience by comparing it to the past, for it judges that the past is true and if the present is unlike the past, it can not be believed REAL. The only REAL the mind accepts is that which it judges can be “assembled” or extended from the past. The past always determines the reality the mind accepts.

        The past, therefore, defines the mind’s world and its reality as a “frozen” landscape of past forms that eternally extend into an unknown future. The present moment becomes a point of transition, an infinitely small bridge by which the past crosses over into the future. The future is non-existent, the present is infinitely small and the past extends outward for eternity. The concept of time is therefore understood by the mind to be an ever extending, eternal past, in which the present and future exist only as ideas.

        Since judgment is of the mind, and the mind judges the past, we recognize the mind must exist beyond the past, such that the past can be perceived and judged. Likewise, the mind precedes the outcome of its judgment, and therefore must also exist prior to the future. The mind exists in a “transition place” where the past is extended into the future, even at the moment of judgment between the two.

        Because the mind stands in judgment of the past, the past is all it perceives, for how can the mind judge what it does not perceive? All the mind beholds is the past, by which it extrapolates what it can expect to perceive in the future. Yet the “future” is only an idea in the mind, a construct of the mind extended from the past it currently judges. And in this we comprehend the meaning of time, which the sleeping mind accepts as past, present and future, but is actually only an eternally growing past. The mind never experiences a present or future within its reality of time.

        To more fully comprehend how the mind CREATES TIME, imagine the mind as a sentinel standing guard over the past. It stands with its back to the door of the future, gazing directly into its past world of outer appearances. Its role ensures nothing but an extension of the past may be allowed through the door and extended into the future. The future must always be extended from the past that every potential outcome can be “truthfully” determined to be caused by events, forms and appearances from the past.

        The mind does NOT see the future, nor the place in which it stands, but gazes faithfully into the past and its ever-growing age. What the mind considers time is actually an eternally increasing past and a judgement about an expected future.

        Yet the mind exists in a space outside of the past in order that it may be observed and judged, and if the concept of “time” is but an ever increasing past, then we realize that the mind exists OUTSIDE OF TIME. How is this possible? If all the mind observes in its reality is the past, yet the mind is not of the past, how does it judge the world of time from a world outside of time.

        It does this by projecting a concept of itself INTO time, creating the “outer appearance” of a body.

  3. When Jesus created you, He had you in mind before you were born, He knew the thoughts and intents of His heart for you, your plan of life was seen and constructed. He gave you the ability to think hoping you would come to see the difference between good and evil, the difference between the Father’s love and the evil intentions of Lucifer against you.
    When a man or a woman makes a change of mind and chooses repentance from all that they have sinned in they will find the redeemer, of mankind, the Savior of Mankind.
    God, in this season of the Kingdom of God is seeking to “reclaim”, those that He foreknew, asking them to recognize His goodness, and to give up the reasoning of their mind, so that God can restore them to a state of simplicity ultimately to be led by His Spirit.
    God is seeking men and women to be restored through repentance so that they can walk with Him.
    No longer will these men and women be tossed about by the dissecting of their minds, but will be encompassed by His pure love, and personally cared for by Him.
    The choice is up to us, whether our mind deceives us, or whether the Heavenly Father will was away the sins of our mind. In our arrogance, we think we are the source of knowledge.
    But God knows the truth, God is the Truth. Praise Jesus the Lord.

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