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Manifesting a Divine Reflection

Manifesting a Divine Reflection

The Kingdom of God


Reality reflects the attributes that create it.

As the soul becomes united to the divine consciousness, its reflective reality begins to alter in beautiful and magnificent ways. As the soul is no longer self-determining anything, the divine attributes governed by the divine consciousness begin to methodically determine the soul’s expressions. The soul transitions from being a dormant and image bound creation into a living and divinely free creation.

Our reality assembles itself by conscious observation. Until we observe it, it remains waves of potential. In this simulated and projective nature of our reality, our state of consciousness determines what we see and our experience of reality. Thus to change our reality, our consciousness has to change, which is what Jesus Christ came preaching and teaching. The Kingdom of God, governance of the divine consciousness, comes from within. It comes through a change of spirit or consciousness (new birth), which alters the outward reflection or experiential reality, thus manifesting the Kingdom outwardly.

Formulation of Consciousness

Our core attributes defined by their relative truths that make up our soul’s foundation flow through seven expressive soul elementsThe unique combination of each element defines our particular expression in any moment. Assimilating in various qualities and proportions, they interpret and create our conscious experience and shape our reflective reality in a vast array of expressions.

  1. Judgment. Our evaluative capacity to make a decision.
  2. Time. Our perceptual location in the time and space dimension.
  3. Emotions. Our affective expression of our assimilated truths.
  4. Desires. Our creative intention or response to our current awareness.
  5. Words. Our cognitive expression of our assimilated truths.
  6. Perception. Our level of comprehension based on level of awareness.
  7. Will. Our internal combustion to create.

Depending on our soul’s foundation, these elements can be self-driven or divinely driven. A divine soul projects the fulfilled promise of immortality represented by the energetic vibration of the seven colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV).

Image Bound Creation

Images, physical or abstract, are a directive force in the self-determined consciousness’ creative process. Being image driven is why visioning or visualization is a popular technique in trying to change one’s life. However, within the self-determined consciousness, the soul is bound from creating the fullness of its desires. With a foundation of a lack of divine love and its corresponding attributes, the soul tries to create a reflective reality of desirable images; often images reflecting attributes counter to its foundational attributes. For example, it tries to create a loving family image out of a soul of fear and control, harmony in its relationships out of its disharmonious emotional expressions, and acceptance of self out of its inherent sense of rejection. So from the foundation of discordant attributes, the soul strives for the likeness of the “perfect” career, spouse, marriage, family, home life, lifestyle, physical appearance, and religious or spiritual appearance all defined by particular images that are pleasing to the soul. It doesn’t work. Though it may obtain aspects of the image, it experiences the attributes that manifested it; its discordant foundational attributes. To change the experiential reality, the foundational attributes have to change.

The experiential reality including the emotional atmosphere of the soul isn’t based on what the image seems to reflect or promise, but it’s based on how the soul goes about obtaining the image. Images themselves don’t produce the desired states that they appear to project. They are empty. There is nothing behind them; but the image itself and the soul’s desire for that image because of what it believes it will create in its life.

The experiential reality is crafted by the soul’s foundational attributes and what it does in pursuit of an image. As the self tries to gather a certain image from the world to be a part of its image, a “successful” career, often its emotional state is compromised; overworked, neglected, ignored, suppressed, withdrawn, dishonored, etc. The soul constantly forfeits its emotional wellbeing for obtainment of the images it desires. It’s driven by its core attributes of fear, control, false-judgment, conditional love, vindictiveness, anger, self-pity, self-righteousness, selfishness, and in the process of trying to obtain the image it creates its reality based on these attributes. Thus, the soul’s experiential reality contains these attributes, again whether it achieves aspects of the superficial image or not.

This outside in mentality creates a lifeless image-bound soul-life. This is why people can achieve the images and still feel empty. Thus, they pursue more images as the pursuit itself masks the void.

In this image mentality, the soul strives to connect to God through images. Through rituals, ceremonies, sacraments, and religious settings, the soul seeks a connection to God by obtaining the likeness of being connected to Him through manifesting images of what it thinks it means to be connect to God. Thus, the soul pursues the image of him, and in this illusion doesn’t possess the truth of him. This fundamental disconnect keeps the soul bound in darkness. When the soul seeks to know God in spirit and truth, it begins to step outside of this image bound mentality and finds the path of enlightenment, which begins its journey to becoming a divine soul.

Transforming Consciousness

During the soul’s transformation into a divine soul, the soul is led by the Spirit of Truth to let go of its empty images and to begin to live in faith from the divine attributes. This creates an undoing of its reality, because the soul built a life on images. As the soul lets go of the obtainment of the images and this manner of creating its reality, the images fall away as something far more glorious takes its place; a manifestation of the divine attributes.

Divinely Free Creation

The divine consciousness is driven and directed by the divine attributes (love, honor, compassion, humility, forgiveness, gentleness, integrity, equanimity, magnanimity, etc). Thus, the divine soul desires to express the divine attributes, versus obtaining some particular image, to fulfill its purpose and desires. It leaves the creation of its reflective reality to the Spirit’s craftsmanship through those attributes. The divine attributes are reflections of truth that manifest divine potentials in creation. The reflection or image is a by-product, not the driver. It grows out of the attributes. When a reality is created this way, it’s an abundant multi-dimensional living reality directed by the Spirit of God from within the soul. Because the soul isn’t determining the image or reflection but simply living by the attributes themselves, the soul becomes a witness to what the Spirit of God through the divine attributes manifests through its soul in its reflective reality, which creates a magnificent reflection of perfect cause in righteousness.

As the divine consciousness layers one moment of perfect cause upon another it creates ripple after ripple of harmony. This layering of each moment defined by the divine attributes manifests a beautifully rich and expansive experience of those divine attributes. Instead of possessing a lifeless two-dimensional likeness created by empty images, the soul experiences a living multi-dimensional divinely free reality. It’s infinite and limitless in its expressions as its governed by the Spirit of God.

In this the soul begins to interact with its reality in an authentic and living way. For example, when the soul creates by the divine attributes, it truly sees itself and others. In this perspective of light, it connects to others according to divine love. This transition feels like the heart opening up to be a fount of divine love. In this reality, the soul doesn’t have to sacrifice anything to get everything. The soul creates out of joy, harmony, divine love, and every magnificent divine attribute and this is what the soul experiences and its reality reflects.



Slave to Servant to Son

Slave to Servant to Son


As a soul acts in living faith, exchanges the elements of mortality for those of divinity, integrates into the Source of Life through divine gratitude, and experiences transformative grace, its metamorphosis into a son of divinity commences. Infused with the divine consciousness, the soul rises out of the depths and above its reality where it resides with God as a son of God, with all of creation supportive to its expansion.

Foundation of the Soul

The soul’s foundation determines and guides all its actions. It determines how it makes it choices and what choices it makes. The soul begins its journey with a foundation created by the self-determined consciousness; whose perceptions are defined by an absence of divine love. Attributes lacking this love create its foundation; unworthiness, fear, control, retribution, selfishness, pride, self-pity, etc. The soul is enslaved to these faulty characteristics and what grows out of them.

On the path of enlightenment, the soul learns this enslavement is for its instruction. The soul becomes a servant to its lessons and in this awareness advances toward a divine soul state. When its lessons are complete, it begins its transition into a son.

As the soul becomes rooted in the divine attributes, they govern all its choices; what is loving, honoring, right, true, and merciful, etc. When a soul’s foundation changes, everything changes. If it’s of the finite self-determined consciousness, the soul creates the absence of divinity, death. If it’s of the infinite divine consciousness, the soul creates in divine love, life.

Foundation to the Divine Soul Temple

Sparkling like brilliant liquid gems, the foundation of the divine soul is laid with the divine attributes. The Source of these attributes is in the realm of divinity. Thus, though the divine soul is in creation, it is no longer anchored in the finite realm of self-generated potentials, but in the limitless realm of divine potentials, which enables its eternal growth, thus divine sonship.

The framework of this foundation consists of the constructs of the divine attributes, which are knit into the soul by the Spirit of Truth along the path of enlightenment. When the establishment of the constructs is complete, they enable the Spirit, who contains the substance of those attributes, to join to the soul in a oneness, and infuse the seven soul elements with the energetic vibrations of the attributes to create a living divine soul. This divine light fills the divine soul awakening it to life; manifesting a son of God.

Transformation by Grace

As the divine consciousness meticulously infuses the soul, the soul’s present reflective reality becomes undone, quakes, crumbles, changes and transitions. All that was constructed by the self-determined consciousness falls away as the divine consciousness manifests its reflection through the soul; like a butterfly’s cocoon falling away. As everything becomes uprooted, the soul’s trust in the workings of the Spirit carry it through. Trust, like divine gratitude, creates a link from the soul to divinity upon which the Spirit can work and flow. It keeps the soul connected to divinity to bring it through the transition and to the other side of the infinite chasm.

The soul is no longer self-determining anything. So through this transition, trust becomes its mainstay as one reality fades and another takes its place. If the soul lacked this deep trust, it would revert to its prior false securities instead of pushing forward in living faith. This deep trust in the Spirit’s workmanship is crafted through the soul’s desert journey of enlightenment, where it learned to trust the leading of the Spirit of Truth above all. To trust what it doesn’t see but knows to be true above what it does see.

Through this shift from servant to son, the battles of the soul end. As part of the soul’s formation, it endlessly strived to alleviate or absolve its brokenness that created its inner and outward suffering, pain, hardship and disharmony. Rooted in the divine, the soul’s truth becomes an extension and reflection of absolute truth, which manifests immortal harmony. This harmony begins to renew the soul’s entire being and reflection from the inside out. Harmony can’t exist as long as a soul operates according to its relative truth based on its finite self-generated reality. But when a soul is anchored in the Source of Life beyond its creative reality, then it’s driven by absolute truth. Unity with divinity cultivates a stream of harmony in the soul and into its reflective reality. In this divinity, which is a state of being; being divine love of endless expressions, the soul enters its eternal rest.

Rooted in eternity allows the limitless divine potentials of immortal harmony to continuously flow through the soul and create a new reality. The soul becomes a glorious reflection of the eternal light.

Rising Above the Reality

As the soul rises above its reality, it’s longer a slave and servant to it. When the soul’s foundation is crafted out of self-determination it creates closed system on a faulty foundation, thus an endless loop of bondage for the soul. This closed system served to teach the soul many necessary truths, but it’s bondage nonetheless. When the Spirit dwells in the soul in oneness, then the soul rises outside its reality though still connected to it. In this pre-creative space of eternity, it becomes a master of its reality and all its components. Every element of creation begins to prosper the soul in righteousness because it’s now one with the Spirit of God, and all creation serves his spirit.

Perfect Cause in Righteousness

The soul begins to live in what was once impossible in its self-determined state; perfect cause in righteousness in every moment, which creates the eternal present. There is always perfect cause in the soul’s life, but it was perfect cause in error (in the dark). Everything the soul experienced brought it perfectly to its metamorphosis, but it experienced the pain of its choices and errors. In perfect cause in righteousness, the soul experiences the effects of righteousness, thus eternal growth, life and divine love and all the corresponding attributes. Moment by moment, as perfect cause layers upon the next perfect cause, the soul grows stronger and expands its righteous loving impact on creation. Every action past, present and future supports the present moment, thus time of the eternal present becomes supportive to the workings of the divine soul.

In the formulation of perfect cause in righteousness, the soul consistently chooses the perfect action through the Spirit working in oneness with it. It creates perfect cause that manifests the perfect ripples effects for all of creation. This infinity times infinity perfection of choice creates immortal harmony, the eternal present, and an ever-expanding divine soul state. The soul and its reality no longer decays as when it was subjected to the elements of death created by the errors of the self-determined consciousness. In oneness, it continually grows through the expansion of the divine attributes through its expressions.

In this foundation of divinity, the soul is rooted in eternity like a tree planted with its roots extending into the divine attributes beyond its reality, and it branches growing upward and manifesting its reality. It self-determines nothing, though it chooses anything. The soul experiences absolute freedom of choice because all its desires are aligned to the Source. Every possible choice flows from the realm of divinity into the soul, thus the soul can make no error. Free from self-determination and knit into the perfect cause of righteousness, the soul resides as a son of divinity and no longer a slave and servant of mortality. From this place above and beyond reality where creation serves the soul, the soul serves all creation in love as divine love seamlessly flows through it in a brilliant array of expressions.


Immortal Joy

Immortal Joy



Immortal joy comes through the immortal choice.

The immortal choice is to choose the unceasing experience of divine love, thus supreme joy. This choice manifests as our heavenly Father’s will absorbs our will, so that we are no longer governed by our self-determined will of our self-made mind.

Immortal joy is sustainable and increasing joy. It’s the summation of the experiences of a reality totally crafted by our Father’s will, which flows through us as if our own will.

Have you been to Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom? It’s a place of tremendous joy for children. It’s full of amazement, adventure, and delights, and everything is crafted specifically for their enjoyment. Every experience is created for them so they can freely partake of the wonderments, as they desire. So is our Father’s kingdom. His will creates all of our experiences and we freely partake of the insurmountable joy they bring.

Becoming Children of Immortal Joy

This mortal experience is the beginning of the creation of our individuality. Starting with a completely blank canvas, as we remember nothing of our origin, we begin our journey. Upon entrance, our will, which is our ability to choose, shapes and is shaped by the experiences of this mortal realm. This dynamic forms the constructs of our mind creating a self-made mind.

With a self-made mind, we experience a life separate from the governance of our Father’s will, thus a separation from divine love. This experience reveals the limitations and weaknesses of a self-directed will and the mind it creates. Because of the lack, this mind casts a shadow of darkness that encompasses us like the cloud following us wherever we go, like the character Pig Pen and his cloud. It taints what we see, how we see it, thus the choices we make. In the absence of divine love, we also have an absence of truth, and this lack governs the choices of our will so that we continue to experience a lack of our own creation.

Eventually, this lack causes us to seek and long for something more, different, better, or greater. At some point on our journey, we are drawn to our original Source through a sincere desire for perfect love and/or absolute truth. As our will starts to turn toward this Source, what governs our will starts to change. Truth and love start to transition our soul through the Spirit of truth and love emanating from our Father, our true Source. And this inner working starts to reshape our will, thus our mind into a spirit-mind.

As we continue to grow in truth and love, our will becomes absorbed into our Father’s will. This change refashions our mind in truth and love, and in this transformation we experience divine love. We now know what is of this love and what isn’t, so that we willing and freely choose this love, which entails our will being absorbed into our Father’s perfect will. With this choice, our individuality starts to become completed. When our spirit-mind forms, our self-made mind fades until it becomes only a memory held within our spirit-mind. This severance from our self-made mind is when we experience the reality of a new birth of a soul of light, for all that we are is governed by the light. We will always have a free will; it’s a necessary part of our individuality and our ability to love. The difference is the source (Source) that directs our will.

As we become a soul of light, which leads to an oneness with our heavenly Father, our immortal joy begins to manifest. His will not only governs our intentional will, but all that is occurring within our reality. This sovereign reign puts us in a reality of immortal harmony as only he can create perfect cause leading to perfect effect, which leads to the next perfect cause. And as this domino effect continues, our reality expands through immortal harmony. This makes our reality, his reality, which is his kingdom; a kingdom of immortal joy.

Within our soul of light, his reign begins at our point of origin; the very beginning of all that we are. The point of our origin is also the origin of our will. In coming into the fullness as a child of God, through the coming forth (birth) of our soul of light, we gain his divine love as our new point of origin. Thus, we also gain a new point of origin for our will, his will. This is an incredible blessing and an absolutely beautiful reflection of our Father’s goodness toward us. Because it’s at our point of origin, we experience his will as our will. Therefore, there is no more error or stumbling around in the dark. The dark existed only to reveal and teach us about the light, and caused us to freely choose the light for all eternity, thus to give our will over to the complete governance of our Father. In this, we experience his will, which is always good and perfect, as our will. Now our individuality of will is coming out of a point of perfection, so all that follows is perfection. Because his governance feels like our will, we think, speak and act in our individuality in complete freedom. Within his absolute governance, our individuality is completed; for it is completed when his perfect love directs it. Thus, we become souls of light living love.

Our Father is soul, from which emanates his spirit. As soul, he enters and becomes a part of this creation through an oneness with our soul as he revealed in Christ Jesus. The oneness manifests as our will is absorbed into his will. This is how he, an invisible God, manifests in his creation. His kingdom come, his will be done. And this oneness sets us eternally free from a self-made mind, which though necessary becomes only a memory.

By taking governance of our free will as we freely give it, because we know what is love and what isn’t and our own limitations, is how he brings peace to earth and good will to humankind. His will is very good and creates peace, and through our oneness with him, we have the honor of experiencing a reality in which we serve as peacemakers as his reign flows through our will now immersed in his.

People fear losing their “freedoms” in “surrendering” to a Higher Power, but the opposite is true. We gain the freedom we always desired; the perfection expressions of our individuality, which can only occur in divine love. Our Father only wants us to experience a reality of perfect love, for this is the true purpose and expression of the soul, for the soul is created to give and receive love.

This exchange of wills, thus gaining a new mind which is governed by the inclinations of our perfect Father, quite literally places us in a new reality that is fashioned by our Father. His governance creates our experiences of peace, growth, harmony, and love that fill us with an immortal joy. And when all souls are in this oneness, our joy is complete. Supreme joy is found in oneness, oneness for all, so that God is all in all. This is his Magic Kingdom.

How many times have we heard this song? And how much more understanding do we have of its meaning, when we see how he comes through a connection of oneness with our soul.


Joy to the World , the Lord is come!

Let earth receive her King;

Let every heart prepare Him room,

And Heaven and nature sing,

And Heaven and nature sing,

And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.


Joy to the World, the Savior reigns!

Let men their songs employ;

While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains

Repeat the sounding joy,

Repeat the sounding joy,

Repeat, repeat, the sounding joy.


No more let sins and sorrows grow,

Nor thorns infest the ground;

He comes to make His blessings flow

Far as the curse is found,

Far as the curse is found,

Far as, far as, the curse is found.


He rules the world with truth and grace,

And makes the nations prove

The glories of His righteousness,

And wonders of His love,

And wonders of His love,

And wonders, wonders, of His love.