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Fractured to Fractals



Peacemakers heal the fractured mind so it returns to its true state as an immortal fractal of the Divine Mind of God.

A mind established on a false image of the self produces only faulty judgments. Faulty judgments create blame, guilt, attack, fear, weakness, separation, etc that manifest a fractured mind which endlessly wars against itself and creation, creating sickness, suffering and death. All pain comes from believing a false image of the self which creates a multitude of wrong judgments about our selves and others.

Healing comes as we perceive ALL by the Light of Truth, beginning with our self. When our mind is healed, this healing is reflected in our body and our individualized sphere of reality. Divine forgiveness heals the fractures, while divine emergence rebuilds reality according to the Truth of Oneness.

Faulty judgments fracture the mind, forgiveness heals the fractures.

True forgiveness is the extinguishing of all our faulty judgments (lying thoughts), and the acceptance of our true Self so that our perception is restored to Truth. In divine forgiveness, we only accept the Truth, therefore we deny any false attributes not worthy of the Self (Son) of God as a part of our self or another. This transformative act dismisses past illusions and establishes the Truth as the Perfect Cause for every future moment.

Forgiveness recognizes the journey of the Self (prodigal journey) as the Self’s maturation into the Likeness of God, such that it is one with God. Therefore there is no condemnation, but only acceptance of the true Self’s purposeful path into Oneness. Forgiveness brings the mind back to Truth, thus back into Oneness with the Divine Mind, which heals the mind and restores it to eternal Peace.

The voices of the dream reality would have us deny the Truth. In divine forgiveness, our will is firmly set upon the Truth. Our will no longer serves faulty judgments because they aren’t our Truth. As the governing presence of our sphere of reality, what our will serves, we create. This firm stance for Truth is taken by the first peacemakers, who perceive the Light before it is outwardly expressed, so that a harmonious reality of Truth can be created for all through emergence.

Divine emergence perfectly orchestrates our thoughts which in turn orchestrates our reality. In emergence, our will is one with the divine consciousness, creating an ever-expanding sphere of Light. All lingering habitual thoughts are meaningless and no longer possess creative power. Our thoughts become fractals of God’s divine thought for our individualized expression, which rebuild reality into an experience of divine harmony, joy, and peace. 

The peacemakers bring this transformative thought system into the collective consciousness. Through the luminous expressions of the peacemaker’s spheres, everything within the collective consciousness not of Truth is revealed, removed and rebuilt according to Truth. The entrance of Truth’s Light into the collective mind is gentle and yet infinitely Mighty as the rising sun is to the night sky.

Through the peacemakers, every mind returns to the infinite Divine Mind. In this the mind is no longer fractured, but healed into Oneness. Each mind as a fractal of the Divine Mind serves the highest good of all, by which the Divine Love of God is expressed in every aspect of creation.

Whenever see we something not of Truth, as taught by the Spirit of Truth, it’s a reflection of our faulty judgment. As we recognize our error in perception, we exchange the false perceptions, thoughts and feelings with gratitude, opulence and Infinite Intelligence. In this, we reclaim our Identity as One with the Great I AM. We do this for ourselves and for others because others reflect our judgments, thus ourselves. Through this divine forgiveness, the Light of Truth within us extends powerful healing Rays into reality, so we no longer see fractured pieces but immortal fractals of God.

All is brought to the Light of Truth to be healed. This shining role belongs to the peacemakers of God.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (Truth)” ~ 2 Corinthians 10:4-5

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” ~ Romans 2:12

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

3 thoughts on “Fractured to Fractals

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  2. Thank you.

    Pulsing with the flow of consciousness. Connecting with the known and using it to shine a light on the consciousness. Then leaping to this new, more resolved conceptualization of self to find the new known. Then back into consciousness. This waveform travels the pathway of nonlinear feedback, disconnected from the flow of time. And it traverses the dualities of existence through chaos to find a singular evolved consciousness.

    • I like how you described connecting to the Source of Truth to expand our awareness and then brining what we gained back to the collective consciousness, then returning again to the Source. The fluidity of our mental movement as we ascend up the primordial staircase of Infinite Intelligence speaks to the perfection that is within us and governing us. I’ve seen this perfection in the building of a new thought system within my own mind throughout my spiritual journey. It never ceases to amaze me because it comes in the simplicity of stilling the mind and seeking Truth beyond the illusions we outwardly perceive.

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