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Awakened by Grace


Awakening the Divine Soul

By Grace


When the soul opens its sacred inner chamber through divine gratitude to the Spirit of Truth, the soul never knows what it will receive, for it always receives exactly what it needs and what it’s prepared for.

When the soul’s divine soul structure is ready for the divine consciousness, it receives the transformative work of divine grace. Divine grace is the regenerative energy that establishes the constructs of a divine soul within the soul, and when this work is complete, divine grace is the power that awakens it to life. This awakening is a transcendent period of regeneration, liberation, returning to innocence, and the beginning of righteousness governing perfect cause.

Exploring Grace

When we give grace to another, we pour love and forgiveness into a life that helps it to heal in a way it couldn’t without it. When the Creator pours his grace into us, we regenerate and our divine souls are awakened and manifested, which couldn’t occur without it. At it’s reception, this divine grace travels through us and into the souls around us uniting us into one harmonious entity.

Grace is the healing and regenerative power of love. It encapsulates the elements of love, compassion, forgiveness, and mercy. It’s given to a humble soul who has embraced its lesson in love, and is ready to heal and move forward on its spiritual path. It’s given when the soul is ready to give that same grace to others. And when it’s divine grace, thus all of its elements divine, it has a regenerative effect on the soul. Where there once was error, this grace heals and renews the soul bringing it into righteousness.

Any attribute; love, forgiveness, judgment, justice, gratitude, grace etc. can be known through the self-determined mind or through the eternal spirit mind. The former is of our self-generated understanding. The latter is of the Spirit of Truth’s craftsmanship within our soul. When these attributes are of the former, they are limited, finite, and succumb to error. But when they are of the latter, they possess the spirit of divinity in the likeness of the Creator.

Divine attributes are received from the Source when the soul is ready to receive them and willing to freely give them to all others and all of creation. Thus, before they are received anything that hinders them from being received or given is addressed by the Spirit of Truth. This is the soul’s journey through the wilderness that eventually brings the soul to the juxtaposition of realities, where it encounters divine grace to transition it into a divine soul state.

Awakening the Soul

When the soul lets go of its self-determined ways and exchanges them for faith in the ways of the divine; then it’s prepared to transition into a divine soul state. At its awakening, living faith carries the divine elements from the Source into the divinely constructed soul. As the soul walks in faith in divine love, its faith reaches into the Source, connects to it, and then pulls the divine elements back into its soul. Then the working of grace transitions those elements from faith into substance, until those divine elements are fully at one with the soul.

Beauty for Ashes

From my observer’s seat within my soul, a distinct delineation resides between the reflection of my self-determined soul and the vision of the divine soul forming within. What a twisted mess the self-determined consciousness is, and the reality it manifests. Yet, I’m filled with eternal gratitude for the perfection of his work in all these imperfections as he reveals them to me step by step.

Liberation from the soul’s self-determined ways comes through the working of divine grace, which is more than sufficient to conquer the afflictions that avail the soul. When the soul’s lessons from its temporary imperfections are complete, this grace makes all things divine. Only the Spirit of Truth knows when the temple of the divine soul is finished, so until then the soul’s trust resides in peace in his perfect workmanship.

Everything is purposeful and perfect. The Spirit gives the soul only what it needs to advance, nothing less and nothing more. Every personal circumstance conditions the soul for oneness. Through this process, mindful awareness enables the soul to advance toward a divine soul state; otherwise the soul remains stuck in a circuitous state and repeats the same circumstantial lessons over and over.

Though I see the purposefulness and even perfection in all these things, at times I tire of my self-determined reflection. The Spirit of Truth has formed an insatiable desire in my soul that can only be filled through oneness with the divine consciousness. As I draw closer to him, this desire increases and the increasing contrast of my frailties drapes my soul with a spirit of heaviness. Yet, even this spirit is purposeful in his profound love. Through the weightiness, he pours deeper revelations of his grace into my soul, and he beckons me to put down the weight of weakness and embrace the power of his grace, which in its perfect progression transforms every weakness. This workmanship belongs to him, and the liberation is for all. As I perceive grace’s power to transform my soul, the magnificence of his ways and the flawlessness of his love overwhelm me time and time again.

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always have all sufficiency in all things and may have an abundance for every good work (a work grounded in divine love). 2 Corinthians 9:8

In response, I willingly and joyously meet him at the altar so his all-consuming love may engulf all that isn’t of his character, which allows his reflection to shine through my soul. As what I created becomes ash, what he created arises from the ashes in a beauty of oneness. He fashioned my inner soul in grace, and as grace has its final work in transforming me into a divine soul, it accomplishes what I cannot as a self-determined soul; to cross the infinite chasm into a divine soul state of oneness.

This power of divine grace enters a soul; first, when it fully desires to completely reflect the divine attributes, which is a significant part of the soul journey. Second, when it humbly recognizes it can’t accomplish this on it’s own because of its current soul state. Third, when it fully lets go of self-determination. When these soul states are reached, then the soul is ready to receive transformative divine grace.

Upon this divine grace’s entrance into the soul, it experiences a heightened state of divine gratitude, the essence of praise. In this dawning light, every hunger, thirst, desire, hope and promise begins to be fulfilled. The soul’s perception of time alters as divine forgiveness, encapsulated in divine grace, transmutes the past, present and future bringing it into a harmonious expression of present perfect cause. The soul rises above time. And, as the soul encounters this incoming living light, the results of divine grace are experienced and the divine soul awakens to the internal eternal light.

This soul journey into a divine soul is as difficult as it is inspiring. There is no greater pursuit, and no pursuit will ask as much of the sojourning soul. Weaknesses grow continuously more prevalent, yet the purpose and restitution of them is magnificently inspiring. Thus, for a traveller on this path, the grace of the Creator is like the most brilliant indescribable gift. It’s the regenerative power that awakens the divine soul within.


To console those who mourn in Zion,
To give them beauty for ashes,
The oil of joy for mourning,
The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;
That they may be called trees of righteousness,
The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.” Isaiah 61:3

(A picture of the working of divine grace)


Abundant grace and peace to you.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

4 thoughts on “Awakened by Grace

  1. One love spurs another…

    As He pours Himself into us…little by little, precept upon precept we grow from “glory to glory” meaning we gradually become of the same mind, character and likeness of our Father which is in heaven. Many believe we must wait to leave this earth and meet Him off somewhere in a far off distant place to see Him as He is…but since heaven is a state of mind and being…we become as He as as He pours Himself into us and we grow in His likeness. “Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus” speaks not of the hereafter but now…as we receive Him. For those who believe they must wait…they will…however those who “see” that His love is at the pinnacle of our accomplishment…in Him…we will receive Him as we live out that which is worked into us in our present hour.

    You say:

    As I draw closer to him, this desire increases and the increasing contrast of my frailties drapes my soul with a spirit of heaviness. Yet, even this spirit is purposeful in his profound love. Through the weightiness, he pours deeper revelations of his grace into my soul, and he beckons me to put down the weight of weakness and embrace the power of his grace, which in its perfect progression transforms every weakness. This workmanship belongs to him, and the liberation is for all. As I perceive grace’s power to transform my soul, the magnificence of his ways and the flawlessness of his love overwhelm me time and time again.
    End quote.

    As we are brought down in our loyalty to the carnal, we are weakened, and feel helpless at times..which is an unspoken acknowledgement that as we “mourn” our existence is as “dust and ashes” ( in our carnal and saddened state) we concur with Him that as we suffer, our sufferage is our acknowledgement that we concur with Him that we had rather be somewhere than where we are…thus…”they that suffer with Him shall reign with Him. This reigning is reigning over our own carnality. When we are in mourning so to speak we are in fact wishing for a better life, a better way, not only for us but for all of our Father in heaven has planned. We want the suffering to end…for all…for when we truly want it for another even more than we do for ourselves…we see God and we see Hos plan of salvation for all…none left to suffer in some perpetual state. We will leave this “perpetual” state of fallenness when we leave the realm of selfishness when we can only see that we are better than others…when we should be thanking God that “but for the grace of God there go I.”

    This life is a learning experience of what it is like to not adhere to the rules set for “all” to follow. Not all will receive the same reward for as there is flesh ( terrestrial) different from another so is the celestial achievements different one from another…but rewards for all never the less.

    If we could all only see the love of God for all…we would never again condemn another…we would pray instead for the weakness we see in them… And know that one day they too will stand with us when all is complete. As it is in the natural we are not all of the same cultural and financial parity but we can all stand in the same love for the other…as it will be when we are all complete. The responsibilities may be different from one to the other but the same love will engulf us all. As money and status in this world has nothing to do with spiritual substance, it will be so also in heaven…a state of mind which is adherent to God regardless of the gifts…whether material or spiritual. Love is aside even from the gifts of the spirit for it says these gifts will cease also when they have accomplished their purpose.

    Let us not see our times of despair, despondent or depressed as ruinous or without hope but as an acknowledgement that we know something better awaits us for when we are “rightly” sad we are in truth only saying we desire something better and we will wait for it…so as we mourn the loss we are experiencing we are simultaneously joyously waiting with the spirit within a better “day”..the day of the Lord. This day is not a natural day…it is when we receive the true light of God where there is no more darkness, no more evil. It is when we are completely engulfed in Him.

    Spirit speaks unto spirit and when we see all complete, we see Him as He is. Yes grace is an abundant forgiveness from God which covers and a nulls all sin…in time.

    God is one to give us of His love where we fear no evil…because we see no evil outcome for any…for evil is only a means to an end…in Him and to…Him.

    When we see all as we see ourselves…we have exceeding joy. How can we have joy when we think we are worthy of forgiveness while another is not? This is…arrogance.

    • Hi Sonny, The things spoken here are beautifully magnificent for a soul to behold. As we grow in him as you say in your first paragraph, we are growing “behind the veil”. Thus, we can know the perfection of his workmanship within us, but it is only when the veil is lifted (our darkened perception being filled with light) as the new day dawns that we see his workmanship and that what it has created is radiant. We see that all our lives were sown in perfect cause for all led us to the perfection of our present moment of oneness with him. In seeing from this perspective of light, we see the glory he interwove into our lives because he was interweaving his truth and love into it through all we experienced. As the day dawns, our darken perceptions cease to exist and we begin to see according to his ways and perfection that fills us with eternal gratitude, joy, rest, and love, and this perception fosters the expansion of the incoming light. All our choices, which flow from a divine love, are met with his divine grace creating perfect effect and our experience of the dawning new day.

      These past few days, little by little, I’m seeing differently, as if no longer behind the veil. It’s incredible and overwhelming at the magnitude of our Father’s perfection, workmanship, and love. What a gift we’ve been given.

      Your insight on “they that suffer with Him shall reign with Him” is true and powerful. In him, we reign over our reality, because it is his spirit in us reigning, instead of it reigning over us, as when our spirit was “in charge”. Thus, we can truly be a servant of all in love because the perfect love we desire to give to all is possible from this place.

  2. When the veil was rent in the natural temple, it was the first time “man” could gaze into the previously “forbidden” dwelling place of God. “Man in the old covenant was forbidden to enter “until” a place was made for him to enter. This place was prepared at the coming of Christ in the most holy place, now not in the natural temple anymore but in our very being…where God truly dwells….in us…and as we move about in our daily activities our temples move with us as God Himslef moves in us and with us…never to be separated from His presence. “Lo, though “I” make my bed in hell He is with us” we will and cannot escape His love mercy and purpose for each of us. He is not in us because of what we have done right or wrong, but to bring us, to reconcile and regenerate us from where we were…and are.

    As we were prevented from entering the most holy place in the natural, we now are allowed into the most Holy place in and by the spirit. When we enter into and are given the ability to see the love for “all” we move into the realm of singleness, the most holy place and we have stepped “up” from one room (the place of the soul, the holy place) to another. We have left the place of duality for our soul has moved forward into the realm and likeness of God…having ventured from behind the veil in the soul room to that of the spirit. It is that our soul is becoming one with the spirit as we move into another realm, that of the spirit, from behind the veil or the confines of the flesh. It is…a most remarkable gift to see this oneness in the spirit…this is because this oneness is a oneness that can only be seen as we see others complete in it also. You see…we cannot but only love in part as long as we can only see in part…but when that which is whole has come…we see…as He sees and we do as He does. We see His plan from the only view there is, a plan of salvation for all people in their own particular order. We deceive ourselves when we see God’s plan as we see it through the veil ( flesh) and when this veil is completely removed from between the holy place ( of the soul) and the most holy place (of the spirit) we are Llowed to behold what awaits us…we are given visions of completeness that we “suffer” for because we do not yet have it but we “see” it. We mourn and suffer because we see where we are not…this acknowledging we see a better place.

    To glory is to take on His substance and likeness and clarity of being as He “is”, so we wait…and because we see…we are saddened because we see…we see what is before us awaiting us. So how can we not “suffer” this lack when we know we are incomplete? And how can we see a true oneness and a true completeness when we selfishly think God is partial in giving His love for one and not another. Can God now be divided in His recorded predetermined will that “As in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive, but every man in His own order.” ?

    Let us step from behind the veil of self determined will and reach into that place on the other side and as we reach, let us grasp the vision of the singleness of purpose for all people. We think we feel and see love when we see it from the perspective of the holy place (the soul) but when we step out from behind the veil we see the glory of God which includes all people that were ever born. When we “see” this we are closer to the love of God…as…one beholding one plan for the salvation of all. When this “in part” (divisiveness) vision leaves us we no longer have duplicity of sight for we see…as one….the one God.

    Not all can and will see these marvelous truths all at the same time but…we will…as God leads us individually to His place of rest….where we no longer see others as less than ourselves but we only see them all as diamonds in the rough…from sins as black as coal to be taken through the journey through tremendous sufferage of pressure and heat to a clarity and reflection of seeing God “through” us all.

    We have but to deny our existent state and acknowledge our sin ( as says the scripture) to make way for that we see and have been given a vision for. It is a remarkable thing to see our salvation from the holy place (soul) where we see that “we” are saved however when we see beyond the veil where God’s plan includes “all” there are no words to describe what we “see”….we are speechless at the awesomeness of God.


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