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The Anointing

Anointing = the possession of the subconsciousness by the divine consciousness (Christ consciousness). 

Our anointing is the inner work of our Creator. He is pouring himself into and through us, and into creation in order to manifest himself. Our anointing follows the preparatory work of our soul that creates a deep awareness of the nature of divine love that in turn creates an all-consuming desire to give this love to all always. This desire is authenticated within our soul by situations in which we previously withdrew our love but now we desire to be an outlet of divine love.

The anointing at this deep creative level of our being is experienced on the conscious level as stages of movement into a higher consciousness. We advance through these levels by A) receiving relevant instruction from the Spirit within, B) desiring to follow the instruction with all our being (desire creates an open door for the Spirit of God to work freely in us), and C) our circumstances providing a means to integrate the instructions into our consciousness.

Conscious Examples of the Anointing:

We become aware that every occurrence in our life serves the purpose of manifesting divine love by presenting us opportunities to give this love. Thus where we perceive a lack of divine love, we consciously exude it.

We exalt ALL in equanimity and as we do we lift all into this higher consciousness and exalt the Creator who is all in all.

We experience the methodical dissolution of the shadow self (become self-less) and all it has manifested (i.e., personalities, past and future imaginations, current reality, purposes, desires, expectations, limitations, etc.) as it is supplanted by the one Divine Self, which was hidden beneath our lower self. We desire to manifest the Divine Self and no longer a contrived separate self.

We cease to perceive life in separation and begin to see oneness in all things. Thus, we no longer consider our Creator as separate from us (or anything else), but an integral part of us as there is only one Divine consciousness that fills all in all.

We perceive that the creative power moves from within us out; thus all transformation and regeneration comes through our soul, which when self-less is an open door to the divine consciousness.

We perceive that through our connection to the divine consciousness we have access to all knowledge and wisdom. These flow into our awareness through the mechanisms of remembrance and intuition.

We constantly experience adjustments in our thoughts as our mind now serves the Christ consciousness and no longer the self-directed consciousness of the lower self. Thus, our decisions and actions change accordingly.

We creatively rise above the limitations of time and space into the realm of the eternal present.

These and many others are transitions we experience on a conscious level during our sacred anointing of the Spirit. As this eternal presence expands in our soul, we are delivered into the kingdom of the Christ consciousness and we become living expressions of divine truth and love.

Because the transition is happening in our consciousness (which is a creative mechanism), as we shift from one created reality to another we are constantly experiencing the sensational exchange from the land of illusions to the kingdom of the Christ consciousness. Thus we go through the mental gyrations of letting go of one and engaging of the other, which create struggles or battles in our mind and soul. As we are changing inwardly in our awareness, the residual outward manifestations of the lower self counter what we are experiencing inwardly, thus a battle is felt within our soul between what is within and what we perceive without.

To facilitate our transition, the Spirit instructs us to focus on the transformative nature of divine love and not on the world of senses. As we do, the creations of the lower self subside and the manifestations of the Divine Self find creative space to take form. During this transition, we are called to greater times of A) meditation, B) prayer in which the desires of our Creator are made manifest through his consciousness in us, C) reflective thought that opens up our conscious understanding to facilitate our transformation, and D) listening to the Spirit for instruction and counsel which guide us into the manifestation of the divine consciousness.

Though we experience these disruptions, the work is the Creator’s, for we are his perfect workmanship from beginning to end. However, as we’ve experienced the challenges of transformation, we also will experience the ever-expanding glories of eternal growth, and the latter far outweighs the former.

Divine gratitude (gratitude for the divine truth as known through the lens of divine love) is a significant tool in this transformation. Because this is the work of consciousness, what we focus on expands. When we are sincerely grateful for the elements of divinity that we perceive in truth and spirit, then those elements expand and become manifest in our reality; as the outer is a reflection of the inner. When this creative act is consistently done it facilitates the manifestation of the divine consciousness into our expressed reality.

This anointing is the manifestation of our soul as an eternal outlet to the Spirit of God. It creates an ever-expanding beauty, abundance, harmony, sublime oneness, divine love and joy that touches every part of creation from within us. It is the freedom and victory in all things for us and for all.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

27 thoughts on “The Anointing

  1. Appreciation:

    Rachel, as always one thought sparks another thought…so here is my affirmation of such a lovely and well written revealing of what is…so as you speak of divine gratitude…what else can we accomplish that is so missing in the soul ? So as I also see this as you……

    “Divine gratitude”… A readiness to show appreciation for that which is given to us. In the end of us is this not pretty much all that we are to learn and to accept from God as being a means to an end…the “end” of ourselves? As our beginning and end is chosen in and by God at our onset of our created moment…with all the likeness and abilities seen in the beginning as to that of our our end…what then are we here for in this learning of God’s progression and will for us? (For there is no will outside of God’s will that is permanent. Yes, we at given a “moment” of choice which last as long as our disobedience last to Him…but this will also be swallowed in the divine oneness of our Father.)

    This divine conciuoness and this soul consciousness is but two sides of the same coin. When the heads is up you know there is something on the other side just as we know from our awareness of God that in our darkened other side, we know once the other side is flipped to the light it will receive the same light that shows on the head side…or the side of God.

    So…our beginning and end is established in the likeness and character of God…so what is our “main” purpose for going through all of this progressive regeneration of the soul? It is my thought that we learn to exude all of the nature of God in the action of the spirit and soul…once as one…then as two…now to be reunited as one again, following the law of circularity. In this progressive “re”-union of the spirit and soul…we have learned to “see” and “know”… and therefore “become” more and more like our Father until we are swallowed completely up by and in the likeness of this oneness of God.

    By being separated from the love of God for a short season…we have learned one of the greatest attributes of receiving a most precious gift of the very life and substance in all of who God is…and that is an “appreciation” for what was, is and going to be done to give us a likeness and image “in us” of all the loving likeness and substance of our Father.

    If we were created with our completeness in mind and the assuredness that it will be accomplished what do we have in the end that we did not have in the beginning as Adam had before his fall and Job had before his enlightened testing and journey? It was an…………”appreciation”…………and an understanding that they nor we can have without having experienced what it would be like without the realization of just how good God has made it for us. To enjoy life with an appreciation for the gift of this same life exudes far more love for another than experiencing life without seeing what “giving” is all about.

    The scriptures talk a lot about “seeing” and ” knowing” from the perspective of our Father and His perspective of course is giving His all to us….so the greatest gift is in the giving….of that….we are given…again the law of circularity.

    The “one” love of God is the end of us “all”…for there is no one who will be left incomplete outside of this oneness of God…this one thought of the inclusiveness of “all” exudes an appreciation and love for our Father like no other thought can accomplish…because it includes the love of the “other”.

    An appreciation is in the knowing of a completeness as it truly is.

    I think my thoughts here are in perfect harmony with the end you so vividly see also…it’s always such a pleasure to connect in the depths of God’s allowed kindness…with such a respect…it is… a good and joyous thing.

    • Hi Sonny – It’s a wonderful truth you have expounded upon. This soul journey through the darkness (the other side) has afforded us a depth of awareness that without it we couldn’t have been the vessels of the Spirit of God because we would have lacked the necessary understanding of the depth, glory and praise of his divine nature. A significant part of love and his nature is appreciation as you state – this characteristic brings a fullness of joy which is the eternal song of our soul.

      In these understandings we perceive that a sublime oneness with our Creator and his nature couldn’t have been our experiential reality without this phase of our soul journey. In order to create us in his likeness of divine love, this journey was necessary, though temporary. And it finds its end when we find our all in him. Through an inner teaching of his Spirit to ours we learn these things … and share a similar vision and in that sharing our oneness is made manifest. How beautiful to share the glories of our Creator.

    • most excellent sonny you hit it on head the hammer of truth speaks thru you thanksgiving gratitude is the fire of the power of our creators wonder in full manefestation allowing creation to come forth in all of its living glory amen!!

    • Yes Sonny! Excellent. Gratitude. Anything less you can feel the energy being sucked right out of you. Also the line the want is. I love it.
      Let’s keep on keeping on. Love to ya and thru ya. Amazing ⚡️⚓️⚡️

  2. “For it pleased the Father that in Him all fullness should dwell. And through Him having made peace through the blood of His cross, it pleased the Father to reconcile all things to Himself through Him, whether the things on earth or the things in Heaven” (Colossians 1:19-20 MKJV).

    As we agree, it is done. We now accept Him, some 30, some 60, and some 100…so whatever our order and calling we “all” are complete. Such a wonderful thought and blessing to be allowed to see…us as He is. We will be a part of that wonderful “I am”.

    • This verse of Colossians 1:19 says it all in that it “does” please the Father to reconcile …..”all”…..things to Himself whether it is in heaven or on earth. ( on earth is a place…whereas heaven is a condition.)

      The fullness He talks about that is in Christ is the fullness which incorporates us all…”in Him”.

      To know our worst enemies and those who have done such evil atrocities are forgiven and will be made whole is a beautiful thought…none left but each doing as God allows and as His mercy covers. Yes even a murdering thug like Paul, full of vanity, pride and religious arrogance…a pompass ass to be certain…ahh but the love of God made Paul a best display of God’s forgiveness without any condition of how bad the sin is. People need to realize God created the sin just as the Saint and sinner for the sinner becomes the Saint.

      Sin is just an exercise toward the love of God, it is not a milestone for punishment or something that bars one from God. Sin is a stepping stone made up of experiences and mistakes we make….so that when we experience them and then we experience the very love of God…we really do appreciate the new found love because we have contrast. Sin only last as long as it is needed to bring us to our new day, the day ( or light ) of our Lord. This day is not a day of the week as one may assume, it is a new light, a new love, for light and love is God. So the day of the Lord is the light of the lord. A day without end which is the true sabbath. A day of light that we cease from our works for there is no work in the love of God, it just “is” as in the place of the “I Am” which we will all one day be as any other…in the great and endless love. A quick work indeed.

      • Sonny! So beautifully and powerfully stated. If all could receive the depth of what you have revealed in your words love would blossom in great strength. The false concepts of “sin” contrived by the self-directed mind (versus mind of the Spirit) have hidden the purpose of our errors. But as all is residing in perfect orchestration, so is the unfoldment of this understanding. When we share such words from the Spirit and by the Spirit, we are part of that unfoldment.

  3. hi all, i love of what I read. All of what was said is within a LANGUAGE of how I live LIFE. In our own continent of the world, THE FATHER is refered to in BIBLEs as ETERNAL I AM. the KNOWLEDGE presented is aligned with mine which I have at

    I am anointed to give the information of which I give. all I ask is to TRUST. you and I will connect through that trust in spirit(eternal) form.

    for it is pleased the ETERNAL that in HIM(greater COLLECTIVE I AM),all of LIFE should dwell. and through HIM, having GIVEN PEACE TO EACHOTHER, through the COLLECTIVE UNDERSTANDING(cross), it is pleased the ETERNAL SELF to reconcile ALL THINGS to US(man self) through us(eternal self).

    souls live in ALL OF LOGIC AND LIFE(earth shaped through the HUMAN AND ETERNAL HEART)

    again compare the logic of this stirringthedeep with deepandcrazy and see the connections.

    there are ETERNAL LAWS that are AUTOMATICALLY FOLLOWED. example. whatever logic you hold in HEART, you don’t judge become the logic, you also become everything attached to the logic. as the ETERNEL is the HIGHEST KNOWLEDGE(LOGIC) of which you LIVe..

    remember the physical world(through man senses), and HEAVEN(eternal world), take up the same space.

    the LOGIC of MIND AND HEART should always be aligned with the ETERNAL SELF. when you do, you recognize that we are ETERNAL BROTHERS(collective I AM).

    take care all

    • When we rise above the plane of the senses, the frameworks of understanding that our hearts and minds conceive in oneness are amazing in their beauty and perfection. Our journey entails growing into these greater levels of awareness of our oneness with our Creator and with each other (of which the spiritual laws reveal).

    • 101,

      There is much to be perceived in what you say and how you say it. Even though there may be a language barrier just as one may read many bibles about the same “I AM” one can find truth in any thing or in any interpretation, if truth is what they truly seek. In the scriptures it speaks of, if a person eats anything that is deadly it will not hurt them…etc….This is because if a person is seeking truth…which is…Love…which is God Himself, God will not allow any harm to damage this “intent” to seek toward that which is whole. This is not speaking of natural food predominately but anything one may consume through one’s intellect and mind. The intellect or ones ability to reason what truth is, can actually be a barrier to this same truth…for truth is not to be reasoned but to be accepted as it is presented. Love cannot be reasoned into us as Eve tried so hard to do…for love was already present and given from the tree of life. It is when we go beyond the free gift of life and reason from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, do we become misled, again as Eve…(which allegorically speaking is actually our own soul).

      We seek with our desire that is actually placed within us by our Father…which is to seek that which is of another, which is God through the Son. This seeking is not self serving in the least for this ultimate truth must be gained by seeking the welfare of another Just as God does to and for us. So…to harmonize with God we must seek to harmonize with each other…”as the Father is in the Son, and the Son in the Father…so likewise if we are in Christ we are one “in likeness and spirit) with the Father and the Son and with all that “is” in the great “I am”.

      While we are all looked at as complete individuals from the perspective of God…seeing our beginning from our end…we have been detoured into this valley of the shadow of death so to speak. It is not a bad thing at all…it is a journey, not as much of the spirit as it is of the soul…the feminine part of us, the weaker, blinded “woman” which is Eve in “our garden” within. I don’t want to get too technical here because knowledge as I see you perceive it to be, as I do, is not the end of us but this knowledge is only a means to an end. So we must seek the end and not the means to this end. Therefore knowledge is not the end we seek so we should not make it the idol many religions have made it to be. Knowledge is a map to a destination, however as good as knowledge may be, it is but the message and not the substance of which it only describes. When we seek only the means ( knowledge) without the end (spirit) we seek to impress, to adulate the flesh, to bring others to ourselves in our pride…which is sin.

      When we seek within the parameters God sets for us it is as He is, it is about “others” and not of oneself. We do not care to be recognized for the idol (knowledge) we just want to be one of many participants of God’s likeness and substance. Many want to claim the great “I Am” in concept only by understanding the “means” without seeing the whole picture of the whole plan of God. While it is good for one to seek the “I Am” for their life…these will never accomplish this stage or “state” until it is ” not” first about the “I” in the “I Am” but about the other for we must seek and see as God sees and do as He does as this is about bringing others to the “am” part of things…then they with us as we with Christ as Christ is with God…we all harmonize into this great being of the “I Am”.

      Even though God sees us as finished, seeing the beginning and end of us, we must be careful in claiming our finished state before we are finished for this misleads others in seeing the goal to the end as one possessing the “I Am” in the present. In God’s perspective He sees us in our finished state, as a cake half baked, but baked through and through we will be…for the heat will come that will finish us…no doubt.

      101, I perceive you understand pretty much, if not all of what I am sharing with you. I write this response to not only you but to some I have encountered recently that seemingly have read some of your thoughts (or like thoughts) on the “I Am” and was or is offended as to my response. If one is offended and lashes out they do not understand the “I Am” at all for to be in this “being” state; debate, arguing and taking offense is not being mature…however this is fine…for their cake will be turned to the other side also and they (as we) will be finished by letting the heat finish its work.

      We are not to critically judge another who tries to teach the “means” without the understanding of “the end” but we with patience must stand while these throw the darts (insults) back at us…this is because we have no choice but to stand in this adversity for if we move or abandon we are not of God but of self.

      If God says that He is with us even though we make our bed in hell…we must also come to the place where we are immovable as He is and be there for those who can only see the “I” in the “I Am”.
      The end of us is like the end of all others…so the shortest route to being complete in the “I Am” is when we seek the end and the love of the other…for this is the ultimate love…it is found in the giving…for all of who God is, is summed up in all that He is and does…That is to see “all” of us as He is…complete in this oneness we seek.

      It’s “all” good.

      Thanks for sharing, 101, I see English is not your first language but of the spirit we speak likewise.

      • yes hehe, i can tell ya what space and time is, but i will never understand the ENGISH vocabulary. i make tons of mistakes. but yes, in spirit, we are ONE(greater TRUST). sometimes we fall PREY to our own senses, we FORGET that we are ETERNAL(collectivy). the STATE between STATES is what i call a Frequency. this frequency is made up of much smaller frequencys. each consiousness level splits up, as each FREQUENCY becomes a LEVEL(within our deeper logic).

        sometimes what worked doesnt work anymore, and we are constantly SHIFTING as our FUTURE selves is always GUIDING US. our own I AM is on all sides of every frequency. and the result is LIFE(all opposing forces).

        the TRICK to GOD is to understand that your own I AM must be involved in order to LIVE in him. you cannot SEPERATE yourself and the GOD that f lows through you. to trust your GREATER I AM(ETERNAL SELF) is to recognize that the ONE is SHARED(eternally) rather than ONE as MAN…

        and yes, spiritually, we are ONE, so there is always a deeper communication between us, within the EVENTS we LIVE(in life)

    • “Let this mind be on you which is also in Christ Jesus” is the simplest meaning of the “Anointing.”

      To take on the likeness and attributes of our Father through His son which is our example and pattern to live by…we become the anointed…by the gradual process of the Anointing.

      What we are anointed with is the love of God that He has for all of His creation. When we take on the fullness of all
      that God is we are
      fully anointed. However it is a gradual process getting to the anointed state of completeion….”I Am” is the presence of God complete with no carnal baggage. So when the mind of Christ is fully developed “in us” we are then and only then a part of the all inclusive “I am”. A good thing to look toward.

    • I will take a look, thank you.

  4. I am just now seeing the title of your entry and am once again amazed by the timing of your writings as just this morning I was intrigued by the use of the word anointing and asking the Spirit it’s true meaning. I am looking so forward to finding a quiet moment tonight after I tuck my little ones in bed so that I might see what He has enlightened you with also 🙂

  5. I am experiencing and understanding everything you speak of, only I am at the toddler stage in my transformation. You all are obviously a lot further along in your ascension to the higher consciousness of the Divine Self than I. Just this past Spring, I came “outside of the camp” to get out from under all of the false and judgmental teachings in a church we had been attending for about 7 years. I had never felt so dead as when I was in that place. Now that I am out, what the Spirit had been teaching me while there and separate from the pastor’s teachings has multiplied by 1,000, including the Divine Love I feel for all people (which had already been planted, thus why I was suffering in that place). Interestingly, this past week I have had many people from that church come to me and ask me to come back saying that I was such a light there and that they all miss me (and my family) very much. I know that that light in me is the light of God’s Divine Love shining out through me and I struggle with the desire for those friends to feel that love and to not feel rejected by me because I cannot return to that place that is so dark to me. Also, several friends have lectured me about how it is my Christian obligation to worship with a group of believers, only of course, you and I know that they and I don’t believe the same things. I’m sure you all have experienced this and if any of you would like to share how you loved them through this, please do. Do you share your truths with them or just listen to them realizing that they too will some day come to the knowledge of the truth? I have no one to talk to about the REAL divine truths and love of God here where I live, so you are who I consider my “gathering” brothers and sisters and I would even say, elders. I would appreciate any thoughts or words of encouragement. Love to all, Carmen

    • Hi Carmen – I know we are chatting in a little bit but I thought I would share some of my experiences. Upon leaving organized religion I faced very similar questions and responses from within myself and those around me. I must admit that I didn’t know how to respond and clumsily navigated my way through it all – learning as I went. I was a bit overwhelmed with all I was beginning to perceive from within by the Spirit – for it was so different than what I had been taught in organized religion. And I had a lot to learn and still do 🙂
      Now I am grateful that I was a part of organized religion for it helps me to understand where others are at. And now, though full of the separate self in many ways, these organizations can serve as a stepping stone for many. Many get comfortable and stay, but those who hear the callings of love of the Christ within, will eventually progress into expressions of oneness.

      At first, my previous pew pals wanted to bring me into their understanding (the goal of most religions) and I wanted to bring them into mine (impassioned with truth – and little love) – both contained elements of resistance and control; which are two characteristics that aren’t part of divine love. I felt this in some of my relationships – which made it difficult.

      Later I learned that love is like a gentle fragrance that fills the room – it pours out from within us out in a constant and continuous flow from its eternal source to all always. It is unchanging. It waits patiently for souls to sense and embrace it. As it doesn’t force itself, it remains present and responsive for when a soul opens up to it. When we accept where others are on their journeys (because they are where they are to learn), then that love we extend allows them to grow from that place and into higher states of awareness of truth and love.

      So I learned to force nothing. Some friendships faded quickly, some lingered for a bit, and new ones formed with others from varying backgrounds, but whose passion was to grow in truth and love. I learned to meet them in a deeper place – not based on our religious beliefs, but based on the love I felt for them. I let the Spirit direct the conversations … without expectation or limitation.

      As we grow in the mindsets of oneness and love we find a deep connection with all. We learn to connect to the Divine Self within others as we perceive the self personality is a temporary expression to facilitate the eternal expression of the Divine Self.

      There is a lot to share on this topic … but this is a start.

      • Thank you for writing your insights down for me Rachel…I am just now seeing it 🙂 I treasure our interactions and the Divine flow of energy between us 🙂 Love to you, Carmen

    • i speak from the knowledge that flows through me(eternal). it is very simple to LOVE(being) them. Each person in existance comes from your BALLANCE of heart as you challange yourself to GROW. In your own HEART(which binds us as ONE), it is simpler to love those who are blind as they play out the BLIND in us. As YOU GROW, they will grow later. the ETERNAL plays out not only what we accept within ourselves, but from heart, that of which we REJECT in ourselves. It is our duty(as eternal BEINGS), to SEE LIFE in all(no matter good or bad). ETERNAL TRUST(in greater I AM) will allow us to align as we GROW(root) together….

  6. Rachel, When you posted this Saturday it came in at the moment of myself being over amazed and saturated with needed rest from the O so good. You could say that is an imbalance of the even flow. I knew it to. I only recognized it when your post came in and I read the first few lines and said. Oh Travis you need to stop and do nothing and think nothing at least for a day. Well that winds up being 10 minutes. Lol. You think your doing something to rest and bam in the rest is the amazing. Note to anyone. When you here the word amazing and it sounds like everything is just so peachy, just know that the word amazing has the full spectrum feelings. So everyday I went to open post and could not continue. The lord was saying, not yet I believe because I wasn’t read to solidify or contemplate the words coming thru you. Not because of the inability to understand them, but to really understand them which comes in the symphony of our lives in Our Holy Fathers timing. So here it is Monday and I have my coffee I had just gotten back from the beach on a nice bike ride with an open desire to feel His love thru people or nature or anything. What happens next. Good story. Ok back to the future. I’m reading your post. I love and trust what is within you. I think what’s coming now is this for you or all. Yes there is always more, ok I’m just gonna type what’s coming. This is is not what I thought I was gonna say. Yes this is more but what is more. It’s not linear it’s in and out and everywhere so it’s limitless. So even as I perceive your posts to be on a level that others don’t understand it’s because it is yet for them and I to understand. So the fact that you keep going and putting the word out there in physical form, it will be there for the next treasure hunters to find. Thank you for affirming that our Easter eggs are good Easter eggs. Pyrates. ❤️⚓️❤️

    Love Truth, Travis


    • Travis – your rhythmic expressions always contain contemplations of truth as you just let it flow :-). We receive truth when we are ready in two ways; when our soul-mind is stilled to listen and receive, and when our soul is at a maturity level of receiving its next building block. The Spirit is patient is waiting … and always there when we are open to receive the next piece. All of our learning is his perfect orchestration because all that we experience facilitates what and how we learn.

  7. The last comments I wrote of course are just an expression. This post and your words are so good that they are becoming simple for anyone to understand. We go on this journey to realize again the simplest thing is the hardest thing. Have a good day. Love


  8. Rachel, your perception is great. I am understanding it as my own is, to follow the commands of God, through desire to be pleasing to God, instead of legalistically-religious. To which, is the process of making us one with God. Each day, the concept becomes harder to accomplish.

    • Hi Eldon – yes.. As our desires become shaped by God so that his will may be done through us … they become significantly massive and extensive in what we desire to be accomplished in creation, and we realize that only the Spirit of God working through us can accomplish what he has given us the desire for – and that is his very intention.

  9. rock on beloved rachel ❤

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