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Being a life-giving spirit means our true SELF governs our emotional landscape.

Emotions are the experience of the energetic vibrations that emanate from our beliefs. They are the sensational, active expression of the creative power inherent in our state of being. Whether outwardly expressed or suppressed, emotions reveal what we believe is true, which our reality reflects in endless ways, expected and unexpected. These energetic vibrations shape the structure and substance of reality so that our emotional landscape determines reality’s landscape.

When our state of being is under the governance of a false self, we experience a myriad of emotional whirlwinds. Moments of peace and joy are continually hijacked with disharmonious emotions because the false self exists upon a framework of separation, so true Peace is impossible. The false self is upheld by a framework of erroneous beliefs. For example, the beliefs in helplessness, individualized wills (which is the genesis of fear), and false judgments of ourselves as something other than what God created us to be are ever-present instigators of turbulent emotions, which wreak havoc inwardly and outwardly. As it is within, so it is without.

Through the awareness of our true SELF, our emotional/feeling world begins to be governed by Truth, which is One with the Mighty I Am Presence of God. The true SELF is established upon absolute Truth that resonates in a perpetual state of equilibrium, manifesting changeless Divine Harmony and Peace. As we receive Truth from the Spirit of Truth, our beliefs transform in accordance with our true SELF. Beliefs such as we are powerful in oneness, only the Will of Divine Love exists, and we are the timeless perfection God created us to be, replace our prior beliefs. When we give our belief to the Truth received from the Spirit of Truth, our true SELF governs our state of being and Divine Love fills our emotional landscape, which we experience as peace, joy, contentment, abundance, generosity, gratitude, purity, invincibility, and freedom.

Again, who we believe we are, reality reflects back to us. The present moment is inherently perfect because Truth is ever-present. It is the energetic chaos of false belief stemming from the false self that defiles the present moment. The mind shifts when we no longer accept a false self and instead give our belief to the Self revealed in Truth. Our true SELF’s being creates ever-lasting abundance, peace, vitality and joy. Therefore, Peace (and the other divine attributes) is created through an emotional state of being peace, which shapes the outer reality according to our inner being.

As we awaken to Truth, we experience mixed emotional states as emotions arise according to our true SELF as well as emotions generated by the residual false self. During this metamorphic stage, the Spirit of Truth instructs us to stop looking outwardly, and using reflections of the false self to tell us who we are and what is true, and instead look into the inner sacred looking glass that reflects the true SELF. Through this conscious shift in attention, our emotions cease to be disrupted by disharmony in the outer reality and our mind is given the opportunity to embrace our true Reflection. As long as the outer reality, which reflects a false image, defines who we are and what is true, we stay trapped in the illusionary self’s emotional landscape and corresponding reality.

As we look through the eyes of Truth, we see the illusion for what it is. By looking beyond the illusion to our inherent Peace, our emotional balance returns to a state of equilibrium. We no longer fuel reality with discordant energy, and it transforms into harmonious reflections of our true SELF.

Every discordant feeling presents an opportunity to return our mind to Truth and release the illusion a little bit more. As our emotional world harmonizes to Truth, creation engages in its inherent regenerative properties, returning to its true state of perfection.

As Truth increasingly governs our emotional world, we are set free from the emotional chaos of the false self, leading our mind/body reality to green pastures of abundance and vitality, and the still waters of serenity and harmony, which ultimately creates a reality where there is ever-present Peace and Joy.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake. ~ Psalm 23:1-3

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “Emotional Freedom

  1. Giving is gain.

    Consciously meditate in the atmosphere of GRATITUDE and you will create more for which to be grateful. In the energetic reality of Truth all is contained in the oneness of God’s thought, for what could exist apart from His will. Therefore what you energetically extend is received by all, for in oneness you are part of the “all” that receives what is given. Giving gratitude causes one to gain the energetic “feeling” of “being grateful”, although the infinite array of forms and ideas that may stimulate this feeling can not be predicted.

    The substance of our energetic reality is THOUGHT, and it is thought that programs (shapes) that which we experience. God’s thought is creative and what is created never leaves its source. This is simply saying “giving is receiving” in a different way, for what your thoughts energetically project are ultimately experienced in your own conscious mind. This is a critical understanding of your creative power.

    What then is thought? Where does thought originate?

    As the mind develops consciousness it comes to the awareness that it is limited. And yet it also becomes aware that it is somehow inherently limitless, because it can tirelessly create an endless stream of thoughts and mental visions. Thus it is plainly seen that the finite mind contains a conduit to infinity, through which these limitless thoughts flow. Since the finite mind could not create infinite thought, these thoughts must originate from a “source” of infinity contained within the finite. Think of an ever expanding, yet finite room that contains an open door to the infinite white space of unexpressed potential and you have a base picture of the conscious mind.

    Now consider the bodily senses as another door, opposite to the other, that opens into the finite world of expressed potentials. Imagine the conscious mind sitting between the door of your finite, expressed reality and the door to the infinite realm of unexpressed Truth. The conscious mind can therefore be understood as that which translates potential INTO EXPRESSION, projecting thought into the finite reality of experience. This is why it is said we are as “open gates”, for we exist in oneness with the infinite will of God and the finite, conscious experience of this will.

    The immature, developing mind believes it generates its own thought within its conscious mind, using its judgment of the outer appearance world to qualify its thoughts as either “good” or “bad”. Every “bad” judgment corrupts its thought, which when projected creates corruption in its outer appearance world. This covers the conscious experience of its world with darkness, which in turn causes the mind to qualify further thoughts with even more darkness. It is this that creates the endless cycle of sleep, better known as “death”.

    How then can the mind break free? How can the endless sleep of death be defeated?

    The answer can be found by examining death’s source, and then removing it. Once the source is removed, its effect is likewise removed.

    We have already seen that our conscious mind could not be the source of thought because our thoughts are infinite, while the conscious mind is finite. The finite could never be the source of the infinite. It can then be determined that thought originates in the infinite and perfect mind of God, which then flows into our conscious awareness. Thought must reflect its source, being holy and perfect, and therefore could not be the source of death. If not thought, what then remains?

    Since death is the ultimate manifestation of finite expression, (without death there is eternal life), it could be assumed that one must look somewhere within the finite conscious mind for death’s source. Yet if thought is infinite, entering the conscious mind from an infinite source, how can the mind become aware that it possesses a finite nature? And if it recognizes that its thoughts are infinite, how could it then translate infinite thought into the finite expression of death? Since the mind translates thought into expression, and thought comes from a perfect, infinite source, how could the conscious mind be the source of something as imperfect as death? Therefore, the source of death can not be within the finite conscious mind because it is a gate through which the perfect thought (will) of God passes into expression.

    If not thought, nor the conscious mind, what remains as the source of death?

    Death’s source can be nothing other than death itself, for only death could create death. When the conscious mind looks to the outer appearance world as its source of thought, it unknowingly qualifies every thought with death. This is why every divine attribute of God’s thought appears to die. Joy becomes sadness. Peace turns into chaos. Love dissolves into hate. And this is why the reality of expression returns this darkness back to us, and why we exist in a world where even eternal life dies. When we accept the outer appearance world as the source of our thoughts & feelings, rather than truth, death inevitably results.

    In this awareness we can SEE that consciously giving life to the OUTER APPEARANCE WORLD by bestowing it as the source of our truth, it creates an illusion that hides death’s source from our awareness. The illusion of death is defeated through REPENTANCE, which is TURNING TO THE LIGHT OF LIFE inherent in the TRUTH of God’s perfect thought. This “turning” is accomplished through the conscious act of GIVING GRATITUDE for every reflection of Divine Truth we experience in the outer appearance world. No matter how rough the waves, always can the conscious mind find that for which it can be grateful in its current experience. When we are grateful for truth we recognize in our experience, we align our will with God’s and consciously shine His thought into reality. Since the effect can not leave its source, LIFE will spread in our experience and death will dissolve.

    Gratitude is the conscious projection of DIVINE THOUGHT through the gate of your conscious mind and into expression. As gratitude is GIVEN, truth’s light reveals more for which the mind can be grateful, gradually transforming the mind’s experience into DIVINE HARMONY. The creative LIFE inherent in gratitude’s energetic expression destroys death because it dissolves death’s source: the seeming ability of the outer appearance world to destroy truth.

    • Defeating death by simply giving gratitude for the Truth we consciously recognize in our outer appearance world may seem an easy thing. But remember that you have unknowingly given LIFE to your outer appearance world by bowing down to it as your Truth. Therefore it will not be dissolved easily and by the life you’ve bestowed upon it, will actively resist its own destruction.

      When you repent, you turn to the DIVINE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD as your Truth, regardless of what the outer appearance world would have you believe. The outer appearance world will use every “sign and wonder” to cause you to COMPLAIN against it. Complaining energy FEEDS the illusion of death, for it means you have once again turned your back on Truth.

      Hold fast to TRUTH and put your faith in every GOOD AND PERFECT attribute of God. And though the temptation will be very strong as you begin to repent, DO NOT COMPLAIN NOR SPEAK OUT LOUD ANY DISCORDANT THING. There is no out there, out there and NOTHING CAN TOUCH YOU if you do not accept it as your truth. Including death.

      Reject anything in the outer appearance world that is not of Truth as revealed by the Spirit – no matter how real it may appear. There is nothing to fear – for the great and invincible peace of God always surrounds you. Give gratitude for the peace and joy you consciously recognize, extend this peace to others and you will create increasing peace and joy in your own experience. Death can not long remain in a reality of increasing harmony.

  2. Gratitude is a power sufficient to dissolve even the thickest clouds of illusion.

    In our birth we struggle to be free of the illusion which has enveloped us like a womb. This is the process by which our conscious mind prepares to receive Truth. Truth is absolute and therefore possesses its own will, for it must always and eternally express its nature, as it is, in its holiness and purity of perfection.

    Since Truth resides in a conscious mind which is capable of judgement, the mind must learn to “let go” of the idea that exercising its own will is beneficial. The absolute nature of Truth supersedes the concept of “free-will”, which the mind falsely believed it possessed. In Truth, there can be no alien will.

    For Truth to enter the conscious mind, it must be able to flow freely, without corruption, into expression via the transitional mechanism of thought. Thought gives expression to Truth, which in turn gives reality to experience. As the mind develops, in preparation for the conveyance of Truthful thought, it must learn to relinquish its judgment, for when the conscious mind judges it uses its outer appearance world (past expression) to corrupt the ever-present Truth by tainting it with an opposing, alien will. The mind attempts to twist the Truth into something it is not by using the past to judge against it. The conscious, judging mind darkens its present moment through the belief that that it can experience a reality altogether different from Truth’s divine nature.

    Yet this is a natural and necessary step in the mind’s preparation to receive Truth’s incorruptible will as its own, that it may experience a divine reality. The mind comes to understand the corruption in its present experience, while also recognizing that regardless of its judgment, its “will” to achieve Joy and Peace can not be sustained. When the mind begins to seek for a PERFECT WILL, from the singular source of all that is perfect, Truth begins to dissolve the illusion of the mind’s alien and insufficient will.

    As the mind calls out to God, the Source of Truth, it begins to comprehend that its insufficiency is made perfect by Truth’s expression, for God’s perfect will never fails. The mind undergoes a transition as it releases its judgment of good and bad, comprising the illusion of its alien will, and fully embraces a love for Truth as it is.

    This transition is a conscious process, for the mind must be aware of Truth’s divinity such that it can manifest a divine experience. Thus it comprehends that letting go of judgment begins with the simultaneous mental actions of eliminating “complaining”, which is an attack on truth, and giving gratitude for any recognition of Truth in its present experience.

    It is GRATITUDE that removes the clouds preventing Truth’s good and perfect will from freely shining into the mind’s experience of reality.

    • Yes, and gratitude is acknowledging that we understand that all the things we experience in life is only for our ultimate good. Gratitude is in coming to a place of understanding that God (love) will win every heart and the only loss to any will be that of the mind of our carnal self. I can see nothing to be more grateful for than to see all of God’s creation complete in God’s likeness and character and that “all” will enjoy eternity together…none being excluded. I can think of nothing that gives me more of a satisfaction and peace in knowing that I have never met a person who will not love as I live in the fullness of God’s gift of life. There is no true peace and love to be had without seeing eternal life is destined for all. Gratitude in it’s full comprehensiveness can do nothing but dispel all myths of God’s plan as a failure of losing even one. I understand exactly what you mean.

      • Gratitude is a beautiful acknowledgment of Truth … and it also possesses an inherent power to bring that Truth forth.

      • I am touched by your words, Sonny.

        Sonny, I know you have walked the path of “suffering”, and despite confronting this world’s greatest illusion, you have prevailed. I am grateful for the light you shine, specifically because you have overcome the darkness, and desire to give your victory to others. Your genuineness and authenticity is a gift for us all. Be increased in Truth, my friend.

    • Enlightening words thoughtware …

      As I reflect upon your words … your clarity of vision increased my own. 🙂 Our time in the “womb” is to prepare us to receive Truth … to be an open gate that we may express a perfection beyond perfection. To be this open gate requires a conscious awareness of how Truth is expressed through us without being tainted by our mind, which in a singular moment experiences a finite boundary, though it is limitless because it is ever-expanding in its oneness with the Divine Mind.

      We are coming into an awareness that allows us to release a concept of self that is in any way separate from its Perfect Source, therefore a “free-will” isn’t possible. A separate will isn’t truly free, but being separate from the Source misuses its will in serving itself as separate from the whole. The “free-will” is actually the progenitor of very great limitation. Yet, in oneness with our Source, we possess all things and experience a limitless Will moving through us, as our own, in a perfection that exceeds every desire.

      We are going deeper into understanding who we are and how we create, into the knowledge that awakens us.

      • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

      • be born from this “womb” into the glorious light of reality is something to really hope for, for “then” we will be born into the reality of our now present hope. In the interim we have faith that we will then receive the substance of the thing we now can only hope for…our reality with our Father.

        The further we venture into only having a singular loving vision of who Christ is, our eye now Is becoming single as our faith and hope is single, we cease from being double minded in our ways and as we become one with God as He is one and is all and in all. This is oneness thinking. We therefore patiently wait through the many pains in this womb of our natural life leading to the birth of reality to be born…of the spirit.

        There is no story nor is there any message in the Bible when understood spiritually from “above” it’s symbolism that does not reveal the true nature, character and love of God. There is much pain in looking at the scriptures and life through the eyes of the carnal mind but when our spiritual eyes are opened all we can see in “everything” is the love of God revealed. When all of the symbols of death and destruction of the Old Testament are uncovered and revealed in their true light, Revelation becomes a very loving book which only gives praise to God..By gaining our spiritual eyes, we now can see that there is only death to the carnal man while there is only life to the spiritual man. This is saying “Asin Adam all doe, so as, in Christ all are made alive, however each man in His own order, Christ the first fruits and the all the rest at His calling.” Emphasis mine. The carnal mind is thrown into the abyss never to exist again while our spirit being freed from our captivity to the carnal mind will celebrate the feast of tabernacles..where all debt’s (transgressions) are forever forgiven as though they never happened. When we are given eyes to see sin as God sees it, it is easily forgiven for when it has accomplished it’s purpose, it is dismissed without any after thought whatsoever. Lesson learned? Good, it is forgiven. Seeing these truths makes life much the better because it takes away the condemnation the carnal mind has for others thinking sin is eternal.

        When we see God’s love even in Him allowing our transgressions to be exposed we see as David did in Psalms 32:5 that what God wants us to experience is the transgressions in order to learn from them in that it is better to obey than to suffer and sacrifice for the transgression. And when the lesson is learned and we admit it without trying to deny it or cover it up….(as did David did not hide anything from God) God simply is forgiven as though it is nothing and not to be remembered. There is not anything that God created or allows…which includes evil itself (Isaiah 45:7)… that is not for the purpose of revealing to us His true likeness and character. To see and to possess this love it must be our only single eyed desire for “all” people, for the plan does not include the loss of even one…no matter how highly we may think that our natural carnal mind is better to see with than that of any other. When the Revelation of Christ is revealed “in us” we will become one with the many. Let us remain as one with the many and not be of the preeminent ones seeking the likeness of those who think and want to be like Diotrephes..who wanted to stand above the crowd, looking down as he convinced some to look up to him. Love is expressed in many ways, and God knows our true intentions in what we express, and why.

        God is…good.

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