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The Regenerating Life


The Regenerating Life


Out of the depths, the Oneness that always was, encounters the mind of the soul.

Hidden beneath the thick vapor of the self-directed mind, the oneness shared between the soul and its Creator resides as the divine-self. As this Oneness begins to surface in the mind of the soul, the mirage of the false-self begins to fade and the soul awakens to a divinely directed life. As the divine consciousness becomes the soul’s conscience experience, the real that always was manifests.

The Creator expresses himself in Creation through the soul that is formed to be a conduit of his Spirit. Thus, the soul knows and experiences him through its divine-self and the projected reality this self creates. The Creator is the “I” of the soul. There is no separation between the soul’s existence and his eternal life, for without him there is no soul.

Awakening to the Divine-Self Within

As the soul lets go of its self-will, its divine-self rises to the surface from the depths where it remained hidden beneath the drama and noise of the false-self. In this awakening, the soul is renewed bit by bit as it throws off every self-directed thought as untrue. These false thoughts fall away like empty shells as they’ve been stripped of all their power held by belief and emotion. All the elements of the soul’s reality once created by these thoughts; its fabricated personality, contrived appearances, and its reality cloaked with the likeness of decay and death, begin to fade.

Thought is the mental substance of the consciousness. When the soul’s consciousness begins to shift from the self-determined consciousness to the divine, it experiences a change in its thoughts. Slowly the thought matter alters from coming from the former consciousness to coming from the latter.

As the soul begins to awaken to its divine-self, it realizes this self was always its true essence; and the rest was imagination. With this awareness, the soul perceives it’s an extension of the Creator and always has been; any separation was an illusion.

During this transitory period, the soul ceases to focus on outward appearances that were constructed by the false-self, for they are passing away. Instead the soul centers on and operates from the internal divine frameworks of truth that begin to renew its mind with transformative grace, which in time transforms its reality into an expressively divine one.

The Elixir of Regeneration

The energetic substance of the divine-self is divine love. The unconditional and regenerating aspect of this love is grace. As the divine-self and the Creator are totally one; the soul is his expressive medium into creation. Because abundant divine grace is the heart of the Creator, the divine-self desires to extend this grace to all as well. As the soul gives divine grace, it receives it from the Source; like a fountainhead. In this outpouring, the soul’s heart is transformed into an open gate of the Creator’s unconditional love.

Bound to the illusion of the false-self, the soul abided in the ramifications (compensation or judgment) of its erroneous thinking. Grace manifests the right inherent in every wrong, thus judgment (penalty for error) is swallowed up in divine love. As the soul desires to give the substance of grace to all others, it receives grace and this grace transitions every other mental element (the content of its consciousness) into a divine element. Grace covers all and brings the bounty of goodness out of everything. In the face of grace, no error matters because grace is all-consuming. It’s the elixir of healing, renewal and regeneration.

The rising of the divine-self is the rising of the Christ spirit within the soul; a spirit of abundant divine grace. All that will be is present in the now. The Spirit is in the present in all omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. It can’t be less than what it is. Thus, the soul awakens to what always was. As the soul gives thus receives grace, it rises to the Christ Spirit within; who was always within its midst.


When the soul begins to perceive the Kingdom of God (divine consciousness) within, the soul identifies the absolute sovereignty of the Creator that was, is and always will be. He was always “in charge”, and the self-directed will that he gave the soul to operate in was an offshoot of his own. Thus, all that the soul created through its self-will was within his divine providence.

Everything that occurred during the soul’s journey through the wilderness of the false-self was meaningful and within the governance of the Creator’s perfect orchestration, thus ultimately the Creator’s responsibility. In this profound understanding into the depths of divine love, the soul experiences a complete liberation from the ramifications of all error. The soul fully relinquishes to the Creator all responsibility that it took upon itself which created endless cycles of inferiority, shame, guilt, and fear. At this release, these four core drivers of the false-self are systematically absolved.

A Divine Will

“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples. As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.”

John 15:7-9

The will of the Creator that was once hidden beneath the vapor of the self-will rises to the top so that the prayer of the Christ, who is made manifest in the divine-self, is fulfilled; “Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven”.

Because the Creator’s will sovereignly governs the divine-self, as the divine-self asserts itself over the false-self, so does the Creator’s will over the self-will.

The Creator is beyond the soul and yet fully one with it as the divine-self. The soul is his body so that all he does is done through the soul in thought, belief, word and deed. Thus for grace to flow or any other character of the Creator, it must flow through the soul. This means the soul comes to desire the abundance of his divine attributes and nothing self-contrived.

Thus, the “Kingdom of God” (the divine consciousness) comes through the soul; again in thought, belief, word and deed. Once the soul forsakes the false-self thus all its strength found in its self-will, then the divine-self begins to rise and shine to bring forth the Kingdom.

As the Kingdom comes, the divine will is no longer a passive component but an active one to the consciousness of the soul. In this exchange of will-power, the soul is no longer a slave to the self-will, but free by the governance of the divine will.

In this flip, all is turned upside down and inside out as all is made wholly divine through grace. It’s a rise from weakness to true power. As the soul abides in the divine consciousness, divine truths manifest through the risen divine-self. The beauty and bounty of the divine attributes expressed through those truths bloom up in and around the soul casting a reflection of the Creator’s love. Where the soul came to know its unconquerable weaknesses; with this shift of wills, it operates by the one and true power found in divine love. The soul’s hunger and thirst to perfectly love that caused it to give up all for love is finally fulfilled with each moment growing more and more glorious.

This victory already exists in this present moment; as all was finished from the beginning. As the soul awakens to the truth of this victory (faith) found in the depths of its divine self (the manifestation of the internal Christ); the faith begins to manifest the victory through the grace inherent in the Christ.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

17 thoughts on “The Regenerating Life

  1. Awesome! Praise God!

  2. rachel and my family this man of god is awesome plz check him out

  3. love you rachel your passion is absolutely in gods love you indeed are a godsend to humanity and the pure work of the godspel amen

    • Thank you for your kind words … I’ve learned that the grace one person grows and works in affects the whole. It’s a beautiful truth when you think of all those who have walked the journey of the soul.

  4. the love of god is indeed the light of the soul singing the song celestial i am that i am in vibrations only heard by the pure in heart .

  5. Hello Rachel:

    To know how we are made, and why we are made spirit, soul and body is an awakening we learn to adore and appreciate. The understanding of the temple and how it functions and operates and how the compartments interrelate with one other explains our purpose for being here in this valley. The temple Moses built was a replica of you and I ( the true temple) and how it functioned in the natural, we are to function in the spiritual temple in which we are, so we study to know the natural temple and its workings so that we may understand the true spiritual temple which is in us.

    The study of the spirit and the soul is fascinating and learning all the allegories that help to reveal the workings of each is also a wonderful work. The steadfast spiritual husband and the wafaring soulful wife is depicted throughout the scriptures as a battle for the soul. As Hosea loved His disobedient wife, he remained steadfast until she came to her senses and turned away from the other men (flesh) and returned to him as our own soul will learn the error of her ways and return from minding the things of the flesh to the things of the spirit. Oh, that our spirit and soul may become as one never to part again. So it is a journey of the soul for the spirit once “He” receives his other half back again will find peace. It is a fascinating study and more so an experience and even more so…a happening.

    • Hi Sonny — yes indeed.. there is much to learn from the many analogies that surround us (including the ones in the Bible). I believe there are so many different analogies that speak to the same relationship as they express different aspects, and different analogies speak to different people. The many analogies help us to perceive the spiritual realm that we may live from it and not the material. And that we may understand the real from the unreal.

      Our soul, the inner man (wo-man, wo-mb), had to endure a wilderness of darkness that it may be prepared as the perfect counterpart and vessel of the Spirit, the divine consciousness. Yet as we both know, true separation in divine love is impossible, so this experience of darkness has been but a dream, an alter form of consciousness for instructional purposes. Truly, we’ve always have been one with our Creator, as our divine self was shaped (in the womb) by the many many lessons that this simulated state provided. We’ve always have been connected to the divine consciousness, for it is and always will be sovereign in our lives. It’s like our divine self, our true self who is one with the Creator entered a virtual reality game to learn what it couldn’t in the real because there is no separation in the real. There is so much to learn … and as the Spirit instructs us from within, he takes us deeper into these understandings as we are ready to receive them. As I see how we learn differently, but in the end gain the same underlying understandings, I’m amazed by our Teacher who uses anything and everything to instruct us.

  6. rachel tell me what u think ?

    Eternal Youth

    The body grows old through negative thinking. Thought by thought the body assumes the vibrational reactions of every discord, every fear, every dismal, hateful, jealous, sorrowful, self-pitying idea harbored in the mind of man. Thoughts reveal their secrets on the open surface of the face and skin. From thoughts and emotions come the etchings of time as each line is engraved by the mis-use of the powers of one’s own thought. Wrinkles with all their ugly tracings write their own story upon the human countenance and form. Evil thoughts are the saboteurs of youth and beauty, and of life itself.

    There is no room for the ugliness of age, the negation of disease or the decay of death to take hold as long as one revels in the gift and blessing of life. And for such a one life becomes ever more abundant. As one rejoices and gives thanks for the divine, wondrous gift of life, his life forces will be increased instead of being diminished within him.

    Old age is no longer to be a thing of days or years. Age is a condition registered by though and mortal concepts. Old age is the backward look as it squanders the present. Old age holds to the ancient discordant hates and resentments, to the marred moments of anguish, the pains and sufferings and sorrows, keeping them forever alive, as they become permanently engraved into the perfect smoothness of the skin. Age is but the etching on the face of memory’s anguished, hateful thoughts. Age is that backward look that clings to the mistakes and the sorrows and the griefs that were meant to pass away after their lesson was learned.

    Old age is an ugly thing. It is a false condition. Fortunes have been and are being spent to erase its ugly script from the faces of women (and man). They may have their faces “lifted” by painful, intricate, expensive operations that leave a greater weakness for those muscles to sag into the rhythm of their established thinking patterns.

    The only permanent “lifting”, which is not contrary to natural laws, is the uplifting of one’s own thoughts. As one learns to think only the most beautiful things possible, holding himself in the joyous vibrating existence of that ever present, glorious NOW, the realm of the soul, his face will be lifted to correspond with this thoughts.

    The ancient engravings may not be changed in a day. It took years to establish that distorted pattern known as “AGE”. But it can be changed thought by thought as all negation is overcome through exalted thinking habits. Wrinkles are but the dried excrements of the mind. And as the wonderful revealer of the Odes of Solomon wrote in his thirteenth Ode: ‘Tell forth praise to His Spirit: and wipe off the filth from your face: and love his holiness, and clothe yourself therewith.”

    As one lets only love and kindness pour forth from his heart and his mind he learns to hold himself in the great stream of God’s concentrated love and will receive the life more abundant and will be restored to beauty, both of form and feature.

    Love is Life! One can become that love as he permits it to flow out through his being to enfold the world and every living thing upon it. In this outpouring love one’s own soul is the first to receive of its healing, maturing, glorifying powers of renewal and quickening. Next the physical body will be enhanced as one is rewarded openly for his own inner communion. Then it is that this love, in expanding and increasing grandeur and power, will flow out through his heart to help heal and bless a world.

    The love of God holds within its potential powers the power to “lift” and exalt not only one’s face but every condition. This love is brought forth through man’s own thinking and “feeling” vibrations and activities. As one’s thinking is exalted the face will be lifted to assume the loveliness and beauty of his thoughts.

    As one steps into the “Life More Abundant”, by his exalted vision, the lower laws of mortal, negative thinking will be replaced by the love and power of divine thinking. The body will become the holy instrument through which the soul operates as the love of God is released in ever increasing beauty to fill the entire being of man. Then the whole body becomes enhanced, beautified, invigorated, renewed and glorified. The physical part of man, the mortal flesh, assumes the powers of the Spirit as he becomes alive to “STAND FORTH’ in the power of God – to be fulfilled! This is man’s destiny and his true heritage.

    As one travels this higher road of light he will soon realize that he is traveling in the Spirit. He has left the heavy task-master behind, mammon. The very earth has lost all hold upon him. He is free! Forever and forever abundantly, beautifully free! It is then one realizes that never again can he relapse or return to the caverned, dismal darkness of mortal thinking and existing. He has learned to think only the most beautiful things possible and has thereby entered a realm of sheer, exquisite beauty, of joy and gladness and everlasting, increasing power. He is abiding in the life more abundant, vibrant, exotic, eternal!

    • Very interesting read … and it’s very similar to what I have learned from the Spirit. So thank you so much for sharing. Decay (aging) and death are the outward manifestations of the self-directed consciousness; that is plagued with many thoughts and emotions contrary to divine love, thus the outside decays along with the inside — for all is connected. What happens within happens without. When I think of this dynamic I’m reminded of the verse:

      Job 33:25-26 “His flesh shall be young like a child’s,
      He shall return to the days of his youth.He shall pray to God, and He will delight in him, He shall see His face with joy,
      For He restores to man His righteousness.”

      Thus, when we possess the divine consciousness, thus a new creation, we regenerate from the soul outward.

      Jesus Christ was fully directed by the divine consciousness, thus his energy was of love’s vibration – I believe this is what gave him the power to heal. Just today I was learning more deeply about love.. and especially it’s characteristic of grace that is truly healing of the soul and when you heal and renew the soul the exterior follows. Regeneration of the body (the reverse of aging) is also a form of healing .. and I feel it is divine love that manifests this regeneration .. again particularly its characteristic of grace. Beautiful and powerful.

      I also agree about how when you give divine love and grace then you receive it … another element I was learning on a deeper level today, so your sharing with me is very timely. Thus, as we desire another’s healing, thus extend to them abundant grace, then it also becomes our healing. It is an incredible reflection of our oneness with one another.

  7. superduper i am in awe amazing revelations of the schematics of divine love that you are so blessed to feed the called out ones to inter the pure grace of elohim wonder rachel you got it going on!!omg!!!!

  8. this is food for thought rachel Desire is the flame that will fulfill anything. Intensify your desires – intensify them until they burn as a fire within you, until the very flame reaches into eternity to gather from the universe the material necessary to fulfill them. Intense desire cuts the pattern from the spiritual realms and gather the material substance to fulfill the complete pattern, to make it a reality, tangible and true. Mere “likes” and “wants” are seldom realized. Wishing is not sufficient. But intense desire always carries with it the power of its own fulfillment, as the seed or life-germ carries with it the power to fulfill and bring forth the mature, perfect product of its existence. The time of the achieving of a desire will be based primarily upon the intensity you put into it. When it fills the soul, when the desire is so intense that other things do not matter, when it has thoroughly tested the patience, endurance and earnestness of the individual, then it will be granted. That desire will be fulfilled when it has been so intense that it is embedded into every cell and fiber of the being. If you can desire anything that badly, and it is a righteous desire, then you may have it.

    • Thank you for these words. I have written on desire … and how significant it is.. and your words once again struck me with the intensity of the work that desire plays. Truly I appreciate your sharing.

  9. rachel plz investigate this site when u can

    • Hi .. I’m exploring the site you gave me to really see where this is coming from: 1. the spirit of self-exaltation or 2. the spirit of God exalting our spirit — discerning the two can takes a comprehensive reading of someone’s thoughts, for the two can sound similar on the surface. But I’m going to read a bit of it. 🙂

    • Hi Amos, I read the first couple of chapters of her book from a sample of it on my Kindle … and then skimmed this website. Without having read it in totality, the author seems to introduce lots of good topics but just touching just the surface of them. So I can see how it would be useful to many just stepping into these ideas she presented.

      It is my belief that if you are feeling drawn to a book, there is something in it for you, for we are all at different places and different books speak to us at different times. With all books, when you trust to the Spirit to teach and lead you .. he can reveal the next steps of understanding through another’s words.

  10. thank you rachel, again you are absolutely right, its such a wonderful delight to be lead by the spirit of truth and to be super assured that the fullness of love of god is the final bestowal into the land of milk and honey ❤

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