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The Final Letting Go


The Final Letting Go


At the end of the soul’s journey through the wilderness, there is nothing left for the soul to hold onto. It lets go of everything with a divine trust, and in this letting go ushers in oneness.

The little soul has sought diligently through the wasteland. Though it has found unspeakable treasures of soul, they lay dormant until it’s awakened from its dream-state consciousness; an awakening brought by grace alone. In all its awareness of divine truth and love, it recognizes it can do nothing of itself. Just when it reaches the zenith of its understanding, it is consumed with the awareness of its deteriorating state as a self-directed soul. It loses its grasp on the final remnants of its self-directed personality. Every aspect of its self-directed manifestations is but of the shadow of death that will fade with the rising sun; thus the soul clings to nothing and faces an unparalleled emptiness.

What remains is a divine trust in the divine love (inherent in the oneness the soul has always possessed with the Creator), that will awaken it in the new day. Reaching this soul state, the soul knows it has come to its end. For in it, its seeking ceases and the soul lies down in rest.

In this final letting go, the little soul completely releases all it has been. It controls nothing and wills nothing; as the Spirit has removed it of all its self-determination. All that lingers is the ethereal divine desire, gratitude, faith and trust that assures the soul that all is in the Creator’s hand because it always has been. In this, it enters a soul state of complete surrender to its Creator. Every soul element, thought, aspect of its being and spirit bows down in complete acquiescence. As all the soul once was comes to an end, it feels like “death”. But this death is a death to death. It’s the death that ushers in everlasting life. At what moment this awakening will occur the soul cannot know for it isn’t the soul’s to manifest, but the divine consciousness that has governed the soul from the beginning.

All the highs and lows, all the victories and defeats, all the lessons taught and gained, lead to the final dissolution of the soul’s self-determined consciousness. Lying in its tomb, the soul rests in silence. It has walked its journey and has done what it was purposed to do. Now it waits for the inner rising son.

As it lies down in a seeming defeat, it knows defeat is impossible in oneness. It knows the only true defeat is the defeat of its self-directed will. Thus it rests in absolute trust that the words of life will awaken it to life everlasting; a sublime oneness where the shadow of death is no more.

In this silence, the soul embraces the insurmountable truth;

Be still – and KNOW – I AM – God.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

16 thoughts on “The Final Letting Go

  1. I am here also in this similar or I really just have to say the same way.
    Thank you. I have a plain calm over me. It is this. It is letting go. Now to witness. Exhale. I have been thru this transformation these two weeks.
    I’ll pray for all of our strength in faith that we settle into these gifts that everyone has inside. It feels so different. Love you and peace and God grace on the coming days. 💎

    • Hi Travis, I too have been going through a deep letting go … deeper than I have before over the past couple of weeks. And yes! … we are now to simply witness as we abide in our deep soul rest. To witness the beautiful handiwork of the Spirit of God in a way that is only possible in the soul state of being a witness. When we fully relinquish our will to His, His creative space expands in us so that He works through us in an all-consuming and thus powerful way. Truly to be as his child in our soul, is one of many of his eternal gifts to us.

  2. Rachel, So wonderfully said. Death to self definitely leads to a more abundant life in and with God. It is paramount to know that for us to die is also for us to live. As our will and “works of the flesh” die out and give place to the will of God they are simultaneously replaced by the very likeness and character of our Heavenly Father. We must decrease while He must increase…”within us.” I know, as you, so many people get confused when the scriptures seem so contradictory about living and dying. When we realize what part of us must die so that another part may live and “have life more abundantly” we are separating the chaff from the wheat and discarding the husk from the grain. What remains is the kernel of truth for we have removed which “was” necessary for growth no longer pertains. The husk, that hid the grain “until” it’s ripened state has been removed, is the flesh which provided the journey to ripen the kernel. Now when a person is ripe, and the “outer” fleshly covering has been removed what remains is the kernel of the spirit of truth. God can now gather His grain into His barn as the wind takes away the fleshly dying chaff which is never to return for the vanity which lies within the chaff is forever separated from the spirit.

    To be separated is to be united. Yes a seeming contradiction but we must understand what is discarded and what is to be saved. There are no contradictions with God, just our misunderstandings of what “is”.

    Over the many months that we have shared, bantered back and forth, about our own perspectives…”with respect” I have seen many join in with a healthy dialouge and some not so….but through it all, good does rise to the top when we stay the course and give in a spirit that desires, not ourselves, but love to be established in all we converse with. Without “conversation” (controversy) great is the mystery of Godliness the bible says….so we hope our giving of that that we have is for the good of all…I believe it is.

    • Hi Sonny, I believe too that all has been for the good of all, and how can it be anything else within the sovereignty of God. We have traversed many constructs of soul through our dialogue … and as we witness the dawning light, we see the perfection in all things … and all who have crossed our paths.

      Yes .. this letting go is the gaining of life … true life. Not the illusion of life painted by the world, but a life of the soul so that is passes to the other side of the “veil of death”. Thank you for your beautiful description for when you come to the awareness of these things you see that what once appeared as dark was always serving the light. All is perfect and this perfection is revealed in the perfect timing for each one of us.

  3. After the flash. I was lead to make this over 3 years ago. It is what it is. It tightens up my throat no matter how many times I look at it. I see something new every-time. I dedicate this to Rachel and for many reasons that stir the deep. Thank you.

    • Hi Travis,

      With the collage of overlaying images … I see how it was an expressively profound experience for you. Being an abstract work, I see how it can evoke new depths, and how it can speak different things to different people. Being the voice behind it, what as your emotional thought with the choice of sound underlining the images and your emotional response to it overall?

      • Good question. when this was edited together the time frame I wanted it to be in was 1 min 30 seconds. How these images came separately is a story within itself, but I had them all and could see before it was edited the story that was to be told. I just started flopping them into the timeline. I got them all in and edited and transitions done within 1:30 seconds. I was up for two1/2 days. Note I have been a pro editor for 12 years and I usually play back and watch but i didnt for some reason between the crossfades. Played it back and I was like OH NO! All the transitions were way to fast. Subliminal yes, but for normal, viewing no, For me it was about how layers went into each other. So, the I optically slowed it down and the sound did that gradual sound, No, not pleasing but it is what it is But the art was in the fades and content so I slowed it down. I am however using this piece in a way thats just heavenly soon. New type of style added within. I just left it that way for the long optically slowed down version. If you want to see and hear the original 130, just double click the youtube button, Its there called La tesla or something like that. Thats what the sound is normal. It fits. You will hear my voice and my friend saying.
        I remember now . Symbols of hope. I still really have not explained what it means to me. There iss so much. Its a story i think of all of us minus and plus. The original 130 for me actually is fun to watch after seeing the slow. It exposes what we dont see but really do without knowing we do. They are Identical videos. I am considering the sound the way it is on your blog taking it down because may be that sound does have a bad effect on people.

      • Hi .. deeply artistic Travis .. I learned so much from your explanation ..and seeing the other version. It is interesting seeing the two together. I see what you mean about slowing it down. Even the two together create an interesting dynamic about how we view our life. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rachel, I have to say as I contemplate on the relationship of the spirit and soul, I was drawn again to this sharing about it and the clarity which has manifested itself in it. I want to say for the benefit of all who read your blog that they do need to : “Be still – and KNOW – I AM – God.” Eluding to your closing remark. Our soul must learn to “be still” and let God do the work for He knows what to do to bring us to completion and we don’t and neither do we have the ability, we are His work. Just like a potter throws a lump of clay on the potters wheel and it is made this, we are in the mind of the master potter and we become “thus” according to Him and not of the lump. Once we have been formed of and in the image of God the clay is formed to resemble a likeness and a character of the potter Himself. Once this image has been brought to a point and the breath of life Has been breathed into it, this spirit of conciuoness is asked to “and know” which in this case means to “become” one with his maker.

    When this journey of the soul, that was started at this first “breathing” into the clay form, was began, this knowing was withheld from our soul…for awhile. This knowing began growing from it’s point of insertion into our body at our natural birth or at the point of breathing in to our “clay.” What we must understand to know and to grow in our clay is that our clay house is designed to “temple” the spirit and soul. We must be clear that at the point of our spirit being lowered into the realm of the clay…that at this point the spirt was divided into two parts. One was blinded, one was not so blinded. The weaker part was and is called the soul, the feminine part of us which is our “Eve.” So where we were one with God as was Adam as he walked with God in his oneness in the garden, Adam became spirit, soil, and the body of clay. This was a new beginning of a new man, a spirit which had no body, to now be worked into a “new creation man.”

    So a wilderness had to be created for the soul to journey through and this journey as depicted in the bible from Egypt to “the promised” land is our souls journey from the vanity of self (.Egypt the flesh) to the land flowing with milk and honey. Let us remember as in the natural so,it is in the spiritual. All the bible is, is but an explanation of our inner journey from the point of the clay to the manisfestaion of our oneness in Him. Our spirit at the conclusion of this journey through this wilderness of the valley of the shadow of death will have come full circle from the oneness “we had” with God in the garden (Adam is a type of our own individual spirit and his journey is our journey without deviation…and we must “know” this.

    We must understand the journey of the soul and it’s purpose and the love of God which is manifested through this process. We started in God’s love and we will end in God’s love, and neither the spirit nor the soul, which in reality are two parts of the same whole, will suffer any loss in reality but will gain ever so much more by having made this earthly journey. We, as Job, will receive a reward according to our willingness to give up our vanities for His spirit in likeness. Some 30, some 60, and some 100. We are discussing the complete journey into Job’s double portion achievement. Some will understand it and some will not but this is for God to decide and not us. We can only be still and “let” this mind be in us which “is” in Christ Jesus.

    A lot of our attention and discussion is about this subject of the spirit and soul as it should be for without this understanding of how we are made, and for what purpose, we are lost in a fog of confusion. As this clarity of the journey is manisfested to our inner being and as we “learn to share” in the right manner to and with others we also become more and more a part of the “I Am” for we will be no different from Him. This will happen when our soul has been reunited with her spirit after this journey’s completetion. Then we will “all” say “I Am”; because “He Is” and we will all rejoice in the salvation which awaits us all.

    Since we are talking about this journey, and it’s inevident conclusion for us all I would like to share a very personal circumstance that has just happened in my life and it is about one journey of a soul that was near and dear to me. I do not distinguish this as being any different from the life of any other and their own loss. On March 5, 2016, I lost my wife in a tragic accident, it was so sudden and without any warning. Although I was stunned at the suddenness of my loss, I have been at peace with it because I look at all the good we shared and the realization it was God’s time to carry her back to her beginning with Him. I have not allowed myself once to be selfish and want her back where I am for I know this portion of her completeness is accomplished. We can go to them but they cannot come to us. We must continue to love them and to love those who remain for this love cannot be divided and be less for one and more for another. We must love as God loves with no boundaries nor conditions placed. She left with a compassionate and forgiving nature that I witnessed to no greater extent in any other. She never talked about it nor told others how to live it, she just manisfested the traits without explanation. It was her time and I am happy for her as I should be. I miss her in my weakness of soul but am joyful in my strength of spirit.

    I have witnessed a conclusion to this journey to it’s end as far as my wife is concerned. I have been given an “extra” inner peace ( that I hope remains) that I hadn’t had before. It doesn’t allow me much grief, only understanding. It is a sweet calmness that I am grateful to God for and I only know that good will continue in the lives of those who remain here with us, whether one “knows” it or not. I am witnessing a clarity in God’s plan that I had not seen before even though I have been through numerous losses as such. There is something about a marriage relationship that is different from all others, there is a bond there that typifies that of the true marriage in reality, the one of our spirit and soul within. It takes time to grow and become as one (if we don’t give up) and weather all that God sends our way. I do not really feel as though I have lost anything as compared to what has been gained. We all must experience this passing so let us see the continued love of our Father in all we experience.. Let us be grateful and appreciative For what God “is” doing to complete us. We are in a time of a new awakening in this world and a trumpet is sounding. We are now living in the natural time line of the book of revelation. While it is a spiritual thing to the individual it is a natural timed event to the corporate man. Some are being prepared for this new beginning so let us encourage all to see and to live in reality. Let our soul become one again with her husband the spirit.

    May God bless all…in order


    Sorry so long

    • Hi Sonny,

      Thank you so much for your words this morning… even though I heard the message they contain from the Spirit (that I’ve been hearing these past weeks) … to hear them again from you today deeply nourishes my soul. To hear words of life from the Spirit is to know the truth … to hear them in your reality is to feel a deeper power to that truth, so thank you. For as our spiritual engagements are a part of us, so is our physical. It all flows and works together.

      Every experience that comes unexpected takes us deeper into a state of trust, letting go and thus putting our soul to rest so that the will of God can more completely consume us, which is the desired soul state. As you described with your beautiful wife, I felt with my beloved brother. Yet …as I was reading this similarity in our experience in your writing … I thought but how much more so in a marriage .. and then you shared your understandings within this very special relationship. Being the picture of our oneness with our Creator, the experiences marriage affords (whatever they may be) can take us very deep into our spiritual understandings, thus spiritual awakenings.

      Recently, I’ve been catapulted into new depths of letting go, surrender, and in it I feel the consuming nature of God’s will in my life, (that has always been there). Often it is unexpected or trying experiences that lead us into this place and once we are aware of their purpose, we see all is as it should be. God is taking us where we need to be to awake from our purposeful dream-state and into the New Day with him. This is our comfort through all we go through. All we encounter in our lives is serving to bring us fully into His presence in a way that is superior than where we first began in our “perfect” state in the Garden. Thus, in all things we can honestly rejoice and be grateful for because of what they are manifesting. I feel this gratitude in your words .. and what a beautiful honest offering to our Father. It inspires me. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. Desire love… And all your desires and dreams will come true. Learn….what love is….it includes the maturation of all. When we “see” this we are complete….

    It is this simple.

    • Hi Sonny, it is this simple .. and when we truly have this desire in all insincerity, the process to come to this truth from the inside out is soul journey of re-birth.

  6. another masterpiece in the process of growing in christ ,i love to keep it simple and short most of the time , once great and mighty faith has perfected the all consuming love of god , be still and know i am god becomes a monument for the world to behold in a twice born being of holiness.. DIVINITY IS A SACRED PROCESS IN THE DEPTHS OF THE HEART AND SOUL

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