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As we awaken into the living thought-system, our mind no longer sits as judge by which its determines its own ideas about truth, but instead accepts Absolute Truth as it is. Our mind’s role, purpose and function completely change. It no longer seeks its own good through incessantly judging between right or wrong, and good or bad. Instead, it serves absolute Goodness by peacefully resting as an open door to the Divine Will.

In the thought-system of opposites (illusion) the mind perceives it is housed within a body exploring a reality separate from itself. It navigates reality by making judgments in an attempt to experience future moments that reflect its own concept of good. Because each moment contains the potential for a desirable or undesirable outcome, the mind never rests. It voraciously judges what is good or bad for its body, what is peace or pain for its emotional state, and what is right or wrong for its mental/spiritual world. Through this insatiable process it continually crafts its “own truth” (i.e. relative truth), which darkens its mind to the presence of Absolute Truth that is beyond all judgment, because it simply is and has no opposite.

As the sleeping mind judges, it’s unaware it energetically shapes reality according to these judgments. By believing in opposites, like good and bad, the mind manifests what it doesn’t desire because its belief makes it a viable potential. This belief system casts a shadow of fear over the mind, because any moment can take a turn for the worse. It also puts the mind in constant conflict within itself and with its reality, because though its trying to make “accurate” judgments, it continues to experience what it doesn’t desire. This thought-system produces errors, mistakes, and harm which results in emotional states of fear, regret, guilt, resentment, anger, retribution, self-pity, attack, complaining etc, which in turn creates more experiences prompting these destructive energies. By dwelling in such an unpredictable state, stress and anxiety overtake the mind as it attempts to make the right choice and avoid the wrong one.

The living thought-system is one of Absolute Goodness. There is nothing counter to divine attributes, which are immutable, timeless and ever-present. As our mind rests as an open gate to Truth’s Divine Will, we no longer make “bad decisions” or the “wrong choice”. The Divine Will works through our mind for the highest good of all, which fulfills our utmost desires. As our mind conveys Truth’s divine potentials into reality, it authors backstories to support the experience of the ever-present divine attributes. Being an extension of the Divine Will, our “choice” is always the right one. Our choices are no longer about making judgments but about honoring our desires, which have been purified by divine love. Every desire holds the perfect purpose it is divinely designed to accomplish. Therefore, we find peace in knowing whatever we do is perfectly governed. It’s incredible freedom. It creates emotional states of peace and divine love, and therefore an energetic atmosphere that manifests harmony, which leads to healing on all levels of our being.

The metamorphic shift from the thought-system of illusion to the living thought-system is accomplished by living faith. Living faith isn’t blindly accepting spiritualized symbols shrouded in mystery. This form of belief, without substance, has little impact on reality because the darkened beliefs based on outer appearances remain substantial and real and thus creatively active within our mind.

Living faith is the Presence of Absolute Truth (Living Light) actively dwelling in our mind. It energizes the living thought-system, which gives it outer expression. Living faith is the result of honoring Truth’s Living Voice as our source of Truth and not the outer realm of appearances. By attending to this inner Voice of revelatory and divine thought, the interlocking network of Truth is constructed in our mind, so that our beliefs reflect Absolute Truth despite still physically perceiving a reality crafted by faulty judgments. These purified beliefs enable the mind to create according to Truth and no longer outer appearances, carrying Truth’s living energy into reality.

As we make our way through the borderlands, living faith brings about the victory which overcomes the world. By it our mind functions according to the living thought-system, which shakes the illusionary reality’s foundation, leading to its dissolution. Because the mind creates what it believes, by possessing this substantial faith the mind gives Life energy to presently existing divine potentials which transition reality into Truth’s reflection.

Living faith serves absolute Goodness, filling the mind, feeling world and body/reality with Living Light (Spirit of God), which then brings forth divinely orchestrated and emergent present moments, and makes the inner Light and outer reality one harmonious whole.

For whatever is born of God (Living Presence of Absolute Truth) overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. ~ 1 John 5:4

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. ~ Hebrews 11:1

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “The Shaking

  1. My Sister Rachel who carries the banner of Perfect love High. There is great Joy in Purity and the image of being Born Again in the present certainty of Yah’s absolute Truth whiich cannot be other than it is. I always smile reading into the words that flow like living waters from a river of life directly from the Kingdom of Heaven;

    Sonne&Yael Ermoci

  2. the voice plays itself out through the whole world(source of divinity)…
    the spirit lives within the whole world as the world is made of time(spirit within)…(extension of BODY)…
    the I AM lives within the elements as we always are facing ourselves(borderland within earth)….
    Heaven and earth take up the same space. we SHAKE OFF the old, and make space for the new(within the eternal langauge).

    When we have faith, we make FOOTPRINTS….
    every event on earth is a footprint, and sometimes we become aware of what flows through us after an event has happened.

    the more people an Event affects is IMPORTANT for our consiousness to take note…

  3. My Spiritual Name is PROVE. (not proving, not proved, just PROVE)….
    do not ask me how i got my name, because it is still being created….

    to be SHAKEN out of death, and back into life, allows u to Consiously CREATE Events into the world, as u know the I AM in every event..
    again, my spiritual name is PROVE, and i have already proven to self through consiously manifesting…..

    im still lookin for those gifts that come out of each of u……
    to truly be awakened into the SPIRIT OF TRUTH aka ETERNAL HEART aka GREATEST I AM, your whole langauge will adjust…
    you have to allow others to bring out their creative self so that the ELEMENTS can bring ur spirit out as well…

  4. Your article is about…It is…better to be than it is just to know. This inner, outer world that we are experiencing is about teaching us all about the differences of being about self where we include or exclude others according to a desire to rule without knowing God’s will and direction for us. (That has already been established to be consummated as planned.) We cannot change God’s will by any inch of a degree, even though our self will opposes all that God is. We will all come to learn (in time), as it is written, it is better to obey. Love is obedience to a better way and the sooner we understand what this way is, we rest…from self.

    We are to think righteous judgment where what we think of others is only for their good, and if any judgement is given, it is only with prayer and compassion to see them go from our lower realm to His higher realm. Our judgement for all things must become no less than that of our Father, and of our Christ, that we may see the end of all being awakened to reality just as we see ourselves being awakened to the same light. We are to be thankful in all things…for all things bring us to our true awakened new creation. There are no negatives for the end do justify the means. When we “see” we see that it is all for our good. Our worst suffering teaches us our greatest blessings. God designs nothing about our true selves as a failure, for failure is in time and we shall leave time as we enter and awaken back into His presence. We did not come to “maybe” learn about His ways but to become. This becoming is from a promise He made to us that we shall become as He is. What will be will be, and we can change nothing to the outcome. We will be changed after what we came here to learn and experience. We come to a place of patience where we know as Job that when we come forth we will come forth as gold tried in the fire. So we endure all things unto the end of us,

  5. There are two words, yet they are the very same word on different levels. One is a shadow (law), the other is substance (spirit). One is outward symbol, the other in inward life.

  6. Your last sentence sums up the why of it all.

    “Living faith serves absolute Goodness, filling the mind, feeling world and body/reality with Living Light (Spirit of God), which then brings forth divinely orchestrated and emergent present moments, and makes the inner Light and outer reality one harmonious whole.”

    As I read again each word and phrase of your sharing, it connected to every thing that we should realize for our only purpose for being here, to learn by this experience what is good about this harmonious whole, where our inner and outer become one in thought and being, and as we each come to this individual oneness, we then become like members in the completeness in Christ, until this same oneness is established in “all.” Is this not the beauty of “the revelation” of the Christ within? I think it is. There is then nothing to doubt nor to persuade us otherwise. As Will likes to say, it is an “onward” progression. There is no looking back, regret nor loss in our gaining consciousness to the truth of which God is.

    I write these additional thoughts to encourage your readers to contemplate the depths of your words for more than these are words of wisdom and understanding of the inner reflection we should understand they do come from the indwelling word of which the outward word I described above can only desire to emulate. Writings like this can only be inspired from a simple desire to find and know God’s love. This knowing is being. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. So press “onward” to see only the good in all things, and we will become that good, without doubt. This is because our Father says this is His will for all to be so.

  7. The Fire Starters story reveals the manner in which the light of life shall enter the world.

    Recall that truth is life without expression, which can now be further understood to mean truth is the summation of life’s unexpressed potentials. We have also described “life” as the “light”, even the LIVING LIGHT, by which the mind’s inner vision recognizes truth. Therefore, we can rightfully consider that truth is living light without expression, containing every perfect potential for light’s expressed experience. When life is expressed, its light is experienced as a finite reflection of truth’s infinite potential.

    Looking carefully we notice two means by which living light can be recognized by the mind. First we see that the mind can “see” truth inwardly, prior to expression and therefore recognize light’s infinite potential via its inner senses. And secondly, the mind can experience light in reality, as a finite expression of its infinite potential.

    This was a revelation to the wanderers, for they realized that only the experience of fire would bring the comforts of light and warmth to all people, yet only a few needed to understand how to create this experience. They journeyed into the borderlands and up truth’s ascending staircase for one reason, to gain understanding of how to bring light to a world that had only known darkness. The people suffered only because they lacked understanding of how to bring forth the expression of potential that existed all around them.

    The wanderers knew that if they understood the truth of fire’s nature, they would be able to see its potential hidden in the darkness, from which they could create fire’s experience and awaken the world. It was by the understanding of the few that the reality of fire was freely given to all. And in this revelation the wanderers became a gate for the living light, saving the world from darkness.

    You are one of these wanderers, if your heart is so inclined, making the difficult way inward to gain the understanding of life. And if you are so called, you do not make the journey as a separate self, but that you may gain the understanding needed to give life to all. The world sleeps in darkness only because life remains a mystery. For this reason they can not experience the light of its truth. But for you who walk the ascending staircase leading to life, desiring to give to all what you find, without condition, it will be granted you the understanding to bring about the experience of its light.

    • There is no mystery in truth. Although it may initially appear mysterious, when truth is known it is always with full understanding. This can be a confusing concept for a finite mind which does not yet understand its true nature as an “infinite-finite”, which is to say a mind that is ever-expanding. As we begin our way into the truth of life, it is tempting to believe you already have understanding. This is a finite thought and therefore not true. Truth is infinite because its understanding can be forever explored more deeply, and it is for this reason that the mind eternally expands.

      It has been said that if anyone knows anything, he knows nothing as he ought to know it. Before we can move forward, we must understand the meaning of this cryptic saying. Initially it seems to imply that knowing anything in truth is impossible, for it appears that whatever is known is never known correctly. How then could the truth of life ever be known? And if nothing can be known truthfully, does this mean that our journey into life is over before it even begins? The answer is yes. And no.

      It has also been said that few find the path that leads to life and the reason for this is singular – it is hidden in mystery. Recall that there is no mystery in truth, and therefore the living light of truth can not be found in the darkness of mystery. Therefore, if one accepts that God, the mind’s highest possible thought of life, is a mystery, the way to life remains hidden and the truth of life cannot grow in the mind’s awareness.

      However, when the soul begins to stir and the awakening mind begins to hunger and thirst for truth, they will discover the way is blocked by a gate that can only be opened in the proper understanding of truth’s riddle. Thus there are many who desire to know God in truth, yet stand outside the gate unable to pass through because they do not comprehend truth’s mystery. To state this plainly, it is impossible to comprehend the truth of life so long as the mind believes the truth of God is a mystery.

      How then might we understand the meaning of Truth’s riddle that we may pass on, through the gate and begin our journey into life?

      Imagine now a guard, who standing before the path that leads to the knowledge of life declares to you that the way is futile, for it is clouded in mystery. You might declare, “What do you mean, sir? I desire to know of God and the meaning of life, and this is the only way in which I can gain the knowledge I seek.”

      The guard would then reply, “This is quite well and noble, however whatever knowledge you will gain along the way will not be understood correctly, and therefore what you thought to gain will be lost. The way is narrow and difficult, and there is no one there to help you in your understanding. Since it is quite impossible to know anything as you ought to know it, you will not gain the knowledge you seek and will lose your way and become lost. Therefore, for your own protection, I can not let you pass.”

    • With these words the many who approach the gate are turned away saying, “The guard speaks wisely, for the truth of God is clouded in mystery. Who can know it? It was arrogant to think we could ever understand the mind of God. Let us return to our homes and honor God as a great mystery beyond comprehension”. And with this the many happily turned back, believing the guard performed a great service by protecting them from inevitable deception.

      The crowd dispersed, leaving you alone with the guard.

      “Why do you remain?”, the guard might then say to you. “Have I not told you that the way to life is futile, for you can not know anything as you ought to know it. If you set off to seek the truth, you shall become confused in your understanding and will surely lose your way. Return to your home like the others and accept the most high God as a great mystery beyond understanding and you shall therefore not be deceived.”

      “My good sir”, you might reply in return, “you have given wise counsel when you say I can not know the truth as I ought to know it, for truth is infinite in its depth and its meaning remains forever beyond the limits of my finite understanding. Yet you have also erred in saying that for this reason I shall lose my way and become deceived in my understanding, for this is quite impossible. There is no mystery in truth and its path is like an endless staircase that leads into ever-increasing understanding.”

      “One does not ascend three stairs at a time, or even two, but only after understanding what truth has revealed does the next stair appear. And it is only in this way of understanding, step by step, layer by layer, precept by precept does one move along the path that leads to life.”

      “So you see, sir, it is impossible to get lost, for I ascend a staircase and it is truth that reveals the next step. Therefore when you say I can not know truth as I ought to know it, it does not mean truth can not be known and I must therefore put my faith in a mystery. Far from it! It means that no matter how much my mind has increased in the awareness of truth, there shall always be infinitely more steps ahead of me. Thus whatever I know, and no matter how much my knowledge has increased, I am always at the beginning of an infinite path, for the way to life is eternally increasing understanding.”

      Upon hearing your words the guard stepped aside saying, “You have understood that nature of truth and answered wisely, for one can never get lost along the way that leads to life because it is not a path you must discover, but rather ever-increasing understanding created in the awareness of truth’s living light. Pass through the gate and enter into the joy of eternal life, the very presence of God.”

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