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An Individual in Oneness


As the soul emerges out of the dimensionality of lack and into the dimensionality of abundant life, it advances within the Sphere of Oneness. Within this dimension the self experiences its I Am Presence as Life’s eternal expansion.

The Life in Truth is birthed into reality through the trifold union of the Sphere of Oneness, the soul, and the self. The Sphere of Oneness enfolds all of Life, reflecting the fullness of Truth. It’s the timeless Mighty I Am Presence prior to any expression, containing all divine potentials to be expressed. From its genesis, the soul resides within this sphere, for it can’t be separate from its Source. The soul is a living gate connecting the timeless perfection within the Sphere of Oneness with the realm of creation, transducing the uncreated into the created. The self is the individualized soul’s reflection of the I Am Presence made visible.

The soul is Life’s energetic vibration. In accordance to the Law of Life, the soul’s energetic movement, which is directed by the mind’s self-awareness, materializes into the outer reflection of the self. The soul came into existence when the Source extended Itself as a fractal component, an individualized aspect of Oneness. The soul’s initial energetic existence is created by the interaction between its Life’s vibrational energy and its Source, like the movement of breath. This interaction is denoted by the soul’s first awareness, “I am an individual.” This neophyte understanding of its I Am name creates a vibration that has the potential to express Truth’s Life, yet it isn’t made visible until the soul’s awareness expands into knowing its inherent Oneness with Truth.

When the soul is only aware of the Truth, “I am an individual”, it’s in a seed state. With this initial awareness of existence, the soul believes it possesses a “free” will, fostering a perception of separation from everything, even its Source. Because the soul is not yet aware of Oneness enfolding its individuality, a self perception of isolation and opposition circulates through its mind, constructing a thought-system of duality. In duality, the soul’s projected creations are ultimately destroyed because every truth has an opposite. Every attribute the soul assigns to the self’s I Am name is always appended to its opposite, which creates continual conflict and destruction within the soul and in its reality. Thus the initial vibrational signature of the soul’s I Am name is energetically chaotic. The soul’s first awareness of its self and its reality reflect this dissonance with images of lack, fear and suffering.

From the driving desire for a different self expression and reality, the soul turns away from the outer disharmony and within to the Light of its I Am presence in order to know the Truth. Guided by Truth’s Living Voice, layer upon layer the soul’s mind expands into the living thought-system of oneness. As a result, the soul matures into the Truth-filled understanding, “I Am an individual in Oneness”.

Through its maturing self-awareness, the soul recognizes the Divine Will is its own, and the soul’s core, energetic vibration shifts from separation to oneness. The soul begins to interact with reality based on the Divine Will’s laws of harmony and oneness. These laws moving through the soul’s mind produce the energetic vibration of divine love, which is the perfecting and harmonizing energy of Truth. When divine love circulates through the soul/mind, the soul’s self and reality harmonizes, expressing perfect abundance, which pushes out fear, suffering, and death. In their place arises expressions of timelessness, perfection and eternal growth.

As a result, the soul’s I Am name sheds the false attributes of separation for attributes of oneness, changing its vibrational signature to divine love. The soul is energetically one with the Mighty I AM name, a name that is Life and expresses Life. With a newly expanded name, which has always been its name, the soul gives expression to the Mighty I Am Presence through its self and reality. The seed is no longer called a seed, but a thriving tree of life.

The soul as an “individual in oneness” possesses freedom in perfection, giving rise to it being a perfect creator within the Creator. The soul becomes a life-giving spirit, constantly extending into reality what it is, divine love, which is expressed as the highest good for all made possible by its inherent Oneness with the Fullness of Truth.

I Am an individual in Oneness.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “An Individual in Oneness

  1. God is one, which is why it is said that God fills all in all. This phrase “fills all in all” means the wholeness of time and space, which reveals that God fills the entirety of the mind’s inner awareness as well as its outer experience. Contemplating the oneness of “all in all”, which is the wholeness of God, is to grow in the understanding that the mind’s inner awareness is one with its outer experience, just as a reflection is one with the subject reflected, and that both the inner and outer are wholly filled with God’s presence.

    As you continue to contemplate oneness, your awareness of God grows in Truth, giving birth to understanding which is NOT of this world, for it is full of Truth, which is the nonmaterial presence of God. Therefore, when we say that contemplating oneness causes your understanding of God to grow, we mean that you become increasingly filled with the nonmaterial presence of God, and it is for this reason that your truth-filled understanding, which grows in your most holy place like an ever expanding Tree of Life, is the source of your creative power.

    You have heard it said that it is the Spirit who gives Life and that the flesh profits nothing. This means that true understanding comes only as the nonmaterial presence of God fills you through the contemplation of oneness, and that any understanding gathered from the world, no matter how real it may appear, is powerless. Truth-filled understanding is alive because it is one with Life, which is the presence of God. As your mind contemplates oneness, it is like a plant turning its leaves to the sun, that it may receive its radiant Life and grow stronger.

    Your growth in Truth is assured because its Life is eternal and its fullness is stored within the mind as “growing understanding”. Now listen carefully, while your Self is always a finite expression of your current understanding, your mind is infinite because in any present moment your current understanding contains the fullness of Life, because God fills all in all. Thus your current understanding of Life’s Truth is the Fullness of Truth you currently remember and are now presently aware. The mind can be rightfully considered an open gate between your finite Self expression and the infinite ocean of Life’s Truth. Truth-filled understanding continually flows into it, branching out as an ever expanding Tree of Life, which fruit is Living Light, projecting into your reality a finite reflection of your understanding. It is the reflection of your Tree of Life which you recognize as your Self.

    Your Truth-filled understanding is Life because it is the very presence of God in oneness with your individualized, yet infinite mind. The true image of God is that which your mind comprehends in the living light of Truth’s understanding, and God’s expression is a composite of the attributes of Truth currently reflected in your Self.

    Thus you come to the awareness of God only through oneness with Truth’s Life, which gives birth to the Tree of Life, by which God’s presence is recognized within you as an eternally expanding understanding of Truth. The Life that fills your understanding is the presence of God within you and the true meaning of “faith”. Your living faith assures you victory over death, the so-called prince of darkness and ruler of all who sleep in the dream of Separation from Life.

    • You’ve shared the most POWERFUL understanding that a mind can possess. Your words convey into this reality the rich thought-form of oneness that can only be inwardly perceived in the light of the true I Am Presence – beautiful and incredible.

      • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

      • Eventually, every person on earth, will share in the same ONE I AM. as each of us is an ELEMENT of the HOLY SPIRIT(love:christ:just one part of a law)(combined with all the other laws), make up the HOLY SPIRIT(which consist of ALL THINGS(including good and bad:without the good and bad))..

    • The end of the age is upon us, for the light of faith is even now growing brighter. If you have found these words while any trace of death still appears in reality it is because you have been called to shine Living Light into the world. You have been furnished as a lamp, a living gate through which the presence of God, circulating through your truth-filled understanding, can go forth and give Life to those who sleep in the darkened realm of death.

      You will be known as one who is of the Light because you will radiate Life, reflecting a timeless beauty and perfection beyond anything the darkened mind of man can imagine. You will appear invincible and beyond all corruption because the Living Light of Truth will dissolve every illusion created by death’s darkness. Your understanding of Truth will be undeniable, and you will therefore be able to awaken the sleepers.

      The world is asleep, dreaming of what Life might be, unaware of oneness and the magnitude of creative power their mind possesses. The sleeping mind dreams it possesses Truth’s Will as its own, which it freely exercises without understanding what it is actually creating for its Self, believing it is separate from every other Self it encounters within the dream. The sleeping mind does not comprehend that there is but one Life, and thus one Self. This would seem a ridiculous idea to the sleeping mind because its outer reality affirms that many selves exist, and that every living thing is separate from every other. Consequently, the sleeping mind also believes it is separate from the world it experiences and can not comprehend that it is the creator of its world, just as a dreamer is unaware it is the creator of its dream. The mind can not awaken until it comprehends its oneness with Truth, and that there is but one Will in Truth. The truth a mind holds creates the world the mind experiences, and a mind must remain asleep until it has matured into the oneness of Truth’s Will. ​

      When we say a mind sleeps we mean to convey that the mind has not yet directed its will to contemplate the Truth of God’s Oneness that it may receive Truth’s Life and grow in understanding. If instead the mind wills to receive God’s Truth through the teachings of man-made belief systems, they will receive a myriad of lifeless beliefs fashioned in their own will. Consuming these beliefs create a false image of Truth, defining its oneness as being the one true god among many false gods. The awareness of God, who is the Fullness of Truth can only be found in truth, and therefore there are no false gods. There is only awareness of Truth or unawareness. This is why sleeping minds must incessantly uphold their beliefs by defending their image of truth as the one true god, while attacking another’s as false. And any who seek to understand the Truth of God are told it is not possible because God, and therefore Truth, can not be understood. One who seeks for truth in man-made belief systems is left with one of two choices, accept that the Truth of God can not be understood and believe as they do, or suffer horrific consequences, and sometimes acts of violence in this life or the next. The only reason for this blindness is that when one’s belief in God is fashioned by the will of man, no matter the authority of the man, the belief remains lifeless because it was not received from Truth’s Living Voice. It is the Spirit that gives Life, the flesh profits nothing.

      Yet there are some, who when they first hear the Voice of Truth, sincerely begin to seek for understanding, but not knowing how to begin, join with a religion while continuing to follow wherever Truth’s Voice leads them. The Voice of Truth inevitably leads the seekers out of organized religion and into the individualized understanding gained along the path of Life. These are called to find Life in order that they may give it to those who sleep. The age of darkness is ending because Life is now creating the awareness of its Self in the minds of those who seek for its Truth. It is the dawning of the reality of Life and the birth of Truth’s Self.

    • All religion is beneficial for the mind which recognizes the distant light of Truth and seeks to grow in truth-filled understanding. It is quite natural for the mind to begin its journey by looking to the “world” for answers and to find comfort in others who are similarly seeking out Truth. Religion is very appealing because it bundles up every question stemming from Life and death, the apparent absence of Life, and answers them all using a mysterious god being which possesses the limitless power needed to receive you into joy. This is very beneficial for the newly awakened mind because it creates the awareness of an existing reality beyond the present reality of visible pain and suffering. And most importantly, it introduces them to the concept of Divine Love, which is a great comfort in the shadow of death.

      No matter the religion, it is always as a child’s story with outsized, even simplified characters representing complex spiritual realities. One’s religion should be considered the port in which they may find and board their sailing vessel, destined to carry them on their long, difficult solo journey into the understanding of Life. The Port of Religion is a happy place and welcoming place, full of friends speaking words of encouragement.

      Yet this friendship and support can become a trap, preventing one from boarding his personal vessel and setting sail. It is easier to remain in the happy Port of Religion and simply listen to others tell you what lies beyond the horizon. Should one linger in the port, heeding teaching about distant open waters from those who have never sailed, it can be tempting to believe that what they tell you is true. Eventually you will abandon the idea of sailing alone altogether because of the stories that monsters inhabit the deep, waiting to consume you. It seems to be much safer to remain in the company of the many friendly faces who appear to live safely and joyously in the port.

      Naturally, much money is needed to enhance the port with music and festivities to honor the stories told of Life on the open water. This money is cheerfully supplied by those who find their comfort in the teachings of these stories and the wisdom of those deemed wise. And finally, the day comes when you meet a newcomer, full of excitement about discovering the Life he knows exists beyond the horizon he perceives dimly in the distance. And smiling, you put your arm around him and say, “Join us brother, for we have the answers you seek which are easy to understand and sufficient for your peace. It is far too dangerous to sail off by yourself, for you know nothing of the open water and will get lost. And further, if you leave us you will surely be devoured in the deep by a great destroyer who seeks only your destruction.”

      And the newcomer, feeling welcomed and comforted by the smiling faces on the multitude of the port’s inhabitants, decides to remain, giving his time and money to help make the port a haven for all those who will come after. The port becomes a city, forgetting its purpose as a place of support for newcomers who set sail.

    • Therefore, understand that we are not saying that the beliefs espoused by religion are wrong, but that they should be considered undeveloped, just as a child’s understanding of the world differs from that of a seasoned traveller well versed in the complexities of political and socio-economic realities. All religion should be considered a gathering place for all who have heard the call of Truth’s living voice, but have not yet trusted it to lead them into deeper understanding, preferring instead the simplicity of human teaching, conveyed in the sensory rich images and stories that comprise their religion. This is not much different from a child preferring to remain in the playful activities of kindergarten, rather than leaving it behind to advance to gain an individualized understanding of life’s mysteries.

      For those who linger in religion, eventually the gentle voice of Truth, which initially called them, is drowned out by the teachings of men and eventually human voices in assumed authority and the long history of religious tradition are accepted in Truth’s place. When this occurs, the mind’s understanding of God is infused with the symbols and ideologies of human precepts. When the understanding of God is corrupted with human thought it can not convey the Life inherent in Truth’s perfection, and without Life there is no Living Light by which understanding’s proper reflection can be observed.

      In the darkness of corrupted understanding the mind is convinced God and its religion are one and therefore to advance beyond their religious precepts feels like abandoning God. Religion can be a snare because it convinces the mind to accept a false image of God as real, and any Truth spoken of God appears unreal and therefore easily rejected. Because many in religion consciously reject the light, as the world transitions to Truth by those who shine Living Light, they will initially believe the light is darkness, thinking it is evil and flee from it, prolonging their suffering as they stubbornly recede further into the darkness of their own creation.

      The proper image of God can only be reflected from the understanding an individualized mind receives through the ongoing contemplation of oneness. All religious teaching about God, though well intended, is rooted in the belief of the many and without the many their beliefs can not be sustained. It is therefore evident that the understanding of oneness can not be conveyed through the doctrine of many because oneness can not be understood from the perspective of separation. When the many attempt to provide an understanding of God, they can only do so through the assumed oneness of their common belief. This is not true oneness and the reason why the understanding religion offers is ultimately without Truth, and therefore without Life.

      The journey into Truth’s oneness is a solitary one, and it is for this reason that the path to Life is said to be narrow.

  2. i can tell u what a belief really is. all religions are wrong as they try to hijack the concepts behind BELIEF(as an example)(that doesnt mean that religion isnt part of our own psyche(and is still important)).

    what we tell ourselves we believe, are NOT BELIEFS. if i say i believe in thing one, and you believe instead of thing two, we may tend to use our HIJACKED concepts of belief, where we OPPOSE One another as our true belief(that holds so much disbelief) BIND us to the LOW END OF THE LAW(lucifer end)(the world turns against istelf) detour us away from TRUE UNDERSTANDING(FEEL).. .;.

    A TRUE BELIEF isnt what you tell yourself in MIND, but what you HOLD(outside of time) in HEART(what binds us to eachother).

    a TRUE BELIEF cannot be explained using words. and the ideas of beliefs are MUCH DEEPER..

    you can see every BELIEF you hold deep inside your heart through EVERY EVENT ON EARTH(where the devine comes in).

    Lets take FAITH as an example.
    most dont want to let themselves down, so its easier to HOLD ONTO A LIE(worship idols) rather than to let go of all you know(so you can see)(and know each name is within US(LOVE THY NEIBOR AS THYSELF))…

    THE DAY you realize that your identity isnt pinpointed, but expanse outward(elemental interaction) when you see I AM in the WORLD(you are the world), then your MIND changes(aligns with the HIGHER VIBRATIONS(recognize your creations(through the devine).

    even i am of your manifestation. i am what you created in me. not as one person, but everyone creates eachother..

    to see the ENEMY in the world, you give LIFE to self destruction, as the ENEMY is on the other side of your TRUE BELIEFS.(love thy neibor as thyself).

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