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Manifesting Divine Energy


Manifesting Divine Energy


All my being (body, mind and soul) is yoked by divine energy that vibrates from the eternal Source of life within. It’s the vibration of vitality, regeneration, love, and eternal life.  

~ Awakened Divine Self

All is energy. Matter is the illusion. When we awaken to this higher plane of understanding, our understanding expands expotentially.

Energy’s vibrations are shaped by our state of consciousness. Our shadow-self (directed by a self-directed consciousness) exudes a low frequency energy that eventually breaks down (i.e., death) because of its disharmonious thought-forms. The Divine Self (directed by the divine consciousness) exudes divine energy that eternally expands (i.e., life) because of its harmonious thought-forms. This latter energy frequency is formed by the unhindered and unceasing divine love flowing between the Creator and the soul (in a giving and receiving relationship), and the soul and Creation (again in a giving and receiving relationship). These aren’t just ethereal thoughts I’m sharing, but the very genesis of eternal life. 

Various soul conditions manifest this divine energy within our mind, body and soul. Below I share four significant ones.

1. The soul’s singular desire to seek the “the Kingdom of Heaven”.

When the soul desires above all else to seek the reign of the divine consciousness in all of its being (“to seek the kingdom of heaven” and the Lord and Mastery of the Christ consciousness in the soul, mind and body), then the soul is awakened into a state of oneness. In this desire, the soul willingly lets go of all other contrary pursuits for this high calling so that the sublime oneness it possesses in the spiritual plane may manifest upon the plane of the senses. Through this union, divine energy manifests in the soul, mind and body which bring these three into life (immortality).

2. The soul singularly follows the Master Teacher within.

When the soul exalts the Master Teacher within (the Christ consciousness) as its foremost teacher then it is able to learn and grow in all the ways necessary to prepare its soul, mind and body for the expression of the Divine Self. The inner Teacher utilizes everything in the soul’s reality to instruct and teach, thus the soul is a student of all in humility and mindfulness. If the soul exalts anything or anyone outside of itself above this inner Teacher, it stifles the soul’s ability to gain and develop the necessary thought-forms required to express the Divine Self and manifest this higher energy of eternal life.

3. The soul’s release of the shadow-self.

The purpose of the shadow-self is to create an understanding of divine love; which is accomplished by the soul learning from all of the shadow-self’s “imperfections”. Once the purpose of the shadow-self is finished (signified by the soul’s consuming desire for divine love to motivate every desire, thought and action), then the shadow-self and its self-directed consciousness are consumed by the rising light of the Divine Self (divine consciousness) within. The shadow-self fades as the Divine Self finds expression in the mind and body through the portal of the prepared soul.

Because this transmutation occurs within the soul’s consciousness, the soul intimately experiences every gyration and “earthquake” of this letting go and renewal process. The soul enters a place of “non-being” (i.e., selflessness, emptiness) as all it once knew is stripped away and it awaits its new garments of divinity. It encounters the battle between the self-directed will and the divine will as one reign is usurped by another. It witnesses the victories of the sovereign Spirit as it makes its home in the soul.

During this metamorphosis, the lower frequency energy of the shadow-self is transmuted into the higher frequency of the Divine Self. This higher energy within the soul, mind and body brings forth immortality into all the soul’s being and expression (resurrection). Divine love can only be expressed by the Divine Self. Thus, as the Divine Self finds expression through the soul, mind and body so does divine love find expression in Creation. In its expression, divine energy flows into Creation.

4. The soul resurrects into the Divine Consciousness (Christ consciousness).

The soul engages the Christ consciousness through diligent meditation, prayer, and heeding the Spirit’s instruction until the divine consciousness becomes the soul’s permanent resident. As this higher consciousness lifts the soul, it lifts all of creation with it, for what is done in divine love is done for all.

 “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.” John 12:32

Once the soul awakens to this higher consciousness, the soul becomes filled with divine energy that flows into its mind and body, yoking the three in unity. The soul then ceases to function by the self-directed consciousness (which is bound to the plane of the senses), and instead operates from this higher dimension that is sovereign over the senses. Thus all of Creation is lifted into one harmonious whole with the Creator.

Divine love comes through the Divine Self. Its energy is the vibration that creates life (immortality) and awakens the soul from its dream and into the glorious eternal present of the eternal presence.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

13 thoughts on “Manifesting Divine Energy

  1. And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.” John 12:32

    Yes, we have to be drawn “up” from this earth also because He was lifted up by the Father to show us and to give to us this same lifting up…going from the soul realm to the spirit realm….or as you say going from the self consciousness to the divine consciousness. A lovely progression with a sweet expectation….because we know we will.

    Very good thoughts of becoming and being raised up into that “I AM”.

    • As you seek the “kingdom of heaven” you find what has always been and that it is always Today.

      • Yes we live in the now and now is any time within a life without end. How far back from our birth were we created in Spirit as was Adam? We have no recollection but whenever it was it was up until our birth, now through this life and on into life without end. So we have always lived in the now and always will. We have been interrupted by time, a fixed time here for awhile but as we lived in the now before and as we will live in the now when we leave this earth, we no doubt are still living in the now with a veiled face.

        We are living a life of illusion that tells us it is something other than what it truly is….and what is, is all good…eventually for all peoples.

  2. 🤔Um let’s see. Hmm. What catagory should I pick. Oh I see. Let’s go with. What’s the meaning of life for $144,000 pat and put the rest on a gift certificate. ❤️⚓️❤️. Word up!

    • Travis … so much resides in your comment 🙂 … So often the human soul gets caught up (trapped) in seeking purpose and “life” in the plane of the senses (material realm). True life, the manifested vibrations of joy, abundance and love, commences from a deeper and higher place in the spiritual plane, which brings true life to the expressions of the material. It is an ever-increasing blessing to hear the call to the higher state of being where this life eternal is manifested within and thus without.

  3. Your a blessing, and yes, thank you~

  4. i love you rachel and you do have wings i see them clearly amen ❤

    • Hi Amos, 🙂 What you perceive in me, in these words, is the Divine Self that is in us all and unites us all, which you can perceive because it is close at hand within you. The veil grows thin. My greatest desire is for this Divine Self to out-manifest into all of creation thus to clothe it in pure joy, the true joy – which is the reflection of the essence of our Creator and Father.

  5. thank you rachel. to be born of god is to be transformed by his perfect all consuming love and in turn we get the blessing to send it out to others to welcome them into the kingdom of gods redeeming glory of unspeakable joy amen

  6. Thank you for writing your thoughts down so beautifully, Rachel. I feel as though I have such a long way to go as I struggle with the letting go of my old self. Sometimes it feels as if I will be in this cocoon forever, but I know that is not the plan God has in store for me or any of us…hallelujah! It feels as though the veil is still so thick for me, but I want nothing more than for it to fade away. It is encouraging to see how far all of you are in your journey and understanding. And that it is ultimately my destiny since we will ALL be drawn up eventually…which is comforting beyond words, so thank you all for the encouragement. Speaking on the reality of the Divine energy, this one thing is for sure…when I turn away from my self consciousness, I often feel intense energy surges through my being that feel like liquid Divine Love pouring into my soul…surely this is Christ’s “living water” flowing through me and back out into the world. I imagine it is the true, real and tangible source of our unspeakable joy 🙂

    • Carmen – you reveal much wisdom and insight in your words and the Spirit of love shines brightly in you. 🙂

      I too have found this to be an intensive part of our soul formation; though there is a simplicity to its formation.

      Our transformation from the “shadow self” into the Divine Self (the real) occurs within our soul, mind, and emotions that out-manifests in our body and reality – thus it is an inner work that is very intense for us as all begins to shift and change. Once our soul is awakened by divine love- as yours is – then the inner transformation begins. And as it is a total renewal of our consciousness it is “quite the process” as I often say. However, this renewal is done for us by the divine consciousness working within to out-manifest the love we’ve come to singularly desire for all. Though it is his work in us, we feel the sensational experience of that process as our thoughts are renewed because it is occurring within our consciousness. Since it is the Spirit’s work in us, all we go through is in his perfect orchestration, which is a great comfort as at times we feel bombarded by contrary thought and it seems to take a long time to express what we know to be true.

      Because it is consciousness, “our part” is letting go of the thoughts the Spirit reveals as contrary to divine thought so divine love can out-manifest. We “cast off” each contrary thought as nothing and focus on the truth (all thoughts supportive of divine love as we have learned thus far). This renewal process is the Spirit at work in us crafting all we are to be as his individual expression. It’s a transformation that requires patience and endurance through the constant revealing of contrary thought. In this process, we have all the support of divine love that never fails. In truth, we are perfect in divine love already, this process is our growing awareness of this truth as our souls no longer need the “shadow self” to learn by.

      Your description of the “living waters” – is a beautiful one describing what I experience as well. When our consciousness is consumed with the divine consciousness, we are clothed in garments of eternal joy – the magnificent expression of the Spirit of God within and without.

    • Carmen, my mother says these words to me and I was like, you just have to.. Etc etc. It is a blessing to hear your words. As for my mom, I believe because of my spiritual immaturity in 2012 I set some kind of bar that my mom was just wanting to jump to. It was a mistake on my part but realizing now there are no mistakes. I came to understand when the bible read something like this. The ladies here no the exact verse and we have all heard this. Weep when they weep. At the time I thought I was the last one to get in on this. Turns out your own camp is that. And for reason. Just know because of where you feel you are comparatively to others and want some of that thing that hurts so good. Just love the others around you and the Lord will have out of nowhere someone ask you a question that is relative to where you are now and that experience of the past or present helps them. They are you. Thank God you weren’t so over joyed with what was happening to you that you blind yourself with the light and that beautiful soul in need not only still hurts but can cause someone other feelings that are counter to what we would want for them.
      I’m speaking from my experience. Also. I am not a writer and just start typing. Rachel had a YouTube channel and I gave my mother those in the very start of Rachel’s realtime reveal. Still have to say. Lol. She was like. Huh? I told her she just has to ask Jesus to search and clean the heart.
      That’s the deep stuff. Most people have a hard time doing that. The good news is. Do it all day. Nobody knows. Best therapy ever. Talk to Him about everything. Everything. Real time. Right now inside you.
      No hurry. We’re all in it for the long stretch we pray. This place is love.
      I’m not gonna look up and check this. Lol. Disc. . Just know it’s the intent. How your heart feels when you communicate is or listen or be still. It’s how your heart feels that tunes your thoughts. The signal will get clear. Just do it. It’s easier then lifting weights and dieting. I’m just repeating a watered down version of Rachel’s beautiful gift of communication. Lolol. I gave myself credit for watering down her words. Lolol it all gets funny as time goes on. You hit that place where you go. Ahahah. That’s why Jesus was laughing. The Lord Wow.
      I want to thank all of yiu here because just typing this made me feel so happy and connected. We are connected. Just think of that person you miss so much with all your heart. 📞⚡️❤️. Divine energy. 🙏🏼praise to the Lord, Jesus Christ~

  7. “Quite the process” indeed, my friend 🙂 Thank you Rachel

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