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The Resurrection of Joy

I wrote this July 30, 2013, yet never published it. I decided to publish it today.

The Resurrection of Joy


Our Father’s love returns us to our youthful glimmer.

Remember the carefree days of summer as a child? Lunging through the screen door and your mom telling you to slow down. Breathing in the fragrance of the freshly cut grass as the distant roar of a lawn mower filled your ears. Scaling up the tree in your front lawn, and reveling in your accomplishment. Wondering what you were going to do as your mind went swimming with possibilities, especially the possibility of swimming in your friend’s pool across the street. Oh, to be a child again.

What if we could live every moment in this youthful spirit? This gift of soul is one of many we experience as we move into the kingdom of our heavenly Father. To be under his governance of will is to be a soul of a youthful spirit like a child.

As the years pass, we “grow up” and lose our youthful spirit. Our self-made mind crafted in judgments, fears, and lack starts creating a different reality. We start judging ourselves in approving or disapproving ways. We enslave ourselves to unfulfilled expectations. We strive to achieve some likeness of “success” and “happiness”. At some point, we figure our wellbeing is up to us and we need to “take control”, so our striving and toiling begins and our youthful spirit ends. We may even strive to nourish our soul, but it seems to be like filling a bucket that has a hole in the bottom. We have moments of experiencing those carefree days, but what lingers beneath is the pending “realities of life” that keep the experience of a continual youthful glow beyond our reach.

Though those carefree days seem like the distant past, they actually are our birthright future. As we enter our Father’s realm, we become a child once again and our youthful spirit returns, though far more magnificent. And for those who didn’t experience the carefree delights of childhood, our Father is waiting to give you the childhood you never had, yet far better for he loves you perfectly, and his love is yours for eternity.

Our Father’s love is close as our next breath. Although his love is ever present, it feels beyond our reach, thus non-existent in our experiential reality. We may know it in faith, in fact so much so that we are overwhelmed by it at times. And I think he gives us these tastes of his love to keep us pushing forward on our journey. But the experiential reality of his love is fleeting. Thus, why we keep reminding ourselves of his love for us. This seesaw experience is because we know it through faith and not through a oneness with him. But, if we will continue on our journey into truth and divine love, we will find this oneness, because it is the desire of our Creator, our perfect Parent, and his will prevails. His love never fails.

Our Journey

We experience our soul-life either governed by the consciousness of humankind (limited consciousness lacking divine love) or the consciousness of our heavenly Father. When we are a part of the consciousness of humankind, the self-made mind (created by the self-directed will), governs our soul. When we are a part of the consciousness of our Father, the spirit-made mind (created by a God-directed will), governs our soul. We all start in the former and when we are ready, we start on the journey into a transformation of soul that transitions us into the latter. The choice is ours, once we realize we have a choice of course. While, our journey through the dark waters of the self-made mind is important (because it serves many purposes that enable us to be a child of his reflection), it’s not our final destination.

This process of soul development is expressed in many analogies: a narrow path through a narrow gate, the growth and birth of a baby, the seed in the soil, and a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. The imagery of these analogies reveals why we are here, how our soul transforms, and our journey into oneness with the Source of life. Though these messages surround us, they often remain unheard because of the distractions of this reality. These images that our Creator put into creation are to help us to understand the process that our soul goes through as we experience this reality of contrasts, then leave it, and be united to him once again.

When we come out on the other side, we are a soul of light. We are a “soulbaby” growing in the reflection of our heavenly Father. This new reflection shines from his essence (or consciousness) that now governs our every breath, thought, expression, experience, everything. We have come to the end of one soul state in order to begin another, which is dwelling in our Father’s kingdom where his will reigns our soul.

Upon entrance into his kingdom, one of the first differences we notice is the glimmer of a child-like youthfulness in our spirit. At first, we are a little apprehensive of this new experience. Coming out of the torrents of birth pangs, and struggling out of the cocoon, we are a little hesitant as we come out of the billowing waves and upon the shore of a new land; the land of the promised soul and oneness with our heavenly Father. Yet in our soul, it feels like we are returning to the days of our youth, yet far superior, for this youthful spirit is a gift flowing from the eternal embrace of the divine love of our heavenly Father.

The youthful spirit is dim at first, but continues as a steady glow ever increasing. Like the dawning day, it starts faint and continues to expand filling every crevice of our awareness. As the light dawns, the darkness fades. The lingering grogginess passes, and we realize we are in our Father’s home and his home is now in us. A new joy and delight begins to underscore our days. Self-judgments dissolve and constraints once felt by our soul are replaced with increasing comforts and freedoms of expression. Fears are exchanged for courage and anticipation. Striving and toiling are exchanged for creativity, passion, and play.

We exit the rule of the consciousness of humankind and enter the governance of our heavenly Father’s perfect love. The dark waters below become a memory as we are enraptured into the eternal embrace of his love. This embrace sends a wave of release through our soul and we realize that the sufferings of the lower realm, though necessary for our soul formation, pale in comparison to the glories that await us.

Out the screen door we go soaking in the fragrance of life. What will the day hold? Who knows, it doesn’t matter for it will be wonderful. Our Father is here, and all that he creates is glorious! He is now the driver, not us.

Aren’t we glad we never gave up along that narrow path but kept pushing to the end through that narrow gate and into his kingdom?


A Sacred Moment

A Sacred Moment:

A Flash of Divine Energy


The moment the expressive human soul receives the divine love energy of the Creator, thus his Spirit residing within this space and time dimension, it’s reflected in the reality as a flash of pure divine light. Our reality is a reflection or projection of our soul’s consciousness. What happens within happens without. Thus, when the divine energy enters our soul, it’s reflected in our reality.

Reflection of the Creator

Our Creator is beyond creation, but the moment he unites to our soul to form a oneness with the entire human soul, his divine energy enters creation, thus is reflected in creation. At this moment, we witness the phenomenon of divine energy that appears as a perfectly straight beam of pure white light crossing the sky from one end to the other; like a flash of lightening, yet perfect in form. In divine energy there is no randomness or scattering of light, so this expression of divine photons takes on a perfection of order and symmetry. It’s as if the sky opened for a moment to allow the Source of all Creation, which surrounds creation, to let in a drop of his divine living light.

Upon seeing this reflection in our reality, it returns substantive divine energy back into our perception and into our physical reality, which creates a “twinkling” in our eye. Though this divine light enters into the human soul in a singular present moment; it methodically illuminates the entire human soul until all is consumed by it; making what was dark, light.

A Divine Point of Origin

The human soul requires only one flash in one present moment of this divine light for it to ignite the soul to be transformed into the divine consciousness; thus put on incorruption. It’s a moment because the human soul is only able to receive this amount; anything more would energetically impair the human soul because of its pure intensity. It’s a moment because from one drop, one point, in our soul immortal harmony is created. It’s a drop because of where it connects to our soul; at our root, our point of origin, where we possess a sincere love exchange between our Creator and us, and where we extend love to others. It’s a drop at our point of origin, so that all that we are and do is governed by it. (Revelation 2:28 22:16)

This flash of light is the energetic vibration of our divine love exchange with our Creator being made manifest in our reality. In this our divine love no longer remains as an ethereal experience in our inner sacred chamber, but penetrates into our reality so that our physicality vibrates with this divine energy. This energy starts as a drop in our consciousness, and as it expands it reveals its glorious presence. In receiving this divine light, we begin to become fully one with the divine consciousness in soul, mind and body.

The root of divine love initially takes form in our inner sacred chamber as waves of potentials. In this sacred present moment as we observe the divine light in our reality, it becomes particles; divine photons. Upon observing it, our constructs of divinity that we gained from the path of enlightenment receive the energetic power they need to be activated in this reality, thus it leads to the regeneration of all our being. (1 Corinthians 15, Matthew 24:26-27)

Opening the Gates

Because all of reality is a projection of consciousness, this light from the Source is only observed through a soul state of oneness versus a soul state of progression.

The self-determined consciousness is created to advance through infinite levels of consciousness, like an ascending winding staircase. This ascension path is a never-ending progression toward the divine consciousness but not into it, because the Source, containing this divine consciousness, is always beyond creation; thus always beyond this self-generated consciousness. It’s like living in a darkened ever-expanding bubble that can never reach the light outside of it. Though through higher levels of awareness the soul becomes better at perceiving the light beyond it, the soul with a self-determined consciousness is always separated and creates separation. The human soul is one united consciousness, but because of its inherent darkened nature (created by its limited self-judgments) many levels of consciousness are created that cause divisions and separation. We experience this separation in the “disconnect” we feel with someone at a different spiritual level than us.

This infinite progression of a self-determined consciousness is the infinite chasm that lies between the Source, our Creator, and us. The divine consciousness exists outside of the self-determined consciousness, thus outside of all of creation. Yet enfolds it like a womb. Only by going through a metamorphosis of soul so that the soul sheds the self-determined consciousness for the divine consciousness can the soul become one with the divine consciousness.

In the advancement from one level of consciousness to another, the soul moves through spiritual doors or gates to the next level, this is the process of ascension. Unless all the doors are opened at once, symbolizing the end of progression and a state of oneness, it is impossible to receive the divine energy from the Source to the core of the soul because there is always another level of consciousness thus another closed door separating the advancing soul and the Source. Thus, this phenomenon of observing divine light isn’t possible.

To get to the Source, all the doors must be opened at the same time and opened from the beginning; thus in oneness, which is only possible by the Spirit of God. When a gateway or door is prepared by the Spirit of Truth within the soul, as I’ve described in my previous blogs, then the Source has a place to enter into the consciousness at the beginning of the self-determined consciousness, which is established in this dimension, so it can transform it from the inside out and thus all levels of consciousness in-between. Divine light has to enter into the bubble at its core or the beginning of the soul, thus it requires a gateway to enter into this realm; the tri-fold love exchange, then it can enter all.

As the divine energetic light enters the lowest realm or the core of the soul, it begins to transform the entire human soul by raising the overall vibration. The self-determined consciousness is usurped by the inflow of the divine consciousness (the highest energetic vibration raising the low vibrations), and brings the human soul into a state of oneness where there is no more separation. In this oneness, the Spirit of God fills all in all from beginning to end. When the self-determined consciousness is fully overthrown, there is no more separation. There is only the uniqueness of individuality at various levels of growth and expansion that is expressed in a harmonic whole.